Character Scroll: The Quick Links

Here is a list of guides when it comes to starting out, what skills are available, and how to play. This section will have things added to it frequently so please check back often.

Character Scroll: The Quick Links

Postby Nymph » Sat Feb 03, 2018 2:41 pm

Character Scroll Links

In the recent forum style updates, additional tools have been made available to our Players to allow them quick access to their templates and Character Sheets. These Quick Links will make it easier for you to access your information and move your Peer Reviewed Grades into your Character Sheet. Below is a detailed guide as to how to set up your Character Scroll links.

Note: These links work best for Character Sheets that have separated their sections by post. At the end of this guide is a quick excerpt on how to make a single post Character Sheet work to your Character Scroll links.

Character Scroll Set-Up
The Character Scroll links can be found in the drop down menu in the top left corner by hovering the mouse over the Character Scroll label. A side drop down menu will appear with the following labels: Skills, Knowledge, Marks, Ledger, Inventory, Plot Notes, Your Templates.

You can access these links on any page. When they are activated/clicked, they will open up a new tab in your browser. The Character Scroll links are only viewable by the individual Player and are maintained by the Player. Additional active links maintained by the Prophets include: The World of Idalos (RP Forum Access), Submit Your Thread Here (Peer Review Submission), and Submit Your Points Here (Point Bank Submission).


To activate your Character Scroll links, you must access your User Control Panel. In the Profile Tab, you will find all the available quick links associated with your profile. The above image focuses on the Character Scroll links.

1) QuickLinkOne: The quick link to your Character Sheet. Activates Character Scroll
2) QuickLinkTwo: The quick link to your Skills Information. Activates Skills
3) QuickLinkThree: The quick link to your Knowledge Information. Activates Knowledges
4) QuickLinkFour: The quick link to your Mark Information. Activates Marks
5) QuickLinkFive: The quick link to your Ledger Information. Activates Ledger
6) QuickLinkSix: The quick link to your Inventory Information. Activates Inventory
7) QuickLinkSeven: The quick link to your Plot Notes. Activates Plot Notes

Simply input the link to the associated post. If you have a Character Sheet where the information is broken by post, individual URL codes can be obtained by clicking on the title of that individual post.

Single Post Character Sheets
For those that have placed all of their character information in a single post, you will need to place anchors. Anchors provide you the ability to create quick links that are imbedded within a page of a thread. An example can be found HERE.

To create a link to your anchor (e.g. Table of Contents):
Code: Select all

To create the anchor:
Code: Select all

When creating multiple anchors, you will need to have a variety of title to go into the "inserthere" space. I suggest short titles (e.g. skill, know, mark, etc.)

If you have no desire to create a table of contents, you can do the following to imbed your anchors into the code of your character sheet.

    1) Enter the Edit Post mode.
    2) Place an anchor at the title of the section (e.g. {anchor=skill}Skill Section{/anchor})
    *Do not forget to appropriately close your code! I have substituted the [ for { above.
    3) Save
    4) Obtain the original link to the thread! To do this you will need to click the link located under the bar containing Board Index.

    5) Paste the url into the appropriate Quick Link box.
    6) Add #anchorname to the end of the url without space.

The outcome link of the above steps inside the Quick Link box could look like this:

Once you have done that to all the major sections of your single post Character Sheet with various anchors, you will have complete access to your Character Scroll functions.
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