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Postby Faith » Sat Jun 25, 2016 12:47 pm

Faith Augustin

Vital Statistics

Age: 19 (20 on 1st Saun 718)

Race: Human

Languages Spoken: Fluent in Common, Basic in Avriel

Faction:Order of the Adunih, Gold Cloak with Hood
Faction:Isonomia, Founder


~ Famula (Exalted)
~ Vri (Favored)
~ Moseke (Adored)

Table of Contents:
Skills Skill Point Ledger Knowledge: SkillsItems & Housing
Money LedgerFame & PB LedgerDevotion: FamulaDevotion: Vri
Devotion: MosekeOrder of the AdunihGrandmaster: Medicine & SurgeryGrandmaster: Cooking, Baking & Detection
Grandmaster: SewingEducation LedgerKnowledge: PeopleKnowledge: Immortals, Events etc
DescriptionThread ArchiveCurrent ThreadsApproved NPCs
Her Story: Arc 716 Her Story: Arc 717

Life, Death & The In Between...
“Death is before me today:
Like the recovery of a sick man,
Like going forth into a garden after sickness.

Death is before me today:
Like the odor of myrrh,
Like sitting under a sail in a good wind.

Death is before me today:
Like the course of a stream,
Like the return of a man from the war-galley to his house.

Death is before me today:
Like the home that a man longs to see,
After years spent as a captive.”
"To be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others."
Ashan 718: Relief Effort!
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Life, Death & The In-Between
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Postby Faith » Sun Jun 26, 2016 9:24 am


Skill NamePoints Acquired Points Total (x/250)Skill Points (x/100) Skill Level
Skill NamePoints Acquired Points Total (x/250)Skill Points (x/100) Skill Level
Alchemy 15 +15 +9+39/251 25+ (14/2=)7=32 Competent
Animal Husbandry[15 + 15 + 10 +[10 + 20 + 5 75/25050/100Competent
Appraisal 1 1 1 Novice
Baking15+5+15 +13 +15 +11 +15 +1 +15 +15 +15 +15 +15 +10 +15 +15 +15 +15 +15 +1250100 Grandmaster
Business Management15 +15 +15 +15 +15 +13 +10 +15 +10 +15 +15 +14 +10 + 10 + 15 +15 +13 +15 +15 + 15 +12250100Master
Caregiving14 +15+ 15 +10 + 15 + 10+15 +15 +15 +10 + 10 +15 +15 +10 +10 +15 +15 +15+11250100Master
Chemistry -- 0/251 0/100
Combat: Brawling: Unarmed(20+ ) 25[RB]+ (9+1)+8 +15 +5 +12 +15 +10 +2 +10 +15 +15 +15 +157/250 25+ (50/2=)25+ (75/3=)25 + (7/4=)1=76 Master
Combat: Blades (Short Sword / Gladius) 15 + 15 +10+15 +20 +10 +15 +15 +15 +10 +15 +155/250 25+ (50/2=)25 + (75/3=)25+ (5/4-)1=76 Master
Combat: Ranged: Crossbow 15 +15 +10 +15 +15 +15 + 85/251 25+ (50/2=)25+ (10/3=)3 = 53Expert
Cooking5[SP]+ 5(KG)+ 4+ 5+ 10+ 5+4+4+10+5+5+(8+7)+13+10+ 3 (Zuuda)+3 (Renown) FT 106 (FT) Grandmaster
Cosmetology(20+ ) 2(MC) +, 4 +15 +15 +15 +15 +15 + 81/251 52 Expert
Design: (Fashion)15 +10+25/25025Novice
Detection1(MC), + 2+ 14+ 15+ 15+ 15+ 10+ 10+ 15+ 2+ 15+ 10+ 13+ 15+ 15+ 10+ 15+ 15+ 15+ 15+ 13+ 3 Bellinos+3 (Renown)250/250 25+ (50/2=)25 + (75/3=)25 + (100/4=)25 + 6=106 GrandMaster
Disguise 10[SP], 4(KG) 14 14 Novice
Discipline(20+ ) 15 +15 +10 +15 +15 +5 +6 +15 + 15 +15 +15 +15 +10 +15 +15 +20 +15 +15 +5250/250 100 Master
Dreamwalking 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 +1 + 1 + 1NA25/100NA
Endurance 5[SP], 3(KG)+ 5+15+5+5+15 +15 +15 +15 +10 +20 +15 +10 +1 +10 +15 +15 +10 +15 +15 +15+1250/250 100Master
Etiquette(20+ ) 1(MC), 5,5+5+5+10+5+12 +14 +15 +15 +10 +15 +15 +14 +8 + 154/25125+ (50/50=)25 + (75/75=) 25 + (4/100=) 1 =76Master
Gardening 1+15 +15 +15 +15 + 15 +15 + 15 + l10 + 15 +15 + 10 +11 + 10 +10 + 10 +10 +14 +10+15+ 6 250/250 100 Master
Intelligence 10+5+ + 3+ 15+ 1548/25125 + (23/50=) 11(1) =36Competent
Investigation(20+ )15 +15 +30/25125+ (5/2=)2=27Competent
Leadership15 +15 + 15 +15 +10 +10 + 15 +15 +15 +10 +15+15+15 + 20 +15 + 15 + 15+5250/250100/100 Master
Logistics(20+ )15 +15 +15 +5 +11 +15 +2+15 +10 +10 +15 +15 +14 +15 +15 +9202/25188Master
Mathematics 5 + 5 5 Novice
Medicine(20+ ) 10[SP]5 +6 +15 +15 +15 + 10 +14 +15 +15 + 15 +15 +14 +20+ 1515 +14 +15 +15 +23 (Sevrath Favored)6 (Sevrath Adored)+6 (Renown)250/250 25+ (50/2=) 25 + (75/3)= 25+ (96/4=) 24+ (5/5) =115 Grandmaster
Meditation15 +15/25115/100Novice
Mount: Horse (6)
Painting5 + 5 5Novice
Persuasion15 + 10 +15 + 10 + 10 43/10060/250Competent
Poisons 10[SP] 10 10 Novice
Politics15+15+15+45/25125+ (20/2=)10=35Competent
Psychology(20+ ) 5+5+5+(2+9+4)+5+15 +15 +15 +15 + 95/251 25+ (50/2=)25 + (20/3=) 6(2)56 Expert
Research 5+ 15+ 10+ 14+ 15+ 15+ 15+ 15+ 10+ 15+ 10+ 10+ 5154/251 25+ (50/2=)25+ (75/3=)25+ (4/4=)176 Master
Sculpting5 + 5 5Novice
Seduction 5 + 5 5Novice
Sewing(20+ ) 10 (SB), 1(MC), 5+5+6+5+5+10 +13 +14 +15 +15 +5+15 +15 +15 +15 +15 +15 +10 +12 +15 +15+6 (Renown)250/250 106 Grandmaster
Singing22+ 5+15+15+15+375/25025+(50/2=)25=50Competent
Socialization 15+ 10+ 15+ 1555/25125+ (30/2=)15=40Competent
Sociology 15 +12 +27/25126/100Competent
Stealth 1(MC) 1 1 Novice
Strength 1 +15 +10 +1 +315 +15 +15+75/250 50/100 Competent
Surgery (20+ ) 10+15 +2 +15 +15 +15 +15 +13 +15 +15 +14 +13 +15 +10 +15 +15 +15 +15 +9, + 6 Zuuda (Adored), + 9 Zuuda (Exalted)250/250115 Grandmaster
Tactics(20+ ) 0 0 0
Teaching(20+ ) 115 +15 +15 +15 +15 +15 +3 +10 +15 +15 +10 +15 +10 +10 +9+ 188/251 25+ (50/2=)25+ (75/3=)25+ (38/4=)9=84 Master
Textile Production 15+10+25/25025/100Novice
Woodworking 10[SP]+ 5+15 +10 +15 +10 +10 +10 + 15 +15 +15 +10 +15 + 4 +159(25/25)+ (50/2=)25 + (75/3=)25 (9/4=)1=77 Master

"To be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others."
Ashan 718: Relief Effort!
Cally's Restaurant & Charity | Isonomia Faction|Luna's Dream (Orphanage)
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Life, Death & The In-Between
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Postby Faith » Sun Jun 26, 2016 9:27 am

Skill Point Ledger

Previous Threads & Spent Points
Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
The Silence Within 88
A Little Bit of Knowledge 15/15 15
Cooking 5 10
Etiquette 5 5
Sewing 5 0
Dreaming Dark Desires 15/15 15
Cooking 10 5
Never Mind The Smell 15/15 15
Cooking 5 10
Research 55
A Matter of Faith 15/15 15
Endurance 5 10
Psychology 5 5
Etiquette 5 0
Black and White 15/15 15
Sewing 5 10
Psychology 5 5
Etiquette 5 0
Determined to Grasp Opportunity 10/10 10
Sewing 6 4
Cooking 4 0
A Slave To Whim 14/15 14
Carpentry 5 9
Sewing 5 4
Cooking 4 0
Languid Light 15/1515
Mark of Ownership 15/15 15
Party Tea Time 15/15 15
Grass Is Greener 15/15 15
Fight or Flight 15/15 15
Hierarchy of Loyalty 15/15 15
Speaking Clearly 15/15 15
A Strong Foundation 9/10 9
On The Second Trial9/1018
Learning Wisdom9/1027
Time After Time9/1036
New Game! 9/10 45
Unarmed Combat1035
Negotiations 16/20 16
HomeKromeing 15/15
Slave, Lich & Venoras 12/15 12
Beauty of Skin 15/15 15
Doesn't kill you14/1514
Look With Your Heart15/1515
Give you more 15/15 15
In Saun15/1515
Two dreams collide15/1515
I sew, I sew!10/1010
Lord, Slave & Cat 13/1513
No Death Note 14/1514
Serving the House 15/15 15
After the Battle 15/15 15
Baking 150
The Return Flight 15/15 15
Etiquette 15 0
Art of Being A Slave 15/15 15
Psychology 150
Shadow Beasts 15/15 15
Psychology 150
Lookalike Lord 15/15 15
Psychology 150
Live & Learn 15/1515
Etiquette 10 5
Mathematics 5 0
Ignorance is Bliss 15/15 15
Etiquette 15 0
Wagon Woes 15/15 15
Etiquette 15 0
Funny Sort of Education 14/15 14
Etiquette 14 0
Scandalous Skirt 15/15 15
Etiqutte 8 7
Unarmed Combat 7 0
Fancy That! 15/15 15
Medicine 1500
An Accident of Fate 15/15 15
Medicine 1500
Dreams, Queens & Dances 15/15 15
Medicine 105
Brawling 5 0
The Message 15/15 15
Discipline 15 00
Just Another Trial At The Office 15/15 15
Discipline 15 00
Straight Lines 15/15 15
Cosmetology 15 00
Introductions 15/15 15
Logistics 15 00
Master, Muscle & Mouse 15/15 15
Sewing 15 00
The Dead 15/15 15
Surgery 10 5
Sewing 50
Slipping 15/15 15
Endurance 1500
Red in Tooth & Claw 15/15 30
Endurance 1500
A Friend, Indeed 15/15 45
Endurance 1500
True Service 15/15 15
Sewing 15 00
The Morning After The Night Before! 15/15 15
Sewing 15 00
We Do Not Flee From Fleas 15/15 15
Logistics 15 00
My Keeper's Cousin 15/15 15
Sewing 15 00
The Humble Son 17/20 17
Unarmed Combat 12 5
Logistics 50
Dream A Dream 11/15 11
Logistics 11 00
The Julia Childs of Idalos 15/15 15
Surgery 15 00
Alchemical Gastronomy 15/15 15
Surgery 2 13
Baking 1300
Lessons in Logic 15/15 15
Baking 15 00
Another Dream? 11/15 15
Baking 11 11
Preparation is Key 15/15 15
Logistics 15 00
A Complicated Relationship! 15/15 15
Baking 15 15
Honeycomb, Forgotten 15/15 15
Surgery 15 00
Call the Shots 15/15 15
Baking 15 00
Learning the Steps 15 15
Baking 15 00
Change in Circumstance 15 15
Baking 15 00
If I had met you on some journey 15 15
Baking 1500
The Price of Hubris 15 15
Blades 15 00
As One Season Ends 15 15
Blades 15 00
Small Steps15 15
Surgery 15 00
The Day is Gone 15-- 15
Surgery 15 00
Left Hook, Right Hook 15 15
Surgery 15 00
Facing The Future 15 15
Carpentry 15 00
Adding Water & Stirring! 15 15
Cosmetology 15 00
Beautiful 15 15
Medicine 15 00
The Room 15 15
Medicine 15 00
A Romantic Stroll 15 15
Medicine 15 00
The Bored Lord Snored 15 15
Medicine15 00
Waking Up1515
Crossbow 1500
When In Doubt, Punch 1515
Feminine Defences10--10
Two In The Crows Nest15--25
Death of Science15--15
Treading Lightly15--15
Discipline 510
Baking 1000
A Light in the Darkness15--15
Just One Key15--15
Alchemy 1500
Mirror, Mirror15--15
Alchemy 1500
Rainbows, Relish, Confections & Cakes10--10
Baking 1500
Snow Party!15--15
Tea for Three15--15
Baking 1500
Ready, Steady, Lock & Load!15--15
Baking 1500
Baking 114
Medicine 1400
The Great Meeting20--20
Medicine 2000
Sew Good15--15
Medicine 1500
Lost Lists15--15
Medicine 1500
Coal Hands, Warm Heart14--14
Medicine 1400
Tapatea for Four15--15
Medicine 1500
Keeping it on the Inside15--15
Medicine 1500
Freezing Winter Snow 15 --15
Medicine 213
Surgery 1300
When Tomorrow Comes15--15
Surgery 1500
Playing With Fire15--15
Surgery 1500
Welcome to Welles14--14
Surgery 1400
On Chases & Chess13--13
Surgery 1300
Investigation 1500
Magical Threads15--15
Investigation 1500
To Be Free15--15
Teaching 1500
Unwelcome Reunions15--15
Teaching 1500
The Room Pt II15--15
Gardening 1500
The First Battle15--15
Gardening 1500
A Raft of Possibilities 15 --15
Ghost Bloom 10 -- 15
On the 72nd Zi'da my true love gave to me 15--15
A Clear Solution15--15
In Need of a Friend 15--15
Closing In 15==15
Surgry 9006
Discipline 6 --00
Surgry 9006
Discipline 6 --00
Clearing in the Woods15-15
Discipline 15--00
Surprise Meetings 15 -15
Discipline 15--00
Bleckett Family Values 10-10
Discipline 10--00
Aftermath 15 -15
Discipline 15--00
Discipline 15--00
Tristan Learns to Cook! 15-15
Discipline 15 --00
Planning What We See 15--15
Knowledge is Power 15--15
Discipline 15--00
For Andaris! 20--20
Discipline 2000
Misfits 15--15
And So It Goes (The Room Pt 3) 15--15
Chapter 1: Sleep 15--15
Seven Words To Change The World 15--15
Ready or Not15--15
On the Scent15--15
Teaching 150
The Festival14--14
Bruce The Tiny Dog Goes On An Adventure15--15
The Diagnosis14--14
Healers in the Round 15--15
Light in the Darkness10--10
Nature's Bounty 15--15
Silks and Schemes 15--15
A Cut Above 15--15
The Reticent Midwife15--15
O Brother, What Hath Become?15--15
Wrong Time, Wrong place10--10
Glass Temple: The Final Step10--10
A Much Needed Talk15--15
Self Fulfilling Prophecy15--15
First Impressions10--10
Study Buddies15--15
A Matter of Taste10--10
Soft Landings15--15
Warm Sand15--15
Death in the Library10--10
A Brief Reunion15--15
Root Cause15--15
Dance With Truth, Beautiful Lie?15==15
A Star at Night15--15
Battle to the Tomb of Treid20--20
Making Connections10--10
Professor Amputate15--15
Business Management--1500
Washing Up 15--15
Business Management--1500
Options 15--15
Business Management--1500
It's a Dog's Life 15--15
Business Management--1500
A Romantic, Candlelit Dinner15--15
Business Management--1500
Business Management--1300
Visitors From Afar 10--10
We Bear Our Cloaks15--25
In Plain Sight 10==35
Remembrance 15==50
Digging in the Dirt15==65
Broken Promises 14--79
In my hands10--89
A Royal Tragedy15--114
When is a cure not a cure? 15--129
The Court Hereby Sentences13--142
Unwelcome News15--157
Floors aren't as comfortable 15--172
Taking Stock15187
Lets Have Lunch15202
Five Days Later 15--217
Growing Pains10--227
Three Little Words10--237
There's A Cat In The Kitchen15--252
Along Came A Spider15--267
Standing on the Shoulders14--281
Diamond Geyser15--296
The First Bite15--311
Business Management--199121
Order Arising15--15
How much is that Enormowl15--30
The One With The Waggly Tail!15--15
Naming Trial15--30
Soul of a Slave10--40
Testing Faith15--55
Old Friends, New Customs15--70
Best Laid Plans11--91
Cryogenics 10110--101
Out With The New10--111
Careful What You Wish For10--121
Teaching & Learning10--131
Stargazing & Swashbuckling15--15
A Little Bit of Knowledge15--30
Tools of the Trade15--45
You're the good one,right?15--15
Family Matters15--30
The Next Level10--25
An Arrival & A Beginning15--15
Slaving Away15--30
Staging an Intervention15--45
By Design10--10
One Arc Later15--25
Power Dynamic15--15
The Curse of Freedom15--45
The Confection Connection15--60
Thorn in my Side10--70
Ganging Aft A'Glae15--85
Mind of a Slave15--15
No More Just Desserts10--25
Gods Only Know20--20
Moons & Stars15--15
First, Familiarity 15--15
Bedside Manner10--60
Second, Seasoning15--75
(Cally's) Growth15--90
Degrees of Separation10--100
This isn't rocket science, it's brain surgery15--115
One Door Closes15--130
Planning on the Porch15--15
The Future15--15
Pragmatic Presents Prevail15--30
Unarmed Combat--15--
It's Raining Ducks & Bunnies15--15
One Oath Too Many20--20
Unarmed Combat--1010
Picnic With The Dead15--15
Same Feet, Different Path10--25
Safe Landing13--38
In The Cemetery With a Lead Pipe15--53
The Affair: Part 115--68
The Immortality of Wisdom15--93
Girl Talk15--15
Planning & Plotting15--15
Fine Time for a Wine Fine!15--15
Unarmed Combat--1500
Come, What's Due15--15
Skill Change to 250, not 251 (7 x legendary at time)7--22
The One on the Right15--37
Nobody Understands Another's Sorrow10--10
Lost in Translation15--25
The Shrine of Fei15--15
Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside15--30
Butterflies & Hurricanes15--15
The One of the Right pt 215--30
Got Bugs?15--45
Feed Forward10--55
This isn't home!?15--70
The Concealed, Revealed10--10
Foot Fungus is No Fun!15--25
A Smile for a Penny15--40
An Unexpected Withdrawal15--65
Professor Faith15--80
The Dress15--95
Flutter Bye15--110
Lady's Perogative10--120
Politics & Weddings15--135
Supply Routine15--150
Preparing Props15--165
Where would we be now?15--190
Stressed backwards10--200
Mirror Image15--215
Nestled in the Trees15--230
The Game15--245
Sewing the Distance15--260
Where Credit is Due15--275
Vulnerabilities and Strengths15--_290
Old McFaith She Had a Farm15--305
Textile Production--25116
Teaching --900
Best Foot, Prof15--15
Shining Star15--30
Accepting the Inevitable10--40
Accepting the Inevitable Pt II10--50
Blood Bath20--70
Nothing Lasts Forever20--90
Degrees of Separation15--115
Writing Letters to the Void10--125
Hanging By A Thread15--140
Breath Control15--155
The Show Must Go On10--175
Academic License15--190
Desperate Times15--205
Take My Hand, Erase The Past Forever15--220
Chest Pains10--230
Taking Note15--245
Tipping Point15--260
An Early Wedding Gift15--275
A Hero's Life15--290
Scrunched up and funny looking10--300
Sleeping under the stars10--310
An Honest Trial's Work15--325
Questions Written to the Void & Answered in the Flesh15--340
A Hero's Death Pt 110--350
A Hero's Death Pt 210--360
Trees are people, too!15--390
When I'm lost, I feel so very found15--405
Animal Husbandry--75330
Caregiving --50280
Off the beaten track15--175
Carpentry --400
Pregnant glow of feathers15--15
Another Day in Andaris15--30
Missed Carriage20--50
Post Partum15--80
Look What the Cat Dragged In I15--95
Number Every Page in Silver20--115
Seeking Solutions15--15
Working from Home10--25
Come join the murder, come fly with black15--40
Everybody laughed, but you10--10
You ask me for my conscience, I offer you my soul10--10
Stepping Through15--15
The Greatest Enemy10--25
Relief Effort 1: Base Camp10--35
Finding your feet15--50
Gunuvah's Dinnerwear15--65
Return to Work15--80
Practical Purchases15--95
Relief Effort 2: Logistics10--105
Story Time15--120
Relief Effort 3: Supporting15--135
Look What The Cat Dragged In 2!15--150
Relief Effort 4: Fundraising10--160
The Long Run15--175
A Promising Journey15--190
The Longest Night of Cylus20--210
Uncertain Shores15--135
Disaster Relief15-150
Relief Effort 6: Feeding10--160
"To be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others."
Ashan 718: Relief Effort!
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Life, Death & The In-Between
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Postby Faith » Sun Jul 10, 2016 11:22 am

Knowledge: Skills

A- C : 
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Acrobatics: (1) Keeping upright on a slippery surfaceAcrobatics: Pushing Through Inertia Instead of Surrendering to itAcrobatics: Keeping Balanced on a Slippery, Moving Surface
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Acting: (1) Plan your movements Acting: (2) Taking directions Acting:(3) Taking on the role of someone you know
Acting: (4) Making unsettling facts appear as harmless jokes Acting:(5) Emulating the nobles of RynmereActing: (6)fighting the urge to skip about with excitement.
Acting: (7)Fake it till you Make itActing:(8) remaining calm and collected during a difficult situation.Acting: Helpless maiden
Acting: Scary person Acting: (11) Pretending like you're not in a room full of people staring at you.Acting: (12)Improvisation is difficult
Acting: Really not a good learning toolActing: (14) Moseke
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Agriculture: Crop planning is essential Agriculture: Preparation for harvestAgriculture: Planning for livestock farming
Agriculture: Layout of a farm is importantAgriculture: Livestock ratios and land sizeAgriculture: Optimizing for crop yield
Agriculture: Planting to minimise pestsAgriculture: Growing grapes vs treesAgriculture: Planning land use
Alchemy 18
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Alchemy: (1) Garrotte vine sap, ghost mushroom, and almond oil poison Alchemy: (2) Sulfur, ground charcoal, and composted manure explosive Alchemy:(3) Merging of Magic and Chemistry
Alchemy: (4) Immortal's Bodies Have Special Properties Alchemy: (5) Combining ingredients to make MagicAlchemy: (6)The Use of Ingredients for Magic
Alchemy: (7) Can strengthen cloth Alchemy: (8)Requires careful planningAlchemy: (9) Binding two substances to get the best of both worlds
Alchemy: (10) The reagents needs to be added at the creation stage Alchemy:(11) Requires multiple steps Alchemy: (12) Two enchantments per item
Alchemy: (13)Conflicting Properties Must Be Considered Before Creation Alchemy: (14) Stone is Good For Regulating Temperature Alchemy: (15)Divine Magic Is A Powerful Reagent
Alchemy: (16)Combing with Medicine to extract healing oilsAlchemy: Making Scalvorian Fruit "Caviar"
Alchemy: (18)Fluid contents of Fruit does not affect the Fruit "caviar" creation process
Alchemy: Tried's Shards are Powerful Accelerating Reagents
Specific Ingredients etc (Not Alchemy Specific)
Mirror Dust: Reflects Color Chameleon Gland: Good for Color Changing Enchantments
Animal Husbandry 12
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Animal Husbandry
Animal Husbandry: (1) Speaking to your Animals Animal Husbandry: (2)Housing Animals Correctly Animal Husbandry: (3) Use Oil When Bathing A Cat To Suffocate Fleas
Animal Husbandry: (4) Use Flea Comb To Brush Cat of Flea Eggs Animal Husbandry: (5) The Only Way To Rid A Cat of Fleas Is To Bathe It Animal Husbandry: (6) Bathing an unwilling animal
Animal Husbandry: (7)Preparing an animal's bath Animal Husbandry: (8) Use protection (like gloves) to prevent bites and scratches Animal Husbandry: (9)Some Animals Like Their Master's Voice
Animal Husbandry:(10) How to saddle a horse Animal Husbandry: (11)Frogs Regulate Their Own Body Temperature or HibernateAnimal husbandry:(12) Animals appreciate when you make a fuss over them
Animal Husbandry: How to get a horse to raise it's footAnimal Husbandry:Check your horse's foot regularlyAnimal Husbandry: (15) A horse's coat does most of the work for it, it rarely needs blankets
Animal Husbandry:How to check if a horse is wet or coldAnimal Husbandry:Warm mash with apples on a cold day keeps a horse happyAnimal Husbandry: (18) The frog: A part of a horse's foot that needs to be trimmed
Animal Husbandry: Lunging your horse = exercising him.
Animal Training
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Animal Training
Animal Training: Using treats as rewards for desired behaviorAnimal Training: Establishing dominance early to prevent problematic behaviors Animal Training: Using audio cues and devices to condition a puppy
Animal Training: Using repetition and treats to reinforce behavior Animal Training: Critical for preventing bad behaviors before they become ingrained Animal Training: Repetition plus time yields progressively improved results
Animal Training: Using treats to lead an Enormowl Animal Training: Convincing an Enormowl to stay with youAnimal Training: Getting an Enormowl home
Animal Training: Equine: Getting the horse moving in the yardAnimal Training: Repeating Command WordsAnimal Training: Using a Commanding Voice
Appraisal 1
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Appraisal: Judging Another's Cooking
Astronomy 1
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Astronomy: (1)The Study of Stars

Baking 20+
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Baking: (1) Basic Cake Mixing Baking: (2) How to follow a simple recipe Baking: (3) How to measure out ingredients
Baking: (4) How to make a simple pastryBaking: (5) Proofing BreadBaking: (6) Savoury Biscuits
Baking: (7) Sweet Lemon Honey Cake Baking: (8)Chocolate Orange Cake Baking: (9) Garlic and herb bread
Baking: (10) The problem with Chocolate Fondant Baking: (11) Baking similar to Chemistry. Baking: (12) Patisserie and pastry are similar to Alchemy
Baking: (13) Ratios, temperature and timing are just as important as measurements. Baking: (14) Making small samples to test recipes Baking: (15)Always measure twice.
Baking: (16) Honey and corn syrup are less viscous and result in a less dense baked good. Baking: (17) Need Better Equipment at Home Baking: Recipe: (18) Chocolate Cherry Cake
Baking: (19)Large Cakes Should Have Thin Layers Baking: (20) Texture and Flavor Baking: (21)Enhancing a Pastry with Fresh Fruit
➳ Baking: Wedding cakesBaking: Preparing goods for a journey Baking:(24) Drying and preserving
Baking: Quality is most important for a good fish dish.Baking: Taste is linked to qualityBaking;(27) Unusual produce can make unusual dishes
Baking: Combining nougat and caramelBaking: White chocolate mousseBaking:(30) Chocolate quill
Baking: Chocolate parchmentBaking: Chocolate inkBaking:(33) Put sugar with cold water in sugarwork
Baking: Careful ratio for sugar syrups Baking: Water ruins sugarworkBaking: (36)Chocolate varieties each taste different, because of the bean.
Baking:(37) Chocolate work is best done in the cold.
Baking: Bread is a good energy food Baking: Add slow release foods for a great boost. Baking: Twice cooked bread
Baking: Extra large croutons
Brewing 1
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Brewing: Soothing tonicBrewing: The Tailoring of Tastes and Aftertastes in Sauces
Business Management
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Business Management
Business Management: (1) Hiring slaves is less expensive than hiring free citizens Business Management:(2) Bidding wars can artificially increase prices Business Management: Putting the customer first
Business Management: Keeping the customer happy Business Management: Never argue with a client Business Management: (6) Complimenting the customer
Business Management: (7) Taking notes on a customer's order Business Management: (8) Business etiquette Business Management: (9) Finding small ways to save a customer money
Business Management: Keeping your workplace tidyBusiness Management:(11) Maximum profit for minimum outlayBusiness Management: (12)Target your product to a specific market
Business Mgmt:(13) Supply and Demand of the Slave TradeBusiness Management:(14) Running a Tight KitchenBusiness Management: (15)Overseeing Staff
Business Management: (16)TimekeepingBusiness Management:(17) Promoting a business through contests and prizesBusiness Management: (18)Working around customers
Business Management: (19)Making sure everything is stocked and working well Business Management:(20) Working with inexperienced trainees Business Management:(21) Always please the customer
Business Management: (22) How to run a restaurantBusiness Management: Use one technique and apply it to a range of goods Business Management: (24)Unusual goods can attract custom.
Business Management:(25) Management theory is different to practice Business Management: Find out which advertising technique works Business Management: (27)How employees present themselves is important
Business Management: Written contracts aid clarityBusiness Management: Identify opportunities, even unexpected ones.Business Management:(30) Be clear on the limits of a business deal
Business Management: Some business is a political statement. Business Management: Social enterprise and communityBusiness Management: Menu writing
Business Management: Changing the menu with the season Business Management: Spending time with each employeeBusiness Management: Networking is necessary
Business Management: Knowing when to trust your employees.Business Management: Knowing when not to trust your employees. Business Management: (39)Planning for absences.
➳ Business management: Greeting people in your place of business➳ Business management: Holding meetings in your business➳ Business management: Sample menus for functions
Business Management: Ensure that you understand all the workings of your business Business Management: (44) Consider the long term gainBusiness Management: Giving news to employees
Business Management: Discussing large issues in groupsBusiness Management: (47)Speaking individually to your employees to ensure they are comfortable.Business Management: Considering roles and responsibilities
Business Management: Preparing for your own absenceBusiness Management: (50)Considering how to investBusiness Management: Making changes to your environment to match your circumstance
Business Management: Using business as a social and community toolBusiness Management:(53) Expanding businessBusiness Management: (54) Managing teams of staff
Business Management: A variety of relationshipsBusiness Management: Clear guidelines are vital for business relationshipBusiness Management: Puurchasing by weight and amount.
Business Management: (58) Setting clear professional boundariesBusiness Management: Discussing plans for a FranchiseBusiness Management: (60) Push your employees, but not too much.
Business Management: Laying out contractual termsBusiness Management: How to ensure fairness in tippingBusiness Management: Being flexible
Business Management:(64) TimingBusiness Management: Morality Over Profit Business Management: Holding meetings in informal settings to put everyone at their ease
Business Management: Consider a one-arc plan Business Management: The order in which you do things is important

Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Caregiving: Keep Your Child Within View Caregiving: Making Sure You're Child is Easily Reached, in Case of Emergency Caregiving: (3) Rocking a Baby Helps Them Sleep
Caregiving: Sleep When the Baby Sleeps Caregiving: The Desire to Decorate a Baby's Crib Caregiving: (6)Watching Out for Child Hazards
Caregiving: Reading To An Unborn Child Is Good Caregiving: Children Flourish With a RoutineCaregiving: (9) Eat Healthy Foods During Pregnancy
Caregiving:(10) You Must Consider the Child When Making DecisionsCaregiving: (11)Outdoing Your Own Parents Is A Good StartCaregiving: (12)Other's babies aren't as worrisome as your own
Caregiving: (13) Avoid alcohol previous to breastfeeding Caregiving: Knowing a child's scheduleCaregiving: (15)Being a good hostess
Caregiving: (16)Looking after tired travelersCaregiving: Speaking to the traumatized Caregiving: (18)Encouraging, just a little at a time
Caregiving: Helping someone bathe Caregiving: Teaching how to hold a cupCaregiving: (21) Teaching how to eat with your hands
Caregiving: (22)Being aware of the need for small steps in the indoctrinatedCaregiving: Tone of voice with patients in shockCaregiving: Giving as much information as one can
Caregiving: Remaining calmCaregiving: Breaking the news of deathCaregiving:(27) Helping people deal with grief
Caregiving: Looking after the person who is hurt, and the person who loves them.Caregiving:(29) Physical reassuranceCaregiving: (30)Gentle tone of voice
Caregiving: Names have real significanceCaregiving: Communication can be non-verbalCaregiving: (33)Gentle touch
Caregiving: Don't overwhelm.Caregiving: (35)Comfort foodCaregiving: Playing with a child to put them at their ease
Caregiving: Distracting a childCaregiving: (38)Using colours as a teaching toolCaregiving: (39)Recognising when admitting your vulnerability helps others
Caregiving: Sometimes, looking after yourself is looking after him.Caregiving: (41)Taking another person's ideas into accountCaregiving:(42) Offering closure for a loved one
Caregiving: Gentle touch can be very reassuringCaregiving: (44)Keep your patient informedCaregiving:(45) Quiet sympathy upon news of a death
Caregiving: Being honest can help someone in grief Caregiving: Not embellishing vital informationCaregiving: Considering the functionality and appropriateness of furniture
Caregiving: Fostering IndependenceCaregiving: (50) Names, and identity, are important to self.Caregiving: Reassuring an expectant father-to-be
Caregiving: Provide support, not answers.Caregiving: Reassure that you will deal with medical issuesCaregiving: (54) Let grandfather and grandson be reunited
Caregiving: It's always alright to check one more time on newbornsCaregiving: (56) Keep talking to someone who is afraid.Caregiving:(57) Even very young babies need stimulation
Caregiving: Talking to babies provokes a response Caregiving: Caring for twins is a feat in itselfCaregiving: (60) The art of feeding and changing twins
Caregiving: Sometimes, they're happier not knowing Caregiving: Dignity is important.Caregiving: Offer help, don't enforce it
Caregiving: Be calm and gentleCaregiving: Sometimes, you need to show your own vulnerability too.
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Chemistry: (1)Solids, liquids, and gases Chemistry: (2) Alkaline vs acid Chemistry: (3)Potential of hydrogen
Chemistry: (4)Testing different chemical reactions with small samples Chemistry: (5) Baking powder is an Alkaline and will rise with the help of an acid Chemistry: (6) Always measure twice.
Chemistry: (7) Molasses has a high Viscosity Chemistry: (8) Gasses gain viscosity when exposed to heat because the particles bind together. Chemistry:(9) Honey and corn syrup are less viscous and result in a less dense baked good.
Chemistry: (10)Liquids lose density with heat. Chemistry: Purifying Reagents is Necessary Chemistry:(12) Basic Dehydrating of Vegetables
Chemistry: Cooking CrossoverChemistry: (14) Ph level of blood can cause different effects with coagulants and anti coagulants.Chemistry: (15)Eye Drops
Chemistry: Eye Bath Chemistry: Extracting OilChemistry: (18) Add peppermint oil to boiling water for healing vapour
Chemistry: Vapour isn’t as potent as more concentrated forms Chemistry:(20) droplets of extract along with the healing steam to increase potency Chemistry: (21) How certain herbs work with the skin
Chemistry: (22)Reduction still reduces effects even if it keeps the flavour Chemistry: (23) Freezing to keep the effect during reduction.Chemistry: (24)Use of a Syringe.
Climbing 2
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Climbing: How to climb a robe ladder Climbing: Don’t look down Climbing: Traversing an icy cliff face
Climbing: Focus on keeping moving
Combat: Axe/ Bludgeon 1
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Combat: Axe/Bludgeon
Axes/Bludgeons (Club): End of the Crossbow can Buy you some Time
Combat: Bladed Weapons
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Combat: Bladed Weapon: Gladius
Blades: (1) Dagger, disarming an opponent Blades: (2) Dagger: A little too up close and Personal for UndeadMelee: Knife- hilt strike
Blades:(4) Slice and stab Blades: (5)An on-guard stance Armed Combat: Blade is an Extension of the Body
Armed Combat:(7) Brief and Light Strikes Armed Combat: (8)Switching Mid-Attack Combat: (9)Collaboration with Allies
Combat: (10) Exploiting Weaknesses Combat:(11) Prepare for Anything Combat: (12) Simultaneous Attacks
Blades: A gladius is bigger than a daggerBlades:(14) Fighting is Akin to DancingBlades (15) Basic stance
Bladed combat (longsword): Flank a solo opponentBladed combat (longsword): Try to disable their hands
Combat: Unarmed 20+
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Combat: Thrown Weapons
Thrown Weapons: Possible methods of deflecting Padraigs grenades
Combat: Unarmed Combat: Brawling
Unarmed Combat: Brawling (1) Smaller opponents can rely on hitting sensitive areas Unarmed Combat: Brawling (2) A good fighting stance helps evenly distribute weight and maintain balance Unarmed Combat: Brawling (3) Basic fighting stance
Unarmed Combat: Brawling (4)How to hold your arms to guard your body Unarmed Combat: Brawling (5) BalanceUnarmed Combat: Brawling (6) Knee to groin
Unarmed Combat: Brawling (7)Don't hold your thumb when you punch Unarmed Combat: Brawling (8)Armlock Unarmed Combat: Brawling (9) Trust your instincts
Unarmed Combat: Brawling(10) Fear: Brings on RecklessnessUnarmed Combat: Brawling (11) Shoulder barge Unarmed Combat: Brawling (12) Restraint with arms and legs
Unarmed Combat: Brawling (13) Branch: Slash Unarmed Combat: (14) How to dodge a moving target Unarmed Combat, Wrestling: Tackle
Unarmed Combat:(16) The power of a well-placed elbowUnarmed Combat: (17) Improvising a weapon Unarmed Combat:(18) Bite
Unarmed Combat: (19) Aim for the Sensitive Bits Unarmed Combat: (20)Fighting Dirty Unarmed Combat: (21)The Stance
Unarmed Combat:(22) The Physics Behind ItUnarmed Combat: (23) Stance Unarmed Combat:(24) Movement is important
Unarmed Combat: How to make a fist Unarmed Combat: Forward punchUnarmed Combat:(27) Center yourself
Unarmed Combat: (28) Use height to your advantageCombat: (29) Hand to hand: Preparing to block a slapCombat: Unarmed:(30) Kicking a mans undercarriage
Combat: Unarmed: Tripping a man over Combat: Unarmed: Standing ones ground Unarmed Combat: (33)Breaking out of an upper body grab
Unarmed Combat: Using alternating movement to confuse the mind of a foeUnarmed Combat: Repetition creates needed muscle memoryUnarmed Combat: (36)Use the element of surprise
Unarmed Combat: Use what you can from your surroundingsUnarmed Combat: Biting is a viable optionUnarmed Combat:(39) Struggling to break an opponents hold
Unarmed Combat: Groin kick in combat. Unarmed Combat: Ensure that weapons can not strike youCombat: Unarmed:(42) Defend and attack in one move
Combat: Unarmed: Maintaining balance whilst moving from sitting to standing Unarmed Combat: Flurry of attacks.Unarmed Combat: Reacting to being grabbed.
Combat: Ranged
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Combat: Ranged Combat: Crossbow
Ranged Combat: Crossbow: (1) How to load Ranged Combat: Crossbow:(2) How to fire Ranged Combat:(3) Crossbow: Stance
Ranged Combat: Crossbow:(4) How to hold it Ranged Combat:(5) Crossbow: Aiming Ranged Combat: (6)Crossbow: Firing a bolt
Ranged Combat:(7) Crossbow: Bolts Ranged Combat: (8)Crossbow: Delivers killing blows when used properly Ranged Combat: Crossbow: (9)Recoil can hurt
Ranged Combat: (10)Point Blank Range is Impossible to MissRanged Combat: Throat shotRanged Combat: Adrenaline boosts actions and accuracy
Construction 1
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Construction: Wrapping a present.
Cooking 20+
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Cooking: (1) The best way to add flavor to beef Cooking: (2) Use salt and pepper to add flavour (KG) Cooking: (3) Adding flavour with herbs
Cooking: (4) To rub salt and pepper into beef Cooking (5) Herb: Sage Cooking: (6) To sear meat in oil, then slow roast it
Cooking: (7) Thrifty use of food Cooking: (8) How to make a simple sweet fruit jam Cooking: (9) Seasoning
Cooking: (10) Chopping onions makes people cry Cooking: (11) Chicken Stew Cooking: (12) Spicing roast meat gravy with sage
Cooking: (13) Flatbread Cooking: (14) How to follow a simple recipe Cooking: (15)On hot stones
Cooking: (16) Preparing and deboning a chicken Cooking: (17) Spices that go well with chicken Cooking: (18) Kneading dough
Cooking (19) Avoiding Outdoor Pests Cooking (20) On the stones Cooking: (21) Vinegar in the water to help eggs keep shape
Cooking: (22) How to check is something is cooked Cooking: (23) Recipie: Stuffed Chicken Wrapped in HamCooking: (24) For a crowd
Cooking:(25) Stew goes further than other meals Cooking: (26) The Use of a SieveCooking:(27) Removing the Stones From Cherries
Cooking: (28) Butter emulsion Cooking: (29) Making a crispy crust Cooking: (30) Peeling parsnips
Cooking: Utensils and their uses Cooking: Tools and their uses Cooking: (33)Start with a recipe
Cooking: Seasoning meat before you cook itCooking: The Use of Ingredients to Promote HealthCooking: (36) Making Pudding
Cooking: (37) It's All in the Details Cooking:(38) How to cook for large numbersCooking:(39) Feeding the Army with a Hearty Meal
Cooking: (40) Spices are Needed on the RoadCooking: (41) Adding the final touch Cooking:(42) Balancing Flavors
Cooking: (43) Letting a flavor dominate Cooking: (44) Mixing mousse Cooking: (45)Seconds is the difference between good and excellent
Cooking: (46) Testing IngredientsCooking:(47) Taste Testing FoodCooking: (48) Providing Decent Non-Cooked Meals
Cooking:(49) Providing A Military Retinue With Proper Nutrients Cooking: (50) Orange, lemon, gingko and green teaCooking: (51) Always Taste the Food you Serve First
Cooking: (52)A Five Course Meal Fit for a King Legendary Cooking: (53)Processing how to figure out a new dish using logic. Cooking: (54) Ice cream
Cooking: Soak potatoes in water to remove starch Cooking: When potatoes have less starch, they crisp up betterCooking:(57) Caramel
Cosmetology 20+
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Cosmetology (1) Applying make up to dead people [SP] Cosmetology: (2) Make dark hair shine with vinegar (MC) Cosmetology: (3) Make up is often applied to the dead (MC)
Cosmetology: (4) Undertaking: Use make-up to hide decay Cosmetology: (5) Undertaking: Washing a body Cosmetology: (6) Undertaking: Anointing a body
Cosmetology: (7) Lemon Juice and Water on Hair for ShineCosmetics: (8) Dressing HairCosmetology: (9) Different Shades of Make Up Match Different Skin Tones.
Cosmetology: (10) Dark Kohl Pencil Around the Lower Eyes Cosmetology:(11) Subtle Eyeshadow to Emphasize Light Blue Irises Cosmetology: (12)Making the day before’s outfit presentable
Cosmetology:(13) A simple braidCosmetology: (14) Accessories are key Cosmetology: (15)Stick to a couple basic colors to save coin
Cosmetology: (16) Mixing and matching clothing Cosmetology: (17) Knowing fashion trends Cosmetology: (18)Designing a wardrobe
Cosmetology:(19) Different materials have different usesCosmetology:(20) Pretty yellow dressCosmetology:(21) Proper hair care
Cosmetology: (22) Dress for the weatherCosmetology: Choosing colours which suit Cosmetology: Eyeshadow to accentuate eyes
Cosmetology: (25)Simple and subtle make up works Cosmetology:(26) Loose hair can look good if well maintainedCosmetology: (27) Simple, sophisticated clothing
Cosmetology(28) Professional dress➳ Cosmetology: Colour choices.➳ Cosmetology: (30)Accessorising
➳ Cosmetology: Hair styling➳ Cosmetology: Wedding dresses➳ Cosmetology: Colour schemes
Cosmetology: Preparation of the dead Cosmetology: Oils in hairCosmetology: Covering bruises
Cosmetology: Evening skin tone Cosmetology: (38)How to apply foundation with a brushCosmetology: The Dress Maketh The Woman

D- F : 
Deception (11)
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Deception:(1) Hiding a Weapon Within Fabric Deception:(2) Extra Concealment is GoodDeception: (3) Calling Someone by a Different Title
Deception: (4) Using Chatter to Hide Important Information Deception:(5) Truth is the Best Cover Deception:(6) Hidden Weapons
Deception: (7) How to conceal weapons in a dress Deception: (8) How to conceal a knife in a hairpieceDeception:(9)Concealing your true motives
Deception:(10) Keeping secrets from your partnerDeception: Never use your real name when telling a dangerous lieDeception: Speak the truth where you can
Deception: Consider how you deliver your wordsDetection: Spotting signs of fearDeception: Deception doesn't have to be a lie.Deception: Letting people assume you mean something, when you mean something else.
Design Fashion
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Design: Fashion: Baby clothesDesign: Fashion: Consider where to put the seams in garmentsDesign: Fashion:Methods of matching main pieces and accessories
Design: Fashion: Designing a blanket to look, and feel, cool.Design: Fashion: Making intricate blanket patterns with crochet
Design: Interior
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Design:Interior: Planning a nurseryDesign:Interior: Considering a theme for a room
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Detection: (1) The smell of the dead (MC) Detection: (2) Determining the group leader Detection: (3) Even in a dream, being aware of your surroundings is important.
Detection: (4) Watching the feet Detection: (5) Comparing Dreams and RealityDetection: (6)The smell of death
Detection: (7)Screams of terror Detection: (8) Paying attention to mannerisms Detection: (9) A yowling cat
Detection: (10)The smell of mint Detection:(11) Being aware of others expressions.Detection: (12) Blood
Detection: (13) Spotting a lie Detection: (14) The Signs That Someone is HomeDetection:(15) Analyzing a person’s gait
Detection: Recognizing a familiar face Detection: (17) Noticing someone is standing over youDetection: (18) The direction of the stitches in a piece of clothing can tell you if somebody's left or right-handed
Detection: Even threads in a piece of clothing indicate that it is new Detection: (20) Clothing has pressure put on them in different places each time it is used Detection: (21) Badly dyed hair
Detection: (22)Hearing the sound of a scuffleDetection: Determining the Quality of Test Samples Detection: Determining the Effectiveness of Adhesive and Dissolvant
Detection: (25) Spotting similarities between twinsDetection: (26)War Nearby Sounds Different Than War at a DistanceDetection: Pay attention to the small details
Detection: (28)How to detect small changes in a person’s facial expressionDetection:(29) The Signs that a Patient is in PainDetection: (30) Attentiveness helps to avoid accidents
Detection:(31) Examining the possessions of an approaching figureDetection: (32) Analyzing your surroundings Detection:(33) A biqaj's eyes
Detection: (34)Guessing someone's age by their featuresDetection: A Failure of a Known Hero's Courage Reveals an Imposter Detection: (36) Signs That the Disciplined Shadow Beasts are Illusions
Detection: (37) Simple Requests Aren't Always So SimpleDetection: (38)Noticing when somebody has trouble focusing their eyesDetection: (39)It pays to look where you're going
Detection:(40) Reading the thought processes of othersDetection: (41) Observing an injury or infection for changesDetection:(42) Initial flavoring of a dish
Detection:(43) The aftertaste of mintDetection: (44)Texture of a mousseDetection: (45) Something Odd About the Teenagers
Detection: Finding the Key Flavors to EnhanceDetection: Finding friends in crowdsDetection: (48)Minor changes in body movement
Detection: The Behavior of Melt Can Give Warnings in an Ice Cave Detection: The Signs of Construction Taking the Shape of a Body Detection:(51) Noticing lingering tastes in food
Detection: The smell of paintDetection: (53) A Kid With a Gold Coin is Probably a MessengerDiscipline: Not allowing yourself to panic when you are vulnerable
Detection: (55)Spotting when someone knows what you're talking aboutDetection: Small details in written recordsDetection: (57)The signs of a panic attack
Detection: Similarities and differences between individuals.Detection: Recognising kindness when you don't know the language.Detection:(60) What my child would look like
Detection: Peripheral vision can lieDetection: The difference between what's there and what isn'tDetection: (63)Noting the emotions of others
Detection: Stalling for Time by Pretending They Lost Something Detection: When a Superior Seems Threatened by an Underling Detection: (66) When the Interviewer Feels More Pressure Than You
Detection: Hearing mutters behind cups
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Discipline: (1) Tidying as you work is a sign of professionalism Discipline: (2) Protecting your new ownerDiscipline: (3) Practices makes perfect
Discipline: (4) The importance of staying focused Discipline: (5) Persistence is a type of discipline Discipline: (6) Following orders no matter the costs
Discipline (7): being diligent in cooking practice. Discipline: (8)Take strength from the knowledge that you serve your Immortal.Discipline: (9) Stopping your Tears
Discipline: (10) Not Reacting to Someone's Disfiguring Injuries Discipline: (11) Staying Quiet During Aeon's Monster Story Discipline:(12) Staying Out of Others' Negotiations
Discipline: (13) Controlling your emotionsDiscipline:(14) Don't BabbleDiscipline: (15) A disciplined person does what they're required to do, even when they're afraid
Discipline: (16)Ignoring the Desire to Bed PadraigDiscipline: Doing your own counting and listsDiscipline: (18)Keeping calm when someone’s mad
Disclipline: (19) Too many emotions to holdDiscipline: (20) Keeping others focused on the task at hand Discipline: (21) Keeping your students in order
Discipline: Maintaining a Steady Stomach Under Pressure Discipline: (23) Without Commands, Do What You Can Do Best Discipline: (24) Making the most of unexpected circumstances
Discipline:(25) Doing Extra Rounds to Make up for Long BreaksDiscipline:(26) Deferring to and helping the freeborn above oneselfDiscipline:(27) Drawing on the Strength of Loved Ones
Discipline:(28) Making a Decision and Sticking to ItDiscipline: (29) don’t show up late to classesDiscipline: (30) Containing laughter under pressure
Discipline: Allowing Yourself to be Pulled From one Goal to a Greater One Discipline: Duty to Famula to Investigate the Chasm in Treid's Tomb Discipline: (33)Focusing Fanatacism and Fury
Discipline: Keeping in Mind the Frequency of Illusory FoesDiscipline:(35) telling your master of your wrong doings even if he’s unlikely to care.Discipline: (36)Focusing in Long Lectures tests the Concentration.
Discipline: (37) Containing your curiosityDiscipline: (38)Focusing on curing LightbaneDiscipline: Operating Under Stress Carrying a Baby
Discipline:(40) Separating Oneself From Someone Cared AboutDiscipline: (41)Determination to discover elusive curesDiscipline:(42) Working in a methodical way
Discipline: (43)Not shouting at traineesDiscipline: Facing the Truly UnknownDiscipline: (45) Seeing a Job Through When You are Playing it by Ear
Discipline: (46) Facing Your Master With a Contrary Interpretation Discipline: (47) Staying Cool When It's Friend in Critical NeedDiscipline: (48) Control your fear
Discipline: Keep information to yourself (even if you don't know said information)Discipline: Letting a loved one go in order to protect themDiscipline: (51)Not just blurting out good news.
Discipline: Sometimes, it's not good to deal with it on your own Discipline:(53)Being polite, but firmDiscipline: Moving slow to hide emotions
Discipline: Not arguing when you know someone is caring for your wellbeingDiscipline:(56) Gaining comfort from a shared silenceDiscipline: (57) Maintaining Composure While Awaiting a Vital Interview
Discipline: Functioning in DespairDiscipline: Moving despite pain and fear and griefDiscipline:(60) Resisting intimidation.
Discipline: Not reacting when someone tries to provoke a reaction.Discipline: Holding on to your emotions when reunited with your husbandDiscipline: (63)Not getting overwhelmed at feeling your husband's emotions
Discipline: Whatever it takes for love Discipline: Overcoming selfish desires.Discipline: (66) Walking over a bridge
Dreamwalking: Becoming aware that you're dreaming
Dreamwalking: Interacting with other dreamwalkers
Dreamwalking: Non-dreamwalkers must be Escorted
Dreamwalking: The Veil is the barrier between dreams
Dreamwalking: Nightmares live in Emea beyond the Veil
Dreamwalking: Immortals walk Emea however they please
Dreamwalking: You can find the dreams of those you've met easier than others
Dreamwalking: There is a risk of Corruption
Dreamwalking: Even infants dream
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Endurance: (1) Slave training [SP] Endurance: (2) Extreme slave training {SP} Endurance: (3) Pacing yourself for physical tasks
Endurance: (4) Pain of branding Endurance: (5) Working through tired musclesEndurance: (6) Living under scrutiny
Endurance: (7) Maintaining a calm appearanceEndurance: (8) Pushing Past the Pain of Smashed Fingers Endurance:(9) Pace yourself
Endurance: (10) The Importance of Calm, Even BreathsEndurance: (11) Enduring cat scratches Endurance: (12)A night outside, how to stay warm
Endurance:(13) Handling the Physical Strain of PregnancyEndurance: (14)Pregnancy: The Long OrdealEndurance: (15) Withstood too much to let a silly man get to me
Endurance: The sickness that comes with failure Endurance:(17) Using repetitive action to dull anxietyEndurance: (18)Resolute Persistence
Endurance:(19) Try, Try AgainEndurance:(20)Remaining focused despite intense emotional disruptionEndurance: (21) Pregnancy can take a physical and emotional toll
Endurance: (22)The abuse of taste buds while tasting terrible dishes Endurance: Standing for breaks Endurance: Battling exhaustion
Endurance: (25) Maintaining focusEndurance: Morning sicknessEndurance: Early stages of pregnancy can be exhausting
Endurance: Fighting against stronger opponentsEndurance: (29)Struggling against all the oddsEndurance:(30) Taking a hit to the face
Endurance: Ignoring painEndurance: Pregnancy tired is unlike any otherEndurance:(33) Pushing self to the limit when already tired
Endurance: Onset of a panic attackEndurance: Oxygen deprivationEndurance: (36)Pain to force yourself to breathe.
Endurance: (37)Dealing with extreme emotions.Endurance: Pregnancy: A long haulEndurance: Holding another's memories can be physically painful
Endurance: (40)Feeling another person's torture / brandingEndurance: Staying focused when exhausted (41)Endurance: Climbing in the cold
Endurance: (43)Fighting in the coldEndurance: Posture and Poise Aid Long Moments of StillnessEndurance: (45) Swollen ankles due to pregnancy
Endurance: Sleepless nights Endurance: Sleeping in a chair whilst pregnantEndurance: Cold and Tired and Hopeless is a Whole New Kind of Tired
Endurance: (49)Trudging Through the Snow and WindsEndurance: Ignoring pregnancy symptoms in times of emergencyEndurance: (51)Birth.
Endurance: Birth pains during combat.Endurance: Dealing with the weight of another on you.Endurance: (54)Prolonged nausea.
Endurance: Violence and birth aftereffects are painfulEndurance: Being driven by your emotions in pregnancy leads to exhaustion.Endurance:(57)Carrying on with your very last reserves
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Etiquette: (1) The Posture of a Lady Etiquette: (2) The Rynmere System of Hierachy Etiquette: (3) Keeping a Collected Demeanour
Etiquette: (4) What it is to be property Etiquette: (5) The Difference of Demand and Free Will Etiquette: (6) Slavers are not to be loved
Etiquette: (7)The shaking of handsEtiquette: (8) MannersEtiquette: (9) As a slave, avert your gaze
Etiquette: (10) Curtsy Etiquette: (11)It is unacceptable for a slave to kiss her master outside of the bedroomEtiquette:(12) A slave must not embarrass their master
Etiquette: (13)A slave may only eat with their master if he allows it Etiquette: (14) Correct wine pouringEtiquette:(15) Curtsy and bow
Etiquette: (16) Holding your frustration Etiquette: (17) Tea snorting is considered "ewwww" Etiquette: (18) Avoiding Subjects That Cause Discomfort
Etiquette: (19) Understanding the Tone of Conversation Etiquette: (20) It is polite to offer guests refreshmentsEtiquette: (21)Politely refusing payment.
Etiquette:(22) Maintaining an appropriate distance Etiquette: (23) Dry your hands before answering the door Etiquette:(24) Don't be too sassy
Etiquette: Saying "Thank You" Etiquette: Sometimes Sympathy Can Seem Patronizing Etiquette: Brush Your Teeth First Thing
Etiquette: Teasing a Friend with an Amazing Domain BagEtiquette: Bring a Gift to a PartyEtiquette: (30) Knowing your place
Etiquette: (31) Knowing when what you are feeling is unbecoming Etiquette: (32) Remaining professional and calm in a difficult situationEtiquette: (33) Disagreeing with Tact
Etiquette: Acting properly as a teacherEtiquette: Observing Propriety in a Battle Zone Etiquette:(36) Volunteering Aid to Master's Relatives
Etiquette: (37)Birth doesn’t require an AudienceEtiquette:(38) How to address a professor Etiquette: (39)Answer only what has been asked of you by authorities
Etiquette:(40) Maintaining Proper Poise During an InterviewEtiquette: (41) Speaking politely about ageEtiquette: (42)Politely Calling People Out
Etiquette: (43) Fake smilesEtiquette:(44) Don’t act rashlyEtiquette:(45) don’t speak more than needed
Etiguette: (46)How to properly address a noble Etiquette: (47) Ignorance and Intellectual depravity are unforgivable sins Etiquette: (48)When a story is inappropriate to tell.
Etiquette:(49) Greeting a soldier with proper deferenceEtiquette:(50) Being Well Prepared for your Duties.Etiquette:(51) Waiting Patiently When Asked.
Etiquette: (52)Waiting Until you Propose Change.Etiquette: Knocking For PatientsEtiquette: (54)Announcing Presence in the Dark
Etiquette: (55)How to Behave at a PlayEtiquette: Providing useful information in order to help anotherEtiquette:(57) It is improper for a professor to date their student
Etiquette:(58) How to Give a Proper TourEtiquette:(59) Best to Write Someone, Even if They Don't RespondEtiquette:(60) Following Local Traditions
Etiquette: (61) Three Ribbons a Nice Compromise With TraditionEtiquette:(62) Behaviour when around the in lawsEtiquette:(63) Assisting the professor can also mean being his lackey
Etiquette: Speaking to the DeanEtiquette: Let the boyfriend go first when boarding pirate vessels.Etiquette: (66) Ask before sitting with someone
Etiquette:(67) Proper terms of addressing your significant other in workEtiquette: Tell your significant other that you are not feeling well, even if they can't do anything about it.Etiquette: (69) People touch the belly when you're pregnant
Etiquette:(70) It is acceptable to hug friendsEtiquette: Boys are sensitiveEtiquette: (72) Not Reacting Until It's Your Turn to Speak
Etiquette: Wedding EtiquetteEtiquette:(74) Acknowledge all your guestsEtiquette: It's polite to say thank you to a friend
Etiquette: The art of gift givingEtiquette: Remain formal when in workEtiquette: Say thank you for a gift
Etiquette: Knowing when to stop pestering someone about politics
Fieldcraft (3)
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Fieldcraft: (1) Stay dry and out of rain under tree canopy Fieldcraft:(2) Rivers are dangerous after rainField Craft: (3) Dangers of Collapsing Caves

G - I : 
Gardening: (15)
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Gardening: (1) The herbal properties of lavender Gardening: (2)How to use mortar and pestle Gardening:(3) Plant: Winter Savory (3)
Gardening: (4)Herbalism: Where lavender grows Gardening: (5) Growing mint Gardening (6)Herbalism, Moseke Mist: The root is the most potent
Gardening (7): Herbalism: Scarf rot: Grows in three layersGardening: Arrowroot Gardening: Lavender
Gardening: (10) MintGardening:(11) Turning all of the earth and digging lines to ensure that all of the plants get the same amount of moistureGardening:(12) Comfrey: Difficult to grow in the cold
Gardening:(13) Planting crops in order to spread out the harvest of vegetables and fruit Gardening:(14) Large gardens require more organisation Gardening:(15) Spray insect repellent every five trials
Gardening: Growing in confined spaces Gardening:(17) Identifying places which are appropriate, even for a traveller
Intelligence (15)
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Intelligence: (1) You shouldn't make assumptions based on no knowledge Intelligence: (2) Investigation: Seeking Multiple Informants Intelligence: (3) Utilizing punishment as a tool (being punished to gather information)
Intelligence: (4)Fettering Out Comparisons Intelligence: (5) Secretly Making Allegiances Known Intelligence:(6) Watching Contacts
Intelligence:(7) Your Echo Scroll Will Keep You in TouchIntelligence: The Tomb is the Key TargetIntelligence:(9) casual ease dropping
Intelligence: (10)Formulating Detailed Questions.Intelligence: Quarantine as a Necessary Safeguard.Intelligence: (12)Using Darkness and Your Sight to their Advantage.
Intelligence: (13) The importance of keeping information secret Intelligence:(14) Information is powerIntelligence: (15) The Use of Medical Records
Intelligence: Gathering feelings about foreign lands Intelligence: Finding out a general feeling Intelligence: Generalizations often have nuggets of truth
Intelligence: Getting Information Right from the SourceIntelligence: An Immortal That Needs Your Help is a Good SourceIntelligence: Giving all Relevant Information to Ensure Success of a Mission
Intelligence: The Boundaries of Dreamwalking Investigation: Keep Your Identity Secret to Ensure HonestyInvestigation: Making Sure a Family are what They Seem to Be
Intelligence: Rynmere medicine
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Interrogation: Establishing a time and place Interrogation: Open vs closed questions Interrogation: Asking questions about what you were signed up for
Interrogation: Friendly questions work well with people who aren’t threatsInterrogation: A Long-Abandoned Agent Will Likely Spill His GutsInterrogation: Interview Tactics Can be Quite Similar
Interrogation: (7) Trying to Trip up a Subject With Distorted Facts➳ Interrogation: Trying to find out what secret your significant other is keepingInterrogation: Do Not Identify the Witness Against the Accused
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Intimidation: (1) I don’t know karate but I do know craaazy. Intimidation: (2)Threats can ring hollow on those who live in danger Intimidation: (3)Threatening to avoid altercation
Intimidation:(4) Explaining how you intend to cause pain Intimidation: (5) Explaining the horrors that might unfold Intimidation: (6) Waving a weapon
Intimidation: Focus on pre-existing fears
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Investigation: Reading Body Language Investigation: Looking through windows for clues Investigation: (3) Check drawers and cupboards for clues
Investigation: (4) To find someone, start in the most likely locationInvestigation: (5) A good investigation starts with a plan Investigation: (6) If no one answers the door, try the window
Investigation: (7) Thinking like the enemy Investigation: (8) Using the powers of deduction to figure something out Investigation:(9) Remembering past events
Investigation: (10) The importance of taking notes during an investigation Investigation: (11) Checking clothing for clues Investigation: (12)Checking a body for clues
Investigation: (13) Measuring the victim to determine whether the clothing fit themInvestigation: Asking the Right Questions Investigation:(15) People “Can’t or Won’t” Answer?
Investigation:(16) Always keep your samples organized and labeled. Investigation: The victim was not force fed due to lack of mouth damage.Investigation: (18) The type of bruises left by metal manacles.
Investigation: Loose manacles vs tight.Investigation: The victims may be surrogates for someone else.Investigation: (21) Murderer likely deals with horses.
Investigation:(22) Murders centred around the Glass Quarter.Investigation: Taking samples Investigation: A theory without proof is just a theory
Investigation: How to connect evidence in order to build a theoryInvestigation: (26)An estimation of Professor Argus’s age.Investigation: (27)Spotting An Opportunity to gain Professionally Sourced Information.
Investigation: (28)A Careful Diagnosis of their Symptoms. Investigation:(29) Drawing the correct conclusion from the clues presentInvestigation:(30)Deducing Sources of an Ailment
Investigation: trying to figure out what Padraig’s present is Investigation: Going to the right person for information you needInvestigation:(33) Break-Ins Were a Gang Initiation Prank
Investigation: No Evidence of Picked Lock Means a KeyInvestigation: Perpetrator is the Son of One of the KeepersInvestigation: The Tell-Tale Hat
Investigation: A Bizarre Environment Can Still Hold Believable CluesInvestigation:(38) Determining Someone's Age by Their VocabularyInvestigation: Putting together clues to pregnancy
Investigation: Asking questions to aid diagnosisInvestigation: Thorough examination leads to efficient diagnosisInvestigation: Working together provides options
Investigation: Consider geographical cluesInvestigation: Ask questions about who is not involvedInvestigation: (45)Consider alternative possibilities.
Investigation: Working out who has blessed a mortal Investigation: Asking the right questionsInvestigation:(48) Digging behind the obvious
Investigation: Putting together clues to understand when a pregnancy was an illusionInvestigation: Identifying differences, and similaritiesInvestigation: Tiny details add up to major clues.
Investigation: Symbols can be importantInvestigation: Investigations take timeInvestigation: Ask the right questions - and remember that perception is skewed.(54)

J - L : 
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Leadership: Direction In The VoiceLeadership: Forming a plan for a murder investigation.Leadership: (3)Gaining the respect of a group
Leadership: Maintaining the interest of your audience Leadership: Connecting with individuals in a group setting Leadership: (6)Redirecting the focus of your audience
Leadership: (7) Use of new concepts and ideas to maintain the interest of your audienceLeadership: Spontaneous Commands to Those Around You Leadership: (9) Spreading the Word of Enemy Tactics
Leadership: Delegating Tasks in a Workplace Leadership:(11) Motivating a Parent to Stay StrongLeadership: (12)Encouragement through genuine expression of ones feelings and thoughts.
Leadership:(13) Bouncing ideas and taking considerations among equals.Leadership:(14) How to take initiative and control, even when those around you refuse it. Leadership: (15)Refuse to back down even when others are screaming in your face.
Leadership: This is my kitchen, we run it my way Leadership: Being clear on who you want assisting you- and who not.Leadership:(18) Giving clear commands
Leadership: Sharp tone of voiceLeadership: (20)Eye contact helpsLeadership: Lay expectations out clearly
Leadership: Ensure that you keep them on their toesLeadership: Classroom managementLeadership: Keeping good time
Leadership: (25)Crowd controlLeadership: Preparing for a medical admissionLeadership: Telling people what you need, clearly
Leadership: Directing and requestingLeadership: Managing individuals reactions.Leadership: (30)Repeating and reinforcing the ethos you adhere to.
Leadership: Being bossy with friends(31)Leadership: Prepare for everything, even boredomLeadership: Stating what you are going to do
Leadership: Having clear boundaries.Leadership:(35) Ensuring that everyone knows their roleLeadership: Clear boundaries when it comes to money
Leadership: Stating where expectations lie, and exceptions to those Leadership: Focusing on the trainees in a social enterpriseLeadership:(39) Seeing everything as an opportunity to better the lives of those less fortunate.
Leadership: (40) Give clear ordersLeadership: Taking charge of a potentially volatile situationLeadership: Use rank and renown to diffuse a situation
Leadership: Threaten with a smileLeadership: Stop people being disappointed by offering something else. Leadership: (45)Tell people not just what, but why
Leadership: (46) Plan for the future together Leadership: Assign tasks and work together Leadership: Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty
Leadership: Maintaining a vision Leadership:(50) Always coming back to the bottom line. Leadership: Assigning tasks according to talent
Leadership:(52) Understanding that your role is necessary, if not gloriousLeadership: Being clear when drastic times are calling for drastic measuresLeadership: Reassigning work when is appropriate.
Leadership: Considering preferences when assigning jobsLeadership: Accepting help where it's needed is not a sign of weakness.Leadership: Standing up for yourself
Linguistics (1)
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Linguistics: Reading and writing methods for the blind
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Logistics: (1) When time is short, start with the most efficient tasks Logistics:(2) The value of making lists Logistics: (3) How to prioritize a list
Logistics:(4) How to plan for success Logistics: (5) Keep quiet, don’t wake the baby Domestic: (6)New mother? Wait on her hand and foot
Logistics: Domestic: (7)Balancing speed and care Logistics: Domestic:(8) Comforting the mother and baby Logistics: Domestic:(9) Silent service is best
Logistics: Domestic: (10)Anticipate their needsLogistics: (11) How to prepare for a day tripLogistics: (12) Work in a system to make sure everyone is attended, and prioritize those most needy.
Logistics: Organization means efficiency Logistics: High fashion means high costs Logistics: (15)Make an item easily customizable to save money
Logistics: (16)Testing before doingLogistics: (17) Choosing items to packLogistics: (18)Working out the details of a collaboration
Logistics: (19)The necessity of a timeframe Logistics: (20) The logistics of a murder investigationLogistics: (21) Basic Testing Procedure
Logistics: (22) Carefully planning a romantic outing with precise organization. Logistics: (23) bring your medicine kit just incase.Logistics: (24)Injured Rescuers Just Add to the Problem
Logistics: Poorly Outfitted Slaves are an Ill-used CommodityLogistics: Trying to find reasonLogic:(27) Detachment From A Situation Lends New Perspective
Logic: (28)Debating the Difficulties of ParenthoodLogistics: Planning a trip to ScalvorisLogistics:(30) Gathering, preparing and organizing materials
Logistics: (31) Having the proper materials Logistics: (32) Using details to plan a projectLogistics:(33) Better Suited as Fighter Than Healer in Tomb Battle
Logistics:(34) Experience of a Well Organized Clinic.Logistics: (35) Beginning a record for future referenceLogistics: Arranging classes and textbooks on behalf of another party
Logistics:(37) Keeping an up to date list of current stockLogistics:(38) Planning a cooking contest Logistics:(39) Dealing with three way ties
Logistics:(40) Dividing workers into teamsLogistics:(41) Running a contest during business hoursLogistics:(42) Working out a schedule for an event
Logistics: (43) Planning a menu Logistics:(44) Prioritizing tasks for employeesLogistics: (45)Organising meals for a full household
Logistics: (46) Having information readyLogistics: (47) Keeping a copyLogistics:(48) Are the Processes Required for Success Cost-Effective?
Logistics: Wedding planning starts with a dateLogistics: (50)When faced with planning something unknown, gather information firstLogistics: Running a busy household.
➳ Logistics: Planning together requires time and communication➳ Logistics: Organising a surprise➳ Logistics:(54) Changing a plan based on new information
Logistics:(55) Preparing for an assignment, bring all the books.Logistics: Consider Changes in Sleeping ArrangementsLogistics:(57) Use Lists to Clarify Information Requirements
Logistics: Considering self sufficiency Logistics:(59) Give people jobs suited to their skillsLogistics: (60) Seeing the potential pitfalls in opportunities
Logistics: (61)Considering all aspects of needLogistics: Need to consider all options.Logistics: (63)Organising a relief effort
Logistics: (64) Find out what's needed, not what you think is neededLogistics: Sometimes, it's important to think about the obviousLogistics: (66) Think about long, short and medium terms
Logistics: Ensuring that you plan for the future. Logistics: A smaller diplomatic delegation show Logistics:(69) Gather all the information possible first, so you know your options

M - O : 
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Mathematics: (1) The Basics of Arythmetic Mathematics: (2)Pure mathematicsMathematics: (3)Applied mathematics
Mathematics: (4) Quantity and ratio Mathematics: (5)MeasurementMathematics: (6) Backtracking your steps to find what you did wrong.
Mathematics: (7) Angles in a triangle always add up to 180 degrees Mathematics: (8) Based on logic and patterns Mathematics: (9) Roughly converting clothing dimensions.
Mathematics: (10) How much powder to the given areaMathematics: Determining the average rate of murder.Mathematics: (12)Trying to make an uneven number work in your crafting project.
Mathematics: Checking and double checking calculations.Mathematics: Cost to taste, working out a ratioMathematics:(15) Calculating all possible answers.
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Medicine (1) Herb: Death: Lavender and Eucalyptus to combat the smell Medicine: (2)Use of herbs in death rituals, crafting incense etc.{SP} Medicine: (3) Close the body quickly
Medicine: (4) Comforting a Pregnant WomanMedicine: (5) Soothing Herbs Medicine: (6)Don't Scratch that Itch
Medicine: How to deal with a head wound Medicine:(8) Pregnant Women Need to Eat Medicine: (9)How to breathe when panicked
Medicine: (10) Dealing with shock Medicine: (11) Mint is good for the digestive system Medicine:(12) Lavender has antiseptic properties
Medicine: [13) Cloth In Place of Bandages Medicine: (14) Tea Tree, Lavender, Aloe, and Crush Yarrow Helps Heal Wounds Medicine: (15)Crushed Yarrow Is a Good Anaesthetic
Medicine: (16) Splint Broken Legs With Cloth and Boards Medicine: (17)Stop Bleeding First Medicine: (18) Repositioning and Relocating A Broken Leg
Medicine: Diagnosing an arterial bleedMedicine: (20)The Moukou Bean Medicine:(21) The Seaweed Buoy
Medicine: (22) Applying appropriate pressure to open wounds Medicine: (23)Diagnosing broken ribs Medicine: (24) Cold Compress for swelling
Medicine:(25) Antiseptics have a mild anaesthetic effect. Medicine: Analgesic cream numbs pain.Medicine:(27) Closing wounds is critical
Medicine:(28) Immobilizing the injured area of the body Medicine: Elevating legs to keep blood to heart Medicine: (30) Throwing up can cause dehydration
Medicine: Use physics to your advantage Medicine: Find the bleeding. Stop the bleeding. Save the life. Medicine: (33)Different ways to stop bleeding
Medicine: Tourniquet: The Faith way Medicine: Scarf rot for burns Medicine: (36) How to deal with frostbite
Medicine: Scarf rot: Puts people to sleep Medicine: Talc: How to makeMedicine: (39)Wounds, once cleaned and treated, can become reinfected due to dirty bandages
Medicine: (40) Tree sap and honey can be used to prevent wounds becoming infected and treat infected wounds Medicine: (41) Winter Savory: Herbal UsesMedicine: (42) Every Fluid Gets in Wounds
Medicine: (43) Pigskin and Orange Peel as Skin Substitutes Medicine: cleaning an infected wound Medicine:(45) applying "the raft"
Medicine: (46) good bedside manner Medicine: (47) The Physical Examination Medicine: (48) Coagulant Therapy for Spontaneous Bleeding
Medicine:(49) Linking disciplines with advancements Medicine:(50) Relies on the input of other sciences. Medicine: (51)Testing on animals is sometimes necessary
Medicine: (52)The Side-Effects of Drugs Must be ConsideredMedicine:(53) Removing Glass from a WoundMedicine: Using Dead Animals to Stop People from Freezing.
Medicine:(55) The Stages of Hypothermia.Medicine: (56) A Respiratory Check. Medicine:(57) Traditional Procedure can be Quick to Judge.
Medicine: (58)The different part of the eyeMedicine: (59) If you get an infection in the cornea, you can find light unpleasant and it takes longer to focus Medicine: (60) An infection in the cornea often rectifies without any intervention
Medicine: (61) Treating an infection in the cornea with eyedrops Medicine: (62)Making an elderflower eye bathMedicine: (63) How to lessen the strain caused by Lightbane
Medicine: (64) Changing treatments to avoid further damageMedicine: Common Treatments For Hayfever Medicine:(66) Herbal Tea
Medicine: Herbal Oil Up The Nose Medicine:(68) Treating Nasally With VaporsMedicine: (69)Importing Treatments From Other Regions
Medicine: (70)Tracking spreading patterns of 'The Rot' Medicine:(71) Behaviors of 'The Rot' in different geological locations or among various racesMedicine: (72)Relaxation can be good medicine
Medicine: Sourcing medications/herbs from other locations Medicine: Johnswort: For mood disorders and skin infections Medicine:(75) Distillation of herbs to extract healing, injectable oils
Medicine: Healing through diet Medicine: (77)Fighting illness on multiple frontsMedicine: (78)Pathophysiology Before a Cure
Medicine: (79)Using cooking herbs to slow brain rotMedicine: (80) Using an Immortal's blessing to aid your work.Medicine: (81) Combining medicine and alchemy
Medicine: "Burning Stomach" can be held at bay and cured by a moss Medicine: "Moseke's Moss" has curative propertiesMedicine: (84)Antidote for strychnine is oak bark
Medicine: (85)All Blood May Not be the SameMedicine: (86) Blood is Made of Both Compatible and Incompatible Elements Medicine:(87) Blending For Several Needs into a Tincture
Medicine: (88)Diagnosing developmental delayMedicine:(89) Distracting from panic attacksMedicine: (90) Tailor how you administer medicine to the patient
Medicine:(91) Dealing with multiple causalities in a spread out areaMedicine: Diagnosing a STIMedicine: Basic relief for a STI
Medicine: Dual approach to treating an STI
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Meditation: (1) Your Faith Can Calm You Meditation: Maintaining focus throughout the cooking process. Meditation:(3) Finding calm in pain to make it more manageable.
Meditation: (4)Clearing your headMeditation: Clear your mind of bad feelings, they won't help youMeditation:(6) The Long-Term Patience of Awaiting a Letter Back
Meditation: (7) find your courageMeditation: Breathing slowly.Meditation:(9) Can be a form of prayer
Meditation:(10) Settle Into The Familiar Before Broaching the Frightful➳ Meditation: Stop thinking, just imagineMeditation: Channel your energy into letter writing
Meditation: A hypnogogic state
Mount (7)
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Mount: (1) Mounting up! Mount: (2) Horses will generally follow each other Mount: (3) Horses are slaves to hunger
Mount: (4) Jacadon landing Mount: Horse: Riding with two peopleRiding: Jumping onto a horse
Riding: Pushing a horse to the limits
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Music: (1) Expression of the Soul Music: (2) Song "The Coachman"

Navigation (6)
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Navigation (Land): (1) How to follow basic instructions Navigation (Land): (2) How to plot a course for success Navigation (Land): (3)Follow the direction of the river
Navigation: Determining where you are on a map. Navigation: North is always up, the right is east.Navigation: Retracing your Steps
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Sewing: (1)Coffin Lining (SB) Sewing: (2) Making clothes for dead people (SB) Sewing: (3) Cross-stitch (KG)
Sewing: (4) Undertaking: Cut clothes to make dressing death easier Sewing: (5) Knitting: How to sew a cape in your dreams! Sewing: (6) Difficult on the Move
Sewing: (7) Doubling seams to add strength Sewing: (8)Working with voile. Sewing: (9)Hiding hems on the inside.
Sewing: (10)Measure till you’re sure, cut once. Sewing:(11) Taking Measurement, and getting personal. Sewing:(12) How to thread a needle
Sewing: (13) Benefits of the satin stitch Sewing:(14) How to sew a satin stitch Sewing:(15) First, take the model’s measurements
Sewing:(16) How to knit a hat. Sewing: (17) Knit two, purl two.Sewing: (18) Matching appropriate garments to customers.
Sewing: (19) Colours add Depth Sewing: (20) Flimsy vs Reinforced Materials Sewing: (21) Painting a Picture
Sewing:(22) Swirling Stitch Sewing: (23) Use of Paper to Thicken Materials Sewing: (24) Creating pockets for warm stones to heat up bedrolls.
Sewing: Sewing in embroidery on a gownSewing: Taking measurements Sewing:(27) Measuring twice to be certain
Sewing: Picking out colors to match complexion and eyes Sewing: Sewing pleats Sewing: (30)Sewing in small details
Sewing: Sewing laceSewing: Making a QuiltSewing: Marking your progress
Sewing: (34) PipingSewing: (35) Creating clothes to fit a certain person Sewing: (36) When you repair clothing you have to check all over
Sewing: an embroidered book mark Sewing: 70 small keys for each night you’ve fallen asleep with PadraigSewing: (39)Making red lace pyjamas.
Sewing: (40) Using a Sample Swatch is Vital To Bigger Projects Sewing: (41)The Difference Between Good and Masterwork is the Amount of DetailSewing:(42) Tiny, weighted clothes for tunawa
Sewing:(43) Measuring is even more important in tunawaSewing: (44) Patterns for hats, mittens and glovesSewing: Careful layering for capstone ability warmth / cold
Sewing: (46) Using patterns to cut outSewing: Patchwork blanketsSewing: (48) Embroidery
Needlecraft: Running StitchNeedlecraft: Mark out the seams.Needlecraft: "Careful Layering" technique
Needlecraft: Backstitch is stronger than running stitch. Needlecraft: "Trick of the Light" techniqueNeedlecraft: Using the post of a crochet stitch to create a ridge effect
Needlecraft: Turning circles into squares in crochetNeedlecraft: Varying crochet stitch to make a different shapeNeedlecraft: Crocheting a wavy double ridge
Needlecraft: (58)Crochet technique: Front post and back post stitchesNeedlecraft: Neat, but quick stitchingNeedlecraft: Crochet draft excluders
Needlecraft: Using "Careful Laying" with crochet
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Negotiation:(1) Better to Irritate a Shop Owner than Jamal Negotiation: (2) The act of reciprocation Negotiation: Using memories to ask for favors
Negotiation: (4)Discussing the Terms of a Request Negotiation: (5) State the non-negotiables Negotiation: (6) Giving in gracefully
Negotiation: Explaining what you want Negotiation: Giving concreate examples to nullify counter-argumentsNegotiation: Putting forward good reasons for alternatives
Negotiation: (10)Pointing out why your suggestion is betterNegotiation:(11) Identify where you agree, and where you disagreeNegotiation: (12)Defining terms is important
Negotiation:(13) Challenge ideas in a friendly and accepting manner.Negotiation: Pointing out that all is alrightNegotiation: (15) Clearly stating the terms for which you will act
Negotiation: Putting Your Devotional Status on the LineNegotiation: Barter and tradeNegotiation:(18) Barter down
Negotiation: It's not about what it's worth to you - it's about what it's worth to them.Negotiation: Making sure that you are explicit in negotiationsNegotiation:(21) Promising to return what you borrow - or replace it

P - R : 
Painting (2)
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Painting: (1)Acrylic paints dry quickly Painting: Watercolour paints dry slowly
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Persuasion: (1) Using metaphor to press a point Persuasion: (2) Make it worth their while Persuasion:(3) Getting People to Look After Themselves
Persuasion: (4) Sometimes it’s best to be blunt Persuasion: (5) Compelling arguments are based on truth. Persuasion: (6) Remind them of their mortality.
Persuasion: Soothing words can help calm a distraught individualPersuasion: Sensitive subjects sometimes require a more empathetic approach Persuasion:(9) How to use body language to persuade someone to relax
Persuasion: (10) Talk about previous experience Persuasion: Name dropping Persuasion: (12)Youthful Enthusiasm to Heal can win over your Superior.
Persuasion: Using logic to improve one's pointPersuasion: Taking responsibility onto yourself relieves it from others and allows you to take control. Persuasion:(15) Pressing your advantage by citing Immortal will.
Persuasion: Presentation Makes for Good First ImpressionsPersuasion: Putting forward a moral argumentPersuasion: (18) Appealing to an individual’s academic ego.
Persuasion:(19) Applying your case to what someone already knowsPersuasion:(20) Making an offer of helpPersuasion: Trying to persuade against violence
Persuasion: Trying to save someone from themselves.Persuasion: Explaining the impossiblePersuasion: Persuading your mentor to support you
➳ Persuasion: Trying to wheedle information out of someone➳ Persuasion: Start at a point and don't deviate ➳ Persuasion: Recognise your own weaknesses
Persuasion: No time to negotiate in an emergency (28)Persuasion: Being clear about what you are sayingPersuasion: (30) Letting friends know they are cared for
Persuasion: Pointing out the reality of slaveryPersuasion: Asking for supportPersuasion: Using personal examples
Persuasion:(34) Being clear about giving an orderPersuasion: Show Genuine Eagerness to Have Your Work Tested Persuasion: (36)Stay on the Main Point, Ignore Peripheral Remarks
Persuasion: Quieting Those That Angrily Take Your SidePersuasion: Telling What You Know About 'Leech'Persuasion: Explain what choices people have.
Persuasion: (40) Explain the consequences of making choicesPersuasion: Putting forward an emotional argument to the invested.Persuasion: (42) Praise sandwich is good.
Persuasion: It's about how you phrase things Persuasion: Not arguing, just standing your ground.
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Physics: (1) Density Physics: (2) Gravity Physics: (3)Thermodynamics
Physics: Water:(4) Effects of Temperature Physics: (5)Horse stops, you fly awayPhysics: (6)Centre of Balance
Physics: (7) Redistribution of WeightPhysics: how to make vapour more concentratedPhysics: (9) Application of Heat and Pressure
Physics: Factors impacting displacement of liquidPhysics: Gravity and resistance
Poisons (6)
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Poisons: (1) Moseke Mist is poisonous in high doses (KG) Poison: Garrotte Vine Sap Poison: Ghost Mushroom: Affects respiratory tract
Poisoncrafting: Giant Spider venom causes similar effects to Lightbane. Poisoncrafting: Identifying the cause of Faux-Lightbane.Poison: Undiluted lavender might knock someone out if inhaled
Poisons: Strychnine poisoning
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Politics: (1)Your Role Defines Your Countenance Politics: (2) The Outcome of Investment Politics: (3) War Negotiations
Politics: (4) How to use information to your advantage Politics: (5)A dangerous game Politics: A Good-Will Gesture in the Form of a Culinary Crucible
Politics: The reality of Imperial Rule Politics: Notions of ownership Politics: Identifying weakness in arguments
Politics:(10) A moral questionPolitics: Political allegiance is more than it seems.Politics:(12) New councils have "teething troubles"
Politics: Getting the "big picture" is important.Politics: Office politics is a real thing!Politics: (15) A Luther Family Minion Holds Partial Control Over North Sea Magic
Politics: Planning to peacefully free slavesPolitics: University Staff Also Face Constituency PressurePolitics: (18)Means to make abolition smoother and safer
Politics: Darbyton Temperment Politics: Reaching out to other territoriesPolitics: (21)Global picture
Politics: Cooperating With the Guard Will reflect Well on Your Case Politics: "Councilman's Cart": Used for Discrete Arrests of Public FiguresPolitics:(24) Taking on a student is an important decision
Politics: Rynmere's potential challenge to Scalvoris' sovereignty Politics: Recognizing that a challenge may in fact be a clerical error Politics: Preparing for the worst, hoping for the best
Politics: Informing a relevant ally of a potential situation Politics: Some leaders require a more personal touch than others Politics: (30) Showing too much military might can be a sign of weakness
Politics: Leaders usually use a scribe to write letters, rather than their own hand
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Psychology: (1) Always assume your opponent is better than you Psychology: (2) Tristan is accepting of your sense of self Psychology: (3) Dealing with new emotions
Psychology: (4) Tristan is confident Psychology:(5) Knowing the minds of those who have seen battle Psychology:(6) At the Mercy of A Calculative Mind
Psychology: (7)Triggering Memories Through Familiar Statements Psychology: (8) Unobtrusively Helping People Who Don't Want Help Psychology:(9) Confronting fears
Psychology:(10) Staying calm in a crisis Psychology:(11) Panic eating Psychology:(12) Sometimes, It's Okay To Be Rude
Psychology: (13) The mind mirrors the body. Psychology:(14) Fine Clothes to Accessorize Slaves' Chains Psychology:(15) Staying Positive Under Extremes
[color=whit]Psychology:(16) Survivor's Guilt Psychology:(17) The Right Degree of ComplimentsPsychology: (18)Not lying to those you care for
Psychology:(19) Admitting vulnerability Psychology:(20) Interpreting someone’s lookPsychology:(21) A Long-term Slave's Struggle to Truly Embrace Freedom
Psychology: (22) Accepting That You'll Never Know Your Own Birth DatePsychology:(23) Recognizing self-depreciationPsychology: (24) People have different views on slavery
Psychology: (25) Difficulty Expressing your Own Emotions Psychology: (26)Miscommunications Cause Stress Psychology: Reciprocating anger with niceness
Psychology: People sometimes hate others for qualities they lackPsychology:(29) Overcompensating to impressPsychology: (30) Falling into old roles
Psychology: What jealousy feels like Psychology: The impossibility of understanding men Psychology: (33)Communicating without words
Psychology: (34) A lifetime of slavery impacts you Psychology: (35) People treat you differently when they are unaware of your past Psychology: (36) When people are uncomfortable give them something to focus on
Psychology: When a murders actions are about control. Psychology: Murder’s born from emotion not logic Psychology: (39) Living out a fantasy, rejection, mother issues or all of the above.
Psychology: Cooking is Always a Relaxing Answer Psychology: The Realization That Walls do Not Guarantee Safety Psychology:(42) The Reassuring Presence of House Troops
Psychology: (43) Developing Feelings For My Unborn Child Psychology:(44) Early Childhood Events Affect Later Emotional DevelopmentPsychology:(45) You Can Always Aim For Happiness
Psychology: Distance makes things easierPsychology:(47) Human contact can help others relaxPsychology:(48) Calling on past experience to overcome fear
Psychology: (49) Service to the greater good Psychology:(50) Positive thought aids in healingPsychology: (51)To be humble is a desirable trait among slaves
Psychology: (52) Identifying the preferences of othersPsychology: (53) The Fear that Success Will Lead to ExposurePsychology: (54) Panic Always Finds Justification
Psychology:(55) Staying Busy Leaves no Time for WorryPsychology: (56) Overcoming nerves and uncertainty
Psychology:(57) Sorting out the agendas and motives of ghosts
Psychology:(58) Surprise of Discussion of WeddingsPsychology: (59) Personal Style Psychology: (60)The Definition of Family is Obscure and Personal
Psychology: Grudging Respect for Naerikk's Devotion to Audrae Psychology: Motivated by Fear for Tristan's Well-Being Psychology: (63) No Fear of Death in Famula's Service
Psychology: (64) Realization of Your Love for PadraigPsychology: People Using Flattery as Ice-BreakersPsychology:(66) Creating an environment that makes it as easy as possible for somebody to talk
Psychology: Breaking The News of a Terminal Illness Psychology: Allowing a Patient To Grieve By Their LonesomePsychology: (69) Pregnancy and food cravings
Psychology: Setting a High Bar, and Remaining Undaunted by itPsychology: Stripping away identity causes significant damage Psychology: (72)Names are important for identity
Psychology:(73) Recognizing your own limitsPsychology: The toll of trauma is often unseen Psychology: (75)Trauma by association happens
Psychology: Development of identity Psychology: (77) Techniques for rebuilding identityPsychology: Maintaining the illusion of control helps
Psychology: Put fears out in the open, then dismiss themPsychology: (80)Most Messages are Bad NewsPsychology: Tragedies Often Connect to Positive Turns of Fate
Psychology: Actions have unforeseen consequences. Psychology: Dealing with the consequences of your own actions.Psychology: Symbolic gestures can be very powerful
Psychology: Freedom is a long, slow processPsychology: There is strength in unityPsychology: (87)Challenging Yourself from Assurance, Not Doubt
Psychology:(88) Offering a Cad Forgiveness for His BehaviorPsychology: Don't offer charity, offer barter.Psychology: The importance of a survival instinct
Psychology: Friendship is born in the strangest situationsPsychology:(92) Admitting weakness can be hard.

Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Research: (1) take as much notes as possible Research: (2)How to Search for Tomes in a Bookstore Research: (2)write legibly when talking notes
Research: (4) Write your name on every page! Research:(5) Considering the Location of Application of Medicine Research: Required Characteristics of End Product
Research:(7) Careful Testing on YourselfResearch: (8) Books Often Only Set the Stage For Research Research:(9) Evidence Links 'Rot' Treatment to the Brain Itself
Research: (10)Compiling a List of Halluginogenic Herbs to Treat 'The Rot'Research: (11) Noble Houses, Families and FactionsResearch: (12) Unique Flora and Fauna on Scalvoris
Research: Get as much details as possible Research: (14) A Structured Outline Prevents Wasted EffortsResearch: (15) Making a list of relevant material
Research: (16) Overlaying maps to figure out patterns Research: (17)Formulating theories from related patternsResearch:(18) Reading Up On An Ailment
Research:(19) Organising an investigationResearch:(20) Examine Frozen Bodies Found in Different CavernsResearch: (21) Frozen Bodies Show No Injuries of Any Kind
Research: (22) Gather Samples of Environment as Well as SubjectResearch:(23) Taking Note of Crystal Snowflakes in Ice CavesResearch: (24)Organization speeds up the process
Research: (25)In order to focus you must understand the big pictureResearch: (26) Careful notes aid clarityResearch: (27) Application of a technique to a new source
Research: Studying Old RecipesResearch: Considering individual words Research: (30)Analysis of an essay title
Research: (31)Defining terms & challenging definitionsResearch: Spotting patterns using visual cues Research(33) Considering the most effective way to present information
Research: Parts of bloodResearch: Differences in blood between racesResearch: Putting together information
Research: (37)Using a range of sources➳ Research: Logical means of planning a research study➳ Research: Recording findings
➳ Research: (40)Test and retest hypotheses➳ Research: Using books to determine customsResearch: Cave Paintings are not always reliable
Research: Compiling dataResearch: Ensuring that data is triangulated and cross referenced.Research: Considering all angles
Research: Use a variety of disciplinesResearch: Collaboration leads to success.Research: (48) Start with what you know
Research: Doing research requires work, not funResearch: Performance is not learning Research: Ensure you have all the books, all the information
Research: Improvisation is a Valid Form of LearningResearch: (53)Practical Skills vs Book LearningResearch: Obscure sources can provide obscure information
Research: Putting together facts and fables
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Rhetoric: (1) The Discussion of Knowledge Rhetoric: (2) Axiom Rhetoric: (3) How to use an analogy to make a point
Rhetoric: How to build a convincing argument Rhetoric: A convincing argument cites examples Rhetoric:(6) Speaking in front of an audience
Rhetoric:(7) Some Sayings are Just MEANT to be ChallengingRhetoric: (8)Vacation Get-Away Advertising BlurbsRhetoric:(9) Explaining Your Credentials.
Rhetoric:(10) A Passionate Case for What you Want from your Life.Rhetoric:(11) Establishing a Rapport with a Sick Man. Rhetoric:(12) Stories Used to Inspire Hope in others.
Rhetoric: Uses distracting languageRhetoric: Circular logicRhetoric:(15) Romantic Mathematical Equations
Rhetoric: Factual accountsRhetoric: Telling the story of your ideal weddingRhetoric: (18)Analogy to make a point.
Rhetoric: Symbolism in speechRhetoric: (20) Words have powerRhetoric: Clear, precise description of what is
Rhetoric: (22) Explaining specific circumstances Rhetoric: Expressing a dissenting opinion in an agreeable manner Rhetoric: Admonishing someone without being insulting
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Running: Hard vs soft ground Running: Running with a different center of gravity

S - U : 
Sculpting (8)
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Sculpting: (1)The purpose of an armature Sculpting: (2)How to cover an armature with clay Sculpting: (3)The purpose of fine tip and broad tip tools
Sculpting: (4) Ensure the edges are smooth Sculpting: (5)The purpose of baking sculptures in the oven Sculpting:(6) Fired ceramic pieces are extremely porous
Sculpting: (7)Stone sculptures are less forgiving than clay sculptures Sculpting: (8)The purpose of primer
Seafaring (1)
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Seafaring: Deck, sails, guardrail Seafaring: Rigging has ropes (not strings) Seafaring: Ropes attach to mainsails
Seafaring: Basic layout of a ship Seafaring: Sail placement, ropes, and accessibility of space
Seduction (14)
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Seduction: (1) Showing your enjoyment increases your partner’s enjoyment Seduction: (2)Show off the “Merchandise”.Seduction: (3)A promise is better than a gift.
Seduction:(4) A surprise for the Master.Seduction:(5) Playing the damsel in distress Seduction: (6) The balance between revealing too much and too little skin
Seduction:(7) Earlobes are Sensitive Seduction:(8) adorable book mark for your nerdy significant other Seduction: (9)it makes all the difference when something is freely given and reciprocated.
Seduction:(10 The less subtle approach is best, just not so blunt that you inadvertently break the mans nose.Seduction:(11) Teasing in a playful manner Seduction:(12) suggestion to eat cake rebelliously.
Seduction: (13) How not to introduce someone to lingerie.Seduction: (14) Corsets show off the girls➳ Seduction: (15) Using jewelry to look sexy
➳ Seduction: Daring dresses.
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Singing: Reading musicSinging: Rhythmn in Nursery RhymesSinging: Singing in harmony with another
Singing: Copying toneSinging: Changing pitchSinging:(6) Emphasis on certain sounds to produce a rhythmic verse
Singing: Harmonizing with a baritoneSinging: Learning words, tone and inflectionSinging: Emotion behind words
Singing: Can be healing and soothing for the person hearing it, and the person doing itSinging: (11) Technical detailsSinging: Singing whilst working to soothe your own nerves
Singing: Breath control is vitalSinging: Pregnancy can make breath control more difficult. Singing: Scales
Singing: (16) Holding a note to help tune an instrument.Singing: Harmonizing with dream birds
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Socialization: How to Recognize Unwanted Conversation Topics (like Grandchildren)Socializing: Avoid 'My Boyfriend' Speeches Socializing:(3) Planning the Trial's Itinerary Together
Socialization: Closed Meetings with Tutors are not Always Bad News.Socialization:(5) Consoling A Dying Man With a Hug Socialization: Eye Contact
Socialization:(7) Chin Grab to EmphasizeSocialization: (8)Inviting Someone Over for DinnerSocializing: Don't Offer Worship Views Until Invited
Socialization: (10)Chatting in a group Socialization:(11) Conversing with someone who is never quiet Socialization:(12) Answering questions
Socialization: The art of small talk with strangers Socialization: Summaries are helpful in conversation.Socialization: (15) Approach the last job interview as enthusiastically as the first.
Socialization: Explaining the ethos of a place Socialization: Guided tours help people feel at homeSocialization:(18) Group introductions
Socialization: Friendly discussions can be insightful Socialization:(20) Sharing different viewpoints can lead to increased understandingSocialization: Clear exemplars
Socialization: Discussing uncomfortable topics in groupsSocialization: Joining a conversation in the middle
Socialization: (24)Being forceful and clear with friends
Socialization: Dealing with a house full of people and animals Socialization: Talking to familiars and ghostsSocialization: Trying to make sense of confusing concepts in a group discussion
Socialization: Keeping up in a group when not in receipt of the facts Socialization: Trying to keep the peaceSocialization: (30)Being in crowded rooms
Socialization: Places with alcohol can have very different "vibes"Socialization: Confused individuals need clarity of speechSocialization: Meeting and greeting customers
Socialization: Working in teams is hardSocialization: Meeting and greeting new people (36)Socialization: Talking to strangers
Socialization: Emotional reunions Socialization: Trying not to get in the waySocialization: (39)Playing with a Velduris Wolf
Socialisation: Breaking the ice Socialisation: How to behave at your own weddingSocialisation: Making a joke to ease feeling awkward
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Sociology: Bonding Through Shared Hardship Sociology: Real Fears are Often Veiled in Teasing Sociology: (3)Silence Often Speaks Volumes
Sociology: How to Properly Celebrate a Birth-TrialSociology: Offer Your Gloves to a Boss That Needs ThemSociology: A Community Menu Event
Sociology: A Novelty Can Become a CrazeSociology: Names are importantSociology: (9) Behaviour in different group situations
Sociology: Context and environment are importantSociology: Considering society from an economic standpointSociology: (12)Wealth redistribution via social enterprise
Sociology: Individuals behave differently in crowds Sociology: Weddings are cultural celebrationsSociology: (15) Slavery is one word for a very complex reality
Sociology: Men behave strangely in groups Sociology: Communication requires clarity Sociology: (18)Extreme emotions inhibit clarity, especially in groups.
Sociology: (19) The Effect of Strong Hidden Feelings on ConversationSociology: Healing factions have a unique place in society Sociology: (21) Uniforms are a means of identification and protection
Sociology: People behave differently when alcohol is involvedSociology: Small group interactions with traumatized individuals Sociology: Impacts of abuse on communication
Sociology: (25)Identity formation requires groups to identify withSociology: Identity changes in different life stagesSociology: Role change to parent is a slow process.
Sociology: Some roles overtake previous priorities➳ Sociology: Cultural norms for behaviour during pregnancy➳ Sociology: (30) The importance of rituals around death
➳ Sociology: Notions of community➳ Sociology: Cultural relevance of death rituals➳ Sociology: Community grief has many layers
➳ Sociology: People respond differently to former slaves. ➳ Sociology: Impression formation happens early in an interaction➳ Sociology: (36) Scalvoris wedding customs
Sociology: Tunawa customs are very different Sociology: Considering cultural norms in foodSociology: Cultural significance of relatives' titles
Sociology:(40) Thinking about panic attacks makes them more likely
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Stealth: (1) Take the less populated roads (MC) Stealth: (2) Sneaking: Removing shoes to quiet footstepsStealth: (3)Using Low Status to Escape Notice
Stealth: (4) Waiting for the Right Moment to Share InformationStealth:(5) Walking quietly Stealth: (6) Sneaking up on an opponent
Stealth: (7) not waking a sleeping patientStealth:(8) quietly observing, just out of sight.Stealth: (9) Remaining Unnoticed in a Crowded Room is Easier.
Stealth: Be aware of equipment when climbing quietlyStealth: Slow is easiest for silenceStealth:(12) Swapping drinks with another
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Storytelling: Small details can improve stories Storytelling: (2)The Masks of the Sacred Seven Storytelling: (3)Elaborate
Storytelling: (4) Stick to the factsStorytelling: (5)Skip to the juicy parts Storytelling: (6) Know when to stop talking
Story Telling: (7) Talking to Horses in Andaris Storytelling:(8) Big Plans for the FutureStorytelling: Blending Past Experiences With Present Realizations
Storytelling:(10) Past Accounts of Performing Domestic Skills Storytelling: Time Spent at The House of RosesStorytelling: (12) Intimacy if difficult to talk about
Storytelling: (13) Telling the tragic story of the man who wished to propose to his beloved but died on the way.Storytelling: (14) A Slim Hope is Better than None.Storytelling: (15)The story of who I was
Storytelling: Telling an emotional story without emotionStorytelling: The story of the slave who got free Storytelling: What happened in Treid
Storytelling:(19) The first trial of freedom
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Strength: (1) Water is surprisingly heavy (MC)Strength: (2) Flinging Barrels is Easier with Adrenaline Strength:(3) Adrenaline increased strength
Strength:(4) The More Bodies To Lift Rocks, The Merrier Strength: (5) Spread out the weight to make it easier to carry Strength: (6) Toting Home a Ton of Groceries
Strength: (7) Lifting an unconscious bodyStrength: (8) Pulling Padraig's weightStrength: (9)The Weight of Pregnancy on Your Legs
Strength: Carting Around Frozen BodiesStrength: Forcing yourself to move after a panic attack Strength:(12) Running when pregnant
Strength: Standing up despite pain everywhere Strength: Long distance running while pregnant is hard.Strength: (15)Lifting a dead weight.
Strength: Lifting a beam in a wrecked building
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Surgery: (1) Making an incision. Surgery: (2) Performing a thoracotomy.Surgery: (3) The colours/weights of organs can determine the patients state of health.
Surgery:(4) Stretched abdominal skin means pregnancy. Surgery: (5) Stretched thigh skin means previous weight loss. Surgery: (6)Experience of past conditions is the best means of diagnosis in current patients.
Surgery: (7) Clean open wounds to prevent infection. Surgery: (8) Stitching up a chest injury. Surgery: (9) Combining medication to alleviate pain during surgery.
Surgery: (10) Rest after surgery can help prevent further injury. Surgery: (11) Stitching an arterial bleedSurgery: (12) Double stitching
Surgery: (13) Tourniquet for lessening blood supply Surgery: (14) Applying stitches Surgery: (15) Managing a pierced liver
Surgery: (16) holding a wound together Surgery: (17) removing stitches Surgery: (18) Stitches, removal and administration
Surgery: (19) sterilising instruments Surgery: (20) Clean yourself before going near exposed fleshSurgery: (21) Blood-Letting
Surgery: (22) Bruising After a Procedure is CommonSurgery: (23) Midwifing on the FlySurgery: (24) Sev’ryn Anatomy in detail
Surgery: Hearts, lungs, livers, renal systems all the same in Biqaj, Sev’ryn and Human Surgery:(26) Biqaj have silver blood-cosmetic difference.Surgery: (27) basic cautery
Surgery: (28)common disinfectionSurgery: (29)Splints Without Splints, Bones can be a Substitute.Surgery:(30) Prop up the patient while performing brain surgery
Surgery: (31) Keeping blood in the patient during surgerySurgery: The treatment for the RotSurgery: Techniques for accessing brain areas
Surgery: Careful measurement can be the difference between life and deathSurgery: (35) Can not cut cornersSurgery:(36) Chilled Plasma is Too Thick and Sluggish to Transfuse
Surgery: Separating Out the Plasma from BloodSurgery: (38)Transfusion (with Famula's help)Surgery: Blood separation
Surgery: Blood typing Surgery: Racial differences in bloodSurgery: (42) The use of blood in surgery
Surgery: Diagnosing a dislocationSurgery: Treating a dislocationSurgery: (45)Check for infection in previous treatments
Surgery: Taking blood samplesSurgery: Methods of removing pain from surgical processesSurgery: Issues with Naerrick blood
Surgery: Naerrick surgery different if the naer is in Augiery?Surgery:(50) Stitching wounds too big for the raftSurgery: Efficiency does not equal speed
Surgery: Tools needed for a blood infusionSurgery: Checking and testing blood typesSurgery:(54) Reconstructing limbs
Surgery: Dealing with blood that doesn't clotSurgery: Finding a blood match in a hurrySurgery: Stitching to minimise scars
Surgery: Using coagulants to ensure successSurgery: After care for blood donors tooSurgery: (60)Use gravity to speed up blood transfusions
Surgery: Scars can give clues to what caused them. Surgery: (62)Mortalborn scars as a pulse pointSurgery: Inserting a hot rod into a male urethra
Swimming (1)
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Swimming: Be cautious when swimming in rough water

Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Tactics: (1) How to use your size to your advantageTactics: (2)Choose to kill or not act in order to avoid danger in a fightTactics: (3)In a fight, strike decisively and do not hesitate
Tactics: (4) Smuggling small weapons Tactics:(5) Plan ahead when you sense dangerTactics: (6) Getting in trouble purposely to speak to the higher ups
Tactics: (7) The importance of trade Tactics: (8)There is safety in numbersTactics: (9)Blocking exits
Tactics: (10) Prepping for a difficult task Tactics: (11)Taking harm for a gain Tactics: (12) Crossing a rope bridge
Tactics: (13) Sensible clothing for adventuresTactics:(14) Protect the captain Tactics: (15)Chemical Warfare
Tactics: (16)Wartime StrategiesTactics: (17) When small, numbers do matterTactics: (18)Meant to be Understood by Militants
Tactics: (19) Leave the Chasing to the MilitantsTactics: (20)There is safety in numbersTactics: Fighting a Holding Action
Tactics: Go For the Ends of Enemy LinesTactics: sometimes you need to shove mist up peoples noses.Tactics: Using dogs to detect mines
Tactics: Be prepared for trouble, since it will probably find youTactics: Don't overdo itTactics: Know when to keep quiet
Tactics:(28) Prepare a punch to the nose to incapacitateTactics: Planning a peaceful revolutionTactics: Plans to defend freed slaves
Tactics: (31)Flanking an opponent
Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Teaching:(1) An enthusiastic student is a good studentTeaching: (2) Simple Recipes as Verbal Instruction Teaching: (3)Teach your Students like Children
Teaching: (4)Best way to learn is to ask as many questions as possible.Teaching: (5)Describing Common Issues and their SolutionsTeaching:(6) Personal Protective Equipments for Sewing
Teaching: (7) The Concept of Combat Teaching: (8) Teaching an Unarmed Combat Stance Teaching: (9)Teaching Combat Applies Physics
Teaching:(10) Students can learn from each other Teaching: (11) Taking notes is important Teaching: (12)Engaging with questions
Teaching: Demonstrating how Teaching: Easier to learn by doingTeaching:(15) like someone's life depends on it. Because it does.
Teaching: (16) Encouragement! Teaching: How to Properly Assist an Instructor Teaching: Utilizing Discipline During Lessons
Teaching: Using Analogies to Interest Students Teaching: (20)Approaching Each Child Differently is Necessary Teaching: Creating exercises to help students learn
Teaching: Explaining how to differentiate a free slave and a not-freed slave Teaching:(23) Teaching about culture, not whether its right or wrongTeaching: (24)Use of materials to connect with students
Teaching: Familiarizing yourself with your students' interestsTeaching: Assigning tasks as learning toolsTeaching:(27) Students enjoy validation through grading
Teaching: Use of hands on activities Teaching:(29) Asking for feedbackTeaching:(30) Pointing to students, asking their name and asking them a questions is a good teaching strategy
Teaching: (31)Using tangible items to explain symbolismTeaching: Showing a Learner How to Stick to a Culinary StrategyTeaching: (33)Informal settings for teaching
Teaching: Getting students to draw what you describe, rather than write what you say.Teaching: Projecting your voiceTeaching: Using quizzes to improve student engagement.
Teaching: (37) Utilising competitionTeaching: Show your own passion for what you teachTeaching: Get students to identify their own priorities.
Teaching: The usefulness of feedbackTeaching: Keep a happy and relaxed classroom atmosphereTeaching: (42) Feed-forward as a teaching tool
Teaching: Use diagramsTeaching: Consider using a mirror when teaching make upTeaching:(45) Explain, define, give examples
Teaching: You learn nothing from Improvised Acting. Teaching: Questioning the educational relevance of assignment workTeaching: (48)Meeting a friend can be an opportunity for a lecture about medicine.
Teaching: Explaining why things workTeaching: How to cook over a campfireTeaching: Sometimes, you have to be strict
Teaching: Press the importance of what you're talking about.Teaching: Wait for the question that will come.Teaching:(54) Recognise when your students are doing the best they can.

V - X : 
Vinting: Wine to grape ratio Vinting: Storing techniques

Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Woodworking: (1) Coffin Making [SP] Woodworking: (2) Boarding up windowsWoodworking: (3) Finding Damages on a Carriage
Woodworking:(4) How to Assess Wood Quality Woodworking: (5) Knowing to Cut and Sand with the Grain Woodworking: (6)Salvaging Scraps of Metal for Makeshift Nails
Woodworking: (7) A Swinging Cradle is a Simpler Design Than a Rocking One Woodworking:(8) Measure, Measure, and Measure Again Woodworking: (9) Putting Accessibility and Convenience into the Design of a Crib
Woodworking:(10) Sanding the Wood Woodworking:(11) The Dimensions of the Item MatterWoodworking: (12)Making use of all available materials.
Woodworking: Joining two halves of wood together.Woodworking: Angling nails to provide a better seal.Woodworking: (15) Fitting complimentary pieces.
Woodworking: How to restore a shattered doorWoodworking: Using diagrams to planWoodworking: Plan the size of an engraving in wood
Woodworking: Mortice and tenon jointWoodworking: The importance of accuracy to make joints flushWoodworking: Using a chisel to engrave
Woodworking:(22) Keep the wood itself clean, especially when engraving

Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge
Writing: (1) The Basics of Grammar Writing: (2) Note taking Writing: (3)Copying from Library Books
Writing: Creating tables for teaching useWriting:(5) Careful notes increase accuracyWriting: Authoring a Letter of Well-Wishes
Writing: (7)Make your notes clear Writing: Ensure that you identify linksWriting: (9)Construct questions clearly
Writing: Summary of a summaryWriting: Wording a business contractWriting: Clear note taking
Writing: Structuring notes for re-readingWriting: (14)Constructing a written argumentWriting: (15)Writing verse
Writing: Writing musical notations.➳ Writing: Clear identification of test subjects.➳ Writing: Lab notes require clarity and brevity
➳ Writing: (19)Using structure to ensure clarityWriting: Writing letters to loved ones.Writing: How to start a letter.
Writing: (22) Using writing to organise thoughtsWriting: Trying to convey a sense of urgency in a letter.Writing: Clear statement of facts.
Writing: Expressing emotions through the written word

Y, Z : 

Y = none
Z = none

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Postby Faith » Sun Jul 10, 2016 11:29 am

Items & Housing

Clothes : Overview of what she owns:
Item Type Number Details
Belts 3 Black Leather(2), Red Leather (1)
Blouse 5 Yellow Satin(1) White Silk (2) White Cotton (1) Red Cotton (1)
Cloak/ Shawl 3 Red Satin (1), Black Warm Wool (1) Wool Openweave Red Shawl (1)
Dress (work) 4
Dress 5 Purple Ballgown (1), White Cotton (1), Rose Pink Backless (1), Red Cotton (1), Red Satin (1)
Formal Outfit1 here
Footwear 4 Flats (2) Red slippers (1) Knee high soft warm boots (1)
Gloves 4 Yellow lace (1), White Lace (1), Woolen (2)
Hair Ribbons 4 Yellow (2), Red (2)
Jumpers 2 Black Wooly (1) Grey Wooly(1)
Night wear 6 Huge white long cotton thing (1), Red satin PJs & Dressing gown (1), Black satin gown (2) White satin gown (1) Red satin gown(1)
Outside Wear X Wooly Hat (1), Woolen Scarf (1)
Skirt 8 Yellow Satin (1), Red Satin (1) Black Long Woolen (1) Grey Long Woolen (1) Red Cotton (1) White Cotton (1) Blue Linen (1) Red Linen (1)
Socks 4 Thick wooly!
Strappy Tops 2 Black (2)
Trousers 2 Black (2)
Underdress 1
Underwear 6 sets Various colours
Detail of where it came from:
  • Good yellow dress ~ which she has unpicked and turned into
    • 2 x hair ribbons ~ yellow
    • 1 x blouse ~ yellow
    • 1 x skirt ~ yellow
    • 1 x pair yellow lace gloves (from lace trimmings)
  • Good red dress ~ which she has unpicked and turned into
    • 2 x hair ribbons ~ red
    • 1x red cloak
    • 1x red skirt
  • Good black dress ~ which she has unpicked and turned into
    • 2 x pairs of loose black trousers
    • 2 x strappy tops
  • Underdress
  • Black leather corset ~ which she has unpicked and turned into 2 x leather belts.
  • 2 X work dresses.
  • Underwear X 2
  • Cloak
  • Shoes (flat)
  • Shoes (Heel)
  • 2 x Taffeta Marilyn Skirts - one white and one red. She has unpicked both of these and turned them into
    • 1 x pair of red pyjamas with a white trim
    • 1 x short white dressing gown with a red trim
  • 2 x Silk Blouse
  • 2 x Work Dresses
  • Belt
  • Hair Pins
  • Nightgown - plain
  • A selection of nightgowns /pyjamas made by Faith
  • Purple dress - made for the ball
All of the above were from her time with Tristan.

  • 2 x wooly jumpers
  • 2 x long thick wool skirts
  • 1 x pair of knee high soft warm boots
  • 1 x pair of slippers
Above bought in Zi'da, 716

  • 1x warm hat (wool)
  • 1 x pair of warm gloves (wool)
  • 1 x thick scarf (wool)
  • 2 x pairs of thick socks (wool)
  • 1 x openweave read shawl (wool)
Above made before the campaign in Zi'da 716

  • 1 x white dress
  • 1 x pair of white lace gloves
  • 2 x cotton skirts (red & white)
  • 2 x cotton blouses (red & white)
  • 2 x linen skirts (blue & red)
  • 2 x dress (both red, 1 cotton, 1 silk)
Above made upon returning from campaign Zi'da 716 here
1 x pair of brightly coloured muck boots with daisies on
1 x pair of ballet-like shoes. Both of these - a gift from Padraig
Sewing Stuff
  • 3 yards of chiffon
  • 10 yards of organza
  • 5 yards of red cotton (1 yard used for draught excluders around the house. 1 yard used for red cotton dress. 3 yards used for clothes for Delta)
  • Sewing kit
The above came from Tristan's

  • 8 x balls of wool (used: 2 for stuff for her and Padraig. Used 3 more for stuff for Nir'wei, Mal and Ely: 2 more for baby clothes for Zvezdana ~ 1 remaining)
  • Pair of knitting needles
  • 2 x crochet hooks
  • 2 yards of white cotton
  • 6 yards of linen
Bought in Zi'da: Rharne
  • 11 x balls of wool
  • 5 yds x woolen fabric (1 yard used for clothes for Delta)
  • 10 yds x cotton (3 yards used for clothes for Delta)
Given to her for her birthday by Padraig here
2 x yards of silk
2 x yards of brocade
Accessories : Slave stuff, used to make birthday gift for Padraig. No longer owned.
  • Decorative silver slave collar
  • Silver chain (lead to attach to owner's belt)
  • Decorative silver slave bracelets (can attach to lead) (x2)
  • Manacles for wrists and ankles
  • Adjustable chain for manacles
Nice Jewelry!
  • Fernstone Brooch ~ gift from Padraig
  • Seashell Necklace~bequeathed to her from Zvezdana
  • Silver tiara with 12 x danubrites, 12 x garnets and 1 x large mystic topaz. Given to her for her birthday by Padraig here
  • lip stain (lipstick) ~ red
  • Lipstick ~ dark red
  • rouge (blush)
  • eye paint
  • face paint
  • kohl
  • hair brush
  • comb
Home : General:
  • 1 x bed
  • Pillows
  • Sheets
  • Blanket
  • Wardrobe
  • Linen for curtain
A gift from Padraig
Draft excluders for windows & doors (home made)
1 x couch, 2x armchairs
1 x coffee table.
Bought on return from the capaign, Zi'da 716
Bonsai Tree ~ gift from Padraig
Windmall made from coloured glass which creates a prism rainbow in the garden
Music BoxA little music box, painted to look like the ocean. When opened a small ship inside rocks gently in time to a beautiful soft song - The Sonnet (when played the music box conjures up sounds of the ocean, soothing the listener and giving calm.) [/spoil
  • Measuring Cup 2gn
  • Measuring Spoons 3gn
  • Mixing Bowl 1gn
  • Baking Dish 3gn
  • Rolling Pin 2gn
  • Seive 2gn
  • Piping Bag 1gn
  • Peeler 1gn
A gift from Tristan when he freed her
Supplies for Campaigns / Survival Stuff
Fireplace Rod and Hook Stand (for Cooking): 6sn
Tinderbox: 5gn
Carpenters Kit 50gn: Consists of:
~~ Sanding Blocks (3)
~~ Planing Tool
~~ Rasp Fine
~~ Rasp Coarse
~~ Files (4)
~~ Swiveling Miter Box
~~ Chisels (s/m/l)
~~ Nails (50)
~~ Saw (1 and 2 handled)
~~ Pliers (s/l)
~~ Clamps (2 x s/m/l)
~~ Straight-Edge Square
~~ Hammer (s/l)
~~ Rubber Mallet
~~ Hand Drill
~~ Bits and Augers Set
~~ Wooden Dowels (20)
~~ Glue (1 jar)
~~ Rivets (Brass and Copper x 20)
Spelunking Kit 30gn: Consists of
~~ Grappling Hook
~~ Hemp Rope (50ft)
~~ Climbing Axe/Hammer
~~ Crampon/Spikes Soles for Boots
~~ Lock-Slip Pulley
~~ Reinforced Crampon Gloves
~~ Pitons (2 Dozen, Stright)
~~ Leather Seat Harness
~~ Chin-Strapped Metal Helmet
~~ Oil Lantern
~~ 4x vials of oil lamp
~~ Wrapped oil-soaked torches x6
All above bought in preparation for the campaign Zi'da 716
Writing Supplies
2 x journals
1 x scribes kit
Combat : 
From U'frek's Ship
  • 1 full set of master-craft leather armour
  • 1 alder wood shield
  • 1 weapon of your choice worth up to 100gn: A gladius, masterwork standard (12gnx8=96gn)

From Famula 2nd Mark Quest: here
Shadow-stained steel longsword of very high quality, marked with the insignia of the Eternal Empire military at the base of the blade and soaked in the taint of the shadow creatures from Vhalar 716. Due to its connection with Aelig's magic, it resonates in the presence of the Immortal, or any magic used by the Immortal or his followers. However, the more one uses the sword, the more vivid hallucinations and illusions they experience, usually relating to the way they used the sword.
Other : 
  • A gift from U'frek: Seashell Necklace that makes you invisible to Dangerous Spirits, Wisps, Shadow Creatures, and Familiars when worn.
  • Echo scroll ~ bought from points bank ~ other one given to Padraig
  • Domain bag ~ bought from points bank
  • Echo scroll ~ bought from points bank ~ other one given to Aeon here
  • 2 x crystal snowflakes here
Medical : 
Herbalists Kit: From the Zi'da Event 716 here
  • Hand shovel (small and large)
  • Hand Spade (small and large)
  • Box-Framed Sieve
  • Reinforced Cloth Gloves
  • Wrap-Around Goggles
  • Knee Pads
  • Hand Hoe
  • Hand saw
  • Hand Soil Loosening Tool
  • Long-Handled Shears
  • Tool Belt
  • Pump Spray Bottle
  • Pruning Shears
  • Root Digger
  • Collection Pouch 1 gn

Medical /First Aid Kit: Kept Stocked Via Order of The Adunih
  • Bandages for casts (3)
  • Tourniquet set
  • Wooden splint braces (6)
  • Cloth bandage strips (bundle of 15)
  • Bandage Hooks (12)
  • Jar of sealing jelly
  • Folding Burner/brazier assembly
  • Boiling Pot
  • Vial of Burner Fuel (lamp oil)
  • Cauterizing iron (5 tip sizes)
  • Needle set (curved and straight)
  • 50' Spool of thread
  • Precision Tweezers
  • Precision Scissors
  • Large Vial of Antiseptic Alcohol
  • Sponges
  • Sling

Medicinal Herbs 130gn
-- Fist Nut x 2 ~ coagulant (2 x 30g=60gn)
-- Scarf Rot x 4 - anti infection (4 x 5gn= 20gn)
-- Clam Leaf Tonic x 4 - painkiller (4 x 5gn = 20gn)
-- Whitemoss - antidote (30gn)
(Bought in preparation for the Qe'dreki campaign)

1 x sample of Moseke's Moss here

Books : 2 x Gardening Books
Advanced Medical Texts x 10 (Encyclopedia)
Seven Books a birthday gift. 2 x wine making, 3 x books on Immortal History, 2 x Agriculture
20 x books searching for Pad. These consist of:
~ 5 x books on Immortals - including information on marks
~ 5 x books on Magic ~ specifically items and what might negate / block magic
~ 5 x books on Geography / Oceanography
~ 5 x books on Legends of Unusual Incidents, especially on oceans.
20 x books also while searching for Pad. These consist of:
~ 5 x books on the Originals
~ 5 x books on the Great Shattering
~ 10 x books on stories and folklore to do with uncharted oceans and the Eastern seas.

Loot/Stuff : Gathered on Faldrass
Various Samples of 4 Species of Mushroom
Various Samples of 5 Species of Plant
Various Samples of 3 Rock Formations
For her 1st & 7th birthday
1 x pony called Snowball + a wooden shape sorter
Birthdays from 8 - 19!
1 x flute
1 x pair of dancing shoes (red)
1 x chemists set
Brush/Comb/Mirror Vanity set
Leather Satchel
Crystal perfume atomizer filled with scent
1 x "Hope Chest"
1 x model skeleton
1 x model brain
1 x diagram of the vascular system, framed
1 x engagement ring (rose gold, two vines twisted together. A startling red rhododite garnet, a full carat and a half in size. On each side of the stone, mounted where two vines crossed and crossed again, were four brilliant green tashmarinediopside stones, cut like small leaves.)
1 x workshop in the garden. Stone and well built, with a window. Squeee!
1 x wedding ring (Gold crafted into tangled vines, scattered with brilliant gemstone leaves that would wrap round and frame the stones embedded in her engagement ring.)
1 x box of Vri: Vri's box, made from a rare wood found only in the Makubwa Lori, it has no hinges or slides and is as far as the eye can see a simple empty box with no opening. No matter how hard you try to open it physically it will not move. Vri left you with the instruction to call upon the box when the time is right.
Approved here from here Renown Rewards

Tier 1: A small sphere which has sunlight "captured" in it - would provide light in an area as though there was a single window to a bright, sunny day.

Tier 2: A ring with 4 charges per season - each use negates 1 "level" of spell. So, to negate an expert level casting, she has to use three charges, novice uses 1 charge, etc. So in one season she can negate 4 x novice spells, 1 x master spell

Tier 3: A necklace which can, once a trial, create an "air armour" around Faith. I see it as kind of like being "compressed air" and provides whole body armour. It lasts for half a break and is equivalent to wearing plate mail but has no weight etc.

Tier 4: A large cooking pot which appears to provide almost endless sustenance. In fact, if Faith makes a soup or stew in that pot, once per trial it replenishes itself up to 20 x the amount she made. She must make one pot full first, it is only ever a replication of what was originally made. The pot would normally have enough soup in it to feed 30, so with this, it will take the ingredients etc for feeding 30 and will feed 600.

Faith and Padraig live in Scalvoris Town on the island of Scalvoris in a large four bedroom property which they jointly own
"To be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others."
Ashan 718: Relief Effort!
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Postby Faith » Sun Aug 07, 2016 9:12 pm

Money Ledgers

ItemDebitCredit Total
Reward from The Humble Son -- 50gn 50gn
Food Shopping: 122nd Vhalar 176 16gn -- 34gn
From Alistar 121st Vhalar -- 275gn 309gn
Clothes Shopping 123 Vhalar 14g6s4c 294g3s6c
Supplies Shopping 10th Zi'da 102gn192g3s6c
Medicinal Supplies 10th Zi'da 130gn62g3s6x
Ingredients for Sintih's street party 5gn57g3s6c
Room in Welles: 16th Zi'da 2gn 55g3s6c
Holiday Gift 50gn5g3s6c
Zi'da Wages ~ seamstress* 959 GN, 7 SN 6CN 965g1s2c
Zida Wages ~ chef* 1039 GN, 8SN 4CN2004g9s6c
Book for Tristan: 10th Zi'da 10gn1994g9s6c
Payment to Order of Adunih 10gn1984g9s6c
House Shopping 37th Zi'da 102gn1882g9s6c
Gift for Padraig 75th Zi'da 12gn1870g9s6c
Drinks with Aeon 4g1s1866g8s6c
Supplies, Meals & Drinks: 82nd Zi'da 13gn6sn1853g2s6c
2 x Books on Gardening: 85th Zi'da 20gn1833g2s6c
Payment for Odd Job --35gn1868g2s6c
Donation of above to Order of the Adunih 35gn-- 1833g2s6c
Supplies: Cradle Raw Materials, Yarn & Material 53gn--1780gn2sn6cn
Furnishing the Study 209gn--1571gn2sn6cn
Purchase of home in Scalvoris (jointly with Padraig) 983gn--588gn2sn6cn
Exam Fee: University 200gn--388gn2sn6cn
Fee for 2 x seasons of study 200gn --188gn2sn6cn
Cylus 717 Wages: Medic*-- 256gn 5sn 444gn 7sn 6cn
Clothes Shopping With Kura!24gn--420gn 7sn 6cn
Gifts for Padraig on Faldrass 77gn 5sn--343gn 2sn 6cn
Cylus 717 Wages: Chef*--405gn748gn 2sn 6cn
Furnishings for house168gn--580gn 2sn 6cn
Donation to the Order of the Adunih of above 250--580gn 2sn 6cn
Writing Supplies: Cylus 717 28gn--552gn 2sn 6cn
Kitting Out Professor Augustin 86gn--466gn 2sn 6cn
Collecting Flora180gn--xx
Donation of Above 180gn to the Order of the Adunihxx180466gn 2sn 6cn
Helping A Havardr Chap20gn--xx
Donation of Above 20gn to the Order of the Adunihxx20466gn 2sn 6cn
Ashan 717 Wages2,091gn--2,557gn 2sn 6cn
Opened Bank Account. Saving==10gn fee2,547gn 2sn 6cn
Deposited to Bank Account --2,000gn547 2sn 6cn
Paid for Amaris' Tuition + books xx 130gn 417gn 2sn 6cn
Staying in Faldrass Resort Ashan 717 xx20gn397gn 2sn 6cn
Cosmo's Toy! xx 10gn 387gn 2sn 6cn
Payment from Rafael30gn--417gn 2sn 6cn
Conversion of Point Bank Points 5,000gn-- 5,417gn 2sn 6cn
Wages: Chef: Ashan 717 2,091gn --7,508gn 2sn 6cn
Business Start Up5,400--2,108gn 2sn 6cn
Merchants' Guild Joining Fees 100--2,008gn 2sn 6cn
Finishing Touches To House77gn 4sn--1930gn 8sn 6cn
NPC: Katherine: Ashan 71710gn--1920gn 8sn 6cn
Rum in the name of science!9gn--1911gn 8sn 6cn
Medical Text Books90gn--1821gn 8sn 6cn
Payment for funeral of slave200gn--1621gn 8sn 6cn
Donation of Bounty to Order of the Adunih75gn--1621gn 8sn 6cn
Deposit Into Bank Ymiden 7171,000--621gn 8sn 6cn
Payment of Fees for Charter in Medicine (3 x seasons) 300--321gn 8sn 6cn
Bounty: Donated2525321gn 8sn 6cn
Wages: Chef: Ymiden 717--15181839gn 8sn 6cn
Bank Deposit1000--839gn 8sn 6cn
Wedding Clothes212gn 7sn--627gn 1sn 6cn
Ymiden Wages: Professor-- 1,100gn 5sn 1,727gn 6sn 6cn
Bank Deposit1000--727gn 6sn 6cn
Loot--125gn852gn 6sn 6cn
Birthday Gifts810gn--42gn 6sn 6cn
Saun 717 Wages: Associate Professor592gn--634gn 6sn 6cn
Letter in Immortal History Fee (2 x 70gn)--140gn494gn 6sn 6cn
A gift for Victor--9gn485gn 6sn 6sn
Gifts for Ayla--40gn445gn 6sn 6cn
Birthday Gifts for Pad II--30gn415gn 6sn 6cn
Wages Cally's (2K paid back)1000--1415gn 6sn
Deposit into bank --1000415gn 6sn
Cakes for Pash--5gn410gn 6sn
Arlo eats at Callys28gn--438gn 6sn
Pash and Kali have a date at Callys81gn-- 519gn 6sn
Farewell/Safe Travels to Kali & Pash--30gn489gn 6sn
Vhalar 717 Professor Wages2,083gn--2.572gn 6sn
Vhalar 717 Chef Wages & Pay Back of Set Up5,500gn--8, 072gn 6sn
Deposit into bank Vhalar 717--4,0004,072gn 6sn
Pad's wedding ring--400gn3,672gn 6sn
Holiday Event Gift 717--57gn 1sn 2cn 3,615gn 4sn 8cn
Wages Zi'da Chef--5,3008,915gn 4sn 8c
Donation from above wages to Order of the Adunih1,500--7.415gn 4sn 8cn
Donation from above wages to Luna's Orphanage 1,800--5,615
Deposit into bank Zi'da 717--4,0001,615gn 4sn 8c
[Buying Books130gn--1, 485gn 4sn 8cn
More books!130gn--1,355gn 2sn 8cn
Replacing The Telescope1,000gn--355gn 2sn 8cn
Conversion of 81 point bank points (recorded in PB ledger)--410765gn 2sn 8cn
Donation to Family Adopting Baby500gn--265gn 2sn 8cn
Aeon's Funeral200gn--65gn 2sn 8cn
Conversion of 100 point bank points (recorded in PB ledger)--500565gn 2sn 8cn
Gift to Delta500gn--65gn 2sn 8cn
Renown GF'd Money In--2400gn2465gn 2sn 8cn
Donation to Isonomia2400gn--65gn 2sn 8cn
Profit Cylus 718: Callys--2,518gn 7sn 5cn2,584gn 0sn 3cn
Donation to Isonomia518gn--2,066gn
Deposit into bank: Cylus 7181500--566gn 0sn 3cn
Profit Ashan 718: Callys--10,616gn 2sn 2cn--
Donated to Isonomia8,616gn 2sn 5cn--2,566gn
Wage: Professor: Ashan 718--2,771gn 5sn5, 337gn 5sn
Supplies for Lei'lira et al200gn--5,137gn 5sn

Total Currency: 0 ON, 5,137 GN, 5 SN 3 CN,
Bank Balance: Joint account with Padraig 20, 149gn 8sn 2cn
*all wages have seasonal expenses & tax deducted
Please note: Until 121st Vhalar 716, Faith was a slave. This ledger commences then.
"To be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others."
Ashan 718: Relief Effort!
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Postby Faith » Sat Aug 20, 2016 5:07 pm


Renown Ledger
Existing Character: (SF) +30 30
A gift to Malcolm +2 32
Cleaning & Painting +1 33
Risking Health for the sake of humanity +1 34
Loyalty & sticking to morals +1 35
Making a fool of myself for Alistair +136
A kind act: Cooking for Ali +2 38
Scaring A Boy -1 37
Met the King! +5 42
Helping Lady Burhan +5 47
Offered to Help Lady Burhan +2 49
Served Well +2 51
Fought Zombies! +2 53
Helped Lady Elyna +1 54
Cooking for Tristan +1 55
Feeding Tristan +1 56
Assissting in death of a shadow beast +2 58
A gift for teacher! +1 59
Repairing a carriage +1 60
Loyalty to Lady Elyna +1 61
Aiding & Healing Trapped Workers +2 63
Bravery in the face of chaos +1 64
Wearing the Marilyn skirt +2 66
Wearing Marilyn skirt (again) +2 68
Making clothes for baby Elsie +1 69
Bathing the cat!+1 70
On U'frek's Ship! +10 80
Kindness to a stranger +2 82
Helping Around the House +1 83
Clothes for baby Elsie +2 85
Cooking a Meal +1 86
Healing Malcolm / Chasing Avari +2 88
Teaching +2 90
Teaching a class +1 91
Marked by Famula +10 101
General good deeds +2 103
General Good Deed +1 104
Helping Tristan +1 105
Helping Padraig +1 106
Supporting a Popular Cause +2 108
Bringing a Gift +1 109
Event Participation: Global Event 716 +10 119
Helping the Wouded +1 120
Speaking to Moseke +5 125
Saving Lives +6 131
Giving A Gift +2 133
Making Clothes for Padraig +2 135
Tracking Down A Killer +1 136
Returning a loved one's ring +2 138
Rescuing Ivy +2 140
Murder Investigation Ongoing! +1 141
Surgery +3 144
Gift giving! +2 147
Teaching, Donating +9 156
Supporting a Popular Cause +2 158
Tracking Down the Strangler! +13171
Professor Faith! +2 173
Finding out about the Etzos Treatment +3 176
Helping out a freeborn +1177
Entrance Exam Success! +2 179
Midwife! +4 183
Helping a Ghost +3 186
Service to the Temple +2 188
Promises to a friend +3191
Gifts for Pad +2 193
A New Dish!+2195
Helping a confused fella on Faldrass +2 197
Helping a stranger +2199
Standing up to Xenophobia +5204
Tomb of Treid+20224
Preparing Lunch for a Hungry Soldier +1225
A gift to a friend +2227
Academic recognition +3 230
Blue Cloak!+5 235
Determined to Heal Lightbane+2 237
Found a Cure for Lightbane +8 245
Tristan's Play +33 278
Helping Nir'wei +2280
Helping Amaris +4 284
Nerd Gifts! +2286
Outfitting Professor Augustin! +36322
Babysitting Baby Alzorn! +1323
Healing a patient+2325
Cookery Contest Host!+8333
Enormowl Shenanigans!+15348
Helping the Dead+3351
Solving Break Ins +10361
Working with Dr Til'niva+2363
New Food+3366
Associate Professor!+3369
Romantic Swashbuckling!+8 377
Meeting Vince +1378
Business Owner +11389
Good deed with Kali +1390
Medical Procedures+2392
Burning Stomach +5 397
Good boss!+2399
Strychnine poisoning +4 403
Bobbie & Burns +6409
Hero of the Ellune! +15424
Helping Leon +4428
Helping Luna +1429
Researching Blood +2431
Curing The Rot! +40471
Helping out in a crisis! +3474
Birthday Gifts for Pad+1475
Helping at the Order+3478
Exalted of Famula+10488
A gift to a stranger +2490
New Medical Process! +3493
Gift to Nir'wei! +5498
Helping Anos+2500
Helping Kali'rial +2502
Offering to help Baya +1503
Bringing back from the dead+10513
Helping a Spirit Move Over+1514
Giving a Gift+2516
Helping Out In The Name of Science!+6522
Helping in a Storm!+6528
Assisting Mero+6534
Investing in the Future+5539
Bank Robberies Foiled!+6545
Giving a Gift!+2547
Making Cally corporeal!+1548
Gifts for Ayla!+6554
Viden Shenanigans!+3557
Gold Cloak!+100!657
Murder Mystery!+20677
Charter in Medicine!+10687
Donating 3,300gn Zi'da 717+150837
Got Married+30867
Holiday Gifts!+12879
Healed Nir'wei+2881
Tried to Save Aeon+20901
Helping the baby Aeon saved+40941
Aeon's Funeral +25966
Helping Kura +1967
Stopping a fight +6 973
Replacing a telescope+2975
Meeting an Immortal+10985
Public Birth!+151000

Current Fame: + 1000

Faith has maximum: Absolute Renown according to The Renown Guide
Rewards are as follows:
Small rewards:
300gn x 8 = 2,400gn.
Medium rewards:
1 x +3 on cooking
1 x +3 on detection
2 x +3 on medicine
2 x +3 on needlecraft
2gn x day on wages.
Tier Rewards:
Approved here from here Renown Rewards

Tier 1: A small sphere which has sunlight "captured" in it - would provide light in an area as though there was a single window to a bright, sunny day.

Tier 2: A ring with 4 charges per season - each use negates 1 "level" of spell. So, to negate an expert level casting, she has to use three charges, novice uses 1 charge, etc. So in one season she can negate 4 x novice spells, 1 x master spell

Tier 3: A necklace which can, once a trial, create an "air armour" around Faith. I see it as kind of like being "compressed air" and provides whole body armour. It lasts for half a break and is equivalent to wearing plate mail but has no weight etc.

Tier 4: A large cooking pot which appears to provide almost endless sustenance. In fact, if Faith makes a soup or stew in that pot, once per trial it replenishes itself up to 20 x the amount she made. She must make one pot full first, it is only ever a replication of what was originally made. The pot would normally have enough soup in it to feed 30, so with this, it will take the ingredients etc for feeding 30 and will feed 600.

Points Bank Ledger
Item / Account / DatesPoints Credit Points Debit Total
1st Aug - 1st Oct 2016 Faith 248 -- 248
1st Aug - 1st Oct 2016 Peg 140 -- 388
1st Oct - 28th Oct Faith52-- 440
1st Oct - 28th Oct Peg206--646
Domain Bag 200464
Echo Scroll ~ Padraig 100364
29th Oct - 26th Nov Peg 305 --669
29th Oct - 26th Nov Faith 79 748
Tangura 75673
Echo Scroll ~ Aeon 100573
December: Peg 208--781
December: Faith 124--905
January: Peg268--1173
January: Faith 73--1,246
Echo Scroll - Kura 100 1,146
Portal Boots (Faith & Padraig) 300 844
February: Peg 278--1,122
February: Faith 39--1,161
Domain Bag: Padraig 200961
Echo Scroll - Rafael Warrick100 861
March: Peg291--1,152
March: Faith39--1,191
Conversion of Point Bank to Nel (5,000 gn)--1,000 191
April: Faith50--241
April: Peg152--393
Echo Scroll: Tristan--100293
April: Faith32--325
April: Peg286--611
Sept: Faith19--630
Oct: Faith128--758
Oct: Peg260--1018
Nov: Faith64--1082
Conversion to GN--821000
Conversion to GN--100900
Echo Scrolls: Linika--100800
Feb: Faith30--830
NPC: Alissa--400430
Mar: Faith138--568
Apr: Faith42--610

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