Darcyanna Venora

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Darcyanna Venora

Postby Darcyanna Venora » Sat Nov 11, 2017 7:33 pm

Darcyanna Venora
The Ivory Rose
Name: Darcyanne Venora (aka Darcy or Darce)

Race: Mixed Blood (Human/Biqaj)
Age: 23
Date of Birth:
Zi’da 15, 696

Height: 5’4
Weight: 125lb

FC: Taylor Momsen

Profession: Pianist, Apocrathy Student & Enthusiast, Socialite

Marks: None, yet.
Factions: None yet
Partner: Lord Caius Gawyne

Languages Spoken:
Common (Fluent), Rakahi (Broken)

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Darcyanna Venora
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Darcyanna Venora

Postby Darcyanna Venora » Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:05 pm


Darcy is not a particularly tall woman, standing at 5’4" without a good pair of heels. Her frame is thin, giving her an appearance of being taller than she is. Thick long tresses of platinum blonde hair fall in gentle waves down her shoulders and back, occasionally worn straight or up with a ruby encrysted rose hair pin if she’s forced to put on the airs and graces at any time. Her skin is a soft alabaster, often at times appearing more so when her make up is smeared and dark around her eyes like some ghoulish apparition. If one was to see her undressed, they would see a dozen or so old scars of burn marks made with what could have been a brand or a hot poker across her stomach, shoulders and thighs.


The blend of human and Biqaj blood has given her mixed traits of both, the ears of a human and red human blood that shimmers only slightly with a mix of silver. This gentle drop of irridecense in her veins gives the blonde a faint glow under the moon, merely enough to enchance the paleness of her skin. Her eyes and hair have Biqaj poured into them, irises naturally a sunlit oceanic blue that swirls with chartreuse. When she is feeling the euphoria of the many drugs she delves into, they swim in golds and magentas, whilst happiness see’s them turn a shade of lime green and anger turns them a dark indigo. Passion will bring forth lilac and silver, and sadness is a dull stormy blue that borders on grey.


Her style of dress is often dependant on the social setting, preferring the Venoran fashion of silk corseted dresses in a formal setting, and more flowing shapeless garments when out after the sun has set. Her go to dress is a short lacey black dress that sits more like an oversized nightshirt, black stockings and black heeled boots with her long hair loose around her. She has an assortment of bangles, necklaces and bracelets that she will wear on a whim, often loosing them in her nightly outings.

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Darcyanna Venora
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Darcyanna Venora

Postby Darcyanna Venora » Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:21 pm


See me

To meet Darcy in the day versus the night, one could be forgiven for thinking it was two different people. A pianist by trade, the Verona plays for social gatherings and political functions, having no real desire to step into the world of politics itself. Unfortunately this isn’t the same as her family, who often at times brow beat her into attending where the young blonde finds herself bored and caged. Her demeanour is just that, whilst well spoken she can come across as cold and bordering on stand-offish, but not impolite. She smiles when required, but it never really reaches her eyes.

Of course, then comes the night, in which Darcy finds her true passion in apocrathy. She is currently a student in the study of drugs and chemicals, but how can one truly understand the effects of a regent without testing it? The socialite has an addiction to the drugs, they open her up like a flower in bloom. The world becomes far less grey and fractured, swimming in vibrant colours and light. If she plays her piano in this state, her composions are emotional and heartfelt, often things she creates from her own mind rather than someone else’s pre-written score. She parties, and she laughs, until the downer kicks in. Often she’s staggering the backways home, blonde hair a lanky mess and makeup smeared, shoes in hand and gold kissed magenta eyes barely able to focus. It usually takes a good few goes to make it home, where she will fall into bed as she is - only to repeat it all again the next day.

The addiction shields her from perhaps something far more horrific and raw, that she is unwilling to speak about nor to accept. The haze of her life numbs her, day in and day out, an endless cycle of nothingness.
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Darcyanna Venora
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Darcyanna Venora

Postby Darcyanna Venora » Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:29 pm


Darcy was born on the 15th Day of Zi’da, ironically a good reflection of the cold and aloof young woman she has become. There isn’t anything else special about this day except that it’s usually snowy and miserable. Her parents had herself and her younger sister, the infamous Pythera, in close succession but this did not make them friends in the end.

Early Childhood:
As a young girl, Darcy was the pretty little lady of her house, destiny seeing fit that she be the rose prepped and primed for future marriage for political gain. She was adoring of her brother and eventually her little sister, even if this latter adoration was only fleeting. Whilst older than Pythera by arc, the younger Venora was much stockier than the thin framed blonde, and it wasn’t uncommon for the girl to go wailing to their nanny when Pythera was much too rough.

Like many of her family, Darcy was sent off to school at the tender age of seven arcs, all smiles and bright swirling eyes ready to learn and explore. Her first arc was one that that blonde can remember with fondness. She had made some friends and taken an interest in the piano, much to her parents delight.

Of course, then Pythera started the year after, and Darcy learned what it meant to be bullied. The younger, but bigger girl was not just nasty to others but she was also a terror to her sister, taking up with the worst of the worst and relentlessly tormenting Darcy. Whether it was verbally, emotionally or socially, Pythera went out of her way to hurt the smaller girl. When Darcy made to approach the teachers or her parents, that’s when Pythera became physically violent, threatening the young girl in ways that should have been a warning sign for the adults that knew her. As they progressed through school, Darcy found it impossible to leave the classroom lest she walk into a solid black eye from her sister. This lead to her spending more time playing the piano alone during breaks between classes, her friends eventually giving up and moving on.

Outside of school Darcy continued her piano lessons with a private tutor in the relative safety of her own home, thriving in the creative release the instrument provided from her silently tortured life. An older man who had been tutoring the Venoran family for years became her mentor and almost a second father figure. He also taught Darcy the essential subjects such as etiquette and politics, boring the young woman almost to death, but providing the blonde a much needed escape from her sister. As the daughter of a noble it was imperative for her to know the in’s and out’s of the high society of Andaris and how to conduct herself with those that were of a higher status.

It was during the first year of university that Pythera and Darcy had a violent altercation, resulting in multiple burns to her torso, shoulders and thighs and a broken arm on Darcy’s behalf after being held against her will and sadistically tortured by the psychotic woman. When questioned about it by her parents and caregivers, Darcy refused to admit her sisters involvement for fear of retribution, although everyone knew the truth. It was during this time that she discovered the medical wonders of apocrathy, how the drugs that helped her pain also numbed the emotional pain and tourment her sister inflicted, and often snuck dosages of various drugs and medicines from the nurses office.

University and Beyond:
Thankfully, whilst Darcy looked to the University of Rynmere to further her musicial studies, Pythera stepped into the military life with the Skyriders. This posed both a blessing and a curse, leaving Darcy with no excuses to visit the nurses office. Instead she turned to the seedy and secret nightlife of Rynmere, sneaking off campus to buy illicit materials and drown her nights in the numbing sensations of the drugs, until her studies expanded to pick up apocrathy. This gave the broken pianist an easy and legal way to purchase and test many various drugs and regents, and her popularity amongst the underground of the university increased. The noble began leading a double life, a picture of Venoran pride during the days whilst becoming a misguided socialite at night, sneaking out when it was dark and getting back before the light. Everyone wanted Darcy at their event, but not for her company. This led to a very busy, but also very lonely life.

These night time escapes also led Darcy into the Fighting Pits, then and now, both as a great place to participate in social highs and also for the fun of it. She never sponsors any fights, merely watches and looses herself in the haze of the drugs. It’s not just the Pits however, the blonde finds herself in many a doorlist for various lords and ladies, usually listed to play the piano but ending up out the back sharing Fairysnuff with the nobles who want a little more than just a bit of bubbly.

Occasionally she hears about her traitorous sister, the Valkyr, and wonders what Pythera would be like if they ran into each other now. The thought terrifies Darcy, for she knows her sister perhaps better than any other, and what the woman is capable of.

Just recently, she has also learned of her cousin Alistair’s excommunication. It was not an event she was privy to, but the pianist fears that the ruffle in the order of Venoran things may see her or her other cousins Andráska and Tristan pulled into politics much more deeply than any of them may like.
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Darcyanna Venora
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Darcyanna Venora

Postby Darcyanna Venora » Sun Nov 12, 2017 10:04 am


Darcy shares a 1250 square foot, 2-story rental property in Mid-Town near the Rynmere Gazette with Caius Gawyne. The rental property includes a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, two bedrooms, and a spare room. It includes a hearth in the kitchen and a fireplace in each bedroom. The spare room has a wooden stove (-15gn).

The purchased furnishings for the rental property are as follows, all deducted from our ledgers, split evenly:

Main Room
Armchair (2) 30gn
Coat Rack 7gn
Couch 35gn
Coffee Table 4gn
Shelves, Small (2) 10gn
Pillow (for dog) 10gn
Lantern 10gn

Table, small 25gn
Chair, small (4) 20gn
Hutch 40gn
Kitchen Cabinet 15gn
Small Frying Pan 2gn
Small Cooking Pot 3gn
Small Cast Iron Pan 5gn
Cup (4) 20sn
Mug (4) 20sn
Plate (4) 8sn
Fork (4) 4sn
Knife (4) 4sn
Soup Bowl (4) 4sn
Tea Kettle 6gn
Lantern 10gn
Tinderbox 5gn

Bedroom, Master
Queen Bed 100gn
Queen Fitted Sheet (2) 4gn
Queen Flat Sheet (2) 2gn
Pillows (4) 20gn
Pillow Cases (4) 4sn
Comforter 15gn
Duvet 20gn
Quilt 6gn
Dresser, Large 60gn
Bedside Table 15gn
Vanity 30gn
Mirror, Small 30gn
Bench 35gn
Candle Holder 5gn
Candle (4) 20sn

Bedroom, Guest
Double Bed 50gn
Double Fitted Sheet (2) 16sn
Double Flat Sheet (2) 12sn
Pillows (4) 20gn
Pillow Cases (4) 4sn
Comforter 20gn
Quilt 6gn
Dresser, Small 30gn
Mirror, Small 10gn
Stool 5gn
Candle Holder 5gn
Candle (4) 20sn

Spare Room (Study)
Shelves, Large (2) 20gn
Desk 20gn
Chair, Large (Padded) 13gn
Stool 5gn
Piano (Darcy's) --
Ink Well 2gn
Ink Pen (2) 2gn
Fine Paper (10 pages) 5gn
Blank Journal 5gn
Lantern 10gn

Towels, Large (4) 6sn
Towels, Small (4) 2sn


Note: The rental agreement for the Mid-Town property is 15sn/night, paid seasonally.
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Darcyanna Venora
The Ivory Rose
Posts: 272
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Race: Mixed Race
Profession: It's all too much for me
Renown: +121
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Darcyanna Venora

Postby Darcyanna Venora » Sun Nov 12, 2017 10:06 am


Skill Name (Specific) Knowledges Points Acquired Total Points Proficiency
Musical Instrument (Piano) 30 59 / 100 NA: FT Expert
Medicine 20 30 / 100 35 / 250 Competent
Surgery 4 15 / 100 15 / 250 Novice
Gardening 1 5 / 100 5 / 250 Novice
Stealth 3 5 / 100 5 / 250 Novice
Leadership 18 26 / 100 27 / 250 Competent (RB)
Politics 29 51 / 100 78 / 250 Expert
Resistance 20 26 / 100 27 / 250 Competent
Chemistry 3 3 / 100 3 / 250 Novice
Discipline 10 28 / 100 25 / 250 Novice (+ 3 bonus from Kasyni - Compelling Skills I)
Acrobatics 0 3 / 100 3 / 250 Novice (+3 from Moondream)


Main Skills : 
Instrument (Piano) (30)

How to play the basic FACEGDB chords
Chords and scales (DJ)
Quality sounds with a quality instrument
Forgetting yourself in the music
How to check your instrument is in tune
Playing a melody
Natural composition without sheet music
Chord combinations and progressions
Playing your own compositions
How to play quietly for ambience
How to play for dancing
Keeping three-time
Syncopation - the emphasis on a rest of beat in a composition
Minor and major chord groups
Sharps and flats
Key signatures and the relationship to meters
How to play accompaniment
How to choose a song that suits your partner
Playing for atmosphere
How to entertain an audience
Softly, sweetly not to much to overshadow the singer
Using your partner to gauge your involvement
The quality of an Instrument can dictate its tone
Playing a duet on the same piano
Following a count in
Taking pointers from a Master
Taking the lead during a duet
Playing whilst singing
Key changes
Writing for lyrical accompliment
Testing for tuning
Medicine (20)
How to accurately measure dosages of drugs
Effects of chemical mixtures (DJ)
Fairysnuff has hallucinogenic properties
Narcotics can numb the six senses
Reevi causes feelings of joy
Reevi causes depth perception changes
Narcotic intoxication can cause feelings of claustrophobia
Reevi is an excellent muscle relaxant
Overdosing fairydust causes very realistic visual and audio hallucinations
To much reevi can cause lethargy
Negative reactions to mixing medications
Drugs don't fix a broken heart
Bloodloss can induce shock
Using reevi for pain relief
Keep the patient talking to know they are alive
Cool to touch may also indicate shock
The drugs help make the pain go away
Sleep is a useful healer
Narcotic substances can heighten sensations
Surgery (4)
Boiling for sterilisation
Cauterizing large wounds to stem blood flow rapidly
Stitching 101
Sterilizing with antiseptic solution
Finding the source of the problem
Chemistry (3)
Chemical mixing (DJ)
Bioluminescence in nature
Chemical enhancement of one's body
Secondary Skills : 
Gardening (1)
How to care for a houseplant
Stealth (3)
How to conduct shady business transactions without getting caught
Hiding your face from the locals
Knowing all the back entrances is useful
Leadership (18)
How to drive for a result
Taking action to regain control
Right to the point
Take the incentive to be the bigger person
Suck it up princess, we got work to do
Directing others in a time of crisis
Prompting to expedite a situation
Taking control of the situation
Voicing exactly what you want, and taking it
Guiding to the correct decision maker
Making the first move
Rapid decisions make the best ones
Taking what you sarding well want
Providing clear direction to those who seem lost
Issuing orders
Calming a panicked team mate
Making the right choice, not the easy choice
Saying exactly what you want
Politics (29)
Knowing your birthright (DJ)
The Seven Houses of Rynmere (DJ)
Know your lower houses and their aspirations
How to properly address your noble peers
Listening to the boring stories to keep up appearances
Putting on your game face
Brave words and bold moves, for the good of all involved
Making a good exit is as important as making a good entry
Strategically keeping some things to yourself
A poor excuse is as good as a lie
Choosing the lesser of two evils
Negotiating a good outcome for both parties
Overlooking a hosts in-competencies
Holding your own in a matter of barony business transactions
Calming your nerves to perform your best
Playing the part
Talking of official things
Relinquishing control to show your ally surrender
Negotiation with the enemy
Trying to save face with logical thinking
Bravery in the face of adversity
Finding your feet before others after a moment of giddiness
Even though someone is family, doesn’t mean you forget their titles
Making commitments of visitation to allies
Using humour to conceal your fears
Navigating an awkward situation
Smile, smile, always smile!
Discussing women's state of affairs
The finer points of Rynmere's game of houses
Resistance (20)
Building tolerance to toxic substances (DJ)
Using narcotic effect to dull external weather conditions
Adjusting for hallucinogenic effects
Building tolerance to narcotic substances
Combining all the drugs and surviving
Making coherent talk under the influence
Standing up to your bully
Bouncing back after humiliation
Recovering from a drug induced seizure
Coping with mild withdrawal symptoms
Coping with the mild symptoms of withdrawal
Using your voice to save yourself
Trying to fight against bliss
Questioning through chemical fog
Staying sane under extreme stress
Staying mostly coherent when high as a kite
Imbibing to remain alive
Maintaining the positive uses of a drug
Distracting your vice by indulging in another's
Dealing with a hangover
Cosmetology (3)
The Clothes Maketh the Woman
Venora high fashion
Make up fixes everything!
Seduction (11)
Getting your kit off is a sure fire way to get his attention
Kisses are effective attention-getting tools
Scones will never be the same again
Lower lips are for biting
Visual sensations are as good as touches
Make up sex
Biting is a little bit exciting
Carriages are becoming a ‘thing’
Luring a lover with innuendo
Accidental flirting
Leaning in for the kiss
Endurance (13)
Tolerating freezing water
Walking distances under the influence
Walking barefoot in Zi’da
Weathering the wrath of those you love
Having the strength to admit you have a problem
Surviving brutal torture
Climbing staircases whilst badly injured
Enduring the throes of withdrawal
Holding yourself together until alone
Surviving the bitter cold of Viden
Running on no sleep
Pushing through withdrawal
Getting a second wind
Sociology (21)
Making introductions
Opening up to a friend
Letting someone in
Little dogs are the best when it comes to comforting
Listening to a friends heartache
Mingling in social gatherings
Making an entrance
Admitting painful truths
Saying sorry takes a lot of courage
Making smalltalk
My shout
Who needs words when you have body language?
Dealing with jealous thoughts
Admitting official things to others
The delight of family affairs
Admitting things said in desperate moments are real
There’s more than one way to be rude
Feeling feels that suck
Pets are people too
Getting signals crossed
Sharing your feelings with a friend
Dancing (5)
How to enter the dance floor
How to hold your partner
Elbows up, chin high
Muscle memory goes a long way
One-two step
Rhetoric (6)
Questioning ones motives
Printmaking is an artform
Apologies all around
Dogs have an uncanny sense of timing
Scones will never be simply baked goods again
Reminiscing about home
Discipline (10)
Ignoring feelings of desire
Keeping your hands to yourself
Remaining calm in the face of the law
Coming apart at the seams is not an option.
Don’t falter, don’t let your pain show
Sticking around till the end
Stealing from the dead
Till death do us part
Taming your rage
Controlling your noise levels
Detection (8)
Spotting injuries on another
Knowing the right "moment"
Reading between the lines
Familiar smells of home
Recalling details of people from the past
Reading an expression before death
Finding your target in a crowd
Seeing with new eyes
Running (1)
How to run in heels and a dress
Strength (3)
A slap is as good as punch
Cutting through ice
Carrying a heavy pack
Printmaking (2)
How to handle the paper
Hanging the print to dry
Etiquette (2)
Forgetting one’s self when returning home after a long while away
Saying thank you
Linguistics (1)
Rakahi Pidgin (Qes=Yes)
Psychology (1)
Sharing your experience to help a trauma victim cope
Research (2)
Religion: Rynlism is the true path
Religion: Immortals are not good
Unarmed Combat (1)
Surprise attacks
Relationships : 
Caius Gawyne: Gave you a flower
Caius Gawyne: Is often late
Caius Gawyne: Got his kit off too
Caius Gawyne: Kissed you
Caius Gawyne: Swam in the Tulburn pond (they call it a lake but let’s be honest here.)
Caius Gawyne: Is pretty decent with a sword
Caius Gawyne: Isn’t backwards about coming forwards
Caius Gawyne: Works as a printmakers apprentice
Caius Gawyne: Is studying Religion at Rynmere University
Caius: Is haunted by his sisters past
Caius: blames himself for his sisters kidnaping
Caius: Took care of you when you needed it most
Caius: Has a lot of paper and books
Caius: You slept in his bed, but have not slept with him
Caius: Said I love you
Caius: Told him you love him too
Caius: Sort of kind of proposed
Caius: Wants to take you to Gawyne
Caius: Called you his Winter Rose
Caius: Was wounded by Pythera
Caius: Smoked reevi in the past
Caius: Has his trial of birth tattooed on his wrist
Caius: Is a talkative stoner
Caius: Wants to make things official
Caius: Courting you...for now
Caius: Wants to meet the parents
Caius: Makes you swoon. Oops.
Caius: Is sarding confusing sometimes
Caius: Is great at digging himself a hole
Caius: Did say some rather sweet things
Caius: Has better self control than you
Caius Gawyne: Said official things about ‘us’ to another person
Caius Gawyne: Has a female friend who likes female...friends.
Caius Gawyne: Has previously met Tristan
Caius Gawyne: Knows his natural date of death
Caius Gawyne: Is dying 91st Zi’da, 717
Caius Gawyne: Kept this from you for seasons!
Caius Gawyne: Sneakily moved you to your new home
Caius Gawyne: Has some cool friends
Caius Gawyne: Slept with Valeria a while before you met
Caius Gawyne: Isn’t very good at handling your new feelings
Caius Gawyne: Doesn’t do well against two women’s wrath
Caius: Really doesn’t do social events
Caius: Snuck into your room
Caius: Totally ignored Olivers house rules
Caius: Doesn’t half do anything, goes all in.

Oliver Venora
Oliver: Older brother
Oliver: You think he’s the bees knees
Oliver: Cheered you up
Oliver: Can command a room
Oliver: Role model
Oliver: You call him Oli, he calls you DA
Oliver: Had Malero secretly come to the gala
Oliver: Let you join Malero in a duet
Oliver: Follows Rynlism
Oliver: Is pretty taken with Charlie
Oliver: Wants you to play at his future wedding...oneday

Charlie Warrick
Charlie: Is exactly the right person for Oliver
Charlie: Complimented your playing

Valeria Burhan
Valeria Burhan: Can sing
Valeria Burhan: Is really nice
Valeria Burhan: Kissed your cheek, is this a Burhan thing??
Valeria Burhan: Part-Biqaj
Valeria Burhan: Is quite lovely, especially to the men it seems
Valeria Burhan: Her singing does things to people?
Valeria Burhan: Is an old friend of Caius’
Valeria Burhan: Slept with Caius a while before you met
Valeria Burhan: Wears corsets
Valeria: Lives in mid-town
Valeria: owns a cat called Alena
Valeria: Has really nice eyes
Valeria: Has really nice lips
Valeria: Is a friend
Valeria: You nearly kissed her (and liked it!)

Tristan Venora/Oakleigh
Tristan Venora: Duke of Oakleigh
Tristan Venora: Your cousin
Tristan Venora: Has a daughter
Tristan Venora: Invited you to his estate
Tristan Venora: Wrote a musical and performed it for the King
Tristan Venora: Thinks you could be an honorary aunt

Pythera: Haunts your waking dreams
Pythera: Terrifies you
Pythera: Has something wrong with her
Pythera: Was going to let Damen rape you
Pythera: Tortured you
Pythera: Thinks you are favoured by the family
Pythera: Has no hesitation inflicting pain
Pythera: Will kill you if you tell anyone what she did

NPC: Lly’en - Sev’ryn

NPC: Master Malero
Master Malero: offered you tuition

Smudge: Loves warm hugs
Smudge: Is a rolly poly bundle of loveliness

NPC: Alena - Grey furry cloud cat
Qualifications : 
Letter of Music
Letter of Medicine
Other : 
Location: Outside Andaris: The Tulburn Estate
Location: The Tulburn Garden
Location: The Tulburn's Ornamental Pond
Location: Rynmere Mid Town
Location: Rynmere University
Location: Bellesoir
Location: Venora
Location: Umbridge
Location: Warren’s End
Location: Andaris Countryside
Location: Home in Andaris (above the Ink and Prophet)
Marks : 
The only Blessing to be gifted through the domains of two Immortals. Mastes has, over the long arcs since the Great Shattering, created such a bond between himself and Kata that he now lays a somewhat tenuous claim to the female's domains as well as his own. His manipulation and control of the other is such that he did not even realise how he had combined his own gifts to hers when he blessed the first mortal. The abilities themselves are given by Mastes' blessing alone; it is not a requirement for both Immortals to be present. In point of fact, it is unknown as to whether or not Kata has ever blessed an individual... or if she is even aware of the existence of a blessing combining her domains with Mastes'.

The physical representation of Mastes' attention is a clever one; the Immortal deemed it necessary in most - cases for the mark to be discrete from the public eye; it would not work to his advantage for mortals blessed by him to be ostracised - or worse, lynched - by those around his followers. It appears as little more than a natural-looking scar across the outside of the upper thigh of the individual: the scar is natural, for the blessed would have created it themselves in the process of giving themselves over to Mastes entirely. For the Adored and Exalted, the mark it joined with two newer, smaller scars, which cross at random points to maintain an illusion of naturally gained injury.
The Shadow of Vice - Minor - 6
Gained upon receiving the mark, the Spirit of Vice is a literal spirit representing the Favored’s own personal vice. Decided upon gaining the mark, this spirit manifest as the Favored’s shadow, and can move and appear separately than the Favored, though it does not have any physical capabilities. This gives the Kasyni basic control over the purview of the chosen vice. Acting more like a Sev'ryn familiar than an actual spirit, the Shadow draws the Kasyni toward his or her particular vice, and is fed on indulgence in that vice. However, once per day, the Favored can merge with the spirit, allowing him moderate control over his vice. For example, a gambler would become better at gambling, an alcoholic may find his drink never-ending for the night… But at the crash from the merging leaves the Kasyni feeling weak and lethargic for a trial, and the Spirit of Vice no better.
  • Kasyni: The Shadow of Vice senses your addictions
  • Kasyni: The Shadow of Vice seeks out ways to sate your cravings
  • Kasyni: Drugs alter your perception of the material world
  • Kasyni (Shadow of the Vice): Your shadow is a diri
  • Kasyni (Shadow Of The Vice): Your diri is a beacon for finding vices
  • Kasyni (Shadow Of The Vice): How to sense another’s vice

Addiction - Minor - 3
The Favored of Kasyni can, with a touch, instill in a target the desire to engage in a vice that the Kasyni has experienced. Each vice may be different, and the Kasyni can tailor the impulse to fit the vice.
  • Kasyni (Addiction): Using your abilities for your own selfish pleasure
  • Kasyni (Addiction): How to inflict the urge to partake in a vice on others
  • Kasyni (Addiction): Feeding Mastes' addictions

Compelling Skills I
Add an extra three skill points to one of the following skills: Chemistry, Discipline, Psychology, Rhetoric, Tactics, Torture.

The Shared Needle - Minor - 0
A basic ability that allows a Kasyni to 'taste' a target's vice on them. Kasyni delight in the tastes of desires and vices, collecting new ones with each new person they meet. Requiring eye contract, the Kasyni will 'taste' the primary vice of the target they are observing. Innately, the Kasyni knows what each taste means. Each “tastes” differently to a Kasyni, and no two Kasyni “taste” the vices the same, depending on their experiences and current vices.

Spotless Mind - Minor - 0
Allows the marked to benefit from a unique mental protection. While not technically insane, their emotions and logic process at different speeds and angles than people are used to. This provides them a solid defense against telepaths, empaths, and any power that would effect their mind. If the power used against them is lower than their progress in the mark, they have a chance to shrug it off quicker or even instantly as their mind circuitously reroutes the power through a matrix of madness. Marks and powers at the same level would have some effect and those higher would have most of their effect or full effect. This effect also includes mental magics, such as Empathy, and may scale with the Kasyni's level of devotion. At Favored, he is able to resist Initiate mental magics. Each tier up allows for greater protection, and it is said that a Champion of Mastes has been able to shrug off the effects of Legendary mental mage.

Tolerance - Minor - 0
One of the more basic abilities of Mastes favor but important nonetheless, a Kasyni will never experience the negative side effects of a drug. In addition, no addictive substance will hold sway over the Kasyni as long as they have this ability.

Skill Ledger

Skill Ledger
Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Leadership [RB] 25[RB] 2500
Starting Package 500050
Musical Instrument (Piano) ..2525
Medicine (Apocrathy) ..1510
Stealth ..55
Politics (DJ) 4400
Medicine (DJ) 4400
Resistance (DJ) 3300
Chemistry (DJ) 3300
Thread Reward 150015
Thread Reward 150030
Thread Reward 100040
Thread Reward 150055
Musical Instrument (Piano) ..2530
Medicine ..255
Resistance ..500
Thread Reward 100010
Thread Reward 150025
Thread Reward 150040
Thread Reward 150055
Thread Reward 150070
Thread Reward 150085
Thread Reward 1500100
Thread Reward 1500115
Surgery ..15100
Medicine ..1189
Piano ..980
Politics ..377
Thread Reward150092
Thread Reward1500107
Thread Reward1500122
Thread Reward1500137
Thread Reward1000147
Thread Reward1500162
Thread Reward1500177
Discipline ..25152
Thread Reward1500167
Thread Reward1500182
Thread Reward1500197
Politics ...51146
Resistance ..19127
Leadership ..2125
Thread Reward1500140
Thread Reward2000160
Thread Reward1500175
Thread Reward1500190
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Postby Darcyanna Venora » Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:42 am



Equipment & Such
Black knee length lace dress (SP)
Black Stockings (SP)
Black ankle boots (SP)
Hooded Black felted wool cloak (SP)
Seven assorted silver bracelets (7GN)
Three assorted silver chain necklaces (15GN)

As of 17th Dec 2017
Dark blue lace dress - 6GN, 75SN
Light blue silk corseted dress - 45GN, 13SN
Long black chiffon dress with black beading - 13GN, 12SN
White lace off shoulder boho formal dress - 8GN, 77SN
Blue organza and silk ball gown - 82gn, 35sn

Personal Effects:
Toiletries (SP): Soap, a comb, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste
Two sets of eating utensils (SP)
Black Khol eyeliner (1GN)

Waterskin (SP)
Small upright piano
Chemists kit
Fairysnuff (4 doses)
Brain Berry Tea (1 prepared pouches)
Euphoria Cigarettes (3 ready to smoke)
Tinderbox (SP)
One small potted Reevi plant (15GN)
Small black shoulder satchel (1SN)

Crystal Rose Hairpin (30GN in value max)




Financial Ledger
Vhalar 717
+100gn (SP)
+250gn (Housing Forfeit)
- 243GN, 1SN (Pre-creation purchases)
+ 175GN (35 PB Trade In)
- 156GN, 12SN (all dresses listed in Dresses @17/12/17)
+ 428 GN 24 SN (Zi’da Wages)
+ 530 GN 1 SN (2nd Zi’da Job thread)
- 150GN (Gala donation)
-412GN, 81SN (Home furnishings)
-10GN (Bank opening account fee)
-250GN (Bank deposit)

Current Total: 261GN, 29SN, 2CN
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Darcyanna Venora
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Posts: 272
Joined: Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:54 am
Race: Mixed Race
Profession: It's all too much for me
Renown: +121
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Thread List

Emea Threads

Memory Threads
42nd Ymiden, 713 - My Sisters Keeper
7th Cylus, 712 - Unlikely Friendship
52nd Day Ashan, 705 - Don't Cry Over Spilt Wine

Vhalar 717
103rd Vhalar - Sleep is for the Weak
104th Vhalar - It's Not A Date As Such
104th Vhalar - Morning Then
115th Vhalar - Who I Really Am
115th Vhalar - I Only Sleep To Dream

Zi'da 717
1st Zi'da - Goner
8th Zi'da - The Sweet Scents Of Home
91st Zi'da - Moondream
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Darcyanna Venora
The Ivory Rose
Posts: 272
Joined: Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:54 am
Race: Mixed Race
Profession: It's all too much for me
Renown: +121
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Medals: 7
First Love (1) Bow Chicka Wow Wow (1) Right In The Feels (2) First Kiss (1)
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