Fast Facts

Status Alive
Domain Creativity, Colors, Curiosity
Location Wanders among the Pro-Mortal cities
Position Supports Mortals
Parent Daia
Allies Thetros, Ethelm, Jesine
Enemies Kielik, Valtharn, Labrae
Scribe Basilisk


The daughter of the Immortal Daia, Ti'atha was raised among humans more than Immortals, and while she knew Daia did not age, Ti'atha didn't really consider the Immortals a special thing until after her mother had died. Her mother's death sent Ti'atha deep into mourning, but as she was now the prime caretaker for both herself and several orphans that Daia had taken in, who were almost catatonic with grief, Ti'atha had to find herself means of employment in the crime ridden city that had claimed her mother.

But the two were not left on their own long. Word of Daia's death had spread and other Immortals came to verify it. Some tried to blame their mother's death on humans, even visiting the siblings and trying to talk them into hating the humans and seeking revenge. Ti'atha paid these visitors no heed, but she did listen to the others who came, who gave words of comfort and tried to help them. With the help of the Immortals who mourned Daia's death, Ti'atha was able to take herself and her brother away from the crime-ridden city to a safer place.

However, their sanctuary was short lived, as the war that nearly brought Idalos to an end destroyed their new home and left them both scared and helpless. However, those who had helped them before came to save them again and they found themselves under the care of their mother's elder sister, Ethelynda. The Noble Serpent kept the siblings out of the worst of the war and when they returned life to Idalos, Ti'atha decided to fully join with the Immortals who fought for the Mortals, her brother following her example.

Now, as the war is fought more by Mortals than Immortals, Ti'atha roams through the cities that allied with the pro-mortal faction, bringing joy and laughter where she can. While she lacks the abilities of the full Immortals, or even the more mundane abilities of her cousin Ethelm, Ti'atha is determined to help out as best she can against those who would see the world in chains.


Ti'atha appears as a young woman with playful eyes that change color depending on her mood, naturally dark hair, though she sometimes dies it, and a wide grin. She dresses in bright colors and will often skip instead of walking. A continually cheerful, if mischievous, sort of person, Ti'atha greatly took after her mother. Many have said that Daia's kindness and happiness lived on in her daughter, and while Ti'atha is a little more guarded than Daia was, that is largely an effect of the war. Curious almost to a fault, part of the reason Ti'atha likes to move around so much is because of her constant desire to learn about the various mortal cultures. She's also remarkably creative, enjoying telling stories and making pictures to cheer up people around her.

Memories of the Past

Ti'atha was very close to Daia and her mother's love and kindness remains as a driving force in Ti'atha to this day. When asked, Ti'atha is always happy to share stories of her mother. That being said, she knew her mother was a being of great power, and some of those stories remind people that Ethelynda and Karem were not the only members of their family who were well versed in combat, as Daia was as ready to defend her charges against those of cruel intent as she was to defend them against the doldrums of a boring day.


Ti'atha is currently located in Strosdyn, attempting once again to cheer up the eternally mopey Ralaith.