• Open • Into the Cavern

A port city that serves as the capital to the island nation of Yithiral and is home to the protective Ithecal race, the servants of the Immortal Ethelynda. Travelers, merchants, adventures, as long as you don’t break the law, you will be welcomed with open arms and kept safe by the snake-like founders and leaders of this fortress city.

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• Open • Into the Cavern

Postby Emu'ra » Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:25 pm

Cylus 03 Arc 718
Riverside Cavern

Holding her breath and taking light footsteps, Emu’ra approached the unaware vermin. With both hands grabbing tightly around her spear, she readied her weapon for the kill. The rat was nibbling ferociously at something with great concentration. Its sleek vermin hairs twitched as it ate blissfully unaware of its impending death. The rat probably has a deep and rich history, Emu’ra thought, looking at the patches of naked flesh on its ragged body. Now, it will die in seconds. Never did it know, after all those years of surviving, would it be killed by some random Sev’ryn girl. “What if I’m reincarnated into a rat and some bastard kills me while I’m minding my own business?” Emu’ra whispered. The beetle only hovered, saying nothing. “Eh, whatever being a rat doesn’t seem like the best life anyway. I’m doing this guy a favor.” She said, closing in on the creature.

“Sorry, your probably not a bad anima—“ The rat suddenly perked up, turned its head like it just went terminator mode and zoned its beady little vicious eyes right into Emu’ra’s soul. She gasped and then scream, “UAAAHHGGG!” Nearly dropping her spear and falling over at such a surprise, Emu’ra quickly and not so gracefully composed herself and engaged into an epic battle with the creature. Opening its mouth wide, with little bones still in its mouth, and the creature let out a war squeak. Emu’ra took her spear over her head and shoved it right between the rat’s skull. The rat’s body twitched as it laid, dead.

“Crap, my spear is stuck..” Emu’ra mumbled with her boot on the rat’s neck as she tugged at her weapon.

"You shouldn’t yell so loudly. Remember, there are other’s here that are not so friendly.." The beetle inquired.

The spear finally dislodged with a twist and a pull. “It’s not like I meant to scream. It was this rat’s fault for being so vicious, like it had some kinda grudge against me or something.” She argued.

"Well you were about to kill it.."

“Yeah, but it didn’t know that.”

Emu’ra sliced the tail off the rat with her spear. Picking it up, it dangled like silk rope as it was dropped into the pocket of Emu’ra’s thick coat. Emu’ra walked on with her glowing beetle, deeper into the cavern.
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