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With the escalation of hostilities between Etzos and Rhakros, a series of small walled towns is being established as a network of early warnings and defenses against Rhakros' reprisals. Only the very bravest and most formidable of characters should risk themselves on the Witches' Wilds frontier.

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Oath makers

Postby Finnegan O'Connor » Sun Feb 04, 2018 4:32 pm

Oath makers


21st Cylus, 717

It was hard to tell if the compliments or the distance he’d covered brightened his cheeks, but his joy didn’t last for very long either way. Gangui was harsh, as usual, but not as harsh as Zipper on a bad day, and so he wasn’t too fazed. His heart was still racing, his lungs still filled with cold, sharp air. Rjorn gave him an encouraging wink before the men and the horses steadily retreated back to the encampment, leaving him alone in a dark patch of forest.

Ten bits. It seemed feasible, but he’d come all this way running downhill, not up. He walked first, grimacing every so often at his aching legs. The horses were but specks now in the distance, soon disappearing over the ridge and into the perpetual darkness of the season. With every step he grew a little angrier. He’d done his job, hadn’t he? Mistakes were only normal and if he wanted to be hit over the head for every little misstep, he would’ve been better off staying with Zipper. But then he wouldn’t have spent half the trial with Rjorn, who despite his age, had a youthful and encouraging attitude. He’d learned more in those few bells than he’d ever remembered from school. Not in the least because Zipper had often snuck him out of the overcrowded classrooms for one of her schemes.
His stomach growled. He hadn’t eaten since breakfast and he considered that his chances of getting a meal would be seriously diminished if he tested Gangui’s patience. Despite the numbness in his legs, he forced himself into a steady, painful jog, arriving back just in time.

Several bits later…

A scoop of thick stew slammed into Finn’s bowl at the dinner tables. Gangui was walking by in all the commotion of the mess hall and promptly stopped behind the boy. Finn froze up, expecting a tirade, or some grumbled reprimand at the very least, maybe a hit over the head for his earlier failing. Instead, Gangui reached over and forced the spoon out of the cook’s hand and poured not one, but two more scoops of the stew into the almost overflowing bowl. The man disregarded the mess he created.

“Eat up! That’s an order!” He laughed with a smile on his face. Finn didn’t hesitate to obey as he started wolfing down his meal with almost barbaric vigor, much to the amusement of the woman next to him.
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A frigid, salty air accompanies Finn, his hair is dark as if wet and his skin is clammy to the touch.

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Oath makers

Postby Gangui » Sun Feb 04, 2018 4:32 pm


The warrior kicked back and slurped up his meal alongside Caoindelbhan, the second in command in the Sons of Justice. The grizzled white beard was far wiser than most, surviving a dozen campaigns in his life. His gravelly voice speaking low, they eyed the O’Connor spawn eat his stew readily, “The boys got the touch for horses eh?”

“Aye, but we gotta test all his other aptitudes still. I’ll not have some horse wife at my back in combat.”

“What do you do if he is a lackluster swordsman?”

“I doubt it,” Gangui scoffed, “He’ll be mediocre at the least and if he is, he doesn’t have to lead charges.”


“We test his strength next. For the Immortal’s are coming.”

“The Immortals are coming,” Caoindelbhan repeated with a grimace.

Sliding up, he took his bowl to the wash pit and tossed it in there without regard and trudged up to his room for rest and reading. Uneducated from the start, it was his duty now to teach himself the things that only noble men learned. This was the only way he would be able to compete. The only way he would be able to teach Finn how to be greater man than himself.

Sitting on his bed he flipped open a Ith’Ession book on calvary tactics and history. “Gamok alok tisguah, hoon.” He read it outloud, “Furah les gook rook look,”

Suddenly a piercing howl came to the commanders ears. He couldn’t make it out at first, but then it hit him like a wet fish to the dome. Someone was yelling “Finn” inside the tower.

Slamming the book shut, he covered his face with his hand and sighed.
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Oath makers

Postby Muse » Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:38 pm

Your review is ready!

Squirelife! Good luck with that, Finn. Gangui, don't get the boy killed, okay? You've really started to solidify the codes and systems of this organization involving Thanksgiving birds, and I find it fascinating to read.

Points : XP:
15 | These points cannot be used for magic.

+3 for swearing an oath in public
Loot : +1 Red Turkey Belt
Injuries + Overstepping : N/A
Knowledge : Skill Knowledge:
Discipline: Waking early as part of training regiment.
Discipline: Saying your vows without falter.
Discipline: Using proper titles.
Discipline: Standing your ground when charged
Discipline: Following commands
Strength: Holding the reigns of a mare
Running: Chasing a horse.
Running: Jogging back uphill.
Endurance: Taking two longs sprints in a short time
Animal Husbandry: Calming a horse.
Animal Husbandry: Pleading with animals.

Other Knowledge:
Gangui: Your liege lord
Gangui: Gave you a belt
Gangui: Hard to please
Gangui: Gives you more to eat
Rjorn (NPC): Stable Master
Bertha (NPC): Horse

Points : XP:
15 | These points cannot be used for magic.

+3 for reception of an oath in public
Loot : +1 squire named Finn
Injuries + Overstepping : N/A
Knowledge : Skill Knowledge:
Discipline: Making Oaths
Rhetoric: Formalities
Running: Sprinting out of the office
Running: Quickly mounting up.
Horsemanship: Galloping down a hill.
Horsemanship: Trotting in the darkness
Horsemanship: Rounding up another horse
Leadership: “On me!”
Discipline: Being Patient with your squire.
Strength: Dismounting and Remounting
Strength: Working in Armor.

Other Knowledge:
Rjorn(NPC): Stable Master
Finn: Squire to Gangui
Finn: Took a sacred Vow
Finn: Has an affinity for horses.

If you've got a question or concern or if I've missed anything, don't hesitate to PM me!

Now that your review is complete,
don’t forget go back to your review post here and drop this image in!


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