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Finding Meno

Postby Qit'ria » Mon Apr 16, 2018 4:39 pm

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Qit'ria could hear the change in the wolves' communication. They'd picked a target, but she couldn't be sure if it was herself or those that were following her. She hoped for the latter, but had to assume the former. To do otherwise was to invite death. But it mattered not to her. She already knew how to lose the wolves and it didn't really change her plans, just slowed them down a little. She had to hope it would work, throw off her scent and send the creatures back toward the interlopers.

So she pressed onward, and increased her pace. She ran with high knees to get through the snow faster, though she could feel the additional strain it was putting on her. She buckled down, focused on her breathing, and kept her head on a swivel as she plowed her way to Kura's cabin. It was fine if the wolves singled her out now, thinking she was isolated and in a panic. It didn't take long for the politician's cabin to come into sight, and she saw no smoke spiraling out of the chimney. She assumed that Kura wasn't home. Perfect.

Pumping her arms and huffing she sped toward the home that really shouldn't be out here. It was just so aesthetically displeasing and anyone could stop by and do as they wish. Qit had thought that the first time she'd come by this house, and thankfully it was, for it was doing as she wished that would save her. Running up to the side of the porch, Qit knew, she just knew, the wolves had to be close, she'd been isolated for too long. She hopped up on the snow covered rail, stabbing into the wall of the cabin with her javelin to help keep her balance. Good thing too, for the rail was slick and she nearly flopped forward off of it.

Using the impaled spear as a hand hold, she set a foot against the wall and pushed herself up from the rail to the edge of the roof. She found a handhold there, and with a bunch kicking and scrambling of legs, she managed to pull herself up and into the snow there. But she didn't stop as she started to catch her breath. She stood up, moving to the chimney, when she saw the bright red light flash in the distant woods. A curious, confused face adorned her visage before she continued her plan. She stepped out of her clothes, removing everything, setting her loincloth aside from the rest. She made a bundle with her cloak for her clothing, shivering naked in the cold, but knowing she'd be fine soon. She then ran her rope through the straps of her pack and tied the bundle therein as well, leaving a long bit of slack. She tied the slack end to a javelin and then lowered the entire bundle down through the chimney. She waited til it hit bottom, then pulled it up a bit, so that it would be seen to be hanging there in Kura's fireplace should she return home. It would be an odd thing to see, but she knew Kura was smart enough to figure out what it was.

Qit, naked as a jay bird used the loin cloth and rubbed at her pits, tits, crotch, and ass to get as much of her own scent on it as possible. She then made a snowball, tying the cloth about it, and throwing it into the clearing next to Kura's cabin. Then she touched one of the only two items on her person now, her aye-aye mouse bracelet. She pulled the essence of the mouse out of it and into her body as she focused heavily on the form she was changing into. It was painful, but she stifled the gasps down as best she could, so as to not be further detected. As the transformation was happening over the course of a couple bits, she realized she could feel both totems, the bracelet as well as her necklace that was her self totem. She reached out to both of them, and absorbed them into the transformation as well, Assimilating them. And soon, atop Kura's roof, was a big eared mouse, rolling in the snow to doubly ensure her scent was gone. And there she listened for the wolves, waiting for them to hopefully find the bait, and then move on.
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Finding Meno

Postby Freya DuCarinos » Sat Apr 21, 2018 2:24 am

As the howls crescendoed around them, Freya hastily took the oil from their only lantern and splashed it onto her blade, making sure not to get any on herself before angling the tip of the blade into the burning flame to light it ablaze. Within trills, a large fire roared forth and with it, bated the shadows back into the wild winds of the snow. As if the darkness wasn’t enough to play tricks on her mind, the shadows from the light of the flame were even worse, flickering here and there, causing the poor Biqaj to jut around and wave her blade like a madwoman. Having not realized it, Freya was gasping for breath as her heart banged against her breast.
“What the sard was that?” She cursed, unconsciously moving closer to the map man as the howls faded almost as suddenly as they arrived. “Karem be damned, fuck wolves.” Freya griped out, turning to the man.
Though, as she turned to confront him, her eyes caught the sight of something red flash in the treeline, its glow against the offset black of Cylus sent a chill up her spine. As with everything else in that instant, it was gone the moment her eyes laid claim to its presence and with its disappearance, a flock of ravens took flight.
Not paying attention to was the man was doing, Freya reached out and grasped his forearm, “S-Stop.” She breathed. “Wait, stop.” Her eyes were a deep green, a kind of sickly toxic color that spell fear to the man the moment he looked upon her. “We cannot go into that forest.”
When he’d inquire as to why, Freya’s pale face would look from his and point to where the birds scrambled to the skies, “There was something by the treeline. It couldn’t have been that person, or the wolves, or that little girl…” Her brow furrowed, “I… I don’t think anyways. It moved to fast.”
He seemed not to care as he continued to move where the map took him, to which Freya decided to stand in front of him to block his path. “Look—!” She held a finger up, taking a breath of air, only to come to a conclusion, “What is your name?”
“I’m Aphina and I refuse to go into those woods and die at the hands of some gnarly beast that might have eaten that stranger and the little girl by now!” She pushed him back with her hands to his chest when he continued to walk forth. “What say you? Do you have such might as to take on the creatures of the woods? Why follow tracks to Vri’s door over the well being of a child whom you do not know? This is too much for the both of us, I’m telling you! Take us back to the village so that we might recruit others.” And so she could slip away from the task before her life was put in jeopardy.
“I will not go into those woods..!”

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Also Victor, Freya is being a giant baby. Wherever you decide to go, she will follow as she doesn't want to be alone to possibly be attacked by the creatures. Feel free to RP her following you, wherever that is.
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