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Nalin loses his sister and meet's Enrick in the meantime

Previously the stronghold of the Pirate Lords, Almund is a thriving township with a dark side. With houses made from the wooden bodies of decommissioned ships, there are many opportunities here, coupled with many dangers. Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap!

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A beauty I'll guard until the end of time.

Postby Nalin Marit » Sun Feb 11, 2018 9:21 am

5th of Suan of the 710th Arc
For how grateful to those helping, he didn't actually have the words in common. He didn't have them. And signing wouldn't really be enough either, because they wouldn't understand. Though the look in his eyes probably said most if not all of what he wanted to say as he looked around at the people that were now starting to leave because things were now under control.

Nalin looked to Enrick and smiled at him. "I'll carry sister. Doesn't like strangers. Ones can't talk to. Since... ye... no know Sign? Hard for Sister to open up." He smiled and softly caressed her head soothing her as she stirred, she looked so weak and frail in that moment, he just wanted to be there for her, shade her and help her cool off.

He was really glad that Enrick had the sense to grab water. Though she seemed barely able to drink any. He took deep breaths, she was okay. She was fine, just ill.

Slowly, he took her in his arms, carrying her in the princess hold that most women would swoon over being held in. It took him a bit of effort, and it showed on his face, but he got from the ground to a standing position after a few adjustments with her in his arms. Taking slow deep breaths he put his forehead on hers. "Lavender. Stay awake. We go home now." He smiled at her and kissed her cheek before looking to Enrick.

"Please come, so you know where live. Much welcome guest from now on." He smiled at Enrick and started walking slowly, asking pardons every so often. People parted for him courteously as he walked holding his sister to him.

The effort of doing so showed on his face, but so did his determination. Even after exhausting himself trying to find the girl, it seemed like his every action was only for her, to protect and care for her.

Passer's by looked at them curiously but didn't speak at more than a murmur, and Nalin was too concentrated on not dropping his sister to even really care. At this pace, it would be easy for Enrick to keep at his side or right behind him. Though it was painfully slow in this Suan heat. Adjusting her a bit in his arms he grunted almost falling forward but straightening back up. Panting softly, he just kept smiling, as if reassuring himself or maybe it was his sister, who's eyes kept opening and closing with tiredness.

This happened a few more times before the were somewhere between Midtown and Lowtown Almund. They found themselves in front of a cute tiny two story house. He smiled. "Home!" The trip had been a good 40 or more bits. It was hard to tell in Suan, on top of that... it seemed like it had been even longer due to the pace of the trip.

Walking to the door he turned to Enrick, nodding to the door. "Little help?" He smiled meekly. Nalin looked like it was about his turn to pass out from the heat. At least it looked like he was going to sleep well to-trial. That's when his little sister's hand moved to Nalin's chest and made a few strange movements.

Nalin cracked an huge smile and chuckled. "Good! Have leftovers from last night!" He chuckled and looked to Enrick. "Hungry?"
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A beauty I'll guard until the end of time.

Postby Enrick » Wed Feb 14, 2018 10:00 pm

At the decline of his offer Enrick nodded softly to demonstrate that he understood well enough, Nalin seemed content and capable of carrying her himself at least. That was good. That meant his job here was done and he could go back to doing his usual thing, albeit not be as mildly amusing as this trial had been considerably. Yet when he felt determined to part from Nalin's company it seemed as the man had further need of him, and urged him to tag along for the trip back to their home. Really now? Nalin made it known that he would be a welcome guest, always allowed to visit whenever the time suited him apparently.

The gesture itself brought a humble smile as he looked to Nalin with warm green eyes, thus he nodded approvingly as he gave Nalin a bit of space for a few Trills. When it seemed he needed a bit of steadying Enrick helped support in that regard, and then proceeded to follow the man through the square next to the tree. He trailed along rather carelessly near Nalin the whole trip, more or less occupied with shadowing him in his own way. It wasn't that he didn't want to walk close to the man, just that he found other things in the environment to occupy his time while in Nalin's company. They'd passed through the market on the way and in turn, headed down the street towards some place between Mid and Lowtown where a quaint little hovel seemed to reside.

"Sure mate." He answered in turn when it came to request for help with the door, a step back made to allow Nalin to enter first before him. Enrick trailed along behind him as they entered the place together, the door shut behind him as he felt relieved to be out of the constant burning sun. The fisherman could still feel heat radiate off his skin, and when he heard mention of leftovers he couldn't help but chuckle a little. For a foreigner Nalin seemed quite courteous, then again Enrick did pay him a favor in regards to looking for his sister. "Sure mate, it couldn't hurt t' 'ave a bite." He reasoned with a soft smile on his face, his green eyes upon Nalim as he followed the man into the house.

By the end of the Trial Enrick not only seemed to make a new friend, but earned himself a free meal in the process nonetheless.

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I'd say that's a good way to wrap things up. :) Feel free to post one last time if you think it necessary, and go ahead and pm me the list of lores you'd like Nalin to earn from this thread. I'll prep a request for a review once I've received said pm. Awesome writing love! Did a good job.
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