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Beyond the city of Rharne lies the Stormlands, which is home to a number of farms, forests, fields, and the River Zynyx.

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• Closed • Rescue Me (Sabine, Lynessa, Khama, Gem)

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70th of Ashan Continuing from here
“Fine, go waste your time with her.” Walden spat toward the group that was following his mother Iris. He stamped his foot against the ground and waved the team of rescuers toward another entrance into Mistral Wood.

The watchman was pleased to see two thunder priestesses in their midst. It was good to know that the uppity city folk still cared enough to send them two of their Priestesses. The women were supposedly talented in combat and spycraft, hopefully some part of their training had prepared them for this particular problem. The gutter rat that had joined the group was given a less-than-welcoming glare by the watchman. Walden was no gleaming moral pillar of the community, but he knew a street-rat when he saw one, and that scrawny ginger headed girl was likely nothing but trouble. Probably had been tempted here on the hope of reward money. He snorted derisively at her before surveying all members of his team in their entirety.

“Alright you lot, head in here and start searchin to the south. If my boy knows anything about the woods, it’s to find water and stay put. “ Walden waved his guttering lantern to illuminate the darker interior of the Wood.

“There is a stream that leads off from the river, it flows west into the deeper reaches. Find the stream and use it as a guide to keep your bearings. With any luck it will lead you right to William…and the others that have disappeared.” The last few words were added on like an afterthought. Clearly the man cared more for his son’s well-being than the others that had been taken.

“I’ll keep watch on the forest’s edge, in the case anyone comes out. Remember to find the stream to the south and follow it. Stay on the paths as best you can, sometimes they change when you aren’t paying them any mind.”

With that Walden waved the group inside, and the rescuers would find themselves in a particularly gloomy part of the forest. Elms as Ash trees reached high overhead, their dense canopies block out much of the afternoon light. The trees grated and whined against each other in the wind, creating a discordant and eerie melody.

A game trail was all that would serve as the group’s path. The trail led to the south, with several twists and turns in it for the first dozen yards. There at a crook in the path sat an overgrown altar. Dead vines and grass grew over it, nearly obscuring it from view. Nature seemed to be reclaiming this place, overtaking anything that mortals left behind.

On the altar rested four objects in various states of disuse. The first item was a rusty hatchet, perhaps only as long as a forearm. It was old but solid and perfect for cutting down small trees. The next item was an old metal bucket. It was well made, if not a little rusty. The third item was a set of flint and steel and the fourth item was a child’s wooden flute. The last item seemed newer than the rest, with little flower petals painted in indigo on its reed surface.

Four items sat on the altar, and the rescuers approached. The offerings were free for the taking. Would they simply take an item, take and replace an item or simply pass the altar by? It was their choice. Ahead of them the path became dense with waist high brambles. It would take a fair bit of hacking and cutting to get past their first obstacle.

"The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can. "

J.R.R Tolkien

 ! Oracle wrote:
Welcome Rescuers to Stage 2 of the Mistral Mystery Event!
Hop on in and lets get started.

Posting Order does not matter in this event. I will make a weekly post, and you may post in any order following my post.

All of the actions your character takes can/will have an effect on future events and rewards. Keep that in mind. ;)

Please PM me if you have any questions! This can include details in the scenery that I have left out that may aide you in navigation.

I will post again on 4/23
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