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• PM To Join • Men Are Worse Than Wolves (Ela, Kura)

Postby Valeria Burhan » Thu May 17, 2018 6:24 pm

19th Ashan 718
The city had visitors or so Valeria had heard. Very intriguing visitors if the rumours were to be believed. Scalvorians who had flown into Andaris. She hadn't seen it for herself but the Burhan was intrigued and eager to see such sights for herself. It had set her wandering, moving into the Crown in the hopes of finding some information that would point her towards the location of the newcomers. The young woman wasn't thinking of the political ramifications of such a thing, wasn't concerned with alliances and first contacts. The blonde was still not as politically minded as her family might have liked although she tried on occasion. On this particular occasion, she was more drawn by curiosity and the opportunity for gossip.

It was still early in the trial but she had found no sign of the illustrious guests in the seat of the kingdom's power and thus, she drifted from the Crown into Midtown. There were many places in that section of the city that could be entertaining to visitors or useful and so it wasn't too outlandish an idea that she might find word of them there. Lowtown though... there was no way that anyone of decent rank would be found there. If they were there, it'd be discreet of course and therefore, she'd be none the wiser about their whereabouts.

It was while she was drifting near the Butcher's Shop that an odd sight caught her eye, or more specifically, an odd individual. It was a woman, something wild about her and her style of dress... there was a feminine shape, Valeria could see it but there was something about her manner, her movements that gave her an air of something wild, untamed and also masculine, at least in the noblewoman's eyes. If she had moved that way, her mother would have had her head on a platter.

She felt oddly drawn to her, creeping closer so she could get a better look at her and thus, she was within earshot of the middle-aged man who was trying to accost her. It wasn't Vin or Videer, the men who owned the butchery shop, but someone else who was merely hovering there, bag in hand to show that he'd made some recent purchases.

"I see you eyeing the meat in the windows, love. Like meat, do you? Well, you won't find a finer piece of meat than right here. Finest meat in Andaris. The best sausage!" he called out to the wild woman, making a gesture that made the blonde pull a face of disgust. Horrible, lecherous man. His comments only grew more ridiculous, his innuendo more obvious and it made the Burhan want to close up her ears.

"C'mere and have a taste. C'mere!" the man leered, moving closer, constantly closer and with that wild look about her, it didn't come as a surprise when the woman turned on him, like an animal. Valeria squealed, hands flying to her mouth. It was something she could not bring herself to witness and yet she could not stand by and do nothing. The man didn't stand a chance against that wildling and if she attempted to bolster his strength... No, it was the woman she must try to tackle. She would have to try to calm her and there was only one option: Memorize.

The blonde drew as near as she dared, closing her eyes and resting her hands on her abdomen, seeking her diaphragm as she inhaled deeply, feeling her lungs fill. Zanik, give me strength, she prayed silently, calling on his power, the mark he'd given her so that it surged through her. The faint golden aura rose on her skin as she hummed, warming her vocal cords. When she opened her mouth, she chose the tune of a well-known lullaby, its sound soothing although the words were her own.

"Quiet now, child. Be calm and still. Soothe your rage," she sang, repeating the refrain over and over as she felt power thrum through the syllables. She could force the other to do nothing but she could coax. She simply hoped that the woman would hear her.

While she was busy working her magic, others were running, word spreading about a fight outside the butcher's shop in Midtown, the woman's description sure to reach certain ears who would recognise her for who she was: Ela Wolfsdotter.
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Men Are Worse Than Wolves (Ela, Kura)

Postby Ela Wolfsdotter » Sat May 19, 2018 10:26 am

C'mere and have a taste. C'mere!

Many men spoke words they would regret. Words that started fights, caused wars, lost them family or loved ones because of one stupid set of words. But this man? Ela would make sure that there was nobody on this world able to regret their words more than him. Burning, sickening rage came over her as the clawed woman turned to him with a wild slash, clawing three cuts across his chest, causing a cry of pain and an array of faces to turn and look.
"Stupid! Fucking! Prick!" she screamed, each word a new slash as the man was knocked on his back, screaming in pain, with not even a slight attempt at fighting back. His hands tried to cover his face and his knees came up to his chest as the woman let out a roar, reminiscent of the predators she claimed dominion over. Underneath, the man started sobbing, as Ela raised her hand for a finishing strike, mustering every ounce of strength with the intention of gutting this man alive.

Yet a woman's voice stopped her, causing the rage to slowly fade as she heard the words in her ears. Her clawed hand lowered and the man under her let out a whimper, relieved to have his life yet bleeding massively. While Ela looked away, he quickly made a break for it, running in to a crowd and barging past, nobody making an effort to stop him. Yet despite the scene around her, the voice was all she heard. Her eyes, while still bestial, turned soft and calm.
Slowly and with clear intention, Ela passively made her way to the woman, seeing the source of the voice. A beautiful woman, Ela thought, as she walked over with a curiosity in her eyes - like a confused yet entranced beast. Around her, the crowd looked with some level of awe, both at the rabid animal trapped in a human's body and the girl who's voice could tame such a beast.

It wasn't like Ela to fall in to a blind rage, not that intense. She had bouts of anger, often more than anybody else. This, however, was different. This was reminiscent of her Blood Frenzy, when she'd been starved for too long. All she wanted was suffering and blood, to the man that had offended her. Yet she had no limits, no real control. Had nobody stopped her, there would be nothing left of that man - and for what? Calling out in a lewd and disgusting manner? That was reason to be annoyed, but Ela knew that was no excuse to kill someone.
Without a word, Ela snapped herself out of the trance somewhat, while still keeping eye contact with the woman. It was now she realized how uncomfortable she felt, suddenly close to this woman without having given it any second thought. Before she could speak, however, she heard a shout behind her - causing her to turn back and look.
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