Pier & Pre

Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Judgement, Equality, Justice, Truth, Lies
Holy Names The Twin Scales, The Final Judgment, Maiden of Mercy, Merciless Maiden
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Traveling
Faction Neutral
Mark Gwelliph
Notable Creations TBD
Creator Brel'tek
Immediate Family None
Allies Vri, Vhalar, U'frek
Enemies Delroth, Raskalarn, Faldrun, Mastes
Scribe Jade


Pier & Pre were created from Brel'tek, the original being who took it upon himself to govern the realms of life, death, and judgement. The twins are a constant contradiction to each other, questioning the ruling, ideals, and judgments of things that happen within Idalos. They are the balance of right and wrong, what is good and what is evil, and the deciding factors for when Vri must bestow death upon an individual. Before the great shattering, their existence didn't own up to much. The part they played was that of a mediator between their brothers and sisters when conversations and opinions would escalate beyond peaceful conversation. Though after the great shattering and the spawn of humans, Pier & Pre were actively involved in the humans' day to day life, along with their brother Vri. They found the purpose with the humans, laying judgement down where it needed to be and relaying that information to Vri when the time came to take a life.

The twins are every bit as different from the other as black and white. While one argues the pros, the other will argue the cons. Pier is the pessimist of the two, while Pre is the optimist. Pier will look for logical reasons why someone should be punished for their actions, while Pre will find why they should not be punished. If one twin cannot counter the other with a logical reason as to do or not do something, then that twin wins. If they win, then they are able to pass judgment how they see fit.

Pier & Pre are both neutral in the war among the Immortals. It is something the two of them argue about constantly. While one states that ending human life will end their life, the other retorts with the dangers of human beings and the fact that they can kill the Immortals. It is an endless cycle of argument between the two, one that may never end.


Pier & Pre appear as two young maidens, one dressed in fine silks while the other dons simple clothing, both sporting cloaks of some kind. Their hands and faces are usually the only flesh you will ever see them show, and their eyes are a distracting, brilliant blue.

Memories of the Past

Brel'tek was more of a father to the girls than any other Original Being could be. With every bit of patience and ease, he dealt with the twins and their conflicting nature as if they had been with him from the beginning of time. Pier and Pre were Brel'tek's voices of reason, manifested into flesh and energy, so it was no wonder the three got along so well. Even Pier and Pre had human moments where they could not find the answer from the other and sought out the aid of their father, who was always ready with answers. After the Great Shattering, the pair were lost to the bitterness and pain of death, never having experienced it, and they fell into the darkness willingly.

It wasn't until Vri pulled them from their rut did the pair begin to return to the world of Idalos. A very slow process for them, the girls decided to bury that part back behind their responsibility and duties. Often do they think about Brelt'ek, and sometimes the thoughts are crippling...


Pier and Pre travel where ever they are needed most. They are always moving around from city to city with their companion, Vri. It is very rare that you'll ever see the three apart, but if you see them, be very wary.