Last time we met, we didn't know we knew each other.

Settled on the mountain next to Lake Lovalus, this city was founded by the Immortal Ilaren. The locals in this trading port are a happy, friendly bunch who deeply enjoy life, and the city buzzes with a near-constant atmosphere of celebration. Rharne is also home to the Lightning Knights, the Thunder Priestesses, and the Merchants Guild.

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Last time we met, we didn't know we knew each other.

Postby Vega » Thu Jun 14, 2018 2:22 pm

20th Ymiden, 718 "I'm jus' sayin' it's a lot of stairs," she shot him a glance and gave a slight grin. "An' you never minded carryin' me before. I'm tired." She'd just suggested that, since there were such a lot of steps to climb, he could carry her. But no, apparently not. "An' I would jus' point out that it's your fault I'm tired, too." With a playful swat at him, Vega continued to climb. "Bloody stupid idea, if you ask me. I mean, if I lived here, I'd make a killin' by hirin' well built, muscular an' prone to sweatin' men, strippin' them half naked an' then gettin' them to carry rich women up an' down the steps on a.. what?" Looking at him, she stopped talking, played back she was saying in her head and then grinned in a cheery manner, showing that frankly, she knew what she'd said.

"It's a'right, qau'ma. You wouldn't be one o'them. You won't carry me, for Betsy's sake. I'm not hirin' you to carry folk, you'd be rubbish." She beamed in delight at him and realised just how many of these damn steps were still to go. They were just about half way. "Knickers, that's a long way. Right. Only one answer for it, Arlo Creede. Last one up there's a wussie." And with that, Vega was off and running.

And, of course, she was not above cheating in order to win. It was their way together and although she'd draw the line at flashing bumblebee underwear and making buzz noises in such a public place, she wasn't above dirty tactics, including grabbing him, tripping him, faking an injury (always good for stopping and catching her breath, too). Which meant that, by the time they got to the Glass Quarter and the top of the many, many steps, Vega was a little out of breath and laughing close to hysterically. "Oh, I've got a stitch! You're such a cheat!" Clutching her side, she lifted her gaze to him and grinned. Damnit, but she loved him. "I won. We both know that, yeah?" Standing, she moved over to him and, uncaring of the others around - as always - she kissed him. With a wicked glint in her eyes, she whispered. "I'll get my prize later."

But, tormenting her fella about the undeniable and utterly true fact in her eyes ~ thus proving of course that perception is everything ~ that she had won in a race, once they'd caught their breath, it was time to make their way to the place where they were meeting Vivian. "It's jus' weird, though. I mean, you knew each other when we went on th' boat, an' yet you didn't know that you knew each other." Odd. Just odd. But then, such was life with a hat-wearing Cassion worshipper, Vega thought.

Adjusting her frock, she motioned to where the place was. They'd arranged to meet in a nice Tavern in the Glass Quarter. At least it wasn't a tea house that didn't sell cake, Vega thought. That place was just stupid. "That's the right place?" If he thought it was, she nodded. "Right. Well you're the one who's all acquainted an' stuff." With a grin and a flourish of her hand, Vega gestured. "After you."


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Last time we met, we didn't know we knew each other.

Postby Arlo Creede » Fri Jun 15, 2018 3:38 pm

"Well then maybe I should just take it upon myself?" Arlo teased Vega as the debate over the stairs carried on. "I could make a lot of money, as you say...Hire myself out to carry woman of all sorts and persuasions up those stairs. Cut out the middle man, or woman as it were," he added, looking pointedly at Vega with a grin. "Keep all the profits for myself."

But if she was tired, for the reasons that he too ought to be exhausted but wasn't, he wasn't apologizing as he skipped aside of her swat. And Arlo figured she didn't want him to either. He hadn't been in it alone after all. Still, the race was on and he took the stairs two at a time, at times, and once or twice, three. If not for Vega's cheating and flat out treachery, he'd have reached the top long before, he was sure, instead of it ending in nearly a dead heat.

But along the way, she'd forced him into a descending bottleneck halfway up the stairs, and he'd had to find his way through a crowd of middle aged crones from the glass quarter out on a shopping trip. He'd caught an elbow on one of their shopping bags, causing any number of unmentionables to spill out into the open. The time it had cost him to help cleanup the mess, soothe over ruffled, outraged feathers and offer his apologies, was plenty of time for Vega to get the jump on him. And at the end, he was probably just as welcome in the Glass Quarter as he'd been when he was a young kid, fresh faced and wide eyed off the farm.

"Treachery, that's what it was," he insisted when they stood atop the stairs and shared a kiss. "Flat out treachery." But it was strange, yes, and a little unsettling, he agreed as they set out to find Vivian. "It's not just her either. Remember the guy on the island that came over on the larger boat?" Arlo reminded her. "The one that lurked along behind us? It was right in character for him, now that I've remembered. He was there too." Cassion's gambit, he meant.

And then there was Tio. As they walked, he reminded her of the night that he'd been first taken, then trapped at the inn. Tio was there, they'd gone through the tunnels together. He hadn't remembered a thing, and so far as he could tell, Tio hadn't either. If either of them had? One of them at least might not have come out alive.

"I think so," he said when they arrived at what he assumed to be the correct location. He'd sent a note ahead, though there was no telling if they'd arrived before or after Vivian. They'd only find out by heading inside, so Arlo opened the door and ushered Vega in before him. If he caught sight of Vivian, all good and well. And if not, they'd find an open table for the three of them, and claim it before anyone else did.
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