[Oakleigh] The road to truth

A settlement east of Rynmere across a stretch of water called 'the eastern trench' broken into three regions: Welles, Oakleigh, and Berwick.

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[Oakleigh] The road to truth

Postby Sintih » Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:58 am

heir two way class went slowly, as both men were using language they didn't know very well in combination with a lot of other gesturing and, when necessary, some common. The horses also didn't lend themselves well to the classroom setting languages were usually learned in. For a few of his signs he learned the right Rakahi words and pronunciation while others were properly explained to him, how they were broken down and what words made them up. Sin was quite interested to learn that Rakahi seemed to have a lot of ocean based words that where then combined or melded into something land based. That horses were Seahorse-rowboats, more or less, in Rakahi stayed with him for a long time, well into the afternoon when the city of Welles came into sight.

When another traveler got into some trouble with the weather, Hart was eager to stop and help while Sin made sure nothing was wrong int heir surroundings. The break near the little creak provided some well needed cooling for both them and their horses while they looked after the other traveler. By the afternoon of the second trial, the split in the road between Port Town and Welles came into view and Sin became more tense for a while, constantly looking around for the pair of riders from the trial before. While he didn't completely relax after they'd passed the point, Sin didn't believe for a trill that those two were really heading to Port Town, he did relax a little more than before. Their night stop wasn't memorable, except the fact that Hart went to bed almost straight away with a look on his face that told Sin the man wasn't doing well with coming off his mushrooms.

In the morning, Sin observed the change in his travel companion and was glad to see Hart's appetite had returned. It wasn't far until Welles came into sight and both riders seemed to gain a boost of energy, forgetting about the long horse ride over and their troubles on the road. Welles was a big city with plenty of guards and respectable, populated areas they could reside in which would keep Hart safer than Sin could. With Hart's guidance they found a place to stay in town while they would look for Hart's ship. Sin politely refused the bastard Venora's offer to take a load off at the place and went with Hart who went to look at the docks for his ship. About half a break of questioning into their search, Sin decided it best to split up and cover more ground.

He was never far from Hart, asking questions of the people he could find, describing the ship as best he could from what he'd heard from Hart's earlier questions. Every so often he'd look for Hart to make sure everything was alright. At one such time, Hart seemed to be in a conversation with another man and Sin watched from a distance. At first, Hart seemed a little taken aback, possibly by the choice of words of the other person but the more they spoke, the more Hart seemed to lean away from him. Sin knew very little about Biqaj body language but any animal in nature acting like that was either giving heed to an alpha or was about to get jumped by a predator, neither of which were good things in Sin's case.

Quickly scanning around him, Sin noticed some fishermen sitting and talking, working on their nets. What they were doing came second to what they were doing it with. Sin walked over and greeted them quickly. "Sers." He put ten golden nels on one of the crates in the middle of the group. "Is there anyone here kind enough to lend me a few of their knives?" They looked at him, confused for a moment, and then to each other. One of them seemed ready to question him about it when another one turned his knife around and held it out with the handle first. Sin smiled and nodded his thanks as he took the blade from the man. Two more did the same and Sin took their blades as well. None of them were actual fighting weapons but in combination with certain skills of his they were as deadly as a sword in a knight's hands.

He quickly pushed two of the knives into his belt on his back and gripped the other one with his right hand. He walked along the harbor, making sure he approached at an angle, at the edge or even outside of the other man's point of view. With a quick shift of his fingers, the grip he had on the knife turned around and the length of the blade was now pressing against his wrist and lower arm. As he approached the two men, the one Hart was talking to was in the middle of explaining just how their blood getting spilled wouldn't mean anything here. Then his voice seemed to turn even sharper as he all but commanded Hart to come with him.

Another shift of his fingers and the knife was back in the more common grip. "Ser Hart, there you are. I think it's time for us to go." Sin said as he poked the tip of the knife between the other man's ribs, just enough to let him feel the sharp pressure the weapon provided but not enough to actually cut the man. "We can finish the rest of our work tomorrow." While he was talking, his left hand came up and his thumb quickly stabbed towards his chin, or throat. While half the sign was lacking, having one hand holding a knife in a man's side allowed for that. Hopefully Hart would recognize the half sign for Danger as what it was. There were no raised eyebrows to convey a question.
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