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Since the birth of the city, Ne'haer has struggled to maintain peace with the territories surrounding its borders. While some of the other territories work with Ne'haer in search of peace and protection in the region, others resist, determined to fight back against Ne'haer and what they perceive as an attempt of colonization. Ne'haer and the territories exist in a constant tug-of-war that threatens the very region.

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• Placeholder • [Treth] Strange Times

Postby Tei'serin Nji'ryn » Wed May 16, 2018 7:45 am

63rd Ashan, 718

Place holder.

Plot: Using this event - A small group of people arrive in Treth, claiming to be refugees from a small village outside Lysoria which was attacked and destroyed. They are welcomed and given food and shelter but, more and more, their stories just don't add up. Who might these people be?

Tei'serin helps to tend the refugees.

Weather: The rain fades away, yet the clouds remain. The weather is a constant warm while the plant life continues to blossom. In Bayward the rains have caused some localised flooding which takes longer to clear. 43rd-67th
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