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Eddrick Brodon

Postby Eddrick Brodon » Tue Feb 23, 2016 11:12 am

Eddrick Brodon
Name: Eddrick Brodon
Age: 30 arcs
Race / Gender: Human male
Date of Birth: 58th trial of Zi'da, 686th arc
Marks: None
Factions Joined: Chieftain of Rahkrii Raiders.
Former Athartian Slave Raider, Deserter
Languages Spoken: Fluent common, a touch of Lorien (avriel)

Some might say that Eddrick looks older than his 30 arcs. This is probably due to the bleached hair and weathered skin from his life in the Hotlands. There is little fat on his frame, though he often is in need of a shave, as water is at such a premium that something as cosmetic as shaving is a low priority.

Adding to his fairly disheveled appearance is the fact that he does not often fully buckle up his leather, letting the desert breeze cool his skin whenever possible. He travels mostly at night to avoid the daytime heat, or leather would be unbearable. And he has come to realize that the silks and linens from which he hears desert wear is made make a great deal of sense now. He aims to acquire some at the first opportunity, but has made do for now by propping one of his light blankets overhead when he must travel by day. He would have laughed at such a suggestion a few arcs ago. He is wiser now.

He has a scar on his left cheek that looks as if it could have blinded him in that eye. It didn't, but he will play upon that appearance to fool an enemy into a careless move. The scar itself was from the talons of his hawk, the result of a clumsy mishap when he tried to insist on a training session when both he and his bird were exhausted, and more than a little grumpy.

He will, of course, claim it was wound acquired in a knife fight, to save his pride.
- "You should have seen the other guy!" -
Raised in Athart to believe that slavery was simply a matter of economics, and not an immorality, Eddrick accepted the rationale that those taken as slaves must have deserved it somehow. Likewise, he held no grudge against the Avriel for their tyranny over the humans of his birthplace, figuring they must have earned it before he was born. He was recruited by the slavers, and had this viewpoint strengthened by a steady rise in status and property. He saw this human faction making consistent progress in reaching the same level of prominence with the winged overlords.

But a betrayal, from a source he could take no recourse against, made him realize that not all fate is deserved. So he deserted the slavers, and now wrestles with many concepts of accepted cultures, when he first encounters them. He knew that he was not guilty of the false charge levied against him, but came to consider the possibility that his easy acceptance of what may have been injustice all along, may be the very reason he did deserve the punishment that befell him.

For the most part, after an initial skepticism of new cultures, Eddrick finds a way to justify them, regardless of whether he agrees with them or not. Because, if he accepts what may initially strike him as unfair, it makes it easier to accept the betrayal he himself suffered, one unfairness offsetting the other. Whereas, if he becomes outraged over an injustice he sees being committed against someone else, it makes the one perpetrated against him that much more infuriating. But that, in turn, makes the injustices he ignored in his past bring on pangs of guilt. So it is in his own emotional best interest to try to take everything in stride.

As a result, he fluctuates between an easy-going state of contentment with his surroundings, be they social interactions or survival predicaments, to a brooding, guilt-ridden melancholy, assuaged only by the belief that he deserves everything he gets. And while this also leads to a partially contented sense that justice is being served any time he suffers, it leaves him in a far from pleasant mood, and searching for what may help him atone.

Eddrick wrestles daily with the longing to be able to return home to Athart some day, an equal feeling of loathing toward everything about the city, and a sense that if he hates the culture of Athart, he ought to hate himself as well. He usually ends up shaking his head, doing what feels right at the time, and deciding to think about it some other time.

Part One: Beginnings
Eddrick was born into the upper end of the humble level of Athartian human society. He was the only child of an owner of a shop that sold birds, both as pets and as service animals. He had every intention of following in his father's footsteps, though his father hoped for him to achieve better. They did not own any slaves, not having the income from the shop to support the expense. But occasionally, one would be made available to them, as a result of some judgment of the House of Law.

At the "Low" School, he was taught to consider slavery as a justifiable means of economic stability, harming no one but those that brought such status upon themselves through recklessness or rebellion. Those brought in from outside the city, by the Slave Raiders, were said to be agents of hostile foreign cities, or escaped Athartian slaves, intending to meet with such agents in the wild. Some were just wandering fools, saved from the ravages of the wilderness, and now owing a term of compensation for having had their lives saved.

There was always a reasonable justification for every slave's situation, and those who denied it were just troublemakers, who would only earn extended terms with their rabble-rousing. To Eddrick, the Slave Raiders were elite troops, worthy of admiration, that guarded their home against the dangers beyond the walls. Like most young men, he envied them their armor, their weapons, their prowess and renown, and dreamed of joining their ranks one day. The very fact that even the insufferable Avriel paid them some deference only added to the appeal.

Part Two: Opportunity
He got his chance one trial, while out collecting various seeds and roots, the latter of which would be boiled down to a paste, rolled into a ball, sweetened with a single drop of snake-fruit juice, rolled in seeds to be coated, then dried for a treat for training the messenger birds at his father's shop. The hunting birds, of course, preferred meat. And the smell of it was very much in evidence when Eddrick came across an ambush scene.

Naturally, it was not some acute sense of smell that he responded to. He heard shouts and the clanging of steel, and hurried cautiously to see what was going on. Soon, the bushes were shaking as he approached, and he ducked into some shrubs as a man in Raider red armor soon staggered past his position, pursued quickly by three men, sporting lesser wounds. Eddrick had no weapons or armor, but he saw that a vine was laying across the gap in the bushes. He knew this was his chance to change the course of his life. And though his heart pounded with dread of what he was risking, he waited for the pursuing enemies to reach just short of his position, and pulled the vine.

The vine snapped up tightly at ankle level and the first man went down without a chance. The second man tipped off balance, windmilling his arms, as the last man slid to a stop, grabbing the second man in hopes of stabilizing his balance. Eddrick jumped out with a scream that was as much terror as aggression, and shoved the last man in the back. The vine was now slack, but the two men toppled nonetheless over the prone form of the lead man.

Eddrick did not wait to continue the attack, but he knew almost nothing of combat. He was a bit above average in size and weight, and simply jumped on top of the heap, jumping and stomping on the backs of the howling trio beneath him. The man at the bottom was managing to slip from beneath the others, so Eddrick stepped forward and gave him a solid kick in the helmet. It was nothing lethal, but it clearly dazed him. But it gave the second man an opportunity to throw the top man off, who was gasping and twitching with the pain of several broken ribs.

The second man swung his sword up with enough accuracy to slice Eddrick's thigh grimly before he was able to stomp the arm wielding it to the ground beneath his foot. His enemy wasted no time in pulling a dagger free with his left hand, but Eddrick found his terror abating as the need to preserve his life gave him surprising focus. He grabbed the dagger arm in a firm grip and sent an elbow toward the man's chin. It missed, but he followed up by piling all his weight on the same arm as he perched it on the man's throat. His enemy returned the favor, clutching Eddrick's throat with his own hand, but his face showed the realization that he was on the losing end of the contest, despite Eddrick's freely bleeding leg.

Eddrick heard an odd hiss blend with the screams of disturbed jungle creatures, and heard a solid thud behind him, followed by a more broken up thud immediately after. He wanted to turn, fearing that the third man was about to deliver some death stroke. But this fear was overpowered by a more immediate one right before him, as the first man's boots now entered his field of vision. He had stepped up to Eddrick's struggle with the second enemy, and was obviously in the process of preparing a strike as well.

Eddrick looked up, thinking he may be able to roll as the stroke fell, and see it delivered to his enemy instead, but instead he noticed an odd feature of the man's armor. There was a metal protrusion, sticking forth a good foot or more from the man's chest armor, and it was bloody. Then, even more strangely, it suddenly receded back into his armor, disappearing completely. The man stared forward, his eyes becoming unfocused as he took a staggering step to reveal the red-armored Raider behind him, sword in hand.

The man fell limply across Eddrick and his current combatant as the Raider stepped over them both. There was a gurgling scream and a moment later, Eddrick was gripped by the shoulder and thrown to the side, as the man beneath him gasped with the pain of the raider's sword pinning his torso to the ground.

Eddrick lay there a moment, looking up at the Raider, whose expression was such that the young man thought he might be the man's next victim. But instead, the man pulled his sword free of the now-dead body, wiped the blade off on his victim's sleeve, took a few deep breaths and then smiled broadly, holding his arm down to offer Eddrick help up. "Good timing Kid. They call me 'Trax'. I'm sure glad you came along when you did." Then he grew more serious as he saw Eddrick's thigh.

"You're bleeding, kid. A wound well-earned. What's your name?" He asked, helping Eddrick to his feet, and dropping to a squat to search the fallen bodies for anything of value. He pulled a few nel from each of the corpses and put them in a pouch, which he handed to Eddrick, along with a pair of daggers, as the young man stammered to regain his mental focus enough to give his name to the Raider. "I'm pretty sure we can get some of this gear suited to fit you, Eddy. But you're gonna have to wait until it's dyed red and set with our emblems before I can let you wear it."

Eddrick stared in delirious joy, his mouth moving soundlessly as the man laughed, handing him a bandage and a small vial of some gel. "Here, Eddy, this is for yer leg. I'm afraid it's pretty damn likely you're gonna need to learn how to do this kinda stuff yerself in this line of work. So ya may as well start now." Eddrick looked confused for a moment before realizing that he'd forgotten all about his wounded leg in his happiness.

To make a long story short, Eddrick was recruited into the Athart Slave Raiders at the age of 23 arcs.

Part Three: Recruit
Eddrick's enthusiasm waned somewhat, as his appointment within the faction settled quickly on logistics and transport. It took him longer than most recruits to become even moderately capable of using a short bow. There was no question of his effort and loyalty, but he was clearly not cut out to be an elite weapon wielder. Plus, there was legitimate call for men to drive the pack animals, which were the new "Poko" insectoid mounts. Where he had to work a bit harder than most to develop his fighting skills, he had a way with animals that was obvious to all.

This included the handling, caring and feeding of the messenger birds. He did not partake directly in their training, but naturally, some of the lessons rubbed off on him. The Raiders had as much need for a swift messenger system as any Idolasian military, and again, his affinity for animals came into play. He was somewhat disappointed by this less-than-glorious station, but some of the ugly wounds he saw many of his fellows return with from battles, gave him cause to think he might just be the lucky one.

He did go into tense situations fairly often, but he was most always away from the front line, either tending the pack animals, offering archery support, or readying a message. It was usually after the fighting was done that he stepped in, helping to arrange the loading of gear onto the backs of the Poko train. Part of the problem was his odd focus on the ball and chain as his melee weapon of choice. Where he was clumsy with a sword, he seemed to have more of knack with the dynamics of the chain weapon. The problem was that if he dropped it in battle, there was rarely a replacement lying about, dropped by some other combatant. Swords were a "copper-a-dozen", where the ball and chain was considerably less common.

But after four years, his reputation was solid within the ranks of the Raiders. And he had come to embrace his place among them. There was still some ribbing directed his way, suggesting him to be more of a farmer than a raider. But any more, they were always in fun, and he took them this way. And his family had risen in status as well, something for which his father gave him praise. Things were looking up for Eddrick.

Part Four: Betrayal
There were growing doubts in Edrick's mind that all the justifications he'd heard for the enslavement of those that the Raiders brought in were, indeed, accurate. Often there was little or no battle at all, and the ones chained and marched back to Athart, did not appear to have even been truly armed. oh, there were a few utility knives and some tools that could be used as weapons in a pinch, but the "enemies" lacked any real weapons or armor. Plus which, there were sometimes women and children accompanying them. And these were not the feral Naerikk women, whom Eddrick outright feared, these were home-body women, dressed to cook and sew, not to hunt and kill.

Then came the time that a group of Qi'ora came down the trail. Eddrick was surprised to see these intruders welcomed as friends. He asked one of the men about this contrary treatment, and was told that Athart had a special relationship with Nashaki, a great city in the desert, and considered them allies against the potential threat of the northern Eternal Empire, across the Hotlands. There was a woman among them that was entrancingly beautiful, and Eddrick saw many of the men's eyes turned her way as they returned to Athart with their guests.

Back in Athart, Eddrick saw an obvious lightening of restrictions on the slaves in town, and while it certainly did not distress him to see these poor wretches treated with some leniency, it made the overall hypocrisy of slavery more evident to him. He also saw that this lovely Qi'ora woman was fairly outspoken against it as well. Initially, she counted him among those that justified slavery, and he could hardly fault her for it, but her scolding made him ashamed.

After a few trials, however, she sought him out, acknowledging her recognition that he seemed less eager than most to justify slavery as an economic necessity. He admitted his new found doubts, and she encouraged him to continue giving thought to this subject, telling him it was understandable that he would be used to such an institution, as a child, after growing up with it. But that now that he was a man, he should let himself think things through more objectively. Something about the way she said "man" got to him, and he found reasons to spend the next couple of trials with her whenever possible.

Nothing romantic came of this, but it seemed to Eddrick that it could be just around the corner. He was actually awaiting her arrival at a quiet diner, when a muster of the Raiders was ordered unexpectedly. Eddrick wondered grimly if this "Eternal Empire" he'd been hearing about had made some incursion into the peninsula. But oddly enough, it was not the entire host that was called. All the more curiously, it was only those that had been on the mission to bring the Qi'ora into town that were commanded to appear.

As Eddrick made his way toward the parade ground, he overheard citizens commenting in hushed tones: "Yeah, that is him'...'He's the one'...'Everyone's seen him with her'...'It must have been him'...'She was a lovely girl too'...'He's gotta be guilty'...'Who else could it be?'...'I hope they hang him'...and other such things.

He stopped to approach a group of such citizens, to demand an explanation. But they broke up quickly and left, looking back at him with hostility. He stopped short of the parade ground, suddenly apprehensive about what awaited him there. Trax came up behind him, his voice an intense whisper, "What are you still doing here? You need to be gone, now! Didn't you hear? She's dead. That Qi'ora you've been seeing. Everything points to you, and we need someone to blame and execute, in order to keep on good terms with Nashaki!"

Eddrick was horrified and shocked with grief, "She's what?!...Dead?...I didn't - How can you think...? - Who said I...? - I've been at over at the diner waiting for her for the last two breaks!"

"Is there anyone that can back that up?" Trax asked, his expression displaying both hope and doubt.

Eddrick paused pointedly, his own expression sinking as Trax' face hardened. "Look, I can't be seen with you." Trax started again, "And I'm gonna have to tell them I saw you here in just a few trills when I get to the muster. Whoever did this is going to see you get blamed. And it's in the whole city's interest for there to be an obvious villain to crucify. You need to run now, and don't come back. I've got to go now. Get outta here!"

Eddrick stared in horror as Trax turned and picked up his pace toward the parade ground. Then reality nudged him and he too turned and hurried away.

Part Five: Departure
He had no idea if Trax would stall, or for how long, but he knew he couldn't take the time to retrieve his own actual belongings. Even if there was no one waiting there right now, they would certainly head there soon. He needed to go to the Raiders' storehouse and get just some basics. It was not close to his quarters, so he figured he could count on a few trills.

He was surprised to find a ball and chain leaning in the corner, but remembered that his squad had commissioned a back-up for him and snatched it up, along with a single quiver of arrows to go with the short bow he had strung across his back right now. He had more at his room, but figured he was going to have to say goodbye to all his personal stuff. He was unsure which shelter option he should choose. The camouflage pattern tent would serve in the jungle, but not in the desert; and the reverse was true of the beige colored tent. Figuring he would probably end up in the desert, he chose the beige one.

As he started grabbing camping tools and gear, he realized he needed something to carry it in. He dumped what he had so far into a wooden crate and hoisted it without much trouble. Lastly, he looked around for a hammock, knowing from experience that a bed in the desert needed to be kept a foot or two off the ground. He didn't immediately see one, but he figured that he could craft one from this or that. He didn't know yet what he would tie it to, to support his weight, but grabbed a handful of metal spikes as an option.

There were a few medical packs in shoulder bags, and he grabbed one of them as well. He made his way to the stables, which were behind the Windshear Bastion at the very south end of town, in the harbor sector. There were a number of Pokos, already equipped with tie-down straps and riding ensembles. Not the fancy custom kind, but basic was all he was looking for anyway. He set his box of gear on the platform and hooked straps over the edges, cinching them down and leading the big insect toward the gate.

The guards knew him to be one of the handlers and only gave him a cursory challenge. He told them he'd been tasked to retrieve a raptor that had gotten its creance line caught in a tree. One of the guards perked up, telling him to hold on a moment, as he went to one of the huts nearby. Eddrick's heart froze in his mouth, thinking he'd been found out already. But, as if by a miracle, the guard returned with a set of falconry gear. "This must be for you, then. Everything but the bird."

Eddrick covered his surprise by feigning some annoyance. "It figures," he scowled jokingly. "Everything but the whole point." he shook his head, and they all shared a laugh. Eddrick suddenly grew serious, "Wait a trill...This isn't for a different bird is it? Is this for the one stuck south of the Jetty?"

The guard rolled his eyes. "Plucked peckers! You mean there's one stuck there too?" he shook his head. "No, this is for the one caught in the orchard."

Eddrick rolled his eyes too, but inwardly sighed with relief, this would give him his diversion. "Well, I'll go pick up the one in the orchard first, then head to the battery. I can box the one and leash the other. I'll be back in a couple of breaks." He knew he had a separate creance line, so he could simply cut the one caught up in the trees of the orchard, And there was no bird stuck south of the jetty. That was just a story for misdirection. And even if they guessed that, he'd still be gone from the orchard very quickly.

The bird was quick to find, and he made short work of climbing into the tree, grabbing the jesses so the bird could not fly away, and cutting the snared creance line. He dropped back onto the back of the Poko and called for it to move off to the east, into the jungle. He knew the bird would be trained to sound an alarm if anyone approached his impending campsite. It would alert anyone searching for him as well, which was unfortunate, but once he reached the desert, he doubted anyone would follow. And he had a bit of experience getting along there.

He knew there was no going back to Athart. If what Trax told him was true, he was going to be branded a murderer in absentia, in order to cover someone else's crime against the Qi'ora woman, and save diplomatic relations with some big city called Nashaki. It burned him to take such blame for something he hadn't done, but if it saved his birthplace from some future invasion, he felt it was worth it. Maybe someday he could go back, and find out who really killed the Qi'ora. Or maybe go on to this Nashaki place. Then he realized that with the red Slaver armor he was wearing, he would be marked wherever he went.

He set his expression grimly. Life went on. It was time to be gone.

Eddrick has very little in the way of home furnishings, or even a home. He has just a single, one-man tent, of military style, and not much to go with it besides an impromptu bed and a large sturdy crate where he keeps the gear, tools and essentials he grabbed while fleeing his impending arrest and enslavement.

There is no set location where Eddrick will be found yet. Mobility is a key element in avoiding being caught. He is aware that he can be tracked fairly easily, with his Poko mount leaving such distinct insectoid tracks. But these tracks led initially into the Hotlands, and not many people were so eager to bring him back that they would follow him there. Lucky for him, it is actually only the humans of Athart that are after him, and not the Avriel.

On the rare occasions that he finds a decent spot to camp, he is doubly cautious of being caught unawares by someone returning to what they consider "their" spot. He has not yet been forced to conduct a fighting retreat from such a location, but only because he has not been caught napping at the time. But the denizens of the Hotlands are every bit as unforgiving as the desert itself.

He occasionally swings back into the rain forests of the Crescent Peninsula. But he does not want to follow any sort of pattern in doing so. Mostly, he moves from place to place in the desert, wondering if he should set his aimless wandering toward trying to find the city, Nashaki, that he has heard an occasional stranger mention.

As a leader of the Rahkrii Raiders bandit faction, Eddrick now enjoys a private chamber in the Raiders' cave network known as the "Krii Caves". It is a spartan chamber with not much more than the gear he brought with him when he left Athart. A few embellishments have been added, more as deference to his rank within the faction than as a confirmation of ownership. These things would be immediately taken from him were he to fall into disfavor with the rest of the troupe. Outside of his own modest possessions, there is a hammock, a chest, a stone bench, a privy pot, and a few wicker baskets; as well as decorative hangings and a bead curtain. But he is more than content with these things, as it is not opulence he seeks; only peace mind and freedom of body.
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Eddrick Brodon

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Old "Fame" System
At Fame System Start.....................................-30
Balancing Scales (T1).....+1-29
Under Siege (T8)-8-37
On the House (T-10)-11-48
Claypan - Western (T-5)-32-80
Claypan - Eastern (T-6)-12-92
Bringing Down the House (T-11)-16-108
Night Vision (T-12)-8-120
Shedding Some Light (T-13)-10-130
Let the Sands Take Them (T-16).....+5-125


Skills at Start
Ranged (short bow)25 - 25
Whip (Ball & Chain)15(JD) 520
Mount (insect)10 - 10
Animal Training (Falcon) 5 ("Grandfathered" RB)(JD) 510
Field Craft (AL)5 ("Grandfathered" RB)(JD) 510
Leadership (New "RB")25 - 25

Skills Through Old System
Animal Training (FT)26(RB)(JD) T1,2,8,14,1726/100NA6 (5-hawk, 1-Poko)Competent
Fieldcraft (AL)31(RB)(JD) T1,2,3,4,14,17,1828/10031/25112*Competent
Leadership (RB)35(SP) T8,13,1830/10035/25116Competent
Mount (Insect)19(SP) T3,4,1819/10019/2515Novice
Ranged (Short Bow)26(SP) T1,826/10027/2511Competent
Trap Making3T153/1003/2511Novice
Unarmed (Brawling)26T1,2,5,10,1126/10027/25114Competent
Whips (Ball and Chain)26(SP)(JD) T1,2,826/10027/2519 (8-B&C, 1-Bullwhip)Competent

Additions Since New Skill System
Under Siege (T8)+10 /Ranged (short bow)-1/Leadership-2/Whips (Ball & Chain)-3/Animal Training-4
On the House (T-10)+10 /Intelligence-2/Intimidation-4/Unarmed (Brawling)-4
Claypan - Western (T-5)+20 /Endurance-5/Intelligence-4/Tactics-2/Unarmed (Brawling)-9
Claypan - Eastern (T-6)+11 /Strength-6/Stealth-5
Ghosts...Winds Up (T-3)+15 /Field Craft-4/Mount (poko)-4/Stealth-3/Tactics-4
Bringing Down the House (T-11)+15 /Acrobatics-3/Deception-4/Strength-3/Unarmed (Brawling)-5
Night Vision (T-12)+10 /Blades-3/Discipline-3/Negotiation-3/Stealth-1
Skeletons in the Closet (T-14)+15 /Animal Training-3/Fieldcraft-3/Negotiation-3/Logistics-3/Stealth-3
Shedding Some Light (T-13)+15 /Leadership-3/Logistics-3/Stealth-2/Unarmed Combat-7
Let the Sands Take Them (T-16)+15 /Acrobatics-5/Endurance-5/Tactics-5
Trials of Bandit Hunting (T-17)+15 /Animal Training-3/Field Craft-4/Logistics-4/Tactics-4
Tomb of the Lost Immortal (T-15)+20 /Acting-5/Intimidation-5/Negotiation-4/Tactics-3/Trap Making-3
Battle: Northern Fortress (T-18) +20 /Field Craft-5/Endurance-5/Leadership-6/Mount (Insect)-4
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Combat: Blades / Dagger: A well-aimed strike beneath the jaw is a deadly one (T-11)
Combat: Blades: Sawing Through Vertebrae (T-8)
Combat: Ranged: Bow: Take time, aim and snipe (T-3)
Combat: Unarmed / Brawling: Grab maneuver (T-10)
Combat: Unarmed / Brawling: Brawling pose (T-10)
Combat: Unarmed / Brawling: Avoiding punches (T-10)
Combat: Unarmed / Brawling: The dangers of over-extension (T-10)
Combat: Unarmed / Brawling: Avoiding damage by moving with the blow (T-10)
Combat: Unarmed / Brawling: Charging your opponent (T-10)
Combat: Unarmed / Brawling: Punching through weak parries (T-11)
Combat: Unarmed / Brawling: Dragging your opponent to a more suitable fighting location (T-11)
Combat: Unarmed / Brawling: Exploiting openings (T-11)
Combat: Unarmed / Brawling: Beating a downed opponent (T-11)
Combat: Unarmed / Brawling: Basic Punches (T-11)
Combat: Unarmed / Brawling: Basic Kicks (T-11)
Combat: Unarmed / Brawling: Sacrificing less important body parts to save your weak spots (T-11)
Combat: Unarmed / Brawling: Facial hair is a vulnerability (T-13)
Tactics: Accuracy vs surprise (T-3)
Tactics: Always be aware of potential meat shields (T-10)
Tactics: Basic ambush tactics and to keep the sun behind you (T-2)
Tactics: Building a barricade with Poko's. (T-6)
Tactics: Close Terrain Features Can Prevent Enemy Flanking (T-17)
Tactics: Divide and Destroy (T-5)
Tactics: Eliminate the Scouts first. (T-5)
Tactics: Forcing Imperials to discard their lances. (T-5)
Tactics: Herding Imperial forces into deeper water. (T-5)
Tactics: Knowing the terrain is half the battle (T-3)
Tactics: Knowing when to leave. (T-10)
Tactics: Let The Prospect Wait, to Gauge His Discipline (T-17)
Tactics: Lure and Ambush (T-2)
Tactics: Maintain a Misinformation Schedule in Case of Intruders (T-17)
Tactics: Planning an ambush (T-3)
Tactics: Pulling Sand Lions by Bizarre Tantrum Poko Tapdance (T-2)
Tactics: Recognizing when a side is outmatched. (T-6)
Tactics: Stall for time by telling stories (T-2)
Tactics: Taunting an enemy into a mistake. (T-5)
Tactics: The advantages of high ground. (T-3)
Tactics: Using Poko as cover. (T-5)
Tactics: Using your environment defensively (T-3)
Tactics: Double your opponent’s numbers are good odds (T-11)
Tactics: A third of your opponent’s numbers are not good odds (T-11)
Tactics: Point out the flaws in the enemy plan (T-13)
Tactics: There's not point to make enemies you don't need to. (T-13)
Tactics: Be surprising. Always be surprising. (T-13)
Tactics: Analyze first, act second (T-14)
Tactics: Keeping associations secret (T-14)
Tactics: Measuring an individual’s motivations (T-14)
Tactics: Using the right weapon (T-14)
Tactics: Pulling down walkways to make ramps (T-18)
Tactics: Turning enemy advantages to your own advantage (T-18)
Tactics: Taking out enemy reinforcements at the source (T-18)
Tactics: Using prisoners for dangerous tasks (T-18)
Tactics: Using an ambush to create a way up a cliff (T-18)
Whips, Chain&Ball: Snaring an opponent with the chain (T-2)
Whips, Chain&Ball: Using a flail as a club. (T-5)
Whips, Chain&Ball: Using the chain to disarm. (T-5)
Whips, Chain&Ball: Using the handle as a weapon if the chain tears loose (T-2)
Whips (Ball & Chain): Hindered effectiveness in narrow locations (T-14)
Whips (Ball & Chain): Using your flail to control someone. (T-15)
Whips (Ball & Chain): Using your handle as a bludgeon. (T-15)
Whips (Ball & Chain): Windmill Blow (T-14)
Secondary Whips: Bullwhip +1(T1) Novice

Falconry and Mounts
Animal Training (Birds): What Food To Use For Training (JD)
Animal Training (Falconry): Command to Return to Base (T-16)
Animal Training Hawk: Giving Arrow commands by shrieking (T-2)
Animal Training Hawk: Knowledge of Falconry Gear (at start)
Animal Training Hawk: Recognizing the hawks alarm call (T-2)
Animal Training Poko: Making the poko tapdance (T-2)
Mount (Insect): Poko (AL)
Mount Poko: Deceptive appearance (T-2)
Mount Poko: Unaffected by the heat and immune to Hotlands Taipan venom (T-2)
Mount Poko: Slower than a horse (T-11)
Mount (Poko): Nervous near Undead (T-14)

Location: Bone Yard (T-4)
Location: City of Athart (at start)
Location: Hotlands (at start)
Location: Nashaki: The Only Big City in the Hotlands (T-1)
Location: Solace Rock (T-14)

Acting: Playing confused (T-10)
Acting: Playing drunk (T-10)
Acting: Feigning shock (T-10)
Acting: Fighting to lose (T-10)
Acting: Losing a fight (T-10)
Acting: Realistic action acting (T-10)
Acting: Being very sorry. (T-10)
Acting: A Demeanour of Servitude (T-12)
Acting: An Air of Meekness (T-12)
Acting: Appearing to be Mentally Unwell (T-12)
Acting: Pretending to be Terrified (T-12)
Acting: Faking PTSD (T-12)
Acting: Slowly 'Calming Down' (T-12)
Detection: Differences in Behavior Between Leaders and Troops (T-13)
Detection: Listening for the sound of footsteps in a fight. (T-10)
Detection: Signs of spoiled / toxic water. (T-3)
Detection: Signs of spoils previously looted (T-3)
Detection: Recognising livery on armour (T-11)
Detection: Figuring out that an enemy might be hiding something up their sleeve (T-11)
Detection: Quick Analysis of a fighter’s situation (T-14)
Detection: The sound of metal vs bone (T-14)
Detection: Undead March (Marrows) (T-14)
Discipline: Finding Ways to Occupy Your Mind (T-8)
Discipline: Keeping Sanity in a Near Hopeless Situation (T-8)
Intelligence: Don't take information at face value. (T-13)
Intelligence: Likely sources of information. (T-13)
Intelligence: A Loud-mouthed Prospect is an Unlikely Plant (T-17)
Intelligence: Maintaining a Network of Carrier-Pigeon Locales (T-17)
Intelligence: "Violator's Blood" Will Draw Risen Dead's Attention (T-17)
Intelligence: Noting which direction Avriel have to go for resupply (T-18)
Interrogation: Being clear what information you want (T-13)
Interrogation: Not asking questions can be effective (T-13)
Interrogation: Pointing out flaws in answers (T-13)
Intimidation: Scaring vulnerable women (T-10)
Intimidation: Threatening the right thing, at the right time. (T-10)
Intimidation: The art of the derisive insult (well timed, of course) (T-10)
Intimidation: A show of force will often scare the weak (T-11)
Intimidation: Difficult to work on someone who might have an ace up their sleeve (T-11)
Intimidation: Bringing up your target's rival (T-11)
Intimidation: Utilizing Height (T-12)
Intimidation: Using Facial Expressions (T-12)
Intimidation: Pointing Out That You Have a Reason to Hurt Someone. (T-12)
Intimidation: Easier when you're in a position of power (T-13)
Intimidation: Make them aware of how unimportant they are (T-13)
Intimidation: Sudden actions can be very unnerving (T-13)
Intimidation: Using the sun to be more authoritative (T-13)
Investigation: Ensuring a clear field of vision. (T-10)
Investigation: How to determine when surroundings are dangerous (T-3)
Investigation: Identifying leaders and troops (T-13)
Leadership: Being the Bait in Your Own Trap (T-17)
Leadership: Establishing a hierarchy (T-13)
Leadership: Facing Down Another Leader to Earn Their Respect (T-16)
Leadership: Giving orders to direct troops. (T-13)
Leadership: Keep Visibility and Contact With Your Men (T-17)
Leadership: Maintaining order in a panic-stricken group. (T-13)
Leadership: Not All Leadership Work is Glorious (T-17)
Leadership: Ordering certain members of your group separately from the rest. (T-6)
Leadership: Recruiting members (T-14)
Leadership: Sometimes, leadership and intimidation are much the same thing. (T-13)
Leadership: Stepping up to offer Sanctuary (T-16)
Leadership: Using hand signals to relay specific commands. (T-6)
Leadership: Winning raises morale (T-11)
Leadership: Guiding your men during an ambush (T-18)
Leadership: Guiding your men during a siege (T-18)
Leadership: Working with another commander (T-18)
Logistics: Knowing What Material to Take, and What to Leave (T-16)
Logistics: Pros and Cons of Armor (T-14)
Logistics: Timing Different Mount Speeds for Coordinated Arrival (T-17)
Negotiation: A deal too good to ignore (T-13)
Negotiation: Argument and Counter Argument (T-12)
Negotiation: Don't piss of the woman with the lightning monster. (T-15)
Negotiation: Explaining Where You Can Get the Same Item For Less (T-12)
Negotiation: Make your request sound more reasonable than the alternative (T-13)
Negotiation: Making sure you get your share of the treasure. (T-15)
Negotiation: Offering an out to those with nothing left to lose (T-11)
Negotiation: Pointing out Information Which Might Motivate Someone to Do a Fair Deal. (T-12)
Negotiation: Promising profit and protection (T-14)
Persuasion: Lulling your captors into a trap (T-11)
Persuasion: Speaking in someone's first language makes you more trustable (T-11)
Psychology: Taunting a guard to get a desired result. (T-5)
Teaching: Sharing Combat Experiences (T-14)
Torture: Leather straps for stinging pain (T-13)
Torture: Slow hanging (T-13)
Torture: Is sometimes more effective when you ask no questions(T-13)
Torture: A silent promise can be sufficient torture (T-13)

Adrienna (PC): Speaks poor common (T-11)
Adrienna: Speaks Lorien (T-11)
Adrienna: Served Kalid'hi (T-11)
Adrienna: Wants to join the Rhakrii (T-11)
Adrienna: Likes to chop off people’s limbs (T-11)
Immortal: Vri (T-14)
Kaladis (PC): Down to earth motivations (T-14)
Kaladis: Eidisi Blacksmith (T14)
Kaladis: New Recruit (T-14)
Kaladis: Seeks mutual profit (T-14)
Kalid'hi (NPC): A pig (T-11)
Kalid'hi: Laid hands on a woman (T-11)
Kalid'hi: Deceased (T-11)
Kalid'h: The Son of a Rival of Korieji (T-12)
Kalid'hi & Chanutti: A couple (T-10)
Korieji (NPC): Sent mercenaries to double cross Kalid'hi (T-11)
Korieji: The Patron of One of the Middling-Rich Merchant Families in the Desert City of Nashaki (T-12)
Korieji: Backed You Against Kalid'h (T-12)
NPC: Ambassador Fillani (NPC): Head Delegate (T-13)
Nefere and Nera (PC & NPC): Two Dangerous women (T-2)
Niervane (NPC): A Glassworker, Known for Making Spyglasses (T-12)
Perig'ah (NPC): Rhakrii Raiders' Messenger Bird Handler (T-17)
Ravenna (NPC): Major Player in the Tower of Flesh (T-17)
The Desert Wanderer (NPC): Vague augury about the fate of the lands (T-2)
Yuli’anyh and Beorn (PC & NPC): Sister and Brother (T-1)
Zaheed (NPC): Hunters Guild (T-10)
Zelferan (PC): Lothar Bandit Prospect (T-17)

Society, Culture and Events
Ancient Nashaki History: A Living Weapon? (T-15)
Athart and Nashaki have no alliance (T-13)
Athart and Nashaki have never had an alliance (T-13)
Athart and Nashaki: A "Grand Aeolian" struck a deal which has been honored ever since. (T-13)
Fate: Better if unknown (T-14)
Honor: It’s Something Singularly Cowardly and Vicious About a Man Targeting a Woman (T-1)
Knowledge of Having Been Falsely Charged by Some Influential Person (at start)
Knowledge of Slave Raider Disciplinary Protocols (at start)
Politics: Gain Nashaki amnesty by aiding them against the Eternal Empire. (T-5)
Politics: Distrust Doesn't Mean You Can't Work Together. (T-12)
Politics: Knowing Your Colleagues, Their Relationships and Rivalries (T-12)
Politics: Knowing When You've Got to Just Go With the Best You Can Get Out of a Situation. (T-12)
Politics: The Eternal Empire does not deal in deceit. (T-18)
Offer of Amnesty from Nashaki (T-4)
Rits: Short for "Raskits"; short for Raskithecal (T-17)
Slavery: Not As Great As It Seems (JD)
Sociology: Too Much Confidence Can Mean Too Big a Mouth (T-17)
Storytelling: Mixing personal experience with foreign accounting (T-14)
Storytelling: Personal facts (T-14)
Storytelling: The Plot so far (T-14)
The Imperial Invasion of The Hotlands (T-4)

Basic Desert Survival Tactics (JD)
Converting mud to water (T-4)
Endurance: Surviving a Tumbling Cage (T-8)
Endurance: The Discomfort of Hiding Something in Your Butt (T-12)
Endurance: The Discomfort of Removing Something Hidden in Your Butt (T-12)
Endurance: Enduring the lack of air (and the embarrassment) (T-14)
Endurance: Wounds Come in Threes (T-16)
Field Craft: Collecting Brush While Travelling (T-1)
Fieldcraft: Knowing When Surroundings Won't Even Support a Desert Clan (T-16)
Field Craft: Making a Crude Distiller (T-8)
Field Craft: Scavenging Supplies (T-8)
Field Craft: Work a Wounded Leg as Normal in Order to Not Sensitize it (T-1)
Hotlands Field Craft: Collecting water from the poko's urine (T-2)
Hotlands Field Craft: Finding signs of water on the ground (T-2)
Hotlands Field Craft: Locating water by looking at bones (T-2)
How to find water in the desert (T-4)
Hunting: Tracking Undead (Marrows) (T-14)
Hunting: Tracks in Sand Often Show Signs of Armor (T-17)
Medicine: How to Pull Out an Arrow (T-1)
Medicine: Looking for Weak Points in Vertebrae (T-8)
Medicine: Ryth Flower is a Disinfectant (T-1)
Medicine: Treating Scratch and Bite Wounds (T-8)
Sand Lion: The giant subterranean insect and it's tendencies (T-2)
Stealth: Hiding in the environment (T-3)
Stealth: Not always effective against mages. (T-15)
Stealth: Position of surveillance (T-10)
Stealth: Sneaking to follow someone. (T-15)
Stealth: Sounds, and how they travel. (T-3)
Strange bones that howl (T-4)
Trap Making: Clifftop Lemming Drop Lure Trap (T-17)
Undead (Marrows): Remove the head (T-14)
Undead (Marrows): They don’t tire (T-14)
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Starter Pack Items
Starting with the Infantry Deserter Packet:
  • Small Backpack with Tinderbox, Whetstone, Soap, Razor, Tin plate, spoon and fork, 2 Water skins
  • Standard Shirt, Pants, Socks and Underwear, "Good" set of red leather Athartian Slave Raider armor
  • "Good" Dagger, "Good" Short Bow, "Good" Ball and Chain
  • Field Medical Kit (a small shoulder bag containing the following:
    • Bundle of 15 cloth bandage strips w/holding clips / Needle and thread / 1 tourniquet kit
    • Single-use vial of strong local anesthetic / 3-use vial of antiseptic alcohol
  • Trained, but not specifically loyal, "Poko" insect mount. Pack animal type, forgoing barding, as its insect carapace serves the same function.
  • 1 small falcon companion (30gn for hawk w/approval)
  • 30 gold nel' worth of loot, designated as the following:
  • Falconry Gear:
    • Superior quality Aba (bird wrap).............................................4sn
    • 2 sets of basic Anklets..........................................................6sn
    • basic Hood w/superior quality Braces.............................5gn......3sn
    • 100' Creance line w/basic spooling handle...................................9sn
    • 2 superior Swivels....................................................1gn
    • 2 basic Leashes........................................................1gn
    • 1 set superior Jesses.................................................1gn
    • basic Hawk Box........................................................3gn
  • Tools and Gear:
    • 50' Hemp Rope.........................................................1gn
    • Small Shovel......................................................................4sn
    • 10 Spikes................................................................1gn
    • Hatchet..................................................................1gn
    • Campfire Cooking Rod & Hook Stand..........................................6sn
    • 2 Boiling Pots............................................................1gn
    • Large 12" deep Crate-style boxes w/nesting lids...................4gn
    • 40 arrows.................................................................1gn
    • Single man Wedge tent.................................................6gn
    • Light blanket......................................................................6sn
    • TOTAL:..................................................................16gn.....6sn
  • GRAND TOTAL:..................................................................29gn.....8sn
  • BALANCE:.........................................................................0gn.....2sn

Ongoing Cash Ledger

............0on, 0gn, 2sn, 0cn
On The House (Vhalar job)...500gnVhalar 716 wages500gn, 2sn
Vhalar 716 expenses...Beggar......500gn, 2sn
Bringing Down the House (Zi'Da job)...558gnZi'Da 716 wages1058gn, 2sn
Zi'Da 716 expenses "poor"-27gn, 9sn......1030gn, 3sn
Tomb of Lost Imm....300gn...1330gn, 3sn

Ongoing Loot Ledger

Awakened Response (T4)1 Howling BoneBroken (T5)
Under Siege (T8)200 GN worth of trinkets and jewelrysold for cash for faction
1 Set of Improvised (Poor Quality) plate armorgiven to faction
200 GN worth of weapons and armor piecesgiven to faction
Night Glow GemBought from Point Bank
Night Vision (T12)Night vision spyglassMade from Night Glow Gem
Bringing Down the House (T11)400gn looted from caravanGiven to complete 800gn faction start-up cost
Tomb of Lost Imm (T15)100gn worth of various treasuresKept for trades
Rain StonesBought from Point Bank

Point Bank Ledger

194 points......here and here194
......-160 pts. for Night Glow GemUnder Siege 34 pts.
...+76 points...here and here110
...+97 points...here and here207
...+75 points...here and here282
...+48 points...here and here330
...+88 points...here and here418
...+70 points...here and here488
...+61 points...here and here549
...+2 points...here551
...+106 points...here and here657
...+3 points...here660
...+2 points...here662
...+3 points...here665
...+5 points...here670
...+3 points...here673
......-100 pts. for Rain StonesLost Immortal573
...+19 points...here592
...+7 points...here599
...+13 points...here612
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Thread List

T-1.) Balancing ScalesMemory/87 Vhalar 713Graded by Rosamond
T-2.) I Am The SerpentPresent/19 Ashan 716Graded by Rosamond
T-3.) Ghosts Can Shove it Where the Sand Winds UpPresent/121 Ashan 716Graded by Pegasus
T-4.) Awakened ResponsePresent/10 Ymiden 716Graded by Basilisk
T-5.) Battle of the Hotlands Claypan - Western FrontPresent/15 Ymiden 716Graded by Basilisk
T-6.) Battle of the Hotlands Claypan - Eastern FrontPresent/15 Ymiden 716Graded by Basilisk
T-7.) Getting the WordMemory/45 Ashan 715In progress
T-8.) Under SiegePresent/18 Ymiden 716Graded by Basilisk
T-9.) At What Cost (Emea)present/2 Saun 716In Progress
T-10.) On the House Vhalar 716 job threadpresent/27 Vhalar 716Graded by Pegasus
T-11.) Bringing Down the House Zi'da 716 job threadpresent/4 Zi'da 716Graded by Fridgar
T-12.) Night Visionpresent/34 Zi'da 716Graded by Pegasus
T-13.) Shedding Some Light Cylus 717 job threadpresent/5 Cylus 717Graded by Pegasus
T-14.) Skeletons in the Closetpresent/17 Cylus 717Graded by Kovic
T-15.) Tomb of the Lost Immortalpresent/54 Ashan 717Graded by Basilisk
T-16.) Let the Sands Take Thempresent/34 Ashan 717Graded by Noth
T-17.) The Trials of Bandit "Hunting"present/25 Ashan 717Graded by Djinn
T-18.) Battle: Northern Reaches Fortress Exteriorpresent/26 Ymiden 717Graded by Basilisk
T-19.) An Imperial Audiencepresent/23 Zi'da 717 In Progress
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Eddrick Brodon
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Posts: 173
Joined: Tue Feb 23, 2016 11:05 am
Race: Human
Profession: Deserter/Bandit
Renown: +133
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Plot Notes
Personal Journal
Medals: 5
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