Arlo Creede

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Arlo Creede

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Arlo Creede

Age: 21 arcs

Race: Human

Date of Birth: Vhalar 1 , Arc 699

Marks: Jesine (Nyvora) Trusted
U'frek (Koriel) Favored
Cassion (Sojourn) Adored

Approved NPCs: Lyova ( fairy )

Factions Joined:

Languages Spoken: Fluent Common / Broken Common Sign

Starting Location: Desnind

face claim: Aidan Turner


Arlo is just eighteen arcs old, six feet tall and weighs around one hundred and seventy pounds. His hair is dark and usually kept at an average length. His eyes are a pale, bright blue. He prefers a sturdy, serviceable wardrobe that travels well, usually opting for leather, wool or canvas weaves. And a hat. Almost always a hat.

He doesn't care for flashy accessories, but more interesting ones instead: Items that he's picked up along the road or in back alley shops such as stray feathers, scraps of leather or unusual wood, and fragments of bone that can be turned into something to strap round his wrist or string through one ear.

Arlo wears the mark of Jesine, the blessing of Nyvora on his scalp - approved here The web shaped mark is mostly concealed by his hair. But where it extends down the back of his neck, while rarely seen by others, it can sometimes be spotted glowing a faint silver beneath the moonlight.

Due to an injury healed by Cassion himself, the young man has a scar on his left shoulder that resembles a spider's web, but one that glows with a silver light. And since being marked by U'frek, he possesses a faint aura around his body that somewhat resembles steam rising from him, and also surrounding his feet. The aura isn't any single color, but resembles a borealis, or the northern lights.


In spite of an unremarkable and uneventful upbringing in Rharne; or maybe because of it, Arlo was destined to be a dreamer, a wanderer, an explorer and a seeker. It was in his nature to be from birth. And why wouldn't it be? As his mother was fond of saying, he was his father's own son. Arlo could only take her word for it, since he's never met the met the man that he knows of, and wouldn't have known it if he had.

Arlo is temperamental, just as quick to smile as scowl, to joke as to judge or insult. He is deeply curious and considers knowledge of any sort to be a more valuable currency than coin. He has a heightened imagination, and his dreams; be they daydreams or sleep filled, are vivid ones. He yearns to explore all of Idalos. But more than that, Emea.

While he's not religious in the traditional sense; he's not known for kneeling in temples or the like; Arlo is deeply spiritual. Perhaps not surprisingly, its the Immortal Cassion and the Mortalborn Jesine who have won his devotion.

In addition to sharing a heightened sense of wanderlust with the Immortal Cassion, Arlo seeks to do much more than seek his favor and model his life in much the same fashion. He yearns to understand the Immortal on a more basic, personal level by exploring the paths that Cassion has traveled before him. If Cassion spoke little of his journey into Emea, Arlo wants to discover what it was he experienced there and never spoke of, firsthand.

His devotion to the Mortalborn Jesine is a result of his natural inclinations, his desire to walk Emea, explore its layers and do her work; combined with the knowledge that it is only through her, and by her grace that he can go where Cassion went before him.


Arlo's style of devotion, particularly in relation to Cassion, is somewhat unconventional. Knowing that his Immortal of choice favors travel and exploration, and a fondness for odds and ends picked up along the way, Arlo chooses to honor Cassion by catering to the preferences that both he and the Immortal share.

During his travels, he might leave a simple meal cooked over a campfire just off the path, balanced on top of a small rock shrine for another traveler, perhaps even Cassion to find. Instead, he might leave behind an interesting trinket or small, useful object that he's picked up along the way, dangling from a branch hanging over a seldom traveled path for another to happen across and take for themselves. All in Cassion's name.

As for Jesine, having been recognized and marked by the Mortalborn already, Arlo's devotions are somewhat more conventional, according to what she desires and expects from her followers, both in Emea and elsewhere.

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Arlo Creede

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"Not all those who wander are lost."
J.R.R. Tolken


Arlo's upbringing on the outskirts of Rharne was fairly uneventful. His mother Nella was unwed and just seventeen when she met a man who was just passing through on his way to somewhere else. Nella was young, naive and impressionable with stars in her eyes, and the traveler was older, charming and worldly. The two carried on a brief affair while he was there. But by the time she discovered she was with child, he was gone again, on to the next place without a word or a farewell.

Nella's heart was broken. But she was young and pretty, and before giving birth to her son, she was married to another older man who himself owned a small farm on the outskirts of Rharne. Nella's new husband wasn't as charming, clever or handsome as her traveler. Jonas Creede was solemn and dull at times, but also kind and when Arlo was born, he was happy to raise the boy as his own.

From his earliest arcs, much to Jonas' disappointment, it was clear that Arlo had no interest in farming. He was temperamental, impulsive and easily distracted by visions of adventure and exploration. He was a dreamer, and both his day and nighttime dreams were vivid ones. He faithfully recorded his sleeping dreams in his journal in detail, particularly those related to Cassion. He was convinced that there were clues in those, or even messages that needed deciphering. Arlo longed to explore the world beyond Rharne, even beyond Idalos, and his fascination with Emea was such that Jonas' at least thought it unhealthy. For reasons she kept to herself, Nella quietly approved and in her son, saw glimpses of her traveler.

He'd give her plenty of glimpses, and Jonas, more than a few headaches. He was daring from a very young age. Fascinated with high places or those where no sane adult would try to go, when he was no more than three, his parents found him at the top of a tall spindly tree that swayed this way and that with the wind. No one could say how he got up there, or down, even though they'd watched him do it as he tumbled and turned apparently at will through the thin branches during his descent.

When he was only seven arcs old, Arlo wandered off into the nearby woods and failed to return before nightfall. His mother worried and Jonas organized a group of men to help find him. But after several trials had passed they had all come to fear the worst. It was only then, after three trials, that Arlo came wandering back, wondering what all the fuss was about.

He'd become lost some time after he'd entered the woods, but instead of being as afraid as he ought to have been he'd managed to find shelter during the night and even learned to build a fire to keep warm by. A nest full of unhatched eggs had kept him fed and eventually, following a small stream to the edge of the woods had led to a dirt path that led towards home.

It was on that path that a peddler's cart happened across him and picked him up. The old man driving the cart was friendly and amused by the boy's tales of his grand adventure in the wilderness. The peddler drove him home to his parents, regardless, knowing they'd be worried. But before he let Arlo off the cart, he handed him a generous gift. It was a thick, leather bound book of maps, all the maps of Idalos and it had been well used. But Arlo didn't care if it was old or new, he'd spend breaks upon breaks after that, for arcs, pouring over those maps and plotting out where he'd go when he finally left home.

Arlo became curious about the Immortals at an early age, but not surprisingly his interest was primarily focused on Cassion. He learned everything he could about him, and became fascinated by the time that the elusive Immortal had spent in Emea. It was logical then that he would also develop a fascination with the Mortalborn Jesine and her realm. And as a result, as he grew he became a follower and devotee to both.

It would come as no real surprise then, when one morning Nella and Jonas woke to find him gone and only a note of farewell left behind, shortly after his sixteenth arc celebration. Arlo's sense of wanderlust had finally gotten the better of him, and he meant to travel and explore the paths that Cassion had taken before him, and the realm that Jesine called hers. Perhaps as a way to serve and honor both Immortal and the Mortalborn. But also, he believed, as a way of worship.

Mark Backstory

Traveling on the road between cities and villages often meant sleeping and eating out in the open. But Arlo was suited to life in the outdoors, and often preferred it. His stepfather Jonas had given him a sturdy mare before he'd left home, and often she was the only company he had. The young man didn't mind though and one trial, like others before it, he'd stopped to rest just off the path where he'd built a small fire and make himself a meal out of a small rabbit he'd snared earlier, and some root vegetables he'd pulled from the ground.

As he'd recall later, it was springtime and the sunlight was golden and warm. The rabbit on the spit smelled good, and it was almost done when another traveler happened by and paused to speak with him. The man, tall and well built, didn't supply his name, not at first. But Arlo had been on the road several trials by then and had scarcely seen anyone else, so he asked him if he was hungry, and if he cared to share a small meal. It was his way, nonetheless, to share what he had with other travelers.

They spoke for a while, the two of them, and the man told Arlo tales of his travels all over Idalos. In turn, Arlo drank each of the stories in, but having left home so recently, he had very few stories of his own to share. But each location the man mentioned, he showed Arlo in his own book full of maps and told him of his adventures and some of them, misadventures. In turn, he was impressed by the ease with which Arlo had offered a spot by the fire and something to eat.

It was the younger man's turn to explain why he did it. A fellow traveler could as easily be the Immortal Cassion as not, and it wasn't only a sense of hospitality that made him do it. It was his own way of worship. The man seemed impressed, or amused and Arlo couldn't rightly say which. But after a time, the man stood, thanked him for the meal and declared that he'd be on his way. But as he walked away, Arlo called after him. "Hey mister!" he said. "You didn't tell me your name."

"It's Cassion," the man, having revealed himself as the Immortal himself had said. "And as worship goes, it wasn't bad. Though the rabbit could have used a little salt." He grinned, and then walked away.

Arlo had been stunned, but not for long as the realization hit him. And so he'd leaped up from where he'd been sitting, meaning to go after the Immortal. "Hey, wait!" But he stumbled and fell forward, his feet having tangled up in something as he'd stood up. Rolling over, blinking his eyes, he rubbed his shoulder and shivered. Confused, he suddenly realized that it was cold. The bitter cold of winter and there was snow on the ground. The campfire he'd built had been reduced to embers and they were glowing in the darkness. It wasn't springtime at all, it wasn't warm, and it wasn't the middle of the trial, but that gray time between darkness and light.

Just as he sat up, frowning in confusion, he heard the unmistakable sound of feminine laughter and he looked up, more confused than ever. "My goodness you sleep soundly. I thought you'd never wake up. You should take care out here, away from civilization. A bear could have lumbered in and devoured you, with you none the wiser." She was a young looking woman, with blonde hair that looked mussed from sleep. And Arlo knew right away who she was. The mortalborn Jesine. And he knew he'd been dreaming. All of it. The warm trial by the road, the smell of the rabbit cooking. The traveler. Cassion. All of it was a dream. But this wasn't.

He stumbled to his feet, looking on in awe. "You're..." The woman laughed again and shook her head. "Of course I am." Arlo thought on that a moment, frowning in concentration and then said "But Cassion, that was..." Jesine stopped him with a smile and a wave of her hand. "That was me too," she said. "I'm sorry to have tricked you Arlo. But there's a reason your dream was so vivid. So much more than ever before. That was lucid dreaming," she explained, "and you seem to have taken to it like a duck to water."

He was about to ask another question, and then another when she stopped him. "I've been watching you Arlo, and I've wondered if you've enough devotion to spare for the both of us. I believe that you do. So I've left you a gift. Go, follow him. Follow me, and do my work while you're at it. But don't disappoint me," she said, and with a warning that she'd be watching him to make sure he was as deserving as she believed he was, she was gone, just like the traveler before her.

Non-Player Characters

Name: Nella Creede (Mother)

Race: Human

Date of Birth: 20th Cylus 682

Skills: Gardening (30), Animal Husbandry (30), Medicine (20), Interrogation (10), Ranged Combat: Short Bow (10)

Appearance: Nella is just five foot, three inches tall and weighs one hundred and twenty-five pounds. Her hair is reddish brown and is usually tied back or braided, and her eyes are a grayish blue. Her complexion is youthful and clear, and tanned from a good deal of time spent in the outdoors. She wears trousers and boots more often than skirts and slippers, and frequently wears a wide brimmed straw hat. In spite of her small stature, she's physically fit and strong.

Personality: Working alongside her husband Jonas on their small family farm has made and kept Nella physically strong. But by nature and circumstance she's also enotionally tough and resilient. She won't think twice about defending home and family in whatever way is necessary. She's observant, intuitive and doesn't mince words when there's something that needs saying. In contrast, she is also compassionate, kind, generous, deeply sentimental and has a dry sense of humor. She doesn't follow or worship any particular Immortal, believing that time and energy spent focused on religion and faith could be better spent on more practical things.

Deceased: Early Vhalar, 717

Name: Jonas Creede (Stepfather)

Race: Human

Date of Birth: Zi'da 24, 673

Appearance: Jonas is a healthy man who has a strong physique, built from arcs of farming. He stands at 6 ft tall and has a thick head of hair, albeit now very salt-and-pepper. His weathered complexion and calloused hands come from a lifetime of working in the outdoors.

Personality: He is a quiet man who has a deep seated sense of humor. He respects many of the Immortals but isn't particularly religious, and though he hasn't had any higher, formal education, he's well read, curious about the world and quietly possesses a deep well of wisdom.

Skills: Construction (26), Agriculture (26), Animal Husbandry (26), Gardening (11), Unarmed Combat: (11)

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Arlo Creede

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Skill Percentage PointsTotal Points Proficiency
Acrobatics 100/100 (FT/NA) Legendary
Ranged Combat: Shortbow [RB] 106 /100 (+6 Renown ) (250/250) Master
Bladed Combat: Sword 100/100 (250/250) Master
Dreamwalking 18/100 (NA) Novice
Unarmed Combat: Brawling 25/100 (25/250) Novice
Fieldcraft 88/100 +6 (Cassion) (182/250) Master
Hunting 66/100 (123/250) Expert
Cooking 94/100 (230/250) Master
Trap Making 32/100 (39/250) Competent
Navigation +3 (U'frek) 103/100 (250/250) Master
Seafaring 25/100 (25/250) Novice
Mount (Horse) 48/100 (70/250) Competent
Endurance 46/100 (67/251) Competent
Strength 100/100 (218/250) Master
Storytelling +3 (Cassion) 103/100 (250/250) Master
Musical Instrument: GIttern 48/100 (48/251) Competent

Grandmaster Capstones

Acrobatics : Arlo has reached a pinnacle of acrobatics that appear almost magical. Arlo remains in the air for five-eight trills longer than anyone else who leaps at his height and has the improbable ability of perfect balance in the air, executing perfect turns, spins, and cartwheels in mind-bending feats of acrobatics.

Approval here
Storytelling : Captivate: When using this ability, Arlo is able to manipulate the emotions of those who listen to his stories. As he speaks, telling the story, those around him are compelled to listen, to focus. This means that they are drawn in to the story he tells and this distracts them from whatever they were feeling / doing previously. He doesn't instill emotions into others, but he draws their focus to the story and distracts them from what was already happening. Thus, he gets their attention and keeps it for the duration of the story, which might be enough time for an argument to subside, anger to subdue or for cooler heads to prevail.

Approval here

Skill Knowledge, Fame & Devotion

Skills A - L : 
A - C
Acrobatics: Flexibility is key
Acrobatics: Stretching techniques (PG)
Acrobatics: Warm up routine (PG)
Acrobatics: Using a swing
Acrobatics: Doing flips is easier in dreams
Acrobatics: Rolling to land softly following a fall
Acrobatics: Centering your weight
Acrobatics: Re centering balance due to extra mass
Acrobatics: Teaching Others Helps Keeps You Sharp Too
Acrobatics: Relies On Timing
Acrobatics: Balancing In A Storm (11)
Acrobatics: Using Your Legs For Leverage
Acrobatics: The appropriate place to put your hands for a headstand on someone else
Acrobatics: Positioning yourself right to be the base of a headstand
Acrobatics: One handed headstand
Acrobatics: Working together for balance
Acrobatics: Working together for a complex trick
Acrobatics: Walking handstand
Acrobatics: Falling from a horse
Acrobatics: Regaining balance
Acrobatics: Staying on a bucking horse
Acrobatics: Jump and tackle to the ground.(22)
Acrobatics: Using your weight to swing an object
Acrobatics: Acrobatic dodge
Acrobatics: Rolling away from combat whilst keeping hold of your weapon
Acrobatics: Rolling onto your feet, into the ready position
Acrobatics: Dodging a persistent pursuit!
Acrobatics: Adding momentum to a dodge
Acrobatics: Rolling out from under a falling opponent
Acrobatics: Swinging through a ships ropes
Acrobatics: When rolling in combat consider where you'll stand
Acrobatics: Keeping your balance when someone jumps into your arms.
Acrobatics: Use acrobatic moves with the sword (33)
Acrobatics: Lunging forward
Acrobatics: Jumping off cliffs
Acrobatics: Swinging whilst dangling off a cliff
Acrobatics: Avoiding being crushed by molten vines
Acrobatics: Hopping over a sweep
Acrobatics: Leaping during combat
Acrobatics: Twisting half somersault
Acrobatics: Pushing with your legs for maximum aerial momentum
Acrobatics: Swinging on a rope to gain momentum
Acrobatics: Spinning around a campfire
Acrobatics: Leaping to pretend to be dancing
Acrobatics: Maintaining balance over a chasm
Acrobatics: Catching coins (46)

Acting: Telling a story through motion
Acting: Impersonating a drunk
Acting: Injured
Acting: Improvisation
Acting: Use it to stall
Acting: Playing an Immortal
Acting: Playing Ymiden
Acting: Puffing out your chest
Acting: The power of improvisation
Acting: Health Inspector Arlo!
Acting: Quick improvisation can be difficult to be realistic
Acting: The part of a bodyguard
Acting: Stumbling

Animal Husbandry
Animal Husbandry: (Horse) Horses have moods which they show.
Animal Husbandry: (Horse) Be aware that your horse might be brighter than you
Animal Husbandry: Horse: Gentle tone of voice to calm animals
Animal Husbandry: Horse: Talk to them, keep physical contact.
Animal Husbandry: Horse: Horses don't like to be rushed.
Animal Husbandry: Horse: Bits against teeth can be painful
Animal Husbandry: Horses have personality
Animal Husbandry: How to get a horse to raise it's foot
Animal Husbandry:Check your horse's foot regularly
Animal Husbandry: A horse's coat does most of the work for it, it rarely needs blankets
Animal Husbandry:How to check if a horse is wet or cold
Animal Husbandry:Warm mash with apples on a cold day keeps a horse happy
Animal Husbandry: The frog: A part of a horse's foot that needs to be trimmed
Animal Husbandry: Lunging your horse = exercising him.
Animal Husbandry: Attack cat works against wolves
Animal Husbandry: Rescuing cats stuck in trees
Animal Husbandry: Tone of voice matters, not words

Animal Training
Animal Training: Knowing the Limits of Peg and her Preferences.
Animal Training:(Horse) Talk to your horse to calm her.
Animal Training:(Horse) Put your finger behind the horse's teeth to help them take the bit
Animal Training: (Horse) Feed treats to reward desired behaviours
Animal Training: Horse: Blow in their noses
Animal Training: Horse: Ears are used to communicate
Animal Training: Horse: Careful if ears are down flat
Animal Training: Horse: Techniques to make saddling easier
Animal Training: Less spirited animals are easier to train
Animal Training: Equine: Getting the horse moving in the yard

Baking: Roasting cocoa beans
Baking: If you don't have an oven, rotate beans in a drum over flames.
Baking: Technique for removing husks from cocoa
Baking: Making cocoa butter
Baking: The different ingredients in different kinds of chocolate
Baking: How to make cocoa liquor
Baking: Pressing techniques for chocolate
Baking: Passing ingredients through a cloth to separate
Baking: Additional ingredients change the texture of a dish[/quote]
[spoil]Brewing: The taste of Ilaren’s wine

Carpentry: Go with the grain
Carpentry: Types of wood
Carpentry: Tools of the trade
Carpentry: Types, and uses, of sandpaper
Carpentry: Types of joint

Cartography: Appreciating the Age and Design of Old Maps.
Cartography: Mariner’s Maps are different to Landlubbers.

Climbing: Climbing a tree
Climbing: Rough terrain
Climbing: Helping each other makes it easier
Climbing: Anchoring rope for leverage
Climbing: Rappelling down
Climbing: Fighting the wind
Climbing: Tree climbing in a blizzard
Climbing: Navigating something which bends
Climbing: Scaling over rubble

Combat: Blades: Sword
Bladed Combat (longswords): Basic Stance
Bladed Combat (longswords): Remain relaxed, flexible and responsive
Bladed Combat (longswords): Leaning/ducking to avoid attacks
Bladed Combat (longswords): Holding a sword
Bladed Combat (longswords): Warming up is important and should be done before fighting
Bladed Combat: Blades are for Close Proximity Fighting
Blades: Sword: Squaring off against your opponent
Blades: Sword: Weapon quality makes a real difference
Blades: Sword: Watch your opponent
Blades: Sword: Sway to the side to avoid a blow
Blades: Sword: Turn your blade to turn a defense into an attack
Blades: Sword: Defend and counter attack
Blades: Sword: Swing your blade and body together
Blades: Sword: Use your blade as a distraction
Blades: Sword: Slice across the gut
Blades: Sword: Slicing at flying opponents.
Blades: Sword: Fighting back to back to avoid being attacked
Blades: Sword: Working out the rhythm of an opponents movement
Blades: Sword: When fighting flying opponents, aim for the wings
Blades: Sword: When facing multiple opponents, let them come in
Blades: Sword: Identify the leader when being attacked by a group of bees
Blades: Sword: Charging at a larger opponent
Blades: Sword: Holding your sword and letting the opponent impale themselves
Blades: Longsword: Angling your blade for maximum damage
Blades: Longsword: Use momentum to increase the potency of your strike
Blades: Longsword: Upward slice under ribs
Blades: Longsword: Using practice weapons for safety
Blades: Longsword: Testing the weight of a weapon before use
Blades: Longsword: Ready stance for duelling
Blade: Longsword: Hit another sword away tip-to-tip
Blades: Longsword: Aim for the hip.
Blades: Be careful to consider your position in close quarters
Blades: Spin on your heel and swing
Blades: Wide arc for maximum impact
Blade: Charge forward
Blades: Sword: Use height to your advantage
Blades: Sword: Throat slice, mid air
Blades: Sword: Timing your strike not to hit who you're protecting
Blades: Longsword: Draw and slice in one move

Combat: Bow
Ranged Weaponry (bow): Nocking an arrow
Ranged Weaponry (bow): Shooting/reloading quickly
Ranged Combat: Bow: Nocking an arrow
Ranged Combat: Bow: Breathing while aiming
Ranged combat (Bow): Pre targetting an opponent
Ranged combat (Bow): Hitting the sweet spot on an opponent
Ranged Combat: Knowing Where to Shoot Helps
Ranged Combat: Steady Breathing; Steady Shot
Ranged Weapon: Bow: Throat shots require careful aiming
Ranged Weapon: Bow: Hard to work with someone who is face to face
Ranged Weapon: Bow: Breathing through the shot
Ranged Weapon: Bow: Choosing vital targets
Ranged Combat: Bow: Compensating for a moving target
Ranged Combat: Bow: Take time to aim, especially for the eye
Ranged Combat: Bow: Reload techniques under pressure.
Ranged Combat: Bow: Identifying vulnerabilities
Ranged Combat: Bow: Consider the placement of your companion
Ranged Combat: Bow: Tracking movement through trees.
Ranged Combat: Bow: Keeping aim for an extended period
Ranged Combat: Bow: Nerves make you trigger happy
Ranged Combat: Bow: Moves become instinctual
Ranged Weapon (Bow): Remaining ready
Ranged Combat: Shortbow: Taking aim for a debilitating shot
Ranged Combat: Shortbow: Relax, let instinct take over
Ranged Combat: Shortbow: Vantage matters
Ranged Combat: Shortbow: Eye shots for flying prey
Ranged Combat: Bow: Ready position
Ranged Combat: Bow: Anticipating moving targets
Ranged Combat: Bow: Eye shot (even when there are a lot of eyes)
Ranged Combat (Bow): Using environmental clues to pick direction.
Ranged Combat (Bow): Multiple shots can increase the speed of the kill
Ranged Combat (Bow): If you aim low, a falling creature might still get hit
Ranged Combat (Bow): Maintain your stance after you've released
Ranged Combat (Bow): An accidental shot can still be a breakthrough
Ranged Weapon: Bow: Determining vulnerable spots in armour
Ranged Weapon (Bow) Shooting into melee combat when confident
Ranged Weapon (Bow) Jaw strike for floating, armored bears
Ranged Weapon (Bow) Shoot through an open mouth
Ranged Weapon: Bow: Pick off opponents to better the odds
Ranged Weapon: Bow: Throat shot against an opponent running towards you requires constant eye contact
Ranged Weapon: Bow: Quills act as deflective armour
Ranged Weapon (Shortbow): Attaching a snowcrystal to an arrow and compensating for weight
Ranged Weapon (Shortbow): Destroying a moving target before it reaches its target
Ranged Combat: Bow: Firing in close, dark situations
Ranged Combat: Bow: Consider the most effective weapon for your target
Ranged Combat (Shortbow): Starlight to guide you helps with aim
Ranged Combat (Shortbow): Maintaining aim when the ground is shaking
Ranged Combat (Shortbow): Aim for the soft flesh of the throat
Ranged Combat (Shortbow): Swing your bow to change aim quickly
Ranged Combat (Shortbow): Work in partnership with another -aim for different but related places
Ranged Combat (Shortbow): Shooting true even amidst distractions
Ranged Combat (Shortbow): Grab, aim, shoot

Combat: Pistol Crossbow
Combat: Ranged Weapons: Pistol Crossbow: familiarity with the working parts
Combat: Ranged Weapons: Pistol Crossbow: more compact than an ordinary bow
Combat: Ranged Weapons: Pistol Crossbow: can be fired with one hand
Combat: Ranged Weapons: Pistol Crossbow: adjusting for the recoil
Combat: Ranged Weapons: Pistol Crossbow: firing from a moving horse
Crossbow: Fast draw
Crossbow: Aiming quickly
Crossbow: Use the environment to gain advantages.
Crossbow: Spin and aim
Crossbow: Avoid friendly fire

Combat: Knives
Bladed Combat (knives): Got to be close to use them

Combat: Unarmed: Brawling
Unarmed combat: Duck and weave
Unarmed combat: Time your punch
Unarmed combat: Use the environment
Unarmed combat: Distraction tactics
Unarmed Combat: Charge and tackle
Unarmed Combat: Breaking combat
Unarmed Combat: Shielding another with your body
Unarmed combat: Flying roundhouse kick
Unarmed combat: Sucker punch for surprise

Construction: A bit of wire from a thrown cart wheel can make a good fishhook
Construction: Weird girls build dens

Cooking: Campfire cooking
Cooking: Versatile ingredients like eggs are good staples. (PG)
Cooking: Preparing ingredients for fast cooking (PG)
Cooking: Food Tastes Better When Seasoned
Cooking: Deboning Turkey
Cooking: Making A Spit From Sticks
Cooking: Making A Meat Spice Rub
Cooking: Leaving the Skin on Helps the Meat Stay Moist
Cooking: An Interesting Insight into Local Insect Cuisine.
Cooking: How To Fry Cornbread On Skillets
Cooking: How to prepare sweetwine vine leaf correctly (11)
Cooking: How to prepare a chrythiam fish with a herb crust
Cooking: Strategies for keeping food warmer longer
Cooking: Gnocchi recipe
Cooking: Ingredients available to a traveler
Cooking: Ways to prepare potatoes for gnocchi
Cooking: Other ingredients for gnocchi
Cooking: Using dried ingredients
Cooking: Spit roast chicken
Cooking: Flat bread with chillies
Cooking: Potatoes in their jackets
Cooking: Making stock from marinade juices (22)
Cooking: Tuna steaks
Cooking: Using hot stones appropriately for outdoor cooking
Cooking: Resting meat to retain moisture
Cooking: Venison Sausage
Cooking: Sweet cabbage slaw
Cooking: Stuffed red peppers
Cooking: Pear with candied pecans
Cooking: Bite sized pieces cook quicker
Cooking: Wild hen
Cooking: Keep your broth
Cooking: Venison and berry parcels (33)
Cooking: Using honey to bind food together
Cooking: Preparing and storing snacks
Cooking: Seasoning a cast iron pot
Cooking: Storing eggs for a journey
Cooking: Barley and Mushroom Soup
Cooking: Chicken Broth
Cooking: Add meat to soup for extra flavour
Cooking: Don't cook tomatoes in a cast iron pan
Cooking: Bacon, onion, peppers and potatoes with egg
Cooking: A quick and hearty breakfast
Cooking: Prepare the area carefully.
Cooking: Consider safety when cooking outdoors
Cooking: Root vegetable soup
Cooking: Add venison to a good broth
Cooking: Serve hot bread with thick soup in cold.
Cooking: Slow cooking adds depth of flavour
Cooking: Using a pit to cook
Cooking: Hot chocolate
Cooking: Oats with dates and honey
Cooking: Turkey, Roast and Greens
Cooking: Poached pears with caramel
Cooking: Midnight bacon and egg sandwiches
Cooking: Pheasant on a spit
Cooking: Loaded potatoes
Cooking: Prepare in advance in order to get your timing right
Cooking: Fish cook quickly
Cooking: Seasoning fish inside and out (60)
Cooking: Use oil with fish, but sparingly
Cooking: Wrap fish in bacon to add flavour
Cooking: Use the bacon fat to season vegetables
Cooking: Steaming vegetables
Cooking: Poaching pears in brandy
Cooking: The sweet taste of Edasha’s fair

Culture: The Festival of Lights is a Holiday in Desnind on the 1st of Cylus
Culture: The Story of How Biqaj Came to Be

Dancing: Mirroring your partners movements
Dancing: Catching up
Dancing: Good exercise
Dancing: To the beat of the drum
Dancing: Mucking it up may lead to crashing into other people
Dancing: Skip, hop and turn combo!
Dancing: Warming up is like acrobatics
Dancing: A nautical jig

Deception: Lying about your fatigue
Deception: Pretending to have a good time
Deception: Telling Lies for the Sake of a Game
Deception: A white lie
Deception: Overly cheerful.

Detection: Girl with the red hair.
Detection: spotting a young buck
Detection: Movement through the trees
Detection: Rusted and broken metal
Detection: Very old blood
Detection: The out-of-place laughter of children
Detection: Noticing changes in the environment
Detection: Observing the way things move
Detection: Looking around and getting a feel for a business
Detection: Trying to ascertain ingredients from taste
Detection: Individual tastes to give more detail
Detection: Observing people as they walk away.
Detection: Spotting what's out of place
Detection: Spotting wealth
Detection: Lyova helps to spot others for you.
Detection: Watching arrivals and departures from/to specific locations
Detection: Discerning racial origins through physical traits
Detection: Peripheral vision can be confounded by colour and light
Detection: Ice sculptures are hard to spot details in
Detection: Badly overgrown path
Detection: Noting changes over time
Detection: The difference between natural and man made
Detection: Movement in peripheral vision
Detection: Looking for movement.
Detection: Movement in the leaves.
Detection: Scouting out a new area
Detection: Committing a face to memory
Detection: Spotting when you've been spotted
Detection: Sounds of people approaching camp
Detection: Spotting signs of temper in your SO
Detection: Watching someone's movements to determine if they can see
Detection: Recognizing that a broken window often means an intruder
Detection: Is that... me?
Detection: Searching for a weapon
Detection: Noticing important details in caves
Detection: Determining sounds in echoes
Detection: Noting the change in atmosphere at a party
Detection: Spotting sudden change in behaviour
Detection: Spotting a familiar face in a crowd
Detection: Hearing a familiar voice?
Detection: Recognising handwriting
Detection: Hearing someone engaged in prayer
Detection: Changes in temperature
Detection: The nuances of an Immortal

Discipline: Practice makes perfect
Discipline: The sight of ghostly ships
Discipline: Not being afraid of a giant, rotting chicken zombie
Discipline: Not just dropping to the ground and screaming at an itch
Discipline: Giving bad news calmly
Discipline: Not giving in to emotions
Discipline: Considering others even when in shock
Discipline: Reading into what is meant, not what is said, and reacting to that.
Discipline: Dealing with an impatient individual
Discipline: Coping with boredom
Discipline: Not losing your temper in the face of entirely unreasonable behaviour
Discipline: Focusing in the face of a powerful distraction
Discipline: Don't get distracted by scenery
DIscipline: Focusing on the job
Discipline: Not assuming the worst
Discipline: Resisting a buxom woman's advances
Discipline: Not jumping to conclusions
Discipline: Simply saying it how it is, time and again.
Discipline: Dealing with shock
Discipline: Not handling grief right now
Discipline: Not giving in to overwhelming emotion
Discipline: Keeping going until you are sure
Discipline: Witnessing the death of a loved one
Discipline: Refusing a choice that would result in your own harm
Discipline Focus on the practical to avoid looking at your emotions
Discipline: Keeping hold of your temper as much as possible.
Discipline: Being who you're needed to be
Discipline: Waiting requires a lot of patience
Discipline: Pushing through the pain and exhaustion when people need you most
Discipline: Purposely irritating someone you love.
Discipline: Dishing out tough love
Discipline: Putting what you want in second place to what she needs.
Discipline: Not moving, even when you want to
Discipline: Distract yourself from painful situations.
Discipline: Enforced abstinence is difficult!
Discipline: Focus on the long term, not the right now
Discipline: Force yourself to think quick
Discipline: Stop your mind wandering
Discipline: A leap of faith
Discipline: Recognising when a place should be respected
Discipline: Forcing yourself to think clearly
Discipline: Make an offering which is worthwhile to you
Discipline: Speaking what you need, not what you want
Discipline: Try not to get distracted by the glittery things
Discipline: Watching when you really want to act
Discipline: Sorting through memories to help them make sense
Discipline: Using another person to ground yourself
Discipline: Ensuring that you don't let your emotions fuel your strength

Dreams: Are not remembered well by those not marked by Jesine
Dreams: The place where your imagination comes to life
Dreamwalking: How to recognize a dream
Dreamwalking: Bad dreams can manifest from bad memories
Dreamwalking: Attempting to convince someone that they are dreaming does not always work
Dreaming: Never tell another dreamer they are dreaming
Dreaming: Anything is possible in Emea, even reversing events
Dreamwalking: Recognising a nightmare
Dreamwalking: Slightly altering Dreams
Dreamwalking (Sanctuary): Protecting your fellow dreamers by expelling the threat
Dream predators: Afraid of the light
Dream predators: Can be vanquished by sheer belief and will
Dreamwalking: Explaining the Subconscious in the Dream.
Dreamwalking: The Inferences of Imagery.
Dreamwalking: Helping a Friend Comprehensively Understand her Dreams.
Dreamwalking: Dreamers Often Wear What They Sleep In
Dreamwalking: Differentiating Who's Dream It Is
Dreamwalking: getting familiar with Vega’s dream
Dreamwalking: people are better at doing things in dreams
Dreamwalking: Imagination is the greatest tool in Emea
Dreamwalking: Summoning a fork
Dreamwalking: Jesine’s mark helps a great deal.
Dreamwalking: Time, space, distance mean nothing in Emea
Dreamwalking: Can’t seek out dreams of people you don’t know from long distances
Dreamwalking: Shaping another's dream
Dreamwalking: Guiding, not forcing
Dreamwalking: Recognising another Jesine marked in your dream
Dreamwalking: Understanding when someone is fading in and out of lucidity
Dreamwalking: Watching, not jumping in
Dreamwalking: Providing cues for the dreamer to help them remember
Dreamwalking: Six degrees of separation
Dreamwalking: Lemonade analogy
Dreamwalking: No manual for it.
Dreamwalking: Rules, guidelines and etiquette.
Dreamwalking: Imagination is the most important tool

Endurance: Taking a breather
Endurance: Holding on during a good pounding
Endurance: Falling off, getting up, getting back on
Endurance: Maintaining difficult movement
Endurance: The sting of medical care
Endurance: Sudden drop of temperature to below freezing
Endurance: Very loud noises
Endurance: Shin pain!
Endurance: An all over itch
Endurance: Sudden dip in cold water
Endurance: Letting him get one good punch in
Endurance: Staying up all night
Endurance: Sudden cold is a shock
Endurance: The pain of a straight-through arrow in the shoulder
Endurance: Quick onset fever
Endurance: Hunting in the freezing cold.
Endurance: Sleepless nights
Endurance: Digging a cooking pit
Endurance: Maintaining a cooking pit in winter
Endurance: Very sharp paper-cut like wound
Endurance: Wrapping up against the cold
Endurance: Naked in the snow during cold season
Endurance: Cold water on a cold morning
Endurance: Being able to partake of a lot of good cheer!
Endurance: Unconsciousness
Endurance: Waking up groggy and moving anyhow
Endurance: Going without sleep to help someone face their nightmares
Endurance: Holding on for a while
Endurance: Walking through acrid smoke and heat
Endurance: Staying awake when warm and fed
Endurance: Maintaining concentration when tired.
Endurance: Coughing up a lungful of dust
Endurance: Staying still with a dead arm
Endurance: The sudden flurry of pins and needles in a dead arm.
Endurance: A deep burn on your hand, hurts.
Endurance: Turning into ice
Endurance: The feeling of your blood burning
Endurance: Being knocked off your feet.
Endurance: The pain of bruised ribs
Endurance: “It will kill you” extremes of cold weather.
Endurance: Being pelted by balls of hailstone
Endurance: Cassion's Greeting
Endurance: Continuing on when exhausted
Endurance: Long walks through Emea
Endurance: Phenomenal Cosmic Power!! Wheeeeee!
Endurance: Shocks from a Leviathan
Endurance: The physical change of Cassion's mark
Endurance: Physically trapped and gasping for air

Etiquette: Thanking People When They Give You Food
Etiquette: Taking a Joke in Stride
Etiquette: Don't take things that don't belong to you (tokens)
Etiquette: Dress code
Etiquette: Meeting a girls' parents can be awkward.
Etiquette: Conditions of slavery
Etiquette: Sharing a meal and a place to stay
Etiquette: It's polite to say thank you to a friend
Etiquette: The art of gift giving
Etiquette: Shave before a date.
Etiquette: Suitable clothing for an expensive restaurant
Etiquette: Reserve the best table to impress the girl
Etiquette: Introduce yourself to Immortals
Etiquette: Polite means different things to different people
Etiquette: Reverence to your patron

Fauna: Iyo: Used as a light source in desnind

Fieldcraft: Fieldcraft: Prolonged exposure to extreme cold is dangerous
Fieldcraft: Building a fire
Fieldcraft: Surviving in the woods (PG)
Fieldcraft: Nests provide sustenance (PG)
Fieldcraft: Using your environment for survival clues (PG)
Field Craft: Dressing for colder weather.
Field craft: Dressing for the weather
Field Craft: Skinning Medium Game
Field Craft: Cleaning Bones by Boiling Them
Field Craft: Proper Disposing of Kill
Fieldcraft: Turkeys and turkey eggs for dinner
Fieldcraft: Bleeding out a turkey
Fieldcraft: Dousing a fire
Fieldcraft: You can never be too prepared when venturing into unknown territory
Fieldcraft: Putting a tent over a cart for better shelter
Fieldcraft: Using unusual material to your benefit
Fieldcraft: Drying ingredients to make them last longer
Fieldcraft: Preparing meals quickly in a camp
Fieldcraft: Identifying where to put a tent
Fieldcraft: Setting up a long-term camping arrangement
Fieldcraft: Coaxing coals back to life
Fieldcraft: Cook to stop items spoiling
Fieldcraft: Identifying spots to stay warm / safe
Fieldcraft: Consider the resources in your environment
Fieldcraft: Take samples of unusual stuff to learn what's safe
Fieldcraft: Determining what is, and is not, safe to drink
Fieldcraft: Protecting against wind and snow
Fieldcraft: Choosing the best place to set up camp.
Fieldcraft: Starting a fire for food and warmth
Fieldcraft: Gathering wood
Fieldcraft: Choosing the best wood for a fire
Fieldcraft: Using bags of sand to prevent drafts
Fieldcraft: Maximizing space
Fieldcraft: Using Prepared Hides to Act as a Windbreak.
Fieldcraft: Checking the horses in camp, too
Fieldcraft: Preparing a turkey after killing
Fieldcraft: In a blizzard, dress in layers

Fishing: It's Just Throwing A Line With Some Bait ... Right?
Fishing: Bread Can Sometimes Work As Bait
Fishing: Casting Is For Reaching Deeper Water
Fishing: Setting The Hook
Fishing: Recognising Snapper
Fishing: Gnomes

Fletching: Basic parts
Fletching: Determines how the arrow rotates
Fletching: Straight fletch
Fletching: Wrap fletch
Fletching: The direction of the helical wrap doesn't matter
Fletching: Wrap fletch is much better at distance

G - I
Gambling: Biqaj game: Stars
Gambling: Dealing cards
Gambling: Shuffling cards
Gambling: Stars: Put stars in 'constellations'
Gambling: Stars: Rules of exchange
Gambling: Stars: Blocking another

Hunting: Identifying tracks (PG)
Hunting: soil is soft, not packed so the track must be fairly recent
Hunting: the difference between a raccoon paw print and a dog or cat
Hunting: Deer prints and how they are different from other animals with cloven hooves
Hunting: be patient, for a deer will always outrun you.
Hunting: Even if the animal isn’t killed right away, it can still bleed out
Hunting: Spulmokawarta tracks
Hunting: Telling the direction of tracks
Hunting: Using Every Part of a Kill
Hunting: Cutting to Check if the Kill was Pregnant
Hunting: Possible game during Cylus
Hunting: Bird tracks in the snow
Hunting: Telling the direction of tracks
Hunting: Examining markings in low light
Hunting: Difficult in the dark while raining
Hunting: Assessing Your Ability Against The Prey's Distance
Hunting: Can Attach Fishing Line To Arrows For Easy Retrieval In Practice
Hunting: Recognising the signs of a male deer/Bruxon's presence
Hunting: You should really learn about your prey
Hunting: Sensing a Quiet Forest
Hunting: Following someone from a distance.
Hunting: Following from a distance.
Hunting: Lion tracks
Hunting: Much more difficult in the depths of winter
Hunting: Discerning what happened in large groups of bipeds
Hunting: Aye aye tracks (very large ones)

Immortal History:
Immortal History: There were seven Original Beings
Immortal History: The rumoured eighth Original Being "Delana"
Immortal History: "The Scientist" Fei
Immortal History: "The Conqueror" Anox
Immortal History: The Originals once fought strange creatures
Immortal History: Fei was a peaceful Original
Immortal History: Fei liked to study the world
Immortal History: There's no evidence that dragons were real
Immortal History: The Originals may have left something where they died.
Immortal History: The Originals existed before humans
Immortal History: The Originals created The Immortals

Intelligence: Someone can interfere without being present
Intelligence: Understanding the nature of teamwork is important.
Intelligence: The company a person is in tells a lot about them.
Intelligence: Body language often gives information about an individual

Intimidation: Threaten with violence
Intimidation: Be loud
Intimidation: Using rude hand gestures

Investigation: Following clues
Investigation: Asking people questions
Investigation: Questioning the Authenticity of a Claim because it would be Illogical.
Investigation: Who is Kosumi?
Investigation: Is Vega aware that she's dreaming or is she just dreaming about dreaming?
Investigation: There wasn't one there before
Investigation: Determining the purpose of a shrine
Investigation: Determining what a rusted metal artifact may have once been
Investigation: Footprints can tell you where someone came from, where they went and if they're still here
Investigation: Search your surrounding area for clues
Investigation: Pay close attention to the world around you
Investigation: Searching for clues in someone's home
Investigation: Considering things which are out of place
Investigation: Secret compartments
Investigation: Trying to think where clues could be hidden
Investigation: Explanations for contrasting accounts
Investigation: Tracks as clues to mode of transport
Investigation: Putting together historical clues
Investigation: Identifying patterns of behaviour
Investigation: Be clear what you are searching for
Investigation: Spot patterns in puzzles to solve them.
Investigation: Writing helps to solve puzzles
Investigation: Getting to the heart of a matter
Investigation: Repeat key questions
Investigation: Ensure understanding by questioning.
Investigation: How to find out what's going on behind a locked door
Investigation: Asking questions to try and determine behavior
Investigation: Use Lyova as a spy!
Investigation: Determining when someone doesn't fit in by style of dress
Investigation: Behavior which identifies ghosts.
Investigation: Spotting weaknesses in a storefront technique that don't quite add up
Investigation: Putting together clues to lead to an inescapable conclusion.
Investigation: Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction.
Investigation: Try to find the limits of the situation
Investigation: Consider the history of an item.
Investigation: People's answers give you clues about their personality
Investigation: Ways to gather information and clues
Investigation: Ask insightful questions
Investigation: Fill in gaps in the story
Investigation: Remember a name from some time ago

Intelligence: Casual people watching
Intelligence: Assessing danger via environmental cues
Intelligence: Using an invisible spy to gather information
Intelligence: Gather as much information as possible about intentions
Intelligence: Watch facial expressions for clues

Interrogation: If you don’t ask you don’t know
Interrogation: where you going lady?
Interrogation: Do your eyes change for different occasions?

Investigation: Determining another persons age
Investigation: changing eye colour.
Investigation: changing blue when asking a question

J - L
Language: Xanthean

Leadership: Promising safety to the scared
Leadership: Ordering others to be silent in a potentially dangerous situation
Leadership: Having to explain the obvious to the oblivious
Leadership: Taking charge over a child, as the adult
Leadership: Being a glory hound is not being a leader
Leadership: Being a loner is not being a leader
Leadership: Being a team player is being a leader
Leadership: Sometimes, someone has to go first
Leadership: Desperate times, desperate measures
Leadership: Sometimes, leading is like trying to herd cats
Leadership: Group and leader are inextricably linked

Linguistics: Communicating with hands.
Linguistics (Common Sign) : How to Spell Your Name With Your Hands
Linguistics (Common Sign) : Individual Letters Sometimes Require Two Hands
Linguistics (Common Sign) : Thank You, like Blowing a Kiss
Linguistics (Common Sign) : The Sign for Good Trial Resembles a Backwards Salute
Linguistics (Common Sign) : Using Signs To Give Phrases or Commands
Linguistics: Repeating a phrase
Language: Xanthea: How to say good trial (Ibiti Sarken)
Linguistics: Rakahi

Logistics: Planning a Trip with a Friend.
Logistics: Plotting Exact Travel Times.
Logistics: Prepare for the worst
Logistics: Planning for an absence
Logistics: Planning boat buying and crewing
Logistics: Planning gifts in advance
Logistics: Planning food for a long journey
Logistics: Prepare for all eventualities

Skills M - Z : 
M - O
Medicine: Naturally found in food if prepared correctly
Medicine: How to use a sweetwine vine leaf as a healing aid
Medicine: Stitching wounds
Medicine: Checking everywhere for cuts and bruises
Medicine: Recognising head trauma
Medicine: Treating cuts and scrapes
Medicine: Treating bumps and bruises

Mount: (Horse) Attaching a bridle & bit
Mount: (Horse) Correct placement of a saddle
Mount: (Horse) Securing a saddle (that's a lot of cinches!)
Mount: (Horse) Getting up in the saddle
Mount: (Horse) The bounce of a trot
Mount: Horse: Basics of a saddle
Mount: Horse: Putting on a girth strap
Mount: Horse: Tendency to hold breath whilst saddling up
Mount: Horse: Putting in the bit and reins
Mount: Horse: Rein free riding
Mount: Horse: Getting to know your horse is important
Mount: Horse: Use a step to make getting in the saddle easier
Mount: Horse: Leading someone else by your own horse's movements
Mount: Horse: How loose or tight the reins are is important.
Mount: Horse: Which part of the feet to put in stirrups
Mount: Horse: Steering by weight
Mount: Horse: Lean forward when going uphill

Musical Instrument: Gittern:
Musical Instrument: GIttern: Plucking vs strumming
Musical Instrument: Gittern: Use tuning knobs to create a clear sound
Musical Instrument: Gittern: Needs to be in tune in order to produce a good sound
Musical Instrument: Gittern: Basic Chords
Musical Instrument: Gittern: Using music to accompany stories
Musical Instrument: Gittern: Change the strength of movement to change the noise
Musical Instrument: Gittern: Reading musical notation and linking to chords
Musical Instrument: Gittern: Use another instrument for tuning
Musical Instrument: Gittern: Whole notes, half notes.
Musical Instrument: Gittern: Improvisation
Musical Instrument: GIttern: Use single notes to catch attention
Musical Instrument: Gittern: Can produce a bell-like noise.
Musical Instrument: Gittern: Singular notes melding one into another produces a good effect.
Musical Instrument: Gittern: Emphasising moments in a story
Musical Instrument: Gittern: Plucking Without a Pick Allows You to Feel the Notes
Musical Instrument: Gittern: Finding a Sound and Trying to Duplicate it.
Musical Instrument: Gittern: Understand your Instrument Through Playing it, Not Reading About it.
Musical Instrument: Gittern: Tapping
Musical Instrument: Gittern: Legato
Musical Instrument: Gittern: Glide Technique for Pitch Change
Musical Instrument: Gittern: Let the Instrument teach, Not the Book
Musical Instrument: Gittern: Combine strum and pluck for a diverse melody
Musical Instrument: Gittern: Playing music for dancing
Musical Instrument: Gittern: Changing tempo mid-melody
Musical Instrument: Gittern: Playing as a meditative tool
Musical Instrument: Gittern: Not using a pick produces a softer, more organic sound.

Navigation: Following a map
Navigation: Finding your way through a forest at night/in Cylus
Navigation: Using a light source to guide you
Navigation: Acting as a guide for another in the dark
Navigation: Finding the way in a dark tunnel
Navigation: Using landmarks to augment a compass
Navigation: The Use of a Sextent
Navigation: Using the wall as a guide in the dark
Navigation: Using all the senses to find your way
Navigation: Finding your way in complete darkness
Navigation: Map-reading
Navigation: Working out time from scale
Navigation: Working from map to land
Navigation: Plotting a course over land
Navigation: Discerning north, south, east west without a compass
Navigation: Measuring distances by observing the moons and stars
Navigation: The north star
Navigation: Sextant: Doubly reflecting navigational instrument
Navigation: Locating the navigator's position compared to known locations
Navigation: Gyrocompass: Non-magnetic compass based on a fast-spinning disc
Navigation: Astrolabe: Used by sailors to determine a ship's latitude at sea
Navigation: Reading a map that changes to reflect your environment
Navigation: Different kinds of maps.
Navigation: Can be by stars
Navigation: Points of sail denote where the ship is in relation to wind direction.
Navigation: Sailing in irons means sailing into the wind
Navigation: Running means sailing with the wind behind you
Navigation: The "no go zone" is 45 degrees either side of "in irons"
Navigation: Sailing beam-reach is when the wind is at a 90 degree angle to the line of the ship.
Navigation: Sailing broad-reach is when the wind is 45 degrees either side of running.
Navigation: Following directions given in an unusual manner
Navigation: Identifying sheltered spots
Navigation:Navigating by sight
Navigation: Minute adjustments in navigated path
Navigation: Determining wind direction
Navigation: Tools and equipment help
Navigation: Compass Roses
Navigation: True north and magnetic north
Navigation: Calculating time for a journey
Navigation: Working out alternative routes.
Navigation: Different kinds of charts
Navigation: Ratio of different kinds of charts
Navigation: Key for small details.
Navigation: Land navigation in storms is tricky.
Navigation: Using a compass to determine where something used to be
Navigation: Reading a map to plan routes
Navigation: Identifying warm water currents
Navigation: Using a street map
Navigation: Finding specific locations in a new place
Navigation: Finding your way from memory

P -R
Persuasion: pointing out the many benefits of a good hat.
Persuasion: Appeal to reason
Persuasion: Displaying Acrobatics to Encourage a Student
Persuasion: Please leave the ugly shrine alone, thank you
Persuasion: Being the voice of reason to an angry (irrational) woman
Persuasion: Some ideas are too big to fit in a box?
Persuasion: Keeping someone on track
Persuasion: Being right in an argument
Persuasion: Ensuring that you get the last word
Persuasion: Backup is good
Persuasion: Having an absolute bottom line and not moving from it
Persuasion: Logical, factual statements about your behaviour.
Persuasion: Encouragement works
Persuasion: Pointing out that someone else drank the potion first
Persuasion: Stating it as clearly as possible.
Persuasion: Say yes, but lay down rules
Persuasion: Explain why it's important

Philosophy: It's the journey that matters, not the destination
Philosophy: Never say never

Psychology: The Idea of Having Something Missing From Yourself
Psychology: Trying Too Hard Can Affect Things Negatively
Psychology: When you are Young you Perceive Age Differently.
Psychology: Using dreams to tell when some one has conflicting emotions when awake.
Psychology: Relationships are weird
Psychology: Relationships have rules
Psychology: Seeing what's underneath the finery
Psychology: Understanding what you regret

Religion: For Some People, Worship is Just Living Their Lives

Research: Trial and error
Research: Using multiple resources
Research: Improvisation is a Valid Form of Learning
Research: Practical Skills vs Book Learning

Resistance: Maintaining lucidity when poisoned
Resistance: Fast-acting poison.
Resistance: Drinking with an Immortal: Don't let it go to your head!
Resistance: To drink from the cup of the Immortals

Rhetoric: "Hey Nonny-Nonny" is Overly Idyllic Serenity
Rhetoric: "Proper" Insults to Women Do Not Include Elephants
Rhetoric: The Never-Ending Hat Debate
Rhetoric: Calming fear with careful explanations
Rhetoric: Nouns
Rhetoric: Onomatopoeia: an uncountable noun
Rhetoric: Genre
Rhetoric: Symbolism
Rhetoric: Putting a positive spin on a situation

Running: Sprinting through forested terrain
Running: Trying not to trip while running in a rocky dark tunnel
Running: Sprinting through the snow
Running: Sprinting uphill

S - U
Seafaring: Recognising The Signs Of A Storm
Seafaring: Ropes on a Sail
Seafaring: The Boom must be avoided when it swings
Seafaring: Tack and gybe both mean turning into the wind. Tack is turning the front, gybe is turning the back of the boat.
Seafaring: Ballywrinkle protects the sails
Seafaring: Front of the ship is fore, back is aft.
Seafaring: Port and starboard
Seafaring: The smell of a storm
Seafaring: In a storm, get out of dock
Seafaring: Negotiating out of a dock
Seafaring:Heaving to in a storm
Seafaring: Mizzenmast
Seafaring: Mizzen gaff also called a spanker
Seafaring: Heaving to requires balancing out the sails
Seafaring: Heaving to is good for stopping at sea
Seafaring: Slowing using the wind allows more fine control

Socialization: Ready and able to use your Bruises and Scars to Impress the Girls!
Socialization: A Relaxing Day well spent with a Friend.
Socialization: That Look! Expressions can Mean as Much as Your Words Do to a Friend.
Socialization: Holding a conversation with two groups at once
Socialization: Not letting your waiter know you're talking to ghosts

Stealth: Following behind quietly.
Stealth: Keeping hidden in the undergrowth
Stealth: Remain hidden in combat
Stealth: Reading your bow quietly
Stealth: Using bushes for cover
Stealth: Muttering behind a cup
Stealth: Stepping carefully in the dark.
Stealth: Using the cover of darkness
Stealth: Using a crowd to blend in

Storytelling: skeeterwampulus: The made up monster from your home
Storytelling: Using a story to explain certain things about you
Storytelling: Building on Truth
Storytelling: Describing places to give visuals
Storytelling: What has happened since last I saw you
Storytelling: Spooky descriptions of unusual places
Storytelling: The story of your birth
Storytelling: The people your father could be
Storytelling: A song is a story set to music
Storytelling: The story of Seraas en Avellach
Storytelling: Absolute truth can be stranger than fiction
Storytelling: A little exaggeration goes a long way.Storytelling: Using your skill to distract another
Storytelling: Ensure that you have a captive audience
Storytelling: the story behind the card.
Storytelling: Using Dreams to tell a story
Storytelling: Using your environment
Storytelling: Tell a story actively, whilst walking around a room
Storytelling: Making up a story on the spot
Storytelling: Can explain something impossible to explain
Storytelling: Add small details to entrance your audience
Storytelling: Embellishing a tale
Storytelling: Fabricating a story from beginning to end
Storytelling: Maintain your focus, and your audiences
Storytelling: Wild tales are interesting
Storytelling: The night the fog swallowed me up
Storytelling: How to make an unbelievable story, believable.
Storytelling: Put your story in context for the listener
Storytelling: Add in dramatic detail
Storytelling: Keep it appropriate for your audience
Storytelling: Birds as messengers from beyond the grave
Storytelling: Giving a flippant overview.
Storytelling: Provide a summary of important points
Storytelling: The tale of your meeting with Cassion
Storytelling: Accompanying a story with music
Storytelling: The maze.
Storytelling: Storytelling through improvisation
Storytelling: Telling a story can help you learn it
Storytelling: Telling a story to teach
Storytelling: The story of how the Tunawa came to be
Storytelling: Moseke and Lisirra, warring sisters
Storytelling: The creation myth of the Sev'ryn
Storytelling: The difference between spoken and written stories
Storytelling: The art of analogy
Storytelling: Using a story as a moral point
Storytelling: Using a story as a political point
Storytelling: Not maintaining the status quo.
Storytelling: Types of story
Storytelling: Be aware of your audience
Storytelling: The story of your adventures in Sweetwine Woods
Storytelling: Telling stories to Cassion
Storytelling: Everything is a story
Storytelling: The tale of the Immortal Geoupagus
Storytelling: The Granitee: The children of Geoupagus
Storytelling: Putting together two stories to make a larger one
Storytelling: Trying to persuade via a story
Storytelling: The story of how Cassion blessed me
Storytelling: Letting others fill in gaps in a story
Storytelling: Changing a story can make a new tale entirely
Storytelling: Names are important, especially in stories.
Storytelling: The art of a good story is often in simplicity
Storytelling: What makes a good storyteller
Storytelling: Childhood stories
Storytelling: Each person you meet adds to the stories you tell
Storytelling: The Ice Caves of Ishallr
Storytelling: The Story Cassion Told
Storytelling: There is always truth in stories
Storytelling: The tale of how Cassion marked you again.
Storytelling: Teaching through story and example
Storytelling: My tale is one of mystery
Storytelling: Telling my story to Jesine.
Storytelling: The initial story to Cassion
Storytelling: The Staff of Telling
Storytelling:Emphasis on the dramatic

Strategy: Putting a hat out to collect money

Strength: Keeping a grip of a wild beast
Strength: Pulling oneself upward using rocks and roots
Strength: It takes strong arms to support your body
Strength: Being the base for a headstand
Strength: Keeping muscles tense during a prolonged period builds strength.
Strength: Pulling a cart across rough terrain
Strength: Transporting a dead animal
Strength: Carrying another person
Strength: Hauling around carcasses
Strength: Unloading a heavy wagon
Strength: Working together to lift large and heavy items
Strength: Moving furniture
Strength: Pulling up a pregnant woman requires more muscles than it seems
Strength: Lifting a pig out of a pit
Strength: Working together to lift a heavy object
Strength: Bend from your knees, don't lift with your back
Strength: Holding someone off the ground.
Strength: Lift and swing
Strength: Excitement and adrenaline can give a temporary boost
Strength: Holding your weight on a rope
Strength: Keeping yourself still whilst descending requires upper body strength.
Strength: Carrying someone over a slippery surface
Strength: Hauling an anchor
Strength: Fighting a ship's wheel
Strength: Holding your weight with your hands
Strength: Dangling off a cliff
Strength: Using your body weight to pull yourself up
Strength: Carrying Vega
Strength: Using your upper body to lift your own body weight.
Strength: Use of equipment to help build strength
Strength: Using balanced weights to build up strength
Strength: Curls for arm strength
Strength: Carrying a person in a confined space (33)
Strength: Moving slowly to ensure accuracy is hard on the muscles
Strength: Providing support to someone who is standing for the first time.
Strength: Holding on tight!
Strength: Not knowing the new limits of your own strength
Strength: Not being able to control your strength

Swimming: Through difficult waters

Tactics: Going into a tunnel in pairs
Tactics: Going into a tunnel as a group of four
Tactics: Calling out someones name at intervals
Tactics: Understanding the plan
Tactics: Following the plan
Tactics: Strategic Exit of a Dream
Tactics: Swords Front, Archers Back
Tactics: Distractions are excellent weapons
Tactics: Pick off from the outskirts
Tactics: Working together as a team.
Tactics: Planning your movements
Tactics: Identify your enemy's weakness
Tactics: Overcome sabotage
Tactics: Identify your own strengths
Tactics: Work in a team.
Tactics: Vega cheats at snowball fights. Be prepared
Tactics: Get your opponent to strike first
Tactics: Knowing when to not fight
Tactics: Scouting with invisible compatriots
Tactics: Not all plans work perfectly
Tactics: Planning maneuvers before you need them
Tactics: Try to minimize risk where you can
Tactics: Consider the importance of every question, every step
Tactics: Exploit strengths, and weaknesses
Tactics: It’s important to know the rules
Tactics: It’s not a better idea just because it’s yours.
Tactics: Recognising the difference between a really good plan and a rubbish one.
Tactics: Tactical choices can have unforeseen consequences
Tactics: Understand your own weaknesses

Tanning: Steps to Preparing Medium Pelt

Teaching: Explaining Something You Know, So Others Can Learn
Teaching: Teachers Keep Learning As They Go
Teaching: Keep a Student to One Step at a Time
Teaching: Physical Teaching Very Different from Academic
Teaching: Preliminary Exercises are Often Necessary
Teaching: Rope Suspension to Practice Free-Floating Moves
Teaching: Spotting to Prevent Student Injuries
Teaching: Using Abstraction to Explain how Dreamers Interact in Emea.
Teaching: Using Someone’s Input to Assist them Rather than Disregarding it.
Teaching: Listing Off Information About A Subject
Teaching: Informing About Traps
Teaching: The ins and outs of dreaming
Teaching: By example
Teaching: Tips and tricks of hunting.
Vega: A little different from the rest.

Trap Making:
Trap Making: Making and setting snares
Trap Making: Baiting A Trap
Trap Making: Various Types of Traps
Trap Making: Choosing The Right Trap For The Job
Trap Making: Sapling Snare
Trap Making: Stick-Fashioned Hook
Trap Making: Noose
Trap Making: Pit Trap
Trap Making: Traps In Dreamscapes Work Depending On Imagination
Trapmaking: Cutting fuses to disarm an explosive

V - Z

Devotion Ledger: Jesine : 
Thread Name: Points AwardedRunning Total
Starting Devotion 0 0
*86th Zi'da, 716: Dream Thread: Dreams of Sea and Stars +5 5
*2nd Cylus, 717: Dream Thread: Serenity's Price +8 13
*4th Cylus, 717: Dream Thread: Twitters? +5 18
*6th Cylus, 717: Dream Thread: Food is the Spice of Nightmares? +5 23
*Cylus, 717: Dream Thread: Something Wicked +12 35
*Cylus 15, 717: Work is a four letter word too +3 38
*Cylus, 717: Dream Thread: For One Night Only +10 48
*Cylus, 717: Next Steps +2 50
*Ashan, 717: Trapping Gnomes +12 62
*Ashan, 717: There's a Cat in the Kitchen +5 67
*Ashan, 717: Dreams of Home +13 80
*Ymiden, 717: Where Fools Go, Trouble Follows +10 90
*717: Chasing Ducks and Bunnies +12 102

Devotion Ledger: Cassion : 
Thread Name: Points AwardedRunning Total
Starting Devotion 0 0
*Cylus, 717: Work is a Four Letter Word +5 5
*Cylus, 717: Lost in the Cold 2 +11 16
*Cylus 15, 717: Work is a four letter word too +2 18
*Cylus 16, 717: Everything looks better in the morning right? +6 24
*Cylus 18, 717: Next Steps +1 25
*Ashan, 717: Storms at Sea +4 29
*Cylus, 717: Lost in the Cold Finale +10 39
*Cylus, 717: Mwẹnz Tsäbtä [Moderated] +12 51
*Ymiden, 717: Where Fools Go, Trouble Follows +2 53
*A Maze +15 68
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Skill Point Ledger

Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Ranged Combat 25 [RB]0RB
Starting Package 50050
Acrobatics (FT) ..1040
Unarmed Combat ..1030
Fieldcraft ..10 20
Hunting ..10 10
Cooking ..5 5
Trapmaking ..50
Dreamwalking 000
Acrobatics: CS Approval +3[PG]..0
Fieldcraft: CS Approval +4[PG]..0
Hunting: CS Approval +3[PG]..0
Cooking: CS Approval +4 [PG]..0
An Old Map 15---15
Acrobatics ---510
Fieldcraft ---100
Dreams of Sea and Stars 15---15
Fieldcraft ---114
Hunting ---122
Cooking ---20
Hunting Not Fishing 15---15
Fieldcraft ---123
Acrobatics ---30
Dreamwalking N/A+1N/A
Serenity's Price 14---14
Acrobatics ---77
Trapmaking ---70
Dreamwalking N/A+1N/A
Fair Exchange 15---15
Unarmed Combat ( Brawling) ---150
New Arc's Eve 15---15
Cooking ---78
Trapmaking ---80
Twitters? 15---15
Acrobatics ---105
Trapmaking ---50
Dreamwalking N/A+1N/A
Can't see the wood 15---15
Fieldcraft ---87
Cooking ---70
Lost in the Cold Trial 1 20---20
Fieldcraft ---1010
Hunting ---100
Food is the Spice of...Nightmares? 15---15
Acrobatics ---510
Hunting ---100
Dreamwalking N/A+1N/A
The Hard Way 15---15
Bladed Combat (Sword) ---150
Flips, trips, bends and breaks. 15---15
Bladed Combat (Sword) ---141
Cooking ---10
Shake a tail feather? 15---15
Bladed Combat (Sword) ---141
Acrobatics ---10
Bits of Bob and Bob in Bits 15---15
Acrobatics ---69
The Dawn Ball 15 + 9 = 24---24
Fieldcraft ---204
Hunting ---40
Repercussions 15---15
Fieldcraft ---150
Work is a Four Letter Word 15---15
Fieldcraft ---150
Something Wicked - Dream Thread 15---15
Dreamwalking N/A+1N/A
Fieldcraft ---150
Lost in the Cold Trial 2 20---20
Combat (Bladed) ---200
Lost is a four letter word too 15---14
Cooking ---141
For one night only 15---15 + 1/16
Dreamwalking N/A+1N/A
Hunting ---88
Cooking ---80
Everything looks better in the morning right? 15---15
Navigation ---150
Next Steps 15---15
Fieldcraft ---312
Combat: Blades: Longsword ---120
Next Steps 15---15
Saved points: ---0+15
Storms at Sea 15---15 +15 (30)
Acrobatics ---255
Cooking ---4Saved (+1)
[The Golden Flask]No nonny nonny here... 13---13
Saved points: ---0+1 (+14)
Stories 13---13
Saved points: ---0+14 (+27)
Getting into a Routine 15---15+27=42
Hunting ---1824
Acrobatics ---240
Lost in the Cold Finale 20---20
Combat: Ranged: Shortbow ---200
Hunting Gnomes 15---15
Trap Making ---141
Acrobatics ---10
There's a Cat in the Kitchen 15---14
Combat: Ranged: Shortbow ---14(1)
Dreams of Home 15---0
Saved Points ------15+1 (16)
Got Game? 15---0
Saved Points ------16+15 (31)
Armed Combat: Shortbow ---1615
Fieldcraft ---150
Mwẹnz Tsäbtä [Moderated] 16---0
Saved Points ------+16
Boy vs Horse Round 1 10---0
Saved Points ------+26
Mount (Horse) ---260
You, Me and a Bruxen Makes Three 15---15
Navigation ---114
Mount (Horse) ---140
Where Fools Go, Trouble Follows 15---0
Saved Points ------+15
A Maze 15---0
Saved Points ------+30
Mount (Horse) ---300
A not so well kept secret 15---0
Saved Points ------+15
There's No Place Like Home 15---0
Saved Points ------+30
Retribution 15---0
Saved Points ------+45
Endurance ---2025
Strength ---200
Boy vs Horse: the Reckoning 10---10
Combat: Ranged Weapons: Pistol Crossbow: ---100
First, Familiarity 15---15
Combat: Ranged Weapons: Pistol Crossbow: ---150
Second, Seasoning 15---14
Combat: Ranged Weapons: Pistol Crossbow: ---141
They say it's a small world 15 + 1---0
Strength: ---160
Just Passing By 15---0
Storytelling: ---150
Chasing Ducks and Bunnies 15---0
Storytelling: ---105
Endurance: ---50
Home is Where You Hang Your Hat 15---14
Storytelling: ---141
Saved Points: ------1
Dinner for three! 15---0
Saved Points: ------16
The Shrine of Fei 15---14
Ranged Combat: Shorbow ---301
Saved Points: ------1
Another Fine Mess 15---15
Ranged Combat: Shorbow ---160
Murder Mystery 20---20
Ranged Combat: Shorbow ---152
Storytelling ---20
Tolerating Uncertainty 15---15
Ranged Combat: Shorbow ---150
Family Feuds 15---14
Ranged Combat: Pistol Crossbow ---141
Setting the Course 15---15
*Saved Points ---1516
Falling Awake 10---10
Storytelling ---100
*Saved Points (Removal of P.C. skill) ------74
Storytelling ---3638
Cooking ---362
*Saved Points ------2
A trial and an arc 15---0
*Saved Points --- ---17
A debt is due 20---0
*Saved Points --- ---37
Letters from Home 15---0
*Saved Points --- ---52
Hunting ---484
*Saved Points --- ---4
Letters from Home 15---15
*Saved Points --- ---19
A Brisk Stroll 15---15
*Saved Points --- ---34
Normalcy 15---15
*Saved Points --- ---49
Why so blue Arlo Creede? 15---15
*Saved Points --- ---64
Storytelling ---631
*Saved Points --- ---1
Harbour Songs 15---15
*Saved Points --- ---16
Changes 15---15
*Saved Points --- ---31
Fieldcraft ---283
*Saved Points --- ---3
Just After, Just Before 10---0
*Saved Points --- ---13
Endurance ---121
*Saved Points --- ---1
Walking in my sleep 15---0
*Saved Points --- ---1
Storytelling ---160
Global I 20---20
*Saved Points --- ---20
U'frek's Blessing (+3) Navigation 3 30
Elbows and Knees 15---15
*Saved Points --- ---35
Navigation ---1421
*Saved Points --- ---21
The Moon is my Lampost, the Stars are My Guide 15---15
*Saved Points --- ---36
Navigation ---360
Seeking Sev'ryn Souls 15---15
Ranged Combat: Shortbow ---123
*Saved Points --- ---3
Breath Control 15---15
*Saved Points --- ---18
Musical Instrument: Gittern ---180
Global II 15---15
Saved Points --- ---15
Musical Instrument: Gittern ---150
The Spice Interrogation 15---15
Saved Points --- ---15
Academic Licence? 15---15
Saved Points --- ---30
Navigation ---300
Desperate Times 15---15
Musical Instrument: Gittern ---150
Taking Note 15---15
Saved Points --- ---15
Surreal Searches 15---15
Saved Points --- ---30
Humble Pie 15---15
Saved Points --- ---45
Dancing to Another's Beat 15---15
Saved Points --- ---60
An Honest Trial's Work 15---15
Saved Points --- ---75
Culminations 15---15
Saved Points --- ---90
Combat: Blades: Longsword ---750
Saved Points --- ---15
Not at all Awkward 15---15
Saved Points --- ---30
Combat: Ranged: Shortbow ---280
Saved Points --- ---2
Perspective 15---15
Saved Points --- ---17
Strength ---161
Storied Nights, Legends and Starshine 15---15
Saved Points --- ---16
One, two,! 15---15
Saved Points --- ---31
Combat: Ranged: Shortbow ---247
Saved Points --- ---7
Maiden Voyage 15---15
Saved Points --- ---22
Strength: ---184
Seafaring: ---40
Afterglow 15---15
Saved Points --- ---15
Blood Ties 15---15
Saved Points --- ---30
Pregnant Glow of Feathers 15---15
Navigation --- 450
Pistachio Pirates 15---15
Saved Points --- ---15
The Fortune Teller 15---15
Seafaring --- 2130
Saved Points --- ---9
Warmth of Death 20---20
Saved Points --- ---29
Swift of Feet... 20---20
Saved Points --- ---49
Interludes 15---15
Saved Points --- ---64
Combat: Bladed: Sword --- 640
Open Seas, Dark Skies 15---15
Strength --- 150
Distance 15---15
Strength --- 150
Mirror, Mirror 15---0
Saved Points --- ---15
Eruptions 15---0
Saved Points --- ---30
Storytelling --- 282
Brightest Lighthouse 20---0
Saved Points --- ---22
Storytelling --- 202
Different Strokes 15---0
Saved Points --- ---17
At What Cost Freedom 15---0
Saved Points --- ---32
Mountain Musings & Molten Meditation 20---0
Saved Points --- ---52
Storytelling --- 3616
Feildcraft --- 160
Two Naughty Granitees 15---0
Strength --- 150
Dreams and Devotion 15---0
Cooking --- 150
Not my Camp 15---0
Saved Points --- ---15
Like the (fat) cat that got the cream. 15---0
Navigation --- 300
Life after Death 15---0
Strength --- 150
Ice Forged Rose 15---0
Saved Points --- ---15
The Princess in the Tower 15---0
Combat: Bladed: Longsword --- 282
Resolute...Darkness...Modded 15---0
Saved Points --- ---17
Strength --- 98
Combat: Bladed: Longsword --- 80
Working it out 15---0
Saved Points --- ---15
Biscuits 15---0
Endurance --- 300
Letting Off Steam 15---0
Saved Points --- ---15
Setting Sail 15---0
Saved Points --- ---30
A Change of Brace 15---0
Saved Points --- ---45
Stepping Out 15---0
Saved Points --- ---60
Things that go bump in the night 15---0
Saved Points --- ---75
Strength --- 741
Nella's Pearl 15---0
Saved Points --- ---15
Under the Starry Skies 15---0
Saved Points --- ---30
A Trial Long Past 15---0
Saved Points --- ---45
Pies and Pints 15---0
Saved Points --- ---60
The Last Piece 15---0
Saved Points --- ---75
An Unbreakable Bond 15---0
Saved Points --- ---90
Suspicions 15---0
Saved Points --- ---105
Navigation ---6045
Strength ---3611
Saved Points --- ---11
Adventure is its own Reward 15---0
Navigation --- 160
Saved Points --- ---10
Chased Awake by Shadows 15---0
Saved Points --- ---25
Friends and Teachers 15---0
Saved Points --- ---40
Suspicious Behavior 15---0
Cooking --- 550
Global Event: End Game20---20
Bonus XP to Investigation +3---------
Bonus XP to Interrogation +2---------
Reheating the Trail 15---0
Cooking 32 ---03
Same Dance, Different Steps 15---18
Fixing a Hole 15---32
One Upmanship 15---47
Cooking 40 ---07
Baking 07 ---00

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Location & Immortal Knowledge

Places : 
A - Z

Location: Makubwa Lori, around Desnind
Location: Muradi Sngäp
Location: The Hunters' Fire Pits
Muradi Sngäp: 20 arcs younger than Desnind
Muradi Sngäp: Ruins of an old village
Creature: Arnari
Arnari: Agile with good hearing
Holiday: Mwẹnz Tsäbtä/Star Release
Fauna: Iyọ
Fauna: The Golden Iyọ
Maste's maze: There is an entrance outside Desnind
Maste's maze: Not your typical maze
Maste's maze: The painting puzzle, the black box puzzle and the frozen world puzzle

Emea: Dreamscape
Emea: The Veil
Emea: Dreamers do not always look like their dream self
Emea: How to recognize the Dreamscape of another dreamer
Emea: All dreams have meaning


Ne’haer: Experienced war recently
Ne’haer: The Willow Wood
Ne’haer: Stone Caverns
Ne’haer: Cannels, water roads.



Scalvoris: Cassion’s Festival

Immortals, Mortalborn & Creatures : 
A - Z
Bruxon: Intelligent and seemingly sentient
Bruxon: Like blueberries and strawberries
Bruxon: Surrounded by a strange glow
Bruxon: Possibly touched by and immortal
Bruxon: Turned Vega into a girlie girl
Henry the Bruxon: Followed you after you fed him

Cassion: Marked you
Cassion: Shared a drink with you.
Cassion: Immortal of Travel, Adventure, Storytelling and Hunger
Cassion: Immortal of Travel, Adventure, Stories, and Hunger
Cassion: Wears Arlo's Gifted Necklace
Cassion: Gave You This Hat
Cassion: Tells Killer Stories
Cassion: Kissed Vega
Cassion: Risks his life for excitement

Famula: Immortal of Souls, Servitude, Resurrection, and Blood

Mortal Born: Jesine
Jesine's Blessing: Nyvora
Nyvora: You have a duty to protect others from bad dreams

Mastes: Immortal of Trickery

[spoil]U'frek: Most Biqaj Worship Him

Vri: Immortal of Death, Love, Sorry, and Remembrance[spoil]
[spoil]Xiur: Immortal of Hope
Xiur: Murdered
Xiur: Scaltoth Mountains is one of his favorite places to view the stars

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People & Miscellaneous Knowledge

People A - H : 
A - E
People: Asari
Asari: Seems to think she is immune to the weather
Asari: Discovered the torn clothing
Asari: Gave you an apple
Asari: Struggling with the weather

People: Biquaj
Biqaj: Eyes change when feeling different emotions but are also governed by the stars.
Biqaj: they like their stories
Biqaj: Have silver blood

People: Bokuna
Bo'kuna: The Librarian
Bo'kuna: Made your map of Desnind
Bo'kuna: Helped you with your quest
Bo'kuna: Not very nimble

F - H
People: Faith
Faith: Doctor
Faith: Cook
Faith: Lives in Scalvoris
Faith: Born a slave in Athart
Faith: A former slave in Rynmere
Faith: Has travelled to Rharne
Faith: Former undertaker
Faith: Has a boyfriend
Faith: Follower of Famula, Vri, and Moseke
Faith: Witnessed Xiur’s murder?


People I - P : 
I - K
People: Kata
Kata: Sev'ryn hunter
Kata: Your guide
Kata: Was beginning to lose hope in finding the girl
Kata: Disappeared for a short while when you were in the cave


L - P
People: Lyova
Lyova: Fairy
Lyova: Your protector, sent by Jesine
Lyova: Can only be seen in Emea
Lyova: Remembers poems for you
Lyova: Has a serious side
Lyova: is normally childish and chatty


People Q - Z : 
Q - Z
People: Rin'ea
Rin'ea: The missing girl
Rin'ea: Taught what to do when lost in the forest
Rin'ea: Sev'ryn child, 6 arcs old

People: Vega
Vega: She is very different in her dreams
Vega: Thinks you are odd
Vega: Is glad to have met you
Vega: Had a swing on the boat as a child
Vega: Both the child and grown woman in her dream
Vega: Jumped further than you
Vega: Likes your hat
Vega: is taller than you
Vega: is half Biqaj
Vega: Stronger than she looks
Vega: Experiences nightmares about her past
Vega: Father Was Burned in a Fire
Vega: Real Name is Eva
Vega: Remembers Meeting in Her Dream
Vega: The World's Only Seasick Biqaj
Vega: Has silver blood
Vega: Was mad at you for not following her battle plan
Vega: Thinks you should learn to use another weapon
Vega: Just your friend nothing more
Vega: Is hearing some kind of bird calling her
Vega: Wants to protect you from those who would force you to do something
Vega: Gave You a Sword
Vega: Her Biqaj Blood Glows In The Dark
Vega: Thought that the girl may be getting chased and you agreed
Vega: Did not seem to get on well with Asari
Vega: You seem to share an unspoken link
Vega: Taught you how to fight with a sword
Vega: Learned to fight on a boat
Vega: Lost Her Pants Drinking
Vega: Usually Wears Skirts
Vega: Thinks her hat is better than yours
Vega: Took you dancing
Vega: Too old for you
Vega: You like Big Butts and you CAN lie
Vega: Distrustful of dreamwalking
Vega: Average height for a Biqaj
Vega: Early riser
Vega: Was being attacked by a dream predator
Vega: Had convinced herself the dream predators were magical
Vega: Doesn't know when she is dreaming
Vega: Took charge of the situation
Vega: Follows the immortal Xiur
Vega: Called you an irritating wart
Vega: Likes Whiskey
Vega: Not Like Most Other Women
Vega: Knows How To Tie Knots
Vega: Hated Not Being A 'Real' Biqaj
Vega: Will Miss You
Vega: Dreamed you were her boss
Vega: Might look better in a knitted elephant hat
Vega: Dreamed that her father was the villain
Vega: Would make a good mother
Vega: Also had no clue what a Bruxon was
Vega: Named the Bruxon
Vega: Couldn't shoot the Bruxon
Vega: Named the Bruxon Henry

Misc. Knowledge : 
Card Games
Card Games: Poker, Chase, Pixie and Stillwater

Spulmokawarta: Hard to kill
Spulmokawarta: Thick skin
Spulmokawarta: Amniotic Fluid can be Sold

Xanthean: Hearing a Few Phrases with Translations

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Clothing : 
Leather Doublet
Cotton Trousers
Shirt x 3
Undergarments x 3
Boots x 2
Wool Trousers
Leather Breeches
Thick Cloak
Leather Gloves
Socks x 3
Formal Suit
Wool coat (Cyan)
Wool trousers and Vest (Dark Cyan)
Cotton shirt (Cream)

Gear : 
100 feet of rope
One tinderbox.
A set of six torches
One Lantern
One bedroll
A compass
2 fishing poles with a set of thirty hooks.
Fishing net
Trap box
A blanket
Four rucksacks
One waterskin
One set of toiletries
Two rags
Cast iron pan
Grappling Hook
Hemp Rope (50ft)
Climbing Axe/Hammer
Crampon/Spikes Soles for Boots
Lock-Slip Pulley
Reinforced Crampon Gloves
Pitons (2 Dozen, Stright)
Leather Seat Harness
Night vision/Panorama vision eyepiece (gift from U'frek)
2 Hammocks
Cassion's Compass

Weapons : 
Shortbow and 76 arrows
Long Sword: Gift from Vega
Pistol Shortbow and 80 bolts
Full set leather armor
Set of black leather armor (torso, waist, legs)
Masterwork Longsword (Description pending)
Chainmail and Chain Fauld
Master Crafted Long Sword ( description incoming)

Transportation : 
Riding Horse
Horse Pulled Wagon (two feet wide, three feet long, two feet deep)
Horned saddle
Saddle blanket
Leather bridle
Leather reins
Riding bit
Half a Schooner

Miscellaneous : 
Leather necklace with crescent moon wooden charm
*Book of Maps (prized possession)
A blank journal
Several old folded maps of Desnind area
Psinia Seed
Bandages for casts (3)
Tourniquet set
Wooden splint braces (6)
Cloth bandage strips (bundle of 15)
Bandage Hooks (12)
Jar of sealing jelly
Folding Burner/brazier assembly
Boiling Pot
Vial of Burner Fuel (lamp oil)
Cauterizing iron (5 tip sizes)
Needle set (curved and straight)
50' Spool of thread
Precision Tweezers
Precision Scissors
Large Vial of Antiseptic Alcohol
Non-fiction book: Horseback riding
Non-fiction book: Immortals, Originals, Mortal-born
Domain Bag
2 books-gift from Vega-star charts/sea maps
Bumblebee hat
Carving of fox and elephant

Housing : 

Starter Kit : 
Traveler's Pack (contents noted under appropriate tabs)

Loot and Gifts : 
Loot - 1x rusty dagger, 5x Silver Nel, 8x Copper Nel
Gift - Long sword
Prize - Book ("Sojourns on Land and Sea.")
Prize - Fancy Suit (Shirt, Coat, Trousers, Boots)
LGift - Domain Bag
Loot - Dagger, Spear
Loot - 1 x lightstone (second one used for offering to Cassion), 2 x sn'oh deer corpses
Loot - Chest & Contents - four statues, a very old and fragile map, an equally old and fragile journal and a decayed pile of cloth that used to be robes.
Loot - A silver locket with a faded painting on one side. A pair of scissors that are small and neat, are always sharp, never blunting and are able to cut things that would normally take a tool much bigger to cut. A small bag of old pirate coins with a value of 200gn (added to ledger). A preserved chicken leg. It's a wooden one, carved to look like a chicken leg. It appears to be a chicken-sized peg leg. When he holds it, Arlo feels warm, like he's wrapped in a blanket. Asingle gold earring, recognizable by pirates and might be used to get him out of trouble or bartered for a pirate favour. A treasure map. The X is in the Scalvoris Mountains. One of his fingernails turns black, like he's had an injury. From now on, that black fingernail can be tapped, once a trial, and it will give out a very gentle glow - like, one candle. A book of riddles. A small piece of parchment which, it turns out, is a map of the surrounding area. It is always a map of the surrounding area, no matter where in the world he is as it changes with her. A small statue of a flunny. It is of masterwork standard and seems to follow him with its eyes. A small pirate coin. Whilst they are in proximity of another person with a coin like it (in the same room, line of sight etc), they are able to send one telepathic message. It works once a trial. Arlo gains a favour from pirate ghosts. Holding the pirate coin above, he can make himself invisible to nearby spirits or souls for 1 break per trial
Loot - U'frek's Shell. A small shell gifted to you by U'frek as a memento of the time you aided him. It's used it's power, but keeps a slight glow to it.
Schubert's Statue: Although yours was used up, in your belongings when you get back you find a small, masterwork statue of Schubert. He's smiling and giving you a thumbs up.
Arlo's Book of Dreams: A small book which has in it images from your dreams. Also, the images from the puzzles in the picture frames you solved.
The Silence Within Secret Objective Unlocked. For following instructions to the letter, Arlo has been gifted a masterwork sword. It's weighted perfectly for him.
Loot - +1 journal from Cassion. It appears to be just a normal, blank journal. However, when it is full, another one will appear - only so long as you write stories in it. (ie: if you use it for shopping lists, etc, it's just a journal)
+1 Nightglow Gem Spyglass as promised in this post by U'frek
+1 Cassion's Gem. A swirling blue and green gem, with wisp-like clouds in it. This gem is an artifact that was sought by U'frek, Ethelynda and Faldrun. It’s mystical powers are still a mystery. Why the Immortal’s desired this artifact has not been revealed at this time. This is simply your ticket into the next stage of their grand game. The gem is glittering and beautiful ~ every now and then the clouds form words written in Ancient.
Gift - Chest, scribe's kit, notebooks, blankets
Loot - +4 longswords, +2 bows
Gifts - 2 x Books, 1 x hat, 1 x carving, shell
Tier 1 Signature Item - Ring
This will be a plain gold ring with the Sevrath Favored ability of Prison with the same restrictions etc.
Prison: An offensive/defensive ability that is used to trap the opponent or shield the character. Pushing energy into the earth, the character is able to form sudden traps from dirt and stone, quickly ensnaring the opponent in a prison of soil and rock. Defensively, the character is able to draw the earth around them, cocooning in thick, almost impenetrable layers of earth and stone. This ability works well only if the user practices. Otherwise, the character cannot hold the structure for more than a few seconds, they cannot extend it for more than a few feet, and they will become exhausted from trying to exert energy to correct themselves.
Loot - Gypsy Jewel, Private Eye
Gift -
+1 North Pointing Gem
+1 Glowing Staff
+5 Books of Travelers' Tales
+1 copy of "Geoupagus & The Two Naughty Granitees"
+1 Quill of Engraving
+1 Duplicity Suit
+1 Cloak of Hiding
RIng of Earth: Tier reward for Renown Tier 1.
He came from the West: In your belongings you find a small silver coin with an intricately carved W on it.
Silver From The West: You have a small silver necklace with a beautifully carved silver pendant, as described by Arlo. It's exquisite.
Ilaren's Cup:A plain pewter mug, similar to any other common mug found in the average tavern all over Idalos. No doubt all had sipped from these vessels before. Even in the waking, this is no ordinary vessel. When used, although it saves one from inebriation, it imparts an even stronger thirst for the alcohol imbibed. Used without moderation, it can easily addict the user to the very drink they sought to save themselves from. This only works with Arlo and only with non-magical / non-alchemical alcohol.
Delroth's Charms: The remaining charms on the necklace provide Arlo with a one-time boost to either running or flight. When used, if his skill is novice, it moves to competent, competent to expert etc. It will last for one break and then his skill returns to normal.
He asked good questions: A bonus +3 XP to either your interrogation or investigation skill.
Respect is necessary: A bonus of + 3 knowledge to either etiquette or leadership
Good questions 2: A bonus +2 XP to either your interrogation or investigation skill.
The Book of My Life: Dreamers up and down Idalos remember seeing snippets of your exploits throughout this series of threads. Many are inspired to write tales of these dreams. They also dream of the specifics of what you expanded on +10 renown
Luminescent Tear: Your luminescent tear reverberates with the echoes of the Leviathan. Your Luminescent Tear allows you to travel instantaneously to any place Arlo has been before within the city he is located in. He may take at least one passenger if they are held, after which the item no longer functions. This ‘anywhere in the city’ can be used in any city or any structure.
Edasha's Gift ~ a metal-wrought, jewel-encrusted amaryllis, symbolising worth beyond beauty: This too maintains a taste of Edasha's touch upon it in the waking world. Once only, Arlo is granted the ability to see through the eyes of another person. This ability can be activated if he has secured uninterrupted eye contact with the individual for at least five trills, and is holding the Edasha-granted item - the ability may be used any time within that same trial. Using this ability incapacitates Arlo as he moves into a trance-like state where he is unable to see his surroundings - only what his target is seeing. This makes using the ability when in the presence of others somewhat risky. The target does not lose their own sight when the ability is activated. This lasts for one break and my be used once only before the item loses power.
Gold and Seeds From Delroth's challenge. Some bird seed and tiny bits of gold. Value at about 10gn, nothing remarkable
Cassion's FeatherA single pale white feather will be left behind when Arlo awakens. He may utilize this as an additional Souvenir as noted in the Cassion abilities that does NOT count against his limit.

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Coin Ledger

ItemDebitCredit Total
Starter Pack 25gn 25gn
Traveler's Pack Contents 25gn
Hat 10sn 24gn 9sn
Blank Journal 5gn 19gn 9sn
*Zi'da expenses (none in Desnind) 19gn 9sn
Loot 5sn 8cn 20gn 4sn 8cn
Gift: Long sword 20gn 4sn 8cn
Cast Iron Pan 4gn 16gn 4sn 8cn
Gloves 2gn 14gn 4sn 8cn
Converting PB Points (Feb 2017) 200gn 214gn 4sn 8cn
Psinia Seed 5gn 209gn 4sn 8cn
Salt 1sn 209gn 3sn 8cn
Paprika 4gn 205gn 3sn 8cn
Oil Lantern 2gn 203gn 3sn 8cn
Room in Desnind 1 night 5sn 202gn 8sn 8cn
Underwear 2sn 202gn 8sn 6cn
Leather breeches 5gn 197gn 8sn 6cn
Socks 1gn 196gn 8sn 6cn
Shirt 12sn 196gn 7sn 4cn
Socks x 2 2gn 194gn 7sn 4cn
Shirt 12sn 194gn 6sn 2cn
Leather Doublet 15gn 189gn 6sn 2cn
Dinner in Desnind 3gn 186gn 6sn 2cn
Climber's Kit 25gn 161gn 6sn 2cn
First Aid Kit 22gn 139gn 6sn 2cn
Fishing Net 5gn 129gn 6sn 2cn
Trap Box 5gn 129gn 6sn 2cn
Fishing Pole 5gn 124gn 6sn 2cn
Converting PB Points (March 2017) 435gn 559gn 6sn 2cn
*Cylus expenses (none in Desnind) 559gn 6sn 2sn
Meal in Ne'haer 1gn 3sn 558gn 3sn 0cn
Cylus, 717 wages 87gn 3sn 645gn 6sn 0cn
Blueberries (6 doz) 3gn 6sn 645gn 2sn 4cn
Strawberries (3 doz) 7sn 2cn 644gn 5sn 2cn
Honey8sn 643gn 7sn 2cn
Converting PB Points (April 2017) 135gn 778gn 6sn 2cn
Non-fiction book 10gn 768gn 6sn 2cn
Leather reins 8gn 760gn 6sn 2cn
Horned Saddle 35gn 725gn 6sn 2cn
Bit 4gn 721gn 6sn 2cn
Leather Bridle 15gn 706gn 6sn 2cn
Saddle Blanket 10gn 696gn 6sn 2cn
Arrows (80) 2gn 694gn 6sn 2cn
Converting PB Points (May 2017) 445gn 1139gn 6sn 2cn
Leather Armor 10gn 1129gn 6sn 2cn
Leather Gauntlets 5gn 1124gn 6sn 2cn
Leather Greaves 5gn 1119gn 6sn 2cn
Leather Fauld 5gn 1114gn 6sn 2cn
Pistol Crossbow 15gn 1099gn 6sn 2cn
Spyglass10gn 1089gn 6sn 2cn
bolts for pistol crossbow #80 8gn 1081gn 6sn 2cn
Meal at Cally's 23gn 1058gn 6sn 2cn
University Fee 100gn 958gn 6sn 2cn
Sesame Seed2sn 958gn 4sn 2cn
Spinach 6cn 958gn 3sn 6cn
Peanut Oil 5gn 953gn 3sn 6cn
Sweet Potato 5cn 948gn 3sn 6cn
Tuna Steaks 5gn 943gn 3sn 6cn
Non-fiction book 10gn 933gn 3sn 6cn
Converting PB Points (July 2017) 190gn 1123gn 6sn 2cn
Converting PB Points (Sept 2017) 405gn 1527gn 6sn 2cn
Cabbage 1527gn 4sn 4cn
Peppers 1527gn 3sn 8cn
Pears 1527gn 3sn 6cn
Barley 1527gn 0sn 6cn
Venison 4gn 1523gn 0sn 6cn
Crab 4gn 1519gn 0sn 6cn
Prawns 4gn 1515gn 0sn 6cn
Oat 1514gn 2sn 0cn
Converting PB Points (September 2017) 330gn 1844gn 2sn 0cn
Leather armor 10gn 1834gn 2sn 0cn
Leather Greaves 5gn 1829gn 2sn 0cn
Leather Fauld 5gn 1824gn 2sn 0cn
Leather Armor for Vega 20gn 1814gn 2sn 0cn
Loot 200gn 2024gn 2sn 0cn
Gittern 40gn 1984gn 2sn 0cn
Converting PB Points (November 2017) 210gn 2054gn 2sn 0cn
Supplies (hatband/wrist cuff for Cassion) 2gn 2052gn 2sn 0cn
Gift for Faith 51gn 2001gn 2sn 0cn
Wages: Hunter: Zi'da 717 706gn 8sn 2708gn 0sn 0cn
Converting PB Points (Dec 2017) 445gn 3135gn 0sn 0cn
Chocolates (powder and candy)10gn 3125gn 0sn 0cn
Chainmail Armor/Chainmail Fauld 30gn 3095gn 0sn 0cn
Suit for Date 28gn 8sn 4cn 3066gn 1sn 6cn
Inn for Date 2gn 3066gn 1sn 6cn
Diamond Dining at Cally's x 2 100gn 2966gn 1sn 6cn
Wages: Storyteller/Cally's: Zi'da 717920gn 7sn 3886gn 8sn 6cn
Half Share Schooner2500gn 1386gn 8sn 6cn
2xHammocks 30gn 1356gn 8sn 6cn
Woodworkers Kit 30gn 1326gn 8sn 6cn
Custom-made long johns for Vega 15gn 1311gn 8sn 6cn
Gift for Vega 39gn 1281gn 8sn 6cn
Pirate Garb (hats, patches, shirts, bandannas, belts 11gn 1270gn 8sn 6cn
Converting PB Points (Jan 2017) 360gn 1630gn 8sn 6cn
Compass 5gn 1625gn 8sn 6cn
Converting PB Points (Feb 2018) 745gn 2375gn 7sn 6cn
Equipment for Vega 10gn 2365gn 7sn 6cn
Converting PB Points (March 2018) 180gn 2545gn 7sn 6cn
Converting PB Points (April 2018) 230gn 2775gn 7sn 6cn
Bounty 100gn 2875gn 7sn 6cn
Converting PB Points (May 2018) 475gn 3350gn 7sn 6cn
... 0gn 0sn 0cn
... 0gn 0sn 0cn
... 0gn 0sn 0cn
... 0gn 0sn 0cn
... 0gn 0sn 0cn

*(wages have expenses/taxes deducted)

Total Currency: 6 ON, 350 GN, 7 SN, 6 CN

Point Bank Ledger

ItemPoint CreditPoints Spent Item / Loot Received Total
Points Bank Feb 2017 40----40
Conversion to GN (Feb 2017)--40200gn 00
Points Bank March 2017 87----87
Conversion to GN (March 2017)--87435gn 00
Points Bank April 2017 27----27
Conversion to GN (April 2017)--27135gn 00
Points Bank May 2017 89----89
Conversion to GN (May 2017)--89445gn 00
Points Bank July 2017 89----89
Conversion to GN (July 2017)--38190gn 00
Points Bank August 2017 81----81
Conversion to GN (August 2017)--81405gn 00
Picture Mayhem 31----31
Points Bank September 2017 35----66
Conversion to GN (Sept 2017)--66330gn 00
Points Bank November 2017 42----42
Conversion to GN (November 2017)--42210gn 00
Points Bank December 2017 89----89
Conversion to GN (December 2017)--89445gn 00
Points Bank January 2017 72----72
Conversion to GN (January 2017)--72360gn 00
GFd Renown Reward100----100
Points Bank February 2018 49----149
Conversion to GN (February 2018)--149745gn 00
Points Bank March 2018 49----149
Conversion to GN (March 2018)--36180gn
Points Bank April 2018 46----46
Conversion to GN (April 2018)--46230gn 00
Points Bank May 2018 95----475
Conversion to GN (May 2018)--95230gn 00

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Thread List

Arc 716

*26th Zi'da, 716: [Desnind] Itọju
Arlo enters the gates of Desnind for the first time

*30th Zi'da, 716: [Desnind]An Old Map
Arlo investigates an old map he's found in a book

*80th Zi'da, 716: [Desnind]Storied Nights, Legends and Starshine
Arlo in the crow's nest

*86th Zi'da, 716: Hunting, Not Fishing
Arlo meets Vega on the path outside Desnind

*93rd Zi'da, 716: New Arc's Eve
An outing with Vega in the woods

*86th Zi'da, 716: Dream Thread: Dreams of Sea and Stars
Dreaming with Vega

*... Zi'da, 716: Dream Thread: Two Dreamers, One Dreamscape
Dreaming with Rorschach

Arc 717

Cylus : 
*1st Cylus, 717: Fair Exchange
Vega and Arlo sharing stories and practicing common sign

*1st Cylus, 717: Into The Forest We Go
Arlo and Asari meet on the path at midnight

*2nd Cylus, 717: Dream Thread: Serenity's Price
Arlo stumbles into Vega's nightmare

*??? Cylus, 717: Dream Thread: Maxin' and Relaxin'
Arlo stumbles into Kylar's dream

*3rd Cylus, 717: Can't see the wood...
Vega and Arlo search for wood, find trouble instead

*4th Cylus, 717: Three's a Crowd
Vega and Arlo move to Ti'niva's camp for Cylus

*4th Cylus, 717: Dream Thread: Twitters?
Arlo helps Vega search her dream for a bird

*5th Cylus, 717: The Hard Way
Vega teaches Arlo swordplay

*6th Cylus, 717: Dream Thread: Food is the Spice of...Nightmares?
Vega stumbles into Arlo's dream

*7th Cylus, 717: Flips, trips, bends and breaks.
Arlo teaches Vega acrobatics

*7th Cylus, 717: Dream Thread: The Dawn Ball
Vega and Argo attend a Dream Ball

*8th Cylus, 717: Shake a tail feather?
Vega and Arlo attend a public dance lesson in Desnind

*9th Cylus, 717: Bits of Bob and Bob's in bits.
Vega and Arlo clean and harvest a beast they killed in Desnind's forest

*9th Cylus, 717: Dream Thread: Something Wicked
Vega stumbles into Arlo's nightmare

*10th Cylus, 717: Repercussions
Vega, Asari and Arlo joined a search party outside Desnind

*10th Cylus, 717: Lost in the Cold Trial 1
Vega, Asari and Arlo joined a search party outside Desnind

*11th Cylus, 717: Lost in the Cold Trial 2
Vega, Asari and Arlo joined a search party outside Desnind

*11th/12th Cylus, 717: Lost in the Cold Finale
Vega, Asari and Arlo joined a search party outside Desnind

*15th Cylus, 717: Work is a Four Letter Word
Vega and Arlo go hunting

*15th Cylus, 717: Lost is a Four Letter Word Too
Vega and Arlo get lost

*16th Cylus, 717: Everything looks better in the morning right?
Arlo falls in a very big hole, claims it in Cassion's name

*18th Cylus, 717: Dream Thread: What's Next?
Arlo and Vega rent a room, discuss where they'll go next cycle

*18th Cylus, 717: Dream Thread: For One Night Only
Dreaming with Vega

*21st Cylus, 717: Dream Thread: Echoes of a Lost One
Dream Thread: Arlo and Xi'Taliah

*23rd Cylus, 717: Mwẹnz Tsäbtä
Iyo Festival in Desnind

*23rd Cylus, 717: Stories
Vega and Arlo discuss Cassion's appearance

*24th - 26th Cylus, 717: A Maze
Arlo decides to locate and investigate a maze in the forest surrounding Desnind

*29th Cylus, 717: Invisible Friends
Arlo goes hunting with Ti'niva

Ashan : 
*6th Ashan, 717: Storms at Sea
Vega and Arlo aboard ship headed for Ne'hear - A sudden squall

*8th Ashan, 717: One fish, two fish, red fish...Where fish?
Vega and Arlo aboard ship headed for Ne'hear - Gone fishin'

*40th Ashan, 717: Dream Thread: There's a Cat in the Kitchen
Faith and Arlo cook and build a carousel

*46th Ashan, 717: The Golden Flask
Vega and Arlo arrive in Ne'hear, have a meal

*46th Ashan, 717: Dream Thread: Gnome Traps
Vega and Arlo dream about gnomes

*50th Ashan, 717: Getting into a Routine
Vega and Arlo discuss and practice acrobatics

*50th Ashan, 717: Dream Thread: Dreams of Home
Vega reveals she's become a dreamwalker

*52nd Ashan, 717: Got Game?
Vega and Arlo hunt in Willow Woods/Ne'haer

*52nd Ashan, 717: You, Me and a Bruxen makes Three
Vega and Arlo hunt in Willow Woods/Ne'haer, befriend a Bruxen and are attacked by a monster

*62nd Ashan, 717: [Seraas en Avellach] Where Fools Go, Trouble Follows
Vega and Arlo look for the Seraas en Avellach in the heart of Willow Woods (Ne'haer)

*71st Ashan, 717: Boy vs.
Horse (Round 1)

Arlo learns (attempts) to ride his mare Peg

*71st Ashan, 717: A (not so) Well Kept Secret.
Vega finds Arlo battered and bruised when Peg returns to camp without him

*71st Ashan, 717: Retribution
Arlo follows Vega when she tries to hunt down bandits that don't exist

Ymiden : 
*5th Ymiden, 717: There's No Place Like Home
Arlo and Vega set up camp outside Rharne, discuss family and acrobatics

*11th Ymiden, 717: They Say It's a Small World
Arlo and Vega follow a bounty notice

*14th Ymiden, 717: The More Things Change
Vega and Arlo go to visit his mother outside Rharne

*82nd Ymiden, 717: Home is Where You Hang Your Hat
Arlo settles in to his temporary home outside Scalvoris Town

*83rd Ymiden, 717: Boy vs. Horse: The Reckoning
Arlo learns to use his pistol crossbow

*83rd Ymiden, 717: First, Familiarity
Arlo eats at Cally's, sees a familiar face

*83rd Ymiden, 717: Second, Seasoning
Faith teaches Arlo some tricks over the campfire

*83rd Ymiden, 717: It's Raining Ducks and Bunnies
Arlo wanders into Faith's dream

Saun : 
*1st Saun, 717: The Stars are My Lampposts, the Moon is my Guide
Arlo goes to Scholar's Nook, meets Mero

*2nd Saun, 717: [Immortals Tongue] The Shrine of Fei
Arlo accompanies a group of students to Immortal's Tongue

*8th Saun, 717: Just Passing By
Vega turns up in Scalvoris

*9th Saun, 717: Another Fine Mess
Vega and Arlo explore the ice caves

*11th Saun, 717: Blood Bath
Arlo attends a mystery party

*12th Saun, 717: Blood Bath
Arlo meets U'frek

*20th Saun, 717: Dinner for Three!
Arlo meets Vega's father

*23rd Saun, 717: This Isn't My Camp
Vega and Arlo get a visitor

*26th Saun, 717: Fishing for Family Feuds
Arlo meets Vega's cousins

*39th Saun, 717: Tolerating Uncertainty
The jungles of Scalvoris

Vhalar : 
*1st Vhalar, 717: A trial and an arc
The jungles of Scalvoris-trial 2/Arlo's birth-trial

*3rd Vhalar, 717: A Brisk Walk
Looking for the Fountain of Youth

*10th Vhalar, 717: A little mouse with clogs on
Vega and Arlo take a bounty

*19th Vhalar, 717: Falling Awake
Arlo dreams about his mother

*21st Vhalar, 717: In U'frek's Name (Global)
Arlo, Kali and Pash do U'frek's bidding and hunt for Cassion's treasure

*99th Vhalar, 717: Arlo learns of his mother's death

*99th Vhalar, 717: Letters from Home
Letter from Arlo's stepfather/talk with Vega

*105th Vhalar, 717: Normalcy
Immortal's Tongue with Vega

*106th Vhalar, 717: Changes
Immortal's Tongue with Vega part II

*110th Vhalar, 717: Breath Control
Immortal's Tongue with Vega part II

*119th Vhalar, 717: A Debt is Due
Halloween Adventure

*120th Vhalar, 717: Why so blue Arlo Creede?

*121st Vhalar, 717: Harbour Songs
Vega's cousins come to camp

*121st Vhalar, 717: Just After, Just Before
Hanging around camp

*121st Vhalar, 717: In U'frek's Name
Arlo, Pash, Kali'rial (Global)

*121st Vhalar, 717: In U'frek's Name
Arlo, Pash, Kali'rial (Global) II

Zi'da : 
*1st Zi'da, 717: Middle of the Night
Arlo comes home from Global

*2nd Zi'da, 717: Elbows and Knees

*5th Zi'da, 717: Seeking Sev'ryn Souls
Looking for Vega's familiar

*6th Zi'da, 717: SURREAL SEARCHES
Looking for Vega's familiar

*7th Zi'da, 717: Culminations
Looking for Vega's familiar

*10th Zi'da, 717: The Spice interrogation
Setting up camp in Sweetvine Woods

*11th Zi'da, 717: Desperate Times
Faith looking for her husband

*11th Zi'da, 717: Humble Pie
Vega's cousins drop in

*35th Zi'da, 717: Taking Note
Seasonal gift swap with Faith

*36th Zi'da, 717: An Honest Trial's Work
Job Interview

*39th Zi'da, 717: Pies and Pints

*40th Zi'da, 717: One, two,!
Gifts with Vega

*49th Zi'da, 717: The Greatest Party in Emea
Dream Ball in Emea

*50th Zi'da, 717: Not at All Awkward
Date with Vega

*60th Zi'da, 717: Dancing to Another's Beat
Jesine in Emea

*65th Zi'da, 717: The Fortune Teller
Fortune Teller

*74th Zi'da, 717: Perspective
Talk with Vega's father

*74th Zi'da, 717: The Warmth of Death
Night out, modded

*75th Zi'da, 717: Maiden Voyage
Buying a boat

*79th Zi'da, 717: Afterglow
Vega gets marked by Xiur

*80th Zi'da, 717: Storied Nights, Legends and Starshine
Arlo hangs with Cassion

*80th Zi'da, 717: Blood Ties
Vega and Arlo explore their new marks

*81st Zi'da, 717: Eruptions
Volcanos and Sailing

*82nd Zi'da, 717: Pistachio Pirates
Sword practice and fooling around

*91st Zi'da, 717: Interludes
Vega falls down a hole

*93rd Zi'da, 717: Swift of Feet, Sharp of Mind

*93rd Zi'da, 717: A Somber Search
Body search

Arc 718


*1st Cylus, 718: End Game
Cassion's Game

*3rd Cylus, 718: Distance
Arlo is portaled home to find Vega in the mountains

*3rd Cylus, 718: Dreams and Devotion
Arlo dedicates his hat

*4th Cylus, 718: Different Strokes
Hunting Noobabs in the mountains

*5th Cylus, 718: At What Cost Freedom?
Arlo plays, Vega Dances

*8th Cylus, 718: Mountain Musings & Molten Meditation
Arlo and Vega try to deal with a demon

*8th Cylus, 718: Open Seas, Dark Skies
Super Storm aboard The Wanderlust

*10th Cylus, 718: At the Base of the Brightest Lighthouse
Attend a festival, thwart a kidnapping

*13th Cylus, 718: Breadcrumbs
Arlo and Tio volunteer

*23rd Cylus, 718: The Two Naughty Granitees
Gifts, Talk, Planning

*25th Cylus, 718: Like the fat cat that got the cream
Blizzards, cats and wolves

*26th Cylus, 718: The Princess in the Tower
Blizzards, cats, wolves, princesses and towers

*26th Cylus, 718: Adventure is its Own Reward
Cassion-Level Up

*29th Cylus, 718: Yet the resolute never give into darkness
rescuing Vega

*29th Cylus, 718: Ice Forged Rose
Dream thread

*30th Cylus, 718: Life after Death

*30th Cylus, 718: Working It Out
Getting Vega to move

*30th Cylus, 718: Snoot schnizzling and biscuit buttering 101
Getting Vega to move

*30th Cylus, 718: Letting Off Steam
Drinking with Huw

*30th Cylus, 718: Setting Sail
Leaving Scalvoris


*19th Ashan, 718: A Change of Brace
Vega on her feet again.

*20th Ashan, 718: Things That Go Bump in the Night

*24th Ashan, 718: Stepping Out
Vega on her feet again.

*26th Ashan, 718: Oh, the Stories You'll Tell
Rude, rude, rude

*30th Ashan, 718: Look how she shines for you
Falsely Accused

*35th Ashan, 718: Suspicious Behavior
A stranger at the door

*42nd Ashan, 718: Nella's Pearl
An uncharted island

*84th Ashan, 718: Under the Starry Skies
Making camp in Rharne

*85th Ashan, 718: A Trial Long Past
Dream with Pepper and Vega

*87th Ashan, 718: Friends and Teachers
Tea with Pepper and Vega

*88th Ashan, 718: The Last Piece
Camping with Vega

*91st Ashan, 718: Chased Awake by Shadows
Arlo and Vega, Stomptail

*92nd Ashan, 718: An Unbreakable Bond
Dream with Pepper and Vega

*98th Ashan, 718: Imperfections of the Heart
Modded by Oracle

*100th Ashan, 718: Reheating the Trail
Vega and Arlo/bounty

*121st Ashan, 718: Horses for Courses
Vega, Arlo, Finnegan

*121st Ashan, 718: One Upmanship
Vega, Arlo, at the Resort


*1st Ymiden, 718: Same Dance, Different Steps
Waking up to a shock

*1st Ymiden, 718: I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in

*7th Ymiden, 718: Soul Searching at the Worst Possible Time
Combat in Mistral Woods

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Blessings & Marks

Abilities : Admired (Starter Mark)
Nyvora - Sanctuary
Gives the user the ability to protect their own dreams and anyone involved in them from Kielik's influence (Nightmares), and most native predators of Emea. The protection extends to all other individuals that should chance upon the dream, though the marked is at liberty to shut out or expel unwanted visitors at their discretion. Only those possessing a mark from Kielik of a higher caliber than the dreamer's Nyvora level, particularly potent entities in Emea or Kielik himself can override this protection. Dream threads can only be marked as "closed" if started by a PC with this ability.

Nyvora - 50+ Devotion - Dream Seeker
Anyone known to the blessed individual in the living world can be tracked down in Emea. Once found, the seeker has the ability to enter their dream, alter the dreamer's dreamscape subtly and guide them into a state of lucid dreaming, where interactions, conversations, and the dream itself will be remembered by the dreamer. With this power comes the ability to stop outsiders from entering the same dream (as if the other dreamer had also possessed the Sanctuary ability), making it a secure place to share information.

Nyvora - 99+ Devotion - Silent Guardian
Those blessed and trusted by Jesine are assigned a Fairy (a personal NPC with no upkeep requirement) that, in the world of Idalos, can only be seen by those marked with Nyvora but will follow the marked even in their sleep. While awake, the marked individual can close their eyes and control the movements of this Fairy, seeing through its eyes and moving without moving. The Fairy, much like a ghost, can do no physical damage in the living world, but can be useful for investigative purposes and as an additional set of eyes on the lookout for danger, granting them the benefit of the Fairy's own perceptive skill levels. The Fairy, unlike the marked, is immediately aware of the presence and influence of Kielik and his marked. While in the waking world, the Fairy communicates with their marked protégé empathically, though they can be conversed with like any other creature when they dream in Emea.

Trusted: here
As protégés of Jesine, blessed individuals enjoy a level of protection that others don't when they Dreamwalk deeper into Emea itself, past the layer of dreams. When granted this ability, marked individuals will have a built-in sense of direction, allowing them to always know how to return to the dream they originally left from to prevent them from getting lost in Emea. When and if they encounter other static locations within Emea, they'll intuitively know how to find their way back to them the next time they Dreamwalk.
Knowledge : Nyvora
Nyvora: Tying dreams together
Nyvora: Fairy: Lyova
Nyvora: Observe and let Dreamers Dream
Nyvora: How to silently converse with your fairy companion
Nyvora (Sanctuary): Allows you to expel unwanted nightmares from your dream
Nyvora: Ability: Silent Guardian
Nyvora: Ability: Pathfinder

NPCs : Lyova
Race: Fairy
Skills: 30 Detection, 25 Flying, 25 Intelligence, 10 Stealth, 10 Acrobatics
Appearence: Perhaps unexpected for a fairy, Lyova's appearence resembles that of an aquatic humanoid. A large head to crown a small and wispy body with disproportionally large, twinkling eyes that reflect the creature's innate curiousity. From head to toe, she's barely five inches tall with the head making up for a third of her height and the rest of the body flowing behind limply as she moves in an ethereal form of magical flight, without wings or obvious support to keep it airborne. Rather, it seems to swim through the air, its entire lower body swaying like a rear fin in a soft current. Its skin is a soft, translucent blue---doing very little to contain the swirling lights within it that give it a soothing glow.
Personality: Enthusiastic and playful, Lyova is a ball of energy and spirit. She's very sensitive to her charge's emotional currents and is greatly concerned with their thoughts, determined to nurture Arlo's inner child.
Relationship to PC: Guardian
Anything: She is assigned to Arlo as a Guardian by virtue of his Nyvora mark, and cannot be seen by anyone who does not also possess it unless in a Dreamscape, where she may or may not choose to make her presence known. Additionally, she does not have a native language of her own, but shares all the language proficiencies of the Marked she is tasked with protecting.


Trademark ability as granted by Nyvora, enabling her charge to merge with her senses and control her movements directly as a sort of remote viewing, taking advantage of her ability to move where her charge cannot. She can only move within the same city as her charge, however, without overextending and cancelling the ability automatically. (This ability unlocks once "Silent Guardian" has been acquired with sufficient Devotion.)

Her primary means for communication in Idalos, limited to the Marked. While she can perceive the world (that cannot perceive her, in turn), she cannot interact with it in any way nor utilize any physical means of communication. As such, she communicates solely through telepathic and empathic bursts to her charge, broadcasting thoughts, emotions and images, often in short messages at a time. This restriction applies only in Idalos. In Emea, she may speak normally, in addition to telempathic communication.

As a non-physical creature, she is not physically limited by objects or obstacles in Idalos and may freely pass through solid objects and even creatures and humanoids. She cannot physically interact with anything while in Idalos. Physical creatures and humanoids may feel a pleasant tickle when she passes through them, but that is the extent of her influence on Idalos.

Note: This NPC may benefit from normal rules for Personal NPCs in increasing her Skills every season, but the PC does not need to pay upkeep for it. It is loyal to the PC and will stay with it for as long as it possesses the Nyvora mark.

Abilities : 
Four Pointed Star (Minor) Gained here
Activation of this skill will cause a silvery aurora to rise from the user upward to the sky. This will highlight certain stars in the sky that appoint the directions of a compass. This will only work at night time.

Wave Crash (Minor) here
This ability allows the user to summon a 15' (4.6m) wave in one direction and can choose the time the wave crashes. The user must rest for a few trials afterward before attempting to use the ability again. At Adored, this ability can create a wave as high as 25' (7.7m) and at Exalted, 100' (30m).

Seafarer Skills I here
Add an extra three skill points to one of the following skills: Navigation, Seafaring, Swimming or Ship Building.

Sliding Current (MinorGained here
The ability allows the user to manipulate a small area of water to move at running pace, the size of a large ship. This ability is particularly useful in calm winds. The ability will work for a full trial. The ability can also be cast on bodies of water of other ships, given they are within 400' (121m), to speed them up, slow them down and if there is little wind, send them backward. This is especially useful during pursuits. This can be used once a trial.

Healing Aurora (Minor) Gained here
The user who uses this ability will find a blue aurora streaming out from their body to encompass, either an individual in need of healing. The aurora will surround the individual and slowly heal minor wounds. The same ability can be used to repair small holes in the ships hull. This can be taxing on the user, making them feel drowsy after use.
Knowledge : 
Mark Abilities
Koriel ability: Create a wave of up to 15 foot, but it's tiring.

Abilities : Favored
Blood Son: The first ability in Sojourn comes with the blood that is shared of Cassion. The marked is forever changed, transformed a small measure divine by the Immortal’s own blood and commitment. The blooded of Cassion find they are no longer satiated by stagnancy. To be a chosen of Cassion is to have your home always on the horizon. Staying longer than a single Arc in any one city will impart a thorough sense of lethargy and sap the health of the Sojourner until they have finally moved on. They must be away from the location longer than they stayed in order to build a tolerance once more. The Blooded of Cassion are vibrant people flowing with life. Each is gifted with enormous appetites and the ability to subsist on substandard food. So long as it is edible, they can thrive upon it. Each one heals half again as fast as another member of their race and can often push the limits of the endurance that a member of their species might have. By virtue of their divine nature, Sojourners can always recognize each other on sight and any object or person touched by Cassion.

Journey's Meal:: A Sojourner must prepare many meals on the road between adventures. Most often, they are accompanied by others. This ability can only be used once a trial but allows any meal prepared for a Sojourner to satiate both themselves and their companions, no matter how little there was to prepare in the first place. In order to work, the Sojourner must do their best to make the meal as appetizing and filling as they have the material to provide. This Meal can feed the Sojourner and up to three other companions (including animals). Those who eat the meal will find the taste vastly improved, so long as the Sojourner explains either the origin or the process of making such food available as they are enjoying it.

Traveler's Skills 1:: Add an extra three skill points to one of the following skills: Discipline, Fieldcraft, Sailing, Storytelling, Cooking, or Navigation. These points can exceed the 100 point limit.

Cassion Compass: Gained via Devotion: When first marked, every Sojourner receives a small gold compass. This compass does not point the way North as most compasses might, but instead will point the direction to a place of the Sojourner’s choosing. In order to apply, they must have visited this place before in a manner that allowed them to experience the journey there. Teleportation will not count as a justifiable way to input a destination. The Sojourner can impart this compass to others for use to navigate to the location of their choosing and once they have reached the destination, the compass will be instantly transported back to the Sojourner’s person. This compass cannot be lost in any way. If destroyed or stolen, it will take five trials to return, whole, to the possession of the marked.

Road-Kissed: Gained via Devotion: Cassion’s chosen cannot help but choose the life of the road. It calls to them, commands them march along it. But this is no curse, as the road cares for the chosen who tend and travel it. Those with this ability often have a much easier journey than those who do not. Inclement weather, obstacles, dangers, these all still exist on the road but tend to be much less disastrous to the marked if they were not expecting to encounter them. Travel time for the marked is reduced by 25% as they naturally know the fastest paths and shortcuts to reach their destination. This ability does not apply to ‘discovering’ hidden ways into restricted areas, but simply allows the marked to naturally take the quickest un-obscured path between any two points they are traveling towards.

Safe Camp: Gained via Devotion: When one takes camp in the wilderness, they take risk. Dangers lurk when the traveler is in stasis and many expeditions have ended with ambush in the dark of night. Safe Camp is an ability Cassion allows his followers during such a time to avoid some of the worst of what untamed Idalos has to offer. Any camp can be deemed, ‘safe’, but only a single camp for a trial. The Sojourner marks the edges of the camp with drops of his own blood, naturally warding away predators and creatures who might prowl through the night. Marking an entrance, a Sojourner opens a door to a comfortable extra-dimensional space with a warm roaring fire in the hearth that will burn all eve if willed to. This room often changes depending on the area the Sojourner is in, naturally blending with local customs of comfort and style. No object from this room can be taken from the inside as it exists only as a respite for the weary. This ability is only available if the Sojourner takes the time to set up camp, and cannot be used instantly in a combat situation to avoid harm or escape to an extra-dimensional space. This space, while comfortable and roomy enough for a traveler, a few companions, and even their mount, holds no food or other comforts save those that they might need to enjoy a restful evening. A side effect of the ability is that it naturally draws non-aggressive travelers to the location, a beacon for any and all who walk the road to their own ends, but do not seek the end of others they may meet. A Sojourner is not permitted to refused entrance or rest to any who come, even if that means they must sleep on the hard floor outside. Any outsiders seeking to enter the extra-dimensional space for a hostile or aggressive purpose will find themselves in the material space taken up by the camp, not allowed into the space created by the Sojourner. Should the entrance to the space be discovered and destroyed, the Sojourner and all interred companions are transported back to the material space occupied by the Camp.

Souvenir: Gained through RP: A Souvenir is a piece of travel, a memory attributed to an object of importance. Cassion travels with many, tangled in his hair. A souvenir can be almost any item, but it must have great importance to a particularly impactful event or accomplishment that the marked has achieved. Dedicated in such a way, it gains a supernatural power that can be used by any who possess it at the time. Only one Souvenir can be utilized at first mark, but an additional souvenir can be collected and dedicated at each level of mark thereafter. Should a souvenir be destroyed or stolen, the marked will need to dedicate another to a different memory, or track down the thief responsible. The power of the Souvenir tends to be variable, depending on the nature of the object and what memory it is associated with. When achieving this ability, you may submit a suggestion to the PSF. Be sure to explain the object’s importance as well. These abilities function like minor magical effects, but ones that can be quite useful. Boots that stride upon calm water, dedicated from an adventure set in the shoals and shallows of a reef, or perhaps a blade that always burns hot with the heat of a desert sun. Other possible examples might be a bone bead that renders you untrackable to a particular beast of scent, or a shell by which you can draw a fresh breath every two breaks, rather than needing to breathe the air around you. A Souvenir must have a story attached that explains the effect it provides. At this level, the effects can be quite useful, but are often not astounding.

ScarTale: Gained through RP: An Adventurer can tell a story by every scar they have. Each one is earned. A Sojourner can invoke a scar’s story by displaying it proudly and explaining the circumstances by which they received it. Doing so grants them an innate resistance to being injured by the same means. Against an adversary, a Sojourner may find that their skin is resilient and tough to the blades of this particular foe, netting only shallow wounds as the opponent must redouble efforts to hurt them in such a way again. Often the invocation of this ability is conditional on when the situation arises. There must be at least one witness to the story as it is told and the scar must be clearly visible. No small nicks or minor injuries will apply. A ScarTale is the story of a deep mark earned by the adventurer. The story itself resents being replaced and will shield the user against a similar injury occurring. While not a perfect defense, it can be remarkably strong. A Sojourner cannot lie about how they received their injury, but even dishonorable or embarrassing stories have their place if the wound is prominent enough. Once invoked, the protection can last for the better part of a break. These bonuses do not stack. If you were wounded twice by an adversary, you are not double impervious to them, only one story per cause of damage can be invoked at once.

Rumor Mill: Gained through RP: Names hold power. In the language of stories, names are an encoded secret language that pass through tale to tale, even if that name is not openly spoken. Upon achieving this ability, a Sojourner may know deeds and stories of those they meet, even without hearing about it themselves. Upon hearing the name of another, the Sojourner may choose to ask the player or the storyteller for the three to five most prominent things that individual is known for. So long as the deed is associated with them and has been spoken about between more than three people, the Sojourner instantly becomes aware of the story, the general details, and the magnitude of its impact (how far it might have spread by word of mouth). This allows a Sojourner to know when someone gives them a false name, as no such trigger occurs, and also allows them a measure of knowledge about the people they associate with. The name does not have to be given willingly, but it must be spoken by the owner’s own voice or written in their own script for this ability to work..
Dust Eater: Often, famine can sweep the land. Food will fall away, herds will travel to distant pastures, and even the insects will dry up and perish. In times of starvation it is the fate of most to die. But to the god of Hunger, no such thing will slay his chosen. Dust Eater is an ability that allows a Sojourner to subsist on material that would normally give no nutritious value. Dirt, small stones, bones, and discarded clothing can all be consumed by the Sojourner without ill effect. They will draw sustenance from these materials without any internal difficulties processing. Perhaps most unfortunate, however, is that Cassion imparts no balm for this. All things consumed taste like the material they are, making these starvation meals ruinous to consume, almost torturous, if necessary. The item must be deliberately recognized as one to be consumed using this ability, allowing a Sojourner to eat deadly poison with no effect, but only if they deliberately meant to eat the deadly poison in the first place.

Memorabilia: A Memorabilia is an evolution of the Souvenir. So important is the Memorabilia that it becomes vital to the mark itself. To lose ones Memorabilia is to lose access to the activated abilities of this mark tier. While new Memorabilia can be dedicated, it is often difficult to find something that holds the same kind of emotional resonance and importance on the fly. Memorabilia is similar to a Souvenir in that its power is variable. Although while a Souvenir is fairly minor in effect, a Memorablia has a moderate effect. The Souvenir achieved in the first mark can be upgraded into Memorabilia, either gaining a new minor ability or losing its minor in exchange for a moderate, but the story must be sufficiently impactful to apply. A Sojourner who leads a boring or uninteresting life will find they have few things by which to dedicate into these items. Cassion craves risk and adventure and one who follows such example will have no trouble finding suitable things. Moderate abilities might be classified as a necklace of gathered pearls that imparts the ability to breathe beneath the waves, or a burned stave that renders the user immune to smoke inhalation or even with extreme resistance to being burned. These items tell a story and their ability manifests by way of that story. Supernaturally enhanced, the objects are unnaturally resilient, but still able to be borrowed, used by another, and even stolen. If stolen, a Memorabilia does not impart this mark’s abilities on the thief, but they do have possession of the magical item in question.

Travelers Skills II: Add an extra six skill points to one of the following skills: Discipline, Fieldcraft, Sailing, Storytelling Cooking, or Navigation. These points can exceed the 100 point limit

A universal tongue is one of hunger. All living beings consume to survive and most take great gusto in consuming the delicious. Cassion, a god of Hunger, knows well this link between all and imparts an ability on his chosen to encourage that link, grow it, and exploit it. When a Sojourner prepares a feast (5 or more participants), they can choose to impart this ability. While enough food must be prepared, realistically, for everyone to eat to their fill, the meal will be remarkably delicious. Regardless of the cook’s skill, the food speaks for itself. Much like the previous ability involving meals, the user of this power must describe the food’s origin or their preparation of it, allowing the story to take shape and augment what they have prepared. While dining, any who partake in the feast will be unable to directly lie to the Sojourner. While they can avoid answering questions, they are compelled to remain honest unless a power is used at a higher tier of mark. Moreso, all who eat at the Sojourner’s table will instantly feel that the host is one who can be trusted, that all at the table can be trusted, and be drawn to speak their deepest and most forbidden secrets. While this does not force them to, they do feel compelled to be honest, open, and vulnerable in front of everyone at the table. The Cassion Feast imparts a desire for comradeship, closeness, friendship, and understanding. So long as all participants are engaging in the meal, everyone will understand the words of the others as though spoken in their own native tongue. A Cassion Feast can only be prepared twice per cycle.Gained here

Flesh Son
The Blood pounding in the Sojourner’s veins grows strength at this level. Once again they change. Any natural infirmity they were born with or damaging imperfection is wiped away in a single evening of agonizing transformation. So long as the Sojourner bares the first mark of Cassion, this infirmity will never return. Their appetites become voracious and they are drawn increasingly more to dangerous circumstances and adventures. A Sojourner’s natural strength and endurance are always half again as good as it should be for those of their skill level and species and they find their skin more resilient to being cut and their bones less prone to breaking. A Sojourner at this state can naturally feel manifestations of ether, like static electricity, and while it may not pinpoint a may allow them to know a mage is casting in the area. They say that the appetites of a Sojourner are boundless, and many Sojourners become hedonists for a time, lost to the sensation of more. A Sojourner with this ability can eat without end, but will only benefit from a full meal, never more. This can sometimes be a curse as a Sojourner will devour all their supplies a few days into the journey and must scrounge for more along the way. Gained here
Knowledge : Cassion:
Cassion: Fights well
Cassion: Marked you
Cassion: Shared a drink with you.
Cassion: Immortal of Travel, Adventure, Storytelling and Hunger
Cassion: Immortal of Travel, Adventure, Stories, and Hunger
Cassion: Wears Arlo's Gifted Necklace
Cassion: Gave You This Hat
Cassion: Tells Killer Stories
Cassion: Kissed Vega
Cassion: Risks his life for excitement

Mark Abilities
Mark Abilities: Sojourn: Blood Son: Increased Hunger
Mark Abilities: Sojourn: Cassion's Compass: Points in a Direction, but not like a normal compass
Mark Ability: Sojourn: Safe Camp: Requires blood and concentration
Mark Ability: Sojourn: Safe Camp: A safe, warm space
Sojourn Ability: Safe Camp: Provides psychological security
Sojourn Ability: Safe Camp: Allows for more restful sleep
Sojourn Ability: Souvenir: Use blood to dedicate your Souvenir
Sojourn Ability: Souvenir: Ensure that the item has relevance / importance to you.
Sojourn Ability: Souvenir: Personal to you
Misc : Following Global End Game:
The Shattering:
The death of this White Eagle has lasting effects for Arlo and all other Sojourners globally. For the remainder of this Arc, Arlo will have intensely vivid dreams of the White Eagle that was slain. You are welcome to be open with your interpretation of how these dreams manifest, but they will include certain key details. Ikimi was the name of the woman who died in that chair when Cassion had left her, the fourth most recent Champion of Cassion. She was a pirate, a scourge along the sea, and her flagship The Gull, struck terror into the hearts of merchants throughout the sea. Several times she and her fleet sacked coastal cities, with the audacity to do so to Scalvoris and Rynmere both. She spared the third most recent Champion of Cassion’s life as a child after killing those aboard her ship, and she eventually grew to defeat Ikimi in combat before Ikimi became a White Eagle of Cassion’s. Cassion does not discern between hero or villain, only those who live lives emboldened and emphasized by narrative and story. If this causes some unrest in Arlo, I invite you to play that out. The shattering was like a physical blow to Arlo, but one that is not reflected on his body. His psyche will feel the aftermath for as long as he dreams of Ikimi. You are welcome to interpret how that manifests...I only invite you TO interpret it.
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