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• Open • One Little Slip

Postby Patrick » Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:51 pm

Ashan 112 718, Late Evening
Location: The Four in Hand

"Come on Rharnian, I only want to see it!" One of the local women in town giggled as she beckoned for him to follow, her hand clasped around his as she guided him beyond the casino towards the rooms.

"I'm pretty sure it's nothing special." The drunken whore murmured awkwardly as he watched over his shoulder, unsure about walking off with some stranger in the presence of his lover. Before when they first considered themselves a couple Patrick hardly questioned it, and more so usually invited him for occasions such as this. However now wasn't one of those times. Patrick had drank plenty earlier and while he would've gladly serviced the woman, he doubted she was the type wanting to pay him for his time spent working.

"Relax Rharnian," The brunette teased as she backed up against the door, her hands on his chest as she unbuttoned the collar of his shirt. "I only want to see."

"I can't." He declined as her hands moved up and down his torso, a little discomfort in his face as she tried to fondle what wasn't her's. "I'm- I'm a lil' too drunk for this... plus I'm with someone right now and it's not the best ti- Ah!" He jerked into her when she squeezed, his left hand used to grab her wrist and pull it away. "Please, cut it out before you get us both in trouble." He asked her politely with a serious look, surprised to admit he really didn't want to tussle right now. He had enough going on as is to keep him distracted, so the last thing he really wanted was a romp between the sheets with another.

"You sure?" She craned her head to the side with a pucker of her lips, disappointed that 'Patrick Barnell the Great Rharnian Whore" wasn't willing to romp with her. The brunette was pretty to be sure and he easily could've stepped through the door with her, tore off the layers of clothes and got it over with... but right now the only thing he wanted was to enjoy the rest of his drink where his lover remained.

"Yes." He confirmed still with a serious face downcast at her, sure enough the lady let it go and allowed him to walk away. Her hand loosely clung to his as he turned to walk away, determined to head back to the group and put the moment past him. The shit he did for love though. When his hand finally slipped out her grasp he walked on for a few steps, only to stop as he noticed that something felt like it was missing. Something important that should never have been removed to begin with. The whore turned around to face her now aggravated, as she looked at him with a devious grin. "I need that back now."

"Need what?" She coyly teased as she walked alongside the wall.

"Please. It's an important ring and I need it." He begged with hopes she'd let up the act, however it seemed that she would not.

"If you want it badly, then come take it from me." She instigated with another few steps, quick to run off when he tried to reach for her. Patrick's reach faltered as he fell forward into the wall, his insides suddenly hurting as though they were starting to twist around. Still she toyed with him and giggled when he tried to reach for her, his body suddenly hotter in temperature as he leaned against the wall for support.

"Shit!" He muttered with his breathing deep and heavy, aware of the situation that was about to unfold. He was pissed. He didn't need to be however since the ring was no longer on his finger, the confines of his organs all contracted as his muscles tightened up. "I need- Argh!" He fell forward onto his hands and knees, by now alerting the girl that something was clearly wrong with him. But it was too late. His stomach forced him to dry heave as the temperature rose, and shortly after seeing him on the floor the girl ran to the main lobby in a fright.

"Someone help! Something's wrong with him!" He heard the girl cry out as he used the wall to support himself, the door to the room they were at pushed open for him to crawl inside to get away. It was too late. Far too late for him, or anyone for that matter, to prevent what was about to come.

Alone in the room Patrick crawled on the floor and writhed with his back in an upward arc, a loud and painful scream heard within as his spine started to snap in several places. "Releeeease...." The monster within him beckoned now it no longer had a cage yet again, the Rharnian endured more snaps as his back snapped back in the alignment it originally had. "Not here... Not here, please not here." He begged as he felt his muscles tighten uncontrollably, Patrick groaned and growled as he tried to mentally fight the stirrings deep within.

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Note to any players wanting to join!

This is a Sessfiend turning event. By posting here to join in the thread you'll not only be risking injury, but also chances of death upon your characters. Sessfiend are chaotic beings unleashed to wreck havoc on the world, and generally pursue the friends/loved ones the cursed is tied to. Anyone is welcome to join and encouraged to partake of course, but do so with consideration as the threat levels are very high in this threat. For more information on Sessfiends, you can resort to the wiki for Syora's Blessing/Curse Sesser for details.

Good luck and have fun surviving the night!
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OOC Note: As of Ashan 717 Patrick has been cursed with Sesser, therefore once a season he's at risk of turning into a Sessfiend. Should the occassion actually come to occur, PC's are warned to consider the extreme risk of injury and even their life; before proceeding to participate in the event. Looking forward to the potential plots and threads to come!
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One Little Slip

Postby Amaris » Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:37 pm

- common / murnasian

Their nightly wandering had become a bit of habit that they could not shake. Before, it had been only a means to tire themselves out. There was always something happening in the evening, as if people were making up for having locked themselves away during Cylus. They could walk and walk until their feet were numb or until they could hardly lift their legs, and it would be enough for them to return home and collapse into the dreamless slumber they so desired. Certainly, they felt no true safety outside, but at home was no better. With no reprieve, even in sleep, what use was there for remaining inside if they could not reach the goal they so wanted?

The mixed blood had already passed countless pubs and bars, treated a few broken fingers and noses before moving on to the next. They’d doled out strong rebukes against getting too physical that they were sure had fallen on deaf ears, but perhaps it was more for the medic’s sanity that they said anything at all. Sleep tugged at them, but not enough in the way that would award them with the darkness that would lead to the light of waking without detour. One could say they might have appeared close to drunk, not quite swaying but not quite walking in a completely straight line.

Someone’s yelling caught their attention, breaking them from their stupor enough to turn their head. Something else to tire them out, no doubt. Maybe someone violently ill after one mug of beer too many. Sighing, blissfully and tiredly, they trudged towards the sound to see a woman frantically gesticulating and calling for help. It didn’t take much for them to process that she was pointing in the direction of a now open door, words not blurring together before she gave up and tugged the mixed blood along behind her.

Through the lobby they went, people coming out of their rooms to spectate. None of them seemed to have thought to call for help as the frantic girl had. What a thought, considering not that long ago some of these people might have been in a riot to murder Elements. Jaw clenched, they were more alert as they followed after the woman, now determined to see to it that this matter was ended quickly.

Just before reaching the door, the pulled the woman to get her to stop, though there was very little strength in it. It was sufficient in getting her attention, though. Turning to face Amaris with wild eyes, she was about to likely insist on hurrying before she was cut off by their calm voice. “What exactly happened? I need to know whatever it is you can tell me; I’ll be able to know how to help him if you do.”
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