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Postby Zana » Thu Jun 15, 2017 9:19 pm

 ! Rumour wrote:
Zana is now an NPC Mortal Born. Please see the Mortal Born Guide for more information!

Zana Delroth

Full Name: Zana Delroth

Race: Mixed Race Human / Immortal: (Mortal Born: Daughter of Delroth)

Birthdate: 20th Cylus, 652 (65 arcs)

Profession: Assassin, Prostitute

Location: Rharne

Fluent: Common

Broken: Rakahi



Table of Contents

If you let me I'll untie your sensuality.
I'll open up your heart and satisfy my greed

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Postby Zana » Fri Jun 16, 2017 8:34 am


Like her Immortal father, Zana is extraordinarily beautiful and she possess the inherent charisma which he does. She has the light skin of her father and stands at 5' 6" tall. Her long hair is blonde and falls easily into place. Her icy-blue eyes are reminiscent of her father, too and her mother Sara always told of how Delroth's eyes had seemed to pierce her soul.

Zana is slender, but well toned and muscular. She has a willowy figure but when she is undressed, her physical fitness is evident; she has a dancer's physique.

With a very clear knowledge of how beautiful, and important she is, Zana usually has an air of slightly amused about her, her blue eyes seem to be filled with mirth. Her expression is often child like and innocent, which is about as far away from the truth as it is possible to be, but simply serves to make her more alluring in her line of work. Since gaining the mark of Tarouz, Zana has markings along the backs of her arms resembling feathers that sway in a breeze.

In terms of style of clothing, Zana is as content wearing one thing as another, or nothing at all.


Zana is very aware of who her father is. Her mother was a very high-class prostitute and one trial Delroth came to the brothel in Ne’haer where her mother worked. He revealed himself for who he was and, whilst he bedded each of the whores that night, Zana’s mother was his first choice and the only one to fall pregnant following the event. This was taken as a sign of her favour with Delroth and Sara vowed that Delroth's daughter, for such she was sure she would have, would make her father proud.

From the moment she was born, Zana was revered as the daughter of Delroth. Her mother knew that no matter what, her daughter would be great and so she, and the other courtesans, gave the young girl all the training she would need. Stories of her father and his greatness, his power and the blood of the Immortals which flows through her veins have been what Zana has grown up on and, as such, she has a very positive outlook on the Immortal who sired her. She wants to make her father proud, to draw his attention to her.

Zana grew and she relished every aspect of her childhood, youth and then eventual training. She is an individual who seeks pleasure in all forms and she discovered that her profession allowed her to gain a lot of pleasure and make a lot of coin; both of these things satisfied her immensely. As she realized that this job was an entirely selfish and pleasure-driven pursuit for her, she focused on every aspect, from being able to make herself someone that people would pay highly for, to the ability to kill them whilst keeping them distracted. That has always been her preferred method and continues to this trial.

In the brothel in Ne'haer, Zana learned the basics of making herself look more beautiful, using make up to enhance her natural beauty although her mother Sara suggested that she use little to none. When Zana wishes to focus on the innocence which she exudes, she will follow her mother's advice, but when she desires or needs to look a little older, or more experienced, she favors red lipstick.

Whilst Zana worked as a prostitute from the time she was legally old enough to, she is very aware that sex is the least important aspect of what she does. She is a connoisseur of desire and she knows more than most how important the build up is to the act itself. Zana made sure that she had learned about how to provide a range of services, from a massage to simple company; those men and women who pay for her time get the best deal available to them. She considers it a matter of pride that she leaves them in such a state of bliss that they never forget her.

After all, that is how one achieves true Immortality.

Zana learned to play the guitar, to dance and sing in the brothel in Ne'haer. This was done with the aim of her being not just a skilled prostitute but also a consort or courtesan. She amazed her dance teacher by being able to stand on point without ballet shoes from the first time she tried it; so it was ballet that she learned. She loves the feeling of being able to dance, the strength in her legs it gives her and the freedom and restraint of the movement.

More than once, she has been hired for a ten-trial, for example, to accompany one of her regular clients on a business trip or such. Without doubt she learned about the value of being a good companion, a pleasure to be with and a source of relaxation and positivity for her clients. From the moment that she entered the profession, when she was aged just 20, Zana's mother Sara told her of the importance of working in a brothel, not alone. She also taught Zana the importance of the relationship with her handler. Sara taught that this was the most important relationship a prostitute can have, as it protects and trains her and allows for realistic goal setting. Zana was taught to consider every relationship carefully and measure it by what she can get out of it.

She was also taught how to defend herself from those who might seek to hurt her and, whilst her mortalborn abilities are useful, her mother told her time and time again to always have at least two knives on her. Zana has followed this advice and she adheres to her mother's philosophy for anyone working in their industry. It is a matter of pride that the clients are satisfied and a matter of survival that those who manage the girls are. A prostitute alone is soon a dead one, her mother taught her and so Zana quickly became the favourite of one of the managers in the Ne'haer brothel, a man called Jaq. Her mother did not say anything, but kept a careful eye on her precious child.

Zana's relationship with Jaq meant that she was often picked for the more specialist jobs, be that for an individual or a group Zana was happy to perform. Every strange fetish or unusual desire, after all, allowed her to understand the emotions and drives of those she sought to manipulate. In Ne'haer, she had a number of regular clients and she is more than used to providing for a range of tastes and preferences; it makes no difference to her, for her own pleasure comes from the pleasures of those she beds. Quite literally, when she is working is the happiest that Zana is.

As she discovered the abilities and domains her father had passed on to her, Zana also discovered a deep curiosity about the mortal limits of emotion. The gifts her father gave her allow her to be desirable and to manipulate both emotion and physical sensation. Rather than deny these gifts, Zana uses them to the fullest.

When Zana was 26, her mother died in strange and sudden circumstances. Zana buried her and then went back to work; she did not understand why anyone would need to do anything different. She loved her mother and she would miss her, but somehow she was detached from the notion of grief or regret.

Jaq continued to be Zana's handler and she and he grew very close. He knows of her abilities and he enjoys the "Breath of Life" and how she can make him feel but Zana had, at this point, only discovered the abilities associated with the Domains of Air and Attraction. Jaq encouraged her to use the "Trinket of Desire" a lot and Zana did as he bid her, believing that he had their best interests at heart. This meant that the first two arcs following her mother's death were difficult for the mortalborn. She suffered a lot of nightmares and night terrors due to Jaq''s over use of her abilities.

Using the "Trinket of Desire" ability went entirely wrong one night in Arc 679. Two arcs after Sara had died, Zana had targeted a wealthy man with "Trinkets", at Jaq's insistence. However, when he came to the brothel he attempted to kill her. As he tried to throttle the life out of her, Zana initially felt panic ~ he way laying on top of her and she could not move him, but she had followed her mother's advice and there was a knife by the side of the bed. Reaching for it, she fumbled and grabbed it and then killed him. Zana felt no guilt, no remorse. When he had tried to hurt her, she had ceased to enjoy their activity. Recognizing that he would not be happy unless he marked, maimed or killed her, Zana had taken decisive action. She had continued with what he had paid for as she reached to the table on the side of the bed for the blade which she kept there and plunged it into his neck. As she killed him she felt a rush of pure pleasure the like of which she had never experienced before. It appeared that Zana had found her place in life; sex and death.

It was in arc 682 that the "Reflected Experience" ability finally manifested and, as she realised what was happening, Zana did what she would always do and she went to her handler; she and Jaq would explore it together. Jaq instructed that she should try it out on him whilst they were having sex. Not knowing any better, Zana did and the magnification of the physical sensation was too much for Jaq who passed out.

The next trial, Jaq passed her on to the handling of another employee and their eleven arc relationship ended. He died three arcs later, following a long illness. He asked for her on his death bed but Zana would not go to him; he had hurt her . There is no coming back from that as far as the mortalborn is concerned and so she did not visit nor attend his funeral.

She still misses him.

When Jaq passed her on to Tor'rin, he refused to work with her abilities. He moved in arc 690, but he took no girls with him. She was assigned a new handler, Gor'en, who said that he would work with her and her abilities but he changed his mind after the first demonstration. So, with Gor'en as her handler, she worked and did not use her abilities.

Finally, in arc 701 and aged 50, Zana realised that she was bored of Ne'haer and the people there and she sought pleasure in new and different places. Pleasure was what drove her then and what continues to drive her now. She is a seeker after delight but due to the unique nature of her blood, it is hard to find. She does not miss her mother, for her mother lived and now is dead, yet her mother was a good woman and a good parent. Zana does not doubt that she was adored, almost worshiped by the woman who Delroth bedded, but to Zana that is who her mother was. In many ways, it is only when working that Zana truly experiences emotions of any depth.

Having left Ne'haer, Zana travelled for a while and she moved from place to place, always selling her body for money. She has just arrived in Rharne, where she had great hopes. It is her understanding that the Rharnians have a love of life and a liberal attitude to sex. Therefore, she intends to find a job and settle for a while. Zana looks forward to the experiences ahead of her; she loves her work and gains an inordinate amount of pleasure from it. That pleasure is mirrored by the coin she hopes to amass, also.

20th Cylus, 651 Zana is born. Her mother Sara knows that this child, her 'daughter of Delroth' will grow into someone powerful and begins to work to prepare her child for this.
651 - 661 The first ten arcs of Zana's life is lived in relative luxury in the high-class brothel where her mother is now a handler. Zana is pampered and adored by the women there and the young girl grows in a very strange family but one full of love.
661 - 671Until she was 20, Zana lived in the brothel but did not work there. However, in the second decade of her life, especially after the age of about 16, Zana started questioning and wondering what the girls did. Adolescence was a tricky time and was when her powers emerged. She and her mother worked together to explore them, but the side effects meant that she did not do so in more than theory.
671 Zana turns 20 arcs old and has a long conversation with her mother. She wants to work in the place she calls home and she wants to work as a prostitute. Sara is concerned at first, but Zana has thought it through and made her mind up. Sara agrees.
671 - 677 The next six arcs pass in relative harmony as Zana works, trains and learns in the safety of the brothel where she was born. Zana becomes the favorite of her handler, Jaq and spends a lot of her free time with him. Sara is concerned but not able to do anything about it.
677 Sara dies. The circumstances are sudden and rather mysterious. Zana is aged 26.
677 Zana remains in the brothel in Ne'haer and continues to work.
679 When a client tries to harm her, Zana kills him. She does this by stabbing him during sex and she discovers that she has no concern with doing so, enjoying the feeling it gives her.
682 Zana uses her "Reflected Experience" ability on her handler Jaq and he finds it all too much. He stops being her handler and passes her on to a new handler, To'rin. Whilst he knows about her Mortalborn powers, he will not work with them, so Zana works without using them.
685 Jaq dies.
690 To'rin moves jobs and Zana is given a new handler, Gor'en. He tries to work with her and her mortalborn abilities, but finds that he simply can not teach her. She continues to work without using her powers.
701Aged 50, the Mortalborn decides that she is leaving Ne'haer. She packs and goes, not bothering to look back.
701 - 716This time sees Zana traveling around Idalos. She works in whorehouses from Andaris to Etzos, never staying too long, usually about one arc, two at most. She even briefly returns to Ne'haer, but finds that she has no wish to stay
717 Zana decides that it's time to settle down and she picks one of the few places she has not been to, Rharne. She enters Rharne on the 1st Ymiden 717 and immediately works to secure a job for herself.


Zana is a soft spoken individual who simply does not understand why people are so hung up about sex. Pleasure is what drives her and her own strange emotional state means that she is almost constantly seeking pleasure, which is something which is quite difficult to find.

Morality is a dubious concept to Zana, and a rather fluid one. She is fundamentally selfish and driven by her own motives. She is a prostitute because she enjoys sex and money and that is the best way to get both. As the daughter of an Immortal she has a deep reservoir of arrogance and no need for other people. When her mother died, Zana buried her and then left; she does not grieve. Yet she loved her mother very much and adores her Immortal father ~ she seeks to perform acts for his pleasure wherever possible.

Zana has no friends, nor does she wish them. That is not to say that she is incapable of making them she simply knows, better than most, what an illusion the notion of attachment it. After all, it is one of her Domains. Despite this, she is a friendly individual who is happiest in the company of others. She does not like to be alone and would always seek out company if it were available.

Nothing's free, eventually.

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Postby Zana » Fri Jun 16, 2017 8:37 am


Skill NamePercentageTotal ExpenditureSkill Level
Blades: Dagger 26/10027/251Competent
Caregiving 26/10027/251 Competent
Cosmetology (+3 Tarouz)(31)34/10037/251Competent
Musical Instrument: Guitar 5/1005/251Novice
Painting 0/1000/251X
Ranged Weapon: Crossbow 26/10027/251Competent
Seduction100/100 <===Fast TrackGrandmaster
Thrown Weapon: Knife /100/251Novice



Skills A - L : 
A - C
Acrobatics (<5)
Knowledge Awarded
Acrobatics: Stretching exercises X
Acrobatics: Touching toes X

Knowledge Awarded
Acting: Pretending to cower X
Acting: Faking emotions X
➳ Acting: Appearing to be entirely focused X
➳ Acting: Faking interest in another X
➳ Acting: Playing the role assigned to you X
➳ Acting: Considering how you move. X
Acting: A pout X
➳ Acting: Responding to the cues given by others X

Blades: Dagger: (5+)
Knowledge Awarded
Dagger: Basic stab techniques (SP)
Blades (Dagger): Basic grip (RM)
Blades (Dagger): How to swing a dagger (RM)
Bladed Combat: Dagger: Drawing a blade in combat X
Bladed Combat: Dagger: Stabbing in the neck X
6.Bladed Combat: Dagger: Stab to the throat X
Bladed Combat: Dagger: Defending against a quicker attacker X
Bladed Combat: Dagger: Eye strikes X
Deception: Considering what emotion looks like and hiding it X

Business Management (<5)
Knowledge Awarded
Business Management: Sex sells X

Knowledge Awarded
Caregiving: A relaxing massage (SP)
Caregiving: Wrapping in a blanket X
Caregiving: Hugging to keep warm. X
Caregiving: Offer reassurances X
Caregiving: Provide an escape X
Caregiving: Massaging tired muscles. X
Caregiving: Easing tension with a shoulder massage X
Caregiving: Soothing tone of voice to aid relaxation X
Caregiving: Sometimes, the best way to care for someone is to help them with a task. X
Caregiving: Helping someone who's having night terrors X
Caregiving: In order to care for someone else, you need to be psychologically robust X
Caregiving: Oils enhance a massage.X
Caregiving: Prevention is better than cure. X

Cosmetology (20+)
Knowledge Awarded
Cosmetology: It's not what you wear, it's how you wear it (SP)
Cosmetology: How to apply lipstick (RM)
Cosmetology: Dress to enhance your body typeX
Cosmetology: Confidence is keyX
Cosmetology: Long clothes can still be revealing X
Cosmetology: How to look good in a negligee X
Cosmetology: The "mussed" look is attractive X
Cosmetology: A strategically placed ribbon X
Cosmetology: Accessories on clothing X
Cosmetology: Blue clothing accentuates your eyes X
Cosmetology: Fashion dictates beauty X
Cosmetology: Natural look can be tricky to achieve X
Cosmetology: Rouge to accentuate cheekbones X
Cosmetology: Lipstick can complete or change a look X
Cosmetology: Dressing to draw attentionX
Cosmetology: How to keep clothing in placeX
Cosmetology: Consider what clothing shows and what it promisesX
Cosmetology: Revealing clothing doesn't have to be short X
Cosmetology: Light colours in summer weather X
Cosmetology: Hair styling X
Cosmetology: Wisps of hair to soften a style X
Cosmetology: Ringlets X
Cosmetology: Up do hairstyle to reveal the neck X
Cosmetology: Tiny details make a differenceX
Cosmetology: Decolletage area can be easily enhancedX
Cosmetology: Loose, cascading curls.X

Dance (5+)
Knowledge Awarded
Dance: Stretching exercises (SP)
Dance: It's all in the hips (SP)
Dance: Ballet practice with bar and mirrors X
Dance: Standing on point X
Dance: Arc of the back X
Dance: Shoulder positions X
Dance: Ballet positions for legs and arms X
Dancing: Stepping in time with the music X
Dancing: Swinging hips can make walking a dance X

Deception (5+)
Deception: Telling lies is easier through closed doors X
Deception: Hiding a weapon X
Deception: Pretending to use powers to calm someone down X
Deception: Pretending to be what people assume you are X
Deception: Putting on a smile in the face of true hardship X
Deception: Telling someone you hate them when you mostly don't X
➳ Deception: Seeming to be dismissive X
➳ Deception: Appear to be focused on one person whilst watching another X

1Detection: Note preference on entrance X
2Detection: Lean in close to ascertain eye colour X
3Detection: Observation of a third party during intimate moments X
4Detection: Noticing your usual patterns X
5Detection: Reading the expression on your lover's face X
6Detection: Observing slight facial movements X
7Detection: Observe people to ascertain what they want X
8Detection: You can't listen and talk X
9Detection: The smell of a poor quality establishment X
10Detection: Watching a crowd during a fight X
Detection: Making out figures in the shadows X
Detection: Spotting tell tale signs of desire X
Detection: Watching where someone looks. X

Discipline (<5)
Knowledge Awarded
Discipline: Dealing with boredom X
Discipline: Understanding what you want, and why X
Discipline: Tease to avoid giving in X
Discipline: Not showing that you are uncomfortable X

Drawing: (<5)
Knowledge Awarded
Drawing: Sketching on a canvas X
Drawing: Light touch to keep the sketch feint X
Drawing: Consider light and shadow X

Endurance (5+)
Knowledge Awarded
Endurance: The pain of a physical beating X
Endurance: Adrenaline helps to improve endurance. X
Endurance: Sudden onset migraines X
Endurance: Aches and pains following a beating X
Endurance: Tension, fear and insomnia X
Endurance: Exhaustion eventually will catch up X
Endurance: Pain in the arms after exercise X
Endurance: Forcing yourself to move after pausing is more difficult. X
Endurance: Eating something which is not fit for consumption X
➳ Endurance: Pride in your appearance can require endurance X

Knowledge Awarded
Etiquette: How to answer the boss' question X
Etiquette: Understand the role of your handler X
Etiquette: Always maintain a physical relationship with your handler X
Etiquette: Check if tactile contact is acceptable X
Etiquette: Introductions X
Etiquette: Be clear about where your loyalties lay X
Etiquette: A whore goes where her handler puts her X
Etiquette: Demonstrating loyalty physically X
Etiquette: Hide outbursts of laughter X
Etiquette: Apologize when it's necessary X
Etiquette: Always remember how fragile the male ego can be X
Etiquette: A good wine doesn't help a bad meal X
Etiquette: Appropriate seating standards X
Etiquette: Playing a role in a group X
Etiquette: Idle chit-chat X
Etiquette: Underwear is usually expected X
Etiquette: Speak the native language, it's polite X
Etiquette: Meeting strangers X
Etiquette: Family will always be more important X
Etiquette: When to remain quiet.X

G - I
Intelligence (5+)
Knowledge Awarded
1Intelligence: Using mortalborn abilities as a means of intelligence gathering X
2Intelligence: Gathering intelligence as a prostitute X
3Intelligence: Types of information X
4Intelligence: Seemingly mundane information can be useful X
5Intelligence: Identifying places where intelligence can be gathered. X
6Intelligence: Spotting flaws in information-gathering techniques X
7Intelligence: Knowing when to question, when to keep quiet X
8Intelligence: Symbols as signs of group membership X
9Intelligence: Don't assume motivations X
10 Intelligence: Spotting the best client for the night X
11 Intelligence: Responding in a way the client wants to put them at their ease X
12 Intelligence: Setting up contacts X

Investigation (<5)
Investigation: Sometimes, you don't need to ask questions, just let them talk X
Investigation: Steer a conversation, don't direct it X
Investigation: Using minor details to create a scandal X
Investigation: Finding out about someone from a third party. X

J - L
Skill Name
skill knowledge: ...

Skills M - Z : 
M - O
Knowledge Awarded
Meditation: Calming, healing breathX
Meditation: Sitting stillX

Musical Instrument: Gittern (<5)
Knowledge Awarded
Musical Instrument: Gittern: Basic Scales (SP)
Musical Instrument: Gittern: Casual strumming X
Musical Instrument: Gittern: Comfortable hold X

P -R
Painting (<3)
Knowledge Awarded
Painting: Paint what you see, not what you think you see X
Painting: Direction of the brush stroke makes a difference to the appearance. X
Painting: On to a canvas is different than parchment X

Persuasion (20+)
Knowledge Awarded
Persuasion: Understanding need and want (SP)
Persuasion: Some people are persuaded by the truth X
Persuasion: Using emotional phrases X
Persuasion: Identify where your opponent has been wrong X
Persuasion: Apologise over a small detail X
Persuasion: Gentle teasing X
Persuasion: Explaining how you're different X
Persuasion: Finding common personality traits X
Persuasion: Point out the flaws in a (stupid) argument X
Persuasion: Explain why you're obviously right X
Persuasion: Be clear on what's on offer X
Persuasion: Stating your wishes clearly X
Persuasion: Stating what you will not do X
Persuasion: Explaining why you will not do something X
Persuasion: Use sex as a means of persuasion X
Persuasion: Tell them their actions make you sad X
Persuasion: Use examples to deconstruct an argument X
Persuasion: Confidence is key to a strong argument X
Persuasion: Tone of voice can be very persuasive X
Persuasion: Persuade during moments of intimacy X
Persuasion: Pick your battles X
Persuasion: Explaining how you're perfect, just the way you are. X
➳ Persuasion: Being clear about what you sell X
➳ Persuasion: Saying it how it is. X
➳ Persuasion: Explaining why now is the time X
➳ Persuasion: Making promises and keeping them X

Psychology (5+)
Knowledge Awarded
Psychology: Biqaj eye colour denote moodsX
Psychology: Instincts can be useful X
Psychology: Some people are attracted to victims X
Psychology: Be proud of being an egotist X
Psychology: Being a prostitute is about power X
Psychology: The loss of emotions X
Psychology: Confidence is noticeable X
Psychology: A robust ego makes it hard to insult someone X
Psychology: Telling a broody person they're brooding doesn't help X
➳ Psychology: if you feel ready, you aren't. X

Ranged Weapon: Crossbow (5+)
Knowledge Awarded
Ranged Weapon: Crossbow: Basic Safety X
Ranged Weapon: Crossbow: Aiming X
Ranged Weapon: Crossbow: Breathing with the shot X
Ranged Weapon: Crossbow: Stance X
Ranged Weapon: Crossbow: Adjusting aim. X

S - U
Seduction (20+)
Knowledge Awarded
Seduction: Seductive tone of voice (SP)
Seduction: An innocent expression goes a long way (SP)
Seduction: A slight covering can enhance desire X
Seduction: The art of innuendo X
Seduction: Judge how sophisticated your target is X
Seduction: Slow, languid appraisal X
Seduction: Greet with a kiss X
Seduction: Irritation can increase passion X
Seduction: Some people like to watch X
Seduction: Make up sex is the best kind X
Seduction: Playing coy X
Seduction: Showing your own desire increases theirs X
Seduction: A kiss to accentuate each word X
Seduction: Present yourself as a 'gift' X
Seduction: Discussions about clothing can lead to all sorts of places. X
Seduction: Memory of passion can reignite the flame X
Seduction: An innocent look is a bonus for a prostitute X
Seduction: Lipstick sends signals X
Seduction: Eye contact shows interest X
Seduction: The importance of a good build upX
Seduction: Keep them wondering, keep them entertainedX
Seduction: Obvious possessiveness X
Seduction: Playing the role you're paid to play X
Seduction: Teasing and serious X
Seduction: A pleasure deferred is a pleasure enhanced X
Seduction: Offer a range of alternatives X
Seduction: Be aware of how your body moves X
Seduction: Innuendo doesn't need to be subtle. X
Seduction: Sometimes, brazen is attractive X
Seduction: Be clear that they know ~ you're worth it X

Singing (15+)
Knowledge Awarded
1 Singing: Scales to improve range (SP)
2 Singing: Outdoors is a unique amphitheater X
3 Singing: Performing a song you can hear in your head X
4 Singing: Breathing from the diaphragm X
5 Singing: Counting out instead of scales X
6 Singing: Practice to expand vocal range X
7 Singing: Exercises to improve breath control X
8 Singing: Breath control X
9 Singing: Singing in a large room X
10 Singing: Keep your pitch low to sound sultry. X
11 Singing: Projecting your voice X
12 Singing: Warm up exercises X
13 Singing: Practice with an instrument X
14 Singing: Tell a story with a song X
15 Singing: Performing for a small group X

Socialization (<5)
Knowledge Awarded
Socialization: What do grooms parties want?X
Socialization: Looking at the bigger picture of a whole eventX
Socialization: Working a crowd. X

Knowledge Awarded
Sociology: The zeitgeist is important in a society X
Sociology: Sex workers are seen differently in different cities X

Knowledge Awarded
Storytelling: The Story of My FatherX

Strength (5+)
Knowledge Awarded
Strength: Ballet exercises strengthen leg muscles X
Strength: Repetition of movement to build muscles X
Strength: Use weights, even light ones, to increase the effectiveness of exercise X
Strength: Low weight, high repetition works X
➳ Strength: Holding your arms above your head and working for a length of time builds muscles X

Thrown Weapon: Knives (5+)
Knowledge Awarded
Thrown Weapons: Knife: Weight and balance of the blade X
Thrown Weapons: Knife: Basic stance X
Thrown Weapons: Knife: Wrist movement X
Thrown Weapons: Knife: Full and half rotations X
Thrown Weapons: Knife: Using practice weapons helps X

Unarmed Combat (<5)
Knowledge Awarded
Unarmed Combat: Brawling: Front kick X
Unarmed Combat: Brawling: Use your nails X
Unarmed Combat: Brawling: Utilise the environment X

V - Z
Skill Name
knowledge skill: ...

Mortals : 
Knowledge Awarded
Theo: My handler X
Theo: Biqaj heritage X
Theo: New at the whorehouse business.X
Theo: Knows I'm mortalborn X
Theo: Fought off my attackers X
Theo: Killed one of the men who attacked me X
Theo: Raised by a single mother in the Dust Quarter X
Theo: Has told Peter he's not to come near you X
Theo: No one puts their hands on you without him saying its okX
Theo: Offered you somewhere to liveX
Theo: Will look after you and BillieX

Knowledge Awarded
NPC: Billie: Theo’s other girl. X
NPC: Billie: Got attacked the same time you did X
NPC: Billie: "Freckles" X
NPC: Billie: Still very nervous X

Knowledge Awarded
NPC: Brandi: New girl X
NPC: Brandi: Needs cleaning up X
NPC: Brandi: Theo thinks she's a "rough diamond" X

Knowledge Awarded
Jaq: Your ex-handler X
Jaq: Said he loved you X
Jaq: You loved him X
Jaq: Called you his songbird X
Jaq: Gave you a necklace X

Knowledge Awarded
NPC: Peter: Owns the Lap of Luxury X
NPC: Peter: Told you not to be silly X

Immortals : Delroth
Delroth: Immortal of Birds, Wind, Vanity, and Greed (RM)

Places : Ne'haer
Location: Ne’haer (RM)

Starter Quest : A flock of birds visit you in a dream. They fill the sky with the chirps, and the beating of their wings makes you almost believe that you are flying with them. After a few moments, they land on a tree and hide the branches with their colours. Their chirps cease and they stare down at you silently. A single blue feather falls from the tree and into the grass below. You move to pick it up, but the dream fades before you can reach it.

When you awake, you find what seems to be an identical blue feather lying next to your bed...

Father, look at what I have become. Will you love me now?

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Postby Zana » Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:55 pm


Skill Points Ledger
Thread/SkillPoints ReceivedPoints SpentTotal PointsFame Received Fame Total
Starting Package50--50----
Musical Instrument: Gittern--5------
Starting Fame: Mixed Race:-------10-10
Starting Fame: Rharne ------100
Starting Fame: Job -------10-10
Dancing4 (Ru)4-----10
Business Management15--15---10
Warm Hands, Cold Heart15--15---10
Judgement Call15--30+5-5
Home Sweet Home15--15---5
Strength in Numbers15--15---5
Sing to me your lies15--15---5
Tea & Taste15--15---5
[Playing the Parts15--30---5
Seduction --3000---5
Sleeping Arrangements15--15+2-3
Songs of Red and Grey10--25---3
The Devil Makes Work15--40---3
Blades --0931---3
Ranged: Crossbow--2704---3
I'm Just Painted That Way10--10---3
Well, Hello There15--25---3
Mirror, Mirror15--15---3
Knowledge is Power15--15--+2
A Diamond in the Rough15--15--+2
Just Business15--15--+2
Sweat-Stained Nights15--45--+4
Tea & Cakes10--55+5+9
Pass the Brandy15--15-5+4
Half Past Mid-Bell15--30--+4
Instrument of Sea & Stars15--45--+4
Opening Night15--15+5+9
Following Madam LeFleur15--30--+9


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Postby Zana » Sat Jun 17, 2017 5:31 pm


Money Ledger
Item/LinkMoney ReceivedMoney SpentTotal GoldTotal Silver Total Copper
Starting Package350--35000
2 x combat knives--10gn34000
Tea and Taste--37gn 4sn30260
Warm Hands, Cold Heart--49gn 2sn 4cn25336
Playing the Parts--9gn 2sn 4cn24412
NPC: Billie: Ymiden 717--10gn19412
Memory NPC: Jaq--10gn18412
216 Point Bank Points1080--126412
50 Point Bank Points250--151412
52 Point Bank Points260--177412
8 Point Bank Points40--181412
Mister Tricks--5180912
Hand Mirror (Ornate) + other gubbins--19179012
Throwing Daggers--361,75412
Business Investment--1,50025412
Wages: Singer: Ymiden 717473gn 1sn--72722
Wages: Courtesan: Ymiden 717630gn 8sn--135802


Items & Housing
Clothes : 
Coat SP A simple black coat, good for keeping her warm.
Blouse (4) SP
A red blouse with black laces at the neck.
White cotton, open weave, long sleeve
White cotton, fitted, button up
White cotton, cropped, strapped
Skirt(4) SP
A black skirt, knee length, with red stitching on the edge.
Brown, cotton, long & full
Blue, cotton, knee length pencil skirt
White, cotton, gypsy style
BootsSPThigh high, black.
Undergarments SP Flimsy

Cosmetics : 
Lipstick x5 XRed x3, pink x2
Rouge x 2 X Light and darker
Eye Paint x 5X Blue, green, brown, purple, cream, grey
Kohl x 2 XBlack and grey
Nail Paints x 3 XRed, pink, peach

Books & Craft : 
Nonfiction Book X"Cosmetics: A Guide"
Nonfiction BookXBasic Artistic Techniques
Cotton (3 yards)XFor learning to sew
Sewing KitXas above
Artists KitX Learning art
GitternLedger She plays
Personal : 
Small cut-glass bird ornament Treasured Possession* Used to belong to her mother.
Stuffed toy: Panda: Mister Tricks Ledger Gift from her mother on Zana's 5th Birthday. Has been repaired many, many times.
Toiletries & Utensils Starter Package (City Dweller) Functional
Tinder Box Starter Pack Lighting fires.
A silver necklace with a bird pendant, given to you by Jaq once upon a time. (RM) CS Reward (Ru) Love it, hate it. Just like him.
Packet of Sedative Herbs XDidn't take them after a beating, stashed them just in case
Signet Ring with strange symbol XLooted from a corpse

Weapons : 
Combat Knife x 2 Ledger To kill people
Pistol Crossbow + Bolts XGift from Theo. He's so romantic :P
5 x Masterwork Throwing Daggers
5 x average quality throwing daggers
XTo practice
Housing : Sold starter home (started with 350gn)
Zana lives with Theo in a small bungalow he rents in the glass quarter.
Point Bank : 
DateItem Adjustment Outcome Total Point Bank
July2017216 Point Bank Points+216--216
July2017Above cashed in for gn-2161080gn added to ledger00
July201750 Point Bank Points+50--50
July2017Above cashed in for gn-50250gn added to ledger00
July201752 Point Bank Points+52--52
July2017Above cashed in for gn-52 260gn00
July20178 Point Bank Points+8--8
July2017Above cashed in for gn-840gn00


Mirror, Mirror, on the wall. Who's the fairest one of all?

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Postby Zana » Sat Jun 17, 2017 6:01 pm


Daughter of Delroth

Approval Link

Mortal Parent:
Name: Sara Featherstone
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 21st Ymiden Arc 636
Skills: Seduction: 30, Psychology: 30, Cosmetology: 30, Dance: 10
Appearance: 5 ft 11, brown hair and brown eyes Sara was an incredibly beautiful woman. Many men and women came to the brothel where she worked and she was one of the most favoured of the whores who worked there. It had been commented more than once that her beauty was such that she rivaled Edasha herself.
Personality: Sara was a sweet and kind woman who, after giving birth to her daughter Zana at age 21, retired from prostitution and devoted herself to the care of her child. She remained in the brothel where Zana grew up, working there as a manger of the girls and keeping an eye on the clients.
Relationship to PC: Mother
Anything: else you would like us to know. Deceased.

Mortalborn story:
It was a normal early evening in the brothel where Sara worked. She, along with the other girls had prepared themselves for a busy evening. There was a festival ongoing and so there were more people in Ne'haer and that invariably meant an increase in trade.

Yet, no clients came to the brothel for the first break it was open. This was unheard of and the girls lounged and wondered just what was going on. That was when he came in, the tall and perfect man who simply stepped through the doors and Sara knew that no matter what, she would have to be the girl he chose. His ice blue eyes looked around and he smiled at them, each one.

When he spoke, his voice was honey and Sara was one of the first to stand, although all the girls did. Each of them experiencing the same overwhelming desire for him and his smile deepened. When the manager who was working that night asked him which of the girls the customer wished for, the man who held them all in sway spoke.

"All of them. Her first, alone. Then the rest may join us when we call." He motioned to Sara and held out his hand, which she took. She was surprised to see that her own hand was trembling with desire at the blue eyed man. She asked his name and he smiled at her as he lifted her in his arms like a child. "I am Delroth," he said and not one of them doubted him. For Sara, there followed a night like none she had experienced before, nor ever would again. After breaks of what she could only describe as ecstasy, the others joined them and whilst Delroth enjoyed them all, it was Sara he returned to time and again. Eventually, inevitably, she either fell asleep or passed out and when she woke he was gone.

She never saw him again but she knew long before her body told her that she was carrying his child. Despite the fact that he had laid with numerous other women that night, it was in her that he planted his seed and a part of her had known that would happen from the moment she took his hand.

Mortalborn domains & abilities: Air, Attachment, Reflection
Air : 

Breath of Life

With this power, the Mortalborn can impose emotions on to another by the simple expedient of breathing on them. One slow breath across the skin can bring about intense emotions, raging from fury to desire. With practice, the Mortalborn can temper the intensity of these emotions.
This can only be used via direct contact of the Mortalborn's breath with skin, although it works with all species even those who have but an illusion of skin covering them such as the Yludith. Using it deadens the Mortalborns emotions for a full break afterwards, leaving her feeling emotionally drained. If used more than once in a single trial it leaves her physically exhausted and needing to sleep for at least 10 breaks.
Attachment : 

Trinket of Desire

When using this power, Zana must identify an object of emotional significance to another. After she has obtained this prized trinket from her victim, she must concentrate for several bits in order to imbue it with her domain of attachment. Once imbued, the trinket is returned to the owner, who very quickly begins to develop obsessive tendencies for Zana while the trinket is in their possession. Should the trinket be taken away from them, or if they do not have contact with it, the effects begin to fade from their mind. During the time that the victims have contact with their trinkets and are obsessing about her, Zana experiences horrifying nightmares and night terrors.
Reflection : 

Reflected Experience

When utilising this ability the Mortalborn is able to reflect and amplify the physical sensations felt by another. Like a magnifying glass she can focus and control what a mortal is feeling. This might be to subtly change them or, more likely, to focus or dampen them. This must be a physical sensation which the individual is already feeling and can only be used when she and the 'victim' are looking at each other in a mirror or other reflective surface. Using this power more than once a trial causes the Mortalborn's eyes to go bloodshot and migraines to occur.

Mirrored Experiences

Approval Link
When this power is activated, the Mortalborn focuses on one individual, reflecting both her and her targets' physical and emotional experience in a mutual increasing of sensation and feelings. In order to activate this, and to maintain it, Zana has to be in eye contact with the target of the ability, either by looking in their eyes or by meeting their gaze in a reflective surface.

This ability allows Zana to share, amplify and enhance the physical and emotional sensations in any shared experience with her experiencing what they do and them experiencing what she does in an ever-increasing spiral. From sex to an argument, it is an ability which continues to build in intensity whilst eye contact is maintained and she feels it as strongly as her target, and vice versa. It applies only to those sensations or emotions which Zana and her target are sharing in a general sense (pain, pleasure, desire, anger etc) and can only ever be between her and one other person at a time.

Zana is able to use this ability numerous times, but every time she does she is left with an intense sugar craving afterwards.
Knowledge : 
Ability Knowledge Gained Link
Breath of Life Mortalborn Ability: Breath of Life (RM)
Breath of Life MB Ability: Breath of Life: Can be controlled with a shallow breathX
Breath of Life MB Ability: Breath of Life: Does not have to be overwhelming X
Breath of Life MB Ability: Breath of Life: Even when passing on less intense emotions, I lose all of mine X
Reflected Experience Mortalborn Ability: Reflected Experience: Imparting coldX
Reflected Experience Mortalborn Ability: Reflected Experience (RM)
Reflected Experience Mortalborn Ability: Reflected Experience: Can be made more intense X
Reflected Experience Mortalborn Ability: Reflected Experience: Change the angle of reflection X
Reflected Experience Mortalborn Ability: Reflected Experience: Causes migraine X
Trinket of Desire Mortalborn Ability: Trinket of Desire (RM)
Trinket of DesireMB Ability: Trinket of Desire: Requires concentration X
Trinket of DesireMB Ability: Trinket of Desire: Put my own energy into a trinket X
Trinket of DesireMB Ability: Trinket of Desire: The trinket has to have meaning X
Trinket of DesireMB Ability: Trinket of Desire: Victim needs to keep the trinket with them X


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Postby Zana » Sat Jun 17, 2017 7:00 pm


Religion, Blessings & Marks

Mark Story : Approval here
Mark Details: here
73rd Ymiden, 717
Lake Lovalus, Rharne
As long as she could remember, Zana had dreamed of her father. He was a constant presence in her life. She had been raised on stories of how he had chosen her mother, specifically, so that she would be conceived. All of her life he had visited her in her dreams and she had spent countless breaks with him. Was it actually him? She did not know; but it was to her.

That morning, when she had woken from her slumber, she recalled the dream of the flock of birds. Blue, like the colour of her eyes, like the colour of her father's eyes. There, on the pillow next to her was the single blue feather and Zana lifted it up. "Father?" She had spoken to him like this from her earliest memories.

So, since this was where she always spoke to him, Zana moved over to her dressing table and sat on the soft comfortable stool there. Looking up into the mirror, she spoke to him. It was how and where she usually did; vanity and greed were two of his domains and reflection was one of hers so it seemed appropriate. "Good morning, Father." Reaching for her hairbrush, Zana began her morning routine, speaking to her Immortal parent as she did. It was a ritual she had maintained from her youngest trials.

This trial, she had decided what she was going to do. Something which had been on her mind to do for a long time but it was the single blue feather which had decided her. Reaching out, she carefully placed the feather into the small box where she kept her jewelry. "It's working well, Father. I'm getting more and more money, building more contacts. I get such a lot of pleasure from my job. Two men hurt me, Theo killed one and I killed the other." With a small smile she looked into the ice blue eyes reflecting back at her. "It felt good to do that, too."

As she got ready, carefully applying make up and ensuring that her appearance was perfect, Zana explained her plans to her Immortal father. She was building in riches, in power; the whorehouse she and Theo would run together was going to allow them to work with the richest in Rharne. All of her life Zana had lived in luxury, but true luxury was what she coveted and this was a step towards it.

It took a full break and a half for her to be ready.

This was too important to do anything other than dress as perfectly as she could and so the mortalborn daughter of Delroth took her time with everything. Her long white skirt would be modest if it wasn't made from panels of lace in between the panels of cotton, revealing glimpses of her legs. She wore her white crop top which left her midriff bare.

She picked up the basket she had prepared and made her way to the shores of Lake Lovalus.

As she walked, Zana noticed that there was a small bird which seemed to be wherever she was. Zana watched it and smiled. She had always loved birds and the small glass bird ornament which had been in her possession as long as she could remember was sitting on her dressing table. This was a particularly beautiful creature, she thought, with it's crest and bright blue feathers.

When she got to the shores of Lake Lovalus, Zana moved to the tree she had identified. There, she had determined, was the perfect place. It was not hidden away, rather it was a very prominent area where lots of people would see it. From the basket she brought out the small but beautiful mirror she had commissioned; it was delicate, elegant and beautiful. Perfect for her father. So, Zana placed it, strung carefully on the wall next to the tree. The wind buffeted the place, whipping her hair and blowing her skirts, but Zana ignored it.

The blue-feathered bird watched her as she retrieved the other things from the bag. A hanging bird feeder, filled with nuts and food, a small wind chime to catch the wind and make beauty. Tied securely so that they were obviously what they were, Zana looked and smiled. A shrine to her father, Delroth. Vanity, wind, birds and greed. "I love you, Father," the beautiful daughter of the Immortal spoke.

Delight lit her face as first one, then another and another bird lighted on the shrine she had constructed. She held out her hand, hopeful that one would hop on to it when she felt arms wrap around her waist.

The man who stood behind her held her close to him, his breath tickling her ear. "You're beautiful. Like your mother."

Zana gasped in surprise, but her face lit in a smile, "Yes. And my father."

The man holding her chuckled, "good answer, my daughter. Will you make me proud?"

"Yes." Zana had never suffered from a poor ego and she wasn't about to start now, no matter who held her close to him.

"Which do you enjoy more?" Delroth asked, looking at her in the mirror, where their ice blue gazes met. "The feeling of them inside you, or your knife inside them?"

Zana smiled at him, in the mirror. "Those are just acts, both acts of pleasure. What I enjoy is the power and the rewards," she leaned back against him. "in your name. I'll make you proud."

"See that you do," Zana felt a tingling down the back of her arms as he kissed her cheek, but his tone was serious, "I hate to be disappointed. Especially by family."

He was gone before she had finished hearing the words. Yet the blue bird who had followed her hopped on to her hand and twittered. "Hello," Zana said with delight in her voice, "I'm going to call you Henry."

I'm so very picturesque, I'm so very cold.
Taste like roses on my breath. Graveyards, on my soul

Abilities : 
NameDevotion RequiredAbility Description
Feathered Friend 0 Immediately granted when blessed by Delroth, Feathered Friend takes the form of a bird companion that is tied mentally and emotionally to the Tarouz. At this level, the bird may be of any species of a Medium size, which is roughly 9-16 inches tall. The bird need not eat or sleep, but will often to mimic other birds to avoid suspicion. At this level, the Tarouz can communicate with the bird familiar through flashes of mental and emotional signals, which each interprets flawlessly. The bird can be used to scout, to offer a distraction in combat, or at this level, is mostly used for companionship.
Wings of Steel 0 By using this ability, the Tarouz can grow organic steel feathers all along his or her arms, allowing them both a weapon and armor at a moment's notice. The feathers are as durable as steel, and offer resistance to piercing and bludgeoning damage. They are also razor sharp, though at this level, they must be wielded as melee weapons, as they can't be thrown from the Tarouz. The biggest drawback is that the feathers each weigh a moderate amount, slowing the Tarouz considerably unless well practiced with the ability.
The Charismatics Toolbox 0 The Tarouz may add 3 skill points to any of the following skills: Appraisal, Cosmetology, Falconry, Flying, Persuasion or Seduction. These points may be used to surpass the 100 skill points of the skill chosen. Cosmetology
Clothed in Finery20The Tarouz gains the ability to enhance the look and feel of any of his or her clothing, making them appear to be of a much higher quality than they actually are. The illusion is far less effective under close scrutiny, and once discovered, the ability ceases to work until the Tarouz changes clothing, or they don't interact with the same people for 1 trial.
The Covetous Covenant40At will, a Tarouz may mark an object that he or she greatly desires. Once marked, the Tarouz will know the basic whereabouts and condition of the object, regardless of distance between the two. This link lasts until the Tarouz comes into possession of the item, and will cause the Tarouz to become more and more obsessed with its acquisition until he or she does so. Once the Tarouz comes to own the object, he or she becomes extremely blissful and their basic needs (eating, sleeping or drinking) are fulfilled.
Mirror Mirror60Once per season, a Tarouz may designate two mirrors to act as a two-way communication device. The mirrors become linked, and when a codeword is spoken in front of it, the mirror shows whatever is on the other side of the second mirror. This can be used a way to guard one's belongings, or send a message to a friend. At Favored, this effect is only as large as a city. At Adored, it can be regional. At Exalted, the mirrors may travel to any corners of the world they wish.
A Feather's Weight80Once per trial, the Tarouz has the ability to reduce the weight of any item to that of a single feather. This ability only lasts ten bits per level of Tarouz, at the end of which the item returns to its original weight. Often used to carry larger amounts of gold to hide, A Feather's Weight is one of the most coveted abilities of the Favored Tarouz.
Secrets in the Wind90Only viable when both parties are outside, Secrets in the Wind allows a Tarouz to whisper into the wind and have that whisper carried to someone the Tarouz desires. Helpful in relaying commands or changing plans, this ability is the available as many times per trial as the Tarouz wishes. At Favored, it affects half a city. At Adored it can affect a whole city. At Exalted it can reach between cities in the same region, as long as both recipients are outside.
Birdtongue99 This ability allows a Tarouz to communicate with any species of bird, regardless of the Tarouz' familiarity of the species. Birdtongue lets the Tarouz convey basic information, while receiving the same. At Favored, the bird is compelled to obey any orders, but may resist. At Adored, the bird will only resist if the action would endanger itself or its young. At Exalted, the bird will obey, no matter what.
Devotion Delroth : 
Thread Name Adjustment Link Total
Well, Hello There +1X+1
Songbird +9X+10
Electra +4X+14
Tea & Cakes+4X+28
Half Past Mid-Bell+5X+33
Instrument of Sea & Stars +8X+41
Opening Night+4X+44
Devotion Zanik : 
Thread Name Adjustment Link Total
Songbird +13X+13
Tea & Cakes+10X+23
Opening Night+13X+36
Knowledge : 
Tarouz: Wings of Steel: Just my arms X
Tarouz: Wings of Steel: Individual feathers X
Tarouz: Wings of Steel: Heavy X
Tarouz: Clothed in Finery: Works on clothes only X
Tarouz: Clothed in Finery: Doesn't hold up to close scrutiny X

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Postby Zana » Thu Jun 29, 2017 11:03 am


Approved NPCs

Billie : Link to Approved NPC


Date of Birth: Ymiden 5th 695

Skills:Seduction (30), Persuasion (30), Cooking (30), Baking (10)

Appearance: Billie stands at 5ft 6. She has pale skin and long red hair, with a smattering of freckles on her face. She has hazel colour eyes and a ready smile.

Personality: Billie is a sweet girl who has maintained a naivete about her, despite having worked as a prostitute for the last arc. She is quick to praise and tends to think that everyone is nice; she sees the world through very positive lenses of perception. Since being attacked by a pair of clients in Ymiden 717, Billie hasn’t been able to work and is very nervous and jumpy. A major part of Billie’s personality is that she wants to please and she doesn’t like that her current mental state means that she can’t work. Since the attack she has struggled to be alone.

Relationship to PC: Co worker / friend / lover

Anything: Billie and Zana were both attacked on the same evening in Ymiden. They are also both prostitutes in the “Lap of Luxury” in Rharne’s Glass Quarter and share the same pimp / handler, Theo. Zana feels a sense of responsibility for Billie following the attack.

Thread Records
Arc Season Thread 1 Thread 2 Skill +10
717 Ymiden I'm Not BadSleeping ArrangementsCooking +10
Jaq : Approval Link: Note: Jaq is a memory NPC only.
Name: Jaq Qau'Akor
Race: Biqaj / Human
Date of Birth: Saun 10th 635
Date of Death: Ymiden 1st 685
Skills: Discipline (30), Musical Instrument: Gittern, (20), Persuasion (15), Singing (20), Deception (15)
Appearance: Tall, sun-bleached blonde hair and beautiful cheek bones. That rather summed up Jaq. He was a handsome, charming man and he had an almost constant look of arrogance about him.
Personality: Jaq appeared to be a calm and charming man with a sense of humour and an easy going disposition. However, he was not someone to cross and he would most certainly use his business contacts and his not insignificant influence in the darker areas of Ne'haer in order to ensure that he got what he wanted. Everything, to him, was a business deal and when it ceased to be worth it, he ceased to be interested.
Relationship to PC: Pimp / handler

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Postby Zana » Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:24 am


Thread List

Memory : 
677, Saun Well, Hello There!Elijah(X)Zana meets another MB on the beach
677, Saun Boy I do love the ocean Elijah XZana and Elijah go for a boat trip
680, Vhalar Songs of Red and Grey NPC Jaq(X)Jaq gives Zana a gift and lessons in music.
714, Ymiden Strength in Numbers Pash (X) A group of biqaj come to celebrate Pash's birthtrial
714, Ymiden Sing to me your lies Pash (X)Pash and Zana meet again
714, Ymiden An Instrument of Sand & StarsPashXParty time for Zana and Pash!
Ymiden 717 : 
15thBusiness Management Theo (X) Zana meets her new pim.... Intimate Business Manager / Handler, Theo. Job Thread.
16thWarm Hands, Cold HeartTheoXZana and Theo work on getting to know each other.
17thPlaying The PartsTheoXAfter an interesting two days, things start to look a bit dull
20thTea & TastePatrickXZana goes shopping, pops to the tea house
27thJudgement CallTheoXSome unsavory clients pose a problem for Zana
31stMendingTheoXFor the first time since the attack, Zana lets Theo into her room and talks about what happened.
34thI'm not bad. I'm just painted that waySoloXZana and Billie learn some painting and talk about what happened to them.
35th Sleeping Arrangements Theo & Billie (NPC)XHaving moved into Theo's house, the three of them start to plan.
37thMirror, Mirror, On The Wall SoloXZana, now back in work, practices some ballet
38th The Devil Makes Work for Idle HandsPatrick & TheoXPatrick visits the Lap of Luxury
46thHome Sweet Home or Fighting Pit?Theo & NPCs XA new addition to the household causes tension
52ndFinding Good Fortune Moderated (X)Buskerfest in Rharne
62ndJust Business Theo & PatrickXA business proposition from Pat.
62nd Knowledge is Power TheoXDiscussion on pillow talk.
70th DIamond in the Rough Theo XDecorating the new business, business talk.
73rd Songbird Solo X Job thread for singing. Potential business allies
73rd Electra With TheoXTelling Theo about meeting her father
75thFlight TheoXThrowing daggers with Theo
Saun 717 : 
1st First NightTheo XThe Lady Libertine opens its doors.
3rd Sweat Stained Nights Oliver & Theo XZana goes to hell. Or the Bronze Boar, depending on who tells the tale. It's grubby. She does not like grubby.
3rd Pass the BrandyTheoXOn the way home from the most unromantic meal ever, Theo starts a fight. At least, that's how Zana will tell the story.
4th Following Madam DeFleur Theo X Zana and Theo invest some time into the Lady Libetine
4th Half Past Mid-Bell Oliver & Theo XThey interview a farm boy whose parents wanted a girl called Olive. True story.
9thShadowing OliveXTheo asks Zana to babysit the farmboy, Zana of course is delighted.
10thTea and Cakes SoloXZana's job thread for her second job, singing at a seventieth birth trial party. With tea and cakes. Spiffy!
15th Collaboration Theo XTheo and Zana visit her other job and discuss some collaboration!
40thTies of Blood & BoneSquirrelXDelroth pops by to give Zana a little job.
Vhalar : 
31stLiberty Meets TyrannyTheo & NothXNoth visits the Lady Libertine
121stMixed MessengersGlobal PlotXZana joins others on Delroth's errand

What did I do? Whatever I wanted to, of course

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