Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Navigation, Water and Auroras
Holy Names The Ocean Father, The Great Wave, The Guided One
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Traveling the Seas
Faction Supports Mortals
Mark Koriel
Notable Creations The Biqaj
Creator Fei
Immediate Family None
Allies Yvithia, Xiur, Ashan, Moseke
Enemies Kata, Chrien, Faldrun, Mastes
Scribe Jade


U'frek was born from the Original Being, Fei, and was a most humble son to his creator. However, his other siblings were not so kind to him as they were full of spite and jealousy over his charm, beauty, and abilities. U'frek chose not to give any attention to their hateful words and instead, spent much time with Brelt'ek's children, Vri, Pier, and Pre. Though Vri was messing from the group most of the time, U'frek began to fall for Pre who was so full of life, love, and optimism. Though the two never truly discussed the bond that was slowly forming, it was obvious the time they spent together was time of love and laughter. After the great shattering, U'frek tried to help his other siblings, mainly Chrien, but she was too lost in the rumble of her broken mind to be saved by mere words. It wasn't until after he witnessed the experiments she had done on the new creatures of Idalos that he decided to curse her and her deformed children. Though Chrien could damage many things, she was cursed by the need for water and never being able to completely leave it. Her children were affect by the same curse and though this made it harder for Chrien to kill humans, it didn't stop her from commanding her children to find humans for her by any means necessary. U'frek could do no more to her and so, spent his time observing her and her children, being a quiet, anonymous spy for some cities. Since the war began, this is what U'frek is found doing most days. Whether he is tracking down Chrien and her children, protecting cities, or sailing the sea with other adventures as a quiet stranger. This has prevented him from seeing Vri, Pier, and Pre and though he longs to see the source of his affection, U'frek continues to stop his sibling from destroying anything or anyone else.

U'frek fights for Humans. He is very much attached to his brethren but he is true to his morals, thus, warns and protects the cities from his siblings. He often journey's with humans and very easily conceals himself within their groups, appearing as an average blind man.


U'frek appears as a quiet, gentle stranger on most vessels. His eyes are a shinning silver which most people take for the eyes of a blind man, though he can see just fine. His hair is a deep brown that shines burgundy in the sun. U'frek keeps to himself mostly but will hold a conversation with anyone who speaks to him. He tries to act blind to blend without the human world but others can sometimes see that is can do more than what most blind men can.

Memories of the Past