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Postby Neronin » Tue Jan 10, 2017 8:30 pm



"That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die."

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"Magic may be a double edged sword, but I bear my wounds willingly."
Full Name: Neronin
Aliases: Nero, Marrow, Cryptlord
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 195 lbs
Origin: Etzos
Religion: Shuns worship of any kind.

Blessings: None
Location: Etzos
Profession: Information Broker, Museum Curator
Factions Joined: Al'Angyryl
Business: The Whisper

Likes: Conflict • Magic • Freedom • The Brave and Intelligent • Power
Dislikes: Arrogance • Oppression • Dictators • Privilege • Naivety
Merits: Observant • Creative • Indepentent • Studious
Flaws: Audacious • Callous • Power-Complex • Violent

Languages: Common - Fluent, Ith'ession - Broken

Human Age (Pre-Cyrus 718):Adulthood bears the traces of childhood experience in many ways. A happy childhood can reflect itself in a brightness of the eye, the lines of laughter around the eyes, a certain trusting gaze. Neronin possesses none of these. His eyes bear the dark flinty look of one who has grown to adulthood by being as untrusting as possible. Instead of laugh lines, his eyes bear dark circles, red and agitated from lack of sleep. His skin is pale and waxy from constant night-time activity. Though he is dark and macabre in appearance, he does possess a subtle attractiveness and a well crafted charisma cultivated by necessity in a city where talking yourself out of a situation could be life or death.

The Kennings

Competent Awakening
Mortisvein Creep: At Competent, Neronin’s veins turn black on his right arm. When casting using his necrotic spark they glow and flicker with a vile green light. At the same time, the area affected by this becomes gaunt and undead. This kenning grows as he gains strength in the discipline, creeping up his arm and eventually across his entire body by mastery. At revelation Neronin is permanently in the state of the undeath visage. The extensive growth of this awakening makes it difficult to blend in in public. Most assume Neronin is diseased, though the learned may suspect the truth.

Expert Awakening
Dualshadow Haunt: At expert, Neronin’s shadow appears as a dark aura around his feet, shifting and moving as if alive. The shadow will reach out and attack other shadows with clawed limbs and occasionally green eyes can be seen there. This mutation has infused Neronin’s shadow with residual necrotic ether which gives him the capability of summoning from it two separate Haunts rather than the traditional one haunt. It also makes it very hard for him to blend in to public, forcing him to take care where he goes. This second haunt counts against Neronin’s thrall count.

Master Awakening
1. Curse of the Decayed: This Master level mutation manifests as a rotten and decaying digestive tract. Neronin will swallow bits of intestines he has reanimated and they will fester inside him. After three trials he is capable of regurgitating the undead matter to create Blights, Pestilents, and Plaguemen at reduced rates. It will then enter the corpse’s mouth and begin the process of converting it to the desired thrall. A Blight will cost 2 thralls, Pestilents will be 1.5x thrall modifier, and plaguemen will cost 5 thralls. This undead gut can be seen sliding under his skin, searching for flesh to consume. Its presence inside him makes Neronin hunger for more undead flesh to feed it.

2. Command of the Cryptlord: At mastery, Neronin’s voice becomes ethereal and rasps with arcane energy, as if he is speaking from the spirit world. His words are clearly corrupted by his arcane spark. Because of this kenning, Neronin’s Rotknights cost 7 thralls, but each is specialized moreso than other Rotknights. Each can only cast one necrotic spell, and raise a single type of thrall. These three subsets are:
1)The Leech: Sap and Husks
2)The Decayor: Wither and Marrows
3)The Corruptor: Restore and Blights

Competent Awakening
Sigilcrown: At Competent, flickering green runes appear in a language he does not know on his temples. These runes glow at all times with the chaotic light of his rupturing spark. As he progresses in strength more runes appear in a crown-like circle around his head. They make it very difficult to blend into polite society since their flickering light can be seen through make-up if not careful.

Expert Awakening
Firemark Rune: At Expert, vivid and painful runes of the same type as the Sigilcrown appear at random, at random times, all over Neronin’s body as burned into flesh. These runes last a trial and fade. This effect causes discomfort (until undeath) to Neronin and can signal to the casual observer that he is a mage.

Master Awakenings
1. Corrupted Portals: At master, Neronin’s portals are corrupted by his necrotic spark. They appear surrounded by the black miasma that makes up his Sap and Siphon spells. This corrupted ether often manifests momentarily into skulls and other bony limbs. This does not affect the function or cost of abilities.

2. Thrall Network: Neronin’s portals cost less ether to create when he has a thrall he controls within ten feet of the destination area. On the other hand, casting long range portals without the presence of a thrall costs more ether for Neronin.

WIP ;)

Neronin is guarded in his social interactions. He often holds back or outright lies to avoid giving someone any real connection. But he can be starkly frank to those who he deems trustworthy. Born as a common weaver’s son in Etzos, he has grown to be street-smart, using aggression and submissiveness as tools more than personality traits. In truth, he burns with a general loathing of those who let themselves be controlled. This is his defining trait, the need to be in control of himself. He lacks the ability to be truly free of other’s will, living under Vuda’s regime in Etzos, and compensates by trying to exert control over others. He does this by manipulating other’s through sheer charisma, or on a much darker level by reanimating the dead. This sick obsession is as much a product of his weaknesses and decisions as it is a product of the oppressive nature of Etzos.

Coming from an especially harsh background, Neronin possesses a decidedly dark humor, revelling in the misfortunes of others he perceives as better off, or enemies. He gives of an air of apathy, though that is his outward appearance. It is controlled, stylized. Internally he is more disdainful than apathetic. He is capable of empathy, and loyalty, and all the rest of the spectrum of positive human qualities. He is just out of practice. The last person he loved was his mother, who betrayed that love. Bitterness flavors his every motivation, his every decision.
“That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die.” - Lovecraft
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Postby Neronin » Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:18 pm


Blood and tears flavored the youngest years of Neronin’s life. Then the tears ran out. Born to an abusive father and a weak mother he spent his early years learning survival from the end of his father's fire-poker or the unforgiving cruelty of the streets of Etzos. Abused and desperate for attention, Neronin sought comfort from his mother. He desperately tried to be whatever he needed to be to make his mother protect him, or make his father stop beating him. It did not work. The only thing that kept the fear and pain at bay was, as he grew to find, anger, hate, and independence. He slowly weened himself off the need for his parents, though he still lived with them. It was better than getting stabbed on the street or kidnapped into slavery.

This independence came with a new wrathful defiance toward his father and his abusive hold over the household. The result was more beatings, more poker-scars, and more hate brewing in the boy. But Neronin was no longer the soft child he had once been. Still a boy he was, but a smart one hardened by a life of suffering. When his father got in the mood for violence, Neronin would often slip out of the house knowing full well the blows would land on his mother instead. But her weakness and slavish servitude long ago sapped whatever empathy or pity Neronin had for her. She had never raised a hand in his defense, instead rationalizing the blows. She encouraged some mysterious conformity, as if his father's anger could ever be abated by any change Neronin could make.

One evening it all went too far. Too far by the screwed up standard of Neronin's family, not by normal standards. He showed up at the door after a day spent resolutely away from kin, a good day. Before entering the battered old home he could hear his father's panting effort. He felt anger flare up inside him. It was not born of affection for his mother, indeed she caused it as much as he. Her disgusting submissive nature, his pathetic, cowardly physical dominance. Both were so typical, so predictable in their behavior that the anger flared up in a vile pool of disgust within him. He kicked in the door then, unable to help himself. They deserved to know what he thought of them. When he stepped in the room, however, his father took one look at him and launched into the most vicious assault he had ever conducted.

The fire-poker, an old enemy of Neronin's, danced from his mother's whimpering form to his. He felt the hot pangs of pain lace his body, dousing the anger within him. He had no room for it, all he could think about was the pain. Neronin collapsed and found the wooden floor's cool boards a surprising vivid sensation coupled with the iron cruelness of the poker. But that only lasted a moment, until the world fell into darkness. Neronin was eleven.

He wasn't supposed to wake up. His parents had inspected his body and were sure he was dead. They had muttered between themselves of what to do with the corpse. Eventually they decided to haul him over to old Gavrel, they heard the old man paid real money for fresh corpses. In the end it had cost Gavrel nine silver nels. He didn't even get what he paid for.

Neronin awoke with a start, his whole body aching with pain. He moaned and struggled on a cold, stone surface. As he opened his eyes, Neronin was greeted with faint candle light and the eerie sight of bones. Bones lain upon shelves, bones piled in wooden crates and barrels, bones that seemed fresh from a corpse. He was in a small room, stone with a dirt floor. Neronin saw a few scrolls and books littered across a desk which was the primary source of light in the small chamber. Behind the desk sat a gaunt, pale man. He watched in surprise as Neronin sat up and rasped in broken breaths.

"You're supposed to be dead." the man said simply.

"Well..." Neronin breathed, every word a struggle. "My... father always... was a dis...appointment." He stared back at the older man.

"This isn't what I paid for!" The old man stood, extending one hand palm down. "You had a purpose when dead, now you're useless."

Neronin was profoundly confused by this. Could his corpse really be more useful than the living being? Was he that worthless? He watched as the old man muttered under his breath, gesturing with surprising dexterity for one his age. Neronin was thoroughly confused for a moment, and then one of the barrels of bones moved. He watched in horror as they shuffled about and one ivory hand clutched the edge of the barrel. The hand became an arm, and then Neronin watched as the top half of a human skeleton pushed itself out of the barrel. The empty eye sockets were fixated on him with a hunger that he would never forget. This was magic. This was power.

"Stop please! I'll do anything! Spare me and I will serve you." He pleaded, sickeningly servile. "Let me learn from you and I will give you far more than one corpse! I'll give you anything." By this time the skeletal minion had it's cold boney hands grasping Neronin's shirt. It stopped, Neronin stared into the face of undeath.

"Very well. You will provide me with corpses, free of charge, for your life." The man said, making a waving motion with his hand. The skeleton released Neronin, turning back to it's barrel. "I will be your master, my name is Gavrel."

"What is this?" Neronin gestured at the barrel that now housed a recently motionless pile of human bones.

"That? Something of a Marrow. Well, are you going to find me a corpse for tonight's experiment?" Gavrel asked impatiently. And so Neronin's unlikely apprenticeship in Necromancy began. Under constant threat of being killed and turned into a 'useful' aide, Neronin learned to pretend at servitude. The hunger for power became too great under Gavrel to rebel against the mage. Gavrel was not a kind master, but Neronin was not accustomed to kindness anyway, and was not bothered. Gavrel constantly threatened or manipulated Neronin. He sent him out to rob graves or switch medicines, anything to bring in more corpses for his dark magic. He sometimes Sapped Neronin of his energy and threatened to let his minions devour the boy.

Gavrel was, however prickly, an excellent teacher. Eventually Neronin was initiated into the art himself. It was a horrific and glorious day. The threats did not stop coming after that, the need to find corpses to keep himself from becoming one did not go away. Now instead of the few hours of sleep he would have gotten, he scavenged the city for dead rodents for his own practices. They were easily acquired and able to be hidden from Gavrel, who would see any corpse not his as a breach of their agreement, even a rat.

And so it went on, Neronin dancing the line between power and death. He constantly tested Gavrel, unable to fully commit to his servile role. He would challenge Gavrel's ability in subtle ways, pushing him to dangerous levels. Sometimes it would cause breakthroughs, of which Neronin would have to endure silently. Sometimes, though, it would cause disaster. His subtle coaxing would on occasion cause a minion to get out of Gavrel's control. Neronin knew that Gavrel making a mistake was the only way he would be released of service, and he loathed service.

Eventually he convinced Gavrel to attempt a Hulk, a massive meaty monster that would propel Gavrel's prestige as a mage past anything he had previously achieved. They were both present in the dank chamber when Gavrel began the incantation. Neronin could feel the effort in it. He smiled inwardly at the older man's complacency. What an idiot he was to trust in another's presence during such a vulnerable ritual. But that was the weakness of arrogance. Neronin waited until his master was fully invested in the incantation before he began to work his own ether. He pulled from himself a miasma of dark, vile ether and willed the dark cloud to hurl itself at Gavrel's back. The Sap made him falter and fall to his knees. Neronin knew he had to run. Whether his plan worked or not, he should not be present or risk being devoured himself. As he fled the room and leant against the wooden door he heard the sound of Gavrel's screams. The horror and pain of the sound brought a satisfied smile to the face that so rarely wore them. His visage almost seemed kind in that moment.

He let the Hulk have its meal without interruption. Instead he gathered the burlap sack of rodent bones he had in his room, the meager menagerie of allies he could trust. He left the old man's home with all his belongings in two bags and made his way to another familiar home. Before entering his parent's home he wondered vaguely if they would recognize their supposedly dead son. He dropped the bag of bones on the ground outside their door and raised his hands. It took a long moment to cast the spell, but no one disturbed the solitude of the street. The bag began to move with the new life he had bestowed. A thrill of power surged through him and he watched as the decaying rats crawled into view, searching with that ever present hunger for living flesh. Neronin gently opened the door for them. He stepped easily over the foremost rats of the swarm and entered the familiar room. It was empty, but the door to his parent's bedroom was ajar.

He walked to it, urging his tiny minions along in his wake. The scratching of their claws upon the floor was a faint hissing. peered inside the bedroom and saw the familiar forms of his parents in bed. He hesitated, struggling with whether he should wake them or not, then decided against it. They were not worthy of a final conscious thought. Instead he poured his hatred and disgust into the swarms of rats under his command. They scurried past their master and into the bedroom. He did not watch as they climbed the blanket onto the bed. He did not listen as his parents awoke with terrified screams. He did not come when they begged for help. He did not regret when they died.

He counted out nine silver nels and let them fall, one by one, onto the floor.
“That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die.” - Lovecraft
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On Person : 
    • Cloak, Grey
    • Shirt, black
    • Pants
    • undergarments
    • boots
    • Dagger
    • x2 Cloaks
    • Black Wool robes, green embroidery
    •Domain Bag
Burned Home : *Destroyed during the fire in Bonemaker: Flame along with Neronin's home. Ashan 717.
    • One Set of Toiletries: Soap, A comb or brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste,
    • One waterskin*
    • Two sets of eating utensils*
    • Tinderbox*
    • Wheelbarrow*
    • Ink Well*
    • Ink Pen*
    • Large Bag x2*
    • Tiny Bag*
    • Blank Journal*
    • Spade*
    • Precision Scissors*
    • Washbasin*
    • Dead Raven x1
    • Loaf of Bread & Block of Cheese*
    • Saw, one-handed*
Al'Angyryl Cavern : 
    •3 Gaunts
Domain Bag : 
    • 1 Vial of Emberglow Paste (3 uses)
    • 1 Imedyte Well (Ripped from Gavrel’s Hulk)
    • x2 Iron Brooches with brackets for gems
    Masterwork Dagger (Acquired Saun 18/717)
    •Gavrel's Journal
    •Scribe's Kit
    •Chemist's Kit
    Chalice of Fortune, (Cylus 718, yielded 400GN)
“That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die.” - Lovecraft
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SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiencyKnowledge
Necromancy99/100 (246/251)Master63
Discipline (FT)50/100(50/100)Competent12
Business Management 28/100(31/250)Competent18
Appraisal 26/100 (27/250)Competent11
Leadership25/100 (25/250)Novice7
Politics10/100 (10/250)Novice6
Intelligence10/100 (10/250)Novice12
“That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die.” - Lovecraft
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Postby Neronin » Mon Jan 16, 2017 10:09 pm


Arcane : 
Necromancy 65
Necromancy: A Hulk and What It Looks Like (JD)
Necromancy: Commanding The Bones of a Swarm of Rats (JD)
Necromancy: Sap
Necromancy: Preserve
Necromancy: Initiation Techniques
Necromancy: Availability of Corpses is Essential
Necromancy: Extended Awareness to Join One Mind With Two Bodies
Necromancy: Pacing Yourself to Avoid Overstepping
Necromancy: The Eventual Need for Human Subjects
Necromancy: The First Command is the Hardest to Impose
Necromancy: The Thrall is an Effective Bodyguard
Necromancy: Preserve: Practice Makes Perfect
Necromancy: Sap: An Effective Prelude to a Physical Assault
Necromancy: Sap: Causes Fast Decay of Flesh
Necromancy: Sap: Disrupts Haunts
Necromancy: Prioritize Thrall Vision and Mobility
Necromancy: Restore: Regenerates Flesh of Corpse
Necromancy: Preservation
Necromancy: Useful Points in a Dog
Necromancy: Linking mind with thrall
Necromancy: The benefits of a fresh body
Necromancy: Sap: useful as a defense mechanism
Necromancy: Sap's effects on the undead
Necromancy: Husks
Necromancy: Too Overstepped to Create a Minion
Necromancy: "Link Ability"
Necromancy: Link: Like 'riding' the Thrall
Necromancy: Link: The Mage's Consciousness Separates From the Spark
Necromancy: Link: Ravens make good observation thralls
Necromancy: Link: Tracking mages via the Link
Necromancy: Link can be used for intelligence gathering
Necromancy: Small Animals are easy to animate
Necromancy: Ravens need practice to control in flight
Haunt: As Much Will to Restrain as Create
Haunt: Formed of Shadow and Will
Haunt: Fragile, but Made of Reusable Energy
Necromancy: Haunt
Necromancy: Wither
Wither: 'Sap', Empowered by a Focused Will to Destroy
Necromancy: Wells: Used in Necromancy
Necromancy: Fetches
Necromancy: Golems
Necromancy: Link: Using Mice to Spy
Necromancy: Wells: Cut off the power source and the undead dies
Necromancy: Fight oother necromancers for control.
Necromancy: Using Thralls to write messages
Necromancy: Blight
Necromancy: Blight thrall can be dangerous when damaged
Necromancy: Blight takes trials to create
Necromancy: Corpse Molding
Necromancy: Gaunt
Necromancy: Customizing your Gaunts
Necromancy: Finding a nice corpse
Necromancy: Using undead to distract your enemy
Necromancy: Holding and Altering the Energy for Different Tasks
Necromancy: Presence of the Living Makes Thralls Harder to Control
Necromancy: Link: Used to steal
Necromancy: Siphon
Necromancy: Use Siphon to heal wounds
Necromancy: Requires a supply of bodies
Necromancy: Stitchborn
Necromancy: Pestilent
Necromancy: Hulk
Necromancy: Revenant
Necromancy: Revenants are hard to control

Rupturing 35
Rupturing: Fleeing the scene of a crime
Rupturing: A Stationary Magic to Test Mixing With Others
Rupturing: Trying to Connect From Linked Thall is Too Much
Rupturing: Blinking
Rupturing: Blinking: valuable in surprise attacks
Rupturing: Blinking Through Doors
Rupturing: Blinking away from danger
Rupturing: No Hindrance for Being in a Cave
Rupturing: Blinking to close distance to Prey
Rupturing: Sundial
Rupturing: Blinking to Dodge attacks
Rupturing: Blinking to Taunt enemies
Rupturing: Phasing
Rupturing: Phasing: Investigate through Walls
Rupturing: Blinking: Make sure you have seen your destination
Rupturing: Phasing: Focus Ether in Your Hands
Rupturing: Phasing: Does not provide visibility to dark spaces
Rupture: Scrying
Rupture: Scrying portals are too small to travel through
Rupture: Scrying portals don’t make a noise
Rupturing: Useful for breaking into homes
Rupturing: Blinking past a gate
Rupturing: Easier to Blink to new places you can see
Rupturing: Spying on friends
Rupturing: Tiny Scrying portals for eaves-dropping
Rupturing: Compression Portals
Rupturing: Compression is longer range
Rupturing: Compression costs more than Chasing
Rupturing: Chasing Portals
Rupturing: Chasing is short range
Rupturing: Skystepping over a battle
Rupturing: Skystepping to avoid the blade
Rupturing: Bringing forces into battle
Rupturing: Using Blink to command a battlefield
Rupturing: Using portals to avoid flanking maneuvers

Abrogation 0

Alchemy 6
Alchemy: Used to Imbue Traits into Items
Alchemy: Process: Distillation
Alchemy: Medium: Powder
Alchemy: Reagent: Emberback Leaf
Alchemy: Recipe: Emberpaste Glow
Alchemy: Tool: Alembic

Ensorcellment 0

Wells: Found in Fractures
Wells: Draw Ether

Arcane Academic
Domain Arcana: Can be used to pull someone's soul?
Domain Arcana: Can souls be transformed into gems?
Fractures: Dangerous Beasts come from them
Fractures: Entrances to Emea
Magic: Overstepping: Ghost Call
Magic: Overstepping: Extreme Nausea

Skills : 

Acrobatics 1
Acrobatics: Wheeling an Unbalanced Wheelbarrow

Appraisal 11
Appraisal: Looking a Gift Corpse in the Mouth
Appraisal: The State of a Workable Corpse
Appraisal: People: Not all soldiers are Fit to Fight
Appraisal: Judging the merits of a stranger
Appraisal: Identifying the state of Old Texts
Appraisal: Comparing State of Repair to that of the Past
Appraisal: Assessing the worth of a recruit
Appraisal: Noting another’s leadership skills
Appraisal: Assessing a subordinate’s quality
Appraisal: Assessing a foreign artifact
Appraisal: Identifying something from the future?

Bladed Weapons 5
Blades: Blood on the Hilt is Slippery
Knives: Sharp vs Serrated Edge
Blades: Back stab
Blades: Less Effective When Armored
Weapon (knife): Stab and twist

Bludgeons & Axes 1
Staves: Watching acoordinated Attack

Business Management 22
Business Management: Sometimes you have to speculate to accumulate
Business Management: Ledgers, ledger keeping and accounts
Business Management: Paying for things you need
Business Management: Intimidating the competition
Business Management: Promoting Respect for the Boss
Business Management: Recruiting Members through alternative methods
Business Management: Leadership through intimidation
Business Management: Respecting the Hierarchy
Business Management: Giving Special Tours
Business Management: Assessing a possible source of product
Business Management: Doing tasks for the Boss
Business Management: Keeping a professional tone
Business Management: Don’t set a rule-breaking precedent
Business Management: Catering to two patrons at once
Business Management: It helps to set the mood
Business Management: Investing in your business
Business Management: Building confidence in your patron
Business Management: Hiring people for their skills
Business Management: The power of gold
Business Management: Using business space
Business Management: Holding a prisoner in his cell
Business Management: Delegating intimidation
Business Management: Don’t let your anger show

Chemistry 5
Chemistry: Distillation Process
Chemistry: Evaporation Process
Chemistry: Filtration Process
Chemistry: Brazier used in Evaporation
Chemistry: Still used in Evaporation

Deception 15
Deception: Pretending To Be A Servant For Power (JD)
Deception: Evading the authorities With A Likable Persona (JD)
Deception: Covering the Prize with Dead Rats to Avoid a Search
Deception: Mauling Thrall Wounds with a Spear to Hide the Truth
Deception: Knock Like a Guard
Deception: Crazy Talk to Look Like a Harmless Whack-o
Deception: Distracting with money
Deception: Hiding one's purpose
Deception: Masks Work Better for Some Than for Others
Deception: Lying about one's importance
Deception: Hiding the Awakening
Deception: Lying about the Payment
Deception: Pretending Loyalty
Deception: Showing false confidence
Deception: Boasting about what others don’t understand

Detection 1
Detection: Discovering a Pickpocke

Discipline 12
Discipline: Taking insults without remark
Discipline: Not Letting the Smell of Death Bother You
Discipline: Learning From Mistakes
Discipline: Maintaining Study Without a Mentor
Discipline: Patience over comfort
Discipline: Not killing the person you're showing around can require a surprising amount of determination
Discipline: Failure is Not a "Mistake"
Discipline: Ignoring the Pain of Exertion to Remain Calm
Discipline: Maintaining focus on Magic While Under Attack
Discipline: Not letting the smoke get to you
Discipline: Resisting the urge to control undead
Discipline: Resisting the Urge to submit to magic

Endurance 8
Endurance: Hard Times Make One Stronger
Endurance: Accepting the Horror of a Necromancy Witchmark
Endurance: Running While Already Exhausted
Endurance: Adrenaline Pushes you Past Physical Limits
Endurance: The Signs of Overstepping
Endurance: Getting Stabbed
Endurance: Fighting through the effects of smoke inhalation
Endurance: use fury to resist the pain of a punch

Etiquette 1
Etiquette: Announce Yourself at the Door and Wait to Be Let In

Fieldcraft 1
Field Craft: Liquor as a Fire Starter

Gardening 1
Gardening: Planting Emberback spores

Intelligence 12
Intelligence: People in Dangerous Places are Dangerous People
Intelligence: Etzos Not a Truly Safe Place for Necro Research
Intelligence: Recognizing a Situation Where Both Sides Might Pay You
Intelligence: The Don Has MNages in his Employ
Intelligence: Using ravens as spies
Intelligence: Using Scrying to feed information
Intelligence: Linked thralls cant hear through windows
Intelligence: Magic can aid in eavesdropping
Intelligence: Deciphering Overheard information
Intelligence: Tracking a mark
Intelligence: Trying to discern motive
Intelligence: Knowing when to keep your secrets

Intimidation 13
Intimidation: An Offer of a Meal of Rats
Intimidation: Demonstrate How Dangerous You Are
Intimidation: Showing No Fear of Being Alone in the Woods
Intimidation: Use undead to scare folk
Intimidation: Build a dark persona
Intimidation: Leaving Al'Angyryl Mark to Scare People
Intimidation: Raising the Don's Dead Right Before His Eyes
Intimidation: The Don had a Monstrous 'Pet'
Intimidation: The Eloquently-Phrased, Veiled Threat
Intimidation: Using the Wither to kill a fly
Intimidation: Threatening death on innocents
Intimidation: Attempting to use witchbrands to intimidate
Intimidation: Using undead friends to scare people

Investigation 5
Investigation: Peeping bodies through windows
Investigation: Signs of poverty in property
Investigation: Determining the age of scorch marks
Investigation: Comforting witnesses can keep them talking
Investigation: Checking the Victim's House for Items

Leadership 8
Leadership: Getting children to do your bidding
Leadership: Giving incentive
Leadership: Reigning in your undead
Leadership: Ordering men to kill
Leadership: Taking commmand when the Leader leaves
Leadership: Focusing undead attacks
Leadership: Shouting orders in battle
Leadership: Picking an ambush site

Lockpicking 1
Lockpicking: Opening (poorly) barred doors

Logic 2
Logic: Aim for the puppeteer
Logic: Large bodies make large thralls

Logistics 6
Logistics: Having to Plan a Caper in a Hurry
Logistics: The Chaos of a Lynch Mob in Running a Plan
Logistics: Too Many Fake Names Get Confusing
Logistics: Cave's Connection to the UG Both a Boon and a Liability
Logistics: Lower Levels of Noth's Cave are Just Right
Logistics: Privacy is More Important than Comfort for Necro Research

Meditation 4
Meditation: 'Link' Connects to Thrall's Body Memory Alone
Meditation: More Familiarity With Rituals Means Less Concentration
Meditation: Improving Rupture Might Allow "Linked" Casting
Meditation: Forced Calm While Active

Navigation 1
Navigation: Finding Noth's Cave Without a Guide

Negotiation 4
Negotiation: Expendable Servants in Exchange for Research Room
Negotiation: A Way to Make Use of Inconvenient Corpses
Negotiation: Children work for less than adults
Negotiation: Using influence but allowing a little too

Persuasion 5
Persuasion: Give Them What They Want To Stay Alive (JD)
Persuasion: Boasting Up Your Thrall's Capabilities
Persuasion: Guaranteeing Safety from Your Thralls
Persuasion: Convincing Criminals to Join
Persuasion: Offering incentives of freedom

Physics 2
Physics: Bats Do Not "Stand"
Physics: Corpse Flight Needs Knowledge of Animal's Aerodynamics

Politics 6
Politics: Etzos is ruled by the Parhn Family
Politics: Dress denotes status
Politics: More Freedom to do Magic outside of Town
Politics: Jurisdiction Conflicts Aid the Criminals
Politics: Safety vs. Money Often Decides Whose Side Folks are On
Politics: Vuda's Words about 'Dominance' Rings Explain a Lot About Etzos

Psychology 7
Psychology: Rejection of emotional bindings
Psychology: Arrogance: Receiving a Lesson You Meant to Teach
Psychology: Loathing Villains and Victims Equally
Psychology: The Reassurance of a Rattling Bag of Bones
Psychology: Then Brotherhood of Soldiers is Strong
Psychology: Desperation Can Trigger New Magic Growth
Psychological: A Psychopath (JD)

Research 11
Research: Documenting an experiment
Research: The Need for Literacy
Research: The Need to Study Bats in Flight
Research: Copying Manuscripts
Research: Consulting ledgers and reference books
Research: Have a quill and inkwell ready
Research: Reading Historical Accounts
Research: Identifying Traits of the Sundial
Research: The foundation of Alchemy
Research: Magic: Attunement
Research: Attunement can be used to track mages

Running 2
Running: Your Knees will absorb the shock
Running: Use Different Strides for Changing Elevation

Socialization 1
Socializing: Veiled Threats and Bluster in Most Comments

Stealth 14
Stealth: Close up House Before you Light the Candle
Stealth: Don't Bring Your Thrall Out in Public With You!
Stealth: Moving in the silence
Stealth: Straw to Cover Bones in a Wheelbarrow
Stealth: Rolling Footsteps to be Quieter
Stealth: Creeping Up on a House
Stealth: Gaverobbing at night to mask operation
Stealth: Avoiding guardsmen in the rain and shadow
Stealth: Keeping your kennings hidden
Stealth: Walking from shadow to shadow
Stealth: Choosing a vacant surge to avoid detection
Stealth: Using Sap to cover retreat
Stealth: Using racks of clothes to hide
Stealth: Using Sap to cover retreat

Surgery 3
Surgery: Rat: Needs Both Eyes More Than Tail
Surgery: Anatomy: The Weak Points that Thugs Attack
Surgery: Signs By Which to judge the Time of Death

Tactics 9
Tactics: Always Have an Escape Plan
Tactics: Using Undead as Shock Troops
Tactics: Using a common enemy to create an ally
Tactics: Attacking on three sides
Tactics: Dividing forces to conquer
Tactics: Ambush best when surrounded by cover
Tactics: Luring an enemy in with bait
Tactics: making enemies fight 1v1
Tactics: weakening enemies with magic

Torture 1
Torture: Taking the most useful phalange

Unarmed Combat 1
Unarmed Combat: Each Thug Deals With Different Targets

Writing 6
Writing: Keeping a List of Different Thrall Dynamics
Writing: Keeping Notes of Progress and Mistakes
Writing: Noes on Results of Mixed Magics
Writing: Using a quill with one hand while casting with the other
Writing: Keeping notes away from blood!
Writing: Writing quickly to document

Languages : 
Ith'Ession: The Don's Street Common Has Many Elements

Misc : Combat: Look for Opponent's Weaknesses
Combat: Stance and Positioning
Killing: Aim for the Heart
Killing: Respect the Dead
Morals: Children Are Not to Blame
Death: Algor Mortis
Death: Sign of Decomposition
Neronin: Happiness through power
Neronin: Disassociated with humanity
Location: Etzos (JD)
Location: Etzos Museum
Location: Etzos Docks
Location: Etzos: Underground
Location: Underground Reservior
Location: Noth's Cave
Location: Etzori Museum: Vault 33
Location: Etzori Museum: Vault 45
Location: Mackey Manor
Etzos Location: The Underground
Etzos: City layout
Etzos: Shopes and Locations In and Around the City (JD)
Etzos: Necromancers Wanted By Military (JD)
Gavrel: Unkind Master (JD)
Gavrel: Believed Dead
NPC Gavrel: Still alive?
NPC: Gavrel: Alive and hunting Neronin
NPC: Gavrel: Knows how to use wells
NPC: Gavrel: Hiding out east of Etzos
NPC: Head Curator Perceval Tabard
NPC: Head Curator Perceval Tabard: Barely tolerates visitors
NPC: Head Curator Perceval Tabard: Politically aware
NPC: Head Curator Perceval Tabard: Obsequious to those who might benefit him
NPC: Head Curator Perceval Tabard: Thinks you need to dress better
NPC: Head Curator Perceval Tabard: Wants items for the Museum
NPC: Approgate the Merchant
NPC: Approgate a partner of Tabard
NPC: Lt Vlad Gastrun: Fast rising cavalry officer
NPC: 'Vern': Noth's Pet Goose
NPC: Bervic the Cobbler
NPC: Don Paul: Has an Elaborate Back Brace Apparatus
NPC: Carlos: The Don's Defier Mage
NPC: Divinya: The Don's Necromancy Mage
NPC: Don Paul: Criminal Boss
Noth: Also called 'Mongrel'
PC: Noth: Half-Avriel/Human Al'Angyryl Leader
PC: Navyri: Pickpocket
PC: Navyri: Naerikk Woman
PC: Navyri: Has a boat for Smuggling
PC: Navyri: Recruit for Al'Angyryl
PC: Lecia
The Art of Grave Robbing (JD)
Equality in Death
The grace of the dead
Tristan Venora: A sculptor
Tristan Venora: From Andaris
Kovic: Disappeared?
Kovic: Rude and aggressive
Kovic: Possibly an enemy
NPC: Yoriq Javar
Thrall: Expert Revenant Yoriq Javar
PC: Zipper: Can gain information about people through Attunement
“That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die.” - Lovecraft
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Marks : lol.
Abilities : 
Whatever else religious PCs put here : 
“That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die.” - Lovecraft
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Skill Ledger
Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Leadership (RB) 25[RB] 2500
Starting Package 500050
Necromancy ..2525
Politics ..1015
Intelligence ..10 5
A Prized Companion10(Nec.)10(Necromancy)0
Necromancy Notations10(Nec.)10(Necromancy)0
A Helping Hand10(Nec.)10(Necromancy)0
The Candle-stick Maker10(Nec.)10(Necromancy)0
Unmaking the Maker 10(Nec.)10(Necromancy)0
The Price of Arrogance 10(Nec.)9(Necromancy)1(Nec.)
The Museum10--10,1(Nec.)
Discipline (FT)--101(Nec.)
Through Dead Eyes10(Necromancy)--11(Nec.)
That Which Hides in Shadow10(Necromancy)--12(Nec.)
Necromancy -- 12 0
Barges, Burns, and Boxes 10 -- 10
Discipline -- 10 0
The Hunter 10 -- 10
Rupturing -- 10 0
The Journal of Mad 10 -- 10
Appraisal -- 10 0
Bonemaker: Rumor 10(Rupturing) -- 10
Rupturing -- 10 0
The Merchant's Mansion 10 -- 10
Appraisal -- 10 0
Bonemaker: Monster 15 -- 15
Necromancy -- 15 0
Better Than Home 15 (Rupturing) -- 15
Rupturing -- 14 1
Appraisal -- 1 0
Necromancy Notations II: Ravens 10 (Necromancy) -- 10(Nec.), 0
Necromancy -- 9 1(Nec.), 0
Statement 10(Necromancy) -- 11(Nec.) , 0
Necromancy -- 9 2(Nec.), 0
Bonemaker: Flame 10(Necromancy) -- 12(Nec.), 0
Necromancy -- 12 0
Pestilential Waters 10(Necromancy) -- 10(Nec.)
Necromancy -- 8 2(Necromancy)
Bonemaker: Raid 15(Necromancy) -- 17(Necromancy)
Necromancy -- 16 1(Necromancy), 0
Let the Bodies hit the Flour 15(Necromancy) -- 16(Necromancy), 0
Necromancy -- 16 0
A City of Villains and Lies 20 -- 20(Necromancy)
Necromancy -- 20 0
Beneath the Marbled Halls 10 -- 10
Appraisal -- 6 4
Deception -- 4 0
Chemistry Concoctions 10 -- 10
Chemistry -- 10 0
The Audacity of Others 15(Necromancy) -- 15 Necromancy, 0
On Dead Wings 10(Necromancy) -- 25 Necromancy, 0
Necromancy -- 24 1 Necromancy, 0
Siege 15(Necromancy) -- 16 Necromancy, 0
Necromancy -- 16 0
Come, What's Due 15 -- 15
Chemistry -- 15 0
Seam and Sinew 10(Necromancy) -- 10 Necromancy
Necromancy -- 1 9
Discipline -- 7 2
Chemistry -- 2 0
The Etzori iron heel shakes the rust off 15 -- 15
Chemistry -- 8 7
Gardening -- 7 0
Mercenary Misadventures 15(Rupture) -- 15(Rupture)
Rupture -- 14 1(Rupture), 0
The Shadow Smuggler 20 1(Rupture), 20
Bonemaker: Goliath 15(Rupture) 16 (Rupture), 20
Rupture 16 20
Writing 10 10
Research 10 0
A Fiend in Need 15(Rupture) 15(Rupture)
Rupture 6 9(Rupture)
Through the Crow’s Eyes 10(Rupture) 19(Rupture)
Dead Bait 15(Rupture) 34(Rupture)
Rupture 33 1(Rupture)
Tracking Tabard 10(Rupture) 11(Rupture)
Rupture 9 2(Rupture)
Old Friends 15(Rupture) 17(Rupture)
Rupture 15 2(Rupture)
Three Crypts 10 2(Rupture), 10
Business Management 10 2(Rupture)
Dangeous Doors 10(Rupture) 12(Rupture)
Rupture 12 0
Taxing Journey 15(Rupture) 15(Rupture)
Rupture 10 5(Rupture)
Making New Friends 15 15, 5(Rupture)
Business Management 15 5(Rupture)
Alchemy 5 0
Plague Hath Smote This -5 Necromancy 5(Necro.)
Alchemy Alterations: Emberglow Paste 10 5(Necro.), 10
Alchemy 10 5(Necro.)
Date at the Museum 15 5(Necro.), 15
Meeting the Madam 10 5(Necro.), 25
The Binding of the Necromancer 15 5(Necro.), 40
Discipline 23 5(Necro.), 17
Alchemy 10 5(Necro.), 7

Money (Nels) Ledger
Starting Package ... 100 GN
Ink Well -2 GN 98 GN
Bag (Large x2) -8 SN 97 GN 2 SN
Bag (Tiny) -1 SN 97 GN 1 SN
Ink Pen -1 GN 96 GN 1 SN
Blank Journal -5 GN 91 GN 1 SN
Saw, one-handed -1 GN 90 GN 1 SN
Precision Scissors -3 GN 87 GN 1 SN
Spade -4 GN 83 GN 1 SN
Dagger -3 GN 80 GN 1 SN
Wool Robe, Black, Green Embroidery -56 GN 6 SN 23 GN 5 SN
Zi'da Wages +353 GN 4 SN 376 GN 9 SN
Cylus Wages +171 GN 547 GN 9 SN
Ashan Wages + 885 GN 6 SN 1433 GN 5 SN
Ymiden Wages + 830 GN 2263 GN 5 SN
Ymiden Expenses - 83 GN 2180 GN 5 SN
Two iron brooches with brackets for gems - 0 GN 2180 GN 5 SN
Masks - 4 GN, 8 SN 2175 7 SN
Scribe & Chemist Kits - 133 GN 2042 GN 7 SN
Masterwork Dagger -0 2042 GN 7 SN
Warehouse, Wagon, Horse & Stable - 1755 GN 287 GN 7 SN
Loot + 200 GN 487 GN 7 SN
Theft + 200 GN 687 GN 7 SN
Purchase - 8 SN 686 GN 9 SN
Loot + 100 GN 746 GN 9 SN
Investment -700 GN 46 GN 9 SN
Cylus Chalice of Fortune + 400 446 GN 9 SN

Point Bank Ledger
Source Earned Spent Total
- - - 10
August '17 83 - 93
January ‘18 130 - 223
Renown Small Reward 1 50 - 273
Renown Small Reward 2 50 - 323
Domain Bag - 200 123
Chalice of Fortune - 30 83

Renown Ledger

Renown Reward Tracker
+1000 Tier 4 Absolute Renown:
+950 Medium:
+900 Small:
+850 Medium:
+800 Small:
+750 Tier 3 Internationally Renowned:
+700 Medium:
+650 Small:
+600 Medium:
+550 Small:
+500 Tier 2 Regionally Renowned:
+450 Medium:
+400 Small:
+350 Medium:
+300 Small:
+250 Tier 1 Locally Renowned:
+200 Medium:
+150 Small: 50 PB Points
+100 Medium:
+50 Small: 50 PB Points
“That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die.” - Lovecraft
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Arc 717

Zi'da, Arc 717 : A Prized Companion (4th Zi'da)- Reviewed, solo

A Helping Hand (10th Zi'da)- Reviewed, solo

Necromancy Notations (12th Zi'da)- Reviewed, solo

The Candle-stick Maker (19th Zi'da)- Reviewed, solo

Unmaking the Maker (20th Zi'da)- Reviewed, solo

The Price of Arrogance (22nd Zi'da)- Reviewed, solo

Bazaar Encounter (39th Zi'da)- Ongoing, solo

Through Dead Eyes (50th Zi'da)- Reviewed, solo

Let the Bodies hit the Floor (62nd Zi'da)- Queued, p. Kovic

The Museum (75th Zi'da)- Reviewed, solo, Job

A Muted Arrival (92nd Zi'da)- Ongoing, p. Symbri
Cylus, Arc 717 : A City of Villains and Lies ( Cylus)- Ongoing, group

That Which Hides in Shadow (2nd Cylus)- Reviewed, solo

Etzori Indoctrination (4th Cylus)- Ongoing, p. Gangui

Barges, Burns, and Boxes (5th Cylus)- Reviewed, solo

Better than Home (23rd Cylus)- Reviewed, p. Noth

Siege (25th Cylus)- Ongoing, p. Lecia

Naughty Deeds (#th Cylus)- Ongoing, p. Vluharqih
Ashan, Arc 717 : The Etzori iron heel shakes the rest off (1st Ashan)- Reviewed, p. Gangui, Finn, Nightshade, Nauta

The Journal of Mad (9th Ashan)- Reviewed, solo

The Hunter (10th Ashan) - Reviewed, solo

Necromancy Notations II: Ravens (30th Ashan) - Reviewed, solo

Bonemaker: Rumor (55th Ashan) - Reviewed, solo

Bonemaker: Monster (56th Ashan) - Reviewed, p. Kovic

Bonemaker: Raid (57th Ashan) - Reviewed, p. Noth

Bonemaker: Flame (58th Ashan) - Reviewed, solo

Bonemaker: Goliath (59th Ashan) - Ongoing, p. Noth
Ymiden, Arc 717 : The Merchant's Mansion (53rd Ymiden) - Reviewed, solo
Saun, Arc 717 : On Dead Wings (1 Saun) - Reviewed, solo

Date at the Museum (2 Saun) - Ongoing, p. Noth, Nightshade

Chemistry Concoctions (3rd Saun) - Reviewed, solo

Come, What's Due (4th Saun) - Ongoing, p. Faith

Making New Friends (5th Saun) - Ongoing, p. Noth

The Shadow Smuggler (12 Saun) - Ongoing, p. Navyri, Noth, Squirrel

Pestilential Waters (17 Saun) - Reviewed, solo

Mercenary Misadventures (18 Saun) - Ongoing, p. Noth, Rocan

Statement (19th Saun) - Reviewed, solo

The Unveiled Exhibit (24 Saun) - Ongoing, p. Maltruism

Seam and Sinew (32 Saun) - Reviewed, solo

Arc 718

Zi’da, Arc 718 : The Binding of the Necromancer (80th) Progress, p. Maltruism

A Fiend in Need - (92nd) Reviewed, p. Zipper

Dead Bait - (93rd) Reviewed, p. Zipper
Cylus, Arc 818 : The Bickering of the Necromancer - (1st) Reviewed, p. Zipper

Three Crypts - (9th) Reviewed, solo

Old Friends - (10th) Reviewed, p. Kovic

Tracking Tabard - (11th) Reviewed, solo

Dead & Deader - (13th) Progress, p. Navyri

Through the Crow’s Eyes - (14th) Reviewed, solo

Taxing Journey - (17th) Reviewed, p. Ryder

Alchemy Alterations: Emberpaste Glow - (22nd) Reviewed, solo

Cave Conversations - (27th) Progress, p. Ivanthe

Dangerous Doors - (28th) Reviewed, solo
“That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die.” - Lovecraft
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Allies : 
ImageNameMetRelationship Desc.
#NothCylus 717 Noth is the leader of Al'Angyryl and perhaps Neronin's closest ally.
#TabardZi'da 715 Tabard is Neronin's boss and probably the man he interacts with most.
#KovicZi’da 717 Kovic is another leader of Al’Angyryl and the first member Neronin ever met.
#Navyri Ashan 717 Navyri is a Naer and a promising agent who Neronin helped recruit.
#ZipperChildhoodZipper is a childhood friend and old flame, she is also his closest companion.
Enemies : 
ImageNameMetRelationship Desc.
#VudaCylus 717 Vuda has been in opposition to Al'Angyryl since the incident with the Don.
Neutral : 
ImageNameMetRelationship Desc.
#Nightshade EldSaun 717 Nightshade Eld is the part-avriel Noth introduced to Neronin in the Museum.
NPCs : Name:Roland
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 690 Arc, 4th Zi'da, 28
Skills: Investigation 30, Intelligence 30, Pickpocketing 30, Stealth 10
Appearance: With a long, scarred face, Ronald has a blind eye and unkempt hair. He wears stained leathers and linens and a cowl almost all the time. He smells of onions and seems to be covered in the grime characteristic of an Underground native.
Personality: Roland gravitates towards the dark and powerful. He is nosey by nature and profession and quick with his fingers and his wit. Sometimes this peevish humor rubs people the wrong way, or most of the time really. In fact, most who know him well don't like Roland. Luckily enough for him, most of those individual's reside exclusively in the Underground, leaving him to roam the topside freely.
Relationship to PC: Employee, Spy
Anything: No
“That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die.” - Lovecraft
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Necromancy Spellbook

Thrall Types : 
ImageSwarm2 ThrallsNoviceA hive mind group of undead rodents/insects that can have a mass up to that of a normal human. Neronin mostly uses dead rats because of their convenience.
#Fetch1 thrallCompetent Small, mischievous golems that are simple to create. While limited in their intellectual capacity, they reason with simple instinct and cruel intent.
ImageMarrow2 ThrallsNoviceSkeletal thralls with no flesh. These are some of the easiest to transport and animate and are vulnerable to bludgeon attacks but not piercing.
ImageHusk1 ThrallNoviceHusks are corpses reanimated and are some of the easiest to create. They are untampered with cadavers and move slowly. They are difficult to kill.
ImageHaunt 4 thrallsCompetentHaunt is a translucent specter, often shaped from the shadow of the necromancer. Unlike any other undead type, a Haunt can be shaped to the necromancer's whims while it is in existence, manifesting claws, teeth, or any manner of weapons and additions the necromancer needs. While relatively fragile, it can easily be reformed with a necromancer's will.
ImageGolem1-5 thrallsCompetent Golems are beings created from clay, wood, or stone that are imbued with specific instructions and sometimes wells to keep them active in a necromancer's lair.
#Blights3 thrallsExpertCurrently known. A Blight vomits and bleeds an acrid bile-like substance that burns like acid to the touch. Writhing within them are also flesh-hungry carrion worms, grown to the thickness of pythons that erupt from their skin to clamp grasping maws onto anything with a heartbeat, eager to devour and grow. In addition, a miasma of choking smell surrounds the Blights, making it difficult, if not impossible to breathe while within three feet of them. Those outside that range up to fifteen feet risk vomiting and intense nausea (counteracted by meditation, Resistance, or Discipline) when these creatures approach. Some necromancers cruelly use Blights to poison water supplies, or leave disease in the wake of an attack. While not particularly quick, the Blight has surprisingly resilient skin to piercing.
ImageGaunts4 thrallsExpertCurrently known. Neronin has create a customized form of the gaunt he calls 'Maimers', these are tall distorted beings with claws and vicious teeth. They have broad muscled backs and elongated arms. Their feet have been alongated to resemble those of canines and they run with a wild loping stride. Neronin prefers to keep them animates with wells such as Ezymite.
ImageMetalbornX3 thrallsMasteryAt Mastery a Golem can be crafted or animated from metal (although the body must be prepared ahead of time). Weaker metals retain a based cost but metals beyond accrue additional penalties depending on their construction. Steel adds an additional 10% (rounded up) in point cost and various metals have a different cost depending on the metal used.
ImageRevenant3-12 thrallsMasteryA Revenants is the soul of the body, trapped in a well, and placed within the body the soul belongs to. The necromancer usually painstakingly restores the body as best they can before placing the soulstone within. While the soul is actually trapped with no will of its own to enact, the body remembers the skills it had in life.
#Stitchborn2-5MasteryA grotesque example of Necromantic mastery, a Stichborn is a thrall created of two or more corpses fused or shaped together. Stitchborn types and appearances vary wildly. A necromancer no longer needs the entire body to animate. Utilizing a well, they can truly let their creativity bleed through their craft.
ImageRotknight10 thrallsRevealCurrently unknown. A Rotknight is best described as a kind of general to a Necromancer. Not only are they quite physically sound, fast, and likely well shaped against damage...but a RotKnight can do what no other construct type its own necromantic spells. A RotKnight is capable of almost any ability the necromancer is at their own level, save raising thralls with wells. Sap, Wither, Preserve, Restore are all powers the RotKnight possesses. Additionally the RotKnight can raise Husks and other terrible things of its own accord.
#Plaguemen7 thrallsReveal Currently unknown. Those a Plagueman wounds will quickly contract a virulent and devastating sickness. High fever, convulsions, and hallucinations are the hallmark of the illness, Grave Touch, with a tell-tale purple-black bruising under the eyes. Most cannot last more than a few days in the throes of the sickness and the weak can barely last one. Those killed by the Plagueman or by the diseases it carries, Grave Touch, will rise from death as Husks, bent only on devouring the living and bringing the bodies to the Plagueman for infection.
#StoneheartN/ARevealStonehearts, among Necromancers, are the only undead who retain their intellect. Sacrificing a necromancer's ability to control them, a Stoneheart is a mortal being with a soulstone in place of their own heart. Some consider the Stoneheart to be a sort of protolich.
Modifers : 
ImagePestilentX2 thrallsExpertThe Pestilent undead carries a necrotizing disease and hundreds of small, carnivorous carrion worms within their bodies. When destroyed they release their toxins into the air around them and the small carrion worms spread from the body looking for fresh flesh for up to a break before expiring. These carrion warms can break through the thrall's flesh if they sense life around them. Pestilent undead also have the remarkable ability to sense life.
ImageGiantX2 thrallsCompetent A Giant is a thrall type of any creature or person exceeding 6’5 or weighing twice that of an ordinary human (Roughly above 300 lbs).
ImageHulkX3 thrallsExpertCurrently unknown, Not so much a Thrall type as it is a thrall size. Hulk can be applied to any undead thrall template in order to denote the size. A Hulk is an undead up to the size of an elephant. In terms of control, a Hulk counts as triple the base value of the thrall type controlled.
ImageBehemoth5X thrallRevealBehemoth is anything larger than a Hulk up to the size of a whale in terms of size.
Abilities : 
#SapNoviceA necromancer releases a miasma of black-tinged ether. The ether clings to whatever living thing it can find, stealing their strength, heat, and energy.
#PreserveNovicePreserve is the simple cessation of decay in living matter. Necessary for the longevity of thralls, Necromancers can sometimes overlook the importance of this ability.
#LinkCompetentLink extends that radius for a single thrall and opens a Necromancer's power to a ranged component. Many necromancers are all too aware of their magic's limitations.
#RestoreCompetentRestore is a regenerative technique that undoes the damage of rot and damage to a corpse. Usually a fairly slow process at competence, this ability can be made much quicker at mastery and near instantaneous for a legendary necromancer.
#ProtocolExpert Protocol is the process of encoding commands into the undead. As a necromancer grows in power they may not always be directly controlling their thralls. Some must be trusted to operate or defend on their own without the necromancer's intervention.
#WitherExpertThe necromancer can focus entropic energy around their hands which swiftly rots away any living matter that comes in contact with it. While primarily an expedited tool from Sap, Wither has become an essential part of a necromancer's arsenal in combat.
#Corpse MoldingExpertAt this stage the necromancer can warp a dead body like clay, similar to what a Grafter can do, truly coming into their own as a creative power. Corpse Molding allows a Necromancer to easily manipulate all dead flesh and bone into the shapes and directions he or she desires. Stitchborn and Marrows are the result of Corpse Molding.
#SiphonMasterA master necromancer can choose to impart an extra effect to both Wither and Sap once they ascend to mastery and learn the technique. As an opponent becomes exhausted or injured, a necromancer will heal with their vital energy.
Known Wells : Ezymite: Weakest well, good for beginning level thralls.
Imedyte: Second weakest, good for beginning to intermediate thralls.
Current Forces : 
#Gaunt (Maimer)ExpertCurrently x3 (ezymite wells). Strong and fast, these horrific undead are not very smart and do not Belen in well. These are Neronin's general fighters.
#Raven/RatNoviceNeronin sometimes uses an undead raven to Link and observe his surroundings for intelligence gathering purposes. While he hasn't made a permanent thrall of this type with a well, he can easily acquire and animate one for the cost of 1 thrall.
#Yoriq JavarMasterExpert Revenant, Imedyte Well, Expert Blades (Longsword), Competent Strength, Acrobatics, And Endurance.
“That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die.” - Lovecraft
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