• Closed • Seek and Ye Shall Find (Rorom, Maios, Pepper, Nauta)

Beyond the city of Rharne lies the Stormlands, which is home to a number of farms, forests, fields, and the River Zynyx.

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• Closed • Seek and Ye Shall Find (Rorom, Maios, Pepper, Nauta)

Postby Oracle » Mon Apr 16, 2018 3:43 pm

70th of Ashan Continuing from here
Iris watched with an appreciative smile as some of the strangers came forward to place offerings on the stone. The old woman knew that the giving of gifts was a sacred thing to the forest and it’s guardians. Their offerings would bring them good luck on the journey ahead.

“It means a great deal to me that you are all willing to risk your lives to discover what is at the heart of these disappearances. Mistral Wood has always been a safe place, especially for the children. Something must be terribly wrong if the forest has turned on us.”
Iris explained as she waved her group of seekers toward an opening that led into the forest. The path traveled straight toward the western expanse of the Wood, diving into some of the deepest reaches of the forest.

“I will stay behind, I would only slow you down. “
The old woman explained as looked over each and every one of their faces. “Stay on the path. The guardians of the Wood have been known to remake the forest to their whims. If you leave the path, you might never find it again.” She cautioned in a wary voice. “Go to the west, into the heart of the Wood, and maybe you will find what we seek.”

Iris watched with hopeful eyes as the Seekers approached the westbound path. Oaks and elms moaned in the wind and the leaves whispered in the canopy. If anyone cared to look behind them they may notice that the fish hook Rorom had left behind on the altar was now gone…

Once inside the forest it seemed like they had entered another world. Sunlight filtered through the limbs and foliage to cast lancing rays of golden and radiant emerald light throughout the forest. Squirrels would occasionally dart through the trees and the rustling of larger beasts could be heard in the distance. The westward path continued for several dozen yards before ending at a bend in the road. In the corner of the sharp curv rested another stone altar like the one old woman had been placing offerings on earlier. On the altar there was a rusty twisted iron pipe, a silvery goose feather, a tarnished silver lapis lazuli ring, and a discolored pewter coin with the image of a flame on it. There was no indication if they should take one of these items, or if they should give an offering of their own. Perhaps nothing was expected of them, but still the altar stood, inviting them to make a choice.

Ahead of them, beyond the altar the path continued before being cut in two by a gurgling stream. The stream was wide enough that it could not be passed in a single leap, but there were several stepping stones placed in a line across it.

The Seekers had a choice, to take an item from the altar, leave an item, do both or take nothing and leave the altar as it was when they arrived. Regardless of their choice the first obstacle blocked their path.

"It's a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to"

J.R.R Tolkien

 ! Oracle wrote:
Welcome Seekers to Stage 2 of the Mistral Mystery Event!
Hop on in and lets get started.

Posting Order does not matter in this event. I will make a weekly post, and you may post in any order following my post.

All of the actions your character takes can/will have an effect on future events and rewards. Keep that in mind. ;)

Please PM me if you have any questions! This can include details in the scenery that I have left out that may aide you in navigation.

I will post again on 4/23
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Seek and Ye Shall Find (Rorom, Maios, Pepper, Nauta)

Postby Ptolemaios » Mon Apr 16, 2018 6:14 pm

Were he in a better mood, Mais would’ve believed the old hag staying behind was a blessing. Today, however, at this break, at this thrill, Maios felt as placid as the sea during at storm. Yes, he did carry a heavy scorn with him, but the unfair death of his family was not the cause of his clenched fist. It wasn’t even his reluctance to follow some path into a forest he had never liked, nor the idea of going towards what could possibly be the cause for a city-wide alert of missing people. It wasn’t even the idea of doing so at night.

Maios lit another cigarette with a match as he began his walk through the forest. His crippled hand remained under his cloak, whilst the other kept his cloak away from his baldric, where his palm rested atop the blade of his axe. Only after venturing far enough for Iris’ sight he lowered down his hood and revealed his receding mane, as unwashed and dirty as everything else he carried on him. For a family man as determined as he was, Maios hated this fucking village and the forest that bordered it. In fact, Maios hated the whole known world and every creature that inhabited it. That is why he was in such a foul mood. He would have prefered to go into the forest alone, and meet whatever lied inside him on his lonesome. His axe was there to protect him, even if one his hands was severely crippled.

But you know what was even more crippling? His team. These? These are Rharne’s finest? One of them boatyokels with the freaky eyes and the enhanced hearing, some ginger, and a child. The child he vaguely recognized; he had seen her running around the village. Shit, for all he knew, she may have played with his daughters once. He didn't know. Maios rarely spoke to anyone, and even less for the simple pleasure of conversation. Not that he needed to tell anyone that, instead of going into solving whatever mystery laid ahead, he’d have to play babysitter for three rubes. Might as well lose his second hand and wander in alone. The outcome would be similar.

The smoking man walked quietly, his boots squishing the water leaked inside them. Homeless as he was, amongst his possessions he had some rope and rags, which he reckoned could become useful in whatever this was. His eyes darted left and right every so often, almost as if expecting to see Weasel pop out among the trees. Sourness aside, the forest gave him chills, and a really bad feeling. That’s when he drew his axe. The further they ventured forth, the more worried he was about losing the path should the need arise to turn around and bolt. As such, he’d chop the bark of a tree at an angle, creating a visible green patch of sapwood, which contrasted greatly with the dark bark.

At the end of his cigarette, he sighed, drew another, and lit it up. Then he stopped. “We're aff tae mak' something clear; ah'ament risking mah neck fur ony o' ye cunts, sae if yi'll waant tae bide, ye'r aff tae bade claise tae me. Especially ye, wee lassie. A dinnae ken how come yer momma 'n' yer papa let ye oot o` yer leash, bit ye better bide at hand's reach fae me if yi'll waant tae see thaim again,” he said, his voice groggy and low, so low it could probable a shabby bass guitar. His Rharnian accent was as thick as it got. A bit more and he’d simply morph into a keg of wine. He stared down at Pepper. “Ye hear anythin', ye see anythin', or ah tell ye tae, ye come tae mah side 'n' ye grab mah shank. Dae ye ken?”

“As fur ye, Captain Tuna,” Maios said, looking at the Biqaj. “Dae whitevur it's ye dae, bit if something happens, unless ye kin spook wolves, bears or bairn kidnappers wi' yer pure weird een, ye come 'n' bade behind me tae.” With that clear, Maios kept on his way. The ginger… The ginger got no offer of help. The was a rumour in Rharne that gingers were responsible for that strange plague of crabs terrorizing the locals’ crotches. ‘Firecrotch’ they had called it. As a surviving victim, Maios held no love for them.

Upon reaching the altar, Maios quickly laid eyes on the prize. Free stuff!. He didn’t even hesitate to walk towards it, inspect the treasure, and immediately try to pocket it all. Well, everything valuable; the ring and the coin. He didn't like smoking from pipes, nor he liked birds to take their feathers.

Advanced payment. At least something good came out of this shit day.
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Seek and Ye Shall Find (Rorom, Maios, Pepper, Nauta)

Postby Pepper » Thu Apr 19, 2018 5:43 am

70 of Ashan, 718
Mistral Woods
Stormlands, Rharne

Pepper listened as Grandma Iris asked the team to stick to the path and head west into the heart of the wood. She'd never ventured that deep yet for all her wandering and hiding in the forest. She was glad to have her mapbook and pencil with her. A few steps down the path, the forest seemed like its usual self: small and big creatures moving about, the wind rustling, the sun dappled shade, the green smell of spring. She turned back for a last look at the village and noticed that the fishhook the biqaj sailor had put on the altar was no longer there amid grandma Iris's offerings. That was something uncanny to be sure, but she'd always felt the woods to be quietly sentient. The strange wasn't nearly so strange here. But maybe this meant something?

Pepper looked again at her companions as they walked further. The red haired man hadn't said much, but had mentioned he'd had been in another similar forest once. The Ywyngyll? At any rate he seemed competent. But she wished with all her heart Maios was with the rescuers. Why did he even volunteer if he was gonna act so grouchy and pissed about it. Pepper took a deep breath, reminding herself that everyone had reasons, and didn't she hear something about him being the last of his family left.. She should be, and truly was, grateful for her good life till now.

Who do you think will take on the leadership of our group? she asked Miret, who was riding on her shoulder.

Before Miret could reply, Maios spoke. Seems he is. Miret sounded subdued too. The man was rough spoken, but he did offer to protect Pepper and even the sailor. So he wasn't likely to be all bad.

I don't think he's gonna bother even asking if we have any skills we can contribute. Pepper was bemused, the systematic part of her personality finding this a gross oversight.

You could ask instead.. Miret offered up a tentative suggestion. The fairy wasn't an expert in human relationship subtleties, but Pepper looked very young next to the three men. Her taking the initiative might not be welcomed by others, and Maios clearly wasn't likely to be impressed.

The same thoughts were in Pepper's mind for she hesitated for some trills more. “Hello. Thank you both for offering to help us,” she nodded at the biqaj and the redhead, “I'm Pepper, and I live nearby.” Their responses would decide whether she revealed Miret's existence to them and offered to have her scout ahead.

They soon came to the bend and Pepper watched as Maios picked up two of the offerings from there. She certainly wasn't going to say anything about it. She just hoped the offerings she had prepared would offset any ill will he had attracted to their party.

She whispered to the sailor, “He doesn't believe in forest spirits or anything I think.” To her, the sailor's unhesitating offering made him the most approachable of their group.

Once Maios moved past the altar, Pepper quietly took out her offerings from her knapsack. On a large leaf she placed a small loaf of bread and a small bowl. “May the missing have had enough to eat and drink, “ she softly said, pouring some of the water from her waterskin into the bowl. She then took out a small map she'd made earlier of the forest with the path to the village clearly sketched out. “May the lost find their way home even though the paths have changed.” She folded the map in half and kept it on the altar as well. Lastly she put a copper nel, a winter wizened apple and a polished river stone on top of the map.

Stepping back, she looked around for a good marker. There. A tree covered with trailing swathes of purple stood alone among the green, almost near where they had entered. She looked for the sun, and made a quick crude sketch, estimating the directions and the distance they had travelled to the best of her ability. The tree, the path, the altar and the stream, all went into the new map.

Closing her mapbook but not putting it back in, she headed after Maios, towards the stream.
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