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Rising from the stony plateau overlooking the rivers and plains of the western continent, and growing wealthy from the gem stones pulled from this same rocky soil, Etzos is a bastion of independence, eagerly spreading its belief that man should rule Idalos, not be servants of the vain Immortals who nearly destroyed it. But can the different factions set aside their agendas long enough to see this through?

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Postby Nightshade Eld » Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:02 pm

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She couldn't help but go back and forth on this little idea in particular. This would be the second arc of breaking an old routine that built up when she was much younger. Even them, she still stayed home and sulked. She didn't feel like doing that this arc though, which was why she was slowly meandering through the woods to a destination she'd walked towards just a few too many times. She should have stopped after the first time. Regret held heavy and weighed equally with desire in this case. She wondered why she was still doing this, why she reached out to him every chance she got, every spare trial she managed to scrounge up. He was toxic, and dear Immortals, it would be a beautiful death.

Her blood rushed around in her veins as her heart seemed to pound louder and louder the farther she progressed, ringing in her ears. She was about to ask her boyfriend on a date. Her murderous bounty-having-boyfriend. On a date. For her birth trial. She was insane.

The woman continued forward in complete silence though, unfazed by the thought. she urged herself a little farther. Would she try to convince him to let her in? What would she see? There was a morbid curiosity that came with her decision to seek him out at his home to ask him on this date.

As an early birth trial gift to herself, she'd gotten a dress. Custom tailored and made. It was without a doubt a new experience to actually have something so beautiful made especially for her to her specifications. She could still remember when hand-me-downs were given reluctantly. And yet here she was, wearing a dress that hung a couple inches below her knees, perfectly hugging every curve of her body and tailored in the back not to upset her wings. The fabric was a beautiful black satin which shifted around her form. At the bottom and around the neck was a thick fur trim, the gray working well to match the black of the cloth. At the bottom, golden flowers were embroidered with a careful hand. She wondered if maybe it was just a little too gaudy, but it had only cost 116gn give or take. At one point, that would have been her entire wage for a season, if not her life's savings. Now she almost laughed at the cost, throwing in an extra 100gn since it was made so beautifully.

There was a tiny part of her that said she'd definitely gone overboard with her demands for the dress. But, she pushed those thoughts out of her head quickly when she reminded herself just how much Noth would appreciate her purchase. She almost laughed aloud at the thought, a childish smile parting her lips for a just a moment. She couldn't find it in her heart to hate him, instead only find it fit to adore him even more. She'd spent time wondering if she really loved him or was obsessed with the idea of him, with the idea of another half-breed. But she was certain that she was genuinely in love. After someone shows you genuine care and affection for the first time in your life, romantic affection, how can you not fall in love? She didn't think she'd so willingly turn a blind eye if she didn't adore the man with every fraction of her being. And that was precisely what made it so terribly painful.

Approaching the telltale signs of her beloved's cave she tried not to take note of how different the path had become. More trodden one might say? She didn't want to think about that, or the implications it might lead one to find. Silence, she ordered her thoughts, silence. The familiar weight in her stomach started to cause things to churn, the gentle and almost constant pain followed by a slightly more intense pain which wreathed from the bottom of her stomach all the way to what was almost her chest. She didn't bring the jewel that had so dedicatedly chased away the feeling as of late, so she was left just dealing with the pain that she could almost call an old friend.

At the very least it was a beautiful day and she'd managed to keep her dress clean on the way to the cave. The wind brushed lightly against trees causing a shifting and rustling noise in recently grown foliage, the sweet scent of newly budded flowers hanging heavily among the rich scent of moss and the earth. The glare of sunlight trickling in places shaded heavily and glaring downwards in slight clearings where the trees grew far apart and the grass turned lush, in comparison to the thick pelt of shrubbery barely hiding roots that peaked up out of the earth. How deeply some of these trees must have reached, their lives stretching on into a vastness only imaginable by the few who could see all of eternity stretching before their tired cloudy eyes. What a man must trade in his life to catch a glimpse through that gaze.

As she approached the jutting maw of stone that she was so familiar with her pace slowed considerably. Before then it had been something a brisk stroll even if it was meandering. The half-breed moved faster than the average person. But how her steps slowed to an insistent drawling gait as she gave Noth ample time to rush out and meet her as she was sure he would. Her visit was unplanned, but he would know. He always seemed to know. And for all her morbid curiosity, she wasn't entirely too sure she wanted to know what kind of monstrosities he'd invited into his home. The woman wondered if she'd ever do that same. Not permanently, but for a night. She wasn't above letting him say. Then again, if she did, maybe she'd have to move.


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Postby Noth » Thu Apr 19, 2018 4:20 pm


The season had been far busier than the hybrid would have expected, though he supposed that was the burden to bear when one was in charge of a sprawling criminal organization. A great deal had occurred, some of it which had been carefully planned, each potential hazard pruned away by the hybrid’s tactical mind, and yet other events had seemingly come out of the blue, assailing his senses and sensibilities with their suddenness in many cases. The Avriel recognized that this was the natural occurrence of things, that people often schemed and plotted their own designs behind closed doors, and that no matter the number of spies and watchmen he employed, there would always be those who had managed to outsmart him, but it was jarringly frustrating to actually encounter such persons. He had spent so much time on his treatises and tactical planning, and yet the thorns in his side had yet to subside from their irritation and harassment.

Next season, he whispered to himself when no one was around to hear. Next season he would take even further precautions to ensure that he would not be subject to the same issues as he had in the past. Next season he would hire assassins aplenty to continue their strikes against those targets which frustrated him enough to warrant death. Next season he would amplify the number of spies in his employ by a hundred percent, there would be ears waiting around every corner, whispers spoken within each wall. Next season he would ensure that his solders were finally nearing the end of their training, that they would be fully equipped for every work which required their service, for every violent confrontation, for every quasi-policing of his territory that was necessary, for every act of intimidation, or terror, or war.

The hybrid rarely forgot important dates, but he supposed that even he would inevitably fall subject to an explosion of information so grand that things which he had once considered indispensable fell into the range of being only novelty or kind to remember. Unfortunately, the birth-trial of his dearly beloved was one such piece of information which became little more than esoteric, and the hybrid found himself entirely unprepared for her arrival, still dressed in the harsh armor which he always seemed to don, sitting within one of his innermost offices and browsing over one of the latest reports given to him by a lieutenant. It seemed that recent attempts at racketeering involving a nearby family of cattle-herders had gone poorly when their eldest son had decided to take matters into his own hand. The soldier sent to collect the funds had been wounded in the assault, but their training had carried through in the end, and the farmer had been staked through the heart with a crossbow’s bolt. Unfortunately, that was not specifically the sort of thing that Noth wanted getting around to the public, since he was at least somewhat trying to prevent them from all siding directly with the Black Guard, but it had taken seemingly little effort to hire a reputable cleaner to fix the issue at the price of most of the valuables in the family’s home.

The first news that the hybrid had that anyone was approaching his cavern and the headquarters of Al’Angyryl was one of his watchmen calmly stepping through the office and informing him that a woman who possessed wings much like his own was moving directly towards it. Noth had very nearly had something akin to a panic attack the instant after the watchman had left, but he had managed in record time to order the hiding of those who waited in the woods, and the stowing away of any contraband material that might incriminate him from the very front of the cave. To hide away everything in so short a time would have been impossible, but so long as the entryway appeared clean of any illicit activity, he didn’t’ believe that he’d have anything to worry about, especially since Nightshade had never ventured into his cavernous home in the past.

Quickly, he removed the armament that covered him, allowing the metallic platemail and the chainmail chestpiece to slink off of his flesh, feeling the warmth of the air lash against his uncovered flesh in a way that had begun to grow unfamiliar. The only piece of armor he kept upon him was the Null Gauntlet upon his right hand, because without it he was uncertain as to whether or not he would be capable of using his right hand whatsoever, or if it would simply be gone. Nightshade was so cautious for the sake of his privacy, considered the hybrid as he stepped towards the entryway, crimson eyes spying her silhouette in the light even though he remained at least somewhat concealed by the shadowy dark.

She had changed, he mused, adoring the dress and the way that it clung to her form, analyzing her in much the same way that a jeweler looks upon a precious gem, adoring every small piece. That brought something of a smile to his face, but his thoughts quickly grew grim and melancholic as he considered the suffering that he had brought upon her, of the trouble that he had caused here and in other lands, and of the torment that it would cause her if she knew of all his deeds. It took him a solid bit to banish the thoughts entirely from his mind, and he stepped forward from the darkness, the grin having returned to his face as he moved quickly forward, fully intent on embracing her in greeting.

“Beloved. I wasn’t certain that you’d ever come here again.” He smiled, outstretching his fleshy hand towards her own in order to better clasp it, enjoying the sensation of warmth that it would no doubt bring.


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As a note: Noth is a Grandmaster in Intimidation. That means that he's at least as scary as the Count from Sesame Street. Beware.

"The tyrant confuses those he can't convince, corrupts those he can't confuse, and crushes those he can't corrupt." - Anonymous
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