• Event • The Darkest Shadow Can Be Found

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The Darkest Shadow Can Be Found

Postby Sephira » Mon Feb 12, 2018 5:24 pm

Sephira took another long draught of the spiced tea, her eyes remaining fixed on the captain of the Mauve Maiden. Suddenly a brittle scream shot out from the darkened maw of a nearby alleyway. The mage noted wordlessly that a moment after the sound lanced across the harbor, the captain she had been observing reacted to it rather normally, a look of surprise and concern flashing across her features. The mage herself broke contact with the subject of her intense focus and turned toward the source of the sound.

Without thinking she cast aside the half-filled mug of tea, allowing it to clatter across the flagstones. Striding forward with speed she plunged into the press of people crowding the entrance to the alleyway. After a moment of struggling to make way she glancing behind her looking for any other members of the Elements that might be nearby to help disperse the crowd. There were none in sight so the mage pushed forward, irritation splayed across her face. Even with the glimmering flame shaped pin at her collar marking her as an Element, no one seemed to care in that moment.

“Move! Everyone needs to clear out!” she shouted at the top of her lungs. Whether or not the crowd listened, Sephira was at least given enough room to make it through into the alleyway itself. She arrived just in time to see woman with a swathe of red hair disappear through one of the doors. She didn’t know who she was but the Element was more concerned with surveying the alleyway first.

Having never worked alone without the aid of another Element, Sephira felt curiously alive. Pacing between the different sides of the alleyway she noticed that an array of apartments lined one side, and a warehouse bordered the other. She softly jangled the door knobs on both the doors leading into the warehouse, with a disappointed sigh she realized that they were locked. Granted no door stood in the way of a rupturer. Noting the rippling mixture of light and shadow under the base of one of the doors, the mage got within arm’s reach of it and turned her back to the entrance of the alleyway. She didn’t need inquisitive members of the public seeing what came next. With her black cloak hiding her form she reached out into the swirl of ambient ether, its touch silken and filled with the buzz of energy. Her grasp of Attunement was not as fine as her control of Rupturing but it was a simple matter to employ Static to distort her frequency and mask any magical energy she was about to use.

Reaching again for the ether Sephira gently pulled the energy toward her fingertips as she splayed them out in front of her, slowly moving her hands apart like she was opening a window. A flutter of excitement echoed from her spark as she began giving the ether form. A soft blush of scarlet light rippled between her outstretched fingers and the ether flowed into her phase portal. She focused on the area just on the other side of the door. Sephira had done this several times before, so she knew with some accuracy how much space existed between the inside and outside face of a door. The invisible portal she was manifesting on the other side of the door would allow her to see inside and hopefully give her a snippet of sound as well now that she had improved her creation of these portals.
With impatience the rupturer waited for the image to appear.
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The Darkest Shadow Can Be Found

Postby Kura Wolfsdotter » Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:39 pm

Kura couldn't miss the captains approach, but didn't react more than a single raised eyebrow as the reclusive captain approached her. When the captain of the Mauve Maiden expressed a desire for Speck to move and cited a deal that she had made with the council that no one be allowed on the ship unescorted, Kura smiled and nodded. "Of course we aren't, captain. Speck likes to high places is all, gives her better lift when she takes off. I'll get her down right away." she said, looking up at the owl and letting out a sound that was, if not identical, very similar to the hoot of a barn owl. Speck lifted off the crows nest and flew out over the town. "Enjoy the rest of the evening, captain." she said, smiling and walking away, Phelan still at her heels ready to turn solid the moment someone tried to jump her.

Of course, Kura trusted the captain and the Mauve Maiden crew in general even less, now. No deal had been made between the Mauve Maiden and the council regarding unattended access on the ship, but there was no need to use the most obvious method of looking around the ship when there were quieter and more efficient methods of learning about the ship. Sev'ryn familiars had the benefit of being invisible, autonomous, and having a psychic connection, they were natural spies. And as it just so happened, Rahmet had slipped up the gangplank onto the ship and was looking for an opening into the underbelly of the ship. Speck, meanwhile, had flown back to her office to retrieve her bow and quiver.

Then the scream started up, and Kura had to decide what to do. After a moment, she walked up to one of the Elements near the docks. "Send word to Militant Broson about what happened here, and tell him I'm requesting that the docks be closed and no ships be allowed to leave until an investigation has been conducted. It's Clyus, so trade won't be interrupted as long as it's not a long investigation. If he doesn't want to, I'm going to try and get this solved shortly." she said as the crowds began to disperse as the merchants left. "And have someone check out that alley, please." she said, looking up at the ship.

As the crowd began to disperse, she heard concerns about missing companions. While they were largely brushed off, Kura looked up at the ship again. Augiery dealt heavily in the slave trade, and it was close to Athart, which did the same, and slave traders looking to make an easy profit would indulge in kidnapping. Combine that with the unclear port of harbor, with the "official" harbor being a safe city, and it all looked bad. Kura snapped her fingers and Phelan materialized beside her. "Phelan, look for scents that go to odd places." she said, staying next to the wolf as he sniffed about. Odds were, he wasn't going to have much luck, but he might sniff up something significant while they were waiting for Rahmet to report in.
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The Darkest Shadow Can Be Found

Postby Aegis » Fri Feb 16, 2018 10:30 pm



Date here

Both Maxine and Lavana could feel a shift in whatever was rocking to haul them. Instead of moving forward, it was now moving backwards.

"How many ya got for me Marv?"

"Two more. I think my brother got four, sodding bastard, should complete it yes?"

"Yes yes, perfect. You'll get your coin at the usual place and time."

The first voice was the same that talked previously about the job being done perfectly. The second was new, and spoken from behind them. At the same moment Lavana and Max managed to snake their heads out of the sacks, the donkey drawn wagon was tilted backwards. Moments before they were rolling ass over tits into darkness, they could see a bald man's face smiling, his blonde beard braided with beads, and the wink he cast them.

Both women landed with heavy thuds upon hard, packed dirt, damp and cold. The fall was about ten feet, so not the most pleasant of landings was had for either of them. Especially with the various sacks of potatoes that were tossed down with them, raining upon their heads. The bearded man smiled, before he heaved a stone cover over the hole. It dropped down, a fit so perfect the seam nearly disappeared.

And there the pair were, left in almost pure darkness, one naked, one clothed, and a handful of sacks, ropes, and enough potatoes to feed a small military company. But the darkness wasn't true. In the distance, the hazy flicker of a small flame could be seen, fifty meters out. While the floor was dirt, the walls were filled with thick, heavy bricks and crumbling mortar. The air was cold, though not nearly as cold as it was above. There was a bit of dampness here and there, just enough to make uncomfortable for those sitting in it, but not enough to drink or splash with.

The flickering light was shown to be a single candle, placed upon a slightly extended brick, burned halfway down. Past the candle was another, and another. After the third, there was a large, circular room, with candles all around the rim of the ceiling, with three other hallways leading to it, with a fifth hallway with a closed gate. Upon the closed gate, a note tied to a bar, "Wait for the other Soiled Ones to arrive."

A handful of bits passed, until shuffling sounds from the other halls were heard. From the other three tunnels, six more women appeared in pairs. And just as Lavana and Max were, one member in each pair was clothed but unarmed, and one was stark naked. They were only humans. Clockwise from Lavana and Max were a short, chubby woman, the nude one of the pair, maybe thirty arcs, and a tall willowy woman with hair past her waist. From them, the next pair were twins early twenties, dark of skin, dark of eyes and hair, of the same height as Maxine, athletic and strong bodies. The final pair were both of middling age, the clothed one being a woman Lavana would recognize, the other a stout blonde of stout shoulders and thick, strong legs.

It was Sylvia Macklin, the receptionist at the Element Hall in Scalvoris Town. Every Element knew the older woman from her job and her constant need for gossip, and all knew her to be a kind woman. And she looked scared, a newly forming bruise high on her cheek. Excluding the twins, most faces were of concern and worry and fear. The twins though, they looked determined, ready for a fight.

A voice boomed out above them, "Welcome Soiled Ones. This is the beginning of your Purification. Eight of you have entered alive and impure. Four of you may leave, and thus be further purified. Those who remain will be discarded. You have until the candles burn away, maybe twenty bits at most. Decide amongst yourselves how to achieve this end."

And with that, an air of tension instantly became palpable within the group.

Meanwhile Vega was staring menacingly at coat rack. It was a small apartment, and she appeared to be in the entryway, foyer, bootkick, whatever you felt like calling it. The hall led only to the left, passing a single door which many would assume to be a closet door, straight into a kitchen area, complete with a large square table. A small fire was going in the hearth, evident to the redhead that it had not been attended to for several breaks, burned down nearly to the coals.

There was some noise the floor above Vega, sounded like something heavy had fallen down to the planks. It was followed by a male groan of pain. There was some scuffling sounds, and another loud thump followed by another female's shriek. Then thud after thud, like one might expect from a fist hitting a face repeatedly, followed by lower female groans.

"No... No more..," moaned the woman again.

The redhead would find a set of stairs in the corner of the kitchen, which led up to a closed door, unlocked. And on the other side of the door...

The Lotharro sailor was atop the young woman who he was claimed to have followed. They were both naked, writing in ecstasy, moaning and groaning as they rutted like pigs. And both of them were very much into it. Until the woman screamed again, pointing at Vega, attempting to cover her bosom with her arm. The Lotharro man looked back and smiled devilishly. He pulled out of the woman, and stood up off the bed, presenting himself to Vega, eyebrow cocked curiously.

He nodded toward the lass that now hid under her blanket, for this was her apartment, "She was curious what it was like to lay with one of my kind. I assume you are as well?" He moved over to an end table, picked up a pitcher of water, and drank straight from it. Gasping as he finished, "Feel free to join us though. I know you fiery lasses are animals in the sack. Hope you don't mind a bit of a clam bake though. I certainly don't." He then flopped back down in the bed, kissing at the lass's neck, fondling her beneath the blanket, while she stared at Vega.

"Wh-why you... oh, oh ye... why are you in m-m- OH, my house!?"

Meanwhile downstairs, Sephira was peering through the door, seeing that the warehouse was a lot busier than one might expect. There were at least a half dozen teamsters milling about, hauling about sacks and crates and barrels by cart or by arms. There was an overseer standing on some crates watching them all. But near to her portal, she saw a man wearing the same insignia she wore, indicating he was among the Elements. His was a glimmering flame just as hers was. He seemed to be watching it all as well, with crossed arms.

His name was Orric, and he was possibly the most forgettable member of the Flames. He never spoke up, never did anything particularly memorable or heroic. But he did his job well, and never caused any problems. And yet, here he was, seemingly on official duty, but not a duty that Sephira had ever heard being put up for assignment. She could see a few men carrying sacks down a series of steps and disappearing. And the last man's sack... Sephira could just make out a hand barely sticking out of a frayed hole in the bottom of it. But still, there was a locked door, an armed Flame, and a whole host of teamsters in this warehouse.

And Rahmet found his way onto and into the ship quite successfully. The two guards were not especially gifted, so they had no means of detecting his presence. The familiar was able to dip below deck and hadn't found too much of interest. Though in the very last cabin, on a bed, tucked away in the corner, two young women held each other in fear. They were in their teenage years, wearing raggedy clothes, but were otherwise clean. One seemed a few years older than the other.

The younger was speaking, "Do you think they'll ever find us again?"

"No Galia. Never again."

The younger girl, Galia, cried some more, and held the older girl a bit tighter.

The Element Kura approached, nodded at her, and made his way off to find Militant Broson, likely at his home. He was cursing his luck for being picked for such a duty, by Council Woman Kura of all people. She wasn't a part of the Elements. It just didn't sit right with the man. So, he dragged his feet as he made his way for Broson's house, on the other side of town. The man wouldn't exactly appreciate being awoken, but maybe the man could swing a promotion out of this.

One other Element, the newest member joined at Sephira's side, after Kura gave the order for the alley to be investigated. He was green, barely passable in combat, and overall considered too new to be really worthwhile. But he was the backup that Sephira had that was among her ranks. Rahmet returned to Kura, and reported what he'd found, and Phelan did as well, reporting nothing. There were simply too many scents for any of them to truly be 'odd'.
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Oooo well done the lot of you. Questions time. Again these are to be private aside from the bonus question to Lavana and Maxine, which will be shared amongst themselves. It may not seem like it, but y'all did really well on the hidden objectives that round :D

Lavana and Maxine - 2 Each PLUS 1 that you both agree to ask together.
Kura - 2
Sephira - 3
Vega - 2

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The Darkest Shadow Can Be Found

Postby Lavana Tharn » Sat Feb 17, 2018 3:38 pm


Once again Lavana Tharn was thrust to the ground, right into the pit with a wooshing thud. The mortal born tried to use acrobatics to land on anything but her back and head sacraficing knees, legs and arms and palms. But the bitch was tired, and she felt skin break in scraps on her forarms and knees and across her body. The impact was enough to stop her dead in her tracks for a few minutes, before she willed herself up furious and beaten waiting for revenge.

She took time tending to her wounds as picked up a potatoe sack and looked around. As she continued she looked at the mortar, the bricks there were solid all but one that was shimmied free. And as she yanked it out she capriciously dropped it in the empty potatoe sack. Looked like she could do some damage with this, she thought as she continued rummaging around.

As Lavana continued forward. She saw someone she recognized. It was a woman a receptionist from the elements hall. And Lavana looked relieved like she was happy as all hell to see this woman, shed been thinking about this for quite some time actually. She remembered her time helping Sephira, and she was certainly a sight for sore eyes when she met her. She had this wild smile, as her pearly whites exposed themselves.

Someone said something uptop about fighting for there lives, but it didnt seem dawn or phase her gaze of the woman.

She had been a friend

That brick in that sack wasted not even a trill before it collided into her skull. "Sleepin on the job bitch?"Another thwap of that brick with a cring worthy crunch"I get it, you anandoned your post pork chop"Another sickening crack of that sack and brick in her face. "Hows my sack taste!" Another immediate follow up of the brick whirled into her face so hard her eye litterally fell from its socket. Lavana beat this woman and with every stroke the receptionists face was being pummeled beyond recognition as teeth and bones bust and contorted to brick as Lavana hammered away at her like a savage with that positively lethal tool"Left me huh, let me get raped huh? Fuck you fuck the council and the elements." Lavana spat on that severly brutal scene, looked more akin to a jack'olantern smashed on halloween then a face by the time Lavana was done with her it was was a mix of bone fragments and brain matter abstract art on the walls and the onlookers.

She made an example of her, and her betrayal. Holding her to the gold standard of her violent nature holding her accountable in a methodical manner and made a show of it, a real spectacle of her disposition towards the authorities that were asleep on guard duty. She wanted her adoring fans to just witness her paint this spectacular masterpiece, let that shit sink in and settle.

"Guess thats why shes a receptionist look at those smarts"

She took a minute then another minute laughed and ran her fingers through her hair smearing blood on her forehead , snorted air through her nose her face and body splattered in blood. Taking a moment to relax and breath. " So what do you think Max? These twins there adorbs, maybe you guys wanna play on the winning team." She sort or twirled her sack to emphasis the point. Im not a monster, id feel bad separating ya

"What do you think Max? I'll let you pick and choose. But i think its bad form to kill the kids, up to you though."

Lavana braced her back against the wall, right now she had a murder weapon. And max was an animal, shed let her friend choose but for now she was king of the hill with that sack and brick murder flail.

She didnt handle this well, no not all. But as her breaths steadied she felt free, she just had to work past her nerves and killing was easy.

Vega was right, she should just be herself
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