Tough Decisions. (Alistair)

Poxis is being recruited to The Coven.

Rising from the stony plateau overlooking the rivers and plains of the western continent, and growing wealthy from the gem stones pulled from this same rocky soil, Etzos is a bastion of independence, eagerly spreading its belief that man should rule Idalos, not be servants of the vain Immortals who nearly destroyed it. But can the different factions set aside their agendas long enough to see this through?

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Tough Decisions. (Alistair)

Postby Poxis » Thu Jun 14, 2018 1:19 pm


2nd trial of Ymiden, Arc 718

Poxis’s slumbering eyes slowly opened to the sound of a persistent cat wailing and pawing at his front door. “fucking cat..” Poxis grumbled through clenched teeth. He pressed the ends of his pillow to his feathery ears to drown out the noise but soon found himself slamming it against the bed in frustration. Pushing himself out of bed, he stopped over to the door and nearly ripped it open.
“What do you want you little cretin!” Poxis hissed at the black cat looking up at him with eager eyes. The cat rubbed against the fuming Avriel and softly purred. He tried to resist but Poxis soon found his face softening.

“You’re a little shit..but you’re alright.” He smiled and bent down to stroke the top of the felines head . “Let me see if I have any left overs for you. Come on Reject.” The Avriel patted his thigh twice and walked into the house with the hungry cat following closely behind. All that was left to offer was a few strips of dried jerky, Poxis grabbed a strip and carefully cut it into bite size portions with a knife he’d forgotten to put away after dinner the night before. “There you go.” Poxis kelt in front of the cat with a palm full of jerky pieces.

“Looks like I should go back to looking for a job.” Poxis let his head hang back on his shoulders and his eyes roll back as he groaned at the idea. “You’re lucky reject, you can just look cute and people give you shit. People like me have to go find jobs and work for stuff.” He dropped the last few pieces of jerky on the floor and gave Reject one last stroke before partaking in a strip of the dried meat himself. “Brek-fwest uf Chap-wuns!” He proclaimed after shoving nearly the entire piece in his mouth.

“Okay you’re done now scram, I gotta go.” Poxis nudged the cat towards the door with his bare talon foot. “Stay safe little man and give your useless owner a good thrashing when you see them.” The Avriel smiled at the cat as it trotted down the street but his expression faded the moment Reject was out of view. It was now time to talk to stupid people and be nice to them, two of Poxis's least favourite things.

Once inside the city walls, it didn’t take long for Poxis to stumble onto a help wanted sign outside a local herb shop. He pulled open the wooden doors and spotted a middle age man with back turned towards a wall of tiny drawers which he was busy stocking.

“I saw your sign out front and I was wondering if you're still looking for help.” Poxis asked in the most polite and gentle tone his voice could muster.

“Oh yes of cour-“ The man’s delightful demeanour faded the instant he spun around and laid eyes on Poxis. “The spot is taken.” He stated firmly.

Poxis body went tense and he could feel the blood boiling inside of him but he took a deep breath and tried his best to focus on the weight of his feet on the ground like his mothers taught him. “It sounded like you were about to say something else.”

“I was but I won’t work with your kind so leave.” The man thrust his finger at the door and glared at Poxis with loathing.

“WELL FUCK YOU TOO!” Poxis shrieked loudly as he let his fist fly into the stone wall. His knuckle was bleeding but he didn’t notice as he slammed the door behind him in unbridled rage. He lost control of his breathing and tears were forming around his eyes, he needed to get away. His pace quickened but he didn’t know where he was going. He looked back and saw the store clerk talking to a guard and pointing in his direction. Poxis ducked into an alleyway quickly and hid behind a hamper of dirty blankets.
“You can breath, you can breath, you can breath” He chanted quietly through laboured breaths and sobbing. His one mother always said if you can talk, you can breath.

Three winged silhouettes descended from the sky and landed gracefully in front of where Poxis was sitting. A trio of Avriel were all starring down at Poxis, The one in the middle was a brightly feathered male that towered over the other two. He wore the expression of someone who smelled something revolting and was the first to speak up. “How truly sad this sight is.”

“Go Away..” Poxis trembled with growing rage that he tried desperately to contain.

“I’m sorry brother, but I cannot ignore wasted potential. I see a diamond in the ruff being shat on by lesser creatures and it saddens me, does it not sadden you as well brother?”

“First of all shit lord, I’m not your fucking brother so can you stop calling me that and second, I’m not sad i’m fucking pissed! so if you don’t mind I’d like to be alone, Exactly what part of that don’t you fuckers understand!” Poxis pulled himself off the ground and balled his fists. He could almost taste how satisfying it would be deck this guy in his extra puchable face.

“No need for violence, I only ask that you join our family. The Coven accepts all who seek power and we have much to offer you for your loyalty, I assure you.” The strange Avriel grinned as he offered Poxis his open palm.

"What the fuck is a Coven?" Poxis spat back pushing the offered hand away in defiance.
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