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Taking of the Guard: Andaris A [VII Event]

Postby Kirei Qe'Azour » Thu Apr 12, 2018 12:44 pm

Kirei nearly froze in shock when she heard the injured U'frek Sailor speak Dehasin. It was a language she hadn't heard in arcs, but it was one that she would never forget. Kirei was able to understand what the man said well enough, but it took her a few trills worth of thought as she ran through the terms used for family members until she was certain that the man had said sister rather than brother. Save my sister, the man had said. From what? Or who? Was she a member of Rynmere's military like this man was? Did he fear that she was out there injured somewhere, too? How was she supposed to find and help a woman who was in unknown danger when she had no idea where to look, how to help, or even what the man's sister looked like? Kirei needed more information, and for that, she needed the injured sailor to be well enough to tell her what was needed.

Unfortunately, that seemed to be a bigger problem than she had feared. Serin's knowledge of herbs allowed her to know which ones were the most useful for the medicinal teas and drinks that Elyari's Hope had a reputation for, and she certainly knew which ones were good for spices and seasonings...but it quickly became obvious that she knew less than Kirei had hoped about the medical used of the herbs that she grew. And she knew even less about treating the injured. But she did have some advice, though; seek out a doctor by the name of Glynn.

Kirei had her marching orders, so she quickly left the safety of Elyari's Hope, and slipped into the chaotic crowds outside once more. Many people were gossiping with any who would listen, demanding answers that were clearly not to be found. Others begged to be protected, or for assurances of the safety of their businesses. Still others demanded news of friends or relatives who worked in Rynmere's military. Kirei had no answers to give, so she ignored them all as she weaved her way through the crowd as quickly as she could. It wasn't easy, and her progress was slowed somewhat by the need to search for signs that people in the crowd were armed. For all she knew, some of the people responsible for this nightmare could be lingering among the crowd, to see what the results of their actions would be. Members of the Iron Hand were scattered about the crowd as they tried to maintain order with varying results.

When Kirei finally reached the gate leading into the Crown, the two men standing guard greeted her with suspicious eyes, and lowered weapons. Kirei stopped far enough away that she hoped she wouldn't be seen as a threat, but near enough that they should be able to hear her clearly. One of the guards looked familiar, and Kirei realized that he was a regular at Elyari's Hope. She had spoken to him once, asking him if he had liked a dish that she and Aris had been especially proud of making. Would he remember that now, and recognize her?

"My name is Kirei Qe'Azour, and I'm one of the apprentices working under Elyari at Elyari's Hope. You may have seen me there." she said, addressing the guard that she had recognized.

"Serin is an herbalist who works at Elyari's Hope as well. She sent me here to find a doctor by the name of Glynn. Do you know of him? If so, can you get him for me, or tell me where I might find him now? Serin told me that he works around the palace. We have an injured U'frek Sailor at Elyari's Hope, and there may be more injured there by now as well. None of us know enough about medicine to be of any use in treating the injured, so we need Glynn to come if he can."

It seemed unlikely that one of the guards would be willing to leave their post after everything that had happened. But if they realized that she was no threat, they might allow her to go search for the doctor Serin had sent her after. And if they could point her in the right direction and give her a description of the man, her chances of finding this Glynn and getting him to come help were that much greater.
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Taking of the Guard: Andaris A [VII Event]

Postby Caius Gawyne » Tue Apr 17, 2018 2:43 pm

"Common scum like you don't talk to a Lady that way, and definitely not my Lady, you flaming fodsack." Caius sneered at the bandit, desperate to keep his focus despite the glimpses of Furious creatures that seemed determined to haunt his vision. Their presence distracted him, both in a terrifying way but also in an alluring one—Ziell allowed him to smell conflict, but Syroa allowed him to see the emotional evidence of it all, "If you don't want the name of the crown to sarding stop you, then mine will have to do."

He'd already assumed they were VII, but the verbal confirmation would have been more fuel to his fire. He realized that he wasn't as afraid as he'd once been, that he probably should have been, an angry bravado burning heatedly in the molten cavity of his chest. Caius had seen just enough conflict, tasted just enough danger, to feel the rush of adrenaline as it thrummed in his ears and attempted to beat its way out of his narrow chest. He attempted to keep his anger steady, but it was difficult.

Still, the young Gawyne didn't hesitate to swing at the man, either, free hand ready to counter his dagger, hoping to catch a grip on his wrist or even his bare hand, eager to brush his too-warm fingers over the bastard's flesh. He moved to parry with his saber, to keep himself safe and wait for his opportunity to strike, far more patient now than he'd once been in the past. If he could create enough of an opening, if he could get the grab he wanted, he wouldn't even have to stab the man, he could just Chill him to the bone with a touch, ending the fight before it really had to begin and saving everyone the trouble of too much conflict.

Caius knew he couldn't convince him to step down, couldn't simply Calm the Storm with the bandit so bent on combat already. But if he could stop this one, then perhaps he and Darcyanna could continue toward safety before the second one came back with friends.

He didn't caution his delicate pianist, however, didn't tell her to stay back, for he understood that there were two of them against this one bandit and that she had her own ways of being useful so long as he could draw any attack toward himself, his gambeson at least providing a limited amount of protection against the slice of a blade,

"Whose name are you here in, then? If we're going to do some exchanging?"

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Slow, sorry. Short and sweet ... because ... combat. Caius' dog! You bastard! I hope we can rescue him. I'll cry.

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