• Location • Windward Haven (Air Troop Command Post)

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• Location • Windward Haven (Air Troop Command Post)

Postby Pegasus » Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:35 pm

Windward Haven
[Air Troop Command Post]


Perhaps the most remote Elements command post is that of Windward Haven. In the foothills of the Scalvoris mountains, bordering on the outskirts of Egilrun lies this structure. Indeed, the remote nature of this place is negated by access to some of the fastest mounts in Idalos. The Haven is a large structure, containing enough space for the command post itself and a sizable stable for visiting mounts. Consisting of three floors the building contains short-term barracks to house troops in need of rest along with offices for military personnel.

The architecture itself can be stunning when first laying eyes on it, with beautiful spire-like peaked roofs decorated with red clay tile and elegant iron inlaid windows. The foundation of the building is rooted firmly in the foothills of the Scalvoris mountains.

The office of the current Air Deputy, Thaddeous Crowe can be found here as well. While there is a small indoor training ring, the primary focus of the Air Troops is the use of winged mounts; as such there lies a massive circular outdoor training space. Within this stadium-like area there are several aerial obstacle courses set up on tall poles allowing troops to practice maneuvering with their mounts. The clear quiet mountain air is well suited to working with their winged beasts. Perhaps that is why the Haven is so far from the bustle of Scalvoris Town, to eliminate the chance of noisy distractions that might befuddle a curious Enormowl.

This command post is quieter than the others, as most communications come in by mounted Air Troop couriers rather than non-military messengers sent on foot. There is an ease to the soldiers stationed here, as their seclusion is rarely intruded upon.
NPC Name : Name: Gwyneth Vy’Dajal

Race: Biqaj

Age: 2nd of Cylus Arc 690 (Age 28)

Title: Administrator

Skills: Discipline:30 , Intelligence: 40, Mount: 30

Other Information: This Biqaj woman manages one of the largest networks of information in Scalvoris. With the Air Troops serving as eyes in the sky she passes on findings to the higher ups and additionally to the two Element halls so issues can be handled by the appropriate branch of the military. While juggling a constant influx of reports from the air Gwyneth also handles training scheduling for troops and sees that the Haven is kept in good working order. She is a sharp individual with a quick mind and an even quicker wit. Her sarcastic humor is legendary among the staff of the Haven.
Player Notes : [Mod="Pegaus"]This location is open to all.
There are many secrets to discover here.
You are welcome to use this location, but if you're going to make a major impact, please speak to a Scalv Mod first!
Changelog : Credits to: Sephira Blackwood

Submitted for Development: 2/1/2018

Posted 13th Feb 2018

Developed by: Sephira Blackwood
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