The Judge, The Balancer

While not the leader of the Originals, Brelt’ek was often considered the most even handed and wise of those that came. He never claimed to be greater than any other Original, but it was his intervention that often led to the dissolution of Anox, Ati’el, or Cierel’s plans. While not overtly in support of the battle that raged across Idalos against its original protectors, Brelt’ek took part in the carnage in support of his siblings. He too adopted the Shay and benefited from their worship, arbitrating in matters of their day to day life, allowing himself to walk among them and understand them.

Brelt’ek was an Original of unparalleled depth, constantly reevaluating and refining his decisions. He claimed no specific realm for himself but instead walked between the realms of all his siblings, intervening in their law and chastising them when their rule became too stifling. Brelt’ek was perhaps the most personable of the Originals, truly trying to understand the mortals and their boundless creativity. It is said the Original had many lovers, much like his son Thetros, and that many of his children shared a remarkable fascination with mortality and the connections that could be formed. Although the rumors are unsubstantiated, it is said that Brelt’ek modeled his Immortals, his proxies on people he met and that his Immortals each were charged with living a lifetime among mortals before truly taking their place by his side. While certainly not all followed such instructions, it is said that the insight Vri gained from following his father’s instruction still resounds within him today.

Perhaps Brelt’ek could feel the end coming for him. He traveled far from his siblings before the end found him, on a lonely island at the mouth of a great river, now Hiladrith, and waited for his end. Whether he understood why or not was unknown, but as he waited he became aware of a natural chasm, reaching deep into the cavity of the earth. Perhaps worried about the destruction he might accidentally bring, Brelt'ek crawled into the schism before the Shattering found him.

Brelt'ek's Fracture is a strange one. Deep in the earth beneath Hiladrith it often draws more frequent and powerful wells that that of the other Original Fractures. It is said that of all the Grand Fractures, Brelt'ek's is often the easiest to traverse physically. The laws of reality are only rarely bent within the confines of his Fracture, as if Brelt'ek's respect of Idalos reality was strong enough to remain linked to the schism he left behind. Strangely, no magic functions within his Grand Fracture, including the marks of Immortals. No Immortal can enter into this Fracture at all, including the Mortalborn and Revealed mages. If forced within, such beings will find themselves in stasis, unable to leave of their own accord, locked to exist between Emea and Idalos till another pulls them out. Within the limits of the Grand Fracture, curious and dangerous Emean residents often find their way to Idalos. While unable to pass outside the area of the Fracture itself, they are often far more intelligent than most of the beasts that come from the Fractures of the others.

It is said that deep within Brelt'ek's Fracture there is a intelligence from Emea both malignant and patient. Something that claims to be stronger than the Immortals themselves, and happy to grant such power...if one will only come to listen.