This is a city located on the coast of western Idalos and stands as a pillar of light against the dark cliff faces surrounding it. Ne'haer is considered a port city for ships as well as the last stop for most seafarers adventuring to locate the Iulure Isles. For this, it is nicknamed "Death's Door". In contrast to its nickname, this city focuses mostly on religious values and rituals for the protection of the immortals watching over their city. Ne'haer is also a city booming with trade and nobility, as well as jobs and plenty of opportunities to advance in skills and crafts.

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    This is an Out of Character forum for the players of Ne'haer looking for further information about the city.
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    The Aluneen, roughly titled 'The Sanctuary' lies at the center of Lake Rea and spans nearly the entire bottom of it. The Yunori tend to the Aluneen as it is mostly composed of coral and marine plant life. Built within this reef are large structures made from rock and stone that has since been engulfed in plant life. A special kind of bioluminescent moss paints the outer and inner walls of these structures, illuminating the sanctuary in the dead of night, beneath the waters. Aluneen acts as a trading port of sorts for the Mer, importing in a number of resources only found within the deepest parts of the ocean while exporting special plants, medicinal herbs, harvested fish parts, and a number of scavenged items from ship wrecks. They also specialize in buying and selling information from current to current.
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    Since the birth of the city, Ne'haer has struggled to maintain peace with the territories surrounding its borders. While some of the other territories work with Ne'haer in search of peace and protection in the region, others resist, determined to fight back against Ne'haer and what they perceive as an attempt of colonization. Ne'haer and the territories exist in a constant tug-of-war that threatens the very region.
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