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Lucretia Meadows

Postby Lucretia Meadows » Mon May 07, 2018 12:52 pm

Lucretia Meadows

Name:Lucretia Meadows



Date of Birth:


Factions Joined:Cult Of Ellasin

Languages Spoken: Common Fluent

Voila; Lucretias Harvester

Voila has an extremely selfish personality and is rife with spunk and bad attitude expecting ether for services and deeds. Knowledge is power and frequently this Emean creature will withhold information for a bargain of ether. She fulfils her duties when tasked, but expects payments from Lucretia for jobs well done the Sorceress is a leader and hordes the treasure giving treats when they are rightly deserved as Voila knows her loyalty is rewarded and when trust is established she will get a bigger cut of the pie. She is pre-emptive and over eager to let Lucretia flay, she is the voice that tells her to give into the lulls of addiction Voila like Lucretia has an insatiable thirst for ether.

Currently Voila receives 20%

Lucretia has grayish white hair and silvery eyes, she stands average height and has a slender build. She comes off as more a vagabond or ragamuffin trying to scrape by on an honest living. She is often never seen without her violin and loves practicing her music,


She's timid and alert always hyper vigilant of upstarts within the coven, kill potential rivals before they kill you; priorities! Always ready to make an example of someone that steps far out of bounds and exert control and force, if it's within her capabilities and authority to do so. Her motives are purely survivalistic in nature, feed herself and her Harvester for a better tomorrow. She is always trying to hide her inhibitions within trying to exude a calm and collected heir about herself through song and dance, after all paranoia has kept her alive. Power is life, those without it are failures and failures become cadavers. So the young sorceress has sent herself down a path to find it with her voice and instrument. But her motivations are simple, feed her ether addiction. It comes before friends people shed like to consider family and even allies shes always looking for her next fix. Outside power structures designed to keep her safe, if left to her own devices she is a serial killer prowling the streets of Etzos hunting for victims incognito as a street performer practicing the tools to her magic.


It was never meant to be like this, she was born and rejected in Etzos and found herself an orphan. As she grew, children would come and children would go but one thing was a constant; practice, practice, practice. But Lucretia was always left behind, but when left to her own devices would sing and dance to forget her problems.

Shed run away of course, feeling no family wanted her.

But she wouldn't make it far as a street performer. Meadow wandered aimlessly and alone, living life at the very bottom as a homeless wretch until an eve shed been snatched and abducted off the streets. She had something there, a passion for music that had caught all the wrong attention.

Ellasin was then the light her savior her everything, how she wished to aspire to such greatness to play all alone as she let her minor gifts flow through her fingers and escape her lips.

This was her family now.

Shed learn such things as she was educated by way of strict discipline the mis-behaved had a habit of disappearing, the naughty ones never did last long. Quick to find comfort in power she gravitated towards a particular teacher, there were several that others gravitated towards some said alchemy was the path others through sword there were varying paths. But Lucretia wanted was the fun one, and her and this mysterious woman they always practiced singing song or worked on the music notes to bone song while she played her gifted violin.

It was a cacophony an audible disaster piece but her teacher and mentor wanted her to let it go and lose herself in the music of life, and for something that was supposed to be fun the demerits and punishments were harsh for uncompliance or failure to meet expectations in the criteria on that trials performance.

Her introduction to having power and control came much to her suprise, two orphans walked into the crypt escorted by a her teacher and she was forced to fight for her life. Only one would be strong enough for the sparks. And thus when the carnage had settled Lucretia survived while her former friend lay in blood, the gifts of her curse was given as she stood in triumph as her former friend simply watched quaking from her death rattle as blood began pooling in her lungs.

But something dark happened before the necromantic ritual, the spark within itched and clawed at her mortal coil something primal different this wasnt the same domain she kneeled before her dying friend as if to say good bye and pass her off into the next life but as she did she felt something she felt there was precious worth plucking for herself, the seed of her life perhaps. As she opened her mouth out of instinct something primal within her commanded it be done. Barely lip to lip the aberrant breathed in, drinking from the inverted plume of cloudy ether of her soul. Lucretias eyes alight a taste shed never known before as she delved deep and drank from that emean oasis, a high like shed never experienced and when the tap ran dry; she wanted more. Her lush forest hues were frenzied and manic as shed unwittingly stepped into something sinister as the dark spark within danced in delight. Her spark overjoyed with the marvelous vessel that did as it desired.

How lucky a parasite to have such a host.

Lucretia took her promotion graciously recieving her elevation with pride, thinking that was enough and the trial was done as she fidgeted with her fingers unsure of what shed done. Only to have dulled emerald green eyes widen in fear as she was grabbed by the scruff and hurled into the crypts chamber with the click clack of the lock trapping her within.

She was told to not be afraid, that all she must do was find the music within herself and to follow her notes in this melodious song as she was contained behind bars in a sepulture with the corpse of her former friend. Terror struck her mortal coil as shed delve into the sphere within her and as the ether was tapped into her eyes were alight with a malevolent glow as she took control of the corpse as she opened her mouth and started to mimic the song finding something unique as ether flowed from her lips connecting herself to the undead. How fun it was, her imitation of life as she made the corpse hobble around she could make it move with her melody as the teacher relinquished control allowing the macabre sorceress in training to simply let it out as her voice loomed in the crypt the ambiance was electric Lucretia would claim she could see the music . As a malicious snarly little smile escaped her lips revealing her inscisor, but as the song stopped so to did the magic as the corpse fell into a slump on the ground.

Things started taking shape in the coven and all seemed well by outward appearances, she was now a true necromancer and shed been so proud of her gnarly little accomplishments. But it seemed there were whispers looming, Lucretia could feel it as instructors and even her own teacher seemed most concerned.

As per instruction after some time after her Lucretia was to strip the dead of there flesh with another, cutting tearing ripping and scraping the meat off the bones of the departed to make them clean and useable husks. After all she now had an understanding of what happened to the culled. But as she worked something struck the mage, it had been a few days but she felt withdrawal rear it's ugly head felt it pierce her as her spark was struck by pure thirst. And she did what she did best be patient in wait, while she felt her insides metaphorically rotting. She and one other set to work, and she felt it tugging but she did not let it show.

As time went on she was urged to flay overpowered her will and she desperately struck out. But was met with an overwhelming spell of dark sorcery that had left Lucretia sapped of energy on the floor as though she fainted. Her teacher within the coven knew shed flayed far to early, and in an effort to correct this they did the best they could and simply chained her down and waited for the outcome. Perhaps her teacher had been hoping to capitalize on consuming her on a later trial, it was unclear but shed managed to pull through as she writhed in agony on the floor as the throws of her ether addiction had waged an onslaught against her physical being, trills to breaks and break to trials until it emerged from Emea to greet her. The Harvester took on a black image of her like a blank shadow, it gave some name from whence it came and really Lucretia couldn't pronounce it so she called her new companion; Voila.

She is a street performer luring the unwary to be flayed while disposing of corpses to the cult. A hand in hand relationship that has been seeming to favor them instead of her, she has been looking a way to break free since her teacher has seemingly vanished leaving the young sorceress to her own devices.


Lives poorly in Etzos, rents a room above a tavern.

Knowledge & Skills

SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Meditation 5/100 (5/100)Fast TrackNovice
Discipline5/100 (5/250)Novice
Necromancy5/100 (5/250)Novice
Aberration5/100(5/250) Novice
Dancing 5/100 (5/250)Novice
Musical Instrument Violin5/100(5/250)Novice
LeadershipRB 25/100(25/250)Novice

Knowledge : Necromancy; Bone Song
Necromancy; Sap
Aberration; Harvester Familiar
Aberration; Helps manage flaying
Aberration; Creation Of A Sphere

Skill Point Ledger

Record all of your Skill Point Expenditure here. Include your starting package.


Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
+25 Leadership RB
+5 Necromancy
+5 Aberration
+5 Song
+5 Musical Instrument Violin
+5 Dancing
+5 Endurance
+5 Resistance
+5 Acrobatics
+5 Discipline
+5 Meditation
Starting Package 50

Marks Section
Marks : N/A
Knowledge : N/A

  • City Dweller Starting Package

    -250 Mastercraft Violin and Case
    Black cloak, SP
    Black shirt, SP
    Black pants, SP
    undergarments, SP
    Black boots. SP
    One Set of Toiletries: Soap, A comb or brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, SP
    One waterskin SP
    Two sets of eating utensils SP
    Tinderbox SP

Starting Package
250 gn Forfeit Housing
-250 Mastercraft Violin and Case
Black cloak,
Black shirt,
Black pants,
Black boots.
One Set of Toiletries: Soap, A comb or brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste,
One waterskin
Two sets of eating utensils

Total Currency: 0 ON, 00GN, 0 SN, 0 CN

Renown Ledger
Item/ ThreadFameTotal
Starting Fame +20 +20
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...

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