A Guide To Succession Character Packages

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A Guide To Succession Character Packages

Postby Pegasus » Sat Apr 29, 2017 10:29 am

Succession Characters

Here at Standing Trials we want to ensure that players are rewarded for longevity and immersion in story / plot. Therefore, we have put forward the following "succession package" for those players who are creating a new pc following the death of an existing one.

1. If a pc dies then any and all point bank points can be moved to a new pc / existing one via a ticket in the SF. This is a one way deal only and should the pc become a wisp, for example, the points can not be moved back.

2. If a pc dies and you wish to start a "succession character", then please posts in the Support Forum, linking your pcs CS and the thread in which their death occurred. This will then be put to discussion and vote among the existing active prophets to determine which succession package you will receive. This decision is made based on a number of factors including, but not limited to
how the character death occurred, length of time playing, post count etc.

You will then be awarded one of four "succession packages"
a. Point bank may be moved across to a pc of their choice.
b. Point bank and 20 additional experience for new pc
c. Point bank and 30 additional experience + 5 knowledge for new pc
d. Point bank and 50 experience + 10 knowledge for new pc
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