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Postby Qit'ria » Mon Sep 18, 2017 12:51 pm


Name: Qit'ria

Age: 24

Race: Sev'ryn

Date of Birth: Saun 24, 693 arc

Marks: none

Factions Joined: none

Languages Spoken: Xanthea - Fluent and Common - Broken

Partners: none

Qit'ria is of middling height, shorter than most men, but on par with most women. Her skin is bronzed by the sun, a large tree tattoo sprouting upward from her groin and branching out over her small bosom. This was the tattoo she received at birth, and she considers it her link back to home. Her hair is jet black, kept long, unkempt strands, without a single hint of a curl in them. She is thin in waist, a bit wide in the hips, with thick thighs. Her eyes are deep, dark brown, like the sands of her home right after a heavy rain. She is often found in furs and leathers, carved into or painted upon by her own hand, and has a penchant for bone and feather adornments.


Qit'ria is a passionate woman, in all aspects of her life. If she enjoys a task at hand, she immerses into it. If she makes a friend, they are lifelong friends in her eyes. If she is crossed, she unleashes a fury that often isn't expected from the woman. She doesn't let the language barrier stop her from expressing her enthusiasm or rage. She loves food, especially anything spicy, or she's never tried before. She prefers smaller villages, and avoiding large cities and crowds altogether. She's hard headed and unless her curiosity is piqued, often won't change her mind on things. Qit'ria is touchy feely, talking just as much with her hands, if not more, than her mouth.

Qit'ria was born and raised to Lat'ora and Flek'ack in Desnind, a healer and a huntsman. Qit'ria followed her mother into the forest to provide food, furs, bones, and the like for her people. Her older brother, Hork'alin followed their follow into healing. Their small family lived a simple life, until Qit'ria began to feel she would never hear the call from her familiar. She'd never received any dreams, hints, nothing from it to indicate what it might be or where it could be located. Eventually, Qit'ria wouldn't stand for it, and decided to leave home, to try and find it, without help.

She traveled for years, mostly through the Eastern Region. Most recently, she arrived in Scalvoris, and is now searching this continent for any hint of her familiar. She works as a huntswoman, just as her mother before her, learning the new creatures of this foreign land.

Scars and Abilities and Misc Acquired IC

Qit'ria annoyed the Ghost Captain and he gave her a new hat. This hat is not visible to anyone but at random times for the next arc, Qit'ria will have an overwhelming urge to dance. This is your choice and yours to RP as you see fit - but there will be times when Qit is dancing before she realises it's happening again.

Where Dread Pirate Roberts touched her, Qit'ria has five open sores. These do not heal and will not go away. Common medicine (aka the medicine or surgery skill) will not heal them. They drip and ooze and provide her with constant discomfort.
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Postby Qit'ria » Fri Sep 22, 2017 3:28 pm

Knowledge & Skills


Core Skills
Core skills mean I'll actively focus on acquiring lores for these skills, as well as level them up to the next competency level together.
SkillPoints Acquired (26,51,76,100)Total Points Spent (27,78,154,250) ProficiencyLore Count (11,22,33,60)
Becoming 40.5/100 46/250 Competent 15
Dreamwalking 7/100 7/100 Novice 7

Competent Mutation - Totemic Scaling: Whatever form Qit is in, the nature of that form is inexorably linked to her Self Totem. This manifests by the fact that, when she Becomes, the form she takes is at the same state (proportionally) in terms of physical attributes. Therefore, if Qit'ria Becomes a form, it is as close to it's peak of physical strength - as an example of its species - as Qit'ria's Strength skill is to maximum. This linking of form and Self is true for Endurance, Agility (as measured against Qit's Acrobatics) and Speed (as measured against Qit's Running, Swimming or Flying as necessary). Qit'ria's forms can not exceed the physical attributes of their race, but how close, or how far away, they are from maximum is linked to her Self. Please note that, even if Qit's skills exceed the 100 point maximum, this does not translate over.
SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points Spent (27,78,154,250) ProficiencyLore Count (11,22,33,60)
Endurance 26/100 27/250 Competent 29
Field Craft 26/100 27/250 Competent 32
Hunting 26/100 NA: FT Competent 30
Stealth 30.5/100 36/250 Competent 27
Thrown (javelin,chakram) 26/100 27/250 Competent 22 (18,3,1)
Tactics 26/100 27/250 Competent 19
Intimidation 26/100 27/250 Competent 13
Blades (shortsword) 26/100 27/250 Competent 16
Acrobatics 26/100 27/250 Competent 13
Detection 26/100 27/250 Competent 19
Discipline 26/100 27/250 Competent 13
Strength 26/100 27/250 Competent 13
Meditation 26/100 27/250 Novice 7
Polearms (Spear) 26/100 27/250 Novice 5
Swimming 26/100 27/250 Novice 7
Trap Making 26/100 27/250 Novice 3
Unarmed Combat (Inner Beast) 26/100 27/250 Novice 7
Running 26/100 27/250 Novice 9
Resistance 26/100 27/250 Novice 9
Climbing 26/100 27/250 Novice 8
Poisons 26/100 27/250 Novice 0
Flying 15/100 15/250 Novice 0
Ranged Combat (Longbow) 0/100 0/250 Novice 0

Secondary Skills
These skills will only be leveled up to the next competency if they coincidentally acquire enough lores to do so.
SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiencyLore Count
Leather Working 2/100 2/250 Novice 0
Dancing 0/100 0/250 Novice 6
Medicine 0/100 0/250 Novice 7
Animal Training 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Axes & Bludgeons 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Butchering 0/100 0/250 Novice 3
Cooking 0/100 0/250 Novice 10
Fishing 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Fletching 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Mount 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Navigation 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Shielded Combat 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Surgery 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Tanning 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Whips 0/100 0/250 Novice 0

Lesser Skills
These skills will only be leveled up via incidental skill and lore gains.
SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiencyLore Count
Seduction 0/100 0/250 Novice 7
Leadership 0/100 0/250 Novice 3
Persuasion 0/100 0/250 Novice 1
Acting 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Agriculture 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Alchemy 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Animal Husbandry 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Appraisal 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Baking 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Basket Weaving 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Brewing 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Business Management 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Candlemaking 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Caregiving 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Carpentry 0/100 0/250 Novice 1
Cartography 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Chemistry 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Cosmetology 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Cryptography 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Deception 0/100 0/250 Novice 1
Disguise 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Drawing 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Ensorcelling 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Etiquette 0/100 0/250 Novice 3
Forgery 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Gambling 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Gardening 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Glassblowing 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Intelligence 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Interrogation 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Investigation 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Jewelrycrafting 0/100 0/250 Novice 2
Linguistics 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Lockpicking 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Logistics 0/100 0/250 Novice 1
Mathematics 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Mertamorphosis 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Mining 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Mixology 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Musical Instrument 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Negotiation 0/100 0/250 Novice 1
Painting 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Physics 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Pickpocket 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Politics 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Pottery 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Psychology 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Research 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Rhetoric 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Sculpting 0/100 0/250 Novice 1
Seafaring 0/100 0/250 Novice 1
Sewing 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Ship Building 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Shoemaking 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Siege Weaponry 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Singing 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Smithing 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Socialization 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Sociology 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Storytelling 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Teaching 0/100 0/250 Novice 1
Torture 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Vinting 0/100 0/250 Novice 0
Writing 0/100 0/250 Novice 0

Skill Point Ledger

Record all of your Skill Point Expenditure here. Include your starting package.

Magic Ledger
Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
All That Wander Aren't Lost +15 -- 15
Becoming -- -15 0
Waste Not, Want Not +10 -- 10
Becoming -- -10 0
No Pain, No Gain +10 Becoming -- +10 Becoming 10
Becoming -- -10 Becoming 0
The Chase is On +10 Becoming -- 0
Becoming -- -10 Becoming 0
Lowly Scavenger +15 Becoming -- 15
Becoming -- -15 Becoming 0

Skill Ledger
Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Meditation [RB} 25[RB] 2500
Starting Package 500050
Wilderness Package 10 00 60
Hunting ..1050
Field Craft ..2030
Blades ..10 20
Thrown ..1010
Stealth..10 00
Hunting (CS approval) +3 3 0
Field Craft (CS approval) +3 3 0
Leather Working (CS Approval) +2 2 0
One Animal, Many Customers +10 0 10
Hunting .. 10 00
A Debt is Due +20 -- 20
Stealth -- -15 5
Hunting -- -2 3
Field Craft -- -2 1
What's Wrong with Eating Horses? +15 -- 16
Throwing -- -5 11
Trap Making -- -10 1
Stealth -- -1 0
From the Mud, A New Beast Arises +10 -- 10
Acrobatics -- -5 5
Thrown (Javelin) -- -5 0
I Never Axed for This Life +10 -- 10
Stealth -- -1 9
Field Craft -- -2 7
Thrown -- -5 2
Trapmaking -- -2 0
Stringing Her Along... +10 -- 10
Trapmaking -- -10 0
Finally Getting a Handle on Things +10 -- 10
Acrobatics -- -10 0
Hunters Become the Hunted +15 -- 15
Trapmaking -- -3 12
Acrobatics -- -10 2
Endurance -- -2 0
Far Too Civilized +15 -- 15
Polearms (Spear) -- -15 0
Promises of Season's Turning +15 -- 15
Polearms (Spear) -- -10 5
Endurance -- -5 0
Pest Control +15 -- 15
Endurance -- -13 2
Thrown -- -2 0
In This Place of Wrath and Tears +20 0 20
Endurance -- -5 15
Swimming -- -15 0
Give it Hafrein a Chance +10 0 10
Hunting -- -2 8
Swimming -- -8 0
A Curious Meeting +15 0 15
Swimming -- -2 13
Tactics -- -11 2
Endurance -- -2 0
Trees Are People Too +15 -- 15
Tactics -- -14 1
Strength -- -1 0
When the Cat's Away, the Mice will Play +10 -- 10
Strength -- -10 0
Heaven and Hell (Part 1) +15 -- 15
Strength -- -14 1
Unarmed Combat -- -1 0
Thwarted at Every Turn +15 -- 15
Tactics -- -2 13
Unarmed Combat -- -13 0
Look What the Cat Dragged In (Part 1) +15 -- 15
Unarmed Combat -- -11 4
Running -- -4 0
Are You Sure Stones Sharpen Blades? +15 -- 15
Let's Get Down to Business +10 -- 25
Intimidation -- -25 0
Hello Darkness +15 -- 15
Intimidation -- -2 13
Blades -- -13 0
Oh No! +10 -- 10
Blades -- -4 6
Running -- -6 0
thread +15 -- 15
Detection -- -15 0
thread +15 -- 15
Acrobatics -- -2 13
meditation -- -2 11
polearm -- -2 9
swimming -- -2 7
trap making -- -2 5
strength -- -2 3
unarmed -- -2 1
detection -- -1 0
Thread +15 -- 15
Detection -- -11 4
Running -- -4 0
Heaven and Hell +15 -- 15
The Wilding Room +15 -- 30
Upon Darkened Sands +15 -- 45
Look What the Cat Dragged in, Again +15 -- 60
Pies and Pints +15 -- 75
Discipline -- -27 48
Running -- -13 35
Resistance -- -27 8
Climbing -- -8 0
Cat's Eye Sapphire + 15 -- 15
Together the Hunt is Better +15 -- 30
Climbing -- -19 11
Poisons -- -11 0
The Call of the Sea +15 -- 15
Poisons -- -15 0
Shimsham, etc[/url + 10 -- 10
Poisons -- -1 9
Stealth -- -9 0
[url=http://standingtrials.com/viewtopic.php?f=188&t=11856&start=10#p82338]Who's the Father? +15 0 15
Flying -- -15 0
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Postby Qit'ria » Fri Sep 22, 2017 3:30 pm

Skills Knowledge
A : Acrobatics: Sideways leap to dodge attacks
Acrobatics: Use a running start to gain leaping distance
Acrobatics: Keeping your balance when slipping on animated flunny corpse
Acrobatics: Jumping over obstacles
Acrobatics: Vaulting from an obstacle
Acrobatics: Sliding on your legs
Acrobatics: Jumping down from a tree
Acrobatics: Leaping from one leg
Acrobatics: Leaping out of the water
Acrobatics: Jumping from a ship's rail
Acrobatics: Vertical leaps are harder than horizontal
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Line of Competent Acrobatics (11)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Acrobatics: Crouch into a vertical leap
Acrobatics: Diving somersault
B : Becoming: Initiation
Becoming: Creating the self totem
Becoming: Qit'ria must maintain
Becoming: Empowering a Totem
Becoming: Feeling when a Totem is powered
Becoming: Thinking small to Become a small form
Becoming: Changing skin to furry skin
Becoming: Extending your spine to create a tail
Becoming Form: Aye-Aye Mouse
Becoming: Returning back to Sev'ryn form
Becoming: Can cause nausea
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Line of Competent Endurance (11)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Becoming: Can cause headaches
Becoming: Ability - Echo
Becoming: Echoing a creature's sense of hearing
Becoming Form: Ganditlip/Shimfin

Blades (Shortsword): Keep a firm but relaxed grip
Blades (Shortsword): Drawing whilst moving
Blades (Shortsword): Holding the sword without wobble
Blades (Shortsword): Take aim to avoid damaging friends
Blades (Shortsword): Slice
Blades (Shortsword): Thrust and pin
Blades (Shortsword): Back against a tree for cover
Blades (Shortsword): Sweeping chop
Blades (Shortsword): Dip shoulders in preparation for an attack
Blades (Shortsword): Maintaining your shortsword with a whetstone
Blades (Shortsword): Grip sword with two fingers and thumb
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Line of Competent Blades (Shortsword)(11)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Blades (Shortsword): Don't keep a vice grip on the handle
Blades (Shortsword): Dragging the edge across a throat
Blades (Shortsword): Forward stepping Slash
Blades (Shortsword): Attacking the spine
Blades (Shortsword): Chopping at tendrils

Butchering: Carving up an Aye-Aye Mouse
Butchering: Carving up a hare
Butchering: Dressing a Pantheon
C : Carpentry: Setting up a smoking spit

Climbing: Grab branches close to the trunk
Climbing: Using sticky substances to help climb
Climbing: Using low hanging branches to climb a river bank
Climbing: Pulling yourself up a moving cart
Climbing: If you have a tail, use it for balance
Climbing: Locking your ankles around a branch
Climbing: Try to not disturb tree branches too much when seeking a hiding spot
Climbing: Pulling yourself up and over a rail

Cooking: Asparagus isn't poisonous
Cooking: Ghost Broccoli (Cauliflower) can be skewered and roasted
Cooking: Broccoli goes well with garlic and butter
Cooking (Recipe): Unseasoned Spit-Roasted Hare
Cooking: Rub the raw meat with spices
Cooking: Cook meat on a skewer
Cooking: Cold Smoked Aye-Aye Mouse jerky
Cooking: Sunny Side Up Sea Turtle Egg
Cooking: Hare stew
Cooking: Crushing garlic with the flat of a blade
D : Dancing: A nautical jig
Dancing: Matching the movements of your hips to the drums
Dancing: Shuffle your hips forward and back
Dancing: Undulating your bare stomach
Dancing: Rotating your hips
Dancing: Shimmying your shoulders

Deception: Lying by saying only the truths you wish known

Detection: Hearing trip wire alarms triggered
Detection: Studying to topography of a place
Detection: Usual sounds of the forest
Detection: Listening for the sounds of wolves
Detection: The sound of chitinous insects moving in the dark
Detection: The buzzing sound of approaching flying insects
Detection: Recognizing a little girl's scream
Detection: Distinguishing movement in shadows by candlelight
Detection: Discerning known objects through blurred vision
Detection: Recognizing a familiar voice
Detection: The sound of crashing branches and rumbling ground of large beasts moving
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Line of Competent Detection (11)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Detection: The sound of a turtle moving over sand
Detection: Listening to Aye-aye mouse squeaks
Detection: Identifying someone as not stealthy by the noise of their careless footsteps
Detection: Hearing someone's breaths from a distance using Echoing
Detection: Hearing distant screams change as people change
Detection: Zipper's city scent
Detection: The sound of armored units walking

Discipline: The sight of ghostly ships
Discipline: Not being afraid of a giant, rotting chicken zombie
Discipline: Ensuring that you don't die without honour
Discipline: Holding your threats when it matters
Discipline: Keep functioning even when afraid
Discipline: Focus on what you need to in order to keep moving
Discipline: Calming down when presented with an alternate solution
Discipline: Focusing on your form through the pain of Becoming
Discipline: Calming oneself when not faced with an aggressor
Discipline: Choosing to not attack someone in a bar
Discipline: Holding in your emotional tears
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Line of Competent Discipline (11)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Discipline: Not running away when someone is healing you
Discipline: Distracting yourself from painful emotions

Dreamwalking: The Veil is a barrier between dreams
Dreamwalking: Nightmares can attack you in dreams
Dreamwalking: You can walk in the dreams of others
Dreamwalking: Doors can lead from dream to dream
Dreamwalking: Creatures of Nightmare are powerful
Dreamwalking: Dreamers must be Escorted through the Veil to become Dreamwalkers
Dreamwalking: You can become lost when walking between dreams
E : Endurance: Sudden drop of temperature to below freezing
Endurance: Physical pain of stiff joints
Endurance: Very loud noises
Endurance: Being pecked by lots of birds
Endurance: Determining How Long I've Been Unconscious Based on How Hungry I am
Endurance: Too much hand labor can lead to blisters
Endurance: Skin covered in acidic blood burns
Endurance: Fighting through the pain of extremely loud shrieking
Endurance: Pulling a loaded cart for two days
Endurance: Sea sickness
Endurance: Biting down on something to keep from screaming in pain
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Line of Competent Endurance (11)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Endurance: Continuing to cut even when you've already damaged yourself
Endurance: Self-sacrifice is painful
Endurance: Cutting off a finger
Endurance: Punching hurts your hand
Endurance: The pain associated with compressing and shrinking
Endurance: The frigid chill of being surrounded by snow
Endurance: Holding your breath while working underwater
Endurance: Dehydration from blood loss
Endurance: Fighting off unconsciousness with more pain
Endurance: Standing in an icy river for an extended period
Endurance: The sting of ocean water on eyes
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Line of Expert Endurance (22)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Endurance: The burning pain of water on exposed wounds
Endurance: Walking upon soles that have been burned
Endurance: Raising and lowering yourself using your thighs repeatedly
Endurance: Mixed pain and pleasure of stretching to accommodate your lover
Endurance: The strenuous nature of vigorous sex
Endurance: Being kicked by a baby and a shadow monster in your pregnant belly
Endurance: A shadow beast escaping through your navel

Etiquette: How to properly handshake
Etiquette: Smile while shaking hands
Etiquette: A bottle of rum is meant to be shared
Etiquette: Don't call someone "wrinkle plum lady"

F : Field Craft: Building a campfire
Field Craft: Geography of Scalvoris
Fieldcraft: Using branches to craft a hide
Fieldcraft: Don't keep logs in mist, they'll go soggy
Fieldcraft: Water can be found downhill
Fieldcraft: Game trails usually lead to water
Field Craft: Using river rocks as hammer
Field Craft: Use brushes to provide cover for your tent
Field Craft: Original Stones can be found closer to the river's edge
Field Craft: Avoid porous stones if you need strength
Field Craft: Crafting a Stone Axe head from scratch
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Line of Competent Field Craft (11)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Field Craft: Dogbane seems to prefer disturbed soil
Field craft: Grey Dogbane is too old to use
Field Craft: Flatten Dogbane cores to separate out the wood
Field Craft: Rolling Dogbane fibers between finger and thumb makes more workable
Field Craft: Braiding Dogbane fibers into usable cord
Field Craft: Swords are not good for chopping down trees
Field Craft: Green Wood is ideal for tool making
Field Craft: Check trees for bird nests, for eggs
Field Craft: Making a Notched Axe Handle from a small Tree
Field Craft: Make camp near drinkable water
Field Craft: Using vines for rope
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Line of Expert Field Craft (22)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Fieldcraft: Communicating in a storm
Fieldcraft: Surviving a sudden super-storm
Field Craft: Setting up a cooking spit
Field Craft: Using smoldering coals from a previous fire to light a new one
Fieldcraft: Surviving when lost
Fieldcraft: Absolute basics of survival
Fieldcraft: Scaring off wolves
Field Craft: Setting up a smoking fire
Field Craft: Lilypads are secured to a stem below water
Field Craft: Using green logs as heating logs on a cooking fire
G : 
H : Hunting: Identifying Rabbit Tracks
Hunting: Recognizing Hafrein Deer Tracks
Hunting: Boars cover themselves in mud
Hunting: Retrieve your ammunition while on the run
Hunting: Recognizing Wolf Tracks
Hunting: Unknown Attacker's (Nir'wei's) Boot Tracks
Hunting: A beast's own teeth usually can penetrate its own hide
Hunting: A giant toad's tongue is easily severed
Hunting: Small, wild dogs can take down a hafrein deer
Hunting: Hungry predators are watchful over their captures
Hunting: Identify your target from a hidden vantage before attacking
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Line of Competent Hunting (11)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Hunting: Aye-Aye Mouse Kill
Hunting: Recognizing boar tracks
Hunting: Recognizing horse tracks
Hunting: Recognizing a limp in tracks
Hunting: Recognizing beaver trails
Hunting: Beaver kill
Hunting: Oh Deer Kill
Hunting: Extreme heat will lead many differing animals to drink together
Hunting: Most heavily used game trails lead to water
Hunting: Sneak attacks against heavily armored creatures might be best
Hunting: Irrawaddie Kill
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Line of Expert Hunting (22)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Hunting: Sea Turtle Kill
Hunting: Sea Turtle tracks in sand
Hunting: Hare kill
Hunting: Differentiating juvenile and adult tracks
Hunting: Hafrein don't care for bitter leaves
Hunting: Mourning dove call
Hunting: Pantheon kill
Hunting: Ganditlip kill
I : Intimidation: Threaten to kill
Intimidation: Angry questions should be shouted
Intimidation: Call them dumb
Intimidation: Make loud noises
Intimidation: Make demands
Intimidation: Swearing can help
Intimidation: A good intense stare can be all you need
Intimidation: Threaten with violence
Intimidation: Snarl when threatened
Intimidation: Be demeaning
Intimidation: Challenge all new arrivals
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Line of Competent Intimidation (11)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Intimidation: Make unspoken threats while holding a man by the beard
Intimidation: Be harsh to those who dare give you orders

J : Jewelry Crafting: Making a hide bracelet
Jewelry Crafting: Adding charms to a bracelet
K : 
L : Leadership: Commanding a parrot
Leadership: Tell compatriots to leave lesser hunters home
Leadership: Physically silence those who talk too much

Logistics: Ensure proper preparation for cold season
M : Medicine: Remove acidic substance from skin, neutralize with water immediately
Medicine: Cleaning wounds
Medicine: No point being slow about something, be efficient
Medicine: How to bandage a shoulder
Medicine: Keep infection out
Medicine: Putting pressure on a bleeding wound
Medicine: A patient laying down is easier for a doctor to work on

Meditation: Finding One's Breath
Meditation: Elimination Distractions and Noise
Meditation: Calm the agitated mind with music
Meditation: Focus on the still, on the quiet
Meditation: Not losing sight of yourself
Meditation: Listen to your heart
Meditation: Focus only on breathing to block out severe pain
N : Negotiation: Don't back down on an agreed price
O : 
P : Persuasion: If I say I'm the boss, I am. I am!

Polearms (spear): The butt of the weapon for clubbing
Polearms (spear): Strike multiple areas for maximum damage
Polearms (Spear): Repeated thrusts
Polearms (Spear): Underwater thrust
Polearm (Spear): Striking the enemy's knee with the shaft
Q : 
R : Resistance: Dogbane Causes Mouth Blisters
Resistance: Wounds being infected by swamp water
Resistance: Infection can cause the body to feel hot and cold
Resistance: Infection can cause undue sweats
Resistance: Infection can cause weakness and fatigue
Resistance: Infection burning while spreading
Resistance: Rum is a lot stronger than mead
Resistance: The warm fuzzy feelings from your first beer

Running: Zigzag when being shot at
Running: Get a head start by distracting with an attack
Running: Spinning to maintain momentum while changing direction
Running: Exiting a ship as fast as possible
Running: Uneven forest floors
Running: Running through high water
Running: Momentary burst of speed to get ahead of adversary
Running: Starting from a prone position
Running: Maintaining balance while running downhill
S : Sculpting: Carving small bones with a knife

Seafaring: Barrel Hitch Knot with Square Knot lead

Seduction: How not to do it
Seduction: Apparently, men like to be taken to dinner
Seduction: Challenging the other to match your own seduction
Seduction: Use lots of eye contact
Seduction: Give what they want, take what you want
Seduction: Using closeness to increase sexual tension
Seduction: Trousers come off eagerly at a knife's point

Stealth: Rolling your foot heel to toes to maintain silence
Stealth: Use Mud to mask your scent
Stealth: Removing possibly noisy hazards beforehand
Stealth: Keep back until you know where you are
Stealth: Hard to hide in the middle of a circle
Stealth: Whisper
Stealth: Using Tall Grass to conceal yourself
Stealth: Using blood scented items to create false trails
Stealth: Avoid open areas when dodging flying enemies
Stealth: Using decoy clothing to throw enemies off your track
Stealth: Walk in water, not on shore to conceal footprints
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Line of Competent Stealth(11)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Stealth: Using a cloak to hide your injuries
Stealth: Stick to the shadows
Stealth: Small wild life acting normally likely means the area is safe
Stealth: Trees can provide momentary cover
Stealth: Don't appear where you're expected to appear
Stealth: Act normally when possibly being watched
Stealth: Using merchant wagons as cover for entering a city undetected
Stealth: Find cover before you need it
Stealth: Groups of people provide cover
Stealth: Creating diversion paths
Stealth: Holding still for long periods of time to go unnoticed
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Line of Expert Stealth(22)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Stealth: Taking the roundabout route to avoid stumbling into sight
Stealth: Recognizing when your scent has been detected
Stealth: Swimming below the surface
Stealth: Shallow breaths to go unheard
Stealth: Never touch someone you're sneaking past

Strength: Carrying logs
Strength: Pulling yourself up by one arm
Strength: Lifting a pile of logs
Strength: Use leverage
Strength: Pulling a woman out of the water
Strength: Rowing with a stone oar
Strength: Maintaining a strong grip on a falling object
Strength: Hauling a sea turtle
Strength: Using your foot to help pull a javelin from a tree
Strength: Holding down a man's chest
Strength: Holding yourself up during vigorous sex
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Line of Competent Javelin(11)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Strength: Raising yourself up with your abdominals
Strength: Carrying a bench

Swimming: Freeing yourself from mud beneath the water
Swimming: Diving deeper from the shallows
Swimming: Frog kick style
Swimming: Using your momentum from a jump to go forward
Swimming: Treading water
Swimming: Arms in front of you to streamline
Swimming: Ganditlip kick style
T : Tactics: Spears (and javelins) can't hurt ghosts
Tactics: Choosing the right weapon for the task
Tactics: Front and back are exposed in a group
Tactics: Weigh up all arguments
Tactics: Consider how an individual can break off from the group with good effect.
Tactics: Planning how to get rid of moss as a team
Tactics: Considering your place in a team effort
Tactics: Don't fight when it benefits you
Tactics: Leave fools behind
Tactics: Use terrain your adversaries can't use
Tactics: Present your arms in a peaceful manner when wishing to be received hospitably
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Line of Competent Tactics(11)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Tactics: A numbers advantage is usually beneficial
Tactics: Use speed when surprise isn't an option
Tactics: Recognize when an action is not an attack
Tactics: Retreat when surprise attack fails
Tactics: Observe potential threats from a distance before approaching
Tactics: Pincer attack
Tactics: Leaving an obvious trail to see if you're being tracked
Tactics: Knowing when it is best for someone else to lead a combat movement

Teaching: Using real examples when translating languages

Thrown (Javelin): Twisting your body from the hip for a better throw
Throwing (Javelin): Aim ahead of targets in straight line motion
Throwing (Javelin): Skipping while running into a throw
Throwing (Javelin): aim at the broad side of a creature
Throwing (Javelin): Aim at limbs to cripple massive beasts
Throwing (Javelin): If the javelin didn't pierce it the first time, likely won't a second
Thrown (Javelin): Shuffle slide throw
Thrown Weapon (Javelin): Aiming for flying creatures is harder
Thrown Weapon (Javelin): Take care when firing into groups.
Thrown Weapon (Javelin): Throw from your hips
Thrown Weapon (Javelin): Ensure appropriate distance
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Line of Competent Javelin(11)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Thrown (javelin): Using the speed of your running to aid you
Throwing (Javelin): Throwing too hard offsets your balance
Throwing (Javelin): Terminating a throw by directing it into the ground
Throwing (Javelin): Aiming at the wings of a large flighted animal
Throwing (Javelin): Pop up and release throw
Throwing (Javelin): Keep lead arm up high on follow through
Throwing (Javelin): Aim small, miss small
Thrown (Chakram): Can fly in a curve really well
Thrown (Chakram): holding it by the blade doesnt work as well
Thrown (Chakram): Hold it from inside the ring
Thrown: Following through with the throw
Thrown: Thrown rocks work in a pinch

Trapmaking: Traps can be made from any tools you have on hand
Trapmaking: Trip Wire Alarms
Trapmaking: Use different sounds for alarms to know which trap was triggered
U : Unarmed Combat: Punch first
Unarmed Combat (Inner Beast): Haymaker punch
Unarmed Combat (Inner Beast): Rip away ears if able
Unarmed Combat (Inner Beast): Shove combined with ankle trip
Unarmed Combat (Inner Beast): Hit them in the nose
Unarmed Combat (Inner Beast): Dodging an attack while moving closer to your enemy
Unarmed Combat (Inner Beast): Biting out an opponent's jugular

V : 
W : 
Languages : 

Other : Scalvoris: Rough Layout of the Island
Scalvoris: Common Flora Around Scalvoris Town
Scalvoris Town: City Layout
Familiars: Spirit Companions of the Sev'ryn
Location: My camp in Sweetwine Woods
Merces: Camp Invader
Merces: Makes death threats and compliments along side each other
Merces: Wind Talker
Merces: Friend to the Wind
Merces: Doesn't know where to find animals in the forest
Merces: Learned his magic, not born with it
Merces: Wants to kill giant bone man
Merces: Thinks the Undead deserve to walk Idalos
Merces: Wants to kill me
Kali'rial: Daughter of Desnind and the Great Mother Moseke
Pash: Biqaj musician
Pash: Reminds me of the simple boy back home
Pash Songswimmer: Mate to Kali'rial
Xanthean: ìsote = journey
Xanthean: áidà = love/heart
Xanthean: Ibiti sngä’ikrr = good hunting.
Offer from Kali: To hunt together in nearby wood
Tip from Pash: Start in Sweetvine, not Scaltoth
Pash: Can handle himself
Location: Cally's does amazing food but is expensive and fancy
Location: Knights' Rest Inn is good for the nel
Scaltoth Jungle: Exists because of Faldrass Volcano
Scalvoris: Has interesting sands
Its a chakram, not a circle sword
Location: Iguaunia Farms
Contact: Geofeles the farmer
Contact: Liola, Geofeles' wife
Contact: Geofeles' son
Agreement: Deal with Geofeles' Son
Marick: Your mentor
Marick: Can be a bear or a fox
Marick: Your soul and his are linked
Katara is taking over Grenald's business soon
Faith; Healer for the Order of the Adunih
Faith; is on the Council
Faith; is an Officer for Welfare
Faith; will stop a bullying situation
Scalvoris; ties ribbons around trees in Vhalar
Faith; pays respect to Moseke
Faith; is a cook at a restaurant
Faith; knows the traditional Sev'ryn greeting
Faith; grows vegetables
Faith; doesn't hunt
Faith; to be married to Paddyrags
Faith; to be married in Desnind
Faith; is pregnant
Faith; helped find a better skins buyer
Zipper: Also called Fiona
Swear: Cunt - All things bad, a vagina, or yourself when you're dead
Arlo: Dark haired man who cooks delicious food
Arlo: Mother in Rharne
Arlo: Devotee to Cassion
Arlo: Requires no compensation to share a meal
Arlo and Vega: Traveled to Desnind together
Arlo and Vega: May return to Desnind one day
Arlo and Vega: Absolutely not sharing a tent together
Vega: Red haired angry woman
Vega: Insulting Arlo in her presence results in violence
Vega: Full of threats
Cassion Followers: Storytellers and travelers
Familiar: The weaselbear might actually be a badger
Enrick: The fisherman with a horrid accent
Enrick: Broke my harpoon
Faith: A mother
Faith: My first friend in over a decade
Faith: Makes Padraig happy and vice versa
Padraig: Loves all of Faith
Faith: She is family
Padraig: A teacher of... something about stars
Padraig: Speaks very clearly
Padraig: Very helpful
Miss James: Wrinkled Plum Lady who helped with stew
Padraig: Married to a healer
Jesine : The caretaker of dreams
Jesine: Escorted you into the Veil
Jesine: The guardian of dreamers
Jesine: The pretty woman
Dream: The Fishing Village of Meownmar
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Postby Qit'ria » Fri Sep 22, 2017 3:31 pm

Marks Section
Marks : Becoming Brand - "And as she sat there, she felt her skin tingling as her Brand formed. It grew from the base of her Sev'ryn tree tattoo. Vines, with animals in lieu of flowers, with thorns upon it, wrapped around her tree, mingling with her tattoo. The vines snaked down her thighs, ending at her knees, and wrapped around her hips, slithering about on her back before it finally stopped."

Abilities : None
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Postby Qit'ria » Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:52 pm


Fame Ledger
Item/ ThreadFameTotal
Starting Race +10 10
Starting Race in City +0 10l
Starting Profession (if applicable) +10 20
One Animal, Many Customers +3 23
A Debt is Due +15 38
Promises of a Season's Turning +5 43
Trees are People Too -2 41
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Postby Qit'ria » Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:54 pm



Camp in Sweetvine Woods. Proper writeup forthcoming


Items Kept in Camp
ItemAmountType of Acquisition Note
Torch x4 SP --
Lantern x2 SP --
Barrel x2 SP --
Pull Wagon x1 SP --
Knife x1 SP For eating and utility
Bedroll X1 SP --
Compass x1 SP --
Fisherman's net x1 SP --
Fishing Pole x 1 SP --
Fishing Hooks x30 SP --
Trapper's Kit x1 SP --
Blanket x1 SP --
Longbow x1 SP Prized Possession, mother's bow
Arrows x60 SP 30 Arrows included in the value from forsaking animal in SP
Set of unkempt fur clothing (Poor) x1 SP --
Waterskin x2 SP --
Hafrein Deer Hide (Poor) x1 Earned --
Hafrein Deer Antler x1 Earned --
Hafrein Deer Hooves x4 Earned --
Magic Mist Logs 1 armload Earned Always stay warm
Bag of Pirate Coins x1 Earned Valued at 200gn
Statue x1 EarnedA small statue of a "red fox-wolf thing". It is of masterwork standard and seems to follow you with its eyes.
Pretty Dress x1 Earned It is worth about 70gn and is of a very good quality.
Gold Earring x1 Earned Plain Loop It is recognizable by pirates and might be used to get him out of trouble or bartered for a pirate favour.
A small blank journal x1 Earned This is a book of riddles
Stinky undead chicken feather x1 Earned This makes an excellent quill and never seems to get blunt or smudge ink or anything. It remains a bit stinky, though.
Small pirate coin x1 Earned Whilst they are in proximity of another person with a coin like it (in the same room, line of sight etc), they are able to send one telepathic message. This is to all others with a coin in the vicinity and can be no more than ten words. It works once a trial.
Scaltoth Jungle Treasure Map x1 Earned --
Arrowroot x3 Uses Earned A small piece of arrowroot, chewable although vile tasting. When chewed and for a quarter break afterwards, Qit'ria has a one level boost to her stealth. So, if she's expert, she becomes master, etc. This is due to it making shadows seem to cling to you. The piece of root has three uses.
Rabbit-foot-eternal-candle x1 Earned Having been completely spun out by the sight of a dead flunny ear still moving, Qit and Kali both found a lucky rabbits foot (one each). For whatever reason it might be, that rabbit foot seemed to be completely immune to fire - although whoever held it, isn't. However, that meant that they gained a rabbit-foot-eternal-candle which burns at about the brightness of 2 or 3 normal candles. Poor bunny.
Snowcrystal x1 Earned --
Cold smoked aye-aye mouse jerky 3lb Earned --
Aye-aye mouse bones Full mouse set Earned --
Aye-aye mouse pelt 1 Earned --
Aye-aye mouse offal Full mouse set Earned --
Sculptor's Kit Includes the following items Purchased --
Small Rag (10) Part of Sculptor's Kit Purchased --
Horsehair Brushes (2 x s/m/l) Part of Sculptor's Kit Purchased --
Straw Brushes (2x s/m/l) Part of Sculptor's Kit Purchased --
Chisels (15 assorted weights and sizes) Part of Sculptor's Kit Purchased --
Scoring, Texturing and Finishing Scrapers (10) Part of Sculptor's Kit Purchased --
Hammers (s/l) Part of Sculptor's Kit Purchased --
Multi-Loop Leather Tool Belt Part of Sculptor's Kit Purchased --
Small Hand Drill Part of Sculptor's Kit Purchased --
Metal Dowels (10) Part of Sculptor's Kit Purchased --
Bag of Plaster (repairs) Part of Sculptor's Kit Purchased --
Drop Cloth (10'x10') Part of Sculptor's Kit Purchased --
Beaver Hide x1 Earned --
Beaver Bones Set x4 Earned --
Beaver Blood (half water skin full)Earned --
Beaver Meat 10lbs Earned --
Oh Deer Meat 50 lbs Earned --
Full Oh Deer Skeleton 1 Earned --
Oh Deer Hide (Poor) 1 Earned --
Oh Deer Antler (Broken) 1 Earned --
Oh Deer Antler (Intact) 1 Earned --

Items kept on person
ItemAmountType of Acquisition Note
Javelin (Normal) x2 SP Included in the forsaking of animal in SP
Shortsword (Normal) x1 SP Included in the forsaking of animal in SP
Breeches (Normal, Hide) x1 SP Included in the forsaking of animal in SP
Vest (Normal, Hide) x1 SP Included in the forsaking of animal in SP
Undergarments (Normal, Hide) x1 SP Included in the forsaking of animal in SP
Cloak (Normal, Hide) x1 SP Included in the forsaking of animal in SP
Gloves (Normal, Hide) x1 SP Included in the forsaking of animal in SP
Combat Spear (Extravagant) x1 Earned --
Javelin (Good) x4 Earned --
Self Totem x1 Earned --
Aye-Aye Mouse Totem Bracelet x1 Earned --
Ganditlip Nose Shortsword - Ganditlip Totem x1 Earned --

Items kept in pack
ItemAmountType of Acquisition Note
Knife x1 SP For eating and utility
Rucksack x3 SP --
Waterskin x1 SP --
Rope 200 feet SP --
Torch x2 SP --
Set of toiletries x1 SP --
Throwing Knife (Normal) x10 SP Included in the forsaking of animal in SP
Breeches (Normal, Hide) x1 SP Included in the forsaking of animal in SP
Vest (Normal, Hide) x1 SP Included in the forsaking of animal in SP
Undergarments (Normal, Hide) x1 SP Included in the forsaking of animal in SP
Cloak (Normal, Hide) x1 SP Included in the forsaking of animal in SP
Gloves (Normal, Hide) x1 SP Included in the forsaking of animal in SP
Parrot Feather x1 Earned It looks like a perfectly normal feather but is weighted and balanced as a thrown weapon of your choice
Stone Axe x1 Earned --
Whetstone x1 Earned --

ItemAmountType of Acquisition Note
Kashehino, Ghostly Panther x1 Earned Can't physically interact with anything. Can only communicate with Qit. A bit of a whiner. When with someone she finds attractive, the ghost-panther is likely to say things to Qit and bombard her senses. This might lead to her getting awkward, shouting at nothing at all or repeating what the panther is saying. It's meant as a fun RP device and shouldn't stop you pursuing relationships!
Kashehino, Upgrade -- earned here From this point onwards, the Ghostly Panther who travels with Qit will start making more and more reckless suggestions. Think of it as though the Panther is a sort of repressed PTSD hallucination which is starting to break down but is, in fact, fighting to stay. PM me with any questions!

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Postby Qit'ria » Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:55 pm

Money Ledger

Starting Package +10gn 10gn
Saun 717 Wages +160 GN 170 GN
Promises of a Season's Turning -1 SN, 2 CN 169 GN, 8 SN, 8 CN
Pest Control -5 GN 164 GN, 8 SN, 8 CN
Vhalar 717 Job 1 Wages & Expenses +934 GN 8 SN 1,099 GN, 6 SN, 8 CN
Let's Get Down to Business -75 GN 1024 GN, 6 SN, 8 CN
Zi'da 717 Job 1 Wages and Expenses +930 GN 1954 GN, 6 SN, 8 CN
Cylus 718 Job 1 Wages and Expenses +324 GN 2278 GN, 6 SN, 8 CN
The Call of the Sea -520 GN, 8 SN 1757 GN, 8 SN, 8 CN
Ashan 718 Job 1 Wages and Expenses +1549 GN, 8 SN 3307 GN, 6 SN, 8 CN
Purchased House -3200 GN 107 GN, 6 SN, 8 CN
... ... ...
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Postby Qit'ria » Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:56 pm

Point Bank

Starting Package 0 0
Donation $50 +100 100
Meet An Immortal or Mortal Born (Kura Wulfsdotter) +2 102
Earned 300+ Site Votes +5 107
October Point Check --- 107
Create Approved ST Fauna +2 109
Supporter Medal +5 114
Lol Worthy Medal +5 119
Finish Collaborative Thread with 2+ PCs (not including your PC) +5 124
Event Participation and Completion +2 126
Donation $50 +100 226
November Point Check ... 226
Peer Reviewer Medal +5 231
Review +5 236
Create An Approved Location (Golden Cliffs) +5 241
Create Approved ST Fauna (Grizzly Bee) +2 243
Create Approved ST Fauna (Bumble Bear) +2 245
Create Approved Material (Royal Honey) +2 247
Create Approved Material (Royal Amber) +2 249
Create Approved Material (Grizzly Grubs & Eggs) +2 251
Mentor Medal +5 256
Review #1, 1 Page +5 261
Review #2, 1 Page +5 266
Review #3, 1 Page +5 271
Review #4, 1 Page +5 276
Review #5, 1 Page +5 281
Enemy of My Enemy Medal +5 286
November 200+ Votes +3 289
Review #6, 1 Page +5 294
Review #7, 1 Page +5 299
Review #8, 1 Page +5 304
Review #9, 1 Page +5 309
Review #10, 1 Page +5 314
Review #11, 1 Page +5 319
Review #12, 1 Page +5 324
Review #13, 1 Page +5 329
Review #14, 2 Page +10 339
Helper Medal +5 344
Review #15, 1 Page +5 349
Create An Approved Location - Ol' Tuck's Run +5 354
Create Approved ST Fauna - Gasping Skitterer +2 356
Create Approved ST Fauna - Tiny Tuck +2 358
Create Approved ST Fauna - Snatcher +2 360
Create Approved ST Fauna - Panhandler +2 362
Create Approved ST Fauna - Treetle +2 364
Create Approved ST Fauna - Fat Bob +2 366
Create Approved ST Fauna - Old Betty +2 368
Create Approved ST Fauna - Turtle Dove +2 370
Create Approved ST Fauna - Sous Sniffer +2 372
Create Approved Material - Ol' Tuck's Shellshine +2 374
Create Approved Material - Turtle Emerald +2 376
Create Approved ST Folklore +3 379
Review #15, 2 Page +10 389
Pioneer Medal +5 394
Review #16, 1 Page +5 399
Review #17, 1 Page +5 404
Review #18, 1 Page +5 409
Review #19, 1 Page +5 414
Review #20, 1 Page +5 419
Review #21, 1 Page +5 424
Review #22, 1 Page +5 429
Review #23, 1 Page +5 434
December Top Votes: at 200 votes +3 437
Create Approved NPC - Amyriah +2 439
Create Approved Location +5 444
Create Approved NPC - Tivania Hart +2 446
Create Approved NPC - Toddy +2 448
Completed a Thread of 2+ Partners +5 453
Completed a Thread of 2+ Partners +5 458
Storyteller Medal +5 463
Review #24, 1 Page +5 468
Review #25, 2 Page +10 478
Review #26, 1 Page +5 483
Review #27 (Oliver Venora), 1 Page +5 488
Review #28 (Sinnammyn), 1 Page +5 493
Review #29, 1 Page +5 498
Review #30, 1 Page +5 503
Review #31, 2 Page +10 513
Review #32, 2 Page +10 523
Review #33, 1 Page +5 528
Review #34, 1 Page +5 533
Review #35, 1 Page +5 538
Approved Location +5 543
Approved NPC, Beula Donalee +2 545
Review #36, 1 Page +5 550
Initiated into Becoming +5 555
Approved Location +5 560
Approved NPC, Cornel Sherapo +2 562
Approved NPC, Harond Bethelsa +2 564
Approved NPC, Kyniya Sherapo +2 566
Approved NPC, Arvid +2 568
Review #37, 2 Page +10 578
Review Master Medal +5 583
January Votes 300+ +5 588
January Point Check -- 588
Approved Location +5 593
Approved NPC, The Doctor +5 598
Review #38, 3 Page +15 613
Finish Collab with 2+ +5 618
Review #39, 4 Page +20 638
Finish Collab with2+ +5 643
GST +2 645
Chalic - Cylus 718 -30 615
Approve a Character Sheet - Rynata +5 620
February Votes 300+ +5 625
Review #40, 1 page +5 630
Review #41, 1 Page +5 635
Approve a Character Sheet - Nalin Marit +5 640
February Point Check -- 640
Meet a Mortalborn - Lavana Tharn +2 642
Review #42, 1 Page +5 647
Review #43, 2 Pages +10 657
Review #44, 2 Pages +10 667
Review #45, 2 Pages +10 677
Review #46, 1 Page +5 682
Review #47, 2 Page +10 692
Review #48, 4 Page +20 712
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Postby Qit'ria » Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:57 pm


The Evil Nir'wei Storyline

What's Wrong with Eating Horses? - Completed - Qit'ria is hunted by the villainous Nir'wei
From the Mud, a New Beast Arises - Completed - Qit'ria deals with the aftermath of being hunted.
A Curious Meeting - Completed - Qit'ria seeks help to get to Faith to be healed
Look What the Cat Dragged In (Ep. 1) - In Progress - Qit'ria is healed by Faith
Unseen Enemy - In Progress - Qit'ria and Nir'wei hunt together, not knowing that they've already "met".

Pirate Ghost Curse Storyline

A Debt is Due - Completed - Qit'ria and company meet the Pirate Ghost crew. Qit acquires a curse.
Pussing, Oozing Sores - Placeholder - Qit'ria seeks out Faith to heal her Cursed Wounds
Happenstance - In Progress - Qit'ria seeks information on the graveyard from Kura
The Curse Eater - Placeholder - Seeks more information on curses
An Untouched Paradise - In Progress - Qit'ria sets out to do one part of the Curse Removal Ritual

Becoming Storyline

Not All Who Wander Are Lost - Completed -Qit learns Becoming from the sexiest ginger in Idalos. Also makes first Self Totem.
When the Cat's Away, the Mice Will Play - Completed - Qit acquires the components to her first totem, an Aye-Aye Mouse
Waste Not, Want Not - Completed - Qit creates her Aye-Aye Mouse Totem
No Pain, No Gain - Completed - Qit Becomes an Aye-Aye Mouse
The Chase is On - Placeholder - Qit'ria tries out her new form
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Postby Qit'ria » Mon Jan 22, 2018 9:10 am


AnimalDate MadeBrief DescriptionSpecific Lores CountLinked Uses
Self Totem #1, Necklace Vhalar 33rd Made from one of Qit's pinky bones. Made during initiation. 1 1
Aye-Aye Mouse Zi'da 74 Bracelet made from Aye-Aye mouse 1 1, 2, 3
Totem 3 -- -- -- --
Totem 4 -- -- -- --


Becoming Timeline
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