The Strategist, The Selfish

Ati’el led the Originals into Idalos through the chaos of Emea. Of them all, she seemed the most aware of who they were and from where they came, but chose not to share this with her siblings. Ati’el felt herself above the other Originals and her creations showcased her devotion to order, and cunning insight. Two of her Immortals championed the seasons and it was her dedicated stratagems that led to the triumph of the Originals over the former pantheon of Idalos.

Her manner was abrasive, even by the standards of the Originals. While most allowed her to decide, in respect of her calculating mind, there were few who ever felt as though they were close to her. Anox wanted to possess Ati’el, compelled by her brilliance but Ati’el considered her brother a mere foot soldier, good for little more than bloodletting and destruction.

Ati’el spent the most time on her own, distant from her Immortal proxies who she created simply to oversee aspects she hadn’t the time for. Her secrecy perhaps led to the fatal Shattering and the state of the war between Immortals and humans. She coveted secrets and knowledge, constantly updating her complex plans. Even the Shay she viewed with a certain detached indifference, considering their ingenuity useful but ultimately undeveloped for her own purposes.

Ati’el was often seen in the company of Fei asking pointed questions about the nature of Emea and its connection to Idalos, or imprisoning and experimenting on the mighty Induks that once made up the pantheon of Idalos.

Few, if any, mourned her Shattering.

The Grand Fracture of Ati’el is psychological and dangerous. Found Northeast of Uthaldria on the border of the frozen reaches, it is difficult to seek but is one of the few Grand Fractures with some architecture of the former Original intact, her Black Tower. Phantoms, illusions, and wild emotional energy perpetuates from the mouth of the Fracture, corrupting the minds of those who find themselves drawn within. Strange construct-like creatures march from the mouth of her Fracture at times, their purposes unknown. Some would even suggest there is an intelligence within the Fracture, using the chaotic energy of Emea and the Shattered Original to build a strange demi-plane of traps, soldiers, and horrors.

Few, if any, have investigated deep enough to corroborate these claims.