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(Finn) For the powers that exist are just.

Uthaldria, greatly isolated from the cities and cultures of the rest of the world, exists as a pillar against the vast and horrific hordes of beasts that dwell in the region of Gauthrel. This quickly developing city began as a walled fortification against the monsters beyond the gates, but since then has quickly evolved into an agricultural, military, and entertainment capital in Western Idalos. If Uthaldria is known for anything, it is the visceral nature that permeates every day of every citizen's life - not a city for the faint.

Blessed Be

Postby Pegasus » Thu Jan 18, 2018 12:37 pm

Overview :  Annoying younger brother!! You play Finn really well and I love the beginning of this relationship. I wonder how they'll get on together in the future? I look forward to seeing more writing from the both of you together as well as individually. If I've missed anything, drop me a pm.
Points :  XP: 15

Fame: +5 (the boy who lived!)
Loot :  None
Knowledge : Skill Related
Detection: Hearing Birdsong
Endurance: Enduring The Wounds Of An Albion Attack
Writing: Careful Phrasing Is Of Paramount Importance
Tactics: Explaining A Situation Before Questions Are Asked.
Socialization: Concering Oneself With The Problems Of Others.
Meditation: A Peaceful Environment Relaxes The Senses.

Location: The Temple Of Thetros
Kayleigh: Not Your Mother, Sadly.
Kayleigh: Willing To Help Write A Letter
Higan: Kayleigh's Runaway Brother
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