Xander Andaris (nee Krome)

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Xander Andaris (nee Krome)

Postby Xander Andaris » Mon Feb 06, 2017 6:18 am

Xander Calen Andaris (nee Krome)

"I am not a bad man, you just don't understand the world like I do."

Table of Contents:
Key info 1
Appearance 2
Personality 3
History 4
Relationships and NPCs 5
Housing 6
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Xander Krome

Postby Xander Andaris » Mon Feb 06, 2017 7:13 am

Xander Calen Andaris (nee Krome)
The freedom of the many is worth the sacrifice of a few good souls.

General Information
25 Arcs

Date of Birth:
50th Ashan, Arc 692

Mixed Breed (Human and Biqaj)

Languages Spoken:
Fluent: Common
Broken: Draketh

Lord, Steward and Revolutionary

Sophia Krome, (57, mixed blood female)
m. Jersey Krome (nee Fisher, 59, human male)

Velaine Krome

Currently married to Celeste Andaris
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Xander Krome

Postby Xander Andaris » Mon Feb 06, 2017 11:51 am


Xander is a rather attractive young man. Much like his father when his age he stands tall at 6'2" and has a well formed, muscular physique, weighing in around 190 lbs. The only Biqaj trait he had inherited was his silvery red blood, most of his traits came from his father not mother. Ever since he was a teen he had been handsome, girls during his child hood would flock to him. Whether that was due to his location and the lack of attractive men or because he really was quite the looker is not certain, but what is was he had no time for such things. At the time he was much the same as he is now, too busy for such trivial things as girlfriends. Even back then, as a teen, his blonde hair was well kept, often combed back on his head giving it a quiff like appearance. His blue eyes are said to be piercing, he was once told by a woman that if she didn't know better she would say he could see right into her mind and read her thoughts. He has a strong square jaw but the rest of his face quite soft. These softer features help to give him a young look, he has had people not believe him when he told them his age. His body is covered in lean muscle, every inch firm to the touch. He is often seen smiling and laughing, both are images different to how he truly feels inside.

He normally will avoid the finer clothes worn by nobles and opts for more practical wear. However, he has been seen dressed in the heights of Venora fashion from time to time, mostly to keep himself of good standings with the other nobles or to attend some form of ball. In reality he prefers to be practical and ready to fight, the fine noble clothes tend not to provide this. He has a rather charming look to him and he is always, outwardly at least, happy and content. This makes him rather easy to approach and those that do strike up conversation will often be met with a friendly greeting and smile. It is rare that he truly lets out the anger and frustration that is inside.

He is very particular about keeping himself in good shape and therefore will spend a large amount of time exercising and eating well, if not for this he may end up like his father fat and unfit, something Xander would much rather avoid. He is very aware of his attractive appearance and this is something he has used in the past in order to take advantage of woman at parties, they do love to gossip and sometimes they can tell about some of the most interesting and important topics. Besides thia Xander is not sure of any uses for his attractive form, he just sees his body as a method of getting what he wants. Whether that be attracting and wooing a female or fighting an enemy on the field of battle.

Xander has a scar on his right thigh from a fight with Rafael Warrick in Ashan 717.
Xander has a scar on his left calf from a fight with Rafael Warrick in Ashan 717.
Xander has a scar on his left forearm from a fight with criminals in Ymiden 717.

Face Claim: Matt Trethe
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Xander Krome

Postby Xander Andaris » Tue Feb 07, 2017 6:24 am


Xander has always been one to keep his emotions and beliefs to himself. Outwardly he maintains the appearance of a happy and loyal noble, but if you were to manage to pierce his outer shell you would find something different. Xander's whole mental state revolves around the idea of a revolution, everything he does is geared towards helping him on his mission to make a free Krome. This is where his heart lies, he has no space for loving a woman, it is taken by the love of Krome and its people. He despises the Kingdom, he sees the whole concept as floored and unfair. He is a strong advocate for more power being given to the people and the creation of a state that does not owe fealty to a king that is not their own. Few people will ever see this side of Xander however, as with many years of practice he has perfected his facade as a Lord of Krome, Loyal to the crown. This facade is of a very content noble, one happy to take part in the extravagant lifestyle of his parents and also the other nobles, from Krome and the other Houses. Many would find him quite agreeable and friendly, making him a great host.

He is easy to talk too and the only time he might ever show what is really hidden bellow this screen is when finding someone who shares his beliefs. Even then he knows the risks of holding such beliefs and is very careful about who he reveals them too. He has always viewed himself as the savior of his people and he truly believes that he will do what is best for them when the time comes. Xander also views himself as quite the underdog, sort of the black horse if you will. He is one of the furthest away from becoming Duke through inheritance, only a catastrophe beyond natural causes could bring him to power without using force. This knowledge has driven him to be ready to do whatever it takes for Krome. His view is that the death of a few innocents is nothing in the grand scheme of things, all great ventures come at a cost.

Sexually he is attracted to women, however, he has no real emotional attachment to any woman this far in his life. This is not to say that he never will, but to him he doubts its possible. The only girl he ever loved was his sister Zara, but following her death Xander just became even less open to the opposite sex. She had been somewhat his anchor to that side of him, she had wanted him to have nephews ans nieces she could see and after her death Xander lost connection with those ideas. He also needed something to occupy him, to take away from the pain and guilt he felt and so he focused on planning and readying for a revolution. He is most certainly two layered and two faced, you could turn him inside out and think you had met a completely different person. This ability to be two people at once puts him in a great position for keeping his goals secret.

Post creation changes:

Celeste Andaris and love:
Since meeting Celeste Xander has rediscovered parts if himself that had been locked away and surpressed for many arcs. He has started to feel love again as well as compassion. He is beginning to allow emotion back into his life around her and she is the only person who has seen the broken man that lies deep within Xander. Others have seen the revolutionary in him but she has seen the pain and then guilt that resides in his heart. Emotion is making its way back to Xander and he is beginning to change, only time will tell if for the better.

Following his attempted murder of his father:
In an attempt to liberate those who suffer at his father's hand, Xander Krome actually worsens the quality of life for the less fortunate and until Jersey Krome's death, will be haunted with the decision he made today and suffer through night terrors, blaming himself for not taking the killing blow.

The future of the revolution:
Xander's aims have changed, be it due to love or a loss of hope for what he originally wanted or even too much self confidence. He now wishes to be king of Rynmere along with Celeste as queen. This has risen recently with the news that Celeste is pregnant with their first child and that Alistair will be unable to support him in creating an independent Krome. He has also seen the foolishness of Cassander and the young kings bad decisions and also the suffering around the kingdom. For the sake and future of his child he now wishes to create a safer and more just kingdom, one where he has say and the people too have the ability to help in the rule of their homeland.
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Xander Krome

Postby Xander Andaris » Tue Feb 07, 2017 8:16 am



Xander had a complex childhood, one that has shaped him to the man he is today. From the day he was born his parents seemed to pay little attention to him. The great Baroness and her husband were always too busy to see their son. The only times his mother ever held him in her arms was when they had a state visit and wanted to show off their wonderful new heir. Due to this he never bonded with them as a baby and later on he never felt the love or loyalty to them he should have. Instead he was raised by the butler, Badon, a firm handed but kind and caring man. Badon had strong morals and beliefs, mostly geared towards revolution and freedom of Krome. Before being a slave to House krome and working in the Northern House, he had been a normal man of Krome who had been part of plotting a failed revolution. Following this failed attempt instead of death he was put to work as a slave. That is how he ended up rasiing Xander in the house.

Although he was too young at first to understand the things that Badon was teaching him, it was clear that the man was off loading his radical and extreme views onto the child. Xander did not really take to these crazy idea and theories of an overthrow until he was around 7 arcs old. From as soon as he could walk and speak Xander had tried to impress his parents and get their approval and interest. It took him until the age of 7 until he gave up on this fruitless task and instead settles with Badon. At this time he began to learn about all the horrors that occurred across Krome. He was told of starving children and families unable to pay the taxes being forced out of their homes. Some things were jsut rumours and some parts were true, but Badon taught the child to hate the royals and the house of Andaris. He was lead to believe that Krome gave up much of what should be its own for the king to go about spending it on things that had no use for their people. This indoctrination was the fuel to Xander's revolutionary soul, he began to formulate ideas of overthrow and establishing a fair state of Krome. By the age of 17 he was already coming up with better and more radical ideas than Badon, all in secret of course.

The day (18 Ymiden, Arc 699) Xander's sister, Zara, was born was one of the best in his life. He himself was only 6 arcs old at the time, but he acted twice his age at that point, he felt filled with the responsibilities of a big brother. He held her before even his Father did, and when he looked into her innocent eyes, for a moment he forgot about everything else. But as always it could not be perfect, he loved her but at the same time he envied her. She had the attention of his mother, she pampered the baby in a way she had never cared for him. It was something he would never understand, why they had loved her more than him. But even in his envy he couldn't help loving her. He would play with her everyday, it was about the only time he was like an normal child. Around her he forgot about all his troubles and instead enjoyed every second of it.

They spent a lot of time playing together and talking about the future as she got older. She wanted to marry a rich lord and live in Venora, something he himself would have hated, but he loved her and so he ignored his feelings and would play along. They would talk of happiness in marriage so much that she managed to convince him that a woman would not be so bad. She would be the only reason he would choose to marry and without her he was almost certain he would remain single. She was his connection to his softer and more loving side, and she was his connection to the opposite sex, he needed her to guide him and take him through that, she would have been the only one who could keep him from his goals that Badon had been helping him develop. He loved her dearly so much that at times he considered just stopping listening to Badon and living like an aristocrat purely for enjoyment not ulterior motives.

Up until she was 10 was Xander able to enjoy her company, 10 years of time spent together. She had been his breath of fresh air and comfort through the hard neglectful years. But now it would come to be that he would kill the one thing he had ever truly loved. He got sick one day, very sick, he still to this day does not know what the disease was. What it was, does not matter, what does was what it caused. He got sick and Zara refused to leave his side. This would be her downfall, unable to make her leave in his weak and sick state she stayed and too contracted the disease. He being 16 and strong managed to resist and fight of the disease, but his sister could not. Her young and weak body was not strong enough and two nights after contracting the disease she passed on.

The loss of his sister was devastating for Xander, so much so that he nearly killed a boy a few weeks later. Clearly he had not heard the news about his sisters death and he had said something he believed to be funny, teasing the boy about how much he had loved his baby sister. Xander was still filled with grief and unable to control his emotions this soon after her death he beat the boy. He was a year younger than him, just 15, but he pummeled his face until it could not be recognised. It took two of the servants to break his grip from the boy. This loss of his sister almost broke him, for weeks he would stay in his room, weeping, blaming himself for getting her sick. These weeks gave him time to think and in these weeks he could not take thinking about her anymore, so he slowly began to fight off the memories of her with one aim, to free Krome. This was his focus for the next two years as he regained his composure and reentered into the society. The pain and deep suffering he felt mingled with guilt remained. Just now they were buried under a seemingly impossible goal.

But then, much to Xander's surprise as he came of age, he believed they would never forgive him for her death but yet it appeared they had, his parents suddenly started paying attention to him. He knew why it was, now he was an adult and they didn't have their precious Zara to distract them and raise to marry a rich noble needed him to do so. They could also make him do their work. At first he did not see the advantages of this, not until Badon pointed them out to him. It was revealed to him that acting as a Lord and doing Lord like things would lead to a strong position in which he could gather support for his cause and learn vital information about the goings on around the Kingdom. So Xander was named Steward of the house, put in charge of all the slaves and maintaining order and a suitable state for guests. He took to the job well, he was a natural born Leader, and having been raised by one of the members of the household he had good relationships with most of them. Although at first this caused some problems with respect, but by showing a firm hand and fair punishment he quickly gained the respect necessary to be the Steward.

Now it was clear that he could handle responsibility as such his parents started to give him more tasks, like hosting parties and gatherings of the nobles. These parties were where he really perfected his facade, here he could practice his appearance to the outside world and making sure there was nothing suspicious about him. These parties were what he also used to build connections with the other houses and search for support in his future aspirations. His parents were happy with Xanders skill and so they left him in charge as Steward, but still neglected him. They would only ever take time to be with him if they wanted something. This neglect from a very young age has put him in a difficult position with his parents, he does not care for them, and they are really in the way of his goals but he does still have that child feeling he can't help. No matter how they have treated him or neglected him, they are still his parents.

After being given position as Steward Xander began to grow more independent. Now earning a wage and being free to do as he wanted with his spare time as an adult, he quickly took to learning how to fight. The long sword was his weapon of choice, one which with some practice and good tutelage he could become very skilled with. He has already learnt most of the basics like, how to stand, how to grip and how to parry. He could probably fight with a low foot soldier now and stand a chance. Yet much more work needs to be done before he can be seen as any kind of skilled person. He is quite content with his life currently, as he is working towards his goal and everything appears to be on track. He has only a few worries these days, a few things that could mess up his plans. The first is his parents arranging him a marriage. One thing that would throw a huge spanner in the works would be him being connected to another noble family. A wife would also be a distraction he would rather not have. If he was to marry for political reasons that would be his choice for his own gains, but to be forced by his parents to marry for their gains would be nothing but frustrating.

Badon still remains butler in the house, and is the only person Xander can speak too about his thoughts. Besides him he has to keep them to himself, he does not keep a journal or diary as any written evidence would be too compelling. Instead he has weekly secret meetings with the old butler in order to discuss ideas and methods in which he could gain the necessary power or noble support within Krome to overthrow the Duke. Coming into Arc 717 Xander is at his most stable, building up his ideas and theories as well as securing his position and preparing physically and mentally for the trials to come. His goals clear in mind and his heart in the right place, some may call him evil or a bad man, but he believes he is working towards a justice for all. Xander's past has shaped him, but now his choices are his own and whatever comes next can be blamed on nobody but himself.

Post creation History:
Cylus 717:
Cylus was an interesting season for Xander, he made new friends and even found a strong ally for his future goals. It appears the Venoran Lord Alistair had his own goals for the Kingdom over which the two were able to broker a deal in which Xander offered his support to Alistair in his quest for Kingship in return for Krome's independents. This deal is currently still in effect and depending on the events of Ashan will most likely remain in place. Xander was also reunited briefly with his childhood friend Olivia Warrick at The Cylus Masquerade Ball, the young woman was much the same as she had been as a child. The Cylus Masquerade Ball was one of the most interesting points for Xander in the season, he met the King as well as some other interesting Lords and ladies. He was part of a life threatening encounter with a crazy giant who he later met int he wilds of Krome and found could be much more civil than he had appeared. These events lead to him being invited to eat with the King and he looks forward to that taking place some time in Ashan. Overall Cylus was a productive season for the Young Lord and has made for some large steps in his road to freeing Krome, even if in a different manner from which he had originally planned.
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Xander Krome

Postby Xander Andaris » Tue Feb 07, 2017 5:05 pm

Relationships and NPCs


Parents: : 
Name: Sophia Krome
Age: 57 Arcs
Race: Mixed race (Biqaj and Human)
Title: Baroness
Skills: Deception- 60, Expert, Logistics- 40, Competent, Leadership- 50, Expert, Seduction- 30, Competent, Politics- 55, Expert, Etiquette- 65, Expert, Persuasion- 30, Competent

Xander's mother, but only biologically. She is a half Human, half Biqaj, noble of house Krome who is second down the inheritance list for the position of Duchess. Xander's relationship with the woman is purely professional, he has no love for the woman and never will. In all truth he just sees her as an obstacle in his path and someone to stand in the way of his dreams. She never showed him love and treated him like he was just another slave, to her he is just a pawn and to him she is much the same. They both play each other for personal gain and the relationship will never be more than that. She may be his mother, but only by biology. He is in some ways thankful to her for giving birth to him as his Noble title and standing does put him at an advantage but that is all he could truly feel gratitude for.

Name: Jersey Krome
Age: 59 Arcs
Race: Human
Title: Baron
Skills: Combat: Blades (long sword)- 65, Expert, Etiquette- 50, Expert, Negotiation- 30, Competent, Politics- 40, Competent, Strength- 55, Expert

Xander has a very similar relationship with his father as his mother, in fact almost exactly the same. The only real difference is he thinks of the man as a bumbling fat oaf. Although in his prime the man had been attractive and fit, now he is older he has lost that. Years of a life of luxury have made him overweight and dumb. He is no longer as sharp mentally or physically and he never cared for Xander either. Xander also believes the man to have an unhealthy attraction to his man servant and sometimes even the serving boy. Xander worries this will become something inappropriate and so keeps an eye on the two who serve under him as steward for signs of the buffoons dirty thoughts becoming physical. Again there is no love here and Xander rather despises what his father has become, it looks like power and money can corrupt those weak of will.

Sister: : 
Name: Zara Krome
Age: Would be 18 Arcs (deceased at age 10 Born 18 Ymiden, Arc 699)
Race: Mixed race (Biqaj and Human)
Title: Lady
Skills: N/A

The one person to ever be loved by Xander. Zara was a sweet young thing, she was fun and caring and would never hurt a fly. She was Xander's connection to his softer side, his compassion and his love. When he was with the girl he could feel like love was possible, like a life as a noble could truly be good. But this was short lived and when she died it almost broke Xander forever. Now this side of him still exists it is just buried under a layer of grief and guilt for Zara's death, which is then buried under his goals and dreams of revolution and a free Krome. Dealing with her death was too hard and instead he hid it away and ignored it. Yet she is still the only true love of his life thus far and she will always be the one thing that made him truly happy. If brought up in conversation Xander will very quickly change the topic from his deceased sister, preferring to keep away from the memories.

Celeste Andaris (Fiancé): : 
Name: Celeste Andaris
Age: 20 Arcs
Race: Mixed race (Biqaj and Human)
Title: Lady
Skills: See CS

At first a woman chosen by his parents, one he had never wanted to marry and believed he never would. At first he decided he would make as much use out of the relationship as he could, try and use it to further his chances. Little had Xander known how much his plans would change. Love was something he had not expected and yet here they are now, two lovers to be married. Xander has fallen for Celeste and he has changed much due to it, he has grown and developed and now the two of them are planning the future together as allies and equals.

Olivia Warrick: : 
Name: Olivia Warrick
Age: 21 Arcs
Race: Human
Title: Lady
Skills: See CS

Olivia became friends with Xander as a child, he, Zara and Olivia would play together. She is an age in the middle of the two siblings and for that reason she was able to be friends with both of them. They would often spend time together exploring the surrounding area or running through the fields playing tag and he would also let the young girl paint him. His one condition was that he could talk, not talking for prolonged periods of time would have ended up with him falling asleep. His sister would also sometimes take part either as a model or attempting to paint him. He has fond memories of this time, even if they are hidden away and he hides them bellow his facades. He kept one such painting, it was of him and Zara. This painting he still has and is hidden away for safe keeping but he prizes it over all else he owns. They have not seen each other since the death of his sister, although they will occasionally write each other.

Badon: : 
Name: Badon
Age: 66 Arcs
Race: Human
Title: butler
Skills: Intelligence- Competent, Discipline- Competent, Endurance- Competent, Detection- Competent, Etiquette- Expert

Badon is the reason Xander is the way he is, to Xander Badon is like a father and mentor. The Butler taught Xander his revolutionary ideas and gave him the basis on what to create his future and plan for his goals. But as happens with most mentors and students, the student eventually overtakes the mentor. This is the case with Xander, he no longer needs Badon's mentoring but instead he uses him to talk too and share his new ideas. They are very close and their relationship is one that few would understand. It is built both emotionally and professionally with a mutual respect for one another and the goal they both see for the future of Krome.

House Krome: : 

For Xander his noble house is a means to an end. He has great respect for the power they ahve and the amount of time they have kept rule over all of Krome. However, he loses a lot of respect when he sees how weak they appear, to him he sees them as puppets of the crown. He would see the family restored to glory through a revolution where they free the lands of Krome.

The other houses: : 

Xander does not agree at all with house Andaris, although if he were to meet a member he would act civilized and like a friend. Within he would actually be wishing them dead, he views them as the reason Krome is not free and he also blames them and the King they are oh so loyal too for the issues in Krome. If he had his way Krome would never answer to them again, freedom is his aim and Andaris stands in his way.


To be determined...


To be determined...


To be determined...


Xander does not agree with many of House Venora's views. He does not appreciate their extravagant life style and neither does he like their pandering to the other big Noble houses. He perceives them as weak and nothing more than a bunch of fashion loving pansies. Although he does understand their power and if he could get some of their members to support his efforts for freedom he would. However, he doubts the house will ever be much help to him.


To be determined...


NPC1 Bron : 
Name: Bron
Race: Human
Date of Birth: Ashan 17th, Arc 687 (30 arcs old)
Strength: 26 (competent), Bladed combat (longsword): 26 (Competent), Detection: 26 (competent), Shielded Combat: 22 (Novice)
Appearance: Bron is a tall and powerful man. He has a thick build with broad shoulders and stands 6 feet 3 inches, weighing in at 200 pounds. He has brown hair that is often swept back and reaches to his neck as well as a long groomed beard. He has a few scars across his body, one on his chest, another across the front of his thigh and one on his lower calf. He has dark brown eyes that can sometimes look black and are clearly well practised in watching for threat.
Personality: Bron is as Loyal and good as they come, a man you could really trust with a secret and one who would protect you to his last breath. Due to this he always made the perfect guard and when he took the job at the age of 20 he never looked back. In recent years he had grown Loyal and protective of Xander, a friend and ally as well as the savour of his fiancé Celeste from an attack by Xander's father. He is a trusted and Loyal man who will do what needs to be done and acts with care and intelligence in what he does.
Relationship to PC: Guard and travelling companion of Xander Krome.
Anything: He saved Celeste from an attack in Ashan that was the work of Jersey Krome and has since kept the secret of that night. He left Krome along with Xander and Celeste when they moved down to live in the new Barony of Astedia.
NPC2 Lian : 
Name: Lian
Race: Human
Date of Birth: Ymiden 2nd, Arc 691 (26 arcs)
Skills: Polearm combat (spear): 26 (Competent), Bladed combat (Arming Sword): 26 (Competent), Discipline: 26 (Competent), Endurance: 11 (Novice), Strength: 11 (Novice)
Appearance: Lian is a slim woman and one who is relatively average in stature as she stands only 5 feet and 6 inches tall. She weighs in at 120 pounds and is built of lean and toned muscles. She is certainly not curvy and has been mistaken as a boy once or twice in her life time, especially as she would never be seen in a dress. She has brown locks often tied back in a braid with dark green eyes.
Personality: She is a strong and independent woman, never relying on others to do a job she thinks she could do better. She is a skilled fighter and has spent much of her life doing so. As a child she would get into a lot of trouble and would often find herself fighting with the boys. For most of her trials in Idalos she has enjoyed the company of men more than women and she was considered a tomboy through her childhood. She took on her job as a guard with a serious outlook and excited to put her fighting spirit to good use. She has never considered another path since.
Relationship to PC: Guard and travelling companion of Xander Krome.
Anything: She left Krome along with Xander and Celeste when they moved down to live in the new Barony of Astedia.
NPC3 Badon : 
Name: Badon
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 30th Ashan, Arc 651 (66 Arcs)
Skills: Intelligence: 26 (competent), Etiquette: 26 (Competent), Detection: 26 (Competent), Politics: 22 (Novice)
Appearance: Badon is around 5 feet and 9 inches tall having shrunk somewhat as he has grown older. He has grey hair and dark brown eyes. His face is often very serious and somewhat sullen although he can be seen smiling when need be. He is slightly overweight but still well for his age and he weighs in at 190 pounds.
Personality: Badon is a good man and a believer in equality and fairness. He is a Loyal servant and friend of Xander who has acted as a father figure for him through his childhood. He is a revolutionary and very trustworthy man. Badon is also the reason Xander is the way he is, to Xander Badon is like a father and mentor. The Butler taught Xander his revolutionary ideas and gave him the basis on what to create his future and plan for his goals. But as happens with most mentors and students, the student eventually overtakes the mentor. This is the case with Xander, he no longer needs Badon's mentoring but instead he uses him to talk too and share his new ideas. They are very close and their relationship is one that few would understand. It is built both emotionally and professionally with a mutual respect for one another and the goal they both see for the future of Krome.
Relationship to PC: Xander's new manservant and old friend and father figure.
Anything: He is still currently in Krome in the Northern Krome house as he has been unable to leave but he will be joining Xander when possible in Andaris.
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Xander Krome

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Home Sweet Home

Xander lives in the Northern Krome House, which is owned by his parents. He has a bedroom in the house on the second floor away from the bustling life of the slaves downstairs and also guests. The house is two stories and has 4 bedrooms, making it quite small as far as noble houses go. However, none of the rooms are small, they are well decorated and spacious making them great for entertaining guests. The house has always been his home and he works as Steward there, this provides him with a wage and also a good connection to all who are within the house, besides his parents. Xander doesn't necessarily like the more Venoran style of the house but he has grown used to it and can tolerate it for the sake of comfort.

Floor plan:
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One Arc Later... (1) First Love (1) True Love (1) Married (1)
First Kiss (1) Starting A Family (1)

Xander Krome

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Skills and Knowledge

SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Bladed Combat (Longsword)100 (+3=103)/100 (250/250)Master
Leadership51/100 (78/250)Expert
Strength51/100 (78/250)Expert
Politics51/100 (78/250)Expert
Tactics51/100 (78/250)Expert
Endurance51/100 (78/250)Expert
Etiquette51/100 (78/250)Expert
Intelligence (Fast Track)51/100 (51/100)Expert
Discipline51/100 (78/250)Expert
Deception26/100 (27/250)Competent
Logistics26/100 (27/250)Competent
Detection 26/100 (27/250)Competent
Investigation 26/100 (27/250)Competent
Running6/100 (6/250)Novice
Mounts6/100 (6/250)Novice

Extra points from Taithir

Skills A - L : 
A - C
-Acting: Playing a Gracious Host

-Appraisal: determining the worth of garments
-Appraisal: Examining the work ethic of your employees

Business Management:
-Business Management: Happy workers are better workers.
-Business Management: Perks can pay dividends

-Caregiving: Calming someone who is upset
-Caregiving: Reassuring an upset woman.

Bladed Combat (Longsword)(58):
-Blade (Longsword): How to grip a longsword (RM)
-Blade (Longsword): Basic stance (RM)
-Blade (Longsword): How to parry with a longsword (RM)
-Blades: Footwork Can Indicate an Opponent's Intent
-Blades: Not Every Tactic Involves the Weapon
-Blades: Parrying WITH the Swing to ADD Carry-Through
-Blades: Stepping Back to Let Enemy Swing Go Too Far
-Blades: Upward Slash
-Blades (Longsword): Observing your opponent is vital
-Blades (Longsword): Minute details to improve basic stance
-Blades (Longsword):Some attacks expose areas
-Blades (Longsword): Advanced Grips
-Blades (Longsword): Strike of Wrath technique
-Blades (Longsword): Strike, thrust & slice
-Blades (Longsword): Squinting cut technique
-Bladed Combat: Practicing Steps Helps Muscle Memory
-Blades: Longsword: Swords tend to scare off unarmed assailants
-Blade Combat: Use Reach Advantage To Avoid Counterattack
-Blade Combat: Quick Attacks Test Enemy Responses
-Blade Combat: Only Parry What Must Be Parried
-Blades (longsword): attacking a wall in anger
-Blades (longsword): Throwing it at Drawers
-Blades: Pushing an enemy spear away from you
-Blades: Watching for enemy tail strikes
-Bladed Combat: Sword: Defending against a mace
-Bladed Combat: Sword: Fighting in close quarters
-Bladed Combat: Sword: Overhead swing
-Bladed Combat: Sword: Defence against chest strikes
-Bladed Combat: Sword: Thrust into the stomach
-Blade (Longsword): Half-Sword Hold: Good In Close Against Armor
-Blade (Longsword): "Plough" & "Ox" Guards: Blade-Forward Positions
-Blade (Longsword): Practice Moving Between the Different Guard Forms
-Blade (Longsword): "Roof" Guard: Blade-High Position
-Blade (Longsword): "Tail" & "Fool's" Guards: Deceptive "Luring" Positions
-Blades (longsword): Search for gaps in plate armour
-Blades (longsword): Use force of arms and legs in a lunge/thrust
-Blades (longsword): Behind the knee and under the arms are a good place to strike plate armour
-Bladed combat (longsword): Fighting in an enclosed space
-Bladed combat (longsword): Choosing an appropriate attack for your surroundings
-Bladed combat (longsword): Slicing the neck offers a quick death
-Bladed combat (longsword): Remember to move your feet and body too
-Bladed combat (Longsword): Remaining calm and keeping concentration is vital
-Bladed combat (Longsword): Remember that steel is heavier than sticks
-Bladed combat (Longsword): Voiding attacks to one side
-Bladed combat (Longsword): Voiding attacks backwards
-Bladed combat (Longsword): Ducking and jumping over swings
-Bladed combat (Longsword): Attacks should feel comfortable and natural to you
-Bladed Combat (Longsword): Making note of your opponents weapon limitations
-Bladed Combat (Longsword): Making note of your weapon advantages
-Bladed Combat (Longsword): Double check your footing in snowy conditions
-Bladed Combat (Longsword): Push from the legs as well as the arms in a thrust
-Bladed Combat (Longsword): Don't over extend during a thrust
-Bladed Combat (Longsword): You don't have to keep tow hands on the sword
-Bladed Combat (Longsword): Out flank your opponent by pivoting and advancing out of their attack
-Bladed Combat (Longsword): Attacks and parries eventually become instinct
-Bladed Combat (Longsword): Change to a more suitable guard for certain attacks
-Bladed combat (longsword): Concealing your blade under your coat
-Bladed combat (longsword): Different hanging positions from the belt

Unarmed Combat:
-Unarmed: Chivalry is a Weakness
-Unarmed: The Hand-Lock While Falling Trick
-Unarmed: The Leg Hook and Twist Maneuver
-Unarmed Combat: The Obvious Strike can be the Worst to Make.
-Unarmed: Grabbing
-Unarmed: Forcing into a position

-Cooking: The importance of a meat based diet

-Dancing: A simple box waltz
-Dancing: Correct hold

-Deception: Hiding your true self
-Deception: A good lie contains bits of truth (RM)
-Deception: Maintaining a facade
-Deception: Not showing your true emotions
-Deception: Masking your Inner Childhood Pain.
-Deception: A Smile to Try and Allay their Fears.
-Deception: It can be Harder to Deceive Those that Care About You.
-Deception: Keeping Secrets
-Deception: Solving Ritual Consumation Starvation
-Deception: Hiding your rebellion from your wife
-Deception: The less people that know a secret the easier it is to keep.
-Deception: The best liars are the ones that don’t know their lying
-Deception: blame the mother, cause she’d make a crappy baroness
-Deception: Staging An “Accident”
-Deception: Making use of misfortune as a cover
-Deception: Faking your departure

-Detection: Watching for who heads in which direction
-Detection: Watching the weather
-Detection: Noting posture
-Detection: Tiny facial changes can mask big emotions
-Detection: Attention to detail
-Detection: Listen intently, listen for inflection
-Detection: The scent of someone musty.
-Detection: The nuances of sarcasm
-Detection: Noticing who is attractive and who is not
-Detection: Spotting the “feeling” in a room
-Detection: The look of shock
-Detection: Spotting Cruel intent in a comment.
-Detection: Noticing the Subtle Details of a Person’s Clothing.
-Detection: Its in Their Eyes, Spotting When Someone Really Cares.
-Detection: Noise gives clues to how busy rooms are
-Detection: Eyes and gait can tell a lot
-Detection: The sound of smashing
-Detection: A weak scream
-Detection: Noticing when somebody is under the influence of drugs
-Detection: Noticing Faults in Others’ Plans
-Detection: Observing an Enemy’s Stance
-Detection: Spotting racial specifics
-Detection: Moving to a rough neighbourhood
-Detection: Observing when someone does, or doesn't, make eye contact
-Detection: Looking to where someone's gaze is
-Detection: Seeking clues in responses as you talk
-Detection: Spotting when someone is behaving oddly
-Detection: Body Build of Opponents Do Not Define Their Skill Levels
-Detection: Keeping sight on a target from afar
-Detection: Watching through windows

-Discipline: Early Riser Gets More Done
-Discipline: Avoiding inappropriate temptations in public
-Discipline: Moderate your alcohol intake
-Discipline: Marry her, even if she's ugly
-Discipline: Saving face
-Discipline: Deep Breaths Removes Rage
-Discipline: Revenge can wait
-Discipline: Remaining Focused in The Presence of Nudity
-Discipline: How to Repress Rage
-Discipline: Knowing when to give up on a dream
-Discipline: Not allowing yourself to be controlled by your emotions
-Discipline: The urge to protect another can overcome your own reactions
-Discipline: Refusing to spend the night in a beautiful woman's bed
-Discipline: Some emotions are too great to ignore
-Discipline: Pausing to check you aren't going too fast
-Discipline: Emotional Control is as Important as Skill
-Discipline: A True Duel Reinforces The Need to Learn More
-Detection: Noting details about a potential ally
-Discipline: Don't give in to a whining woman
-Discipline: Don't be distracted by attempted seduction
-Discipline: Not showing your emotions
-Discipline: Holding on to your rage
-Discipline: Not showing your frustrations until you are alone
-Discipline: Not shouting when you really, really want to
-Discipline: Walking away rather than saying something you'll regret
-Discipline: Holding on to your temper
-Discipline: Focus on one piece at a time, when the big picture is too much
-Discipline: Dealing with your wife having multiple personalities
-Discipline: Not giving in to the females in your life
-Discipline: Stand by your argument even if your opponent already made up their mind

-Disguise: How Makeup Can Compliment or Cover a Woman’s Features.
-Disguise: Appearing as a sick homeless man

-Endurance: Extended practice makes arms and abs burn
-Endurance: Gritting Through The Pain of A Wound
-Endurance: Sudden impacts
-Endurance: Withstanding the weight of armor
-Endurance: Enemy tails hit hard
-Endurance: A long walk with a heavy weight
-Endurance: Pain shows you are building muscles
-Endurance: Forcing yourself to start again when tired
-Endurance: The long walk home
-Endurance: Cleaning wounds can be more painful than getting them
-Endurance: The pain of a broken rib
-Endurance: Moving when in pain

-Etiquette: Appropriate Posture for Formal Meetings
-Etiquette: Toasting
-Etiquette: Don't be First to Call a Peer by His First Name
-Etiquette: Offering Breakfast to a Guest
-Etiquette: Planning the Day for Someone You Do Not Know
-Etiquette: Rationalizing Explanations for Odd Behavior
-Etiquette: The host should check on their guest.
-Etiquette: Provide space, provide food, provide friendship.
-Etiquette: An appropriate tone
-Etiquette: Play along when in a new situation
-Etiquette: Protect the lady
-Etiquette: Be quiet in the library
-Etiquette: Hand kissing
-Etiquette: The formalities of a ball
-Etiquette: The polite way to end a dance
-Etiquette: The proper way to great a woman
-Etiquette: Offering tea to your guest is polite, especially after a long journey
-Etiquette: Offering your arm as a gesture to guide
-Etiquette: Refrain from bringing up poor topics in conversation
-Etiquette: Asking about a guests comfort to make them feel welcome
-Etiquette: Using polite thanks to express sincere gratitude
-Etiquette: Arranging Ashan’s Celebrations Correctly.
-Etiquette: Eating like a Civilized man should before your Fiancée.
-Etiquette: Realising you Are Inappropriately Dressed.
-Etiquette: Showing Your Faces in Town is Beneficial.
-Etiquette: Don’t leave a lady unattended on the street
-Etiquette: Showing Mannerism Even When Torturing Someone
-Etiquette: Some nobles take improper table position as an insult
-Etiquette: Pretense at family
-Etiquette: How to treat staff whilst in different areas of the house
-Etiquette: Expectations change with place
-Etiquette: Invite your guests to accompany you
-Etiquette: It is bad form to ask women if they're prostitutes.
-Etiquette: Give openings to speak, rather than ask questions
-Etiquette: Be a pleasant guest
-Etiquette: Introductory Draw and Stance Before Lessons Begin
-Etiquette: Being a perfect guest
-Etiquette: Avoid talking about weight with your wife-to-be
-Etiquette: It's not really the done thing to wreck the dining room then carry her upstairs
-Etiquette: Giving in to fussing
-Etiquette: Correct use of titles
-Etiquette: Jealousy is an inappropriate thing to show
-Etiquette: Give praise where it is due
-Etiquette: Small talk
-Etiquette: It is acceptable to tease friends, just a little
-Etiquette: Come to greet old friends
-Etiquette: Do not interrupt the flow of conversation
-Etiquette: Playing your station
-Etiquette: Forgetting a superior's station is a faux pas
-Etiquette: Show interest into another's life
-Etiquette: Offer comfortable seating to guests
-Etiquette: Extend follow up invitations
-Etiquette: Formal Greetings
-Etiquette: Stay in Line with Fashion

G - I
-Gardening: Removing a plant from its pot
-Gardening: Planting and packing in a plant

-Intelligence: Loyal slaves make good spies
-Intelligence: Sneaking up on your servants
-Intelligence: Information gathered must be filtered
-Intelligence: Everybody Has Secrets
-Intelligence: The loyalty of servants is a source of information
-Intelligence: Parties are a good place to gather intelligence
-Intelligence: Allies are good sources of information
-Intelligence: Consider the answer given, and what is meant behind it
-Intelligence: The importance of details in a story
-Intelligence: Signs and sigils of group membership
-Intelligence: How to spot someone marked by an Immortal
-Intelligence: Identifying information sources
-Intelligence: Question the validity of gossip and unverified sources
-Intelligence: Consider the consequences of actions
-Intelligence: Gather information through direct questions
-Intelligence: Does not always have to be covert
-Intelligence: Make connections
-Intelligence: Give a little get a little
-Intelligence: Gathering first hand information
-Intelligence: Misleading your target with false information

-Interrogation: Clarity of questions is important
-Interrogation: Questioning techniques to gather "yes/no" answers
-Interrogation: Giving indirect openings
-Interrogation: When indirect openings don't work, ask direct questions
-Interrogation: Charming questions
-Interrogation: Asking subtle questions
-Interrogation: Being careful about what your questions reveal

-Intimidation: Standing up to your Father can be like facing any Tyrant.
-Intimidation: Sometimes A Calm Approach Is Most Frightening
-Intimidation: Feeling the rage though out your body.

-Investigation: Pulling apart the arguments you are presented with.
-Investigation: Spotting when someone Speaks from Experience
-Investigation: Determining if someone is single at a party
-Investigation: Combining small details.
-Investigation: A lack of eye contact can mean something to hide
-Investigation: Reading the situation
-Investigation: Thoughts can be deduced by following someone's gaze
-Investigation: Putting together clues explaining why someone is behaving oddly
-Investigation: Piecing together snippets to form questions
-Investigation: Considering the most logical meaning of someone's words
-Investigation: Trying to make sense of nonsensical conversation
-Investigation: Pulling in information to draw a conclusion
-Investigation: Considering different sources of information
-Investigation: Look at the motivation behind behaviour
-Investigation: Study the evidence before you
-Investigation: Question those before you
-Investigation: Make sure to double check everything
-Investigation: Going on a stakeout
-Investigation: Questioning guard
-Investigation: Looking for anything out of place in a situation

J - L
-Leadership: Gaining the respect of slaves
-Leadership: Clear about giving your orders
-Leadership: Standing on a level with your staff
-Leadership: Speaking to groups
-Leadership: Encouragement and humour are good tools.
-Leadership: Victory Breeds Loyalty in Troops
-Leadership: Integrity is vital
-Leadership: Being exposed as a fraud would be very damaging
-Leadership: Find out others' opinions before stating your own
-Leadership: Sometimes, truth hurts but you still have to say it.
-Leadership: Saying when enough is enough.
-Leadership: Trying to inject humour to a difficult situation.
-Leadership: Disciplining the Slaves
-Leadership: Everyone Works as a Unit
-Leadership: Organising the Servants
-Leadership: Taking Responsibility for Slaves' Health
-Leadership: Managing the Servant's Duties.
-Leadership: Consoling a Victim
-Leadership: Informing, not asking
-Leadership: Knowing who you can trust
-Leadership: Knowing the individual you are leading
-Leadership: Give a sense of ownership
-Leadership: A lot can be accomplished with kindness and humanity
-Leadership: Give clear orders in combat
-Leadership: Leading people means looking for what is wrong
-Leadership: A lack of complaints doesn't mean people are happy
-Leadership: Sometimes separating by gender can increase effectiveness
-Leadership: Always check in randomly on your workers
-Leadership: Taking control of a change in circumstance.
-Leadership: Stating what you will do, what you expect others to do
-Leadership: Managing Servants
-Leadership: They are more than just numbers
-Leadership: Sometimes you have to feed their ego
-Leadership: Make important announcements personally

-Logistics: Planning a party
-Logistics: Designing a working household serving staff
-Logistics: The number of slaves needed to perform different tasks.
-Logistics: Breaking down a task into a number of smaller ones.
-Logistics: Thinking through all possibilities in the time available
-Logistics: Consequences and counter-consequences
-Logistics: Planning your wedding
-Logistics: Overseeing the planning of a party
-Logistics: Planning a murder
-Logistics: Never too early to start packing for a trip
-Logistics: Plans should always have contingencies
-Logistics: Changing plans to defend another
-Logistics: Consider the end goal and the bare minimum necessary

Skills M - Z : 
M - O

-Meditation: Trying to keep calm thorough intense anger and disgust

-Medicine: Techniques for cleaning wounds

-Mount: Turning a Drexion
-Mount: Sharing a mount between two people
-Mount: Mounting a Drexion with help
-Mount: Staying on a Drexion with aid
-Mount (Horse): Move With The Animal For Easier Riding

-Negotiation: Give a little, get a little.
-Negotiation: "This is all we have to offer" doesn't leave much room for negotiating
-Negotiation: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade
-Negotiation: Dealing with difficult people
-Negotiation: Giving a little to get what you want
-Negotiation: Try to remain fair
-Negotiation: Search for common understanding
-Negotiation: Offer incentive
-Negotiation: Don't outright say no, it buys you time
-Negotiation: Put forward a reasoned argument

P -R
-Persuasion: Explaining your logic
-Persuasion: Appealing to their ego
-Persuasion: Trying to Settle Your Fiancée after the Argument.
-Persuasion: Using Kindness To Buy Information
-Persuasion: Planting The Seed of Doubt Within Loyalty
-Persuasion: I have to kill my father, I will accept no other plan.
-Persuasion: Follow Orders to Temporarily Appease Authority
-Persuasion: Explaining your standpoint
-Persuasion: Making your point clearly
-Persuasion: Being clear what you don't mean
-Persuasion: Use regional similarities to persuade
-Persuasion: Knowing someone's weak spot

-Politics: A monarchy is ruled by a sovereign (RM)
-Politics: Sharing Views with Other Parties
-Politics: Fair and Humane Treatment of All Slaves
-Politics: Krome Succession
-Politics: Venoran Succession
-Politics: Even Victory in Sparring is Considered
-Politics: Lords Always Have the Option of "Command"
-Politics: Remain, always, in control of yourself.
-Politics: Reveal plans slowly, only when you are sure you can trust.
-Politics: Hold fast to your ideals, first and foremost
-Politics: Understanding that everyone is replaceable, even the king.
-Politics: Understanding your place.
-Politics: Every playground is a battleground
-Politics: Andaris are your likely enemy
-Politics: Always be on your guard
-Politics: Careful what you wish for?
-Politics: Mingle, learn names and faces
-Politics: Parties are a place for finding friends and allies
-Politics: Will the money ever reach Krome?
-Politics: You never know who will be useful to you
-Politics: Marriage holds significance
-Politics: Discussing future plans with likely ally
-Politics: Not Entirely Thankless
-Politics: Using your wedding to bridge the gap between commoners and nobility
-Politics: Baiting the King into taking action
-Politics: Appealing to weakness
-Politics: Pick Your Battles
-Politics: Retribution or Revenge?
-Politics: Who Are the Pawns?
-Politics: Akin to a storm at sea
-Politics: Necessary Evil Saves Multitudes
-Politics: Celeste Will Unite Andaris and Krome
-Politics: Choose Between Duchy or Kingdom
-Politics: Keep Your Humanity
-Politics: The Powerful Succeed
-Politics: A carefully worded answer
-Politics: Some allies are not mutual
-Politics: Communication with allies is important
-Politics: A kind gesture can be heartfelt and political
-Politics: Politics can be practical in nature
-Politics: When to give a name
-Politics: Be mindful of gender differences
-Politics: Not even the best made plans are infallible
-Politics: When to be the better man
-Politics: A reputation can be broken in a moment
-Politics: Pay attention to the media
-Politics: Your fiancee's reputation with other men is too important to ignore
-Politics: Seeing the bigger picture
-Politics: Look for political gain wherever you can
-Politics: Use your time wisely
-Politics: Gather information wherever possible
-Politics: Sometimes, honesty is the best policy
-Politics: Sometimes, you create a scandal by fearing one
-Politics: Own your actions
-Politics: You can not reason with an unreasonable man
-Politics: Use witnesses to back up claims
-Politics: Pull in those above you in order to solidify your story
-Politics: Identify a good match
-Politics: Relationships are important.
-Politics: Political marriages can make or break a family
-Politics: Fundraisers are good for being seen
-Politics: Attending events in order to see who attends, and who does not
-Politics: Wedding gifts give a message
-Politics: Navigating the marital minefield
-Politics: The secret to a good entrance
-Politics: Maintain alliances
-Politics: Show interest in the hobbies of your allies
-Politics: Reaffirm old alliances
-Politics: An outdated system
-Politics: Like a game of poker?
-Politics: Do you have to know the rules of the game to play it?
-Politics: Playing along can destroy you
-Politics: The current system is destroying Rynmere
-Politics: Politics can lead to bloodshed
-Politics: Answering a summons
-Politics: Use the correct second name
-Politics: Find some relatable ground
-Politics: Try not to be too radical
-Politics: Convey an idea without words
-Politics: Be clear on your beliefs
-Politics: Dealing with Nosy People
-Politics: Duty Above Desire
-Politics: Keeping Up Appearances

-Psychology: Physical appearance is important when making first impressions
-Psychology: Knowing someone’s Drinking Habits from Prior Research.
-Psychology: Reaction to Touch Can Mean Abuse or Ill Treatment.
-Psychology: Vulnerability
-Psychology: Treating Servant’s Well Keeps Them Loyal
-Psychology: “Your jackass father is trying to throw of your game by making you angry.” says Celeste
-Psychology: Love makes you do the crazy
-Psychology: The feeling of laying in bed with your lover
-Psychology: Emotions continue to develop even in adulthood
-Psychology: People can say one thing, mean another
-Psychology: People can be very confusing
-Psychology: Communication is made more complex by emotions
-Psychology: Considering what someone who is in love looks / acts like
-Psychology: Men do things very differently
-Psychology: Dealing with taking the lives of others
-Psychology: Questioning the existence of a second personality

-Research: A variety of sources are good for collecting information.
-Research: Biggest books = most information?

-Resistance: When you’ve felt Pain like that, you are ready for Anything!
-Resistance: Standing Despite the Pain.
-Resistance: Hardy Childhood leads to Hadry Immune System

-Rhetoric: Tasteful Digs
-Rhetoric: Using Honeyed Words on the Naive
-Rhetoric: Explaining your ideals
-Rhetoric: Using symbolism to emphasize a point
-Rhetoric: Gratifying your Partner with Humility and Reassurance.
-Rhetoric: Tones of the Voice Imply Intent.
-Rhetoric: Small Talk can be a Fall Back.
-Rhetoric: Trying to Apologize for your Father's Behaviour.
-Rhetoric: Reassuring Your Fiancée she is Safe.
-Rhetoric: Minimizing the Event with Reassurances.
-Rhetoric: Backpedaling
-Rhetoric: Blaming ignorance

-Running: A Chance to Think
-Running: Downhill Momentum
-Running: Mundane
-Running: Uphill Effort
-Running: Formal Dress Slows You Down

S - U
-Seduction: A Sultry Voice
-Seduction: A charming smile
-Seduction: Tone of voice is important
-Seduction: Girls like to be called 'ravishing'
-Seduction:Using vulnerability to engender affection
-Seduction: A Peck on the Cheek
-Seduction: Starting Small
-Seduction: Charm and wit are key
-Seduction: Well timed compliments
-Seduction: planning the death of your evil father is so romantic
-Seduction: Distract her with kisses
-Seduction: Sweep her off her feet

-Socialization: Introducing yourself to strangers
-Socialization: Experience at Maintaining a Façade.
-Socialization: Giving Genuine Compliments Feels Different.
-Socialization: Making small talk while you walk
-Socialization: Admitting opinions of others

-Sociology: The need for Comfortable Acceptance in your Union.
-Sociology: Servants, Commoners and Slaves are People Too.
-Sociology: Knowing the Value of Who you Show on your Arm.

-Stealth: Listen Before Taking Action
-Stealth: Use Alternative Methods of Escape

-Storytelling: Tales of Battles and Dancing Balls
-Storytelling: Reminiscing

-Strength: Carrying sacks strains your back
-Strength: Using your core to ensure maximum efficiency
-Strength: Bend at the knee
-Strength: Tension can stop you dropping things
-Strength: Held Weight Training
-Strength: Practice Swords are Weighted
-Strength: When Sparring Becomes Wrestling
-Strength: Diet is important
-Strength: Consider how groups of muscles work together.
-Strength: The proper way to drag a corpse
-Strength: Stretching is important to avoid injury
-Strength: Breaking down a door
-Strength: A good diet is helpful for strength building
-Strength: Some foods release energy more slowly than others
-Strength: Pulling a cart in snow is hard work
-Strength: Tired muscles find it more difficult to work
-Strength: Lifting Celeste's weight
-Strength: A Blade Gets Heavier After Breaks of Practice
-Strength: Odd Holds Strengthen Less-Used Muscles
-Strength: Carrying the lady upstairs
-Strength: Carrying a pregnant lady

-Surgery: The symptoms of Fever

-Tactics: War is for Warmer Months
-Tactics: The Eye-Stare Distraction
-Tactics: Alliances provide support and complications
-Tactics: Think through the consequences.
-Tactics: The continuous balance of speed and efficiency
-Tactics: Considering all angles
-Tactics: There's a lot to be learnt, even from games.
-Tactics: Keeping your eye on the exit.
-Tactics: Staying close to a wall
-Tactics: Talking alone allows you to be more open, thus, making it easier to get your message across
-Tactics (Military): Used to organize operations and dispatch foes
-Tactics: Knowing when to go armed, and when not to.
-Tactics: The Element of Surprise
-Tactics: Leaving A Man's End in Fate's Hands
-Tactics: Always assume your opponent can exploit your weaknesses
-Tactics: Striking an enemies tail
-Tactics: An opponents tail can be a weapon too
-Tactics: Choose a place for meetings carefully.
-Tactics: Recognising when it's just too dodgy
-Tactics: Choose your opponents carefully
-Tactics: Use your abilities wisely
-Tactics: Planning to change plans can be the best plan
-Tactics: Make sure to appoint Sub-commanders
-Tactics: Plan you attack ahead of time
-Tactics: Take into consideration the climate and season
-Tactics: Sometimes you don't have a plan
-Tactics: Mutlipurposing your man power
-Tactics: Training units to counter their counters
-Tactics: Size can often lose out to skill

-Teaching: Explain why doing something is helpful
-Teaching: Demonstrate what you want done
-Teaching: Explain whilst demonstrating
-Teaching: Physically help when needed
-Teaching: Cater your lesson for your student
-Teaching: Be stern but still playful
-Teaching: Encouragement is important

-Torture: Exploiting Wounds For Information
-Torture: Breaking Fingers With The Bottom of Your Shoe
-Torture: Using Water To Nearly Drown Someone For Information
-Torture: Threatening Comrades With Death To Gain Information

V - Z
-Writing: Efficient script yields a concise list

Starting Knowledge : -Leadership: Gaining the respect of slaves
-Logistics: Planning a party
-Logistics: Designing a working household serving staff
-Intelligence: Loyal slaves make good spies
-Deception: Hiding your true self
People : -Alistair Venora: Lord of House Venora
-Alistair Venora: Views House Krome as Savage
-Alistair Venora: Watching His Figure
-Alistair Venora: Shares Slavery Views
-Alistair Venora: Considers House Krome "Dog ****ing Savages"
-Alistair Venora: Will Not Wait to Inherit the Duchy of Venora
-Alistair Venora: Single
-Alistair: Also an Early Riser
-Alistair: Can't Really Account for His Eyes
-Alistair: A Good Friend
-Alistair: Not a "People" Person
-Alistair: Gave a speech after the Empress

-Cassander: King of Rynmere
-Cassander: Attended the masked ball
-Cassander: Was the host to your game
-Cassander: Maybe more than he seems?

-Cassander & Emerson Sands: To be married

-Celeste Andaris: Attractive
-Celeste Andaris: Tricked by her parents
-Celeste Andaris: Lived alone
-Celeste Andaris: Seems polite
-Celeste Andaris: Unhappy with the arrangement
-Celeste: Organized
-Celeste: Unflinching honesty
-Celeste: Breaking down your walls
-Celeste: Impressive ideals
-Celeste’s Attacker: Rafael Warrick
-Celeste: Has Secrets
-Celeste: 5th of Saun - The Unspoken Anniversary
-Celeste: Future Duchess of Andaris
-Celeste: Has Power
-Celeste: Cares About Hygiene
-Celeste: Couldn’t fight off Peake
-Celeste: Has a surprisingly large effect on you
-Celeste: You saved her
-Celeste: First love
-Celeste: She doesn’t say she loves you but she totally does.
-Celeste: Both Happy and Sorrowful?
-Celeste: Overwhelmed
-Celeste: Worried About Letting Me Down
-Celeste: A Strong Leader
-Celeste: Always right. You said it!

-Thomas Andaris: Doesn't think very highly of you
-Thomas Andaris: Duke of Andaris
-Thomas Andaris: Congratulates you
-Thomas Andaris: Spoke of a secret council

-Peake Andaris: Had attacked Celeste

-Celeste’s Mother: Inspired Celeste to be Selfless

-Emerson Sands: Asked for donations
-Emerson Sands: Empress of Rynmere
-Emerson Sands: Wore a simple gown to the ball

-Rafael Warrick:
-Celeste’s Attacker: Rafael Warrick
-The Servant: Tried Kidnapping Celeste
-The Servant: Belongs to the Citizen’s Alliance
-The Servant: Stabbed Celeste

-Yndira: Short
-Yndira: Shapely
-Yndira: Easy on the eyes
-Yndira: Travels for pleasure

-Jojha: Full name Jojha Hydranic
-Jojha: Biqaj
-Jojha: Thinks aloud
-Jojha: Unstable on a horse
-Jojha: A storm killed half her crew and her parents
-Jojha: Has a necklace from her love

-Marcus Krome: Loyal to Veljorn
-Marcus Krome: Beat his Wife Elyna Burhan

Celeste's ex assassin handmaiden:
-Gwen: Tried to kill Celeste
-Gwen: Doesn’t bleed
-Gwen: Fled through the window

-NPC: Badon, Father Figure
-NPC: Badon: Loyal to you
-NPC: Badon: Believes your cousin Vaughn is stepping up to Baron.

-Jersey Krome:
-NPC: Jersey Krome, A Hindrance to Your Plans
-NPC: Baron of Krome, Your Father’s Manners Embarrassed You at an Important Dinner.
-NPC: Baron of Krome: Your Father is a Violent Narcissist.
-NPC: Jersey Krome: Not one little bit happy at your plans for your wedding
-NPC: Jersey Krome: Feels that you have overstepped your boundaries
-NPC: Jersey Krome: Isn't sure you're his
-Jersey Krome: Tried to have his way with Celeste
-Jersey Krome: An evil Pig and a monster

-Sophia Krome:
-NPC: Baroness of Krome: You can Read your Mother well Despite her Makeup!
-NPC: Sophia Krome: Wants you to have a very fancy wedding
-NPC: Sophia Krome: Supports you in having the wedding you want.

-NPC: Cannie and Ilrae, Hard Workers

-NPC: Cannie: Oversees the Krome kitchens
-NPC: Cannie: Runs a tight kitchen

-NPC: Elisa and Helart, A Blossoming Romance

-Doran: Your tutor
-Doran: Skilled with a longsword
-Doran: A handsome chap
-Doran: Very logical
-Doran: An excellent teacher
-Doran: You appreciate his skill

-Edalene: The librarian
-Edalene: Sharp
-Edalene: Some kind of supremacist?
-Edalene: Rude
-Edalene: Pretty
-Edalene: Not concerned with clothes.
-Edalene: Specialises in the history of the Andaris family

-Fridgar: The Lotharro who hurled the Door
-Fridgar: Mage
-Fridgar: Capable of Transformation
-Fridgar: Has acquired your scent
-Fridgar: Can apparently fly
-Fridgar: Can easily lift you with one arm and throw you.

Astedia : -Barony: My Role in Astedia
-Astedia: To be Steward
-The Astedia Gardens: An area for your future children
-The Astedia Household: Generally good workers
-The Astedia Household: Work well with the different genders separated

-Lin Scotfill: Assistant and Advisor
-Lin Scotfill (NPC): Bodyguard

Louise Bellingham (NPC): Mistress of the Nursery
Louise Bellingham: Advises on Education

Phillipe vonFranc (NPC): Butler
Phillipe vonFranc: Intelligence Operative
Phillipe vonFranc: Oversees the Estate

Tam Bitha (NPC): Head of Security
Locations : -Location: Fort Krome (RM)
-Location: Barony of Astedia
-Location: Drakengard
-Location: Novilane
-Location: Oxentide
-Location: Setting Sun Estate
Personal Knowledge : -Deduction: Sins From Important Person
-Women’s Clothes: Confusing!
Immortals : 
Magic : -Magic: Mages have eye abnormalities
Fauna/Creatures : -Volareon: Adolescents prefer tree beds
Other Knowledge : -Rynmere: The Noble Houses (RM)
-Rynmere: Culture (RM)
-Venora: Not as Cold as Krome
-Andaris: Proud and Foolish Dragons
-Krome: Calm and Cunning Wolves
-Cylus: The Benefits of Cold Air
-The hosts: were the ducal council and the king
-The door incident: Not a happy topic to discuss

Skill Points Ledger:
Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Starting Points 50 0 50
Leadership 25(RB) 25 50
Intelligence 15(SP) 15 35
Bladed Combat (longsword) 10(SP) 10 25
Deception 10(SP) 10 15
Logistics 15(SP) 15 0
Politics (RM) 5 5 0
Etiquette (RM) 4 4 0
Deception (RM) 3 3 0
[Krome] Supplies and snow 10 0 10
Leadership 0 4 6
Logistics 0 5 1
Deception 0 1 0
Two Men Aloof 14 0 14
Politics 0 10 4
Deception 0 4 0
[Krome] Krometheus 15 0 15
Bladed Combat (longsword) 0 15 0
[Krome] Set Awry 15 0 15
Strength 0 10 5
Bladed Combat (longsword) 0 2 3
Deception 0 2 1
Leadership 0 1 0
[Krome] The art of the blade 15 0 15
Leadership 0 1 14
Masked Ball: Disbanding the Royal Guard. 20 0 34
Leadership 0 4 30
Strength 0 10 20
Politics 0 10 10
Intelligence 0 10 0
[Krome] The Household 10 0 10
Strength 0 5 5
Etiquette 0 5 0
Cracks Appearing 15 0 15
[Krome] Fortune favours the fit 10 0 25
Running 0 5 20
Midwinter Masks (Moderated Thread) 20 0 40
Politics 0 8 32
Strength 0 2 30
Bladed Combat (longsword) 0 8 22
Leadership 0 10 12
Logistics 0 2 10
Etiquette 0 10 0
[Krome] Welcome to Krome 15 0 15
Bladed Combat (longsword) 0 15 0
[Krome] Battle Plans 15 0 15
Bladed Combat (longsword) 0 15 0
[Krome] First Dates 15 0 15
Bladed Combat (longsword) 0 13 2
Strength 0 2 0
Darkest before the dawn 15 0 15
[Krome] let the journey begin 14 0 29
Endurance 0 25 4
Mounts 0 4 0
[Krome]Walking in the cold 15 0 15
Logistics 0 5 10
Leadership 0 10 0
[Krome] So, we meet again! 15 0 15
[Krome] Make it easy 10 0 25
[Krome] An unexpected interlude 15 0 40
Campaigns 15 0 55
Leadership 0 23 32
Mounts 0 2 30
Strength 0 30 0
[Krome] Weakness 15 0 15
Strength 0 13 2
Intelligence 0 1 1
[Krome] We shall be wed our way 10 0 11
Politics 0 10 1
[Krome] Preparations (Job Thread) 10 0 11
[ Krome ] A Little Party Never Killed Nobody 15 0 26
[Krome] Crystal Clear 15 0 41
Etiquette 0 7 34
Deception 0 7 27
Politics 0 26 1
[Krome] Let slip the wolves of war 15 0 16
Politics 0 15 1
Running 0 1 0
[Krome] Stains 14 0 14
Lost Down South 15 0 29
Bladed Combat (longsword) 0 27 2
[Krome] Beginnings and endings 15 0 17
Bladed Combat (longsword) 0 15 2
Tactics 0 2 0
[Krome] Patricide 15 0 15
Bladed Combat (longsword) 0 15 0
First Impressions 15 0 15
Bladed Combat (longsword) 0 15 0
[Krome] A helping hand 15 0 15
Detection 0 10 5
Tactics 0 3 2
Endurance 0 2 0
[Astedia]Settling In 15 0 15
Tactics 0 10 5
Detection 0 5 0
A person with your skills 15 0 15
Tactics 0 12 3
Detection 0 3 0
[Astedia] Hands off 10 0 10
[Venora] My Brother, Where Have You Gone? 15 0 25
Detection 0 9 16
[Krome] Our People 15 0 31
[Krome]Even the best made plans... 15 0 46
All that glitters 15 0 61
Tactics 0 51 10
Bladed Combat (longsword) 0 4 6
[Krome]Hold the blade 10 0 16
[Gawyne] The North Remembers 15 0 31
Fit for purpose 15 0 46
Pillow Talk 15 0 61
[Astedia] Home sweet home 10 0 71
[Astedia] Hands on 15 0 86
[Astedia] A Change of Plans? 15 0 101
[Astedia] A boy King 15 0 116
Endurance 0 51 65
Intelligence 0 25 40
Bladed Combat (longsword) 0 40 0
[Astedia] Family 20 0 20
Bladed Combat (longsword) 0 40 0
[Courthouse] Black Sheep 5 0 5
When old meets new 15 0 20
An Andaris at Heart 15 0 35
Past, present, future 15 0 50
[Astedia] To protect 10 0 60
[Krome] Blueprints for the future 15 0 75
My Frustrations 15 0 90
Etiquette 0 51 39
Looking forward 15 0 54
[Astedia] Exigent Expectations [Xander] 15 0 69
Discipline 0 27 42
[Krome]Announcements 15 0 84
Family Reunion 15 0 99
Stick them with the pointy end. 15 0 114
Bladed Combat (longsword) 0 36 78
Investigation 0 27 51
Sword up 15 0 66
Investigation 0 27 39
[Astedia] To serve 10 0 49
[Astedia] Multipurpose 10 0 59
A time and a place. 15 0 74
Discipline 0 51 23
I spy with my little eye... 10 0 33
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Xander Krome

Postby Xander Andaris » Wed Feb 08, 2017 10:12 am

Belongings and Ledger

Casual Clothes (starter pack clothes):



The Clothes to the left are Xanders Casual clothes, they are all of standard quality and practical. The clothes are well fitting but comfortable and practical for use. He only wears different style clothes for special occasions, he doesn't like the expensive and impractical Venoran style clothes and that is why he only wears them for special dances or balls. The clothes are One pair of leather boots, one Taffeta shirt, one pair of brown wool trousers and one blue wool over coat, as well as standard quality undergarments.

Formal Clothes (See ledger):



The clothes seen to the left are Xanders formal Venora style clothes. These are only worn during balls dances and formal events. He finds then impractical, although as comfortable as such clothes could be, they were restricting in movement. The clothes, a dark blue velvet coat, a pair of dark grey trousers, a Taffeta shirt, a silk blue/grey waist coat. Boots and undergarments are just the same as worn casually.

Purchased Equipment:
Xander's Brigandine and Gambeson for use when travelling, fighting, training and anything else really. It is casual and gives an extra layer of defence from anyone who is looking for a soft target. The gambeson is wore below the brigandine providing a protective layer much like leather armour. It is good defence against slashes and cuts but can be pierced relatively easy with a good thrust.

Equipment Starting:
One set of clothing a coat, shirt, trousers, undergarments, and a pair of boots. All clothing is standard quality.
One set of formal clothing a velvet coat, taffeta shirt, trousers and a silk waist coat. All clothing is standard quality.
One Set of Toiletries: Soap, A comb, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste.
One waterskin
Two sets of eating utensils

1 x silk handkerchief
1x pyjamas from Celeste
1x Masterwork spring-loaded dagger

Prized Possession:
A painting of Xander and his sister Zara painted by Olivia Warrick. Painted a few months before her death. Spends most of its time hidden in Xander's bedroom.

Secret Items of Xander and his inner self:
A small ragdoll that belonged to your sister, Zara. (RM)


City Dwellers starter pack ... 100GN
Loan (Rynmere bank) ... 100GN
Longsword 25GN ...
Formal embroidered velvet blue coat 81.5GN ...
Formal Silk Waist Coat 15GN ...
Wool trousers 19.8GN ...
Taffeta shirt 4.2GN ...
Masquerade Ball mask 4GN ...
Masquerade Ball Donation 25 ...
Cylus income/wage ... 180 GN
Cylus expenses/tax 9GN ...
[Krome] First Dates (Servant Meal) 2GN ...
Ashan income/wage ... 984 GN
Ashan expenses/tax 49 GN 2SN ...
Loan repayment (Rynmere bank) 106GN ...
Longsword Lesson 100GN ...
Large Brigandine 8GN 7SN 5CN ...
Large Gambeson 3GN 7SN 5CN
Palladium Ring 75GN ...
Personal NPCs Ymiden and Saun 60GN ...
Ymiden Wages Steward ... 785GN 1 SN 8CN
Ymiden Wages Marshal ... 473 GN 1 SN 0 CN
Large Fur Cloak 7 GN ...
Saun wages Marshal ... 380 GN
Saun Wages Baron ... 468 GN
Clothes for Gala 70 GN 4 SN ...
Gala Entrance fee 40 GN ...
Gala Donation 1000 GN ...
Vhalar Wages Baron ... 1586 GN 7 SN
Vhalar Wages Marshal ... 1,269 GN 3 SN 6 CN
Personal NPCs Vhalar, Zi'da, Cylus 90GN ...
Unfurnished house and land in Yithiral 4,100GN ...

Total Currency: 0 ON, 620 GN, 8 SN, 0 CN

Loan (Rynmere bank): 106GN to be paid back at the end of Ashan 717 (approved by Pegasus) REPAID
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Xander Krome

Postby Xander Andaris » Wed Feb 08, 2017 2:59 pm

Other Ledgers and Records

InjuryDate aquiredTime to fully heal Date Fully healed
Bruise to your Side and Face will heal quicker with the arnica 1st Ashan 717 5 trials 6th Ashan 717
Shallow gash on right thigh 28th Ashan 717 20 trials 48th Ashan 717
Moderate cut on left calf 28th Ashan 717 30 trials 58th Ashan 717
1 x bruised back, deep bruising 98th Ashan 717 10 trials 108th Ashan 717
Broken rib 18th Ymiden, Arc 717 30 trials 48th Ymiden, 717
Cuts, bruises etc 18th Ymiden, Arc 717 30 trials 48th Ymiden, 717

Point bank Ledger

Month or ItemAwardedSpent
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...

Total Points: 0

Fame Ledger

ThreadFame GainedFame LostTotal
Mixed race (human/Biqaj) in Rynmere +10 ... +10
Job Fame +10 ... +20
City race fame +10 ... +30
[Krome] Krometheus +3 ... +33
Masked Ball: Disbanding the Royal Guard. +15 ... +48
[Krome] The Household +2 ... +50
Midwinter Masks (Moderated Thread) +15 ... +65
[Krome] Welcome to Krome +1 ... +66
[Krome] Make it easy ... -2 +64
[Krome] Make it easy +2 ... +66
[ Krome ] A Little Party Never Killed Nobody +2 ... +68
[Krome] Crystal Clear +2 ... +70
[Krome] Stains +5 ... +75
Bonus fame for nobility +30 ... +105
[Gawyne] The North Remembers +5 ... +110

ThreadRenown GainedTotal
[Krome]Announcements +10 +122
[Astedia] To serve +10 +132
[Astedia] Multipurpose +10 +142

Devotions and Marks

Taithir : Taithir: Mark of Ethelynda
Abilities : 
  • Serpents Hood: Named for the technique many snakes use to appear more threatening, Serpents Hood generates an aura around the user that makes them appear like significantly bigger threat than the people around them, drawing the attention of enemy combatants towards the Shield-Bearer and away from more vulnerable targets. This ability lasts until the Shield-Bearer deactivates it or is rendered unconscious or dead. (0 devotion)
  • Enduring Scales: The Shield-Bearer's skin takes on a scale pattern, allowing them to absorb more physical damage than they could before. Poisons and toxins also take longer to effect the Shield-Bearer. The effect only lasts for a single Bit, and takes a Break to recharge before it can be used again. (0 devotion)
  • Protective Skills I: Add an extra three skill points to one of the following skills: Any Weapons Skill, Shield Use, or Endurance. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 100 point cap on skills. (0 devotion)
Knowledge : -Serpents' Hood: Tactically very useful
-Serpents' Hood: Makes you seem more menacing
-Serpents' Hood: Allows you to defend others more easily

Devotion to Ethelynda

ThreadDevotion GainedDevotion LostTotal
[Krome] Patricide +4 ... +4
[Krome] A helping hand +10 ... +14
[Astedia] Hands off +102 ... +116
[Krome] Our People +10 ... +126
Fit for purpose +1 ... +127
Pillow Talk +1 ... +128
[Astedia] A boy King +5 ... +133
... ... ... ...

Devotion to Qylios

ThreadDevotion GainedDevotion LostTotal
... ... ... ...
... ... ... ...
... ... ... ...
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Renown: +142
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