Quio [Character Sheet]

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Quio [Character Sheet]

Postby Quio » Fri Aug 12, 2016 8:16 am

· G e n e r a l · C o n c e p t · H i s t o r y · S t u f f , S k i l l s , & S t a t s ·
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Q u i o
(Quio, pronounced Kyo, or Key-yo)


A p p e a r a n c e

R a c e Yludih
F u l l N a m e Quiome (pronounced Key-yo-may), meaning 'Of Eternity' (named for his father Quaome (Kay-yo-may), also 'Of Eternity')
O t h e r T i t l e s Quio (a nickname); Eloquoi* (pronounced Ehl-oh-koi), a family-given title, essentially indicating the last born child); Ruq Qy'ihadi (pronounced Rook Key-ih-ha-dee, a Biqaj alias); Iaan Krome (a second, Rymere-specific, alias); Earnest Freeman (Quio's 'mercenary' alias, picked up in Rynmere)
G e n d e r Male
B i r t h d a t e 18th of Cylus, Arc 694
B i r t h p l a c e Outside the walls of Ne'haer

*The Eloquoi
The Eloquoi is an 'Ome--' family tradition, a self-proclaimed duty passed down from one generation to the next. Started a few generations before on his father's side, it was a title earned from desperation. His father's great-ancestor had been born the child of a defector, one who had done a part in committing the greatest atrocity known to the Yludih people. Thus, he was looking for redemption for his family line.

In the end it all came down to sacrifice: he and his children and his children's children would act as humble purveyors of knowledge. While it is a Yludih's goal to learn the humanoid races and end up immortalized in Uleuda, it fell to their cursed family to learn the opposite: the animals. Each of the great-ancestor's five children would select a world biome and begin their study; the sixth child, named the Eloquoi, would compile as much of the other children's knowledge as he could, along with a knowledge of all the humanoid races, and would ascend to Uleuda as a teacher, spreading his wealth.

In this way the majority of the family line was punished for their prior wrongdoing, as most of the children would not be allowed to ascend; the last would be a servant forever to the whole of the Yludih race. Quio's great-ancestor believed that amassing such knowledge would be a benefit to the Yludih, as they could rely on the Eloquoi as a teacher to make learning animal forms easier. Having one --or many-- animal forms was necessary, he thought, for their races' survival.

Scars and Injuries
Note: Most if not all of Quio's scars tend to show up on his original human form, not his Biqaj form, no matter which form received the injury. Those that show up on the other, or both, will be noted.

Winter, Arc 705 PERMANENT Quio is attacked and wounded with a knife. A long line is dragged along his side, from a point in his back to under his ribs. The wound is through only the skin, but receives no proper medical attention and leaves an ugly scar.

16th of Saun, Arc 716 Quio is gut-punched by Dumont, a crooked docks guard. His stomach is sore for a day.

1st of Vhalar, Arc 716 Quio is wounded on his leg, his right calf, when a shadowbeast bites into him. It will take 12 trials to fully heal.

15th of Vhalar, Arc 716 PERMANENT Forced into a rage, Quio attacks his shipmates and earns a sickle-shaped burn on his arm. Along with myriad small bruises and cuts, any injuries earned during this time will heal within 15 days. However, due to the psychological nature of the burn, a vivid scar of the injury will appear on Quio's right shoulder in his born human form.

31st of Vhalar, Arc 716 A creditor sends a mercenary after Hart and Quio takes the beating in his place; Quio is battered and bruised and will be in considerable pain for the next 4 - 5 trials. This will fade over the following 8 - 10 trials.

10th of Ymiden, Arc 717 PERMANENT Held as a captive by men who hate him, Quio's right ring and pinky fingers are amputated with shears. Throughtout his captivity (into early Saun 717), it is assumed he suffers various forms of torture, though no other amputations.

1st of Saun, Arc 717 PERMANENT Remaining a captive, Quio is seriously injured when one of the men take an axe to his unconscious form, hitting him in the shoulder and cleaving through his collarbone. Though hit only once or twice, the damage is deep and brutual, and the seriousness and position of the injury is enough to greatly weaken him, potentially threatening his life. Recovering from this injury will take at least the rest of Saun into Vhalar, and perhaps longer depending on healthcare and setbacks.

6th of Saun, Arc 717 Ingestion of lantern oil and sea water has caused moderate/severe irritation of Quio's mouth, tongue, and throat. These injuries are visible and will heal slowly. His mouth and throat are burned and he has temporarily damaged his voice. Due to his circumstances, he's at risk of further dehydration/malnourishment, exhaustion, etc. He has lost a lot of weight during his captivity and does not have a lot of energy.

9th of Saun, Arc 717 Quio further damages his already-damaged voice by yelling and screaming. He loses his voice for a few days, and will continue to be hoarse and sore for more after that. He also takes out old stitches using a stone knife and his teeth. The wounds bleed a little but do not reopen, and will take a handful of trials to heal. The wounds will remain sore during that time.

Y l u d i h:


H e i g h t 6' 2'' (188 cm)
W e i g h t 170 lbs

Quio is typical of all Yludih in form, with a crystalline build and bulk. He is relatively thin and tall for his species, and tends to envision the 'feel' of his being --his reflective crystal-- as made up of clear-white, red, and golden, like sunstone or rutilated quartz. In reality he is still young yet to have developed any true color at all.

rutilated quartz

UPDATE: As of Ymiden 717, Quio has started to develop some lasting color in his crystal; by Saun 717, how he envisions the 'feel' of his crystal has changed. No longer does he think of his crystal in terms of sunstone or rutilated quartz, all shining red and gold; instead, the colors he's taken on are bruise-like, purples and browns, though there are parts of him flecked in bloody red.

quartz with amethyst phantom I
red lepidocrocite I

R e n o w n
PERSONA, LOCATION (optional).......... RENOWN.......... TOTAL
Quiome, Uleuda +1, +11 +12

H u m a n:


H e i g h t 6' 2'' (188 cm)
W e i g h t 170 lbs

Quio's born human form is that of a tall, gangly young man with pale, red-gold hair, a light smattering of freckles, and crisp greyish eyes. When he projects his chosen form, whether human or (eventually) animal, he tends to rely on a red and gold color palette, sometimes washing into browns and greys. Due to his unique upbringing, first as a Yludih in the wilds and then as a Biqaj, he has little sense of body modesty and is not afraid of showing skin. Even in nudity, however, he will always, always wear a braided necklace displaying a sunstone, a symbol of his lost love. And even when he presents as a human, he dresses Biqaj and speaks Rakahi.

R e n o w n

Note: Starting renown (SR) in Saun Arc 716 was +10 due to Quio being recognized in Ne'haer (as a child) as a Yludih.
PERSONA, LOCATION (optional).......... RENOWN.......... TOTAL
Quio, Ne'haer +10 (SR), +3 +13



H e i g h t 5' 10'' (178 cm)
W e i g h t 170 lbs

Quio's second human form is that of a man in his mid thirties, dark of hair and eyes. Unlike his other forms, which Quio created from instinct or trial and error, this form first belonged to a real person: a man named Earnest Freeman who worked --and perhaps still works-- at the Fighting Pits in Andaris, Rynmere. When Quio seeks to do something unlawful, Earnest is the form he usually chooses.

Earnest Freeman is shorter but built more strongly than either of the Yludih's first two forms, with a thicker neck, arms, legs, and trunk. With muscle designed for use rather than beauty, Earnest's form gives the impression of a strong man and hard worker; he's a man of intimidation, judging by the old lines of anger upon his face and the countless other scars, large and small, which marr his body. While he has many scars, the most telling of these are a slice against the side of his neck, and a small, sword-shaped brand just under the far corner of his right eye, proclaiming him a freed slave.

Compared to his first two forms, the form of Earnest Freeman seems altogether more dark, competent, and dangerous.

R e n o w n
PERSONA, LOCATION (optional).......... RENOWN.......... TOTAL
Earnest Freeman +8, +5 +13

B i q a j:


H e i g h t 6' 0" (183 cm)
W e i g h t 170 lbs

Quio's Biqaj form was originally intended to be a backup plan, used occasionally as Quio saw fit. However, he soon found himself using it more and more, and eventually adopted it as his dominant form. Somehow when he's in this form he seems more comfortable, more happy, perhaps because his promised one, Hart, loved the form and had a hand in designing it. Contributions such as 'longer hair', 'tanner skin', and 'smile!' were well listened to, despite some of the requests violating his usual color scheme. Shorter and more solid on his feet in this form than in his born human shape, Quio finds it's great for living on a ship, especially during high seas.

R a c i a l A b i l i t i e s Has color-changing eyes and slightly pointed ears. A true Biqaj's blood is silver, and so in this form Quio's false blood runs silver too. Every once and a while, under the moon, this form seems to glow with a faint silver light.

E m o t i o n C o l or C h a r t In Biqaj form, Quio's eyes perform the same color-changing tricks that natural-born Biqaj display. When not experiencing any particular emotion, his eyes remain a warm brown.

matte black cold focus/intent
brown base eye color/default
dark red confusion
light red turmoil
dark purple pain, hurt
light purple determination, perseverance
dark pink friendship, warmth, desire
light pink love
silver-white fear, anger
silver-tinted extreme negative emotions
flat grey tiredness, exhaustion, apathy
gold-tinted extreme positive emotions
golden-white happiness, hope
light green other desire, envy
dark green sadness
light blue contentedness, peacefulness
dark blue surrender, acceptance

R e n o w n

Note: Starting renown (SR) in Saun Arc 716 was +10 due to Iaan Krome being a lawyer.
PERSONA, LOCATION (optional).......... RENOWN.......... TOTAL
Iaan Krome, Rynmere +10 (SR), +3, +1, +2, +7 +23
Ruq Qy'ihadi (Quio) +1, +1, +6, +10, +2, +14, +10, +3 +47
Quio Freeman Ruq, Korim, Iaan
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Quio [Character Sheet]

Postby Quio » Fri Aug 12, 2016 8:27 am

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C h a r a c t e r C o n c e p t


P e r s o n a l i t y :

A w k w a r d
The standout characteristic of Quio's personality is his awkwardness. He has lived a very sheltered life not once but twice, first with his mother in the wilds, then with his Biqaj family. The people he feels comfortable around could be counted on his hands. In everyday interactions, he tends to speak too quietly and uncertainly for someone who could otherwise pass as Biqaj, and has been told he has an eerie stare.

F r i e n d l y
Underneath the layers of awkwardness lies a friendly core, and something of a bleeding heart. Living the second half of his short life on a ship full of the kindest, most open-hearted people, he has developed something of an appreciation for all types. He is willing to help anyone in need if able, despite the bad things that have happened to him often by stangers' hands.

C u r i o u s
Quio is interested in all things human and animal, through a mixture of natural curiosity and outside pressure.

D a r i n g , o r F o o l h a r d y
Despite having learned the cruelty of the world while young and then again later on, this Yludih retains a readiness to overlook or underestimate danger. He sometimes doesn't realize his own oddness, or that people might perceive him to be out of place. He bumbles through social interactions and tends to be too honest, a dangerous trait for one of his kind. Because Quio has been tempered by fear and loss but also by great kindness, he is unwary for a Yludih, more neutral towards the sentient races than fearful or careful, which has already gotten him into serious trouble.

A n g r y
Within Quio is a hurt, a rawness that has been buried deep within him for many arcs, untouched since the terrible events of his childhood. This anger --which at times feels uncontrollable to him-- causes him to act out in unpredictable or uncharacteristic ways.

B e h a v i o r :

Quio does not have many behavioral ticks, though in general he is much more awkward in cities than on a ship or in the wilds. To strangers he comes off as a rather odd, subdued Biqaj, crude in sociality for one of that race.

Quio Freeman Ruq, Korim, Iaan
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Quio [Character Sheet]

Postby Quio » Fri Aug 12, 2016 8:57 am

· G e n e r a l · C o n c e p t · H i s t o r y · S t u f f , S k i l l s , & S t a t s ·
· D e v o t i o n & C o m p a n i o n s · T h r e a d s ·

H i s t o r y


P r e - C r e a t i o n :

F a m i l y L i n e
P a r e n t s , t i t l e ( if any ) :
Quaome (father), previous Eloquoi
Tabaqi (pronounced Tah-bah-key, meaning 'Sixth Truth'; mother)

H a l f - s i b l i n g s ( in order of age, oldest to youngest ) , b i o m e :
Vaosigur, alias Vaas (pronounced Vah(ah)-sih-gur, alias Vahs, meaning 'Of Wisdom'), born Arc 678, forest

Qakaboh, alias Kado (pronounced Kah-kah-boh, meaning 'Of Strength'), born Arc 679, tundra

Kintuih, alias none (pronounced Keen-too, meaning 'He who is Great'), born Arc 681, desert

Sanulun, nickname Nulun, alias Shannon (human), alias Elross (Mer) (pronounced Sah-noo-luhn, nickname Nuh-luhn, meaning 'He who has Life'), born Arc 683, aquatic

Yanaqi, nickname Yana, alias Fara (pronounced Yah-nah-key, meaning 'One Truth'), born Arc 692, grassland


1 8 th of C y l u s , 6 9 4 Quio is born the sixth child to his father, the first to his mother. Despite being only a half-sibling to the rest of the family, he is named for his father and is looked to as the Eloquoi (meaning last born), a successor of knowledge.

He is born in the wilds between Treth and Ne'haer and throughout his childhood arcs is encouraged to study animals and to understand nature. He lives only with his mother and is kept isolated from society, much as his siblings before him. It is the way of their family. It is their father's duty.

3 3 rd of Y m i d e n , 7 0 0 As a child, Quio first arises to the Uleuda. This date is commemorated as a second birthday; in his family, it is more important than the day of birth. He promptly begins his studies with his siblings under the careful proctorship of his father and many other teachers.

H o t C y c l e , 7 0 0 Quio begins examining the ways of animals in earnest. The coyote is his favorite animal, and so they focus primarily on canines. His mother uses her wolf form, and though he is a boy they live purely as animals for much of the next few arcs, exempting in the winter. This is how they study.

H o t C y c l e , 7 0 4 Quio is allowed to enter the city for the first time in his life. His mother is not allowed to come on the trip; earlier she had an argument with his father. He spends the day with his father and a couple of his elder siblings. They watch people. His father lets him play with other children, real children. 'Learn them,' he is told. Quio has never known a friend but he finds after some hesitance that he makes them easily. He dazzles the other children, quite literally. His father catches him projecting rainbow colors of light for a little girl, awing her, and then he is in trouble. He is not allowed back in the city. He returns home and his mother wraps him in her arms. His parents have another shouting match.

The boy weeps that night from sadness. Before, with just his mother, he had been content. But now he keeps thinking of all the people. Their different faces. Their smiles.

C o l d C y c l e , 7 0 5 He goes back to the city with his mother for some errands after much begging and pleading. There he meets the little rainbow girl again, but she runs away from him. He thinks she must not remember him. On the way home someone tries to follow them. But it is cold and there is a storm and they make it home in peace. His mother leaves the lights out that night, and they cuddle together for warmth.

C o l d C y c l e , 7 0 5 The men have come from the city. His mother tries talking to them. But something is wrong. They grab his mother and there's a knife. She's hurt. She screams in their native tones for him to run! They're doing horrible things. One of them descends upon him and hits him when he tries to help her. He's not certain what's happening and he seems to blur through chunks of it; he blinks and suddenly he is stumbling through the forest, a man with a knife at his back. He realizes he needs to run! like his mother had told him, and he does, in the process getting slashed deeply by the man. The man gives chase through the woods. But these are Quio's woods and eventually he loses him. Later, when he's hidden, he smells smoke. After the sound of their voices fades, he goes back to the house. It's burning up, gone. His mother is gone too. He's afraid to go to the city. He stays and waits for her for many, many days but she never comes back.

R e b i r t h C y c l e , 7 0 6 There's someone in the woods and the boy is weak from hunger. At first he hides because he is afraid that it is the men again, hunting him. But it's just another boy, digging for rocks, shining them, putting them in his pockets. Quio watches him throughout the day. He can't help but watch. He is in love with that face. He has not seen faces, smiling faces, in so long.

The boy has food and Quio sneaks out to try and steal it when the boy wanders away. But the boy is waiting and Quio whirls on him, about to attack. He stops; he realizes that the boy does not want to hurt him. They talk. The beautiful one smiles at him, and they eat, and they search for rocks together.

The sun is fading and they walk towards the city, but Quio balks. Afraid. He is so afraid. He tells the boy that he has no home, that he is not welcome. They wait until night and sneak to the water, where there is a large boat. The beautiful one calls it Andresmarie. This is the beautiful boy's home. Quio is fed and clothed. When the boat leaves in a week, he remains on it. It is his new home.

3 3 rd of Y m i d e n , 7 0 9 He tells the boy what he is and expects to be thrown to the currents. But they are friends. And Hart is beautiful. And he accepts Quio.

S a u n , 7 1 0 It is a big night. Hart and Quio grip hands and stand in front of their family. There is a great reveal, two, followed by even greater silence. The boys are prepared: packed and ready to leave if necessary. Quio trembles, thinking that he has lost a second home. But there is nothing to fear. Quio is accepted doubly by these kind people. 'You are our son.' They swear to keep his secret. And they have no prejudice against two boys in love.

Arcs pass and they are good arcs, full of open skies and freedom and Hart. During this time Quio creates a second humanoid form, one of a Biqaj, to match his beautiful boy.

H i s t o r y C o n t i n u e d


P o s t - C r e a t i o n :

S a u n , 7 1 6 Quio and his promised one Hart come to Andaris in their little sloop, the Jovy Akor. They discover the kingdom of Rynmere is on the verge of a civil war and though Quio wants to leave, to just sail away on their ship, Hart convinces him that it's safer to stay.

It is not. Throughout the remainder of the season Quio is hurt, loses his ship, is attacked by monsters called shadowbeasts, is separated from Hart, and is ultimately forced to kill to survive. Worse yet, after the civil war a newer, greater war arises: the immortals' war.

V h a l a r , 7 1 6 The shadowbeasts continue to attack and Quio, having been left trapped outside of the city for some 20 days, finally comes back to Andaris when the gates reopen, hoping to find Hart. But before he can he meets an immortal on the streets, U'frek, who tells him to follow-- and Quio does. With U'frek and other champions of the immortals Quio is whisked away on a ship, The Humble Son, to Ne'haer-- but along the way something terrible happens, completely crippling Quio's sense of self. The ship is attacked and Quio, unbeknownst to him, is targeted by a pair of evil immortals called Kata and Mastes; Kata turns him into a giant shadowbeast, full of rage, and Quio is forced to attack his shipmates in a haze of bloodlust.

When the fight is over and Quio turns back he no longer trusts himself. He is willingly taken to the brig and held captive for the rest of the journey, though U'frek stops by to give him a special gift, two pearl seashells that can be used to communicate through far distances.

Once at Ne'haer the champions from Rynmere find the city is a warzone, buildings completely demolished, people hurt, and everything on fire. Quio does his best to help them despite his history with Ne'haer, but eventually an army of Aukari come, setting everything once more alight, and Quio and the others escape through a portal to the final site of the war: a field of ice, Oscillus, where the champions must fight to recover Treid's heart.

Quio joins the battle towards the tomb and loses himself again in the chaos. The fight plays out, insanity ensues, and the evil immortals are finally defeated but not before many losses on both sides. For his efforts Quio is blessed by Qylios. Then he and the others are sent home.

After the war, Quio remains plagued by uncertainty, self-hate, and self-doubt. This culminates in him breaking down and revealing his true identity as a Yludih to a group of people --Tristan, Faith, Elyna-- at a ball commemorating the war, which as a Yludih is an act of self-harm.

Z i ' d a , 7 1 6 - C y l u s , 7 1 7 For the next two seasons, Quio falls further and further into a depression. He spends little time with the people he loves and isolates himself, hyperfocusing on a task given to him at work: to make a case to save a man and his son, Vernon and Derek Smith, from the Fighting Pits.

A s h a n , 7 1 7 In Ashan, 717 Quio finally snaps. He realizes he wants --no, needs-- to go to Ne'haer, the place his mother was killed which he visited during the war; he needs to find the men who hurt his mother, but he also feels he cannot leave until he finishes his job. In a burst of criminal activity, he stakes out the Fighting Pits and traps a man who works there, Earnest Freeman, along with his family. Armed with Earnest's face --having taken the time to steal it-- and the information about the Pits the man had given, Quio breaks into the Fighting Pits and ultimately ends up freeing Vernon and Derek, committing many crimes along the way and burning his Rynmere identity Iaan Krome-- but it seems he's too late, as Derek has already been grievously wounded in a fight.

Still, Quio takes the freed man and son on his ship, the Blackheart, and sails west towards Warrick, hoping to drop them off there. However, Derek dies before they can get him home and soon after Quio is told by his sister Yanaqi that in a fit of jealousy and anger she had killed Hart, Quio's promised one.

In a state of advanced depression, Quio drops Vernon off in Warrick, buries Derek, and then sets sail with Yanaqi towards Ne'haer.

Late in the season Quio arrives in Ne'haer and quickly seeks out the men who wronged him. He finds one, sparing the man's life in exchange for information on the others, which leads him to Treth, where he finds another-- a man named Tedrik, one of the worst of the bunch. In Treth Quio confronts Tedrik but ultimately lets him go, feeling that killing these men is not the answer-- only for the men to turn on him some fifteen days later, and ambush him as he's finally trying to come to terms with all that has happened. Quio is shot through with arrows and beaten unconscious, and along with a Treth girl, Tei'serin, is taken hostage by the men who wish to do them both harm.

Y m i d e n , 7 1 7 After being taken captive by the men, who have no intention of ever letting him go and indeed wish to torture and kill him, Quio finds himself taking refuge in Uleuda. He's lost for a long time in his thoughts and when he emerges he begins, once again, to isolate himself from others. The men do awful things to him when he's awake in a quest to discover the Yludih's bodily secrets
--like amputating some of his fingers-- and so Quio spends most of his time in Uleuda. There he is given a guard by some of the Ancients, who fear that under duress he may turn traitor and spill their race's secrets. If he does, his guard will have no choice but to kill him.

S a u n, 7 1 7 By this time a pattern of behavior has emerged, and Quio follows it to a t. Self-isolation and depression turn once again to vengeance, and Quio snaps once more. This time, he is certain he will kill the men who have tortured him; he has lost his compassion for those fleshlings who do harm.
Quio Freeman Ruq, Korim, Iaan
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Quio [Character Sheet]

Postby Quio » Fri Aug 12, 2016 9:25 am

· G e n e r a l · C o n c e p t · H i s t o r y · S t u f f , S k i l l s , & S t a t s ·
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K n o w l e d g e , S k i l l
P o i n t s , & E q u i p m e n t


CLOTHING & EQUIPMENT : C l o t h i n g :
E v e r y d a y C l o t h i n g
  • red frock coat *worn only in Biqaj form
  • simple cream cotton tunic with loose quarter sleeves and neckline
  • simple black cotton breeches
  • men's undergarments
  • brown leather cavalry boots
  • a simple dagger and brown leather belt sheath, used for everyday tasks
  • a masterwork tanto blade of cobalt metal with a black threaded handle and sheath (worth 96 gn)
  • a masterwork steel dao sword (specifically, a niuweidao) and wooden belt sheath Note: Worth 160 gn, cannot be sold or gifted; can be stolen in a modded thread
  • a blue patterned belt sash *worn only in Biqaj form
  • a sunstone necklace *always worn
  • a moonstone necklace *always worn
  • a seashell necklace gifted from U'frek which allows the wearer to be invisible to dangerous spirits, wisps, shadow creatures, and familiars *always worn
Everyday clothing images
Image Image
Image Image Image Image Image
ImageImage ImageImage Image

A r m o r
  • masterwork leather armor
  • masterwork leather gauntlets
  • masterwork leather greaves
  • masterwork leather fauld
  • masterwork leather helmet
  • an ancient alder wood kite shield, decorated with gold plate and the image of two Mer with crossed tridents
Armor images
Image Image
the shield insignia, below:Image

W o r k / E v e n t C l o t h i n g
  • navy overcoat
  • grey blazer
  • royal blue dress shirt
  • white lace-embroidered flowery dress shirt
  • floral embroidered waistcoat
  • dark tan suit trousers
  • brown leather belt
  • brown leather dress shoes
  • men's undergarments
  • stockings
Work/Event clothing images
Image Image

H a r t ' s / O t h e r C l o t h i n g
  • burgundy suit jacket
  • burgundy suit trousers
  • light grey dress shirt
  • dark grey dress shirt
Other clothing images

P e r s o n a l E q u i p m e n t :
Within a large, weatherproofed canvas rucksack:
  • 1 set of toiletries (a brush, razor, bar of soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and added small (hand) mirror, 2 hand towels)
  • 1 tinderbox
  • 1 waterskin
  • 1 compass
  • 2 communication shells, pearl-colored and small enough to fit in the palm; 1 given to a PC or NPC will link the two, allowing communication between them. The shells work over vast distances, though voices will come through distorted and with an echo, necessitating short, to-the-point sentences
Personal equipment images

A r t i f a c t :
Quio's artifact is a sunstone wrapped in braided string, intended to be worn as a necklace (worth 15 gn). He also has a complementary piece: a peach moonstone wrapped in string in the same manner. This he never removes, no matter what form he's in.

Note: The moonstone necklace is not a part of the artifact, and thus has been deducted from Quio's ledger.

LEDGER : (SP) = Starting Package.

starting gold nels (SP) +20.0.0 20.0.0
small table (SP) +25.0.0 45.0.0
small chair (SP) +5.0.0 50.0.0
4 assorted dinner plates (SP) +0.8.0 50.8.0
small shovel -0.4.0 50.4.0
large broom -0.6.0 49.8.0
dustpan -0.4.0 49.4.0
rags (10) -0.2.0 49.2.0
3 small buckets -6.0.0 43.2.0
2 tin cups -1.0.0 42.2.0
small cooking pot -3.0.0 39.2.0
small frying pan -2.0.0 37.2.0
potholder -2.0.0 35.2.0
3 small bags (pouch sized) -0.3.0 34.9.0
3 oz salt -0.3.0 34.6.0
3 branches of rosemary -2.1.0 32.5.0
waterproofed (waxed) canvas tarp -3.5.0 29.0.0
chicken feed (Hot Cycle 716) -1.0.0 28.0.0
straw (Hot Cycle 716) -1.0.0 27.0.0
dog feed (Hot Cycle 716) -1.0.0 26.0.0
3 hens -3.0.0 23.0.0
dagger (and assumed sheath) -3.0.0 20.0.0
hand mirror -4.0.0 16.0.0
2 small towels -0.1.0 15.9.0
2 wooden spoons -1.4.0 14.5.0
large weatherproofed canvas rucksack (bag) -1.2.0 13.3.0
moonstone -5.0.0 8.3.0
sash -1.5.0 6.8.0
hemp rope (50 ft) -1.0.0 5.8.0
3 gn from Tristan Venora +3.0.0 8.8.0
wages (Saun 716) +94.6.4 103.4.4
2 personal NPC's (Saun 716) -20.0.0 83.4.4
navy overcoat (coat, large size, wool, blue dyed) -13.8.6 69.5.8
grey blazer (jacket, large size, wool, 'black' dyed) -1.9.8 67.6.0
royal blue dress shirt (shirt, medium size, cotton, blue dyed) -0.9.7 66.6.3
white fancy dress shirt (shirt, lace-embroidered, medium size, cotton) -5.2.4 61.3.9
fancy floral waistcoat (vest, embroidered, fair condition, medium size, custom dyed (x10 modified)) -21.6.0 39.7.9
dark tan trousers (trousers, large size, wool, beige dyed) -1.3.2 38.4.7
belt (leather, brown dyed) -4.0.0 34.4.7
dress shoes (dancing shoes, extra large, leather, brown dyed) -6.4.0 28.0.7
men's undergarments -0.2.0 27.8.7
stockings -1.0.0 26.8.7
Ye Olde Inn rent (2sn/night for 29 nights, Saun 716) -5.8.0 21.0.7
Ye Olde Inn stables rent (5cn/night for 29 nights, Saun 716) -1.4.5 19.6.2
extra hammock -3.0.0 16.6.2
dark grey dress shirt (shirt, medium size, cotton, 'black' dyed) -0.3.2 16.3.0
light grey dress shirt (shirt, medium size, cotton, 'black' dyed) -0.3.2 15.9.8
burgundy suit jacket (jacket, fair condition, medium size, red dyed) -4.3.2 11.6.6
burgundy trousers (trousers, fair condition, medium size, red dyed) -7.2.0 4.4.6
2 mugs of ale -0.2.1 4.2.6
bounty for Black Barbra +50.0.0 54.2.6
8 dinner plates (assorted type) -1.6.0 52.6.6
8 dinner knives -0.8.0 51.8.6
8 tin cups -4.0.0 47.8.6
8 tablespoons -0.8.0 47.0.6
1 small shovel -0.4.0 46.6.6
1 large broom -0.6.0 46.0.6
1 dustpan -0.4.0 45.6.6
1 5x5 yd tarp -3.5.0 42.1.6
3 oz salt -0.3.0 41.8.6
3 branches of rosemary -2.1.0 39.7.6
2 small bags -0.2.0 39.5.6
15 ft rope ladder -15.0.0 24.5.6
50 gn side challenge reward +50.0.0 74.5.6
cost of seating and admissions for A Royal Tragedy -16.0.0 58.5.6
2 mugs of ale, 2 competent prostitutes -2.2.0 56.3.6
wages (Vhalar 716) +634.6.8 691.0.4
dog feed (Cold Cycle 716) -1.0.0 690.0.4
chicken feed (Cold Cycle 716) -1.0.0 689.0.4
straw (Cold Cycle 716) -1.0.0 688.0.4
Ye Olde Inn rent (2sn/night for 123 nights, Vhalar 716) -24.6.0 663.4.4
Ye Olde Inn stables rent (5cn/night for 123 nights, Vhalar 716) -6.1.5 657.2.9
2 personal NPC's (Vhalar 716) -20.0.0 637.2.9
small fishing net (20 sq ft) -40.0.0 597.2.9
paid off debt -300.0.0 297.2.9
Ye Olde Inn rent (2sn/night for 93 nights, Zi'da 716) -18.6.0 278.6.9
Ye Olde Inn stables rent (5cn/night for 93 night, Zi'da 716) -4.6.5 274.0.4
2 personal NPC's (Zi'da 716) -20.0.0 254.0.4
Ye Olde Inn rent (2sn/night for 30 nights, Cylus 717) -6.0.0 248.0.4
Ye Olde Inn stables rent (5cn/night for 30 nights, Cylus 717) -1.5.0 246.5.4
2 personal NPC's (Cylus 717) -20.0.0 226.5.4
dog feed (Rebirth Cycle 717) -1.0.0 225.5.4
chicken feed (Rebirth Cycle 717) -1.0.0 224.5.4
straw (Rebirth Cycle 717) -1.0.0 223.5.4
Ye Olde Inn rent (2sn/night for 123 nights, Ashan 717) -24.6.0 198.9.4
Ye Olde Inn stables rent (5cn/night for 123 nights, Ashan 717) -6.1.5 192.7.9
2 personal NPC's (Ashan 717) -20.0.0 172.7.9
Ye Olde Inn rent (1sn/night for 10 nights, Ashan 16th - 26th 717) -1.0.0 171.7.9
bottle of rum -10.0.0 161.7.9
50 ft of hemp rope -1.0.0 160.7.9
jute sack (medium bag) -0.2.0 160.5.9
set of 6 torches -3.0.0 157.5.9
three tins of burner fuel (lamp oil) -15.0.0 142.5.9
1 personal NPC (Ymiden 717) -10.0.0 132.5.9
1 personal NPC (Saun 717) -10.0.0 122.5.9
1 personal NPC (Vhalar 717) -10.0.0 112.5.9

O t h e r :
-300.0.0 0.0.0 -300.0.0
+300.0.0 0.0.0

SKILLS : (SP)= Starting Package.
(RB) = Racial Bonus.
(SH) = Shards.

S k i l l L e d g e r :
(SP) +50 (SP) 50
field craft -10 (SP) 40
navigation -10 (SP) 30
seafaring -20 (SP) 10
appraisal -10 (SP) 0
(RB) +25 (RB) 25
disguise -25 (RB) 0
(SH) +6 (SH) 6
field craft -2 (SH) 4
disguise -2 (SH) 2
investigation -2 (SH) 0
mistaken identity +15 15
etiquette -5 10
investigation -5 5
politics -5 0
broken trust +10 10
endurance -5 5
blades: dagger -5 0
andaris, andaris, and burgess +10 10
investigation -10 0
the eloquoi +10 10
navigation -10 0
dawn of the void-creatures +14 14
polearms: spear -10 4
stealth -4 0
rebirth +10 10
endurance -5 5
field craft -5 0
the lookalike lord +14 14
LANGUAGES-- Ulehi -14 0
[cyrene bay; venora] lifeboat +10 10
navigation -5 5
polearms: spear -5 0
[global event] swords, axes, daggers oh my [side challenge] +15 15
blades: dagger -10 5
LANGUAGES-- Common -5 0
[job thread] chained to freedom +10 10
politics -10 0
black barbra +15 15
tactics -15 0
[global event] the humble son +19 19
blades: dagger -12 7
navigation -2 5
seafaring -5 0
reconnection +15 15
linguistics -15 0
when the morning comes +15 15
unarmed combat: brawling -10 5
LANGUAGES-- Common -5 0
stealing a statue +15 15
LANGUAGES-- Common -15 0
[warrick] i'm bringing home a baby bumblebee +15 15
unarmed combat: brawling -10 5
LANGUAGES-- Common -5 0
the yanabruh +15 15
LANGUAGES-- Ulehi -15 0
a light in the darkness +15 15
blades: dagger -14 1
LANGUAGES-- Ulehi -1 0
a star at night +15 15
LANGUAGES-- Common -15 0
[global event] battle to the tomb of treid +13 13
blades: dagger -6 7
unarmed combat: brawling -7 0
[global event] the great meeting +20 20
blades: dagger -20 0
a royal tragedy +15 15
blades: dagger -8 7
unarmed combat: brawling -6 1
stealth -1 0
the laws of men and of the heart +10 10
unarmed combat: brawling -10 0
breaking and taking +10 10
blades: dagger -9 1
field craft -1 0
[warrick] rough waters +10 10
navigation -8 2
seafaring -2 0
the tortured one +10 10
meditation -10 0
between worlds +10 10
endurance -5 5
meditation -5 0
alone +15 15
LANGUAGES-- Ulehi -15 0
[bailey peninsula] deliverance i +10 10
field craft -7 3
unarmed combat: brawling -2 1
investigation -1 0
[bailey peninsula] deliverance ii +10 10
field craft -10 0
one way +15 15
blades: dagger -15 0
[between ne'haer and rhakros] never starve again i +10 10
field craft -10 0
[foster's bay] interception +20 20
LANGUAGES-- Common -20 0

S k i l l s :
Due to an update in the skill system, the required number of knowledges have been changed. For my own reference I'll put the requirements here:
Unskilled = 0
Novice = 0-10
Competent = 11-21
Expert = 22-32
Master = 33-59
Legendary = 60

(FT) = Fast Track.

blades: dagger (primary) 18 58/100, 99/250 EXPERT
unarmed combat: brawling (primary) 13 35/100, 45/250 COMPETENT
field craft 21 35/100, 45/250 COMPETENT
navigation 7 30/100, 35/250 COMPETENT
disguise (FT) 5 27/100 COMPETENT
seafaring 10 26/100, 27/250 COMPETENT
investigation 6 18/100, 18/250 NOVICE
endurance 12 15/100, 15/250 NOVICE
meditation 10 15/100, 15/250 NOVICE
polearms: spear (primary) 0 15/100, 15/250 NOVICE
politics 4 15/100, 15/250 NOVICE
tactics 14 15/100, 15/250 NOVICE
appraisal 2 10/100, 10/250 NOVICE
etiquette 6 5/100, 5/250 UNSKILLED
stealth 10 5/100, 5/250 UNSKILLED
blades: saber, dao (secondary) 2 -- NOVICE

L a n g u a g e s:
linguistics 2 15/100, 15/250 NOVICE

Note: Quio began with (SP) fluent Rakahi and (SP) broken Common.
Note 2: Novice linguistics (ling.) allows a PC to learn up to 4 languages; two easy-level languages can be automatically leveled to broken. As such, Ith'ession has been leveled to broken; the other language chosen, Ulehi (a hard-level language) cannot be automatically leveled at this time.

Rakahi (biqaj), easy FLUENT (SP) FLUENT (SP) F L U E N T
Common, easy 6 broken: 25/25 (SP), conversational: 30/30, fluent: 35/35 F L U E N T
Ulehi (yludih), hard 3 broken: 40/40, conversational: 5/50 CONVERSATIONAL
Ith'ession (Etzos), easy 0 broken: 25/25 (ling.) BROKEN

KNOWLEDGE : (SP)= Starting Package.
(SH) = Shards.

The obvious differences between humans and animals

Canids: Canine body language (SP)

Fauna: Coyotes
Coyotes: Habitat
Coyotes: Behavior and social structure
Coyotes: Diet and methods of hunting
Coyotes: Biology
Coyotes: Predators, competitors, and prey
Coyotes: Vocalizations and body language
Coyotes: Mating and stages of life
Coyotes: Body mechanics
Coyotes: Pack hierarchy

Jacadon: Almost too hot to touch
Jacadon: Keeps water in a waterskin
Jacadon: Eat seaweed when sick

Shadow creatures: Don't like / won't cross water.
Shadow creatures: Not safe at sea
Shadow creatures: Rise at dawn

Fauna: Shadowhounds: Very large, highly Intelligent, trainable wolves
Shadowhounds: Go for the throat, and can tear clean through it

Flora: Claytona monticola

Immortals: Witness to their existence
There Is No Comparison To An Immortal

Immortal: Ethelynda

Immortal: Faldrun

Immortal: Ilaren

Immortal: Jesine
Portal: To Oscillus
Portal: Lights above it like stars

Immortal: Moseke
Moseke: Revitalised and healed all present

Immortal: Qylios

Immortal: U'frek
U’frek: Blind?
U’frek: Persuasive
U’frek: The sea moves around him
U’frek: No better than the people who murdered your mother?
U’frek: Gave you a gift

Immortal: Xiur

Immortal: Ymiden

Immortal: Yvithia

L a n g u a g e s
  1. Common Word: Katana
  2. Common: Word: Hand
  3. Common: Word: Memory/memories
  4. Common: Word: Grip
  5. Common: Hearing phrases when you know what is being discussed
  6. Common: Biology vocab, words for parts of the body (ex: vertebrae)

  1. Ulehi: Fleshlings, a derogatory term for the "waking" people of Idalos
  2. Ulehi: Fleshlovers, a derogatory term for Yludih who love the waking world or its people
  3. Ulehi: Atuih, meaning possessed, a synonym for fleshlovers
Location: U’frek’s ship

Location: Etzos
Location: Bailey Peninsula
Black Guard: Etzori city watch
Black Guard: Rumored to have yludih members
Black Guard: Many use "Sovereign Ward" armor
Sovereign Ward: An armor enchantment that negates kinetic energy
Meeks, Valance, and the escort squad all know you're a yludih

Forbidden Post escort squad: Klendon, Berly, Grell, and Braxton Forell
Forbidden Post escort squad: Saved you and Valance from the pirates
Phrase: "Friend of the Post" declares yourself friendly to Etzos' forces

Location: Foster's Landing: Port town serving Etzos
Southwood River: Connects Etzos and Foster's Landing

Location: Ne’haer
Ne'haer: Bustling city of prosperity
Location: The Anari River
Location: The Willow Woods
Ne’haer: Located in the west of Idalos
Ne'haer: City of religious tolerance
Ne'haer: In ruins due to mist men [shadowbeast] attacks
Ne'haer: Council of Minäih Judgement Hall
Ne'haer: Destruction of the Judgement Hall

Andaris: There's a war
Andaris: Large walls to protect the city
Andaris: Seems distrusting of strangers
Andaris: Difficult to navigate
Location: House of Roses
Location: Andaris, Andaris, and Burgess
Location: Ye Olde Inn
Location: Rynmere Theatre
Ye Olde Inn: Nicer than you'd think
Location: Tristan Venora’s house
Location: Burhan Estate
Blacksmith Arms: Doesn’t rent rooms
Fighting Pits of Andaris: Paid off the knights and nobles to keep running
Fighting Pits of Andaris: Treats the animals better than the slaves
Fighting Pits of Andaris: Knowledge of their schedule and general goings on
Wine: Venora Red
Rynmere noble houses: There are seven in total
House Andaris symbol: Dragon
House Venora symbol: Rose
House Krome symbol: Wolf
Event: A Royal Tragedy

Krome: Burning any ships that sail the Zor

Venora: Housing the rebel army
Location: Hill's farm
Location: Green's farm
Location: Bevel's homestead

Location: Uleuda
Uleuda: Everything shines
General layout: Uleuda
Uleuda: Feel the wind
Uleuda: Gravity still present
Crystals are slippery
Uleuda: Great crystal Yldria
Uleuda: Yldria: The Mother
Uleuda: Your father may be there
Uleuda: The Forest: Father or Grandfather
Location: The Black Sea [the void]Location: Uleuda: The Forest
Uleuda: The living and the dead reside here

Sanuleuda: A home for yludih in the false [waking] world
Yanabruh: A test of survival

Alfred Morris: Works at Andaris, Andaris, and Burgess
Alfred Morris: Dresses as a knight
Alfred Morris: Also called Guttey
Alfred Morris: Right hand got bitten [off] by a jacadon
Guttey: Former knight

Artem Andaris: Works at Andaris, Andaris, and Burgess
Artem Andaris: Young!
Artem Andaris: Calls you Iaan Krome
Artem: Willing to help you out
Irene and Artem: Lost in their work
Artem: Didn’t want you to leave

Black Barbra: A wanted pirate
Black Barbra['s crew]: Ranchers
Black Barbra['s crew]: Worked for the Warricks
Black Barbra: Ship called the Blackheart

NPC: "Butcher": Raiden Valance's shadowhound companion

Dumont: Sleazy
Dumont: Smiles like a shark
Dumont: Punched you

Earnest Freeman: The man you threatened
Earnest Freeman: Former fighter in the Pits
Earnest Freeman: [You] took his face
Agatha: The daughter of Earnest Freeman

NPC: Elja Raj'ryn:
Elja: Si'tony's cousin

Emerson Sands: Attended Tristan’s play

Father: Yanaqi says he's dead

Granny Ebony: Formidable

Hart: Beautiful (SH)
Hart's Family: Took Quio as their son (SH)
Hart: Likes rocks that sparkle (SH)
Hart: Accepts Quio (SH)
Hart: Always wandering off for trials at a time
Hart: Born on a ship
Hart: Biqaj
Hart: Thirteen [when he found you]Hart: Lives on [his mother's] boat, [the] Andresmarie
Hart: Dubious means of gathering info
Hart: Doppelganger for Tristan
Hart: Not intimidated by nobility
Hart: Ruled by his stomach
Hart: Is angry you lost the Jovy Akor
Hart: Owes money to Herys Harlow (300gn)
Hart: Not as careful as he should be
Hart: A considerate man
Hart: Not fond of fights

Herys Harlow: Sent a debt collector

Irene Davies: Hired you at Andaris, Andaris, and Burgess
Irene Davies: Evidently not too picky
Irene and Artem: Lost in their work

Jack: Your new dog
Jack: Followed you on the ship

Jessa: Quiome's first friend
Jessa: Kind and sweet
Jessa's father: Murderer of [your] mother

King Cassander: Attended Tristan’s play

NPC: Meeks: Leader of a pirate crew
Meeks' crew: Stole the Ne'haer ship and set the men adrift

The men from Ne'haer: Know all of your forms

NPC: Pike Tora'ouj:
Pike: Elja's human promised one

Qadazih: An Ancient One

NPC: Raiden Valance: Forbidden Post liaison with escort squad
Raiden Valance: Accepted Celarion bond when needed
Raiden Valance: Told you to find "Capt. Segrille"; that he's "not one of Vuda's"
Raiden Valance: Was shot while helping you

Rupert Scorn: Illegitimate child of a lord of Andaris

Vernon Smith: A slave who claims he was taken illegally
Vernon Smith: Lived in Warrick
Vernon Smith: Still in the Fighting Pits
Vernon Smith: Badly beaten while in the Fighting Pits
Vernon: Parted on bittersweet terms of the cruelest kind
Derek Smith: Whereabouts still unknown
Derek Smith: He’s in the Fighting Pits

Yanaqi: Cold eyes, cold heart?
Yanaqi: Wants you to resume your studies
Yanaqi: Threatened to hurt Hart
Yanaqi: Call her Fara
Yanaqi: Thinks you're weak
Yanaqi: Always watching
Yanaqi: Obeys the Elders
Yanaqi: Impatient with you
Yanaqi: Sometimes thinks you’re not yludih
Yanaqi: Watchdog and protector
Yanaqi: True to her heritage
Yanaqi: Distrustful of the Leader [Yanahalqah]Yanaqi: Killed Hart for betraying you, family resentment, and jealousy

Alistair Venora: A noble
Alistair Venora: A doctor

Andráska: A wonderful cellist
Andraska: Plays the cello
Andraska: Tristan’s cousin

Bronik: New to Rynmere
Bronik: Biqaj
Bronik: Sailor
Bronik: Nik
Bronik: Stole the Jovy Akor

Daliane: Not the main actor?

Elyna Burhan: Gracious host

Faith: Scary when cross
Faith: Tristan’s slave
Faith: Best cook in Andaris
Faith: Her favorite place is in Tristan’s house
Faith: Talented healer

Lei'lira: Knows more Common than you
Lei'lira: Had a dream
Lei'lira: Father is dead
Lei'lira: Knows your real name [Quio]
Peake: Tax collector
Peake: Lovely beard

Tristan Venora: A noble
Tristan Venora: A sculpter
Tristan Venora: Looks exactly like Hart
Tristan Venora: Likes to pretend to be other people
Tristan Venora: Would like to be a pirate
Tristan Venora: Enjoys a good prank
Tristan Venora: Knows an undertaker who's good in bed
Hart: Says he's possessed by a noble
Hart: Says he drank green liquid
Tristan: Trickster at heart
Tristan: Generous
Tristan: Sleeps with his slave
Tristan: Suffers from seasickness
"Bearded Statue": Lord Peake Andaris
Mistral: Potential wrench in the works [Tristan's cat]Tristan Venora: Too smart for his own good
Tristan: Has casting issues
Tristan’s play: Scandalous

Vluharqih: Daring, even as a child
Vluharqih: When in doubt, defer to her
Vluharqih: Trusted partner

Yana: Confident leader
Yanahalqah: The Leader
Yanahalqah: Might have followed you
Yanahalqah: Saved you
Yanahalqah: Suffered because of you
Yanahalqah: One of the flowers [Lonely flower?]Yanahalqah: In pain
Yanahalqah: You helped her
Yanahalqah: Was on the Humble Son?

PC: Yanahalqah: Rayna: (Yludih) mercenary

Saeri: An interrogator

Eloquoi: Quio's destiny (SH)
Don't get in the way of adults
Most siblings are mean
You kissed a noble, and you liked it. His lips tasted like strawberry fake-drink.
Quio: Killed two men
Task: The immortals need your help
Task: Head to the Council of Minäih
Quio: Turned into a shadow creature
Quio: Hurt Faith
Quio: Hurt Rita
Quio: Hurt Alys
Quio: Hurt Tristan
Quio: Manipulated by the immortals?
Quio: The victim

Earnest Freeman: Took his face

Yludih: First animal form: Coyote knowledge
Yludih: First animal form: Coyote observation
Fauna: Coyotes
Coyotes: Habitat
Coyotes: Behavior and social structure
Coyotes: Diet and methods of hunting
Coyotes: Biology
Coyotes: Predators, competitors, and prey
Coyotes: Vocalizations and body language
Coyotes: Mating and stages of life
Coyotes: Body mechanics
Coyotes: Pack hierarchy

Yludih: Never show them [the waking people] what you are
Yludih: Gain theirv[the waking peoples'] trust
Nulliem: Destroyers of light
Nulliem: Tree killers
Ancient Ability: Pulses of light
Illusions: Not only Yludih hide their true selves
Yludih: Hiding your true nature
Yludih: Not hated by everyone
Yludih: What is it to be [a yludih]Yludih: Yludih bodies are simpler and stronger than flesh-things'

S k i l l s
  1. Acting: Pretending to be a loitering drunk
  2. Acting: Pretending to be a begger
  3. Acting: Making your voice lower and more nasal

  1. Safely recovering a jacadon from the water
  2. How to properly push water out of a jacadon's lungs
  3. Using a jacadon's wing as leverage [against it in a fight]
  4. Animal Husbandry: Keeping Jack warm

  1. Appraisal: Knowing when to seek medical attention (SP)
  2. Appraisal: The superficial evaluation of a person (SP)

  1. Blades: Dagger: Stabbing with a knife
  2. Combat: Dagger: Basic stance
  3. Combat: Dagger: Grip
  4. Combat: Dagger: Slashing attack
  5. Blades: Daggers: How to slit a man's throat
  6. Blades, Dagger: Forward grip
  7. Blades, Dagger: Reverse grip
  8. Blades, Dagger: Draw and stab
  9. Bladed Combat (Dagger): Slice and slash on the move
  10. Blades (Dagger): Using [a dagger] as a threat
  11. Blades: Dagger: Hiding to suprise your opponent
  12. Blades: Dagger: Backstab
  13. Blades: Dagger: Using a knife as a tool rather than a weapon
  14. Blades: Dagger: Circle to keep out of enemies' reach
  15. Blades: Dagger: Hit harder to make up for a weapon's bluntness
  16. Blades: Dagger: Lunge
  17. Blades: Dagger: "Rabbit" stabs to the abdomen
  18. Blades: Dagger: Slash at an enemy's hands to make them release you

  1. Blades: Slash
  2. Combat: Blades: Slash-punch

  1. Business Management: People panic buy when war is on the horizon

  1. Chemistry: Lantern oil encourages the flame
  2. Chemistry: Coating a vase in oil keeps it alive [lit]

  1. Cosmetology: Colour combinations matter for professional dress

  1. A deal that can be both kept AND broken
  2. Deception: Mix truth with lies to sound more believable
  3. Deception: Play along and act cool
  4. Deception: Use what you know
  5. Deception: If it works once it will likely work again
  6. Deception: A very hard lesson in deception from one you loved
  7. Deception: A foolhardy attack may act as a surprise

  1. Detection: Spotting signs when approaching buildings
  2. Detection: The smell of death
  3. Detection: Watch someone's eye movements carefully to help determine their thoughts
  4. Detection: Flirts wear skirts, mercenaries don't
  5. Detection: How to notice expressions of uncertainty and suspicion
  6. Detection: Tiny details, like a waving hand, can make all the difference
  7. Detection: Listening to another's actions carefully
  8. Detection: Getting a feel for Earnest Freeman’s face
  9. Detection: Small slips can lead to terrible truth
  10. Detection: Spotting when the plan has derailed

  1. Discipline: Not showing emotion when there's work to do
  2. Discipline: Throwing yourself into work can stop your mind from wandering
  3. Discipline: Cooperating for Tristan's sake
  4. Discipline: Defending your friends
  5. Discipline: Fighting off panic
  6. Discipline: Keep going through fear
  7. Discipline: Keep busy and stay on target

  1. Disguise: Unadorned clothing blends in to [the] forest
  2. Disguise: Hide behind a false name
  3. Disguise: Dress the part
  4. Disguise: Sound the part
  5. Disguise: A slave can look like a free slave with the right branding

  1. Endurance: Adrenaline helps to survive
  2. Endurance: Cold limbs have less mobility
  3. Endurance: Cold water causes sluggish movement
  4. Endurance: Just push through
  5. Endurance: Practicing is tiring
  6. Endurance: Extreme rage
  7. Endurance: Enduring a beating
  8. Endurance: Running for long periods of time In Uleuda
  9. Endurance: A brief respite is very welcome
  10. Endurance: Biting cold
  11. Endurance: Burying those who deserved attention
  12. Endurance: Sacrificing personal safety to injure an enemy

  1. Etiquette: Use of Lord as a title
  2. Etiquette: Not all nobles are quite how you'd expect them to be
  3. Etiquette: Fancy events tend to collect weapons from the attendees to avoid unnecessary violence
  4. Etiquette: At a fancy event, servants will take your cloak before you enter
  5. Etiquette: Truth versus lies
  6. Etiquette: How to behave at a play

  1. Field Craft: Finding shelter is imperative to survival
  2. Field Craft (Snow): Don’t leave tracks
  3. Field Craft: Makeshift bandages
  4. Field craft: Making a simple stone knife
  5. Field craft: Making a bow drill
  6. Field craft: Using a bow drill to start a fire
  7. Field craft: Dry wood is imperative to starting a fire
  8. Field craft: Dry wood is found on dry ground
  9. Field craft: Sharpening/refining a stone knife
  10. Field craft: Using sapling bark to make cordage
  11. Field craft: Soak sapling bark to make it easier to remove in strings
  12. Field craft: Use fire to keep the animals away
  13. Field craft: Gather whatever food you can, even from carcasses if necessary
  14. Field craft: Knapping a stone tool to make it sharp
  15. Field craft: A coarse whetstone smooths and a polished whetstone sharpens
  16. Field craft: Using rocks as whetstones to hone a stone tool
  17. Field craft: Making a simple hand drill
  18. Field craft: Starting a fire with a hand drill
  19. Field Craft: Dry your feet immediately after fording a river
  20. Field Craft: Even small amounts of food are worth foraging
  21. Field Craft: Use a river to cover tracks

  1. Talking scares away fish

  1. Hunting: Call out and scare away animals
  2. Hunting: Picking up an animal's trail
  3. Hunting: Follow a prey animal to find its predators

  1. Intelligence: Surveying from afar
  2. Intelligence: Infiltrating the enemy's ranks
  3. Intelligence: Setting up patterns of surveillance
  4. Intelligence: Getting a feel for a time table
  5. Intelligence: Getting a head count of night shift workers
  6. Intelligence: Spying on the household of your next target

  1. Interrogation: Finding out the what
  2. Interrogation: Finding out the when
  3. Interrogation: Be thorough
  4. Interrogation: If you're unsure of the info threaten their child
  5. Interrogation: Don't kill the leader

  1. Intimidation: A dagger to the throat
  2. Intimidation: A threatening stare
  3. Intimidation: No actual promise of restraint
  4. Intimidation: The counter threat of death
  5. Intimidation: Fuck the law
  6. Intimidation: Scream and I burn your house down
  7. Intimidation: Move and I cut you
  8. Intimidation: You sit where I tell you to sit
  9. Intimidation: Do you want to bleed man? I’ve killed before
  10. Intimidation: Persistence can sometimes gain you an answer
  11. Intimidation: Using whatever you've got to intimidate the hell out of your enemies
  12. Intimidation: Making yourself inhuman

  1. Investigation: Putting together behaviours to determine when something isn't quite right
  2. Investigation: The devil is in the details
  3. Investigation: Observing the goings on at the Fighting Pits
  4. Investigation: Where do the bodies go?
  5. Investigation: Errands don’t last that long
  6. Investigation: Memorizing the layout room by room

  1. Leadership: Compassion breeds loyalty

  1. Linguistics: Reading common phrases in Common
  2. Linguistics: Using body language to communicate

  1. Logistics: Feeding refugees on boats
  2. Logistics: Bring a cart to move a heavy item
  3. Logistics: Guards' arrival won't save Tristan
  4. Logistics: Learn. Distract. Heist. Escape
  5. Logistics: First part complete
  6. Logistics: Well-planned operations can be taxing
  7. Logistics: Measuring your resources against how far you need to go

  1. Medicine [non-yludih]: Signs of a fever
  2. Medicine [general]: The body has to work harder in the cold
  3. Medicine [yludih]: Yludih's bodies reject stitches
  4. Medicine [yluidh]: The asterism can get too hot
  5. Medicine [yludih]: Claytona monticola can be used like stitches
  6. Medicine [yludih]: Claytona monticola specifically works on yludih

  1. Meditation: Breathe and think
  2. Meditation: The clear the body technique
  3. Meditation: Repeated mantra
  4. Meditation: Full body relaxation
  5. Meditation: Fighting through the stress
  6. Meditation: Remaining in the Uleuda when the body wants to wake
  7. Meditation: Going into a trance to rest
  8. Meditation: Using meditation to remain calm
  9. Meditation: Using meditation to overcome pain
  10. Meditation: The Mother crystal helps yludih meditate

  1. Navigation: Basic sloop navigation (SP)
  2. Navigation: Navigating in the dark
  3. Navigation: Position of the sun
  4. Navigation: Filling the gaps using the info you already know
  5. Navigation: Shallow water navigation around the shoreline
  6. Navigation: Building a map of the world in your head
  7. Navigation: The relative positions of Hiladreth, Rhakros and Valaris to Etzos

  1. Necromancy: Necromantic cats, are they a thing?

  1. Negotiation: Splitting profits fairly
  2. Negotiation: Making commands when you know you have the upper hand
  3. Negotiation: Flip of a coin
  4. Negotiation: Extra ransom to get the names of the clients
  5. Negotiation: Proof of identity to stop assault
  6. Negotiation: Using a prisoner to get what you want

  1. Persuasion: Ordering your argument for maximum effect
  2. Persuasion: A case of mistaken identity
  3. Persuasion: Continuously repeating your point may help… or it may not
  4. Persuasion: Proximity and familiar names can influence others

  1. Pickpocketing: If they aren’t looking the gold is as good as yours

  1. Politics: Talking down a crowd
  2. Politics: Etzos: Allied with Hiladrith
  3. Politics: Foster's Landing: Amnesty for pirates willing to be privateers
  4. Politics: Only a select squad know about the "Forbidden Post"

  1. Psychology: Discerning reality from dreams
  2. Psychology: Coming to terms with the past
  3. Psychology: Last rites are often not the same for each individual
  4. Psychology: Removing your blades makes self-harm harder
  5. Psychology: Disarm yourself to prove you're not a threat

  1. Ranged Combat: The art of rock throwing

  1. Resistance: Resisting the urge to respond to pain
  2. Resistance: Using the Uleuda to avoid trauma in the waking world
  3. Resistance: Finding resolve in the toughest of situations

  1. Rhetoric: The truth sometimes is undeniable

  1. Running: Adrenaline really helps!
  2. Running: Running around a building as quickly as possible
  3. Running: Zigzagging to avoid arrows

  1. Torture: What it's like to be tortured

  1. Seafaring: Basic sloop maintenance (SP)
  2. Seafaring: Maneuvring shallow waters
  3. Seafaring: Anchoring and getting ashore in the dark
  4. Seafaring: Sailing the coastline in shallow waters
  5. Seafaring: Climbing the rigging
  6. Seafaring: Two people to sail a schooner
  7. Seafaring: The bow of a ship
  8. Seafaring: Taking down sails on a tall ship
  9. Seafaring: Using a bucket to catch water
  10. Seafaring: Sailing on despite the shock

  1. Combat: Shield: Defending against dagger strikes
  2. Shield Combat: Deflecting blows quickly
  3. Shield Combat: Gripping an enemy's shield to affect their own balance

  1. Stealth: Lowering an anchor quietly
  2. Stealth: Break the back window when they're at the front door
  3. Stealth: Loud distraction to cover soft footsteps
  4. Stealth: Side rooms and corridors are useful hiding spaces
  5. Stealth: Better to hide than call out
  6. Stealth: Don’t wear flashy clothes
  7. Stealth: Stalking a tired unobservant man from midtown
  8. Stealth: It works better at night
  9. Stealth: Using the sound of a slammed door to cover your movements
  10. Stealth: Pressing flat beside a door

  1. Strength: Pulling against the weight of a grown man
  2. Strength: Carrying the weight of an injured and unconscious man
  3. Strength: Dragging a grown man from danger

  1. Tactics: Retreating can help prepare counter attacks
  2. Tactics: Sneaking behind wins
  3. Tactics: Small weapons in a confined space
  4. Tactics: Dagger fighting is different than sword fighting
  5. Tactics: Taking advantage in times of war
  6. Tactics: Make sure you follow the plan
  7. Tactics: Lantern oil on a boat
  8. Tactics: Distract-and-steal teamwork
  9. Tactics: Surrounding a jacadon to confuse it
  10. Tactics: Prisoner means leverage
  11. Tactics: Teamwork is best
  12. Tactics: Danger to self vs danger to others
  13. Tactics: Always have a backup plan
  14. Tactics: Isolate one enemy from the others

  1. Unarmed Combat: Brawling: Better odds when they're caught off guard
  2. Unarmed Combat: Brawling: Strangulation
  3. Unarmed Combat, Brawling: Claws
  4. Unarmed Combat, Brawling: Charge and tackle
  5. Combat; Unarmed: Push
  6. Unarmed Combat: Reacting to the follow-up knee strike
  7. Unarmed: A punch to the face
  8. Unarmed: When all else fails go for the nuts
  9. Unarmed: Keys to the face
  10. Unarmed Combat: Brawling: Teeth to the neck
  11. Unarmed Combat: Brawling: One on one is better odds
  12. Unarmed combat: Take whatever cover you can
  13. Unarmed combat: Use whatever weapon can be found

HOUSING : SP Description: A one-masted sailing sloop (boat) with a mainsail and jib rigged fore and aft. The sloop has a small hold and living quarters under the deck, enough room for a single bed, table or small writing desk, chair, storage chest, and shelf.

UPDATE: As of the 16th of Saun, Arc 716 the Jovy Akor was stolen and replaced by a repurposed pirate vessel, named by its previous owner the Blackheart.

The Jovy Akor

The Jovy Akor is a small, happy, one-to-two person sailboat with typical cream sails and a nice navy finish. Purchased secondhand and in poor condition as a rite of passage for Hart Qy'ihadi by his family, it took dedication to bring it back to seafaring shape. From the time they completed the rite of passage to the time they ended up in Rynmere, Hart and Quio manned the restored ship together as they sailed with their small family fleet, conducting business.

Now refurbished and kept in loving condition, The Jovy Akor hosts a sleek and shining deck complete with storage hatch. Underneath the deck lies a cramped, cozy set of living quarters. These quarters include a single bed (set into a shelved alcove), and a converted kitchen-type area. In the makeshift kitchen, a small trunk doubles as storage and a table, with two sacks of grain serving as cushions. Cups, a pot and pan, a cooking lantern, and other items (like tea and salt) hang from hooks or in bags on the kitchen-side wall.

The back third of the hold houses the leftover storage area. This space has been utilized to its very capacity, with a hammock rolled and tied to the ceiling (lowered as needed), a built-in storage cabinet pressed on the right side of the hull, and a pair of buckets on the left, leaving a small bit of open floor space. The open space has been lined with a tarp, strawed, and gated off with a small fishing net, acting as a pen for a trio of fluffy chickens.

The Blackheart

The Blackheart is an excellent ship. It is, though Hart would have never admitted it, a serious step up in terms of room, quality, and maneuverability from the Akor. Requiring anywhere from two to six to crew her and holding up to ten passengers, the Blackheart is a much more complex vessel, and also extremely beautiful.

Above deck, the Heart hosts two masts, under-deck storage, and a luxurious cockpit, complete with extra living room; below, twelve separate bunks are able to fold out from the walls, with six more comfortable primary beds on the port side and six less comfortable secondary ones on the starboard. In these quarters, the Biqaj have set up everything quite similarly to how it was in the Akor, though the ship has a proper kitchen area with table, countertop, and sink. In the Blackheart there is much more storage, though most of that room is usually left empty, leaving a larger space for the chickens to roam.

OTHER : S h i p E q u i p m e n t and S u p p l i e s: (Note: "replace" next to an item means it needs to be repurchased; "purchase" means it needs to be bought)
  • 2 hammocks
  • 1 gangplank
  • 1 map of Andaris' shoreline
  • 1 small fishing net
  • 1 small anchor
  • 1 spyglass
  • 50 ft of hemp rope
  • another 50 ft of hemp rope cut into thirds (about 15ft each)
  • 15 ft rope ladder
  • 4 torches
  • 1 jute sack (empty)
  • 8 dinner plates of assorted type
  • 8 eating knives
  • 1 fish smoker
  • 1 cooking lantern
  • 8 tin cups
  • 8 wooden spoons
  • 1 small cooking pot
  • 1 small frying pan
  • 1 potholder
  • 1 small bag containing approx. 3 oz of salt
  • 1 small bag containing 3 dried branches of rosemary for boiling into grog tea
  • 1 small shovel
  • 1 large broom and dustpan
  • 10 cleaning rags
  • 3 small buckets (2 for animal feed and water, 1 for hygiene or bailing)
  • 1 canvas tarp with waterproofing wax
  • 1 cycle's worth of chicken feed
  • 1 cycle's worth of flooring straw
  • 1 cycle's worth of dog feed
Quio Freeman Ruq, Korim, Iaan
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Quio [Character Sheet]

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· G e n e r a l · C o n c e p t · H i s t o r y · S t u f f , S k i l l s , & S t a t s ·
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M a r k s & D e v o t i o n


Celarion is the Mark of Qylios, granted to Quio after the war with shadowbeasts and the Battle at Treidhart in Vhalar of 716. Though Quio doesn't remember recieving the mark except as a blur of exhaustion and a glimpse of shining light, he was granted this blessing just after the battle was won by the side of mortals, before he was wearily sent home to rest.

Manifesting as either one, three, or five bands of glowing light around the Blessed's forearm (depending on the level granted), the mark of Celarion can be adjusted in color and brightness to suit the person who wears it. However, the mark can not be made completely invisible, nor can it reach a brightness greater than that of simple candlelight.

While not a follower of Qylios when given this mark, Quio would spend a couple seasons after the war lost within the dark of winter before beginning life anew in spring, gone in Ashan of 717 on a journey to discover who he is at heart. As a being of Uleuda, a creature inherent of light and battle, Quio most definitely falls into Qylios' domains of Bonds, Leadership, Light, and Courage, though he may not see those things in himself. Nonetheless, the groundwork for him to become a true follower was laid within the immortals' war, when, despite his shortcomings and pitfalls, Quio did his best to fight for what he thought was good and right.
DEVOTION : Though he doesn't yet have a true relationship with Qylios herself, Quio and the immortal share some similarities. Both somewhat estranged from certain members of their family and both with a love of travel, it would be easy for Quio to identify with the immortal of Light. In the Uleuda, Quio becomes his truest self physically: a person made of crystal whose blood is composed only of light. There in the homeland of his people Quio has had his ups and downs, his training and failures and battles with the dark. Perhaps it will be within Uleuda, then, that he might find a use for Qylios' guiding light.
ABILITIES & KNOWLEDGE : A b i l i t i e s :
Bond (minor) N/A The Favored can Bond with 1 other person. In doing so the Bonded individual gains a single glowing band around their left forearm. The Bond remains as long as both the Favored and the Bonded allow it. The Bond only functions within 300 feet of the Favored, and dissipates shortly beyond that distance.
Illustrious Skills N/A Add an extra three skill points to one of the following skills: Blades, Leadership, Discipline, or Endurance. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 100 point cap on skills.
Bound in Battle N/A The Favored and those Bonded with them are better able to fight together. Their tactics and movements flow almost seamlessly with little-to-no spoken communication. The Bond passes insights and slight thoughts between those Bonded while in combat together.

K n o w l e d g e :
  1. Celarion: Can glow in a variety of colors and levels of brightness
  2. Celarion: Cannot be made completely invisible
  3. Celarion: Lets the bonded move and work together without speaking
  4. Celarion: Lets the bonded share simple insight
  5. Celarion: The glow of the mark may reveal your position to the enemy

C o m p a n i o n s


F u l l N a m e Yanaqi (pronounced Yah-nah-key, meaning 'One Truth')
O t h e r T i t l e s Fara (an assumed human alias)
R a c e Yludih
G e n d e r Female
B i r t h d a t e 1st of Ymiden, Arc 692
H e i g h t 5' 11"
W e i g h t 170 lbs
S k i l l s Field Craft 26, Deception 25, Hunting 24, Trap Making 15, Stealth 10
R e l a t i o n s h i p In their childhood Quio and Yanaqi had been close, and despite Quio being a half-sibling, Yana had been closer to him than to any of her other brothers. Seeing each other was a treat, as Quio lived alone with his mother, and Yana with her eldest brother. Their father was their common link, bringing Yana to visit every once and a while, perhaps six times an arc.

After the death of Quio's mother, he fled the life his father had prepared for him in favor of a life with the Biqaj. When he did this, he cut off all ties with his family and even with the Uleuda itself. For many years he was presumed dead by his Yludih family; that is, until recently when by accident he connected with the Uleuda in his sleep.

Meeting again (in Saun of Arc 716) after not seeing each other for more than ten years, Quio finds that his sister is not who she once was. Now she parrots the old teachings of their father, acting as an antagonist, pushing him to give up the life he now has to resume his old life of isolation and study. She looks at him with resentment, believing that he has been shirking his duty to their family for many, many years.

Update: As of Ashan, 717, Quio believes Yanaqi to have killed his promised one, Hart. As such, he views Yanaqi as a murderer and harbors deep feelings of hate and grief which revolve around her involvement in his life. And yet... she is one of the only people he knows he can rely upon.

P e rs o n a l i t y Yana, or Fara as she is now called, is hard-working, dedicated, and ruthless, doing what she needs to survive, driven towards accomplishing the goals her father set out for her. When she was young she was like any girl, sweet, naive. Now that she is grown she has sharpened and become loyal only to her family and people. As Quio has forsaken the place of honor that their father left to him, she finds it her duty to reclaim his attentions using whatever means necessary. She is not above fighting dirty; in fact, that's the only way she fights. When she has a goal there is no distracting her from it: she will get what she needs, in her mind there is no other option.

Make no mistake, Fara is a predator and predator alone. Under a biting smile hides feral teeth.

H i s t o r y After Quio left the family, their father wrongly assumed that his youngest son had been slaughtered along with his mother, their corpses burned away. Suddenly the family was incomplete, and Quaome felt it was too late to beget another child. The title of Eloquoi, once Quio's, was thrust upon Yana.

It did not sit easily.

The Eloquoi was the recipient of knowledge, and Yana was years late in her practice. She had not been learning the races as the Eloquoi was wont to do, and had only been learning animals of one biome. Suddenly she had the immense task of mastering all the humanoid races, as many of the animals in her biome as she could learn, as well as the animals that her four elder brothers had been learning.

It took much discipline and punishment to conform her to the idea of being the Eloquoi. She slowly grew to secretly hate her deceased baby brother. How could he have died and done this to her?

To learn of Quio's survival, his betrayal, was like salt in a wound.

F o r m s As her chosen biome had been the grasslands, Yana's preferred forms stick to that area of expertise, including the maned wolf and mountain lion. From each of her four older brothers she has learned one form: wild dog (desert), alligator (aquatic), black bear (forest), and grey wolf (tundra). She has only one humanoid form, that of a young human female.

HART : *UPDATED November 2016 (Vhalar, Arc 716).
UPDATE 2: As of Ashan 717, Hart is officially a PC and he and Quio will have no further connection.
N a m e Hart Qy'ihadi
R a c e Mortalborn (Immortal and human; raised by Biqaj)
G e n d e r Male
B i r t h d a t e 19th of Saun, Arc 692
H e i g h t 5' 9"
W e i g h t 145 lbs
S k i l l s Sculpting 39, Seafaring 26, Navigation 20, Jewelry Crafting 15
R e l a t i o n s h i p Promised one ; husband, lover.

P e r s o n a l i t y Hart is kind-hearted and free-loving, generous; he cares about people, and especially about their happiness. Innocent in a lot of things, especially violence --being a pacifist and optimist-- he nonetheless has his faults, namely his addictions-- sex and gambling being the two biggest. However, it is true that perhaps his actions can't always be helped; people just seem drawn to him and him to them, quick to share a smile and their lives. Due to this, Hart often gets pulled into things that he might not otherwise have expected, but he is far from one to say 'no' to anything-- women, men, food and booze, attention, etc etc etc.

O t h e r Hart, though unwitting of the fact, is the son of the immortal Edasha (Beauty, Jealousy, Sight, Adultery), abandoned by his goddess mother shortly after birth. Raised by a family of Biqaj, he believes the sea is where his maternal heritage lies, and has lived as a seaborn all his life.

A b i l i t i e s
F u f i l l m e n t
Hart can sense when a nearby being is in need of help, and what it is the being needs. If pressed, he can also sense what the being wants, though this will double the severity of drawbacks he experiences.

D r a w b a c k s : Once having discovered a being's needs, Hart feels compelled to linger until those needs are met, one way or another. Leaving a being in need weighs heavily on him for trials or even weeks after, depending on the circumstances. Depending on whether or not he fulfills the being's need, he may experience obsessive thoughts, depression, or mania. Likewise, when Hart uses this ability to assess want, not need, he feels compelled to respond to that want-- especially if the being wants something of him, specifically.

L i v i n g G l a m o u r
Once a trial, Hart can effectively turn himself and anything inanimate that he is wearing or carrying (ie clothes and a backpack, or whatever is in his pockets or hands) into a living glamour. His body becomes briefly incorporeal, for up to two bits. During this time it is obvious he is no longer a solid thing; his image does not change shape or form (he will still look like himself) but it will flicker like a candle about to go out. During this time he can take no physical damage as his body is no longer on the physical plane, and neither can he deal physical damage to any object or person. Using this ability, Hart can go through inanimate objects but not animate ones, but neither can he be held or grabbed.

D r a w b a c k s : During this state Hart is particularly vulnerable to nonphysical attacks, especially magic. Hart also has to be careful not to materialize while still within an inanimate object; should he do so, he will take crippling damage to his body (for instance, if his arm was still within a wall, the wall would likely break or sever his arm upon materialization).

B l i s s
Using this ability, Hart can bring someone to the pinnacle of pleasure; thrust into pure bliss the target is rendered unable to feel anything else. During this time the target is in such extreme bliss that their mind becomes clouded, making it hard to focus. The effects are similar to being high or drunk and last as long as the target is within Hart's presence (within 100 ft of Hart), or, should the target remain in his presence for an extended period, for up to one break per day. Hart's touch, in this way, can cause an intense high. Because of this he has to be careful how often he uses this ability on a person or risk them becoming addicted.

D r a w b a c k s : About ten bits after using this ability Hart will become extremely exhausted and have to rest to regain his strength. How long he needs to rest depends on how long he has used the ability (using the ability for 1/2 a break = 1/2 a break or more of rest). At minimum he needs to rest 10 bits.

Bliss can be used up to three times per trial, but for each use without proper rest in between the ability becomes half as powerful.

O t h e r D r a w b a c k s : Using any of the three abilities, Hart will experience aging. Physical symptoms also include those similar to the flu, ex: general weakness, aches, pallor, dark circles, fever, etc. Typically, Hart will remain sick at minimum for as many days as times he used his powers (so, if he used his powers twice in a day, he would be sick for two days or more). Using his powers while still sick from the last use typically worsens his illness significantly.

JACK : UPDATE: As of Ashan 717, Quio has left Jack's care to Hart and Quio will never see her again.
N a m e Jack
B r e e d Unknown, mixed
G e n d e r Female
B i r t h S e a s o n Unknown, Arc 709
S i z e / H e i g h t ( at shoulder ) 1' 5" (or 43 cm) (full-grown height)
W e i g h t 25 lbs (full-grown weight)
C o a t T y p e Short-haired, fluffy

P e r s o n a l i t y Jack is a merely an average dog, a mixed breed with no significant abilities or attributes. She is laid back, sometimes limps on her front right side due to a perpetually sore paw, and likes all people, strangers and friends alike. Jack's a smiley sort of dog, always with her mouth open, and easily loyal. An extremely low maintenance animal, she appears to have received no vigorous training in any field, but seems to know enough to follow her master without being told. Whether or not she's trainable is yet to be seen.
CHICKENS : UPDATE: As of Ashan 717, Quio has left the chickens' care to Hart and will likely not see them again.
Image Image
N a m e s Corinne (buff), Jonesi (brown silver-laced), Starre (darker silver-laced)
B r e e d Orpington
G e n d e r Female
B i r t h S e a s o n Ashan, Arc 715
W e i g h t ( each ) 6.5 lbs (full-grown weight)

P e r s o n a l i t y Though generally sweet in personality, these chickens can be noisy hecklers. They babble through the day and night (only stopping to eat and sleep), and get especially rowdy if they don't get time out to stretch their legs around the ship. While these chickens always adored Hart they only ever tolerated Quio; sometimes they'd even accept scritches, though one might just as well like to give reaching hands a quick nibble.

In general, they will lay eggs at a rate of once per day (though occasionally will lay two) for three to five years, before slowing down.
Quio Freeman Ruq, Korim, Iaan
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Quio [Character Sheet]

Postby Quio » Fri Aug 12, 2016 10:05 am

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T h r e a d L i s t


Ashan, Arc 703 The Yanabruh {Uleuda} graded [Vluharqih] 15/15 & +11 fame; fame allotted to Quiome
Hot cycle, Arc 704; Cold cycle, Arc 705 Broken Trust {Ne'haer} solo; graded 10/10
Cold cycle, Arc 705; Rebirth cycle, Arc 706 Rebirth {Ne'haer} solo; graded 10/10
late Ashan, Arc 708 [Between Ne'haer and Rhakros] Never Starve Again I solo; graded 10/10

SAUN, 716 : 
11th & 17th (day) The Eloquoi solo; graded 10/10
13th & 14th [Job Thread] Andaris, Andaris, & Burgess solo, job thread; graded 10/10 & +3 fame; fame allotted to Iaan Krome
16th Black Barbra {MATURE}, bounty; graded [Bronik] 15/15 & +6 fame; fame allotted to Ruq Qy'ihadi
17th (night) Dawn of the Void-Creatures {Uleuda} graded [Yanahalqah] 14/15 & -1 fame; fame allotted to Quiome
21st Mistaken Identity graded [Tristan Venora] 15/15 & -1 fame; & fame allotted to Ruq Qy'ihadi
25th Bows and Arrows ongoing [Alistair] --
33rd The Lookalike Lord graded [Tristan Venora, Faith] 14/15
34th Shadowboxing ongoing [Liarra Picine] --

VHALAR, 716 : 
1st (night) [Cyrene Bay; Venora] Lifeboat {Treid's Heart Global Event} solo {MATURE}; graded 10/10 & +1 fame; fame allotted to Ruq Qy'ihadi
3rd (night) Reconnection {Uleuda} graded [Yanahalqah] 15/15
14th-16th [Global Event] The Humble Son moderated; graded [Kingdom, Doran, Elyna, Aeon, Yrmellyn Cole, Padraig, Alys, Lei'lira, Tristan Venora, Faith, Yanahalqah, Lihobri, Rita Fenyo, Aelius Callistus, Djinn] 19/20, +2 devotion, & +10 fame; fame allotted to Ruq Qy'ihadi
14th (evening) [Global Event] Swords, Axes, Daggers Oh My [Side Challenge] graded [Lei'lira] 15/15
19th [Global Event] The Great Meeting moderated; graded [Jade, Symbri, Lei'lira, Ti'niva, Doran, Tei'serin Nji'ryn, Padraig, Yanahalqah, Rafael Warrick, Maltruism, Tristan Venora, Faith, Jachiel, Aeon] 20/20 & +14 fame; fame allotted to Ruq Qy'ihadi
20th [Global Event] Battle to the Tomb of Treid moderated; graded [Jade, Vluharqih, Faith, Symbri, Maltruism, Nightshade Eld, Tei'serin Nji'ryn, Doran, Aeon, Padraig, Yanahalqah, Lei'lira, Rita Fenyo, Ti'niva, Zenith, Tristan Venora, Nauta F'mos Geey, Noth, Jachiel, Vincent D'Ordyn, Basilisk] 13/20 & +10 fame; fame allotted to Ruq Qy'ihadi
31st When the Morning Comes graded [Duncan Oisin] 15/15 & +2 fame; fame allotted to Ruq Qy'ihadi
33rd "Here kitty kitty kitty" "Have you seen this cat?" PM to join, job thread(?); ongoing --
34th Stealing a Statue graded [Yanahalqah, Tristan Venora] 15/15
39th [Warrick] I'm Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee graded [Aeon] 15/15
41st [Warrick] Bumblebee II: A Sequel ongoing [Aeon] --
47th Small World [House of Roses] ongoing [Duncan] --
50th The Curious and the Content [Moderated] moderated; ongoing [Ayissi, Pegasus] --
55th [Job Thread] Chained to Freedom solo, job thread; graded 10/10 & +1 fame; fame allotted to Iaan Krome
60th A Light in the Darkness graded [Elyna, Malcolm, Tristan Venora, Faith, Nir'wei, Yanahalqah] 15/15 & +2 fame; fame allotted to Iaan Krome
60th (splinter thread) A Star at Night graded [Tristan Venora, Faith, Elyna] 15/15 & +3 fame; fame allotted to Ruq Qy'ihadi
96th A Royal Tragedy graded [Tristan Venora, Andraska Venora, Faith, Kingdom, Odessa Andaris, Padraig, Daliane Andaris, Sintih, Elyna, Rafael Warrick, Whisper] 15/15

ASHAN, 717 : 
16th-25th The Laws of Men and of the Heart solo; graded 10/10 & +8 fame; fame allotted to Earnest Freeman
21st-22nd Breaking and Taking solo; graded 10/10 & -7 fame; fame allotted to Iaan Krome
26th-34th [Warrick] Rough Waters solo; graded 10/10 & +5 fame; fame allotted to Earnest Freeman
94th-??? Tincture and Wounds Both Young and Old solo, odd jobs; ongoing --
96th Into the Woods [OPEN] odd jobs; ongoing [Ismene] --
105th [Treth] Performance or Lies ongoing [Tei'serin Nji'ryn] --
120th [Treth] Living and Dying ongoing [Tei'serin Nji'ryn] --

YMIDEN, 717 : 
1st-9th Between Worlds {Uleuda} solo; graded 10/10
4th-26th The Tortured One {Uleuda} solo; graded 10/10

SAUN, 717 : 
1st Alone {Uleuda} graded [Yanahalqah] 15/15
1st (later)-6th One Way {Uleuda} graded [Yanahalqah] 15/15 & +3 fame; fame allotted to Quio
7th [Bailey Peninsula] Deliverance I solo {coyote I}; graded 10/10
8th & 9th [Bailey Peninsula] Deliverance II solo {coyote II}; graded 10/10
13th [Foster's Bay] Interception moderated; graded [Maltruism] 20/20
Quio Freeman Ruq, Korim, Iaan
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Quio [Character Sheet]

Postby Quio » Fri Aug 12, 2016 10:16 am

Quio Freeman Ruq, Korim, Iaan
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