Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Conquest, Dominion, Devastation, Discipline
Holy Names The Conqueror, The Divine Empress
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Korlasir, The Eternal Empire
Faction Neutral, Imperial
Mark Krorros
Notable Creations Ratherion
Creator Anox
Immediate Family Valtharn (Daughter)
Allies Karem
Enemies Faldrun, Ethelynda, Valtharn
Scribe Basilisk


To say that Raskalarn is on any particular side would be incorrect. Raskalarn is on her side and her side alone, viewing all that will not submit to her to be enemies. However, she has a particular rivalry with Ethelynda, and the rivalry between the two is one of the most intense amongst the Immortals. That being said, the two have a great respect for one another and are constantly trying to convert the other to their cause.

One of the younger Immortals, but one of the most driven, Raskalarn desires to unite all that exists under her rule. Mortal, Immortal, Delana, she seeks to make all creatures bow before her so that the dissension and chaos that has plagued Idalos from it's creation may finally cease. From almost the beginning, Raskalarn's greatest rival was the Immortal of Protection, Ethelynda, who maintained that forcing people to accept someone as their ruler was the wrong way to end the chaos of war and strife. Thus, when Ethelynda created her Ithecal, Raskalarn sought to create a force to counter her new army. However, despite her efforts, all Raskalarn could create was corrupted monsters, twisted mortals fueled by rage, unsuitable for use as a guided force to wield against Ethelynda and her Ithecal.

However, her chance came when Ethelynda sealed away her Ithecal from the rest of the world. Seeing her chance, Raskalarn stepped back and hid away from the world, watching the forsaken Ithecal and waiting for her opportunity to turn the lost Ithecal to her own cause. Eventually, the Ithecal grew desperate for the guidance they had lost and Raskalarn appeared before them, promising to lead them in exchange for their service. When they agreed, the Immortal of Conquest renamed them the Raskithecal and began to teach them her ways.

Over many long years, the Raskithecal grew under Raskalarn's tutelage and became a force that sought to conquer all around them and place all that existed under the rule of their new master. Despite her best efforts, however, Raskalarn was not able to remove all of Ethelynda's influence from her lost children, and she ever worries about what would happen if she were to return to reclaim the Raskithecal. Despite this worry, Raskalarn undid the seal on the Raskithecal and they now stand ready to go to war with the rest of Idalos, with Raskalarn having returned to the realm of the Immortals to wage her war on that front as well.


Raskalarn is the same whether appearing to Immortals or Mortals, a tall woman with raven hair and deep green eyes, wearing armor and carrying a heavy broadsword. Though not unintelligent, Raskalarn is incapable of compromise or surrender. And while a capable tactician, she cannot be made to retreat. When appearing among her own forces, Raskalarn is surprisingly calm and kind, willing to aid them when needed. When appearing among other peoples, however, Raskalarn is cold and forbidding, and the few Mortals who encounter her outside their own lands have described her as carrying a sense of implacable resolve, and unyielding drive to complete her goals.

Memories of the Past

Raskalarn barely interacted with Anox, as shortly after her own creation she began to work on her own plans without regard to her creator or the other Original Beings. She did see his manipulation of her brother, which in part fueled her desire to lead the other Immortals, to get them away from the infighting that infected the Original Beings. But she didn't have any sort of personal relationship with her creator or the other Original Beings and thus never really talks about them.


Raskalarn is currently acting as the ruler of Korlasir at the heart of her Eternal Empire. She rarely interacts with her family at this point.