Sephira Blackwood

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Sephira Blackwood

Postby Sephira » Fri Dec 22, 2017 4:39 pm


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Name: Sephira Blackwood

Age: 20

Race: Mixed Blood Human and Biqaj

Date of Birth: 28th of Ymiden Arc 697


Factions Joined: The Elements

Languages: Common (Fluent) Rakahi (Broken)



Bearing the physique of a practiced fencer, Sephira bears a lean, well-built visage with defined muscle throughout her entire body. Her skin is a warm ivory in hue that contrasts deeply with her dark wavy brunette locks. Sephira’s hair has always been somewhat wavy, never deciding to be either pin straight or curly. Often, she wears her hair in one of two ways, either freely draped across her shoulders or bound back in a high ponytail to keep it out of the way of her swordplay. As for bone structure, the lines of her face can be faulted for being a little too severe if seen in poor lighting.

As a Human Biqaj mixed blood Sephira possessed the bright color changing eyes of her father’s people. When curious her eyes are a soft cerulean, much like the color of the ocean at midday and when confident her eyes bleed to a deep scarlet with a solid black ring around the outer edges of her iris. If fear grips her, Sephira’s eyes change to a bright ghostly silver, and if pleased or happy the hue changes to a deep sunset gold rippling with waves of citrine and topaz yellow. When calm her eyes turn an unassuming umber brown, but when anger seizes her Sephira’s eyes darken to a deep black color.

Much like her mother, the young mage enjoys indulging in a striking sense of fashion. Preferring to wear well-tailored coats in bold colors paired with muted neutral breeches and tunics, normally in black or gray. Her sense of style reflects her quick and agile combat style, electing to wear form fitting clothes and avoiding dresses like the plague.

Domain Magic



Portal Appearance :Sephira's portals appear crimson in hue, with varying colors of deep violet and blue around the edges. Her portals are like tears in the fabric of space, flecked with stars and other bright astral bodies.


Initiation Witchmark

Faintly Glowing Crimson eyes when Rupturing / *Witchmark : Upon initiation as a Rupturer, Sephira's irises now glow a faint crimson red from the pupil outward when she is actively Rupturing. Some of her initial eye-color can still be seen but it is greatly obscured by this mutation. This Witchmark allows her to see what lies on the other side of her portals.


Competent Awakening/Mutation *Written with a huge amount of help from Plague

Rupture-Mood: Sephira's Spark has grown entangled in her own emotions, both to benefit and disadvantage. When frightened, her spark is jumpy and has a tendency to open up blinking portals suddenly with any slight movement of her hand to respond to any danger. When angry, her portals will be louder and more aggressive, when sorrowful they tend to jump shorter distances and last even less time than ordinary, and while joyous her blinking portals take her farther, as if the Spark wants to show off for her. Through discipline and keeping her emotions under control, Sephira can mitigate the worst of these Spark mood swings, but the Spark is beginning to respond with her, feeling what she feels, and flares in kind.

Expert Awakening/Mutation

Shortcuts: The Spark has grown in control of her and in more demand of its use from day to day. Now that the Spark is tied to both her emotions and mind, it will no longer allow her to waste time with menial travel. If a destination would be better reached by Rupturing, her Spark will 'blink' her without her permission. Trying to climb to the top of a tall tree? Ruptured. Trying to beat someone in a race? Ruptured. Need to jump over a muddy puddle in the road? Ruptured. Any time the Spark deigns that 'extra' effort would have been spent rather than her actually reaching her destination, it will do it for her, regardless of her control. As she is not prepared for it, this always comes at a shock and she must regain balance in her new location...sometimes this could even be dangerous.


Witchmark- Onlookers will find that Sephira's pupil and sclera are divided by a myriad of proportionate lines, almost as though the eyes were deconstructed and places back together.

Eye Color Quick Reference

Eye ColorEmotion
Silver Fear
Sky Blue Curiousity
Gold Happiness
Umber Calm
Onyx Anger
Crimson Confidence
Emerald Sadness
Red Glow *Witchmark: When Rupturing, Sephira's eyes gain a crimson glow encircling her pupils that gently fades into her natural eye color.


Sephira is foolishly courageous daredevil. She treats everything like a game and goes about her life with an incredibly high level of confidence. Perhaps this attitude comes from her time living as an only child on the beautiful island of Faldrass. Her childhood was easy and carefree. Sephira’s free spirit was allowed to run wild and there were very few obstacles ever put in her path that really challenged her. It was not until the death of her mentor Elias that Sephira finally realized that some things cannot be beaten with charm and a nimble sword strike.

Her devil-may-care personality has always gotten her into a fair bit of trouble. That confidence led her to breaking her arm as a teenager when rupturing during practice without clearly picturing her destination. Sephira is more likely to go into a situation guns blazing, rather than carefully considering all her options. That said her persona is not without its charms. The young woman has the uncanny ability to sweep others up in her enthusiasm; this can sometimes lead to fast friendships but it can also lead herself and her friends into disaster.

Before the death of her mentor, Sephira tended to shirk responsibilities and give little thought to the wellbeing of her friends. Now she can be a mite bit overprotective of those she cares for. A hyper aggressive streak can be seen in the young mage when her allies or loved ones are threatened. One might confuse her for a rabid wolverine if facing her in the heat of battle. Because of this Sephira is prone to overextending herself magically and physically; going all out when enraged.

Emotional sensitivity is not her strong suit, expressing her feelings is something the young mage actively avoids. She is a world class example of conversational pivoting. Sephira will change topics or completely ignore any line of inquiry that concerns her feelings. As such the woman is emotionally stunted and has never really appreciated the delicate nuances of romance. After witnessing the consequences first hand of what happens to those who associate with mages, Sephira has become fearful of growing close to anyone.


Sephira was born to Amelia Blackwood on the volcanic island of Faldrass. Amelia never knew the father of her daughter well; he had been nothing more than a passing Biqaj sailor who has shared a few short weeks with her. Sephira never seemed bothered by the absence of a father, she enjoyed her young life; spending it dashing around the marketplace in spirited chases with her childhood friends. It was always a contest to see who could leap over the highest table in the market, or slide through the smallest gaps. It was a game she played every day with the other traders’ children up into her teenage years.

As a talented seamstress and rug maker, Amelia has made a fairly comfortable living catering to the needs of tourists at the local marketplace. Although far from possessing any great amount of wealth, Amelia still managed to arrange for her daughter to be educated by a local tutor during her formative childhood years. While she didn’t wish to tame her free spirited daughter, she did wish that Sephira have a chance at a better life. It was a chore for her poor tutor to make the young girl sit still during their lessons, as Sephira was constantly in motion, never wanting to stop for even a moment.

The Old Man and the Mountain

At the age of fourteen arcs old Sephira and her friends began branching out from their typical romp around the marketplace and started taking short excursions up the slopes of the Faldrass volcano. It could be a terrifying place at times when the volcano momentarily awoke from its slumber, but the risk was always worth it as it was the exhilarating moments of discovery that drove Sephira onward. Unearthing a remote cave or running into one of the volcano’s fiery inhabitants was always exciting for her, although her friends did not always seem to enjoy her adventurous attitude. After a time Sephira began mostly undertaking her daily jaunts up the mountain alone, she was the only one foolish enough or daring enough to do it. During one of these solo adventures Sephira found a wide shelf jutting out of the eastern side of the volcano. It was at least eighty paces wide and led to a large craggy opening into the side of the mountain. The scent of sulfur and brimstone was less putrid in this place and stone floor of the cavern appeared to have been cleared of rubble and dust. It was strange as Sephira was something of a self-taught spelunker, and caves were never this tidy. After a dozen paces through the gloomy narrow entrance, the cavern widened into a fairly large chamber that was lit by a pair of oil lanterns. A cot was crammed into the corner of the chamber along with a small dust coated shelf of books, and a long wooden chest. It was at this moment that the young girl encountered what she presumed to be a dirty old homeless beggar living in the mountain. The gentleman was wearing a brown ragged tunic tied at the waist with a worn belt where a well-polished sword was sheathed.

To be quite honest, their first meeting did not go well. Startled, the gangly young girl immediately dashed back through the crag the moment they made eye contact and slid in a tumble of dust through the entrance of the cave out into the sunlight. There was suddenly a loud thrumming groan from within the mountain that shocked Sephira into the realization that the volcano must have awoken. Shielding her head with her arms, the girl curled into a ball fearing that she was in mortal danger. Almost as soon as it began the sound had stopped and out of nowhere a grizzled old hand clapped her on the shoulder. It was the old man; his face creased into a scowl as he plucked her up from the dust like a misbehaving cat and set her on her feet. He demanded to know who she was and why she had stumbled into his cave of all things! Sephira was trembling from the shock of the last few moments, only realizing a few trills later that somehow the old beggar had been waiting for her outside the cavern before she had made it out herself. The crag leading into his home was only big enough to allow one person through at a time; it made no sense that he made it outside before her. Jostling her again, he demanded once more to know her name and why she was there. With a trembling voice Sephira gave her name but abruptly became very distracted by the sword on his belt. The blade was made of bright curved steel and sported a brass basket hilt in the shape of a winged dragon. It was a lovely thing, and it totally ensnared her attention to the point that she rudely ignored the rest of his questions and kept asking where he had gotten the sword and if she could please have it.

This was how Sephira met Elias. He never told her if he had a surname, he was simply Elias to her. It took some convincing and shameless begging to have her trespasses forgiven; granted she mostly swayed him with a new set of clothes from her mother’s market stand and a few sweets she snatched from another trader. Regardless, he began to enjoy her visits; it was nice to have some company from time to time. Eventually Sephira began noticing odd things happening around Elias. Sometimes he would seem to travel from one side of his cave to the other in a blink when she was not looking. On the rare occasion that Sephira convinced him to come down the market with her; she noticed that he always sent her ahead of him so he could travel alone at a more ‘leisurely pace’. As soon as she was out of his sight she would hear that loud thrumming noise again and somehow he always beat her to the bottom of the volcano. It was the same sound from their first encounter, and as the weeks passed Sephira began to put two and two together.

At fifteen arcs old Sephira finally confronted her cave dwelling friend. Upon her declaration that he must be a mage, Sephira suddenly found herself being ignored by Elias and pushed away. Many times he would simply not be there when she went to try and speak to him. It was as if he knew when she was coming. There would sometimes be a freshly stewed kettle of tea waiting to be poured, or a book lying open on his cot, the pages still moving a bit as though it had just been set down by its reader. It was disheartening to be ignored by her friend. Sephira knew that many people did not really like magic users; plenty of the traders in the market cursed nameless mages when their fortune turned sour, or when the weather was bad. Personally she thought of mages as heroes if they were all like Elias. He was kind and wise even if he was always trying to hide his true nature from her. They confided in each other about little things, he always gave good advice when her mother was hounding her over her lessons, or when the other children were picking on her for never playing with them anymore. Every trial she could spare young Sephira ventured back to the cave to see if he was there so they could talk; and to ask if maybe he would teach her.

Finally after what seemed like an age, Sephira found Elias waiting on the wide cliff just outside his home. He was garbed in a worn black leather coat with faded golden sigils emblazoned on the shoulders and lapels. The curved sword with the brass dragon encircling the hilt was clasped proudly to his belt. He turned to her and gave her a piercing look before asking if she truly understood what it was to be a mage; that he had retreated to Faldrass to live the life of a hermit because of how he had been treated because of what he was. After reflecting on his question Sephira answered that she understood that many people hated mages, and that some people hated them for foolish reasons. Elias frowned as she spoke before correcting her, stating that many mages were hated for justified reasons, because mages possessed a wild and dangerous power that threatens the lives of all people. Elias had never had an apprentice before, but he had reflected on the issue for many years. Everyone he had ever considered in the past had lacked the conviction and guile, but here was a girl with plenty of resolve and spirit. Perhaps he was a vain old fool, but some part of him wanted to leave something behind when he reached the end of his days.

What followed next was remarkable; Elias unsheathed his sword and seemed to blink away in a daze of indigo light before stepping out of a hazy flare of the same radiance, landing a few paces away. Before the young girl’s eyes Elias put on a demonstration of what he called Rupturing; explaining techniques as he performed them. Skystepping, blinking, and of course the creation of portals were all put on display before her. Equipped with his sword the old man became something else, a specter of blades and light that could blink in and out of combat with ease; nimbly climbing steps of hardened amethyst light to take an aerial advantage with great speed. It was a wonderful sight to see him come alive like this. Of course the free spirited girl begged him to teach her.

Initiation into Rupturing was something Sephira would never forget. It was like leaving her body behind and setting sail into some unknown cosmic sea; full of stars, crimson nebulas, and an unending blackness that threatened to swallow her. It was a bit like walking the deck of a ship in the grip of a violent storm. It was gut wrenching but at the same time endlessly beautiful. Somehow she could feel that Elias was with her even if she could not see him as they crossed that cosmic horizon. Sephira thought she might lose herself at one point, but eventually managed to tighten her grip on the tether that was keeping her grounded to her body and found her way back home.

Her first experiments with rupturing were little more than attempts to send sticks and rocks through her first portals. It would be some time after her initiation that Sephira would risk sending herself through one of her portals. Whereas Elias’s portals were of a bright rippling indigo, outlined in a shimmer of stars; Sephira’s appeared like scarlet nebulas, but like her masters portals they were interspersed with the same glittering pin-pricks of starlight.

Elias began instructing his young apprentice in the ways of swordplay. As a younger man, the mage had learned how to combine Rupturing with bladed combat, using his superior mobility of blinking and portals to out maneuver an opponent. Skystepping only made him far more deadly on the battlefield, allowing him to nimbly leap through the sky and dive down on unsuspecting enemies. This style of combat he passed on to Sephira, drilling her daily in sword stances and blinking in the heat of battle. It was during one of these training sessions that his apprentice misaligned her trajectory during a blink that sent her careening to the ground from ten feet up.

Explaining the broken arm to her mother had been difficult, especially since Sephira had kept her magehood a secret from everyone on the island. Her mother had met Elias before but had never appeared to suspect he was anything more than a kindly hermit. Most of the traders in the market now knew there was a man living alone on the mountain and that the seamstresses’ daughter visited almost every trial.

For the next season while Sephira healed, Elias decided to initiate her into discipline of Attunement. He had been waiting to address the subject at a later date but he was aware that Attunement could assist his student in ‘feeling’ where others were in space, rather than simply seeing them. Elias had enjoyed cowing his student’s wild ambitions by fighting her while blindfolded; using only her Frequency to ascertain where she was in space. It was time to begin teaching her this magic as well.

Initiation into Attunement was a different matter than Rupturing. Rupturing had been a wild and beautiful tour through the cosmos. With Attunement, Sephira stayed firmly in her own body while she sat in Elias’s cave, listening to and feeling the hum of the song that he passed on to her. It was a melody that Sephira could never quite place again; both exquisite to hear and agonizing to endure. When it was over she couldn’t help but feel changed by the experience. From that point on if she concentrated long enough she could recognize the frequencies of herself, Elias and her mother; allowing her to find her way to them within a short distance, even if they were hidden from view.

Once her sword arm had healed Sephira resumed her training. At nineteen arcs of age Sephira had learned enough to be a bit more of a challenge for her master in combat. She excelled more than her instructor at injecting acrobatics into her techniques. Leaping and twisting into a blink at full speed to retain her momentum when emerging at the desired location and using that inertia in her movement to stagger her opponent. It was exhilarating to feel the rush of blinking out of range of a blade only to appear just behind her mentor, ready to strike.

The Hunter

Just after turning twenty arcs old, Sephira began displaying an interest in leaving Faldrass and heading to Scalvoris Town to join the military. She wanted to leave the tiny tourist location and really put her skills to use. This declaration deeply disturbed and frightened her master. Elias was terrified of his apprentice following in his footsteps. He tried desperately to explain that non-mages and mages alike would seek to use her as a weapon, especially those in a military force. Not only that, but once they realized what she was they might try to cage her, only releasing her when there was a need for someone with her skills. Memories clouded Elias’s indigo eyes as he told her what he could of his past. He had been a soldier in the military of some distant nation ; he would not name what country he had served. Still, he had been used like a tool. Like a weapon to be picked up for a particular use, then set aside when the battle had ended. Elias had been a precision instrument, aiding in troop movements with his portals and killing targets at the order of his superiors. Somehow he had escaped; or rather deserted. That is how he had ended up here on Faldrass. He had literally fled to the ends of the earth in order to find safe haven.

Sephira, being young and naive ignored Elias’s cautions, insisting that the world of his youth was far different than hers. She ignorantly wanted to prove that mages could be moral people that were beneficial to Idalos. Not to mention the daredevil in her wanted a chance to test her skills. She left the cliffside cavern, frustrated and angry with her mentor.

Trials would pass as Sephira debated leaving; irritated that Elias had insisted for her to stay. How could he ask that of her? This tiny island was nothing; it was safe, but uninteresting for a local. Nearly a week had passed since she had spoken to Elias. One night just as a blustery wind began harassing the shoreline and heralding a coming storm, Sephira was awoken by a strange tugging in her chest. It wasn’t exactly in her chest to be quite honest, but she did not know enough of sparks to understand what was happening. All she knew was she had felt this connection before during her initiation into Rupturing. She had known Elias was with her, even if she could not see him; like a slender thread connecting them at all times. Leaping from bed as silently as she could the young woman dressed and slipped out of the door. The first tentative drops of rain fell on her face as Sephira sprinted toward the slopes of the mountain. Something was wrong. The connection between master and student was getting weaker and weaker. Her eyes glowed a bright violet at their center as she reached out to the ether on the ledge ahead that led up to Elias’s cavern. A flash of red nebulous light washed over her vision as she willed her energy toward a pocket of ether over a dozen feet above her. Sephira burst from a second flash of scarlet light at a full run, before hauling herself up the next ledge, shards of obsidian cutting into her hands as she climbed. For several bits this was how she traveled; blinking where she could and climbing the rest of the way. Rain was steadily coming down, soaking her hair and clothes as she raced up the volcano.

Moments later Sephira stumbled up to the wide expanse of volcanic rock that marked Elias’s home. A silhouette of a man could be seen in a flash of lightening as he retreated down the other side of the cliff face. The young woman crouched down as she watched him leave, his short gray blonde hair and crisp uniform illuminated by the flashes of electricity in the sky before he faded away into the night. The thread pulling at her core faltered briefly like a candle in a breeze to remind her why she was here. Ignoring the sting of her battered hands and the retreating figure, Sephira hurried inside the narrow opening that led to her master's home.

Once her eyes adjusted to the light she realized that the room had been gutted as if someone had been searching for something. All of his books had been somehow been turned to ash and one of his oil lamps lay shattered on the ground. Elias himself was collapsed on his cot, clutching at his gut where his tunic smoldered and his flesh had been blackened by a deep horrendous burn. Sephira rushed over to him insisting that she would go back to the market town to get help. Elias held up his hand to stop her from leaving. There was no healing this, he explained with a pained expression. Elias continued, explaining through painful gasps that the man who had done this had been hunting him for arcs, seeking to punish the mage for his desertion. His hunter had been in Faldrass for the last few weeks, investigating and seeking him out. During the hunter’s time on the island learning of Elias’s hiding place, his pursuer began to suspect that the Elias had taken an apprentice. There was no doubt in Elias’s mind that his attacker would be searching for Sephira. She would either be killed or forcefully taken back to that man’s superiors to be used as he had once been. Begging her to leave the island and to go into hiding, her master told her to take his sword Wyvern as his last gift to her. Elias demanded that his apprentice leave that very night before she was found. At his forceful insistence Sephira left her dying master in the cavern and returned down the slopes of the mountain toward her home. The thread connecting her to Elias had grown incredibly faint as though a stray wind could tear it away. Sneaking back into her home, with her mother asleep in the other room, Sephira held back tears as she packed a bag and gathered everything she could for her journey that included her savings, Elias’s sword, and a new set of clothes her mother had been making for her. Hastily she scratched out a note on spare scrap of paper for her mother, explaining that she had to leave and that she loved her. Sephira did not want to leave home like this, but she believed Elias; the fear she had seen in his eyes and the nature of his wound had convinced her that she was no longer safe on Faldrass. Just as she finished signing the note Sephira felt the connection between herself and her master suddenly evaporate. It was a shock that caused her breath to catch in her throat once she realized what it meant. Elias was gone, and she had a boat to catch.

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Sephira Blackwood

Postby Sephira » Fri Jan 05, 2018 4:28 pm


SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency# of Knowledges
Rupturing 50/100 (75/251)Expert 24
Attunement 23/100 (23/251) Novice 5
Acrobatics25/100 (25/251)Novice5
Endurance15 /100 (15/251) Novice13
Persuasion 5/100 (5/251) Novice0
Bladed Combat (Saber) (FT)35/100 (NA/FT)Competent12
Strength 20/100 20/251 Novice5
Discipline 30/100 35/251 Competent15
Etiquette5/100 5/251 Novice 8

Skill Knowledge : 

Location Knowledge : Location: Faldrass
Location: Elements Hall
Location: Redwood Redoubt : Command Post for the Flame Troops
Location (The Four in Hand): Casino, Restaurant, Inn, and Bar all in one
Location (The Four in Hand): Has a great variety of patrons.
Location: The Menagerie
Location: Darbyton
Location: Gleamwater Sanctuary: Water Troop Command Post

Religious Knowledge : 
Factions Knowledge : Faction:The Elements: Land Troops: Act as city guard and militia
Faction:The Elements: Land Troops: A vital branch of the Elements
Faction: The Darbyton Rangers
Faction:The Elements: The Flame Troops : Specialist branch of the Elements
Faction: Water Troops: Protectors of Scalvoris's waters
People : Ms. Macklin - Receptionist at Elements Hall

NPC Elias: Won't talk about his past
NPC Elias: Repetitive teacher
NPC Elias: Cares for his pupil

Su'an - Defiance Mage
Su'an - Flame Assistant

Elliot (Chief Ranger)

(NPC): Keim'an Thojo

Emily Ducar: Very well informed
Emily Ducar: Rousing speeches

Baron von Smooglenuff: Not as old as he looks, when you get a close up look at him.
Baron von Smooglenuff: Interested in you

People: Lavana Tharn : Introduced herself as Alvana Thorn
People: Lavana Tharn : May possibly be insane
People: Lavana Tharn: Cracks jokes at bad times
People: Lavana Tharn: Helpful when asked

NPC: Jax : Flame Assistant

Skill Point Ledger

Thread or Source of Points Skill Name Points Awarded Points SpentRunning Total
Starting Package
Rupturing 202030
Attunement 101020
Acrobatics 15155
Racial Bonus Bladed Combat (Saber) 25 250
Starting Reward
Rupturing(NH) 5 5 0
Attunement(NH) 3 3 0
Acrobatics(NH) 2 2 0
Endurance(NH) 3 3 0
Earth, Wind, and Fire 10 010
Strength 0 5 5
Discipline 0 5 0
A Window of Opprunity 10 010
Attunement 0 10 0
First Steps 10 0 10
Rupturing 0 10 0
Into the Air 10 0 10
Endurance 0 7 3
Acrobatics 0 3 0
Earth , Wind, Fire,and SpaceTime 10 0 10
Rupturing 0 10 0
A Flame in the Dark 10 0 10
Rupturing0 10 0
Waterlogged 10 0 10
Acrobatics 0 5 5
Discipline 0 5 0
An Uninvited Guest 10 0 10
Strength 0 5 5
Discipline 0 5 0
Into the Storm 15 0 15
Discipline 0 5 10
Endurance0 5 5
Come Away With Me 10 0 10
Dicipline 0 5 5
Strength 0 5 0
Into the Flames 15 0 15
Etiquette 0 5 10
Blades(Saber) 0 10 0
Keep it Simple Stupid 10 0 10
Rupturing 0 10 0
The Darkest Shadow Can Be Found 20 0 20
Rupturing 0 10 10
Discipline 0 10 0

Renown Ledger
ReasonFame GrantedTotal
Starting Race - Mixed - Human\Biqaj in Scalvoris 10 10
Starting Job - Sorcerer 10 20
Starting City - Scalvoris 10 30
Joined the Scalvoris Military 10 40
Aided the Land Troops5 45
Gave the gift of food 247
Bringing in the criminal like a pro 3 50
Brave Acts 10 60
Friend of the Baron? 10 70

Points Ledger
Points AquiredPoints SpentItem PurchasedTotal
February: 26 026
February: 91 0 117
20 100 GN to Ledger 97
March: 75 0 172
160 Night Glow Gem 12

Marks Section
Marks : N/A
Abilities : N/A
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Sephira Blackwood

Postby Sephira » Mon Jan 08, 2018 12:28 pm


ItemsAcquired FromQuantity
Coat (Red, with tails) SP 1
Black Fitted Blouse SP 1
Black Pants SP 1
Black Knee High Boots SP 1
Undergarments SP 1
Black Gloves Starting Purchase 1
Black Wool Cloak (Good) Purchase 1
Red Embroidered Wool Coat Purchase 1
White Cotton Shirt Purchase 1
Black Leather Chest Piece (Extravagant) Purchase 1
Black Leather Belt Purchase 1
Elements: Fire Troop Pin Awarded 1
Wyvern (One Handed Sword /Saber)(Good Quality*40 GN) *Prized Possession SP 1
Spring Loaded Dagger Starting Purchase 1
Letter from Baron Smooglenuff Awarded 1

Financial Ledger

Items Credit DebitTotalsDetails
Starting Package 100 100
Spring Loaded Dagger 0 20GN 80 GN
Black Gloves 0 2 GN 78 GN
Memory PC (Elias) 0 10 GN 68 GN
Zi'da 717 Wages 530GN 0 598GN Seasonal Wages
Black Wood Cloak 0 16GN 582GN
Point Shop Transfer 100 GN 0 682GN 20pts from PT Shop
New Clothes 0 190GN 492GNPurchase
Money for Drink 0 1GN 491GN Paid guard to go get a drink and leave the scene



Sephira lives in a 400 sq ft stone cottage in Scalvoris. The house includes the following:
1 Bed
2 Chairs
1 Table
2 Knives
6 Plates (assorted)
1 Chest
1 Fireplace
1 Armchair (Optional House Decoration 15 GN)


Memory NPC

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Sephira Blackwood

Postby Sephira » Tue Jan 09, 2018 9:46 pm


Thread NameTime StampDescription
[Elements Hall] Earth, Wind, and Fire 12th of Zi'da Arc 717 Sephira joins the military
A Window of Opportunity 61st of Zi'da Arc 717 Sephira works with the Land Troops
Up in the Air 70th of Zi'da Arc 717 Sephira works with the Air Troops
Earth, Wind, Fire, and SpaceTime 77th of Zi'da Arc 717 Sephira trains with a Defiance mage from the flame troops.
Deep Waters (Aegis) 89th of Zi'da, Arc 717 Sephira returns to Faldrass.
A Flame in the Dark 1st of Cylus Arc 718 The mage pushes the boundaries of her magic during her time with the Flame Troops
An Unexpected Guest 2nd of Cylus, Arc 718 Sephira gets in some saber training
Lets Get Down to Business 4th of Cylus Sephira meets Amaris
A Tiger Comes In 5th of Cylus, Arc 718 Sephira encounters a man pulling an exhausted horse through town.
Into the Storm (Lavana) 8th of Cylus, Arc 718 Lavana and Sephira rescue people from the Scalv Storm.
The Cost of Freedom 14th of Cylus, Arc 718 Sephira and Qit explore a cavern
A Snake in the Grass (Roland) 16th of Cylus, Arc 718 Roland and Sephira take on a conman
Looking for Mercy 17th of Cylis, Arc 718 A copycat killer is on the loose!
Waterlogged 18th of Cylus, Arc 718 Sephira trains with the Water Troops
On the Edge 19th of Cylus, Arc 718 An Element and a Mortalborn go to the Witchwood Graveyard
Into the Flames 20th of Cylus, Arc 718 Sephira graduates and joins the Flame Troops as a full member
The Case of the Curious Invitation (Pegasus) 22nd of Cylus, Arc 718 After receiving an invitation from Baron Smooglenuff, Sephira visits him on Faldrass.
Snowfall and Stardust 26th of Cylus, Arc 718 Sephira meets Merces in Sweetwine Woods
The Darkest Shadow Can Be Found 30th of Cylus, Arc 718 Scalv Seasonal Event
Memory Threads
First Steps(Memory) 17th of Ymiden Arc 713 Sephira begins learning Rupturing
Keep it Simple Stupid 77th of Ymiden Arc 715 Sephira over complicates her training
Forever Reaching For 61st of Vahlar, Arc 710 12 Arc Old Sephira meets Nalin

Glowing Threads are ACTIVE
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