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Postby Fridgar » Mon Jan 02, 2017 6:58 pm

Fridgar Calder

Name: Fridgar Calder

Age: 23

Race: Lotharro

Date of Birth: 05th Saun 693

Marks: Palenon

Factions Joined: Path of the Jeger

Languages Spoken: Fluent Common - Fluent Haltunga

Partner: Alistair Calder, Kindal (Husband)
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Postby Fridgar » Mon Jan 02, 2017 7:05 pm

Fridgar stands no shorter than seven feet tall when he has his back straight, his frame is broad and thick, adorned with rippling muscle. Fridgar's strength has been spoken of in legends, put on display for all to see, all he wears is a leather loincloth. His hair is thick and brown, shaggy like the coat of a bear, he has made an effort to tie it back and has done the same with his beard, only it fashions two ropes of brown. His left eye is a completely black canvas with small white dots all over it's surface. No pupil is visible, nor iris. His right eye is all brown, save for the black pupil, when he looks to the left or right, the white of his eye appears black or dark brown. Various small scars from tears in his skin, likely inflicted by blunt force trauma line the skin of his face.

His arms are lined with various scars inflicted by tusk, fang, talon, acid, blade and poor stitching skills. His torso is no better, but sports various puncture wounds, inflicted by arrows, spears, swords, knives, talons. Fridgar's legs appear similar to his arms, save for the acid burns - decorated with various animal marks. He bares claws and fangs as his Lotharen animalistic traits. Fridgar also smells of raw meat.

Fridgar might strike most as aggressive, vile, wrathful and often times; evil. While this is often the case to those that anger him, it is rare that he shows malice or aggression to anyone that shows him kindness. He operates primitive and often ferally. Growls and snarls serve as warnings of inbound rampages and assaults, though this rule doesn't necessarily apply at the tavern. Fridgar has been known to attack people who maintain eye contact for too long, often resorting to his claws and fangs to put them in their place. He's also known to show little regard for the general public, property of others and the law.

Despite his somewhat scary attitude, he does have a kindness within him. While not known to many others, Fridgar is fiercely protective of those who holds close. He also has a habit of cuddling frequently, hugging plentifully and sharing his warmth with everyone he appreciates. Just as he appears ursine-like, he behaves ursine-like. Giant, huggable and loving on one hand, but vicious, brutal and dangerous on the other. In recent trials, he's tried very hard to not attack random members of the public, but his mutated mind makes it beyond difficult for him.
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Postby Fridgar » Mon Jan 02, 2017 7:07 pm

Pre Initiation : Born into a world of pain, Fridgar was the oldest of his younger brothers and sisters. His mother had been slain by his abusive father before his youngest brother could even talk. It was to happen sooner or later, a human female could hardly stand up to the beatings of a Lotharro - he'd just been a little too rough one day. His father, Robek, was a giant of a Lotharro, as Fridgar would grow up to be. He was nine arcs of age when his mother died, she left him behind with his three brothers and two sisters.

He knew not why Robek had so mercilessly beat his mother, but knew that she'd been the only one standing between Robek, him and his siblings. He'd heard time and time again his parents arguments, while his mother screamed and cried with every blow of Robek's fist, he'd roar about weakness and disloyalty. He sometimes heard her screams when the house was quiet and his father had gone out hunting.

Two arcs passed after the death of his mother, fridgar had been training himself - going for long runs, lifting large rocks and carrying logs, he wanted to be stronger. The trial came where his youngest sister, Lilly, had done something to summon his fathers fury at 5 arcs old, she'd left her favourite toy in his seat by mistake. He took hold of her by the wrist, seethign with rage and raised his hand with an open palm before hesitating. It gave Fridgar the chance to take hold of a wooden chair and strike his father with it with an overhead swing from behind. The impact made Robek stumble, letting go of Lily and sending her scampering away, crying helplessly. Fridgar dropped the chair and took a step back from his father, realising what he'd done.

Robek practically punched him to the wall with a choking hand, he lifted the eleven arc old boy from the floor and strangled him, raising his fist with the other hand readying to punch him. While thrashing wildly under his fathers iron grip, he took hold of Robek's fore-arm, grasping a moment of clarity he sank his claws into his fathers flesh. Reflexively, Robek released the boy and he fell to the floor, gasping for breath. Robek then obviously kicked and battered the child senseless - a reward for his bravery. By the end of the whole ordeal, his father was out of breath and left to take a rest on his chair. With Fridgar's small, broken and bruised body, he pushed himself weakly from the floor, managing to stand shakily on all fours before sitting up into a kneel. Lilly and his other siblings emerged from their hiding places and helped him to his feet, supporting him as they helped treat to his wounds as the lot of them had to with their mother.

From that trial forward, he'd always rise to his Father's challenge and always get beat down. Time and time again, no matter the blood he'd shed or the bruises he'd bare, he would defend his younger siblings. Six arcs onward, a human knocked on the door while his father was out hunting. The human introduced himself as his mother's brother, using her name and all. Fridgar informed the man of what had happened - he sobbed. Why were humans so weak? The man then offered to take him and his younger siblings away from their father, letting them live with his family. He was at first sceptical, but didn't have much of a choice than to trust the man, his brothers and sisters couldn't go on living like this. So together, they devised a plan and made arrangements.

A few trials later with everything in place, Fridgar had found a nice-sized rock that fitted into his hand quite well. He carried it to his home and sure enough found his father on his ass in his favourite chair. Without relent, Fridgar threw the rock at his father, hitting him in the head and dazing him. Robek held his head for a moment, confused, before getting up and storming to Fridgar, but he'd anticipated that, dodged his father's right cross and hit the bastard with a right hook to the already-damaged temple, knocking him to the floor unconscious. Whether it was cheating to have hit first or used the rock, he didn't care. He needed his father out of the way to get his brothers and sisters out of the house. Once they'd gathered outside, the man from a few trials ago approached on a horse and cart. He helped his siblings on board before running into the house, stepping over his sleeping father, picking up the rock he'd hit him with, spitting on him and getting into the cart. He wasn't particularly sentimental, but would keep the rock for the memory of this day.

Without looking back to the house, Fridgar, at 17 arcs of age, had saved his family (or what was left of it) - with a little help of course. They rode off for their uncle's home in Warrick.

Initiation : It had been a dozen trials or so since arriving at his Uncle's home in Warrick, a dozen trials of seemingly endless accidents. From breaking faulty furniture and landing on his arse to falling down the stairs because someone had left a puddle for anyone to slip on. Whatever was thrown at him he didn't seem to care, shrugging off the pain, sometimes limping it off. His uncle had always been there to offer support, but never had he taken it. On the thirteenth Trial however, however, while looking about the house for his uncle - he discovered him using Becoming. He ran at first, horrified by the sight of his uncle transforming so rapidly into a tiger. He was quickly apprehended however, pinned to the floor by a large paw. He didn't scream, but instead pushed himself from the floor - to the lions own surprise. Channeling his adrenaline, he shifted his body weight and struck the lion in the face with the back of his heel, sending it stumbling. He scrambled to his feet once released, bearing his claws and readying a fighting stance - now confident he could take on the beast.

The lion shifted back into his uncle, who now looked dizzy with some swelling forming at the cheek and jaw. He took a seat, seemingly un-interested in fighting. He kept his stance at the ready, turning appropriately to face his uncle. His uncle then told him that he'd been evaluating Fridgar and gave his name for the first time - 'Eric' he confessed to sawing through pieces of furniture and leaving puddles in inconvenient places as to test his pain threshold. When Fridgar asked why he dropped his stance, looking more annnoyed than aggressive. Eric explained that he saw the makings of a great becomer in him and wanted to take him, quite literally, under his wing. He transformed into a hawk for emphasis. Amazed, Fridgar accepted his uncles offer.

On the first day, his uncle showed him how to make a totem then explained that he had to make a totem of himself in order to return to his original form. He had to make it himself however, including the removal of the appendage. It was a struggle to break that mental barrier, but he managed to cut off the little toe of his left foot, the blood came a lot easier as did the hair. He crafted it under Eric's instructions. What is more, he was able to walk as he had before without his little toe, if not for sorely with the fresh wound. And then came the spark, as he felt his body and soul shifting to accommodate the spark he focused on his totem as Eric had instructed, holding on to his identity firmly as the fibre of his being changed. He felt most stable when thinking of his fights with Robek and so clung to the violence. That's who he was, a fighter, a victim, a saviour.

Once the adjustment was complete, Eric congratulated him and embraced him. Later that evening, he was given his tattoos.

Post Initiation : He'd been learning under Eric for two arcs, the uncle that had taken him and his siblings in. Since then, he'd acquired two more totems: a bear and a horse. The horse was simple enough to get a hold of, plenty of horses were bred and trained in Warrick, the bear was a little more difficult. It had nearly taken him a whole season to recover from the fight with the bear, but it had been worth it. His uncle thought him foolish, but he saw himself as awesome.

Another Arc passed and he'd acquired another totem - A hare, he'd grown tired of not being able to fit into small holes with any of his forms and a rabbit was easy enough to catch. This arc had been different though, Eric had confessed to not being his uncle. He was in truth, not the brother of his mother and had no blood relation to Fridgar or any of his siblings. He was a becomer, who'd seen the abuse him and his mother had undergone and had wanted to do something about it. He'd even watched as Fridgar attacked his Robek. Once Fridgar had pressed the man for more details, it was revealed that he'd only taken them in so that he could teach Fridgar Becoming. While it was a truth that was somewhat difficult to absorb, he sort of understood. Eric had been good to his brothers and sisters as well as taking him under his wing. He made him promise to take good care of them, not that he ahd much say in the matter. Regardless, Eric promised.

Two arcs later, at the age of 23 - He'd collected another two totems, one of a wolf and one of a cat. Again the wolf had been difficult to collect because it brought its friends, but he'd been a bear at the time, he was certainly good at collecting scars if nothing else. As for the cat, he held a grudge against his neighbour for keeping him up two nights in a row, mittens seemed like a decent method of pay-back. Eric thought his sense of justice was amusing, which Fridgar appreciated.

He fashioned a necklace from some string, as Eric had suggested and tied it so that the knot would slip and adjust the size of the necklace with ease. Along the string, he fitted his totems and seperated them with beads. All six had been sanded down into pebbles but had been fitted to hold all three sovereign substances. They were bored through to have thestring of the necklace hold them securely. With their efforts combined, they'd created a totem necklace - a rather fashionable looking one that he could wear in all forms with a little help. He tested the necklace with all of his forms, it was tight in his bear form and very loose in the hare form, but it worked.

By Zi'da 716, he was prepared to leave his home and continue his training on his own. Around his neck he carried a bag full of his clothing and some nel that Eric had given him. Confident that Eric would keep to his word and look after his siblings, he galloped for Andaris as a horse.

Fridgar stays in the house of buggery with Alistair, a medium sized house in Uthaldria that the two have settled in.
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Postby Fridgar » Mon Jan 02, 2017 7:10 pm


Combat : 
SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Axes & Bludgeons (17)100/100 (250/250)Master
Shielded Combat25/100 (25/250)Novice
Unarmed Combat (50)(100+3) 103/100 (250/250)Grandmaster+

Fortitude : 
SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Acrobatics (11)26/100 (27/250)Competent
Detection (15)0/100 (0/250)Novice
Discipline (19)10/100 (10/250)Novice
Endurance (45)100/100 (250/250)Grandmaster
Field Craft (13)45/100 (65/250)Competent
Running (8)4/100 (4/250)Novice
Strength (28) [FT]100/100 NA:FTGrandmaster

Craft : 
SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Medicine (18)26/100 (27/251)Competent

Food : 
SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Hunting (24)65/100 (120/251)Expert

Mental : 
SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Leadership (7)40/100 (55/251)Competent
Tactics (12)50/100 (75/251)Novice

Magic : 
SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Becoming (50)76/100 (154/250)Master
Rupturing (30)26/100 (27/250)Competent

Languages : 
SkillPoints AcquiredDifficultyProficiency
Linguistic (7)26/100 (27/251)Competent
[SP]Common 90/90 Easy Fluent
[SP]Haltunga (10) 120/120 Medium Fluent

Other : 
SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Mount0/100 (0/251)Novice
Seafaring0/100 (0/251)Novice
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Postby Fridgar » Mon Jan 02, 2017 7:12 pm


Skills A - M : 
A - D
Acrobatics: (15)
Acrobatics: Blindly Diving
Acrobatics: Balancing the Weight of a Huge Snake
Acrobatics: Minimizing injuries by grasping for any available surface while falling
Acrobatics: Hand stands are hard
Acrobatics: Timing Between the Whip Strikes Just Right.

Acrobatics: Dodging a Vicious Goose Attack
Acrobatics: Strafing and ducking
Acrobatics: Dance around your opponent
Acrobatics: Do not pre-emptively make a move
Acrobatics: Dangling at full arm length before dropping to reduced the impact of the fall

Acrobatics: Easier with rupturing
Acrobatics: Rolling dodge
Acrobatics: Rolling to reduce fall damage
Acrobatics: Navigating while soaring in a massive body
Acrobatics: A strong core helps with rolls

Acting: (5)
Acting: Using different words than you would normally
Acting: More convincing while disguised
Acting: Useful for throwing people off your scent
Acting: Feigning innocence
Acting: Feigning stability

Animal Husbandry: (7)
Animal Husbandry: Snakes are Surprisingly Heavy
Animal Husbandry: The Way That Constrictors Attack
Animal Husbandry: Positive Reinforcement
Animal Husbandry: Birds Have Hollow Bones
Animal Husbandry: Redbears are cuddly

Animal Husbandry: Aiding a wounded ursine
Animal Husbandry: Imitating intelligent animals earns their trust easier

Appraisal; (1)
Appraisal: One-Winged "Noth" Totem Not Much use

Animal Training: (1)
Animal Training: Suffering the Consequences of a Pissed Pig

Axes & Bludgeons: (17)
Axes & Bludgeons: Holstering your axe in a tree
Axes & Bludgeons: Performing an overhead block
Axes & Bludgeons: Strangling an opponent with the pole
Axes & Bludgeons: Throwing your weight into the strike to remove the axe
Axes & Bludgeons: Waist shot

Axes & Bludgeons: Decapitation
Axes & Bludgeons: Striking an enemy out of the air

Axes & Bludgeons (Broad Axe): Basic swing
Axes & Bludgeons (Broad Axe): Basic hold
Axes & Bludgeons (Broad Axe): Basic stance
Axes & Bludgeons (Broad Axe): Timing your swing
Axes & Bludgeons (Broad Axe): Superior reach allows for striking without getting too close

Axes & Bludgeons (Broad Axe): Pinning an enemy with the weight of the bar
Axes & Bludgeons (Broad Axe): Vertical slashes for power
Axes & Bludgeons (Broad Axe): Momentum is key, don't stop moving
Axes & Bludgeons (Broad Axe): If you miss, swing again
Axes & Bludgeons (Broad Axe): Horizontal slashes for accuracy

Becoming: (50)
Becoming: Initiation (SP)
Becoming: Three sovereign substances (SP)
Becoming: Totem building (SP)
Becoming: Animal forms can't wear clothes (SP)
Becoming: Different physical abilities with each animal (SP)

Becoming: Withstanding the Pain
Becoming: The Stress on the Body
Becoming: The Speed of Using Unleash
Becoming: Clothes and Confines Are Affected By a New Form
Becoming: Smoother With Practice

Becoming: Shifting back becomes easier with practice
Becoming: Intent is a powerful thing.
Becoming: Your first unleash was an intense experience
Becoming: Re-Aligns Broken Bones
Becoming: Creation of an Eagle totem

Becoming: Blending techniques
Becoming: Transforming whilst in pain is much more difficult.
Becoming: Chrysalis techniques
Becoming: Ryon totem
Becoming: Borrowing to Blend Different Species

Becoming: Clothing Assimilation
Becoming: Totem: Anaconda
Becoming: Useless if You Can't Reach Your Totems
Becoming: Bronze Boar Form
Becoming: Borrowing

Becoming: Assimilation: Silk is Organic in Origin
Becoming: Fighting in bear form.
Becoming: Taking Were-Bear form.
Becoming: Fighting in were-bear form.
Becoming: Utilizing Chrysalis to regrow a lost digit

Becoming: Echo a Bear's Sense of Smell
Becoming: King Crocodile Totem
Becoming: Chrysalis Has to Force out Foreign Matter from a Wound
Becoming: Casing Chrysalis for pain relief
Becoming: Feral Spark Rejects Prey's Totem

Becoming: Totem: Goose of Eternal Peril
Becoming: Mutations Don't Seem to Trigger Around Alistair
Becoming: Adapt: Failed First Time Around
Becoming: Adapt: Follow-up No Better
Becoming: Adapt: Cheaper than borrowing

Becoming: Adapt: As fast as unleashing
Becoming: Adapt: 'Humanoid' is not a trait that can be adapted
Becoming: Adapting legendary strength is a brilliant idea
Becoming: Echo: Can be used to 'speak' in animal forms
Becoming: Totem Guardian

Becoming: Totem Guardian: Summons a totem of your choosing to fiercely protect you
Becoming: Totem Guardian: Might make a good pet if it wasn't so damn costly
Becoming: Conserving ether
Becoming: Cannot be used if partially petrified
Becoming: Trachadon gestalt

Blades: (1)
Blades (Daggers): Stab it 'til it stops moving

Blunt: (1)
Blunt Weapons: Doors do not make good weapons

Caregiving: (3)
Caregiving: Comforting someone who's upset
Caregiving: Letting loved ones know you're alright
Caregiving: Becoming Should not be Imposed on Children

Climbing: (1)
Climbing: Difficult for wood to support your weight when climbing a tree.

Cosmetology: (1)
Cosmetology: Dressing to Impress!

Dancing: (2)
Dancing: Similar to Fighting
Dancing: How to Lift Your Partner

Deception: (6)
Deception: Trying to Find a Believable Lie
Deception: Withholding Extra Information When Not Asked
Deception: Half-Truths Work Better Than Lies
Deception: Leaving out the Tricky Details of why the Fight Started.
Deception: Promising one thing and delivering another

Deception: Fooling the weak of mind or mentally unwell

Detection: (18)
Detection: Keeping an eye out, even what talking
Detection: Noticing Small Changes in Facial Expression
Detection: Scan the streets
Detection: Be aware of the movement around you
Detection: The smell of fire in a forest

Detection: The scent of the host
Detection: The sounds of approaching
Detection: The Look of Pain In Someone's Eyes
Detection: The Sound of Heartbreak in Someone's Voice
Detection: Identifying someone by their smell

Detection: Listening to the crowd
Detection: Sounds and smells in a forest
Detection: The Eyes Always Tell.
Detection: The smell of fear
Detection: Alistair in danger

Detection: The sound of growling in the dark
Detection: Spotting clues in your environment
Detection: Determining when you're being hunted
Detection: The Reduction of 'Sovereign Ward's Affects

Discipline: (22)
Discipline: Standing in front of those weaker than yourself [PG]
Discipline: Ignoring the Pull of Conscience
Discipline: Completing Orders Without Question
Discipline: Don't Snap The Pervert's Neck Until The Lesson Is Over
Discipline: Don’t squander another kindness

Discipline: Resisting temptation
Discipline: Stick With the Task at Hand
Discipline: Staying still for extended periods of time
Discipline: showing restrain in consideration of your lover
Discipline: If first you don’t succeed, try again

Discipline: Ignoring the voice in your head
Discipline: Working though physical pain
Discipline: Staying the course through intense pain
Discipline: Deep breaths, dude. (Calming technique)
Discipline: Resisting the urge to Roar

Discipline: Stick to your guns
Discipline: Pretend everything is okay when it really isn't
Discipline: Putting your love above your comfort
Discipline: Sometimes its better to take shit
Discipline: Be strong emotionally as you are physically

Discipline: Don't give up when times are tough
Discipline: Using your anger to resist other urges
Discipline: Pay attention and save yourself a bite to the shoulder?

Disguise: (3)
Disguise: Using magic to mask telltale injuries
Disguise: Becoming is useful
Disguise: Clothing must match the persona
E - G
Endurance: (48)
Endurance: Concerted efforts for lifting.
Endurance: Dealing with constant physical pain [PG]
Endurance: Remaining standing as long as possible [PG]
Endurance: Carrying a weight for a long time
Endurance: Body-mind link is a strong one

Endurance: Trudging through the snow
Endurance: Regulating your breathing
Endurance: Forcing your body to go beyond its limit.
Endurance: Maintaining Repetition In A Workout
Endurance: Absorbing a Sucker Punch

Endurance: Learn from Horses
Endurance: Against the Heat and the Cold
Endurance: Just Keep Pushing Through the Pain
Endurance: A vital skill for a Becomer, shifting hurts!
Endurance: Recover slowly

Endurance: Crawling when unable to stand.
Endurance: Withstanding Punches
Endurance: Running whilst ill
Endurance: Punching leather hurts
Endurance: Touching hot leather hurts

Endurance: The Strain of Your Body and the Will to Work Through It
Endurance: Preparing for the pain of a medical procedure.
Endurance: That's a big headache
Endurance: Cold and in a loincloth
Endurance: Sexual Stamina

Endurance: Alistair inspires you to keep going
Endurance: ready for round two?
Endurance: Being denied release
Endurance: Withstanding shockwaves
Endurance: Inflicting an injury on oneself without succumbing to the pain

Endurance: The pain of being punched by an Immortal
Endurance: Fighting an Immortal is exhausting
Endurance: Sometimes, you have to go beyond the physical
Endurance: Nearly Dead
Endurance: just one of those days

Endurance: Getting kicked in the junk by a little punk
Endurance: the ultimate blow to your pride
Endurance: Long Dedications are Exhausting
Endurance: Fighting through the pain of two broken legs
Endurance: Working through dehydration

Endurance: Crying until it hurts, and then continuing on
Endurance: Past the Point of No Return
Endurance: Coping with the pain of petrification
Endurance: Breaking two of your four legs and continuing to fight
Endurance: Traumatic wounds

Endurance: Fighting through partial petrification
Endurance: Staying up late for watch
Endurance: Working through the pain of rendered flesh

Ensorcelling: (1)
Ensorcelling: Lesser Harthyte

Etiquette: (9)
Etiquette: Some games don't even have teams!
Etiquette: The fine and noble art of looking utterly
Etiquette: Being considerate about Alistair’s clothing
Etiquette: Polite, formal greetings
Etiquette: Its polite to Warn them before a Tavern Brawl.

Etiquette: Taking your Lashings is sometimes the Best thing to Do.
Etiquette: Loser buys the drinks
Etiquette: Keep clothing in mind
Etiquette: Greeting a noble

Fieldcraft: (23)
Fieldcraft: Recovering a honeycomb from a beehive.
Field Craft: A Kick in the Snout May Delay an Animal's Attack
Field Craft: A King Croc's Maw Seems to be Everywhere
Field Craft: Don't Punch a King Croc's Swinging Tail
Field Craft: Setting the Wood in a Proper Stack to Burn Better

Field Craft: Make the most of resources provided
Field Craft: Locating water sources down hill
Field Craft: Filtering scummy water for drinking
Field Craft: A lot easier with becoming
Field Craft: Tying knots

Field Craft: The importance of keeping hydrated
Field Craft: Conserve energy for the best results in the long run
Field Craft: Stay topped up on water
Fieldcraft: Fashioning crude weapons from bones
Fieldcraft: Caves make for easy shelter

Fieldcraft: Setting up camp close to fresh water is often a good idea
Field Craft: Gathering sticks for fire ahead of time
Field Craft: Crafting branches into make shift clubs
Field Craft: Easier to survive in the woods than the plains
Field Craft: Weaving long grass into rope

Field Craft: Starting a fire with friction
Field Craft: Do not put the fire too close to the tent
Field Craft: Shave the stick before rubbing to avoid injury

Flying: (7)
Flying: Adjusting to a Hawk's Wingspan
Flying: Swoops
Flying: Landings
Flying: Gliding
Flying: Raising altitude by flapping your wings
Flying: Adjusting to the Sohr Khal's wing span
Flying: Shifting your weight to turn mid-flight

Gambling: (8)
Gambling: Setting the winning terms of a duel
Hunting: (28)
Hunting: Luring out poor, innocent little rabbits
Hunting: Bloodletting the Kill Post-Mortem
Hunting: The anatomy and edible parts of a Bronze Boar
Hunting: Xander's smell
Hunting: Higher chance to find animals around a watering hole

Hunting: Distract smarter prey from the front and ambush from the flank
Hunting: The edible parts of a Scython-Ur
Hunting: The Exhilaration of landing a kill and then eating it
Hunting: Relying on another animal's sense of smell
Hunting: Going by scent

Hunting: Nocturnal predators often have night vision
Hunting: Night vision is a double edged sword
Hunting: Recognising when you're being stalked by a lesser predator
Hunting: Keep the kill off the ground to keep it fresh for longer
Hunting: Utilising the bones and teeth of the kill for weapons

Hunting: The anatomy and edible parts of a Drexion
Hunting: remaining quiet in the face of blind prey
Hunting: Tracks: Lurker of the Plains
Hunting: Acquiring the scent from flesh
Hunting: Just as useful for finding people

Hunting: Be wary of the Flora as well as the Fauna
Hunting: Cutting off the head of an animal is a universally good way to kill it
Hunting: Tracking crocodiles
Hunting: Using your environment
Hunting: Using blood to track

Hunting: Using scent to track
Hunting: Skinning a cat-fish-monster-thing
Hunting: Imitating the call of a low danger monster to draw it's attention

Interrogation: (4)
Interrogation: Use a loud voice to scare the answer out of your target
Interrogation: Who started this fight?
Interrogation: Guilting children into telling what they know
Interrogation: Physical threats can help get a point across

Intimidation: (20)
Intimidation: Threatening Captives
Intimidation: Using Force to Scare Women
Intimidation: Being Bigger Helps
Intimidation: Mentioning a Person's Enemy
Intimidation: Use your height to intimidate others

Intimidation: Use a loud voice to intimidate others
Intimidation: Calm delivery can be most effective
Intimidation: Looking Into Eyes Emphasizes Aggression
Intimidation: Size helps
Intimidation: Shouting helps

Intimidation: Physical violence can be intimidating
Intimidation: Snarl and glare, Fridzy
Intimidation: Threats of Flying aren’t just Threats.
Intimidation: I’m Mostly Kidding.
Intimidation: Knowing that you're going to win can intimidate your opponent

Intimidation: Threating to tell a child’s caretaker
Intimidation: a 5,000gn Royal Bounty on Your Head
Intimidation: Ready to Give an Unnecessary Totem as a Challenge
Intimidation: Remain cold, show no empathy
Intimidation: Backing up orders with verbal abuse

Investigation: (6)
Investigation: getting a feel for surroundings after teleporting.
Investigation: The smell of Alistair’s medical office.
Investigation: Feeling every contour of Alistair
Investigation: may have taken things to far with the biting
Investigation: The younger boy is losing this fight

Investigation: I remember this kid from somewhere
Investigation: Determining the attacker is difficult under stress

Jewellery Crafting: (4)
Jewelry Crafting: Final Trimming of a Decorative Totem
Jewellery Crafting: Forming Totems into a Charm Necklace
Jewellery Crafting: Mixing Blood With Glue
Jewellery Crafting: Shaping and Drilling Bone

Leadership: (7)
Leadership: Pep talk to help a lost soul back on his path
Leadership: Wenches know their place
Leadership: Delegating tasks
Leadership: Accepting that others might have good ideas
Leadership: Comforting followers after they messed up keeps morale high

Leadership: Passion makes orders clearer
Leadership: Relaying your plans clearly

Linguistics: (11)
Linguistics: Speaking With a Mer
Linguistics: Language Barrier
Linguistics: Native Language is Crucial to Assimilate
Linguistics: Octaves and accents
Linguistics: Haltunga is steeped in passion

Linguistics: Learning by means of conversation
Linguistics: Learning from a native speaker
Linguistics: When translating, consider the small words first
Linguistics: Translation can be broken into stages
Linguistics: Placement of words is different cross-culturally

Linguistics: You can guess words by the context they are in

Logistics: (5)
Logistics: Covering your tracks
Logistics: Sometimes simple plans are best
Logistics: Planning your outfit. All of it.
Logistics: A Magic Charge Can be Spent by Brute Force
Logistics: Takes Too Long to Let Other Prisoners Out

Medicine: (18)
Medicine: Moseke Mist Used to Prevent Pregnancies
Medicine: Taking a Pulse to Measure Life
Medicine: Stopping a Nose Bleed
Medicine: Bandaging a Wound
Medicine: How to Care For Your Own Injuries

Medicine: Sterilising wounds with alcohol
Medicine: Whitemoss a cure for poison
Medicine: Cleansing wounds
Medicine: For best results, treat a wound as soon after an injury as possible
Medicine: Keeping the proper tools and materials for treatment

Medicine: Disinfecting and cleaning a wound before closing
Medicine: Stitches
Medicine: Treating multiple wounds
Medicine: Securing stitches
Medicine: Avoiding stress on freshly closed wounds

Medicine: Alcohol and Stitches to Treat your Wounds.
Medicine: How many fingers am I holding up
Medicine: Treating an Arrow Wound

Meditation: (4)
Meditation: finding comfort in cuddles
Meditation: finding calmness in pleasure given by another
Meditation: feeling the rhythm of another’s heart beat
Meditation: Utilizing pain and need as focal points
Meditation: Pushing Through the Spark's Resistance

N - Z : 
Navigation: (3)
Navigation: Wandering about until your run into something
Navigation: Its hard with out Alistair
Navigation: Two boys fighting, a sign of civilization

Negotiation: (7)
Negotiation: Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Negotiation: "I'll give you anything" as a place to start has nowhere to go
Negotiation: Loincloth (used) makes poor currency
Negotiation: Just say it all, probably best
Negotiation: Angry Insistence on Good Intent is Ineffective

Negotiation: Don't Brandish Weapons at a Peace Offering
Negotiating: Surrendering to the will of kin to appease them

Persuasion: (13)
Persuasion: Using Personal Experience to Defend Your Stance
Persuasion: Insulting someone else can be persuasive... sometimes.
Persuasion: Rampant sexism is often not persuasive.
Persuasion: Shout.
Persuasion: The Rapturous Mid-Point of a Form Shift

Persuasion: The Pain of Becoming Soon Fades
Persuasion: Persuading someone to help you
Persuasion: Saying please
Persuasion: I’m not upset with you will always help
Persuasion: Friendship Should make someone Think Twice.

Persuasion: Saying "I'm not crazy" is not really a good way to persuade someone of that.
Persuasion: Giving the full story so they know you mean it.
Persuasion: How to make something seem less important
Persuasion: Impressing people is easy

Politics: (3)
Politics: Focus on Knighthood is an Unpleasant Reminder
Politics: Bad Marriages are Often Forced to Stay Together
Politics: Vuda's Rank Forces Him to Accept Being Ignored Sometimes

Psychology: (32)
Psychology: Hesitation When Choosing to End a Life
Psychology: Not Much Difference Between Living and Dying
Psychology: Self Encouragement Keeps You Going
Psychology: A loud child’s cry is a request for attention, a silent one is real
Psychology: Everyone has their own demons

Psychology: Even Nobles have it hard
Psychology: Going through portals, a true test of trust
Psychology: The Satisfaction of Improving Lives
Psychology: The pain of a bitter betrayal.
Psychology: The anger is real.

Psychology: The slings and arrows of an imperfect world......
Psychology: Friends Might Say You're Smart Only to Convince Themselves
Psychology: Worrying The You're Betraying Rey'na
Psychology: Having a tantrum can be very fun
Psychology: Voicing understanding, but not truly understanding

Psychology: Reverse psychology works wonders on children
Psychology: Honest Work Will Encourage Personal Change
Psychology: First Time as a Female
Psychology: Everything will be okay
Psychology: Let it all out

Psychology: Anxiety led frustration
Psychology: The people you love can hurt you the most
Psychology: Death over imprisonment
Psychology: Unbridled excitement
Psychology: A Challenge to Fight Free and Not Rupture Out

Psychology: Resist Killing to Impress Alistair
Psychology: Getting the basic information from a subject
Psychology: Gaining favor by making the patient comfortable
Psychology: Finding the Correct Questions
Psychology: Getting the basic information from a subject

Psychology: Gaining favor by making the patient comfortable
Psychology: Finding the Correct Questions

Research: (1)
Research: Library searches

Resistance: (2)
Resistance: Your Abs don’t Feel an Average Gut Punch.
Resistance: Your Backs Been Lashed Before.

Rhetoric: (3)
Rhetoric: Numerous Analogies About The Pain of Becoming
Rhetoric: My Religion has Rights Too!
Rhetoric: Using description to clarify your needs

Running: (9)
Running: Regular training [PG]
Running: Rough terrain [PG]
Running: Building Up with a Jog
Running: Charging Forward
Running: Running in the cold impacts breathing

Running: Through the snow
Running: Running whilst carrying another
Running: Trying to Stay Ahead of Vern
Running: Running through obstacles to reunite with bae

Rupturing: (30)
Rupturing: Melds Your Mind with Initiator
Rupturing: A Projection of Ones Energy To Become Universal
Rupturing: Initiation Ritual
Rupturing: No Separate Forms, But a Vast Reach of "Self"
Rupturing: The Basics

Rupturing: Transcendence Has No Painful Downside
Rupturing: There is a use of sundials
Rupturing: Opening portals
Rupturing: Removal of mass
Rupturing: Sundials for more advanced Rupturers

Rupturing: Users have the ability to manipulate the energy of the world
Rupturing: Visualizing Ether pockets
Rupturing: Connecting Ether pockets
Rupturing: “Eye”
Rupturing: Portals

Rupturing: Blinking via chasing
Rupturing: Useful for escaping cages
Rupturing: Blinking is an effective way to catch your opponent off guard
Rupturing: Usable in all becoming forms
Rupturing: Used with becoming can be devastating to defences

Rupturing: Blinking through obstacles while running at high speeds
Rupturing: Blinking into a tackle-hug because running is too slow
Rupturing: Sky Stepping to hold a jump
Rupturing: Exploiting the initiation bond
Rupturing: Blinking free of the jaws of a predator

Rupturing: Checking that the portal is stable
Rupturing: Compression portals can be used to retrieve belongings
Rupturing: Using chasing portals to catapult yourself
Rupturing: Blinking from a Sky step
Rupturing: Skystepping

Seduction: (16)
Seduction: Maybe she wants the smell of Lothar in her bedding?
Seduction: Fingers Through the Hair
Seduction: Lifting and Carrying While Kissing
Seduction: Skin on Scales is Pleasant
Seduction: Intense open mouth kiss

Seduction: Tearing off clothes
Seduction: pushing a man down in a dominant sexy kind of way
Seduction: Preparing a partner for whats to come
Seduction: Biting for added kinky fun
Seduction: Letting your lover carry out his plan

Seduction: Natural Lubrication
Seduction: Stimulating Orally
Seduction: Stimulating with Hands
Seduction: Submitting to Another
Seduction: Using Humour

Seduction: Leaving Hickeys
Seduction: Letting bae take charge
Seduction: Easier done while naked

Sewing: (3)
Sewing: Useful for wound treatment
Sewing: Knots
Sewing: Threading a needle isn't easy

Sociology: (10)
Sociology: Trying to Obtain Privacy With Clumsy Small-Talk
Sociology: Agreeing to Disagree
Sociology: Tell People Not to Touch You BEFORE They Do
Sociology: Prison Riots have a Life of their Own.
Sociology: Too Much Familiarity Can Be Annoying

Sociology: Open to Hear Alistair's Past Tribulations
Sociology: Privacy in the Wild Can be Inspiring
Sociology: Sharing a Dislike for the Same People
Sociology: Being Nice Actually Pays Off in New Friends
Sociology: Compliments are Surprisingly Effective

Socialization: (5)
Socialization: Breaking Up
Socialization: “Can we talk” Sets the Mood for Bad News
Socialization: Chatting with the servants
Socialization: Bantering with Guards
Socialization: Exchanging Trash Talk with an Opponent

Sovereign: (2)
Sovereign: Armor Ward Negates or Repels Kinetic Energy
Sovereign: Armor Ward Gives Time to Learn an Opponent's Style

Stealth: (10)
Stealth: Keeping low and staying out of sight
Stealth: Keep your breathing quiet
Stealth: A mask makes you more difficult to recognise
Stealth: Dark, alleyways and quiet make a getaway easier
Stealth: Sneaking through the house

Stealth: Using dark and shadow
Stealth: Stillness is your friend
Stealth: Even Simple Clothes are Noticed Trial After Trial
Stealth: Try Not to Crush the Foliage in Your Path
Stealth: Boots in a Tunnel are Not Stealthy

Storytelling: (8)
Storytelling: Whilst drunk, you're excellent at it
Story Telling: telling funny stories can break tension.
Story Telling: having fun with it
Story Telling: The story about THE BEAST
Story Telling: The one about the Giant Anaconda

Story Telling: Accusations Of Attempted Regicide in Rynmere
Story Telling: Events in Rynmere
Story Telling: Meeting Alistair

Strength: (29)
Strength: Fireman's lift
Strength: Carrying something whilst running
Strength: The weight of three people is.. a lot.
Strength: Carrying people long term builds up muscles.
Strength: Breathing helps maintain strength

Strength: Proper Squat Technique (To Dispose of Bodies)
Strength: Bracing Against the Ground
Strength: Forcing yourself to stand when weakened.
Strength: Nutrition is vital
Strength: Protein helps you build strength.

Strength: When you can not walk, you can crawl
Strength: Striking Through Stone is Possible... Someday.
Strength: All About Muscle Mass
Strength: Carbohydrates Like Bread, Gives More Energy, Thus Giving You Strength
Strength: Heavy Objects Require Strength to Hold For Long Periods of Time

Strength: Lean Beef, Skinless Chicken, and Tuna are Really Healthy for you!
Strength: Lifting With Your Legs
Strength: Resistance Towards Heavy Things Forcing You Down
Strength: Using Your Whole Body
Strength: Straight back for pressing

Strength: Building your core helps future endeavours.
Strength: A wide stance helps perform lifts.
Strength: Breathing helps, regulated breathing moreso.
Strength: carrying Alistair’s weight
Strength: Bars meet Fridgar!

Strength: The Throwing Balance of a Human
Strength: Carrying an unconscious ally to safety
Strength: Difficult to maintain a natural posture when lopsided
Strength: Deadlift

Surgery: (4)
Surgery: Basic sutures
Surgery: Comparative Anatomies of Many Different Creatures
Surgery: Delicate Work with Small Bones, Blood and Skin
Surgery: Sawing Bones

Swimming: (5)
Swimming: The Current Beneath
Swimming: Around Waves
Swimming: Anger Paddling Technique
Swimming: Managing Your Breathing
Swimming: Swim, Don't Swallow
Tactics: (18)
Tactics: Prevention is better than cure.
Tactics: Expect the unexpected.
Tactics: The Possible Combat Applications Of Rupturing
Tactics: Using what you have available.
Tactics: Don’t give them your name – you might get into trouble

Tactics: Meet For a Peace Talk When You Have Advantages
Tactics: Coordinating a lethal manoeuvre with bae
Tactics: The usage of unstable portals to shred immortal foes
Tactics: Trachadon Bomb
Tactics: Deciding to come back at full strength

Tactics: Approach the enemy waving the white flag and then strike
Tactics: Resort to asphyxiation if all else fails
Tactics: A Dislodged Helm Can be Both a Help and a Hindrance
Tactics: Learning Tricks While Fighting a Skilled Opponent
Tactics: Using Debris to Entangle an Opponent's Feet

Tactics: Using a faster form as bait to lead dangerous targets away
Tactics: Thinking with portals
Tactics: An arrow to the face is a pretty good diversion when ambushing from the flank

Teaching: (4)
Teaching: Give the Good News Before the Bad
Teaching: Proper ways to drag a corpse
Teaching: Dietary advice
Teaching: Showing a Becomer to Harness Adrenaline

Torture: (1)
Torture: Blood loss and traumatic injuries cause blurred vision and shakiness

Throwing Weapons: (1)
Thrown Weapons: Doors to not make good weapons.
Throwing weapons: Throwing clothes

Unarmed Combat: (53)
Unarmed Combat: Basic punches [PG]
Unarmed Combat: Defensive moves (basic) [PG]
Unarmed Combat: Putting yourself in the way [PG]
Unarmed Combat: Proper Footwork Increases Power
Unarmed Combat: Using Claws

Unarmed Combat: Blocking Blows With Your Arms
Unarmed Combat: Keep Trying Until You Land a Blow
Unarmed Combat: The Gut is a Weak Spot
Unarmed Combat: Rushing someone makes them less likely to react
Unarmed Combat: Standard fighting stance

Unarmed Combat: A good punch to the head can cause serious injury
Unarmed Combat: Stance for defence
Unarmed Combat: Punching to the side
Unarmed Combat: Uppercuts
Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Drunken punching

Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Uppercut
Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Grab and drag
Unarmed Combat: Slashing with your claws
Unarmed Combat: Fighting multiple opponents
Unarmed Combat: Pushing a man down

Unarmed Combat: A love bite
Unarmed Combat: Agressive pelvic tackle
Unarmed Combat: (Brawling): Stomping on heads
Unarmed Combat: Flurries of attacks
Unarmed Combat: Table Edges make for Good Weapons.

Unarmed Combat: Thrown Men also make for Good Weapons.
Unarmed Combat: A Claw Fatality.
Unarmed Combat: Massive Strength at a Disadvantage to Speed
Unarmed Combat: Recognising expertise in an opponent by their stance.
Unarmed Combat: Tactics for fighting an Abrogator

Unarmed Combat: (Brawling): Harnessing Adrenaline
Unarmed Combat: (Brawling): The control of pulling punches
Unarmed Combat: (Brawling): Fighting with the aim of prolonging the fight.
Unarmed Combat: Fighting The Largest Foe In All of Idalos
Unarmed Combat: Punching the Murdersnoot of a Shark

Unarmed Combat: Striking the Gills of a Fish
Unarmed Combat: Fighting when off balance
Unarmed Combat: Blocking a hit to the nads, but not well enough
Unarmed Combat: Headbutting
Unarmed Combat: Aim for the eyes

Unarmed Combat: Use your legs when you can't use your arms
Unarmed: Strategy for Wrestling in Water
Unarmed: Strategy for Wrestling something bigger and stronger than you
Unarmed Combat: Fighting when the ground stops pulling you down
Unarmed Combat: Aiming for the vitals is universal

Unarmed Combat: Body Slams into Floors and Walls
Unarmed Combat: Chest Kick for Damage and Room to Rush
Unarmed Combat: Ripping off heads
Unarmed Combat: Using tusks to gore an opponent
Unarmed Combat: Solghannon jaws render limbs easily

Unarmed Combat: Striking accurately mid-flight at high speeds
Unarmed Combat: Deflecting strikes with strikes
Unarmed Combat: Striking the temples to cause concussion
Places :  Rynmere: Volareon's are Protected Species
Location: Andaris
Location: The Blacksmith Arms
Rufus: Owner of The Blacksmith Arms

Austin & Gwen (NPC)
Austin & Gwen: Their parents were murdered by Gideon Maverick
Austin & Gwen: Homeless aukari siblings in Andaris
Austin & Gwen: Indebted to you
Austin: An Aukari
Gwen: Helping a Friend in Need
Gwen: An Aukari
Gwen: Trusts You
Gwen: Know and Accepts You are a Mage
Gwen: Calls you Kitty
Gwen: Will Keep Your Secret

David: A Little Too Handsy
David: Wanted to Watch You Work It
David: Wants to Eat You?

Filch: Rescued you
Filch: Works for someone in Etzos
Filch: His friends, Nick & Steal, are dead
Filch: A rupturer
Filch: A do-er, not a thinker
Filch: Saw you in your loincloth
Filch: Refused your loincloth
Filch: Called you Alphonse

Gideon Maverick: Murdered the parents of two aukari children in Krome during Vhalar 716

Location: Rynmere Library
Location: Endor
Endor: Wear green cloaks in the Iron Hand

Location: Venora
Location: Sabaissmais Medical Office

The Ocean
The Ocean: Fek You

Etzos: Don’t like it when you talk about immortals

Location: Etzos' Underground Prison Layout

NPC: Etzos' Chief Adviser, Karnos Vuda
Vuda: Considered You To Owe Him a Life Debt
Vuda: Rupturer and More
Vuda: Tried to Control You With Ring of Empathy

Major Fracture: Heart of the Wild
Fractures: Cave-like
Fracture: Don't go into the Foyer
Fracture: Incredibly dangerous
Fracture: Pathway between Emea and Idalos
Fracture: Half real, half dream
Fracture: Dreams are reality, reality is dreaming
Fracture: Nightmares live here
Fracture: Magic is toxic within

Location: Kaer Jeger
Location: Kaer Jaeger: Barracks
Path of the Jeger: Left you and Alistair for dead?
Path of the Jeger: Trials are hardcore
Path of the Jeger: Treated your wounds after attacking you
Path of the Jeger: Were disciplined for their actions
Path of the Jeger: You'd fit right in
Path of the Jeger: Made an exception for you
Path of the Jeger: Don't like to be disrespected
Path of the Jeger: Will trade membership for services
Path of the Jeger: Assholes
Path of the Jeger: Injured Alistair despite saying he would not be harmed
Path of the Jeger: Allowed you to see Alistair
Path of the Jeger: Packs
Path of the Jeger: Fridgar and I are joining
Path of the Jeger: Vindikar Pack
Path of the Jeger: Three Trials to Become a Hound

Path of the Kriger: Badasses

Location: Eastern Gauthrel
Location: Fields of Gauthrel, likely to be attacked at any moment
Eastern Gauthrel: Full of trees

Location: Uthaldria: The house of buggery (your home!)
Uthaldria: Everything is done at a high volume

Location: Shirnrad

Location: Temple of Thetros
Temple of Thetros: Beautiful
Temple of Thetros: Calming
Temple of Thetros: You married here
Races : Aukari
Aukari: Similar to humans
Aukari: Few unique features

Avriel: Can't Always Tell Purebloods From Non
Avriel: Flying Humanoid Race

Lotharro: Marriage tradition
Lotharro: Susceptible to spirits

Loodith: Another name for Ylundih

People : Aeon
Aeon: Good with a bow
Aeon: Some human in Gauthrel
Aeon: Heroic
Aeon: Saved you from a Scython
Aeon: Quiet

Aeon: Perceptive
Aeon: Fucking crazy
Aeon: Might die saving the both of you
Aeon: Fearless
Aeon: Ex-knight

Aeon: Regrets his past
Aeon: Didn't listen to you
Aeon: Served as a Skyrider
Aeon: Plans to return to Rynmere
Aeon: A brother

Aeon: Struggles with guilt
Aeon: Knows your secret
Aeon: Saved your life a third time
Aeon: Accepts you for who you are, not who you were

[NPC] Aedan
Aedan: Alistair's past life

[NPC] Ellasin
Ellasin: Alistair’s Ex-Mentor, and Love
Ellasin: Dead at the first opportunity
Ellasin: Uses the ancient tongue to attempt to call spirits
Ellasin: saved you from complete petrification

[NPC] Willow
Willow: Alistair's Duchess Mother
Willow: Unfaithful and Cruel

Avrae Kyric
Avrae: An Aukari
Avrae: Wants to learn becoming

[NPC] Black Guard Captain Berrit Segrille
Capt. Segrille: Does Not Answer to Vuda
Capt. Segrille: Enjoyed Fighting You
Capt. Segrille: Has 'Sovereign Ward' Armor
Capt. Segrille: A Rare Man of His Word
Capt. Segrille: Very Skilled Even Without his Armor

Danielle: No stomach for gore

Edalene: Helped you in the library
Edalene: Very clever
Edalene: Studies history

Finn: Tenacious little runt

Kiro Mercer
Kiro: Mercenary
Kiro: Loves to talk

Moon: Moon

Gangui: Tried to Help
Gangui: Armored Soldier on Horseback

[NPC] Kaiserion
Kaiserion: Alistair's Personal Servant
Kaiserion: A Becomer and a Lothar
Kaiserion: Not a Terribly Virile Lothar
Kaiserion: Will Give up a Totem of Himself to Help

[NPC] Kaleb
Kaleb: Alistair's Duke Father
Kaleb: Murderous and Cruel
Kaleb: Raped Alistair as a Boy

Kayleigh: A human woman, new to Gauthrel
Kayleigh: Shy
Kayleigh: Quiet
Kayleigh: Agreed to hunt with you
Kayleigh: Wields a sword?

Kayleigh: Afraid of blood
Kayleigh: Surprisingly violent
Kayleigh: Enjoys the thrill of battle
Kayleigh: A gentle soul
Kayleigh: Looking for someone named Higan

Kayleigh: Weak
Kayleigh: You'll train her
Kayleigh: Indecisive about friendship
Kayleigh: Doesn't actually crush on you
Kayleigh: Hugged you

Kayleigh: Broke down to her Phobia of blood
Kayleigh: Does her best, if nothing else

[NPC] Koda
Koda: Lotharen Kriger Krenn Maii practitioner
[NPC] Koda: Cocky and arrogant
[NPC] Koda: Got destroyed
[NPC] Koda: Perverted and pesky

Nauta F'mos Geey
Nauta F'mos Geey: A cheater
Nauta F'mos Geey: An aukari
Nauta F'mos Geey: A prick
Nauta F'mos Geey: A coward
Nauta F'mos Geey: Is looking after a girl

Nightshade Eld: Birdy
Nightshade Eld: Part Avriel?
Nightshade Eld: Evasive, light combatant
Nightshade Eld: Defeated

Noth: The Guy That Shot Danielle
Noth: One-Winged Avriel Friend of Paplo's

Vern: Noth's Demon Goose[/spoil]
[NPC] Ganren
[NPC] Ganren Von Sidhe: Leader of the Jeger
[NPC] Ganren Von Sidhe: Respected you
[NPC] Ganren Von Sidhe: Apologised for the behaviour of his men
[NPC] Ganren Von Sidhe: Said that Alistair wasn't harmed
[NPC] Ganren Von Sidhe: Close to Thetros
[NPC] Ganren Von Sidhe: Offered you healing in return for servitude

[NPC] Halden
[NPC] Halden: The Dire Jeger that has taken you under his wing
[NPC] Halden: Surprisingly sneaky
[NPC] Halden: Your friend
[NPC] Halden: Gave you a Terrendyte Broad Axe
[NPC] Halden

[NPC] Halden: Nice enough guy
[NPC] Halden: Called Alistair a coward
[NPC] Halden: Actually a prick
[NPC] Halden: Weak
[NPC] Halden: Owner of the Vindikar pack

[NPC] Ren
Ren: A liar
Ren: Fucking creepy
Ren: Wants to sleep with you
Ren: Masochistic
Ren: Not sentient

Ren: Sick?
Ren: Escaped
Ren: Uses sovereign
Ren: Surprisingly strong
Ren: Nimble

Ren: Lisirra’s Blessing Story
Ren: Confused about his past
Ren: Slowly coming forward with the truth
Ren: Lisirra’s Blessing Story
Ren: Confused about his past

Ren: Slowly coming forward with the truth

Rey'na: Likes to play catch
Rey'na: Throws funny
Rey'na: Threw you a stick
Rey'na: Wants you to catch and kill a bunny
Rey’na: The Cute Girl In the Woods Outside Andaris

Rey’na: Is Fond of Puppies
Rey'na: You Should Buy Her Flowers
Rey'na: New dress
Rey'na: Drinks vodka
Rey'na: Totes emosh!

Rey’na: Kept You in the Dark

[NPC] Royand
Royand: Threatened Alistair?
Royand: A prick
Royand: Supports enslavement of children
Royand: Impressed with you and Alistair

Sintih: Drinking fruit juice
Sintih: He's blue
Sintih: Strange eyes

Tristan Venora
Tristan: Might be the king
Tristan: Has met Ilaren

Valyeria: Shape Shifter
Valyeria: A Drinking Machine

Warren Crossen: Tried to Kill You
Warren Crossen: Fast Reflexes
Warren Crossen: Shape Shifter

Woe: Andaris Dungeon Worker
Woe: A jailer’s apprentice.
Woe: Met him at the masked ball

Family : 
Alistair Venora
Alistair Venora: A Special Person
Alistair Venora: Keeps his promises.
Alistair Venora: Much better at Rupturing then Sintih
Alistair Venora: putting a face to the scent
Alistair Venora: Struggles with being a mage and a noble

Alistair Venora: A noble for the people
Alistair Venora: Similar dietary mutation
Alistair Venora: Not a Villan, only a victim to Ellasin
Alistair Venora: Sets lofty goals for himself
Alistair Venora: Also knows Avrae

Alistair: Calls You Fridbear
Alistair: A New Sense
Alistair: Your First Lover
Alistair: Loves You
Alistair: Fears that Becoming "Dilutes" the Purity of Your "Self"

Alistair: Thinks Becomers May be "Into" Pain
Alistair: dat ass
Alistair: Skilled with his hands
Alistair: Divine body
Alistair: your Mate

Alistair: A tease
Alistair: Marked by Syroa
Alistair: Has two powerful thralls. One with a trident and one with a bow and arrow
Alistair: Necromancer
Alistair: Vulnerable to you

Alistair: Hates the idea of you being hurt
Alistair: Wants to marry you
Alistair: Cries when he's happy, cries when he's sad. Cries.
Alistair: Calls You his "Thorn", Since it Protects the Rose
Alistair: Eldest Son

Alistair: Cheerful in life and death situations
Alistair: Fell because you distracted him
Alistair: Struggles with his anger to this trial
Alistair: Your new boss
Alistair: Supportive of your doctoring 'skills'

Alistair: believes in you
Alistair: Hurt himself because of you
Alistair: Struggles badly with his anger
Alistair: Turned on you
Alistair: Left you in the dirt

Alistair: Needs help, now more than ever
Alistair: Needs you
Alistair: More Dominant This Time
Alistair: Fiance and Sub
Alistair: Wasn't Ellasin's ex?

Alistair: Thinks you're the god of punching
Alistair: Thinks you're the god of sex
Alistair: Terrified of Ellasin
Alistair: Grows anxious in the face of real danger
Alistair: Has anger issues

Alistair: Promises to resolve his anger issues
Alistair: Literally a portal
Alistair: I need him
Alistair: Knows everything
Alistair: You're unstoppable with him

Alistair: A great shot (at opening portals)
Alistair: Trusted your plan
Alistair: has history with Ellasin
Alistair: Was hurt while you were gone
Alistair: Failed a trial

Alistair: Joined the path of the Jeger as a pup for you
Alistair: Your bitch
Alistair: Wants to marry this Ymiden
Alistair: Really does love you
Alistair: You were meant for each other

Alistair: Nothing will ever separate you
Alistair: Will still love you if you reveal
Alistair: Secretly the survival expert
Alistair: Was right about the fire
Alistair: An artist in tent crafting

Alistair: Healed your paw
Alistair: Likes it in Gauthrel
Alistair: Belongs
Alistair: Doesn't like being licked in Redbear form on the face
Alistair: Kinda creepy

Alistair: Trusts you completely
Alistair: You attacked him
Alistair: Wants to raise your child
Alistair: Doesn't think you should reveal
Alistair: Isn't fully revealed

Alistair: Has met too many immortals
Alistair: Would give up his revelation and stay human to stay with you
Alistair: Fought your battles
Alistair: Takes no shit
Alistair: Your husband

Alistair: Your kindal
Alistair Calder: Your love
Alistair: Proud of you
Alistair: Impressed by you
Alistair: The reason you refuse to die

Alistair: Cheers you on

Azzas: Your past life

[NPC] Boomer
Boomer: Your Trachadon totem
Boomer: Rebelled
Boomer: Has a personality?
Boomer: Alive

Fridgar: Your weakness is children
Fridgar: You’re a wanted man
Fridgar: Floored by a girl
Fridgar: A cry baby when Alistair is involved
Fridgar: Should stop drinking late

Fridgar: Need to step up and be the Havendal
Fridgar Calder: You
Fridgar: Changing
Fridgar: Doesn't know himself anymore
Fridgar: You need to take care of your totems better

Fridgar: Totems are family, not tools, treat them as such
Immortals : Ilaren
Immortal: Ilaren
Immortal: Ilaren: You fought her.
Immortal: Ilaren: Does not punch like a girl
Immortal: Ilaren: Lives in Rharne
Immortal: Ilaren: Domains are lightening, brawling, sound and alcohol.
Immortal: Ilaren: her domain is not Babysitting

Lisirra: Evil
Lisirra: Has Plans for Rey’na

Plague Bearer: Lisirra Follower
Plague Bearer: Strange eyes
Plague Bearer: Commands insects
Plague Bearer: Possess insect-like weapons

Thetros: Looking out for you

Fauna : Drexion:
Bestiary: Drexion
Drexion: Blind
Drexion: Use echo-location to see
Drexion: Powerful Jaws and hard heads

Bestiary: Feron
Feron: Malicious and evil
Feron: Laughs
Feron: Camouflages
Feron: Weak to magic

Feron: Significantly weaker when facing a mage

Bestiary: Harvester

King Crocodile:
King Crocodiles: Found in Southwood River by Etzos
King Crocodiles: Move Quietly, Hiss Loudly
King Crocodiles: Natural Armor Stymies Normal Weapons
King Crocodile: Weak jaw opening strength

Lurker of The Plains:
Bestiary: Lurkers of the plains
Lurkers: Huge
Lurkers: Live in Eastern Gauthrel
Lurkers: Wield colossal weapons
Lurkers: Intelligent

Rabbits: Taste surprisingly good raw??
Rabbits: Raw might be preferable to burnt!

Scalv Ziemia:
Bestiary: Scalv Ziemia
Scalv Ziemia: Colossal snakes
Scalv Ziemia: Northern gauthrel
Scalv Ziemia: Incredibly fast
Scalv Ziemia: Swallowed a human whole with ease

Scalv Ziemia: Sensitive to daylight

Scython-Ur: Hunt in packs
Scython-Ur: Cunning hunters
Scython-Ur: Go straight for the kill, watch your vitals

Sohr Khal:
Besitary: Sohr Khal
Sohr Khal: Feathered dragons
Sohr Khal: Live in the North
Sohr Khal: Mount
Sohr Khal: Intelligent

Sohr Khal: Loyal
Sohr Khal: Kinda cute
Sohr Khal: Easily slain when pinned or the gap is closed

Bestiary: Soraanar
Soraanar: Special abilities
Soraanar: Incredibly powerful
Soraanar: Spectral wraiths
Soraanar: Cruel and malevolent

Soraanar: Have a wide variety of abilities
Soraanar: Incredibly strong, not worth fighting
Kerad Reyn: Stone King

Stekir: Weaksauce
Stekir: Annoying
Stekir: Plentiful in the East

Bestiary: Trachadon

Volareon:[spoil]Volareons: Adolescents prefer tree perches for slumber

Events : Arcana
Arcane: Travelling by portals can be
Arcane: Mutation that causes you to only eat meat and cough up blood and crystals.
Arcane: Initiation in magic can form a strong bond
Magic: Necromancy is an effective power to create totems
Magic: Necromancy can shape dead flesh and bone
Magic: The Strength of powerful Replicative Barriers
Magic: What Hardened air feels like in restraint
Magic: Abrogative shields can sometimes be defeated
Magic: Necromancy can animate corpses that act like men

The Order of The Seasons
The Structure of Stars
Lotharen Siege Weapons
Trial vs Trial
Languages : Linguistics: Novice.
Language Difficulty Broken ConversationalFluent Current proficiency
[SP] Common Easy Yes Yes Yes Fluent
[SP] Haltunga Medium Yes No No Broken
Haltunga: (16)
Haltunga: Kaiserion Will Teach You
Haltunga: Simple Sentences with "Havendal" and "Kindal"
Haltunga: Basic affirming and dissenting
Haltunga: Difficult to understand when spoken quickly, listen closely
Haltunga: Pronunciation

Haltunga: Accent
Haltunga: Passionate language
Haltunga: I love you
Haltunga: Many words for each thing
Haltunga: Saying you want to punch someone

Language: Haltunga: Phrase "I want to make a friend"
Language: Haltunga: Translation of a native speaker
Language: Haltunga: "Impress"
Language: Haltunga: "User of magic"
Language: Haltunga: "Crocodile"
Language: Haltunga: "axe"
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Skill Point Ledger

Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Endurance [RB} 25[RB] 25 -
Starting Package 50 - 50
Becoming - 25 25
Strength - 25 -
Descent into Chaos Part 2: Choosing the Target 15 - 15
Descent into Chaos Part 3: Questionable Morality15-30
[Job Thread] The Biting Cold10-16
Descent into Chaos Part 4:The Turning Point15-15
[Mature] Acquiring the Totem: Eagle10-10
[Job Thread] "Guard Duty?"9-9
The Boulder Thread Part1: A Theory of Strength10-10
A Student Seeking a Teacher13-13
Crimson communion15-15
[Mature] In Ilaren's name, Drinks are on me!15-15
Unarmed Combat-15-
The Bear and the Maiden Fair15-15
[Venora] Clear Skies Above15-15
Unarmed Combat-15-
[Mature] Acquiring the Totem: Ryon10-10
[Mature] Acquiring the Totem: Anaconda15-15
Masked Ball: Disbanding the Royal Guard.20-20
Unarmed Combat-20-
[Venora][Mature] The next trial15-15
[Mature] Acquiring the Totem: Bronze Boar8-8
[Job Thread][Mature] What happens in the dark10-10
[Mature] Progress15-15
The Third Law of Motion (Fridgar)15-24
Unarmed Combat-159
No holds barred15-24
Unarmed Combat-717
Rescued by a sinking ship14-23
Midwinter Masks20-29
[Mature] Oops7-16
Acquiring the Totem: Fridgar10-19
[Venora][Mature] The Rift15-34
[Beyond the Walls] [Mature] My forest.14-48
[Mature] Another Day (Fridgar)15-53
[Mature] 'Intensive Care'15-63
[Woodlands] A walk in the woods15-63
[Krome] So, we meet again!13-76
[Mature] If you're gonna go to hell:15-91
Acquiring the totem: King Crocodile15-79
Together Again15-94
[Mature] Ilaren is the occasion15-109
[Mature] Something Fishy...15-124
[Mature] Books about space15-139
Unarmed Combat-7579
[Mature] "I'm gonna punch it"15-94
Booty and the Beast15-97
Scraps and scabs (Fridgar)15-112
Acquiring the Totem: Kaiserion (Fridgar)15-127
[Mature] Acquiring the Totem: ...Goose??10-137
[Plains] Intricacies of the Rose15-167
[Eastern Gauthrel]Pups on their own, Part 1: Hydration15-130
Axes & Bludgeons-25105
[Eastern Gauthrel][G]Pups on their own, Part 2: Food15-130
No re?15-145
[Job Thread] A new leaf15-130
[Kaer Jeger] Smash<Hack10-140
[Eastern Gauthrel]Pups on their own, Part 3: Shelter15-155
Setting the pace15-170
That Dying Sky15-185
[Mature] Hunting Crocodiles15-200
[Eastern Gauthrel] Hal-tongue-a15-215
[Willow Woods][Mature] Acquiring the totem: Willow Redbear15-230
[Shirnrad] Festering Rage15-245
[Willow Woods] Heart of the Wild15-260
Masks of Fallen Men15-275
Hearts of Stone15-290
[Mature] Fellow Jeger15-320
Under My Skin15-281
[Eastern Gauthrel]Pups on their own, Part 4: Sleep15-296
[Eastern Gauthrel]Pups on their own, Part 3.5: Shelter15-311
[Eastern Gauthrel] A helping hand15-326
[Northern Gauthrel] Gotta go fast15-341
[Aedirn] Deconstructed15-356
[Eastern Gauthrel]Pups Together, Part 1: Shelter15-371
[Eastern Gauthrel]Pups Together, Part 2: Shelter15-386
[Northern Gauthrel] Faster Yet15-401
[Eastern Gauthrel] A real challenge15-416
Kael and Aedirn15-431
Axes & Bludgeons-50206
Unarmed Combat-100106
[Eastern Gauthrel] The Pup's Nemesis15-121
Axes & Bludgeons-15106
[Temple of Thetros] Finally here15-121
[Western Gauthrel][Job Thread] A pup's first kill10-146
[Kaer Jeger] Pups no more15-161
Going Home15-176
We're Gonna Punch Each Other [L] Language20-131
'Hi, what's your name?'15-161
[Eastern Gauthrel] Fighting Feron15-176
[Eastern Gauthrel] Fighting Feron Part 215-181
[Eastern Gauthrel] The most real of challenges15-196
Koda Red15-210
[Willow Woods]Dress Up (Fridgar)15-170
Ren Norendel15-185
Dress Up15-200
[Job Thread][Northern Gauthrel] The hound's graces15-215
[Shaperate] Our Ancestor's Shaperate15-230
[Eastern Gauthrel] The Way of The Wild15-245
Dude, Where's My Goose?15-260
Let's Get Started15-275
Unarmed Combat1-189
Axes & Bludgeons-16044
Shielded Combat-2519
Let us drink, Let us punch15-34

Awarded by Pegasus:
Unarmed Combat: 4
Running: 4
Discipline: 4

Awarded by Palenon
Unarmed Combat: 3
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First Kiss (1) Heartbreak (1) Murderer (1) Party Animal (1)
Legend In Waiting (1) Cheater (1) Lol Worthy (1)


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Marks Section
Devotion : Ilaren
[Job Thread] "Guard Duty?"
Winning a brawl in Ilaren’s name +3 3
Protecting a tavern from being robbed +1 4
[Mature] In Ilaren's name, Drinks are on me!
Pray to Ilaren +1 5
Buy drink for others in Ilaren's name +2 7
Drink in Ilaren's name +1 8
Toast to Ilaren whilst drinking with others +5 13
Masked Ball: Disbanding the Royal Guard
Saving a bottle of Alcohol +1 14
Midwinter Masks (Moderated Thread)
Toasting to Ilaren +2 16
[Mature] 'Intensive Care'
For Ilaren! +2 18
[Mature] If you're gonna go to hell:
For Ilaren! +11 29
[Mature] Ilaren is the occasion
Drinking to Ilaren +7 36
Win a brawl in Ilaren's name +3 39
Receive Ilaren's blessing +10 49
Ymiden 717
Receive Ilaren's blessing (Seasonal) +10 59
Toast to Ilaren when drinking with others +5 64
Win a brawl in Ilaren's name +3 67
Buy a drink for others in Ilaren's name +2 69
Drink in Ilaren's name +1 70
Saun 717
Receive Ilaren's blessing (Seasonal) +10 80
We're going to punch each other
Mega Brawl +5 85
'Hi, what's your name?'
Win a brawl in Ilaren's name +3 88
Pray to ilaren +1 89
[Eastern Gauthrel] Fighting Feron Part 2
Winning a brawl +3 92
Praying +1 93
Koda Red
Winning a brawl +3 96
Praying +1 97

[Kaer Jeger] Pups no more
Engaged in an act of devotion or compassion towards one of your flock +3 3
Provided emotional support to a loved one +2 5
Engaged in an act of passion +2 7
Prayed to Thetros +1 8
Going Home
Engaged in an act of devotion or compassion towards one of your flock +3 11
Formed kinship with another +5 16
Recalled a past life +3 19
Learned something new about one's self +2 21
Explored one's own self, deeply +3 24
'Hi, what's your name?'
Engage in an act of passion +2 26
Praying +1 27
[Eastern Gauthrel] Fighting Feron
Thetros: Pray to thetros +1 28
Engage in an act of Passion +2 30
Instill Passion in others +3 33
Guide someone to the path of self-understanding +3 36
[Eastern Gauthrel] Fighting Feron Part 2
Act of passion +2 38
Praying +1 39
Act of compassion to a member of your flock +3 42
Koda Red
Thetros +5 47

Marks : Palenon

Abilities : Palenon, Favoured
Ability Name Devotion Required
Ability Description
Elemental Manipulation - Lightning (Minor) 0 The character is able to control a small amount of lightning in relatively close proximity to themselves. Limited to a single bolt of lightning that can travel 20 feet before dissipating. Capable of throwing one lightning bolt every bit. If the bolt hits, it can cause shocking pains and numbness to any struck body part. Alcohol intoxication diminishes the power of this ability.
Sparked Interests I 0 Add an extra three skill points to one of the following skills: Unarmed Combat, Brewing, Singing, or Endurance. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 100 point cap on skills.
Life of the Party 0 The character is able to share their emotions with a crowd within a short range around them for a single break. Greater levels of alcoholic intoxication increases the power of this ability.
Rolling Thunder 20 The character is better able to understand the motions of combat and the rhythm of skirmish. Seeming to roll with their enemies blows, the character is able to mitigate some of the damage and redirect the force back at their opponent. A balanced level of alcoholic intoxication is needed to use this ability.
Three Sheets to the Wind (Minor) 40 The Favored is blessed with an increase to their physical capabilities depending on their stage of intoxication. When the Favored has had little to nothing to drink, their reaction speed is increased greatly, allowing them to react at speeds nearly impossible to keep up with, making it hard for them to be hit - though arrows and bolts still travel too quickly for them to stop. The more the Favored imbibes, the more they trade speed for strength until all reaction speed is lost and replaced with strength, allowing them to hit with greater force. Able to generate enough force to splinter wood and dent metal.
Bottomless Wineskin 60 Any container the Favored drinks from never empties. This ability only functions if the contents of the container are alcoholic.
Rising Lightning 80 The Favored is able to direct a bolt of lightning beneath their feet, giving them an added boost to a jump. The Favored is able to use this ability to increase the height of their jump equal to one half the distance of the Manipulation distance. Alcohol intoxication diminishes the power of this ability.

Knowledge : Palenon: Three Sheets: Allows Quick Dismissal of Distractions

Magic Section
Sparks : 
  • Becoming
  • Rupturing
  • Empty

Abilities : Becoming, Master
Ability Name Mastery/Fridgar's skill
Blending Novice/mastered A technique one learns as a beginner that sets the stage for Borrowing. Blending is simply using two totems from the same animal family to 'blend' features and Become a shape that is neither one nor the other, but a composite of both. Many Becomers use this ability to steal the shapes of the dead and mix it with their own to create entirely new identities. In terms of totem count, so long as the species is the same, two totems count as one for the purpose of totemic requirements. Blending can be used between different species of animal and even those closely related. A dog’s features could be combined with a wolf. When this ability is gained, a Becomer also becomes subtly aware of the language animals use to communicate with each other. While not a perfect translation, a Becomer can usually get the general meaning behind any animal behaviour they have the totem of…without prior knowledge of behavioural conventions.
Echo Novice/mastered A Novice technique that is a shadow of what eventually becomes Evolve, Echo borrows senses and minor special abilities from a totem and overlays them with your natural form. The changes are always subtle and temporary, such as seeing in the dark, leaping with the grace of a gazelle, or tuning into the echolocation of a bat. One trait may be echoed at novice, with two at competence. At expertise, three traits and four at Mastery and Legendary. Although these traits are fairly easy to manifest, costing little ether
Assimilation Competent/mastered A Competent technique, the Becomer transforms and assimilates totems within his transformation. Depending on the shape, carrying totems and items can become difficult if not impossible for a Becomer. Beginning at competence, the Becomer may choose to incorporate totems in their transformation. At least one totem at competent, two at expertise, and three at mastery and legendary. Many Becomers choose to hide their personal totems this way, considering it the safest. At expertise, basic clothing may be assimilated between forms as well, provided they are made of an organic material. At mastery, one can even smuggle small weapons between transformations provided they are completely wrapped with an organic material like leather.
Assimilated items lay an imprint on the form one had before. So long as the totem the items were assimilated into remains undamaged, these items can be recovered, returned to hand the moment the transformation occurs.
Rather than a totem, a Becomer can choose to Assimilate a different item instead, as stipulated. They can choose clothes instead of a totem or a weapon instead of a totem. The amount of Assimilated items cannot exceed their limitation. Assimilation must be renewed each time a shape is chosen and the Assimilated items can only be recovered when one returns to the shape that had them in the first place.
Unleash Competent/mastered An ability gained in competence, Unleash is a sudden explosive transformation that takes place in the space of a few moments. This transformation is always painful and wild. Due to the speed of the change, no other Borrowing or form altering techniques can be used when one Unleashes. Combining Chrysalis with Unleashing almost always invites overstepping, depending on the severity of the injuries.
Unleashing can be done once at Competence without inviting overstepping, and up to three times at mastery and legendary. Unleashing is often an ability used of urgency, or as a surprise in a sudden battle. Although it can be used up to three times at mastery without inviting overstepping, it is always risky and rarely the only techniques used in such a situation.
Chrysalis Expert/mastered An expert technique whereby by taking another shape also renews the body transforming. This can be incredibly taxing depending on the damage received, but a Becomer could transform into a shape free of injury, even it is refreshing the shape they currently hold. This is often an ability one uses sparingly if possible, as the repair may be taxing enough to throw the Becomer into Overstepping. It is recommended this ability not be used in combat, but instead when one can relax safely and heal their wounds without expending additional ether.
This does not affect their stamina or need to eat and sleep. Although they can refresh any major damage done to a totemic form, basic necessities and the need to rest are universal to all forms.
Borrowing Expert/mastered Borrow is the technique that evolves from Blending. Using one totem as a 'base' an expert Becomer can 'borrow' traits from other totems in their possession in order to Become a gestalt of the forms. The Base determines the form taken and the supplements determine what traits are woven into the new shape. Ones ability to borrow is determined by their skill but through this technique, a Becomer could transform into a beast unlike which Idalos has ever seen before. A Mage can add two new 'borrowed' traits when this ability is acquired. They gain two additional at Mastery. It is possible to push past this limit, but at the risk of Overstepping. This process can be exhausting and always increases the time of transformation depending on the complexity of the borrowed traits.
Adapt Master/mastered Adaption can only be gained in mastery. Adapt breaks the rule of the 'all or nothing' aspect of Becoming. Adaption works like Borrowing but can be induced after a form has been taken. It's a far less strenuous technique as it does not require a full body transformation and was developed for combat and utility. These transformations are always just as fast as unleashing transformations and only affect the totem shape for as long as the Becomer is in it. These transformations disappear when the mage takes the shape again. Adapted traits are the same as borrowed traits, save for the fact they can be added after a transformation rather than requiring an entire new one. One can only have as many adapted traits as they have Borrowed traits.
Totem Guardian Master/mastered Totems are more than just shapes, they’re repositories for the soul of the Becomer to fill. In a way, each totem is alive. They take a shard of the Becomer’s own personality and become something different than they were. Totem Guardian is the next step of that ability, allowing the Becomer to invest ether into a totem and have it resume the shape of the creature it was made from. This Totem Guardian is an extension of the Becomer, but not a thrall like Necromancy. Instead, these totems given form are variants of the Becomer, although filtered through that creature’s perception. They are fiercely loyal and generally obey any command a Becomer imparts. They avoid self destruction and many Becomers begin to associate them as their own friends and family. At mastery, one Totem Guardian can be manifested and at Legendary up to two. More can be pushed, but it will always invite overstepping.
If the totem guardian is killed, the totem will also be destroyed. If a totem guardian is badly injured, it may take some time before the Becomer is able to resume their shape as the ether repairs itself in the totem. A Totem guardian can be manifested for at least three breaks a trial without issue…but to push it or combine with other techniques would be dangerous. No other techniques can be used on a totem guardian.

Rupturing, Competent
Ability Name Mastery/Fridgar's skill
Chasing Core The manipulation of pockets to transport an individual or multiple others short distances, can be cast relatively quickly at all stages, especially at higher mastery. Chasing has within it two different functions to start with: blinking and portal creation. Blinking allows a mage to quickly latch onto or tether themselves to a pocket of Ether within sight and proper range. They will thus almost immediately transport themselves there, disappearing from their previous location and often in a flash of energy.
Portal Creation is of course what Rupturing is known for; it is the loud and disruptive tearing of matter via pockets of energy that allows for one to accomplish blinking but in a more complex fashion. While blinking is a quick, one-shot sort of endeavor, portals have within them many complexities. Portals can stay open longer, can transport specific individuals as well as objects and spells, and can even have magical effects associated with their location. Portals will develop as the user develops their magic, and gain a variety of new and unforeseen uses as one learns and grows in Rupturing. Chasing and the portals it creates also acts as a basis for much of what compression enables the Rupturer to achieve. Chasing portals, particularly, are considered the lighter combat portals. They are utilized far more commonly than Compression portals in a combat scenario, faster to open and cheaper to utilize, though usually with a reduced range. Appearance-wise, they appear more distorted than Compression portals, appearing almost like an ungainly gash in the world waiting desperately to be closed.
As a note, there is no standard or basic appearance for portals. Their appearance depends on how the spark manifested in the mage when the magic first made contact with them, though their general size and dimensions tend to be about the same.
Compression Core Compression is a longer-distance form of transportation than Chasing. While it can follow similar premises, specifically when it comes to portals, the way in which it operates is completely different. Compression's portals often require significantly more preparation than those of Chasing, and do drain more Ether from the mage as well. This is due to the logic-defying way in which compression operates; compression allows for the mage to compress space and distance to a tiny, thin decimal. As they cannot see and directly grab onto pockets of ether if they're quite far away, they are expected instead to rely on memory and information about a location, which is required for the sundial compression as well. Sundial compression that is inter-city or inter-continental requires you having previously been to that location from the start of your character playing in Standing Trials, meaning you cannot simply have been there in a memory thread or have it in your backstory.
Compression allows one to nearly infinitely compact space and distance for themselves alone from one location to the other. They must have been here before and must know its location at least somewhat vividly. This will always open a portal, and stepping through it will send the Rupturer through the compacted space and directly to their location. The process is almost instant, though many Rupturers and those who travel within their portals report feeling nauseous and lightheaded after traveling through a portal. For but an instant, you are moving at an extreme speed and ignoring all matter around you. It is a very intense process and is certainly not for the ill and faint-hearted, though it is made cleaner and easier by more experienced Rupturers.
To travel extremely long distance locations, like from city to city, one must use a Sundial. That is non-negotiable, as only a Sundial and the conduit within it can properly direct and tune the compression of space across massive distances.
Phasing Novice/mastered Obtained at Novice rank. Allows for the user to create a portal that only allows vision and through extremely short distances (such as a few feet). This will not appear on the other side, which allows for one to spy on someone from another room. Requires little time, effort and ether to maintain. At Competent, you can hear through this portal as well. These portals make no volume, considering they cannot be entered, and thus do not truly tear space.
Skystepping Competent/unskilled Obtained at Competent, Skystepping allows the Rupturer to create miniature portals - acting as stepping stones - to increase their mobility. These portals momentarily sterilize the effect of space where they're created, acting as spatial anomalies of dense physical properties. They are cheap and can be utilized frequently throughout a situation, and typically can be utilized to gain aerial advantage. However, creating a longer-lasting Skystep (such as a full-blown platform) will slowly drain ether for as long as it is active.
Roaring Competent/unskilled Roaring is an ability unlocked at Competent that - momentarily - destabilizes matter and space in a specific area (that one can see). The result of this is an intensified reverberation of the air, far moreso than merely the typical crackling and ripping of a Rupturing portal. The air around it will appear imbalanced, distorted, and will emit a violent sound as it continues to reverberate, causing a clear distraction, especially for any creatures which rely on sound or benefit from an enhanced sense of hearing. This ability is typically used to cause a distraction for the sake of escape.

Corruptions : Becoming
Colourful tattoos all over the mage's back.

Competent Mutation
Carnivorous - The mage turns ill upon consumption of anything that isn't meat, but can survive off meat alone.

Expert Awakening
Physical Paradigm Shift: Ursine - The mage is 4" taller, 50lbs heavier with shaggier hair and eyes are dark brown/black with light brown irises.

Overstepping Mutation
Mental Paradigm Shift: Ursine - The mage is more territorial and prone to claiming 'areas' as his own to angrily beat predators out of, in addition to darkening his temper and to be more inclined with savagery. Getting into a fist fight tempts the mage to claw and bite people, it's not just a beat down, on some level you're asserting your power. In addition; a 'fiercely' protective instinct around those the mage cares for.

Master Awakening 1
Apex Predator - No matter the form Fridgar takes, he is a predator. His totems tend to be more bestial than when he harvested them, with a carnivorous edge. Fridgar is unable to take the form of a prey animal but in return his predators are much larger and more savage than ordinary. In any form he takes, Fridgar presents an aura of menace. People will feel uncomfortable looking upon that form unless they know who it is. In essence, Fridgar always registers as a predator to other creatures. This makes it nearly impossible to approach another prey animal without alerting them and it makes some smarter creatures uneasy and wary, simpler to intimidate but less likely to trust.

Master Awakening 2
Alpha Male - (A detrimental mutation that could very easily end in Fridgar's death, I'll spare you the details to avoid meta-gaming.) ;)

Overstepping Mutation
Eye of Challenge: Unless Fridgar knows them to be a friend (and they must be either kin or as close as kin to Fridgar) direct eye contract will always begin to infuriate the mage. He will begin to see it as a challenge. Fridgar can choose to break eye contact or force himself away when it is happening, but if he does not he will be compelled to exert his force and dominance over anyone who dares to hold eye contract. In addition, if eye contact is not broken, long enough for Fridgar to interpret it as a challenge, he will gain an innate sense of the opponent's 'danger'. Expert and master level offensive skills, while not directly known to Fridgar, will register as an opponent of some danger, allowing Fridgar to temper his approaches in combat.

  • Rupturing
    • Witchmark - Left eye is pitch black and filled with white dots that look like stars.
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Postby Fridgar » Mon Jan 02, 2017 7:18 pm


Weapons : Masterwork Dagger
Standard Broad Axe
Standard Terrendyte Broad Axe
Armour : none
Clothing : Extremely comfy Stekir Skin loincloth
Feldorei Pelt
Feron skull

Crafting Kits : 
  • Carpenter's:
    • Sanding Blocks (3)
    • Planing Tool
    • Rasp Fine
    • Rasp Coarse
    • Files (4)
    • Swiveling Miter Box
    • Chisels (s/m/l)
    • Nails (50)
    • Saw (1 and 2 handled)
    • Pliers (s/l)
    • Clamps (2 x s/m/l)
    • Straight-Edge Square
    • Hammer (s/l)
    • Rubber Mallet
    • Hand Drill
    • Bits and Augers Set
    • Wooden Dowels (20)
    • Glue (1 jar)
    • Rivets (Brass and Copper x 20)

  • Blacksmith's:
    • Iron Anvil
    • Hammers (s/m/l)
    • Tongs (s/m/l)
    • Pliers (s/l)
    • Mounted Vice
    • Mounted Shearing Block
    • Tappets and Punches (10)
    • Metal Files (6)
    • Washbasins (2)
    • Sanding Blocks (s/m/l)
    • Heavy Canvas Apron
    • Heavy Canvas Apron (leather)
    • Heavy Canvas Gloves
    • Heavy Canvas Gloves (leather)
    • Leather and Glass Goggles
    • Chemical Flux (per can)
    • Rivets (Brass and Steel x 20)

  • Sculptor's:
    • Small Rag (10)
    • Horsehair Brushes (2 x s/m/l)
    • Straw Brushes (2x s/m/l)
    • Chisels (15 assorted weights and sizes)
    • Scoring, Texturing and Finishing Scrapers (10)
    • Hammers (s/l)
    • Multi-Loop Leather Tool Belt
    • Small Hand Drill
    • Metal Dowels (10)
    • Bag of Plaster (repairs)
    • Drop Cloth (10'x10')
    • Step Stool

  • First Aid Kit:
    • Bandages for casts (3)
    • Tourniquet set
    • Wooden splint braces (6)
    • Cloth bandage strips (bundle of 15)
    • Bandage Hooks (12)
    • Jar of sealing jelly
    • Folding Burner/brazier assembly
    • Boiling Pot
    • Vial of Burner Fuel (lamp oil)
    • Cauterizing iron (5 tip sizes)
    • Needle set (curved and straight)
    • 50' Spool of thread
    • Precision Tweezers
    • Precision Scissors
    • Large Vial of Antiseptic Alcohol
    • Sponges
    • Sling

Every-day items : 
  • Starting Items
    • One Set of Toiletries: Soap, brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste,
    • One waterskin
    • Two sets of eating utensils
    • Tinderbox

  • Other stuff
    • Ryon Carcass
    • Bronze Boar Carcass
    • Adolescent Volareon Carcass

  • Trial of the survivor
    • A meter-long length of rope with two knots in it
    • Two tightly-woven bags for filtering water
    • Two intact Scython-Ur carcasses
    • One broken Scython-Ur carcass
    • A leather loincloth
    • Scython-Ur bone dagger

Magic : 
  • Wells
    • 2 Lesser Harthyte Wells

  • Totems
    • Fridgar Totem
    • King Crocodile Totem
    • Great White Shark Totem (not dedicated)
    • Kaiserion Totem
    • Trachadon Totem
    • Willow Redbear Totem
    • Llewnos Totem
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Postby Fridgar » Mon Jan 02, 2017 7:20 pm

City Dweller's Package 100gn ... 100gn
Forfeited House 250gn ... 350gn
Cord ... 1gn 2sn 347gn 8sn
Beads ... 8sn 347gn
Large, Heavy, Waterproof, Pleated-Bag with shoulder straps ... 3gn 2sn 344gn 8sn
First Aid Kit ... 22gn 322gn 8sn
Large Towels (2) ... 3sn 322gn 5sn
The Biting Cold Clothing ... 54gn 7sn 2cn 267gn 7sn 8cn
Descent into Chaos Part 4:The Turning Point Clothing ... 15gn 6sn 8cn 252gn 1sn
Zi'da Wages 1015gn 5sn 6cn ... 2on 267gn 6sn 6cn
Party! ... 200gn 2on 67gn 6sn 6cn
Warren's Payment 100gn ... 2on 167gn 6sn 6cn
Contractor's Payment 50gn ... 2on 217gn 6sn 6cn
Mask ... 14sn 4cn 2on 216gn 2sn 2cn
[Mature] Acquiring the Totem: Eagle Crafting kits ... 205gn 2on 11gn 2sn 2cn
Charity ... 1on 1on 11gn 2sn 2cn
Grocery Shopping ... 5gn 9sn 1on 1gn 3sn 2cn
I really wish Fridgar managed his money better. (More grocery shopping) ... 186gn 315gn 3sn 2cn
Contractor's Payment 20gn ... 335gn 3sn 2cn
Untrained Anaconda ... 50gn 285gn 3sn 2cn
Cylus Wages 567gn 6sn ... 852gn 9sn 2cn
Bronze Boar ... 100gn 752gn 9sn 2cn
Completion of contract 250gn ... 1002gn 9sn 2cn
Hunting Crocodiles ... 36gn 966gn 9sn 2cn
These Nuts ... 24gn 942gn 9sn 2cn
Large trained hunting dog (gift for Alistair) ... 100gn 842gn 9sn 2cn
Gift to Alistair Venora ... 750gn 92gn 9sn 2cn
Broad Axe ... 40gn 52gn 9sn 2cn
Ashan Wages 701gn 1sn ... 754gn 2cn
Ymiden Wages (Jeger) 709gn 6sn 5cn ... 1463gn 6sn 7cn
Ymiden Wages (Doctor) 630gn 8sn ... 2094gn 4sn 7cn
Looting 125gn ... 2219gn 4sn 7cn
Saun wages (Jeger) 396gn ... 2615gn 4sn 7cn
Saun wages (Doctor) 380gn ... 2995gn 4sn 7cn

Total Currency: 0 ON, 2219 GN, 4 SN, 7 CN
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First Kiss (1) Heartbreak (1) Murderer (1) Party Animal (1)
Legend In Waiting (1) Cheater (1) Lol Worthy (1)


Postby Fridgar » Mon Jan 02, 2017 7:21 pm

Fame Ledger
Item/ ThreadFameTotal
Lotharro 10 10
Lotharro in Rynmere 10 20
Breaking the Law -3 17
Break a city law (Assault/Kidnapping) -2 15
PC Act of Cruelty (Hurt Helpless Party) -2 13
Acts of Magic -2 11
General Good Deed +1 12
Completion of a Contract +2 14
Good Deeds +3 17
Acts of Magic -2 15
Break a city law x3 -6 9
Bad deeds -3 6
Giving Gifts +2 8
Timely delivery +3 11
Victory in Single Combat +4 15
Gifts to lots of people +10 25
Support of Ilaren in a bar... it's a popular thing +3 28
Breaking lots of laws -5 23
Breaking City Laws -3 20
General Good Deed +1 21
Wrestling a snake in public -2 19
Losing to the snake -1 18
Threw a door -40 -22
Cheating on Rey'na -5 -27
Breaking city laws -6 -33
Bad deeds -4 -37
Escaped Prison -10 -47
Broke Rey'na's heart-5-52
Event Participation +10 -42
Murder -10 -52
Acts of Magic -2 -54
Tavern Fighting (Again) -2 -56
Damaging Prison Property -3 -59
Savagely Murdering a Prison Guard in the prison itself -12 -71
Loads of acts of magic -10 -81
Carried a goose through Etzos -2 -83
Personally recruited by Ganren +5 -78
Carrying Alistair +1 -77
Monster kill: Scython-Ur +3 -74
Monster kill: Trachadon +6 -68
Monster kill: Stekir +2 -66
Monster kill: Llewnos +6 -60
Monster kill: Scython-Ur +3 -57
Monster kill: Scalv Ziemia +6 -51
General good deed +1 -50
Monster Kill: Drexion +3 -47
Monster Kill: Alpha Feron +10 -37
Monster Kill: Feldorei +3 -34
Monster Kill: Stekir +2 -32
Maimed someone in a public tavern -5 -37
Monster Kill: Grenwynn, King Crocodile + 10 -27
Rank up in Jegers +5 -22
Married another PC +10 -12
Beat an unbeatable foe +10 -2
Victory in single combat +4 +2
Good deeds +1 +3
Monster kill: 5x Stekir +10 +13
Monster kill: Feron +6 +19
Monster Kill: 2x Lurker +18 +37
Victory in single combat +4 +41
Victory in single combat +4 +45

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