[Work in Progress] Lacey Lovell

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[Work in Progress] Lacey Lovell

Postby Lacey Lovell » Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:09 pm

Lacey Lovell
'Name': Lacey Lovell.

Real name: Aleinah Qau’ryn (Last name literally means Heart of the Stars). Goes by Lacey, or Lovell. Has not told anyone her real name yet.

Race: Biqaj (Mortal Born of U'Frek - Domains: Pirates, Ocean, Albatross)

Age: 29

Date of Birth: Vhalar 7th, 688

Height: 5’9

Weight: 149lb

FC: Bantik Boy

Profession: Sea Merchant - aka ‘Pirate’ according to some

Marks: Bright colourful tattoos across almost entire body. May be identified by the large heart diamond tattoo on her chest.

Factions: None

Partner: None yet, Lacey sows her wild oats at the moment with basically anything with a heartbeat.

Languages Spoken: Rahaki (Fluent), Common (Broken)
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Lacey Lovell

Postby Lacey Lovell » Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:52 pm

Lacey is of an average height for a Biqaj, with richly tanned skin — where it isn’t covered by ink — and long blonde hair that flits between dreadlocks on and off. Her resting eye color is a brilliant emerald green, which shifts depending on her mood. In her nose and upper lip are three silver piercings, a hoop in her nose, and two stud either side in her top lip. Her ears are pierced with large wooden circle plugs.

Eye Color Chart:
  • Happy: Bright blue swathed with sandy golds
  • Sad: Stormy dark grey
  • Excited: Rich violet
  • Angry: Colorless, as though she has gone blind (thanks Dad!)
  • Passionate: Pink with a dash of lime
  • Scared: Silver No one knows because Lacey Lovell doesn’t get scared

Lacey is strong, her muscles built from arcs of life at sea, and she loves colors. Her current go to outfit is a two piece top and skirt created with all the bright colours of the spectrum. Her hair is often left loose, and laced with trinkets from her travels.

She refuses to wear shoes, unless the weather deems it utterly required.
Outfits : 
Hairstyles : ...
Weapons : 
Accessories : 
Other : ...
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Lacey Lovell
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Lacey Lovell

Postby Lacey Lovell » Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:55 pm


Lacey is all about the fun and the adventure. If its not fun, then its not worth the effort. She drinks anything and everything, and enjoys taking treasure wherever and whatever it may be. She is rarely known to be angry as such, which can sometimes be deceptive, as when she is indeed feeling anger or sadness she will cover it with jokes and humor. It's hard to read exactly how the woman is feeling most of the time, and she rarely lets anyone close to her (emotionally).

If one was able to get under the facade they would find that the piratess is quite deep, with a profound sense of distrust in most people. She will form alliances for the sake of finding treasure, but will not hesitate to stab these allies in the back if required. She has grown up without love, and so finds it hard to understand the concept.

Lacey is not aware she is a Mortalborn of U'frek. She thinks the book she holds is magical in itself, and just thinks pirates like her because of her likable nature and fun-time personality. She is suspicious of the albatross that seems to follow her commands, but believes that the Albatross is perhaps a boon of The Great Father, sent to reap vengeance on those who do her ill.
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Lacey Lovell
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Lacey Lovell

Postby Lacey Lovell » Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:59 pm


As far as she knows, Lacey was born on the Orm'del sea in the midst of a winter storm to a sea merchant and her bonded. In fact, the two were young desperate sailors on their last few copper nel, who had stumbled across a young new mother and her babe. During the raid they mortally wounded the mother, and ripped the child from her arms. With intents of selling the child for a good nel, they soon discovered that she was swaddled with a book that detailed the location and details of every single pirate or pirate-lite in a city wide radius. Details in the book seemed to magically update every time it was opened, and would include the names of pirate crews, ship names, positions of each named crew member, charter and last general location the ship was sighted. When it left the infants side, the pirates quickly realized that it would no longer update with new information. Not only that, but when they had the babe in tow, other pirates tended to look more favorably on them. As such, they kept the child and became lucratively rich, naming the girl Lacey Lovell after their own ship The Laced Lady. This didn't mean Lacey’s start in life was a good one. She grew up with two clear knowledges of the world;

One – No one looks out for you but you and Two – Everyone hates a Biqaj.

Travelling from port to port in her adoptive parents ship, Lacey learned quickly that sometimes the life of a 'sea merchant' was not as well looked upon as some other more grounded professions – such as a shipwright or navigator. She also learned that in some social circles the correct terminology for her set career path was ‘pirate’. To Lacey, this was a word that carried with it fantastical childhood visions of fame and fortune, and so she embraced it whole heartedly. Her mother, bless her kind heart, taught the blonde haired youth the rules of the ocean and the way of the pirate; that you either made an honest living, or you just made a living. They spent their time trading goods gained either legally or forcefully not, often at sword point, using Lacey's book and her strange abilities. This richness was never shared with the child however, and more than once she lived off the breath in her lungs and the seawater in her face. One scorching Saun, her adoptive father found his untimely demise on the end of a well aimed harpoon from a military ship. Being thirteen arcs at the time, Lacey was given a promotion from ship-rat to tradesman. She learned the ways of the sabre from her mother, warmly reigned into place with the loving lashings of the woman's leather belt when she was slow on the uptake.

On her first solo trade ashore the wonderfully delightful city of Etsoz Lacey found the attentions of a fellow sea merchant. The older man taught her a valuable lesson in the art of lovemaking, a painful and degrading experience. Broken and bloodied in the dirt, Lacey saw a lone albatross soaring high above her. She felt it calling to her, lifting her aching soul from where it cowered in the darkness of her trauma, guiding her in blessed retaliation. She learned then her ability Burden Of The Lonely. She sent the albatross to follow the man, following him for trials around the city. Eventually the culprit could take the burden no longer and took his life. After this, the blonde found herself so weak she could barely move, but it had been worth it.

It has been so worth it.

At the altogether grown up age of seventeen arcs, Miss Lovell found herself a merchant vessel on its way from Scalvoris to Rynmere. A little ship, nothing to fancy mind you, the blonde made her way aboard. Of course there was a fight, there was always a fight, but once the bodies had been tossed overboard and the blood cleaned up the vessel was just the right size for the teenager to make her own way out on the open sea. Of course, her kind and understanding mother accepted this with great delight, showing this delight by threatening her daughter at knife point. There was no way she would let the girl and the ledger go. They discussed the problem, and the finer details of letting children find their own way. In the end, Lacey and her mother agreed that the ship would indeed go to the teenager.

Sure, her mother was missing an eye and bleeding out on her own deck, but hey…at least Lacey left the woman with her ship.

Free as a bird, the Biqaj merchant - no, Biqaj pirate made her own way on the oceans of Idalos. She travelled where the wind or the current took her, collecting tattoos on her skin and notches on her belt wherever she went. Man, woman, bird, shadow-person...it mattered naught. If it could be conquered in the sheets, Lacey would take it. Some might say she was compensating for the lack of hugs from her parents, Lacey would simply say that a pirate takes all the booty they can get.

The woman would make a claim that over the next twelve arcs she’d made quite a name for herself, whether thats true or not is yet to be confirmed. Regardless of the little details on this, Lacey - no - Captain Lacey Lovell has found herself in possession of some juicy information partaking to a treasure beyond comprehension somewhere in the world. Rumors of a map residing in the Thunder Temple on Rhane have set Lacey’s nose twitching, all intentions on obtaining said scroll.

Of course, that doesn't mean she can’t grab some other pretty things along the way. Temples always have too many riches anyway. She would just be...assisting them with their winter cleaning.

What a kindness she provided!

Currently Lacey finds herself in a bit of a predicament however. Her last expedition out on the ocean, whilst revealing the information of this so called treasure, also came with a price. The sea merchant she procured it from came for her with a bigger and better boat, attacking the biqaj on the way to Rhane. Barely making it away, the smaller vessel caught a high wind and sailed until in range of Ne’haer waters. Down to her last few nels, Lacey managed to scrape her way into port before the cannon fodder of a boat gave up the ghost, sinking to the briney depths as she stood on the docking boats and watched.

Now presently stuck in Bayward with a couple of nel, her information and her wits, Lacey has procured a small loan for a sloop. She will need to earn coin to buy a boat to sail if she wants to get to the Thunder Temple. How? By U’frek’s Blinded Gaze, the woman has no bloody idea, but she is Captain Lacey Lovell.

She’ll figure it out.
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Lacey Lovell

Postby Lacey Lovell » Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:07 am

A one-masted sailing sloop (boat) aptly named The Laced Lady, with a mainsail and jib rigged fore and aft. The sloop has a small hold and living quarters under the deck, enough room for a single bed, small writing desk, chair, storage chest, and shelf.
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Lacey Lovell

Postby Lacey Lovell » Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:12 am

Skills & Knowledge

Skill Name (Specific) Knowledges Points Acquired Total Points Proficiency
Seafaring 310/100 (25/251)Novice
Melee Weapon (Sabre) 310/100 (20/251)Novice
Intimidation 110/100 (10/251)Novice
Persuasion 110/100(10/251)Novice
Navigation 210/100 NA: FTNovice



Skills A-D : 
A (0)
A Skills

B (0)
B Skills

C (0)
C Skills

D (0)
D Skills
Skills E-H : 
E (0)
E Skills

F (0)
F Skills

G (0)
G Skills

H (0)
H Skills
Skills I-L : 
Intimidation (1)
Threatening a foe into submission

J (0)
J Skills

K (0)
K Skills

L (0)
L Skills

Skills M-P : 
Melee Weapon (Sabre) (1)
How to parry
How to hold your stance
How to swing

Navigation (1)
How to read the stars for navigation
How to use a compass

O (0)

Persuasion (1)
How to convince another to join your crew

Skills Q-U : 
Q (0)
Q Skills

R (0)
R Skills

Seafaring (1)
How to steer a ship
How to hoist the mainsail
How to moor a vessel

T (0)
T Skills

U (0)
Skills V-Z : 
V (0)

W (0)

X (0)

Y (0)

Z (0)
People : 
Immortals : 
NPCs : 
Other : 
Marks : 

Mortal Born Abilities


Pirates : 
The Ledgers Boons
Lacey holds a ledger that has written the location and details of every single pirate or pirate-lite in a city wide radius (smugglers, tide-bound bandits ect). Details in the ledger include the names of pirate crews, ship names, positions of each named crew member, charter and last general location the ship was sighted. When in her possession this ledger updates regularly. The ledger can be transposed into a blank journal by Lacey's touch, but this copy will not update like the original. Other pirates tended to look more favorably on the holder of this ledger, and for at least one trial this favourableness can be transposed to a ledger-copy holder.
Oceans : 
Parting Tides
When activated Lacey can lifting a sheet of water around the ship to reflect the surroundings like a mirror and conceal the vessel, allowing it to blend into the ocean. This only works when not being actively searched for, therefore works for ambushes but not evasion.
Albatross : 
The Burden Of The Lonely
When activated, this ability summons a lone albatross that will sail on silent wings over the person targeted. It can remain for as long as Lacey can hold the ability before becoming too weak, be that breaks or trials. The target will feel a deep sense of anxiety and hopelessness, and they will find themselves unlucky beyond natural possibility. The combination can be physically dangerous, or drive the target to take their own life if held for long enough.

The downfall to using her abilities see’s the very ocean itself turn against Lacey. It might be that she runs into foul weather, or hits a shallow reef. The more she uses it the worse it gets, churning maelstroms or even hurricanes catching her out. Eventually, if she goes too far, the ocean will turn on her in a vengeful show of wrath and destroy the Biqaj and her ship.

Skill Ledger


Skill Ledger
Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Seafaring [RB] 25[RB] 2500
Starting Package 500050
Melee Weapon (Sabre) ..xxxx
Intimidation ..xxxx
Persuasion ..xxxx
Navigation (FT) ..xxxx
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Lacey Lovell

Postby Lacey Lovell » Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:19 am



Equipment & Such

1 x Set of clothing

Personal Effects:
1 x Set of toiletries

1 x Tinderbox
1 x Waterskin
1 x Compass
1 x Spyglass
1 x Small fishing net
1 x Small anchor
1 x Week’s worth of dried food rations

Ship Supplies:
1 x Hammock
1 x Gangplank
1 x Small table
1 x Chair
1 x Chest
6 x Plates (assorted)
2 x Eating knives
1 x Fish smoker
1 x Lantern
1 x Map (for the shoreline of one major city)

One lonely albatross that follows Lacey wherever she goes. It doesn't sit on her like a parrot, but it is always somewhere nearby. (30GN value)

Starting package and such

Starting package and such

Financial Ledger
Spendings and Wages
Starting Package ... 20GN
Deduction ...GN ...
Loan ... 300GN

Total Currency: 0 ON, 20GN, 0SN, 0CN
Point Bank : 
Other : Lasting injuries, scars, boons ect

Musical Inspiration
Lacey : 
Other : 
xxxxx : 
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Thread List

Postby Lacey Lovell » Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:22 am

Thread List

[spoil=Season and Arc][url=xxx]Day, Season, Arc - Title[/url][/spoil]

[spoil=Season][url=xxx]Day, Season, Arc - Title[/url][/spoil]

[spoil=Season][url=xxx]Day, Season, Arc - Title[/url][/spoil]
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Lacey Lovell

Postby Lacey Lovell » Sat Jan 20, 2018 6:04 pm

Mortalborn Story

His children told stories of her, the woman sailing in the Ipi’ufanjot, caught woefully between the love of two Immortals. He knew it had morphed, warped from its true origin, but U’frek still listened to the tale as it was sung by the Biqaj around their winter bonfires as could almost believe she was still here. Eyes like the ocean washing on the sand, hair as bright as spun gold thread, smile as intoxicating as the sky.

Unfortunately, such was the way with mortals, she did not become the stars as His children so believed. The beauty that had been noticed by The Great Wave and his brother eventually waned with the touch of time and age. She passed, in her sleep old and unmarried, unable to bare the love of any mere man when she had captured the attention of the Immortals.

The Ocean Father had grieved, not for her loss, but for the end of such embodiment of His children. She was Biqaj in all ways, and he had cared for her in that regard. For her beauty and her fire. For her sea legs and her carefree nature. She was His Champion, marked by the Immortal as His.

Time went on. Arcs and arcs, uncounted and uneventful. Favoured came and went, yet none were like she. U’frek watched the world, shared the fires of His creations and sailed their ships, a blind stranger on a personal journey.

Then he found her again, reborn it seemed by the strangeness of time and genetic disposition.

Meira Qau’ryn.

A devout follower of His word, the young woman was a ship hand on The Dove’s Fate. Her eyes sparkled like the ocean on a late Ymiden afternoon, and her hair was almost white from the sun, entwined with trinkets from her adventures. Quick to smile, and even quicker to show compassion to an old blind man on her vessel, the blonde soon grew to see who He really was and in return U’frek blessed her.

Favoured, Adored, Exalted. Meira grew in her devotion to The Guided One, her heart and soul his. Moved by her grace, her strength and her familiar beauty, U’frek appeared to her one bitterly cold Cylus eve, a young virile man with blind eyes seeing all. He raised her up, took her not only as His Champion, but in the closed confines of her tiny ship his lover.

It was a most favourable union indeed, with Meira blossoming with child much to U’frek’s chagrin. A Mortalborn, of his making. A mistake, of his doing. Still the beautiful sailor never faltered in her devotion, or her commitment to the Immortal, baring the child in the cabin of her small sloop with naught but the rocking of the ocean to help her. U’frek appeared once more, as the woman lay with the babe in her arms, whispering a name in her ear as he placed a small blank ledger beside her.


The ledger which U’frek had gifted His daughter seemed to show ship manifests and routes, changing as the ships moved provided Aleinah was nearby. The woman too this as a blessing on the child, a bounty for her life ahead.

Too soon however, that life was changed.

Merely trials after the birth, Meira was caught in a raid on the vessel by desperate and hungry pirates. Weakened by her recent labour, the woman was unable to stop the attack with her abilities, and in a last ditch attempt to protect her babe was mortally wounded by a dagger to the kidney. Laying on the deck, her silvery life force ebbing away with each heartbeat, she implored the starving pirates not to take her child. It was in vain however, as they ripped the babe from her arms. In one last move, she called out to them.

“Her name, her name is Aleinah Qau’ryn.” With that, she faded.

Somewhere from beyond, U’frek wept.
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