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A settlement east of Rynmere across a stretch of water called 'the eastern trench' broken into three regions: Welles, Oakleigh, and Berwick.

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[Eastern Trench]The teaching boat

Postby Sintih » Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:30 am

t wasn't easy for Sin to keep a straight face as Tristan talked about his doppelgangers. First he found out Faith used to be this man's slave and now Aelig had been actively involved in his life as well, on top of Zanik and Illaren. It wasn't like Sin had been praying, sort of, to the immortal his entire active Yludih life trying to get his attention. Then again, there was enough chaos in his life to think the immortal of chaos was paying close attention to him. The tightness of his lips and jaw was clearly seen on the illusion that covered his face but whether it was because of Tristan's personal attention from Aelig or the fact that a bodyguard was worried about multiple body doubles running around out there wasn't clear.

Just when he thought he'd seen the worst of it, Tristan went from trying to pass on his old girlfriend to trying to find a boyfriend for his bodyguard. The absolute lack of what Sin considered common sense made the Yludih simply smile, shake his head and hide his face in the palm of his hand. "No, that's not... No. There's..." Did he trust him enough to share something like this? Perhaps in a vaguer sense. "There's already someone in my life. I'm not looking for anyone else." That should do it, right? Enough information to keep Tristan from trying to pimp out more of his employees or family members, hopefully, and not enough that he was giving away weaknesses to the man. Sin's illusion took in a deep breath as he set all this aside to focus on the important parts of the conversation.

Magic. That's what interested Sin, considering most of the kingdom was now anti-magic and out to burn every person to ever have their spark awoken. Knowing whether the person you worked for was out to get you as well or if they wouldn't mind the people protecting them were as powerful as the people trying to kill them was important information. Tristan suddenly deciding to share some very dangerous opinions with him on this boat had Sin replying before he'd even really thought about things. "I concur. There is much to be gained from magic, why else would the kingdom have been teaching people about it at the university? Because one ch-... the king was attacked by one guy suddenly everyone with magic needs their head cut off? It's... whatever the term is for racism against magic... m-magicism, magicist?" The question whether those were actual words in common was clearly written on Sin's face as he allowed a little of his own feelings on the matter to show.

The reaction Tristan had towards Sin's ability to create unlimited light for ever and everyone was on point. Perhaps one trial he'd explain in detail how it worked and how it would benefit everyone but for now Sin was happy to focus on the explosions. "I would suggest we start by blowing up something small or even nothing at all." He absent mindedly ran his fingers over his left cheek then. "Explosions are dangerous if you don't know what you're doing." It occured to Sin that this was probably how Doran had felt when they had been working together, teacher and student. That Tristan was willing to spend money on something that most people considered 'a place of magic' nowatrials was both worrying and interesting to see. It would provide a good platform to bond over for the two of them. Sin liked the thought of that.

After his long speech, Tristan looked a little in shock but it was nice to see that he'd managed to impress his employer on the first try. Gallien hadn't been so far off with his thoughts. He nodded as Tristan decided to follow his advice. This was a step in the right direction. "I don't think they'd just up and kill you should you invite them but if things don't go their way during the meeting the chances for retribution will grow." Those words created an extended silence between the two of them. Only the sounds of the ocean and the boat could be heard between them as both of them were working over their own thoughts. He set aside the budding plans for an assassination wing of the Sinra co. Mercenary company when Tristan called out his name. He had expected much but moving up to his preferred position over the course of a two break boat ride was more than he'd hoped for.

"I'm too direct and analytical to be good at politics. I'm just good at people. But if you'll have me, I'll support you with everything I can offer. That said, I won't be holding back my thoughts when giving advice. I'm not going to change simply because you've provided me with a fancy new title." He didn't think Tristan would have much of a problem with that considering he managed to live with a near-insubordinate bodyguard captain for the past few seasons now. "My first piece... or I guess second piece, would be to find people who'll do exactly the same. Advisers who are simply there to say yes to whatever you say won't be of help to you. You need people to challenge you and each other so that when they do finally agree on something it'll be worked out in such detail it'll withstand anything. But they shouldn't just argue to argue either..." Nope, not the best advice he'd given this trial. Sin shrugged, hoping Tristan would get the idea.

"Now, if there's nothing else you'd like to discuss right now, for my third piece of advice, I suggest you get some sleep. We'll be on this boat for another two trials, you best try to sleep through as much of it as possible."
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[Eastern Trench]The teaching boat

Postby Tristan Venora » Fri Mar 16, 2018 3:38 am

When Sintih said no to his offer of setting up a date with Brandon or Hart as well, Tristan furrowed his brow because he had definitely not expected that answer. He was convinced that his bodyguard was not attracted to anybody (What was the correct word for that? Asexual? Antisexual? He wasn’t entirely sure.) – until the Eidisi insisted that there already was someone in his life. His eyes instantly lit up. “You have to bring them to Oakleigh sometime. I want to meet them”, he told him and then he added, “I’ll even ask the cook to prepare a fancy dinner for the two of you! What do you say?”

Under normal circumstances he would have tried to find out more about Sintih’s lover, but magic interested him as well, and he thought that the new law was really unfair. “The people that the Order of the Mantis burns alive now learned magic when it was still legal!” he pointed out to Sintih. “You can’t just declare something that used to be perfectly acceptable a crime. That’s not right! Magicism is a good word for that”, he decided.

“But I know what I’m doing!” he insisted as Sintih warned him of the dangers of blowing things up. “I’m actually a really good alchemist. I’m almost as good as Padraig now! If you want to, I’ll show you!” Of course he didn’t explain who Padraig was. In his current state it didn’t occur to him that Sintih might not know the terrible tutor that had somehow become Faith’s husband. He thought that everybody was familiar with him.

“Politics is about people”, he then pointed out to Sintih. “Sometimes it’s also about doing things to people”, he added because politicians didn’t always work for the people. “And I actually haven’t provided you with a fancy new title yet. If you want to, I’ll let you come up with one! Be creative! I don’t care what you call yourself as long as you help me!” he said and nodded because Sintih had given him a lot of good advice.

As the Eidisi informed him that they’d be on the boat for another two trials he looked absolutely shocked even though he had already travelled to Rynmere and back several times. “I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sleep”, he admitted. He put his head on his pillow and closed his eyes nevertheless though because he thought that it would be a good idea if he started to listen to Sintih right now. Before long he was asleep, due to sheer exhaustion.
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[Eastern Trench]The teaching boat

Postby Pegasus » Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:45 am

I have to admit to being pleased to see that this was next in the queue - I do so enjoy Tristan and Sintih's relationship. They're so different yet, somehow, they've become friends. It's great to see and I love the very polar nature of the two of them - their lives and experiences thus far have been very different! I was also really impressed with how you wove in the past together, you write together really well. I very much enjoyed this thread and both of your excellent writing within it. Enjoy your rewards and please do pm me if you feel I've missed anything.

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Knowledge : Alchemy: A cloak as hard a schainmail
Alchemy: Use specialized equipment, not your kitchen
Business management: Delegate
Business management: The rival of my rival is my friend
Intelligence: Listen in on your boss' conversations
Intelligence: Read the reports
Politics: dealing with boring people every trial
Politics: Royally assigned invader
Politics: New duchies in Rynmere
Politics: Use locals to govern locals
Politics: Make people owe you before putting them in power

Rynmere: The noble houses
Rynmere: Oakleigh: Landlocked
Rynmere: People are too stupid to distinguish magic

Tristan: Seasick
Tristan: hates boats
Tristan: met with Celesta Andaris
Tristan: Has multiple doppelgangers
Tristan: Pimp?
Tristan: Pro magic
Valeria Burhan: Incredibly beautiful, unmarried woman

Points :  XP: 15

Renown: None
Loot :  None
Knowledge : Alchemy: Making living light sources
Alchemy: Use specialized equipment, not your kitchen
Alchemy: Explosions are dangerous if you don't know what you are doing
Discipline: Not taking your anger out on your bodyguard
Politics: Delegating is a good idea
Politics: As a politician you often have to deal with boring people
Politics: Use locals to govern locals
Politics: Make people owe you before putting them in power
Politics: Make people you trust your advisors!
Politics: Advisors shouldn't say yes to everything, but challenge you
Politics: Magicism: Like racism, but against mages

Sintih: Doesn't get seasick
Sintih: Likes chemistry, drawing and languages
Sintih: Knows alchemy
Sintih: Doesn't want me to find him a boyfriend or girlfriend
Sintih: Already has someone
Sintih: I asked him to be my advisor
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