• Memory • Into Blue

Qit arrives in Scalvoris and meet's Nalin

Previously the stronghold of the Pirate Lords, Almund is a thriving township with a dark side. With houses made from the wooden bodies of decommissioned ships, there are many opportunities here, coupled with many dangers. Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap!

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• Memory • Into Blue

Postby Nalin Marit » Wed Feb 14, 2018 6:23 pm

Nalin Marit
13th of Ashan of the 717th Arc

"Common" "Common Sign" "Scalveen"

The bloom was acting up quite a bit to-trial. He had taken far more breaks during his serving job than normal. On top of that, he still had one more job to go to. Right now, on top of itching, it burned. To the point that there were a few times that he almost turned around and smacked a customer when he felt someone go to reach for his shoulder.

Why was it flaring up to-trial? Why couldn't it just leave him alone?! He took a deep breath and looked up at the sky, light still gracing the skies with it's presence. Clutching his fist he started walking towards the docks. He needed to take a moment. Maybe splash some water on it, see if it calms down. Or just a place to take off his jacket and shirt, because he didn't really like people seeing the black mass that was spreading on his collar bone.

With white knuckles, and an even paler face, he just kept going. Past the dock, past the beach, to a cape, rocky and almost unsafe for those not used to it. But he often came to this cape to be alone. It was rare to find people here... Especially on a chilly Ashan evening, this soon after Zi'Da. Even after it got dark he'd have a bit of time.

Looking around slowly, he took a deep breath and slipped out of his top. Shoving a bit of it in his pants so that it was kind of hanging from his waist so that he wouldn't lose it. He looked down at his white clothing. Colored a bit tan or cream over the years with dirt that hadn't been managed to be washed out. But that was okay. It still looked mostly nice.

What didn't look nice was the bloom. Ink bloom, the dreadful disease that he had feared since he was a child. A hand slowly reached up and touched it gently. Hi wince and even let a bit of a snarl out. "Fek!" He yelled shakily and dropped his hand to his side. A grimace maring his feminine face. He shivered a bit as some of the biting wind blew past him. Though he turned to make sure it was blowing against his diseased flesh.

When he looked up though, he froze, seeing a woman standing there in front of him. Opening his mouth and then closing it, he couldn't find words. Too shocked, he'd checked. He had CHECKED yet, right there, was a woman that he'd completely missed. Shaking his head he scrambled and tried to grab his shirt, only to fumble with it and drop it on the rocks. Bending down, he picked it up and slipped it back on, he looked quite shaken. Had she seen? She had to have seen. He looked away from her. Afraid of judgement. Afraid of fear. Afraid of pity.

"Did.... see?" He asked, it sounded like he was mumbling with the crashing of the sea so loud, but he hadn't actually said you. He was still struggling with common. He seriously needed to get to studying harder. It was actually hurting his job capabilities. Though at this moment, it didn't matter. He just looked over the woman and blinked. Wondering what she was doing here. And what was with her clothing? She had almost none, also, was that a spear? He blinked as he re-looked over her. Had she come from another land? So many questions ran through his mind.
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Into Blue

Postby Qit'ria » Tue Feb 20, 2018 12:21 pm

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"Sorry ladies and gents, there ain't any room at the docks right now. The 'arbormaster says could be tentrial before their schedule opens up space. Settle in, it's gonna be a dull one."

Qit'ria scowled at the first mate that was speaking. The journey from Nekhet hadn't been terribly long, but Qit'ria was not built for ships. Her stomach had emptied itself two to three times a trial during the journey. She was done with being on this ship, she was not about to wait a moment longer. She could see the shore. It was right there. She went below deck, to the crate with her belongings, and picked out her mother's longbow. The bow Qit'ria hadn't been able to bring herself to use. She wasn't a good enough huntress.

It was a beautiful bow, carved from the bone of some creature her mother had killed. Qit'ria checked the wrappings on it, designed to protect it from water, as she hefted it out, and secured it to her back with her javelins. She secured the crate, and returned topside. Striding right up to the first mate, who eyed her, amused to see that the vomit monster still had fire left in her. "I leave, now. I come get stuff in tentrial. Any missing, I come for you."

She glared fury at the man, who smirked. "Whatever you say lassie."

QIt'ria turned away from the man and approached the rail of the deck. She climbed up on a barrel, then stepped onto the rail. She jumped out and dove outward to the water. It wasn't the most grateful, as she splashed down on her stomach, a bit painful but nothing that the mighty huntress couldn't fight through. She kicked powerfully out behind her, just beneath the surface, swimming in frog style. She breached, and took in a big suck of air, taking the moment to keep the distant shore in her sights. She dipped back down, kicking forward, her eyes exploring the coral and fish filled crystal clear waters beneath her. It was beautiful here.

Eventually she caught the tide, and was spurred on forward with it. And soon, she found the wet sand beneath her feet as she strode out of the water. She was in Scalvoris now. She'd heard from the people in Nekhet that this island was chock full strange and wonderful beasts. But she was here for one in particular, one that had eluded her for a decade. She was here to find her familiar, wherever it may be hiding.

Wet sand and low tide gave way to sun kissed, dry sands, silky smooth. There was a man up ahead, looking around, as if to see if anyone was watching him. But he only checked the area from along the beach and into the grassy sections. He hadn't looked behind him, hadn't looked to the waters. She watched as he removed his shirt and her eyes grew wide. There was a big black splotch on his incredibly pale skin. It was fascinating in a disgusting way. What was it?

It looked as if exposing it to the air brought the man relief. Did it hurt? Did it burn or itch? Was this a disease on this island? She'd certainly never seen anything like it before. So she snuck up on the man, easy in sand, silent in breath, careful in motion, she snuck up on him. She reached out, and touched the black splotchy skin, placing her whole hand flat against it.

The man screamed, and shuddered away from her touch, which brought a teasing smile to her face. She watched as he fumbled with his shirt, stumbling like a drunken fool. He asked if she'd seen. Of course she'd seen, she'd touched him after all. Why ask dumb questions?

"What that? Why hide? Scar is strength."
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