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Previously the stronghold of the Pirate Lords, Almund is a thriving township with a dark side. With houses made from the wooden bodies of decommissioned ships, there are many opportunities here, coupled with many dangers. Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap!

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Pies and Pints (Open)

Postby Noth » Tue Mar 13, 2018 1:06 pm


There was little doubt that the hybrid could feel the pressure mounting in his hand as the savage woman drug him across the establishment to an open place where dancing of some sort might commence without interfering with the other guests; their sensibilities might be offended, but at least they wouldn’t be stricken by an off-beat kick of the foot, or an ill-timed lash of the hand. They came to a halt as they reached their desired destination, and he felt warmth begin to flourish across his chest as her hand pressed against the woolen shirt he donned. Admittedly, it wasn’t an altogether uncomfortable feeling, and whilst he didn’t feel terribly attracted to the savage, he could certainly do worse.

There was a touch of uncomfortableness which followed the eyes of the room looking toward him, but that didn’t bother the hybrid so much as the potential political implications. If he were seen dancing here, and was identified as the Prince of Eternal Mercies, would he face ridicule from his peers and subservient soldiers for the act? After all, he was a renowned serial killer and murderer, and the very thought of him engaging in something so… flowery, was anathema to that idea. Logic dictated, however, that it was an incredibly unlikely event that those persons in Etzos would ever learn of the events that occurred tonight in a Scalvoris tavern, especially with so many of the patrons drunken out of their minds, and so he decided to proceed with his original plan without reservation.

The woman seemed as though she had been created solely for the sake of exemplifying the most tribal and savage traits of society, and it came as little surprise when she began to dance to the beat of the drums. They reminded him vaguely of the loud thrumming sounds which played when a battle was about to commence, and his thoughts briefly flickered back to a war in which he had fought several skirmishes, first against the forces of Faldrun, and then against the warrior women of Augiery, and… finally against a squad of his own people, slaying them quietly in the chaos of the battle so that they could no longer plague him with their ridicule.

She began to dance as best she was able, and whilst the hybrid certainly couldn’t have competed even with the meagre skills she displayed, he recognized that she was not in any sense a professional. That said, he hadn’t assumed that she was, and so he wasn’t disappointed by the sight of the woman beginning to undulate herself to the best of her ability in order to showcase her prowess. Once she had begun to find her rhythm, her eyes opened once again to the world, and her hand was removed from its resting place upon his chest. Had he acted as a pillar for her, assisting her so that she would not stumble and fall whilst attempting her clumsy maneuvers?

He felt another pressure press against his gauntlet as she took hold of his hand. He was promptly informed that knowing all of the moves to the dance was not necessary; evidenced enough by her own attempts at it, and the gauntlet was allowed once more to fall limply at his side. He considered this for several moments before giving a subtle nod, as though he had accepted his fate. Being capable of different social interactions could prove useful in the future if he was ever required to attend a gala or social event for the sake of acquiring further political power, and he could see few downsides to actually engaging in the dance. Besides, his current objective relied heavily upon his ability to… groove.

Nevertheless, the mind wants what the body cannot perform, and he stood dumbfounded for several trills, calculating through the various movements that he could perform before finally just submitting himself entirely to the instinctual movements he wished. His talons began to rap against the wooden floor, at first, sounding somewhat discordant in relation to the beat of the drums, but quickly they began to find the rhythm of the beats, slashing against the wooden floor in time with the drums as he began to carefully stalk around the woman, not altogether unlike a predator encircling its prey. With each step, his talons would click in time with the music, moving faster as it went faster, slower as it slowed.

The song began to crescendo, and he encircled at ever-increasing speed, looking somewhat strange to outside observer, he imagined. When he had circled behind the woman once again and the song had begun to reach its triumphant climax, he allowed his wing to suddenly snap outwards, aiming to wrap around her, engulf her in its massive feathery mass, and re-direct her so that she would lay tightly against him, his hands taking hold of her sides.

He looked down towards her with a curious expression, as though questioning whether or not he had performed well enough with his escapade.

Credit to Pegasus

As a note: Noth is a Grandmaster in Intimidation. That means that he's at least as scary as the Count from Sesame Street. Beware.

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