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[Storyteller's Office] The Beehive

Postby Bumblebee » Thu Mar 23, 2017 10:54 pm

    Welcome to The Hive

    Welcome to my office, worker bees! I'm Bumblebee, or Honey, if you'd prefer. I'm currently a storyteller in Rynmere, and officially joined the staff on March 23rd, 2017. Since you've stopped by my little office, I'm sure you're wanting to see what all the buzz is about. Let me show you:

      The Sweet Stuff I Do:
    • Reviews
    • Write and manage moderated threads in my city
    • Ensure all jobs and wages are updated
    • Update city development
    • Seasonal Calenders
    • Thread Drop-ins
    • Development in Rynmere to push player interest
    • Update & Approve Bounties
    • Respond to all PMs and inquiries in city forum.
      What to Write Here:
    • Mod Requests
    • Reply Reminders (I prefer a PM, but do what ya gotta do)
    • Any ideas you might have for Rynmere you want to discuss.
    • TBD
    Please contact me via PM, Skype, or catch me in chat. I'm very flexible and willing to work with players regarding plots or new ideas. Don't be scared to approach me. I promise I don't bite (but I might sting... jk!).

Work Hard. Stay Bumble.

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[Storyteller's Office] The Beehive

Postby Alistair » Sat Apr 29, 2017 12:04 am

Emperor Plot Request:

Hey Bumblebee,

I would like to request a plot to become the Emperor of Rynmere. My first goal will be to acquire promises or agreements from the Seven Dukes (or at least a majority of them) to vote for Alistair as Emperor via the ducal council vote.

I have a few ideas:

1. Venora: Alistair promises his mother, Willow, to advocate actively for the interests of Venora upon achieving the position. He would essentially become the second most powerful man in Rynmere, thus massively increasing the power of his family. I think this would be a no-brainer, even with their tension - he would appeal to Willow's egotism, her son being Emperor would offer her "bragging rights" among her Ladies in court, and a way for her to one-up the other Duchesses.

2. Warrick: Alistair's closest ties are with Warrick. He is good friends with Olivia, his grandfather is a Warrick, and he negotiated a great deal of beneficial agreements between Venora and Warrick, including their alliance during the civil war. He is also sort of an ally of Rafael, though this may be a hindrance considering the boy's recent actions. Even so, these actions may not become public knowledge yet, and he will probably be seeking their vote in early Ashan. I think he will promise to fund the training, restocking and arming of their military (after all the hits they must've taken recently) as Emperor.

3. Burhan: If Ali approached Pavoo, he'd probably reference his "rescue" of Elyna and how her freedom managed to pull Burhan's reputation from the dirt, considering a Burhan ended the rebellion just as well as a Burhan started it. He would also promise influence in the Cyrene Bay trade node using his influence as Baron of Novilane, rather than as just Emperor of Rynmere, with his own expanding influence meaning more wealth for Burhan.

4. Krome: Alistair is among the closest allies of Xander Krome, who will soon be the first in line, considering the fate of the primary line of Krome. He and Xander know one another's aspirations, and so Alistair will trust Xander to try and convince the Duke of Krome of Alistair's excellence and his loyalty to house Krome. This wouldn't need moderation, just modded approval.

5. Gawyne: Alistair is involved in a plot to dispose of a Sessfiend in Gawyne. He could, possibly, wipe the shady bits clean and present the head of the beast to the Duke as a way of inflaming his reputation in the region. He wouldn't ask for anything - other than a vote in the ducal council.

6. Endor: Don't care

7. Andaris: This mostly depends on Celeste plots, currently.

So... yeah. I was hoping for a modded thread with Willow, and the Duke of Warrick. Hope that sounds good?
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