Celeste Andaris

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Celeste Andaris

Postby Tessa (Celeste) » Thu Aug 11, 2016 10:15 pm

Celeste "Tessa" Andaris

Age: 21

Race: Human

Date of Birth: 35th Saun 696

Languages Spoken: Fluent: Common, Basic: Rakahi

Family: Daughter to Baron Benji Andaris & Mary Andaris (deceased).

Sister to Peake, Quincy & Leeson

Wife to Xander Andaris (nee Krome).

She does not know the whereabouts of her brothers Quincy & Leeson. Celeste believes her brother Peake to be dead.

Baroness of Astedia
Approval Link

Barony of Astedia

Location: Andaris, Rynmere
Population: Very High (Andaris is highly populated compared to the other duchies and this is at an important geographical location)
Imports: Slaves, leather, sugar, stone, metal, and livestock.
Exports: Books, corn, wheat, salt, fish, wood, weapons, armour, medicines and fine / luxury foods.
Leader: Baroness Celeste Andaris
Main Town: Drakengard
Villages: Medium density quite spread out. A good road system and small villages along the main routes.

Overview of the Barony


Astedia sits in the south western corner of Andaris, nestled against the Bay of Cyrene. It is a thriving and rich area within the Andaris duchy. The Barony of Astedia is usually overseen by the first in line for the title of Duke or Duchess, as it is of vital importance to the economy of the Duchy for its placement in the Bay and it's focus on producing fine goods which are sold onward.

The Barony itself combines the rich towns and centers for learning with some of the fertile Andaris farmlands, along its eastern border. It requires careful handling as a Barony as there are very diverse needs between the farming communities and the bustling towns and cities. Keeping both groups in mind and juggling the urban / rural nature of the Barony is the key challenge.



Drakengard is a beautiful town, with buildings constructed from glistening white stone and the Andaris attention to detail in architecture. It is a bustling and busy place which is well known for two distinct things; the smithing industry and the medical centers of learning and production of medicine.

The master smiths who work in the Drakensmit, producing beautiful weapons and gleaming armour. Existing and aspiring smiths come from all over Rynmere to study and work here, learning from and working with the best. This leads to a number of schools training in the use of weapons. In parallel to this focus on weapons, the Verne Andaris Medical School sits on the edge of the town with large herb gardens and forests attached to it, just outside the town walls. In the Medical School the boundaries of medicine are constantly studied and pushed.



The focus on these two things means that Drakengard does not produce sufficient food to remain sustainable and relies on the importing of food for its citizens. It is not a town which attracts tourists, per se, although there are a high number of visitors per arc. These visitors tend to be coming for the Drakensmit or the Medical School. Tourists are much more likely to be seen in Vernevia, a coastal town past the eastern sides of Astedia's borders, with a focus on producing luxury foods and a number of historical buildings. Whilst it is outside the barony, it is important to the place as Vernevia is a center for tourism.

As the barony which is nestled on Cyrene Bay and since it shares a boundary with its Venora neighbour, Astedia is in a unique position. The trade routes into Rynmere focus on Cyrene bay and so there is the constant push and pull of political negotiation between Astedia and Novilane. Also, those who wish to attack trade routes are often in the waters nearest one of these two baronies and so Astedia is front line in terms of having to defend against pirates and privateers.

Astedia Estate


This large manor house is the estate of the residing Baron of Astedia. White stone gleams from it and inside the grand entrance opens into a large hall with a double sweeping staircase, large chandeliers and white marble floors. Set in beautiful grounds, this estate is a place very much of two parts.

To those who visit, Astedia Estate is as would be expected for a Barony estate. It is large and opulent with a dining room which can comfortably sit fourty, a ballroom and a lot of marble and ornamentation. There are five large bedrooms and everything appears to be very ostentatious. However, the 'family wing' is just that ~ a four bedroom annex which sits in the existing manor from the outside but which is closed off from the rest of the house if the family wish it. In the family wing the rooms are comfortable and much more functional, a lounge, small dining room, kitchen and study are on the ground floor, with the next two floors being taken by bedrooms ~ the master suite has a small nursery off it and there is a playroom between two of the smaller bedrooms, accessible from both. Whilst undoubtedly still luxury to many, this place is focused on comfort and being able to be lived in, rather than ostentatious statements.

The main estate is staffed by a staff of servants with only the most trusted being asked to work in the family wing.

Location NPCs
Moderator's Note: Players are free to control NPCs in this location without moderation. However, keep in mind that these are NPCs involved in major events / plots and therefore they can only be used in a 'surface' manner. If in doubt, please check with a Ryn mod.

Louise Bellingham :  Louise Bellingham
Race: Human
Age: Ymiden 60th 693
Title: Mistress of the Nursery
Skills: Psychology (70), Etiquette (40), Politics (60), Caregiving (40), Sociology (40)
Description: Louise has the title 'Mistress of the Nursery' and her role is to oversee the care of all children in the Estate. However, it is also much more than that, as she oversees the future for all children in the Barony. Her job is the careful consideration of public opinion; she arranges for the residing Baron or Baroness to attend functions, invites people to the estate and deals with any and all matters which might be of a somewhat... 'delicate' nature. From overseeing how to handle a scandal to presenting the very best of House Andaris, the Mistress of the Nursery is there to ensure that all the children in Andaris have a strong and healthy nobility to look forward to.

Louise happens to actually be good with children and so looks forward to being able to stay close to the Andaris family as the new Baroness weds and then starts her family.

Lin Scotfill :  Lin Scotfill
Race: Human / Biqaj
Age: 7th Saun 695
Title: Personal Assistant
Skills: Combat: Dagger (60), Combat: Crossbow (60), Resistance (30), Logistics (60), Stealth (40),
Description: Lin is Celeste's Personal Assistant. She is there to help the Baroness arrange her schedule and organise her trials. She also acts as a Ladies Maid and to all intents and purposes that is where her role ends. However, although very few know it, Lin is also a very efficient bodyguard and has the looks and demeanor of a beautiful and well organised woman, nothing more. However, Lin always has a number of blades hidden about her person and she is Celeste's last line of defence.

Lin is a quiet woman who tends to try and blend into the background. However, her looks mean that she is quite noticeable. However, she is pleased that a new Baroness is entering Astedia as it allows her to ply her skills once more.

Tam Bitha :  Tam Bitha
Race: Mixed Race
Age: 47th Vhalar 690
Title: Chief of Security
Skills: Tactics (70), Logistics (60), Combat: Sword (40), Combat: Shield (40), Seafaring (40)
Description As the Chief of Security, Tam has responsibility for the security of Astedia, Drakengard and the household. He is a quiet and intense individual with a strong sense of humour. With a clearly military mind, Tam's actions and advise are always militaristic in manner. In many ways, that is his greatest strength and weakness; he is very focused on military and combat matters and tends to have a very martial standpoint. He is very good at planning military campaigns and so on, with a keenly tactical mind and a tendency to be able to see downfalls or problems very quickly.

Tam has served the Andaris family since he was a young boy and he is proud to wear Andaris colours. He is slow to anger and has a very strong sense of discipline and personal honour.

William Vanquin :  William Vanquin
Race: Human
Age: 9th Zi'da 689
Title: Master of Coin
Skills: Business Management (80), Mathematics (70), Negotiation (50), Logistics (50)
Description: Keeper of the treasury and oversee of all things to do with money in Astedia, William is a frugal and determined individual who is not entirely pleased at a new Baroness. He dislikes having to spend money and he imagines that the forthcoming wedding between Celeste Andaris and Xander Krome is likely to hit his coffers hard. He is a shrewd and calculating individual who is loyal to the Andaris family, having served them all of his life.

Trade, trade routes, imports and exports are his concern and William has an overview and deputies at a Barony, town and house level and a real attention to detail. He does not treat the Andaris money as though it is his own, but he almost does ~ certainly, he seems to know where every copper goes.
Phillipe vonFranc :  Phillipe vonFranc
Race: Mixed Race
Age: 20th Cylus 689
Title: Head of Staff
Skills: Logistics (65), Intelligence (65), Endurance (30), Disguise (50), Etiquette (50)
Description: Phillipe vonFranc is very well aware that his role is pivotal to the good functioning of Astedia. He is the Head of Staff which means that he oversees all staffing issues in the Astedia Estate, with everyone from the groundskeeper to the head butler being under his purview. He runs the estate like a well oiled machine and he functions as a spider in a centralised web. He has a network of informants and he, more than anyone, knows the value of listening to the gossip of servants and whispers of slaves.

Phillipe is, or appears to be, the very epitome of a gentleman and he is proud to say that his family has served House Andaris for many generations now. His father served Celeste's father and his grandmother served her grandfather. He is loyal to the family and for all of the secrets that he knows, he is very careful in what he says and to whom. With an overview of Drakengard, Astedia and Andaris in terms of intelligence operatives, he has many who report to him that only he knows. His wider network, outside of Andaris lands, he cultivates carefully and reports to the Baroness directly.

Credit: Celeste Andaris (thanks to Alistair for the layout!)

Approved NPCs

Approval Link
Name: Ala'ni Snow

Race Human

Age Born 1st Ashan 711 (6 arcs old)

Skills: Caregiving (5), Singing (10), Dancing (5), Sewing (5), Cooking (5), Gardening (5), Basket Weaving (5), Swimming (5), Endurance (5)

Appearance A tiny little cherub-looking child, Ala'ni has pale skin, black hair and blue eyes. When Celeste first adopts her, Ala'ni is a scrawny little thing because she hasn't eaten properly since her parents got sick and died, but as time passes, she grows.

Personality Ala'ni lived in Krome with her parents until the sickness in Ashan 717. She had a happy childhood and her parents were delighted to discover that their daughter had a naturally beautiful singing voice. Although they were not wealthy, they saved up and got Ala'ni a singing teacher. Her first five arcs of life were perfectly happy and she helped her mother in the garden out the back of their house, with the cooking and was just learning to help with the sewing jobs her mother took in. She also used to enjoy helping her mother weave small and pretty baskets to sell in the local market.

With her father, Ala'ni used to go swimming and he would teach her so that she was always safe in the water. When the sickness took them, Ala'ni did her best to look after them both although being so young she could not do much.

At the time that Celeste and Xander come across her, Ala'ni will only speak to Celeste, and only in whispers. This is because Celeste has the same hair colour as Ala'ni's mother and so the child has attached to her. Unable to ignore this, Celeste has taken her in.

Relationship to PC: Adopted daughter / ward.

Approved: here
Name: Benji Anders

Age: 22 (Birthday 1st Ymiden)

Race: Human

Appearance: A tall, wiry man who is strong and it shows in his wiry frame. He is lean and muscular and his face is angular. His eyes are deep green and he has a number of scars. His usual expression is one of arrogance.

Personality: Benji Anders is a brute. He is a violent, selfish man who has a strong desire to live the good life. His wife, Tessa, is a beautiful woman and he is a possessive and jealous man who wishes to own her completely. Therefore, he is often physically abusive to her and then sends her out, usually bruised and visibly so, to turn tricks in order to bring home money. He has a vile nature and treats his wife like a slave, rather than an individual. Of course, while Celeste believes he is her husband because of Labrae's messing - why he thinks she is.... we just don't know.

Skills: Strength: 26, Unarmed: 26, Intimidation: 26, Persuasion: 11, Endurance: 11

Please note: As of Ashan 718, Celeste Andaris has been kidnapped and has disappeared. Following the events in this thread she believes herself to be Tessa Anders, a streetwalker in Ivorian.

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Celeste Andaris

Postby Tessa (Celeste) » Sat Aug 13, 2016 6:03 am

Celeste is a young woman of consumate style and grace. She has long brown hair and deep brown eyes. Her frame is tall (six foot) and slender and she has no distinguishing marks or scars. It is as though Celeste has been bred and then reared to be beautiful (which she has) everything about her is well put together and she has a calmness and composure about her which would be rare in a woman ten arcs older. To those who knew her, Celeste is almost identical to her mother and looks so much like her it is uncanny.

Her dress is never following fashion. She despises that idea for she, as an Andaris, as the daughter of Benji and Mary Andaris, *she* sets fashion and so she wears what she likes and the commoners can follow her or not. Fashion, after all, is for the sheep and she is no such creature. She is not the mercurial creature her two eldest brothers are, she remains quiet and composed much like Leeson in social and private situations. Her public persona is that of a well-bred noble lady and her private one is much the same. Celeste keeps herself very well groomed at all times, ensuring that her appearance is of an acceptable standard.

In terms of her clothing, Celeste tends to be something of a mercurial creature. She has a varied style and taste and she would much rather not be identified with any one 'style' of anything. She likes fine clothing and she is struggling with the idea of being independent to the point that she will have to buy her own.

Tessa is, underneath the make up and too-revealing clothing, a beautiful woman. However, in her current situation with her husband, Benji, she's too thin and almost always bruised and quite badly so. She wears heavy make up and, even when not working she is very aware of how her husband likes her to look. As such, she tends towards outfits which are tight, short or, preferably, both. Her deep brown eyes show her emotions and, usually, she is quiet and with her gaze away from anyone; she would rather not look at the wrong person / thing.

Tessa is usually moving in some way; she finds it hard to be still because she rarely is. She's a bundle of nerves and, as soon as she opens her mouth her lack of education is apparent. She knows that men desire her and she is beginning to understand that and the power it gives her - however, she does not have any of the implicit confidence which one might expect from a woman who has realised her own power and beauty, as her home situation has most certainly stopped that.

No matter what her work, though, Tessa always keeps herself clean. She always wears make up, never leaving the house without "putting on her face" She knows that she looks like a cheap streetwalker - it's what she is, after all; but if she's going to look like one, she'll look like a clean and presentable one.

Celeste is a determined individual, focused on ensuring that her family are well cared for and continue throughout the arcs. Celeste has a very clear and very specific goal; the family must prevail. Further to that, she would like to live her life with as little harassment from others as possible. She does not drink, for she has seen too much of the effects of that on her brothers, Peake and Quincy. She possesses the composure and aristocratic confidence, which Peake aspires to when sober, at all times, maintaining this as a way of being.

Tessa is a skittish individual, mostly afraid that she will do the wrong thing and not provide for her family. She is an inordinately hard working individual, determined to care for her babies. She is afraid a lot of the time, but that being said, she has had that fear beaten into her from her life first as a slave to the Andaris family, then at the hands of her husband, Benji. She is determined to do her best, though, in order to get her family out of the squalor in which they live.

As a wife and mother, Tessa knows that her first responsibility is to her family. She was raised as a slave to the Andaris family and she well knows how lucky she is to have a family and home at all. Her marriage is violent and yet, she believes that Benji loves her and, one trial, they will escape from the situation they are in. Protecting her family, especially her children, is foremost in her mind and she would kill or die for them without pause or hesitation.

Having been raised in a household without her mother or grandmother, Celeste has tried to step into a maternal role and whilst she would argue that her childhood and specifically the issues surrounding her family have shaped her in a positive way, she also knows that her love of Xander makes her vulnerable to him. She adores her husband and is unwaveringly loyal to him. Her childhood left her with a deep and abiding distrust of intimacy, a profound need for independence and a determination to never be beholden to anyone. Xander taught her that she was so much more than she had ever believed herself to be.

Celeste is self-composed who does not rely on anyone except Xander for anything. At her core she is a kind and generous woman with a fundamentally good view of the world and she believes that kindness is not something which costs coin so should be given to all. She is totally loyal to family and she wants nothing more than to see her husband and their children happy and healthy.

Tessa fully understands the cruelties of the world. She watched her best friend die and she grew up as a slave to Peake Andaris. Her life thus far has taught her that she must be obedient to those in authority, but Tessa has a darkness in her which, if released or tempered by experience could be a very deep well. She has the potential to be a dangerous woman indeed, but first she needs to stop being afraid.

Like her brother, Peake, but for different reasons, Celeste had a short childhood. Too young to understand what was happening and often, therefore, overlooked, the quick minded young girl learnt early on about Father's infedelity and ignoble behaviours. Rather than turn against him, however, Celeste grew to realise that the problem was not with either Father or Mother but instead with the institution which they resided within. She watched first Peake and then Quincy and Leeson work himself into a frenzy and bend themselves out of shape in an attempt to make sense of their parents' relationship. But there, to Celeste's mind, was the problem. There was no sense to be made. Her parents had married, but not from love and not for any reason that they admitted. Why, she did not understand why, the pair of them did not simply admit who and what they were.

After sitting on the top of the stairs and listening to one particularly bitter exchange between her father and Peake, she determined that she would never subject her children to such. She would never pretend to her children, lie to them in such a manner. Peake believed that father killed mother, that much was clear to the young woman sitting on the stairs that day, but what the truth of it was, she did not know.

In short, she would never do this. Because after Mother's death, there was no putting it right, not ever. Unforgiveable act words unable to be taken back descended into an almost complete break down of Peake and their father's relationship, and Celeste worried for them both. Equally Quincy descended into a bitter man, hidden in the throes of politeness and Celeste, still too young to make a difference, felt increasingly frustrated and unable to solve the family issues. Leeson retreated into himself and Celeste tried, honestly tried, to pull the family together, but found herself unable to. She was the youngest child, she was the only daughter and, her father told her quite clearly that her worth was in who she would marry and what that would bring to the family. That was her only job.

So, at twenty, and with twenty one fast approaching, Celeste realised that she was, as her mother had been before her, a commodity. But she would take control and she would be the captain of her fate. Anything else simply would not do, she reasoned. She studied hard and determined that she would not ever sit at the top of a set of stairs again to find her information; and of whispers regarding her relationships with her father she said nothing, not to any of them. She remained as discrete and close-lipped as she would need to be in her future life, never bringing scandal to anyone, never revealing the secrets of the father or brothers she adored. No, she worked her way through finishing school, learning all the etiquette she needed, she worked in order to ensure that she was as aware of all the nobility and noble etiquette as possible and, fundamentally, she prepared for the trial where her family admitted their lie to her, where her brothers and father were not there and where she, Celeste, would have to stand alone. It did not seem to be an unreasonable thing to prepare for in truth.

Celeste lives in the Astedia Estate, where she carries out her duties as Baroness of Astedia. Please see the approved Barony write up in the first post of this thread.
Whereas Tessa lives in the poorest area of Ivorian with her abusive husband and twin babies.

Please note: As of Ashan 718, Celeste Andaris has been kidnapped and has disappeared. Following the events in this thread she believes herself to be Tessa Anders, a streetwalker in Ivorian.

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Celeste Andaris

Postby Tessa (Celeste) » Sat Aug 13, 2016 9:53 am

Knowledge & Skills
SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Acting 0/1000/250Novice
Acrobatics 0/1000/250Novice
Cosmetology26/100 (26/251)Competent
Dancing0/100 (0/251)Novice
Deception 26/10027/250Competent
Detection 0/1000/250Novice
Disguise 0/1000/250Novice
Endurance 26/100(27/251) Competent
Etiquette57/100 (95/251)Expert
Forgery 0/1000/250Novice
Intelligence 26/100 (27/251)Competent
Investigation 0/1000/250Novice
Jewelry Crafting [FT]10/100 NA FTNovice
Leadership27/100 (29/251)Competent
Linguistics 0/1000/250Novice
Lock picking 0/1000/250Novice
Musical Instrument: Piano25/100 (25/250)Novice
Negotiation 0/100 (0/251)Novice
Persuasion26/100 (28/251)Competent
Pickpocketing 0/1000/250Novice
Poisons 0/1000/250Novice
Politics100/100 (250/25)Master
Psychology51/100 (78/251)Expert
+3 GFd Renown
Sewing20/100 (20/250)Novice
Singing0/100 (0/251)Novice

Skills A - M : 
A - C
Acrobatics: 1
Acrobatics: Jumping whilst running ( X )

1 Acting: Maintaining etiquette around people you dislike ( X)
2 Acting: Appearing pleased when you are not ( X)
3 Acting: Appearing unconcerned ( X)
4 Acting: The hostess ( X )
5 Acting: Pretending to care what someone's wearing ( X )
6 Acting: Like you want to be here ( X )
7 Acting: Playing the role of the dutiful fiancee ( X)
8 Acting: Friendly and upbeat (X )
9 Acting: Carefree (X )
10 Acting: Like I'm supposed to be here (X)
11 Acting: Like everything's alright ( X )

Animal Husbandry
Animal Husbandry: Talk to your horse (X )
Appraisal: 1
Appraisal: Take your time to look over the goods (X)

Baking: Make individual rolls rather than a loaf X
Baking: Home made bread should prove for 12 breaks. ( X)
Baking: Adjust ratio of ingredients to counteract moist ingredients in bread ( X )

Caregiving: Helping the sick (X)
Caregiving: Feeding the hungry (X)
Caregiving: Caring for a traumatized child (X)
Caregiving: Calming down a distressed individual (X)
Caregiving: Making a chair and stool as comfortable as possible (X)
Caregiving: Reassurance (X)
Caregiving: Tending to an injured man ( X )
Caregiving: Preserving dignity ( X )
Caregiving: Speaking to your babies ( X )
Caregiving: Protecting your children ( X )
Caregiving: Reassuring someone ( X )

Carpentry: Taking Care of Polished Tables (X

Combat: Knife:
Blades (Knife): Stabbing ( X )
Blades (Knife): Repeated movements to increase damage ( X )
Cooking: Cook meat low and slow X
Cooking: Combining ingredients for flavour and texture ( X)
Cooking: Roasting small new potato in their skins ( X)

Cosmotology: Picking colours with significance (X)
Cosmetology: a subtle makeup (X)
Cosmetology: with certain eyes it's sufficient to just emphasize the corners (X)
Cosmetology: Decide make up on the colour of your clothing (X)
Cosmetology: Dress for the situation (X)
Cosmetology: Emphasis on the eyes (X)
Cosmetology: Accessories make an outfit (X)
Cosmetology: Get the basics right X
Cosmetology: Looking natural can be hard workX
Cosmetology: Simple and elegant is hard to pull offX
11. Cosmetology: Consider your audience when choosing your clothing (X

◦ Cosmetology: Scent is very important X
Cosmetology: Tiny finishing touches to make up make one look polished X
Cosmetology: Dressing for pregnancy X
Cosmetology: Putting emphasis on the eyes with shadow X

D - F
Deception: Body language can give you away (X)
Deception: How to feign ignorance (X)
Deception: What a beautiful home you charlatans and cowards have.(X)
Deception: noticing tension in others that can be played upon. (X) Deception: Lying about the cause of an injury(X)
Deception: Saying one thing and thinking another (X)
Deception: Acting One Way while Feeling Another. (X)
Deception: Keeping Secrets. (X)
Deception: Lying to your father (X)
Deception: The best liars are the ones that don’t know their lying (X)
Deception: Smiling brightly and acting like everything is ok X
Deception: Pretending to be a devout follower of a religion Deception: Add in a little casual touch to make people think it's ok ([url=http://standingtrials.com/viewtopic.php?f=192&t=9759&p=82014#p82014]X )
Deception: Pretending to be happy ( X )

Detection: How to Spot Signs of DiscomfortX
Detection: Using facial expressions to determine peoples relationships (X)
Detection: Spotting when someone is Stuck for things to Talk About. (X)
Detection: People can’t easily Deny the Sounds they Make.(X)
Detection: Spotting the Anger in their Eyes.(X)

Detection: Noticing Inconsistencies with Role (X)
Detection: Changes in behaviour (X)

Discipline: Waiting with patience (X)
Discipline: somethings are bigger than your own desires. (X)
Discipline: maintaining a farce.(X)
Discipline: Focus on facts, not Emotion ( X)
Discipline: Getting up and carrying on in spite of everything(X)
Discipline: Hiding the fact that you are in pain(X)
Discipline: Holding back the urge to snap (X)
Discipline: Go through with your father's plans, even if you dont like it (X)
Discipline: Tempering Emotions With Breathing (X)
Discipline: Overcoming fear and saying a hard truth.(X)
Discipline: Finding strength in Xander (X)

Discipline: Ignoring conflicting emotions X
Discipline: Focus on long term goals X
Discipline: Not letting your anger drive you X
Discipline: Not giving in to fear ( X )
Discipline: Trying to contain emotions ( X )
Discipline: Making yourself be quiet when you want to get hysterical X
Discipline: Attending to someone else's emotions. X
Discipline: Not charging ahead X
Discipline: Not showing your frustrations even when you are alone. ( X)
Discipline: Not shouting when you really, really want to. ( X)
Discipline: Not walking out, or saying something you'll regret ( X)

Discipline: Holding on to your temper ( X)
Discipline: Not giving in to how you feel (X)
Discipline: Do not show your fear, or your need (X)
Discipline: Ignoring how you feel about being used ( X)
Discipline: Hiding your disappointment when they don't quite measure up ( X)
Discipline: Controlling your reactions to their ego ( X)
Discipline: Not showing the shame of public humiliation ( X )
Discipline: Not letting disgust show ( X )
Discipline: Trying not to show the help that you're afraid (X )
Discipline: Promising that you will not allow someone you care for to be hurt (X)
Discipline: Not allowing yourself to panic in public ( X )
Discipline: Preparing yourself for a difficult evening ( X )

Disguise: That of a Lovestruck Girl. (X)
Disguise: Hiding Facial Injuries is Harder.(X)
Disguise: Covering Up a Bruise (X)

1. Endurance: How to survive a verbal assault (X)
2 Endurance: The importance of breath (X)
3 Endurance: The will to survive and flourish(X)
4 Endurance: Fighting off Sickness leaves you Exhausted X
5 Endurance: Fighting for your life when you are exhausted and drugged (X)
6 Endurance: Keeping composure when telling hard truths.(X)
7 Endurance: Failure is Not an Option (X)
8 Endurance: “Fight or Fail” (X)
9 Endurance: Staying awake to hear news. (X)
10 Endurance: Keeping hold of a weight with outstretched arms. (X)
11 Endurance: The pain of continued effort. (X)
12 Endurance: Breathe evenly to increase endurance (X)
13 Endurance: Pushing yourself to continue, even when already in pain (X)
14 Endurance: Running through the house ( X )
15 Endurance: Not slowing down for stairs ( X )
16 Endurance: Remaining standing while exhausted (X)
17 Endurance: Take a break (X)
18 Endurance: Know when to admit defeat. (X)
19 Endurance: Some men have a lot of stamina ( X)
20 Endurance: Taking the beatings of a cruel master ( X)
21 Endurance: Ignoring the aches of your job ( X)
22 Endurance: Being pulled by the hair is painful X
23 Endurance: The resounding pain of a blow across the face ( X )
24 Endurance: Smiling with a split lip ( X )
25 Endurance: Being dragged by your shoulder is painful (X )
26 Endurance: Blows to the face cause immense pain (X )

Etiquette (1): Rynmere Nobility (SP)
Etiquette (2): The Role Of A Lady (SP)
Etiquette (3): Appearing to be that which you are not (X)
Etiquette:(4) Hostess (X)
Etiquette: (5) Sending a modest but sincere sounding letter (X)
Etiquette: (6)Allow enough time for other party to respond. (X)
Etiquette: (7)Preforming a proper curtsy (X)
Etiquette: (8) don’t forget your mask (X)
Etiquette: (9)using the proper honorific (X)
Etiquette: (10)The careful juggling act of dealing with a loose cannon (X)
Etiquette:(11) Maintaining Eye contact when speaking (X)

Etiquette: (12)Whisper in a Library(X)
Etiquette: (13)If you are going to have a formal dinner, you want to look your best (X)
Etiquette:(14) It's impolite to ignore someone's letters (X)
Etiquette: (15) Thanking the host (X)
Etiquette: (16)Thanking your Mother for her Assistance in your Union. (X)
Etiquette: (17)Courting even though you didn’t want to Initially. (X)
Etiquette: (18)Formal Titles Count. (X)
Etiquette: (19)Knowing that First Names Aren’t Always Used at Dinner.(X)
Etiquette: (20) Understanding the Subtleties of whom Serves your dining Partner.(X)
Etiquette: (21)Some nobles take improper table position as an insult (X)
➳ Etiquette: Apologize to the servants for making messes. (X)

➳ Etiquette: Avoid scandal wherever possible (X)
Etiquette: Offer to help (X)
Etiquette: (25)Correct use of titles (X)
Etiquette: (26)Not revealing secrets (X)
Etiquette: Greeting a sister in law(X)
Etiquette: Putting people at ease on your wedding (X)
Etiquette: Listen to his frustration ( X)
Etiquette: Subtly covering up for others (X)
Etiquette: Knowing your station (X)
Etiquette: Ensuring that you smile, even in awkward moments. (url=http://standingtrials.com/viewtopic.php?f=196&t=9845&p=72538#p72538]X[/url])
Etiquette: Greeting nobility (X)

Etiquette: Pregnancy is not an excuse not to curtsy (X)
Etiquette: Small talk before big discussion (X)
Etiquette: Be polite to the help. (X )

G - I
Gardening: 3
Gardening Dirtier than the books describe (X)
Gardening: Speaking to plants (X)
Gardening: The right tools! (X)

Intelligence (1): organisations in Rynmere (SP)
Intelligence (2): Underground organisations with a focus on nobility (SP)
Intelligence: Take note to report back to father (X)
Intelligence: Everybody Has Secrets (X)
Intelligence: Gathering small details from a story ( X )
Intelligence: Consider why someone would do something apparently illogicalX
Intelligence: Gather background information on other nobles (X)
Intelligence: Observe, question and then observe more.(X)
Intelligence: Casual questions(X)
Intelligence: Observe others to learn their "tells" ( X)
◦ Intelligence: In noble families, scandal lasts a long time X

12◦ Intelligence: Know everything you can before a meeting X
13◦ Intelligence: Tiny details can be the difference between winning and losing X
14◦ Intelligence: Seek alternative viewpoints X
15◦ Intelligence: Glean information by pretending to know something, then others will assume you do. X
16◦ Intelligence: Gather names and details in a circuitous manner. X
17 Intelligence: Know as much as possible before an official visit X
18 Intelligence: Learn little details to ensure that you are well received X
19 Intelligence: Consider tiny details, even down to gender of your guardX
20 Intelligence: When visiting children, gauge how your guard will react around them at home X
21 Intelligence: Know names before you arrive X
Intelligence: How you look is important in Intelligence Gathering X
Intelligence: Clues in the environment.X

Intimidation: Letting Them Know That You Have Many Allies(X)

J - M
: Keeping Secrets to Protect People (SP)
Leadership: Running a meeting (X)
Leadership: Speaking to a small group (X)
Leadership: Ensuring that everyone is clear (X)
Leadership: Clearly stating priorities (X)
Leadership: State your political feelings clearly (X)
Leadership: Instruct others to say things how you want them to be (X

Logistics: Planning a meeting with your totally not gay future husband(X)
Logistics: Thinking of wedding arrangements. (X)
Logistics: Planning your wedding (X)
Logistics: Planning a murder (X)
Logistics: Working around complications in the plan (X)

Logisitcs: Don’t forget the poison tea. (X)
Logistics: Planning for childcare X
Logistics: Considering the future X
Logistics: Planning to overthrow a throneX

Medicine: 2
Medicine: Arnica to Help Heal Bruising.(X)
Medicine: A Soft Voice can be Soothing Itself.(X)
Meditation: breathing in to calm your emotions before explaining something.(X)

Musical Instrument: Piano
Musical Instrument: Piano: A piece of music is like a set of instructions (X)
Musical Instrument: Piano: Notations identify notes (X)
Musical Instrument: Piano: Each note is a unique sound (X)
Musical Instrument: Piano: White keys are whole notes (X)
Musical Instrument: Piano: Black keys are in between notes (X)
Musical Instrument: Piano: Middle C (X)
Musical Instrument: Piano: Flats and sharps (X)
Musical Instrument: Piano: Seven white keys, five black (X)
Skills N - Z : 
Negotiation: Staying Firm When Compromises Won't Work (X)
Negotiation: "I don't have anything" Doesn't leave much room for negotiating (X)
Negotiation: Tell the barbarians that you're ready to negotiate (X)
Negotiation: Make your terms known (X)
Negotiation: Dealing with difficult people X
Negotiation: Giving a little to get what you want X
Negotiation: State what you can offer (X)
Negotiation: Seek clarification (X)

Persuasion: How to use threats to persuade (X)
Persuasion: How to use promises to persuade (X)
Persuasion: How to appeal to emotion (X)
Persuasion: Honesty can be more powerful than lies (X)
Persuasion: When all else fails, resort to begging (X)
Persuasion: Finding labour (X)
Persuasion: Subtly remind the barbarians to let you sit (X)
Persuasion: Using Flattery and Humility to Advantage a Third Party. (X)
Persuasion: Appealing to Reason (X)
Persuasion: Requesting a private audience (X)
Persuasion: Showing evidence to quell any doubt. (X)

Persuasion: Speaking soft and calmly to relax someone (X)
Persuasion: Explain the reason behind a delay (X)
Persuasion: Trying to make Xander see reason X
Persuasion: Explaining why his idea is a bad one X
Persuasion: There's nothing as persuasive as proving them wrong X

Poisons: Whiskey can dull the senses and slow reactions (X)

Politics (1): Trust no one. (SP)
Politics: (2) The power of clothing (X)
Politics: (3) For nobles, a well-planned marriage brings power (X)
Politics: (4) War requires sacrifice (X)
Politics: (5) Keeping up appearances(X)
Politics: (6)Marrying for the good of your family (X)
Politics: (7) Dancing the dance of fools, only important because others deemed it so. (X)
Politics: (8)turning a dress into a political statement.(X)
Politics: (9)Power Weighed Against Family, Safety and Your Situation. (X)
Politics: (10)Analysing decisions carried out by state. (X)
Politics:11 United We Stand (X)

Politics: 12 Leveraging With Power(X)
Politics:13 Using your wedding to bridge the gap between commoners and nobility (X)
Politics:14 Baiting the King into taking action (X)
Politics: 15“My Father Will Hear About This” (X)
Politics:16 Pick Your Battles (X)
Politics: 17 Who Are the Pawns (X)
Politics: 18 Making an Enemy of Andaris Will Cause Others to Intervene (X)
Politics: Choose Between Duchy or Kingdom (X)
Politics: 20 Keep Your Humanity (X)
Politics: Krome and Venora are Allies (X)
Politics: The Powerful Succeed (X)

Politics: A scandal to cover up a scandal? (X)
Politics: Risks are inherent in politics (X)
➳ Politics: (25)Sometimes, you create a scandal by fearing one (X)
➳ Politics: Own your actions (X)
➳ Politics: You can not reason with an unreasonable man (X)
➳ Politics: Use witnesses to back up claims (X)
➳ Politics: Pull in those above you in order to solidify your story (X)
Politics: (30)Small talk (X)
Politics: Political alliances (X)
Politics: Attending events in order to see who attends, and who does not.X
Politics: (33) Wedding gifts give a message.X

Politics: Everyone is hiding something (X)
Politics: Prepare someone for not meeting the dresscode (X)
Politics: House Krome and House Andaris Joined Through Marriage (X)
Politics: Line up alliances (X)
Politics: Tell people what they want to hear (X)
Politics: (39) Family should, but doesn't, matter (X)
Politics: Use the past as a means of connecting (X)
Politics: Never miss an opportunity to point out your strengths (X)
Politics: Never miss an opportunity to point out another's failings (X)
Politics: (43)The art of the subtle dig (X)
Politics: The analogy of politics and unarmed combat.(X)
Politics: Sometimes, you have to point out flaws ( X)
Politics: Like a game of poker ( X)
Politics: You have to know the rules of the game to play it ( X)
Politics: Playing along is being smart ( X)
Politics: (49) Politics can minimise bloodshed ( X)
Politics: Answering a summons (X)
Politics:(51) Honest and straightforwardness leads to trust (X)
Politics: Building alliances to weaken opponents (X)
Politics: Looking for the reason behind arranged marriages (X)
Politics: Don't make sweeping changes early on (X)
Politics: (55) Ensure that you isolate, in order to be victorious (X)
◦ Politics: Remind people of their manners X
Politics:Show no weakness, even when exhausted (url=http://standingtrials.com/viewtopic.php?f=196&t=9845&p=72538#p72538]X[/url])
Politics: Sometimes, it's important to state the obvious (url=http://standingtrials.com/viewtopic.php?f=196&t=9845&p=72538#p72538]X[/url])
Politics:(59) Unique political situations occur 9 times out of 10 (url=http://standingtrials.com/viewtopic.php?f=196&t=9845&p=72538#p72538]X[/url])
Politics: Polite small talk (X)
Politics: Political allegiances must be carefully negotiated (X)
Politics: Politics is acting (X)
Politics: The first rule of politics (X)

Psychology: 20+
1.Psychology: What a panic attack feels like (X)
2.Psychology: Experiencing a flashback (X)
3.Psychology: They aren't being nice for the hell of it, what's their angle? (X)
4.Psychology: Using cognitive dissonance to gain an ally X
5. Psychology: Gauging the Honesty of Those in your Company. (X)

6.Psychology: Resentment Motivates some Family Abuse.(X)
7. Psychology: Some people do not wish to be saved(X)
8. Psychology: Vulnerability (X)
9. Psychology: Excessive Fear Makes You Pass Out (X)
10. Psychology: “Your jackass father is trying to throw of your game by making you angry.” says Celeste (X)

11. Psychology: Some people need space to calm down (X)
12. Psychology: Xander is more open with his emotions around you (X)
13. Psychology: Surface conversation can hide pain (X)
14. Psychology: Every rule has exceptions (X)
15. Psychology: The price of trauma (X)

16. Psychology: Avoid the temptation to overstep your boundaries (X)
17. Psychology: A calm conversation can help soothe upset (X)
18. Psychology: Conflicting emotions are confusing X
19. Psychology: Anger affects people differently X
20. Psychology: Emotions leave you vulnerable X

➳ Psychology: Speaking the truth can be hard.(X)
➳ Psychology: Emotions are difficult. (X)
➳ Psychology: Impacts of trauma (X)
➳ Psychology: Telling someone you love something which will hurt them. (X)
Psychology: Dealing with shock X
Psychology: Good news can be shockingX

Resistence (1)
Resistance: Sleep can be a Memory that you Stay Awake in all Night. (X)
Resistance: Drugs take time to leave your system(X)
Rhetoric (Rhetorical Device): Hyperbole (X)
Rhetoric (Rhetorical Device): Pathos (X)
Rhetoric: How to pick apart word choices (X)
Rhetoric: Using feigned ignorance to gain a verbal advantage (X)
Rhetoric: Using written and verbal clues to assess an ally's motives and intentX
Rhetoric: Some Words Mean more than they Appear To.(X)
Rhetoric: Strategies Disguised as Olive Branches!(X)
Rhetoric: Knowing When to Speak and When Not to.(X)
Rhetoric: Sweet Talking the Help as a Strategy.(X)
Rhetoric: Vehemently Turning an Insult on Its Head.(X)
Rhetoric: Saying What you Have to Can Still be Hard. (X)

Rhetoric: The Truth is sometimes Exactly What is Needed.(X)
Rhetoric: Controlling the conversation (X)
Rhetoric: Garnering approval through words (X)

1. Seduction: Hand Squeeze Before Bed (X)
2 Seduction: Looking under your lashes (X)
3 Seduction: Speaking suggestively (X)
4 Seduction: How make men want you ( X)
5 Seduction: Telling men what they want to hear ( X)
6 Seduction: Flattery is a useful tool ( X)
7 Seduction: Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker ( X)
8 Seduction: Put on a display to attract customers X
9 Seduction: How to make your hips sway X
10 Seduction: Be where people are buying, when you're trying to sell X
11 Seduction: Maintain eye contactX

12 Seduction: Obedience is attractiveX
13 Seduction: Slight expressions can make a difference ( X)
14 Seduction: Subtle flirting ( X )
15 Seduction: Pregnant pauses ( X )
16 Seduction: Paying attention to what your fiance appreciates / responds to ( X )
17 Seduction: Innuendo ( X )
18 Seduction: Undressing to make sure they're looking. ( X )

Sociology: Understanding your Mother's Motivations for your Union.(X)
Sociology: Knowing your own Status in Relation to those Around You.(X)

Socialization 6
Socialization: Offering Assistance to Others X
Socialization: Introducing Yourself X
Socialization: A Dazzling First Impression for your Date. (X)
Socialization: Keeping and Using Eye Contact to your Advantage.(X)
Socialization: Your Dining Manners are Impeccable.(X)

Socialization: A Person with Company isn’t as easily Picked On or Targeted.(X)
Socialization: Dealing with a servant in the middle of an argument X

Strength (5+)
1 Strength: Holding on to a weight with outstretched arms.(X)
2 Strength: Maintaining a hold increases muscles(X)
3 Strength: Keep your breathing steady (X)
4 Strength: Lifting a weight above your head to build strength(X)
5 Strength: Repetition helps build muscle tone (X)
6 Strength: Running up stairs builds calf muscles ( X )
7 Strength: Holding up a man twice your size ( X )
8 Strength: Walking with a deadweight ( X )

T - V
Tactics: Using lists and discussion to create a battle plan (X)
Tactics: Balancing the needs of disparate groups to ensure cooperation (X)
Tactics: Seeing someones twisted games for with they are (X)
Unarmed Combat
Unarmed Combat: Tackling somebody to the ground (X)

W - Z

Locations : 
Location: Andaris [SP]Location: House Andaris (X)
Location: Barony of Astedia (X)
Location: Drakenguard (X)

People : Aeon:
Aeon: Sweaty (X)
Aeon: Attempted Gallantry (X)
Aeon: Likes your cooking (X)
Aeon: Easily persuaded (X)
Aeon: Changeable (X)
Aeon: A Peasant (X)

Nobles : 
Peake Andaris: Brother (X)
Peake Andaris: Baron (X)
Peake Andaris: Dangerous (X)
Peake Andaris: Your weakness (X)
Peake Andaris: Your protector (X)
Peake Andaris: Your downfall (X)
Peake Andaris: Loves you (X)
Peake Andaris: A Monster(X)
Peake Andaris: Abusive & Manipulative(X)
Peake Andaris: Incapable of True Love (X)
Peake Andaris: Never Admits Wrongdoings(X)
Thomas (Grandfather)
Grandfather Andaris: Requests your presence back at the capital (X)
Thomas Andaris: Congratulates you (X)
Thomas Andaris: Duke of Andaris (X)
Thomas Andaris: Wants to Abdicate to you (X)
Thomas Andaris: Spoke of a secret council (X)

Elyna Burhan: Sea Wench (X)

Xander Krome
Xander Krome: Your intended husband (X)
Xander Krome: Not as savage as the rest...? (X)
Xander Krome: Polite and courteous (X)
Xander Krome: Tried to comfort you when you were low (X)
Xander Krome: Eyed you up (X)
Xander: Appreciates your knack for planning (X)
Xander: Protective(X)
Xander: Not a layabout... or a lay-around (X)
Xander: Loyal to a fault (X)
Xander: Chivalrous (X)
Xander: You’re pleased to marry him(X)
Xander Krome: told him about his father (X)
Xander Krome: Thinks he loves you (X)
Xander Krome: Impressively crafty (X)
Xander: Believes in Me (X)
Xander: Doesn’t Think the Houses Will Unite (X)
Xander: Plans to Separate Krome from Rynmere (X)

NPC: Baron of Krome, an Oaf of a Man and Worse!(X)
NPC: Baroness of Krome, might be someone you can Manipulate.(X)

People in Venora: NPCs
Ebony Venora: Duchess of Venora (X)
Ebony Venora: An old prune but a sharp one (X)
Willow Verona: Mother to Alistar (X)
Willow Verona: A loose cannon who deserves a bitch slap (X)
Kaleb Venora: Father to Alistar (X)
Kaleb Venora: Is kind of a prick (X)
Alistair Venora
Alistar Venora: Would be husband, if he wasn’t so gay (X)
Alistar Venora: is scared of you (X)
Alistar Venora: Firm legs and fashion sense = husband material? (X)
Alistar Venora: Marionette of the Duchess (X)
Alistair Venora: Nobleman in House Venora (X)
Alistair Venora: Fiance (X)
Alistair Venora: Gay (X)
Andraska Venora
Andráska Venora: Fought a Sessfiend (X)
Andráska Venora: Judged by Pier & Pre (X)
Andráska Venora: Killed Zvezdana (X)
Andráska Venora: King’s Guard (X)
Andráska Venora: Suicidal (X)
Zvezdana Venora
Zvezdana Venora: Sessfiend(X)
House Venora
House Venora: A bunch of judgemental charlatans and cowards. (X)
House Venora: Has the most beautiful of palaces, or so I’ve been told. (X)
House Venora: synonymous with beauty (X)
House Venora: The secret of their firm legs, is stair cases (X)
House Venora: The basic layout (X)
House Venora: Has a beautiful garden, perfect for weddings (X)
House Venora: Social graces and Power skip a generation. (X)

People in Warrick:
Rafael Warrick: Bastard Son of Ned Warrick (X)
Rafael Warrick: Ex-Iron Hand (X)
Rafael Warrick: Stabbed me (X)

House Warrick:
Other : 
Creature: Sessfiend (X)
Sessfiend: Someone Cursed by Syroa (X)
Point Bank : 
Thread or Item Credit Debit Total
March 2017 28 points0028
Transfer into gold 140gn2800
April 20178 point 0008
Peg: Apr 2018229 points--237
+50PB Small Renown Reward 1--287
Tessa Apr 201823--310
Peg May 2018199--509

Please note: As of Ashan 718, Celeste Andaris has been kidnapped and has disappeared. Following the events in this thread she believes herself to be Tessa Anders, a streetwalker in Ivorian.

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Celeste Andaris

Postby Tessa (Celeste) » Sat Aug 13, 2016 9:54 am

Skill Point & Renown Ledger

Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentSkills Point TotalFame AdjustmentRenown Total
Racial Bonus: Leadership2500 Starting CSNil20
Starting Package5000Starting CS (50)Nil20
Politics0010 Starting CS (40) Nil20
Etiquette0020Starting CS (20)Nil20
Intelligence0010Starting CS (10) Nil20
Jewelry Crafting0010Starting CS (10) Nil20
Persuasion+5 (KG)5 Starting CS Nil20
Etiquette+5 (KG)5 Starting CS Nil20
Leadership+2 (KG)2 Starting CS Nil20
Neighbourhood Watch 150015-121
Silver Bells and Cockle Shells 150030Nil21
Union Station15--15+122
Books & Beauties 8--8Nil22
Will there be cake?15--230022
Welcome to Krome15--48+123
Cosmetology --25230023
Persuasion --10130023
Etiquette --1030023
Politics --3000023
Battle Plans 15--150023
First Dates15--300023
Darkest Before Dawn 15--450023
Walking in the Snow15--60+225
An Unexpected Interlude15--75+126
Let Slip The Wolves of War15--120--26
Crystal Clear15--135--26
Beginnings and Endings15--150029
Misery Loves Company15--300029
First Impressions15--450029
Our People15--33+1039
Even the Best Made Plans15--48--39
All the glitters15--63--39
Settling in15--78--39
Pillow Talk15--93--39
Fit for Purpose15--108Nil39
Hands On15--123Nil39
Change of Plans15--138Nil39
Boy King15--153Nil39
Black Sheep5--178--49
When Old Meets New15--193--49
An Andaris at Heart15--208251
Past, Present, Future15--223--51
Sisters to be15--238--51
Blueprints for the Future15--253--51
Existing Noble----153+3081
Piano --2550--81
My Frustrations15--50--81
Looking Forward15--38--81
To The Victor Go The Spoils15--53--81
Ladies Day15--68+586
Noble Blood, Noble Heart15--79+35121
Birds of a Feather15--94+2123
The Dragon and the Rose15--87+5128
Amidst The Roses15--102--128
Taken, Broken and Remade20--97--128
Baking --2057--128
Bringing Home the Bread10--47--128
Luck, Be A Lady10--57--128
Bargaining Power10--17--128
Blood from a Stone15--2210138
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished15--52--148
Family Reunion15--67--148

Please note: As of Ashan 718, Celeste Andaris has been kidnapped and has disappeared. Following the events in this thread she believes herself to be Tessa Anders, a streetwalker in Ivorian.

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Tessa (Celeste)
Not who she used to be...
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Location: Ivorian
Race: Human
Profession: Vixen
Renown: +138
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Medals: 9
One Arc Later... (1) First Love (1) Bow Chicka Wow Wow (1) True Love (1)
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Legend In Waiting (1)

Celeste Andaris

Postby Tessa (Celeste) » Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:27 am

Clothing : 
One set of clothing ( cloak, shirt or blouse, pants or skirt, undergarments, and a pair of boots).
Undergarments x 2
Dress x 3
Gown x 2
Gloves x 3
Hats x 3
Hair Comb x 3
Weapons of War
Wool Skirt x3 (red, black, cream)
Fur Trimmed Wool Coat (cream, deep red trim)
Cotton Dress x 3 (red, blue, cream)
Stockings x 5 (brown x 3, skin x2)
Chiffon Nightgown (red)
Cotton blouse x 3 (red, black, cream)
Unexpected Interlude
Chiffon blouse
Taffeta skirt
Pale pink taffeta dress for her engagement party.
Gown = 9gn (39gn 6sn)
~ taffeta x 3.5
~ ribbon trim .2
~ embroidery .2
~ bone corset .5 = x4.4
For the Venora Charity Gala
Gown - (79gn)

Miscellaneous : One Set of Toiletries: Soap, A comb or brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste,
One waterskin
Two sets of eating utensils
Cosmetics : 
Rouge x2
Eye Paint x3
Nail Paints
Shoes (heeled) x 3
Boots (ankle) x 2

ItemDebitCredit Total GN Total SN Total CN
Starting Package 00 100 100gn00
Undergarments x 2 1gn 99gn 00
Dress x 3 15gn 84gn00
Gown x 2 18gn 66gn00
Coat 7gn 59gn00
Cloak 5gn 54gn00
Gloves x 3 6gn 48gn00
Hats x 3 3gn 45gn00
Hair Comb x 3 3gn 42gn00
Lipstick 1gn 41gn00
Rouge x2 1gn 40gn00
Eye Paint x3 6gn 34gn00
Kohl 1gn 33gn00
Nail Paints 3gn 30gn00
Shoes (heeled) x 3 36sn 26gn4sn0
Boots (ankle) x 2 16sn 24gn 8sn 0
March 2017 Point Bank 00 140gn164gn8sn0cn
Sale of house in Andaris --250gn514gn8sn0c
Weapons of War 91gn 2sn 8cn 423gn7sn2cn
An Unexpected Interlude 14gn 4sn 8cn 409gn2sn4cn
Announcements39gn 6sn369gn6sn4cn
A Birthday Gift for Xander 160gn209gn6sn4cn
A Book for Xander10gn199gn6sn4cn
Ashan 717 Wages--873gn 9sn 5cn1073gn5sn9cn
Gown for the Venora Charity Gala79gn--994gn5sn9cn
Conversion of Point Bank0040gn1034gn5sn9cn
Donation to Venora Charity Gala1000gn--34gn5sn9cn
Wages Ymiden 717--785gn 1sn 8cn819gn7sn7cn
Wages Saun 717--447gn 2sn1,266gn9sn7cn
Wages Vhalar 717--1,586gn 7sn2,853gn6sn7cn
Donation to Orphanage250gn--2,303gn6sn7cn
NPC: Benji Ashan 71810gn--2,293gn 6sn 7cn
Our home1,000gn--1,293gn6sn7cn

Please note: As of Ashan 718, Celeste Andaris has been kidnapped and has disappeared. Following the events in this thread she believes herself to be Tessa Anders, a streetwalker in Ivorian.

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Tessa (Celeste)
Not who she used to be...
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Joined: Thu Aug 11, 2016 10:06 pm
Location: Ivorian
Race: Human
Profession: Vixen
Renown: +138
Character Sheet
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Plot Notes
Medals: 9
One Arc Later... (1) First Love (1) Bow Chicka Wow Wow (1) True Love (1)
Married (1) Changed (1) Starting A Family (1) Keep it in the Family (1)
Legend In Waiting (1)

Celeste Andaris

Postby Tessa (Celeste) » Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:28 am

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Please note: As of Ashan 718, Celeste Andaris has been kidnapped and has disappeared. Following the events in this thread she believes herself to be Tessa Anders, a streetwalker in Ivorian.

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Tessa (Celeste)
Not who she used to be...
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Celeste Andaris

Postby Tessa (Celeste) » Thu Mar 23, 2017 11:06 pm

Archive Thread List

Arc716 :  Saun 716
ThreadDateCompanions Outcome
With Silver Bells and Cockle Shells 2nd Saun 716 Aeon Ongoing
Neighbourhood Watch 3rd Saun 716 Peake Completed
Union Station(ery) 5th Saun 716 Alistair Ongoing
Books and Beauties 10th Saun 716 Duncan Ongoing
Playing Pretend with Pretty Presents 17th Saun 716 Andraska Ongoing
Will There Be Cake 20th Saun 716 Peake Ongoing

Arc 717 : Cylus 717
Welcome to Krome28th Cylus 717Xander Krome Completed
Battle Plans29th Cylus 717 Xander Krome Completed
Foundations30th Cylus 717 Solo Completed
First Dates30th Cylus 717 Xander Krome Completed

Ashan 717
Darkest Before Dawn1st Ashan 717Xander Krome Completed
Walking in the Snow1st Ashan 717 Xander Krome Complete
Weapons of War 1st Ashan 717 Solo Complete
An Unexpected Interlude 1st Ashan 717 Xander Krome Complete
Our People 14th AshanXander Krome & Rita Fenyo Complete
Announcements 28th Ashan Various - group Ongoing
Stains 28th Ashan 717 Rafael Warrick & Xander Complete
Let slip the wolves of war 30th Ashan 717 Xander Complete
Campaigns 49th Ashan 717 Xander Complete
Blueprints for the Future 70th Ashan 717 Hunter Gawyn & Xander Ongoing
Weakness75th Ashan 717Xander Complete
Misery Loves Company 80th Ashan 717 Andraska Venora Complete
Crystal Clear82nd Ashan 717 Xander Complete
Consolation83rd Ashan 717 Andraska Complete
Beginnings and Endings90th Ashan 717 Xander Complete
[glow=#3a231c]Best Laid Plans91st Ashan 717 Xander Complete
First Impressions96th Ashan 717 Xander Complete
Settling In96th Ashan 717 Xander + NPC Advisors Complete
Child's Play 100th Ashan 717 Leech Ongoing

Ymiden 717
All That Glitters3rd Ymiden 717Xander Complete
Pillow Talk3rd Ymiden 717 Xander Complete
To the victor10th Ymiden 717 Xander & NPCs Ongoing
Fit for Purpose11th Ymiden 717 Xander Ongoing
Change of Plans?55th Ymiden 717 Xander Ongoing

Saun 717
Sisters to Be1st Saun 717Velaine Krome Ongoing
Family1st Saun 717Group Moderated ThreadOngoing
An Andaris at Heart5th Saun 717 Xander AndarisOngoing
The King of Hearts34th Saun 717Group Moderated ThreadOngoing
Black Sheep39th Saun 717 Group Moderated Thread Ongoing

Vhalar 717
Past, Present, Future1st Vhalar XanderCompleted
Looking Forward1st Vhalar 717Moderated Thread (Djinn) & Xander Ongoing
My Frustrations1st Vhalar 717Xander AndarisCompleted
Noble Blood, Noble Heart23rd Vhala 717YanaOngoing
Ladies Day10th Zi'da 717Valeria Burhan Ongoing
The Dragon & The Rose46th Zi'da 717Tristan Venora Ongoing
Rolling on by49th Zi'da 717XanderOngoing
Between the Roses 49th Zi'da 717Velaine KromeOngoing
Venora Charity Gala49th Zi'da 717GroupOngoing
Meeting Tristan and Valeria 49th Zi'da 717 Group Ongoing
Fallout49th Zi'da 717 Xander Ongoing.
Stick Them With The Pointy End55th Zi'daXander Ongoing
Worse Timing81st Zi'da 717Zaneongoing
Above All, Rynmere91st Zi'da 717Moderated Thread: Djinn, Xander, Andraskaongoing
718 : Cylus 718
Ashan 718
Bringing home the bread5th Ashan 718SoloGraded
Luck Be A Lady25th AshanSoloGraded
Bargaining Power26th AshanSoloCompleted
Blood from a stone44th AshanTorqinCompleted
Its A Game of Give and Take45th Ashan Solo Ongoing
Just Another Knight60th Ashan 718Xander AndarisCompleted
Family Reunion61st AshanXander and TorqOngoing
The End of a Relationship61st AshanXander Ongoing

Please note: As of Ashan 718, Celeste Andaris has been kidnapped and has disappeared. Following the events in this thread she believes herself to be Tessa Anders, a streetwalker in Ivorian.

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Tessa (Celeste)
Not who she used to be...
Posts: 466
Joined: Thu Aug 11, 2016 10:06 pm
Location: Ivorian
Race: Human
Profession: Vixen
Renown: +138
Character Sheet
Prophets' Notes
Plot Notes
Medals: 9
One Arc Later... (1) First Love (1) Bow Chicka Wow Wow (1) True Love (1)
Married (1) Changed (1) Starting A Family (1) Keep it in the Family (1)
Legend In Waiting (1)

Celeste Andaris

Postby Tessa (Celeste) » Sat Apr 22, 2017 12:49 pm

Current Thread List
A Time and a Place1st Ymiden 718 Xander
Serpantsdotter1st Ymiden 718 Xander, Basilisk
Gainful Employment5th Ymiden 718 Xander

Please note: As of Ashan 718, Celeste Andaris has been kidnapped and has disappeared. Following the events in this thread she believes herself to be Tessa Anders, a streetwalker in Ivorian.

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Tessa (Celeste)
Not who she used to be...
Posts: 466
Joined: Thu Aug 11, 2016 10:06 pm
Location: Ivorian
Race: Human
Profession: Vixen
Renown: +138
Character Sheet
Prophets' Notes
Plot Notes
Medals: 9
One Arc Later... (1) First Love (1) Bow Chicka Wow Wow (1) True Love (1)
Married (1) Changed (1) Starting A Family (1) Keep it in the Family (1)
Legend In Waiting (1)

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