• Completed • Taking From the Treasury

Navyri steals from the Glass Temple (Memory)

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• Completed • Taking From the Treasury

Postby Navyri » Fri Sep 08, 2017 8:24 pm

Common Rakahi Gravokian
"A greedy father has thieves for children."

    8th of Ymiden, 688 Arc


    Heads turned as a body exploded from the temple, the tired hinges crying as they ripped open. With a great clatter, the door flew open, ricocheting off the stone wall when a lithe woman tore through the night. Her black hood flew back with the gust of her escape, her dark hair catching the moonlight in streams of flashing silver. The sound of her footsteps pattered violently against the cold, stone steps, her laughter delighted and wicked as she ran. Behind her, a plump man in monk’s robes floundered, short winded and wheezing as he tried to race after her, both hands grasping at his knees while he struggled to catch his breath. His shout was choked, face reddened with frustration, “THIIIIIIIIIIEF!”

    Navyri darted down the street, her cloak billowing behind her like dark wings as the promise of a dark alley came into view and the stars twinkled over her. Against her chest she clutched a bag of gold - the tithings of winter’s sheep - and a fattened tome tucked tightly under her arm. To steal from a church was considered despicable, but the infiltration was usually so easy. It was simple business sense, picking an appealing target. Nothing personal, after all.

    As she headed towards the shade of tall buildings, a shadow moved across the ground in front of her and a young guard leaped into view. He was young, barely a human in his early stages of manhood, perhaps nineteen or so. He was dressed in guard colors that looked too big for his skinny frame and reminded her of a wet dog. Puffs of air were visible from his thin lips and he immediately drew the string of his short bow, ordering for her to halt.

    The Naerikk saw the arrow aimed at her and skidded to a slow stop, her wild grin fading, “What’s that?” she breathed, “You gonna kill us? Over what? Fifty gold and a book?” Navyri eyed his body language, trying to gauge his reaction, and held the stolen goods against her side, freeing one of her hands. She reached into the front of her outerwear, reaching within to wrap her fingers around the dagger strapped to her ribs. More footsteps sounded behind her, others approaching.

    “Drop the stolen goods-”

    “I stole nothing,” Navyri muttered, playing coy. “These were donations-”

    “You have stolen from the immortal’s treasury and the city of Scalvoris. You are under arrest for larceny and-”

    “Easy now,” Navyri purred, stepping forward with her palm displayed. He jerked backward, visibly tensing, and the Naer hesitated. His eyes were wild, nervous and a touch reckless. His own hand shook, and she realized he had never pointed an arrow at anyone living before. She opened her mouth to negotiate, but a distant voice shouted for him to shoot.

    She barely saw the arrow before it whizzed past her ear and she was sent stumbling backward in a late attempt to dodge the projectile. Losing her footing, she fell to the ground, this time a fear in her eyes, “W-wait, hold on!”

    Was she really going to be shot over something so minuscule? Navyri had stolen from the church of immortals, having wondered why they should all share the spoils when only two were worth noticing - The Mother Audrae, and the Great Lord Delroth. Now to find out she might get shot? Angry and scared, Navyri pushed back with her feet as the guard knocked another arrow. Arm lifted, the sleeve of her cloak fell away to her elbow and the designs of her blessing were dark patterns upon her skin.

    The young man gulped and she saw his fingers hesitating to release. She needed protection and knew this was something that Curio couldn’t help her with. Navyri opened her mouth to speak, arms still high when the guard pinched his eyes closed and released. The tip of the arrow soared towards her and the Naerikk's eyes widened, “STOP!”

    Her arms heated instantly, the muscles of her forearms almost burning as a great rush of blood lightened her head. Navyri felt weak, her eyes fluttering as pain seared her arms, having expected the arrow to have pierced her, but when she opened her eyes and the pain faded, she saw no blood. In fact, she half stumbled, the arrow broke at her feet and protective steel wings having emerged from her arms. She felt their weight, pressing down as her arms were hefted in front of her and stared at awe at their precision. Even the guard who had unleashed the arrow faltered and stared on, never having seen anything like it before.

    The two stared at each other, almost forgetting the scuffle when the other guard caught up and tried to grab at Navyri. She reacted instantly, jumping back and then forward, using the metal wings as a blockade and ramming into him. A great clang sounded as the metal collided and the vibration rocked her arms and she felt the contact in her bones. The man stumbled, allowing Navyri the opening she needed to pull back and slash at him with her hardened nails, cutting at his face. He cursed in pain, gripping his cheek, and she spun on her heel, pushing past the first and racing down the street.

    (Steel wings? I have steel wings!) Navyri was laughing in disbelief, empowered with new confidence as she called for Curio. The familiar replied through their bond by sending a feeling of comfort and she knew he could see her. The Naerikk darted down an alley, feeling the weight of the metal feathers with every step and knew she couldn’t keep running forever. She was tiring too fast.

    (Focus. I need… I need to hide.)

    Navyri gave a shrill whistle and skidded to a stop, pulling her arm back and throwing the stolen bag of gold as hard as she could into the sky. The maneuver was difficult given the added weight of her arms and she felt the exhaustion in her muscles. Curio swooped from the darkness, talons outstretched and caught it, flying away seamlessly as Navyri grinned. The tome she held was still under her other arm and she gasped when an arrow soared through the air and came inches from piercing her companion. Glancing behind her, she saw the guard detail had recovered and hissed in displeasure.

    Down another street she raced, shoving through any poor citizens that found themselves in her path. One woman had been carrying a bag of groceries that spilled onto the ground, the Naerikk having to act fast and leap over the obstacles. She pumped her legs as fast as she could, feeling the stitch building in her side and struggling to tear down a dark alley and crouch behind some barrels. Her breath came in quick bursts and she tried to control her intake, looking at the arms that still had metal feathers protruding from them. She looked at them, trying to remember what had triggered them in the first place.

    What was it?

    She glanced nervously to the opening of the alley and closed her eyes closed. She had been scared… scared of getting killed and it had triggered the protection. Perhaps if she forced a feeling of calm? “C’mon…” she whispered, inhaling through her nose, and exhaling through her mouth, “You’re fine… You’re fine… You’re safe.” She stared at her arms, focusing on them with lips pressed into a thin line of worry. A trill passed. Then another. The Naer had begun to convince herself that maybe this was a permanent change and she would have to learn to adapt when finally… The hammering in her chest began to lighten up, and one by one, each metal feather began to heat and retract into her forearm. It was a strange and slow motion process, watching as sharp edges softened and pulled into her skin like magic.

    This… This was one of her gifts from Delroth? It still felt surreal, that she had had such power and yet had been oblivious until now. What else could she do? Was she capable of anything more? Could she… fly? Did anything else lie dormant inside of her?

    Navyri shifted her weight and rested the tome by her feet, the last of her metal feathers disappearing when footsteps sounded nearby, shouts of the men searching for her bouncing off the stone walls. Blue eyes darting to their approach, she shifted and pressed against the dark wall, her body melting into shadow just as the men began down the alley. She closed her eyes and held her breath, even as they hurriedly searched around; not noticing the woman who had melted into darkness. As she waited, she had a strong urge to pee and she thought she felt a rat scurry across her shadow in fear. Even the smells felt amplified in her trapped state, the smell of urine, booze, and rotting vegetables making her feel sick.

    It felt like ages when the guards rushed off, and she exhaled, emerging back into the light and collapsing on the ground. She caught herself, dirt and grime sticking to her thin fingers as she felt a growing satisfaction that came when completing a successful job. Navyri wiped her hands together to rid them of the debris and recollected the literature. Curio should have taken the gold somewhere safe, leaving her to return home once the coast was clear.

    Another close call, but one that had proven a valuable lesson. Navyri leaned against the musty barrel and glanced at the sky, partially believing that when Delroth called… Maybe she would actually be ready. Maybe.
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Taking From the Treasury

Postby Neronin » Sat Sep 09, 2017 3:09 am



Endurance: The Challenge of Added Weight
Unarmed Combat: The Element of Surprise
Unarmed Combat: Shoving Your Opponent
Wings of Steel (Tarouz): Deflecting Arrows
Wings of Steel (Tarouz): Drains Your Stamina
Wings of Steel (Tarouz): Fantastic Armor

Location: Scalvoris
Scalvoris: Glass Temple
Glass Temple: Very Serious About Troublemakers

Loot: 1 book containing some stories and rhetoric about 3 commonly worshipped Immortals in Scalvoris (your choice).
65 gold nels.
Injuries/Overstepping: Nope
Fame: -4 total, -2 Stealing a book FROM A CHURCH, -2 Stealing gold FROM A CHURCH!
Points: 10, not for magic *shakes head*
Comments: You bad. I loved it. Navyri finding her wings was a great part. You write very well, and you write your character very well despite just starting her. You have a great level of description and I especially liked how the wings warmed and went back in. I just can’t believe you aren’t going to be a part of Al’Angyryl after all *cries*. No, no I told myself I wouldn’t cry! *cries more* Okay, okay this was a good thread, can’t wait to read more from you!

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