Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Nobility, Honor, Protection, Serpents
Holy Names The Shield, Shieldmaiden, The Stalwart, The Bastion, The Noble Serpent, The Protector, The Guardian
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Ivorian
Faction Supports Mortals
Mark Taithir
Notable Creations Raskithecal, Ithecal
Creator Luesco
Immediate Family No One
Allies Ilaren, Ralaith, U'frek
Enemies Raskalarn, Faldrun, Lisirra
Scribe Basilisk


Ethelynda is one of the immortals who had taken an early interest in the budding life of Idalos, where she looked after the race known as the Ithecal. After the war began, quite a few of her brethren were disgusted to know that some of the humans had taken on certain aspects of the Immortals. For Ethelynda, those who were affected by her were the people of a small tribe. The humans she had returned to life mutated into a race of snake-like creatures with the upper bodies of humans, lower bodies of serpents, and hair that was serpentine in and of itself. They took on much of her appearance, a fact which perked her curiosity. Before long, Ethelynda grew so fond of these creatures, that she watched over them as a mother would her child. She felt compelled to teach them the ways of combat, not only to protect themselves, but to protect others as well, for she knew this war would be a bloody and violent one. Eventually, Ethelynda judged them ready to be on their own, independent of her guidance, even though she felt wary of this decision. It didn't take long before the Ithecal began to corrupt Ethelynda's teachings. They started to conquer their neighboring towns and villages, ruling over them with pride and arrogance. In despair and regret, Ethelynda raised her hand against the Ithecal to cut them off from the rest of the world, hoping to hide her tainted children from mortal and immortal eyes.

After the Ithecal's treachery, Ethelynda withdrew completely from Idalos, as she found it hard to call upon her composure. The world was enveloped in chaos, and so were her more than overwhelming emotions. As the war commenced, Ethelynda spoke out against her siblings in an attempt to calm their fears of the mortals' existence, but when they discovered that humans could slay them, several of her siblings banded together to kill her. They assumed her bond with the Ithecal could offset the war in her favor. Shocked, angered, and surprised at this betrayal, and fearing for her life, Ethelynda fled to Idalos. However, when she arrived she found that the landscape had changed due to the battles between the Immortals and humans. Eventually, she was hunted down and injured by her siblings' champion mortals. In pain and desperation, Ethelynda fled to a small human fishing village near the ocean.

What Ethelynda found there surprised her. Instead of scorn, threat, or anger, she found a small group of people who had been largely untouched by the war thus far, and they took her in and treated her wounds. However, the champions sent to kill her found the village where she was taking shelter within and demanded the villagers turn her over. When posed with obvious threat by the champions, the villagers took up what crude arms they had to defend the injured Immortal from her attackers, banding together to defend her. Touched by this display, and reminded of her early days with the original Ithecal, Ethelynda gifted power unto her defenders, and thus was the second generation of Ithecal born. Their forms were changed by the Immortal's power, granting them the lower bodies of serpents, and their venom, but with an otherwise human appearance. Alas, this gift was much more than what the Immortal's power could do. As she gifted power unto the mortals, her own power, she gave her essence to each one of them and for this, received a shimmering crack on her flesh extending from just below her left eye, down the side of her neck, and across her chest.

Though the new Ithecal were shocked by the change, they were surprisingly grateful to Ethelynda for her gift, for they had feared being exterminated by angry Immortals during the war. With their new abilities, they were able to drive back the mortal champions, ultimately saving Ethelynda's life. Taking her new breed of Ithecal under her wing, she taught them the ways of combat and fortification. With her guidance, they became a united people that believed defending that which was entrusted unto them to be their highest calling. The small initial population grew to a much more significant group, until they had a large enough population that they built a massive fortress port city where the original fishing village had been. While Ethelynda did eventually leave her new race of Ithecal, she will always be there when they call on her for guidance, both out of gratitude to them, and to make sure they do not go down the path of the original Ithecal, whose fate she was now uncertain of...

Ethelynda is on the side of mortals in the war of the Immortals. She has made it her sole duty to defend the people of Idalos from those of her siblings who would see them destroyed, usually through her Ithecal. If she can be found in physical form in Idalos, it's going to be in a Ithecal-controlled area, where most will find her to be stern, but welcoming, kind, and fair. She enjoys teaching young members of other races who are willing to learn the ways the Ithecal live by, so that they may grow to defend themselves and others. If they are attacked while she is present, she will take up arms alongside her followers to defend them.


Ethelynda appears as an armored member of the Ithecal race in both divine and mortal forms, with pale skin, deep red eyes, and raven hair. Her tail is a deep chocolate brown, and she wields a heavy shield and spear in combat, prioritizing defense over offense while fighting.

Memories of the Past

Ethelynda remembers Luesco fondly, more as her father and teacher than her creator. She speaks of him but rarely, but she has said in the past that she wished he was still alive when she was raising Ethelm so that she could have asked his advice.


She is currently in Ivorian.