Calendar: Ashan 718

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Calendar: Ashan 718

Postby Pegasus » Sun Apr 01, 2018 7:01 am

Image Arc 718


Trials 1 - 70
1 -5 : 
While many places in Idalos will see the effects of Ashan’s arrival in warmer temperatures, Scalvoris tends to take its sweet time. The weather gets worse before it gets better, with the last few snowstorms and freezing temperatures. Travel between areas of the island are still impossible without great risk, and the temperature isn’t yet warm, and it is still fairly dark, the sun still hiding for the most part. At night, temperatures are still below freezing. This is true everywhere except Gunvorton which experiences five trials of Saun-like weather.

6 -11 : 
Ashan has begun to make an effect on Scalvoris, slowly but surely. The worst snowstorms of this time of arc are over, leaving chance for flurries at night but no more snowfalls during the trial, though the snow still heavily coats the ground. The exception to this is Scalvoris town, which seems to be warming up much faster and melting the snow. However, this brings caution to Scalvoris town, because melted snow means that, as it drops to negative temperatures each night, there will be ice on the ground each trial. The skies continue to be cloudy and dimly lit.

12 - 15 : 
Finally, the temperature begins to come up enough for life in Scalvoris to return to normal. While it still gets very cold at night, it no longer gives flurries and very rarely drops below negative. In the trial, the snow is finally starting to lesson, covering the ground in lighter layers like powdered sugar on a confection. The ground is still very hard and the waters are still freezing, however. Travel is much less risky, but most sane people would rather be home anyway. As each trial passes, the skies begin to clear up, clouds pulling apart and sunlight bathing the land again. Plants begin to defrost, animals come out of hibernation.

16 - 20 : 
The weather has began to turn pleasant, traveling back to normal. This is the time of the season that the farmers will start to clear the ground ready for when they will start to sow crops, the gardeners will prepare to plant new flowers and the herbalists will tend to their herb gardens. The temperature remains chilly but moderate, and winds pick up around Scalvoris, leaving breezy trials where the 'breeze' is strong enough to make the cold cut through clothing. Other than that, clear skies and pleasant trials. No one buys it, though.

21 - 25 : 
Whilst the rest of the island maintain with the more temperate weather, Gunvorton is hit by a series of tornadoes, which damage buildings and rip up trees. These last for three trials between the 21st and 23rd, then the same thing happens in Darbyton on the 23rd to 25th. The weather for the rest of the island is completely unaffected but it is not safe to travel in the skies over these towns during this time. This lack of mobility seriously hampers the efforts of the Elements to both get people out of the affected areas and to get in to where they need to

26 - 30 : 
During these trials, farmers and gardeners work frantically to make sure that everything is prepared for the planting. The weather is not helping at this time as temperatures take a sudden drop and the ground hardens with frost again. It is cold by day and colder still at night as the skies clear of cloud and the temperatures plummet. In some places, the temperatures during these few trials beging to mirror those of Zi'da and the more superstitious Scalvorians begin to wonder if this arc the planting is doomed before it begins. However, this clears on the 30th and there is a definite warmth (on land, if not in the water) for the Treid's Luck festival.

31 - 35 : 
Planting is happening in earnest now and it seems as though, this arc at least, the Immortals and fate are smiling on Scalvoris. The weather for these trials is perfect for planting. It remains dry and cool, but not so cold that there is frost. There is a gentle wind throughout the daylight breaks which comes in from the west and is a cooling breeze. At night the skies are cloudy which at least means that frost is largely kept at bay.

36 - 40 : 
These five trials are perfect spring weather ~ warm but not too hot, dry and sunny by day. At night, the temperature drops but it is still just that pleasant crisp spring air which sees people much more likely to go for walks or stay out late. No rain and mostly cloudless skies combine to make these five very pleasant trials, weather-wise. The Scalvoris Mountains can be seen to be covered with early blossoming flowers which are either vivid purple (by day) or bright silver (at night). It makes for an amazing sight.

41 - 50 : 
As the temperature warms, rain becomes more common. It starts with just being at night- light rains as night drops, stopping by dawn, leaving muddy mornings and dew-filled trials. The rain helps the plants, and as the trials get more pleasant, more rain visits Scalvoris. By the 48th, it begins to rain during the trial, very light showers. In areas like Faldrass, it is quite lovely and warm, while many areas of Scalvoris can still be considered chilly.

51 - 60 : 
As the trials pass, the rain grows heavier and heavier, leaving to overcast trials and stormy nights. Gusting winds and heavy rains batter up against the houses of Scalvoris, particularly in areas like Egilrun and Darbyton, where it gets so bad that property damage occurs. Around trial 58, there are an increasing amount of lightning and thunder in these storms, but so far it’s been bearable. Luckily, the temperature is still rising so the rain is moderate to warm, sparing those in Scalvoris from the cold. However, those traveling should be careful of floodwaters and muddy roads.

61 - 70 : 
Storms continuing, many of the cities in Scalvoris have had miserable weather. This time of Ashan is easily the worst, as people struggle to work in the wet conditions, and some of the newly planted crops fail due to drowning in too much water. The storms cause the waters around Scalvoris to be particularly filled with turmoil, much to the displeasure of sailors and mer alike. Traveling continues to be risky and difficult.

Trials 71 ~ 123

71 - 80 : 
Ashan’s storms begin to slow just a bit, leading back to a drizzle most trials. During the night, the rains and winds pick up, but it is slowly improving back to more pleasant weather. The 78th & 79th are clear, dry and as hot as many of the trials in Saun. This is a very welcome relief for the islanders. At night, temperatures are cool, but the cold of Cylus is long gone.

81 - 101 : 
During these twenty trials, there is no doubt that the hot cycle is on it's way. The sun shines by day and the nights are warm. It's perfect for the harvest, as long as the farmers keep their fields well irrigated. There are plenty of opportunities for parties and outdoor events all over the island. There are also a few hardy (or foolish) souls start a habit of diving into the sea. Despite twenty trials of good hot weather, it's still really, really cold in there.

101 - 110 : 
As though realising that someone thought that the cool weather was over, clouds roll in and there is a chill over the island. Not anywhere near as cold as Cylus, but temperatures still drop significantly. There is a definite chill in the air, but the rain stays away. However, the temperature suddenly rises early evening of the 109th, which prompts those who know such things to consider, most seriously, that storms are a-brewing.

111 - 120 : 
Storms were a-brewing, they said and they were not wrong. Storms hit Immortals Tongue, Ishallr and Faldrass for a ten-trial and they are like the Immortals themselves are reminding the residents that they are oh-so-very mortal. Buildings and structures are struck by lightning, fires break out and there are a few fatalities around the island. Those who spend times out on the waters report that those storms are on Scalvoris only, around the island is warm and calm seas.

121 - 123 : 
The last trials of the season are the kind of weather which can be expected in the season to come. Daylight is warm and sunny, temperatures soar and it is truly the beginning of the hot cycle. These give way to balmy evenings and warm nights. The island is getting ready for the next season and it seems that, for another arc, Scalvoris has survived the winter, mostly intact.
Player Note! : 
 ! Pegasus wrote:
Please take the weather into account in all your posts this season.
If you want to help out in Scalvoris, consider writing the weather for next season, maybe?
If you have any questions about specific regions, or wish to explore the anomalies mentioned here, then please PM a Scalvoris mod.
Enjoy the season!

~~123 Trials~~

Please note: We will update this table as events are responded to. Therefore, if you are going to be writing about a particular event, reply here to claim the event, with the link and an indication of if it's open / closed to other pcs and I will update this table so that other players can see and join in where appropriate!

Key To Colours Used
Moderated ~ a thread run by one of the Prophets of Scalvoris
Open ~ available for anyone to create a thread about. Please use the code below to "claim" it - maybe someone new will join you!
Open: Reward ~ if dealing with this event will have the possibility of a reward (depending on how you deal with it!) this will be shown. Please note that the reward is not necessarily monetary but might be fame / infamy / items etc.
Open: Impact ~ denotes a plotline which will have an impact, potentially, on Scalvoris generally. This will require mod input before you begin.
ImageImages with a blue border denote festivals which happen on this trial every arc.
Image Images like this with red borders are specific to this season and will not repeat next arc!

ImageWhen/ Where?EventStatus/Link/ Info
Image1st Ashan Ashan's Dawn marks the end of the long darkness of Cylus and all over Scalvoris there are celebrations. In preparation for the season of light and life, Scalvorians go and find a blossom or bloom from an early spring flower or a Cylus-blooming one. They then take this to the house of someone they don't know and give it as a gift in the hope of new friendships being born. In return, they are given a small candle so that they will never know darkness. Open
Image1st - 5th Ashan
Relief Effort
Following the destruction of a large area of the Docks on the last trial of Cylus, an enormous relief effort to find and treat survivors is ongoing, overseen by the Order of the Adunih!Open: Impact
Image2nd Ashan
State of Emergency
Following the recent, and many, failures of the Elements, an angry crowd gathers outside the Council Halls demanding action. The crowd is angry and violence might erupt!Moderated - Impact Thread.
Image5th Ashan
"Gifting Trial"
This trial has the ritual of giving a hand made gift to someone. This can be someone you know well or a stranger. The gift is given with good feeling, or bad luck will befall you all arc. It must be a gift you have made, rather than a handmade item you purchase. Open
Image12th Ashan
Attack on the Elements!
Masked groups launch a concerted attack on the Elements. Patrol groups, individual members and all locations are hit. These attacks are very well organised and the attackers are all disguised as pirates. Open: Impact
Thread: Open to others pm Sephira!
Image 15th Ashan
Ashan Council Meeting
The Scalvoris Council holds its seasonal meeting, with the main topic of discussion being the effects of the attack on the docks, relief efforts, and rebuilding. Moderated - Impact Thread, Open
Image 18th Ashan
An Elements Clue is Found!
A clue tied to the yellow gas from the attack is found. Moderated 1-2 PC slots open, PM Aegis
ImageAttack on University Staff!
24th Ashan
As the professors arrive for their classes on the morning of the 24th, it's to find that some of their colleagues have been attacked and left, bound and bleeding. They all tell a story of the same thing, being jumped from behind, badly beaten and tied up. This has only happened to female staff. Open: Impact
Pad & Faith ~ any more?
Image 30th Ashan
Treid's Luck.
As the temperatures begin to rise the superstition is that those who will start to sew crops must go and swim in the waters off Treid's teeth to cleanse them of any bad luck from the arc before. This is done every arc, people from all over the island joining in, so that the harvest might be bountiful. Open
Image30th Ashan
Elements Update
1100 of the men investigated and cleared, a dozen men held for further interrogation. Open
Image33rd Ashan
Elements Update
Other involved parties brought in as interrogations stall. Moderated 1-2 PC slots open, PM Aegis
Image World's End
45th Ashan:
The people of Scalvoris hold a festival. Traditionally this takes place past Almund on the Northernmost tip of the island, a place called "World's End". There is dancing and celebration this night and it is said that those who wed in the World's End Festival will have a life filled with luck. If a storm happens during the World's End Festival it is a sign that the Immortals are watching and party goers dance in the rain. Open
Image50th AshanThe disappearance of a 5 arc old girl in Almund on the 20th caused some concern. Now, another young girl, this time aged 4, has disappeared in Scalvoris Town. There are concerns that the two might be linked as both families are wealthyOpen
Image50th Ashan
Elements Update
An additional 1100 men are investigated and cleared, no more findings Open
Image61st Ashan
An Elements Clue is Found!
A clue tied to Orric is found! Moderated 1-2 PC slots open, PM Aegis
ImageAshan's Walk
61st Ashan
This marks the middle of the season and the people of Scalvoris undertake a pilgrimage of sorts. From a set point in their town / village to the main place of worship, people lay petals on the ground in honour of the Immortal Ashan. All shops and businesses are closed on this trial, so that everyone can experience freedom ~ it is said that the only people who toil on Ashan's Walk are healers and undertakers. Open
ImageStrangeness in Scaltoth!
70th Ashan
For a ten trial period between the 70th - 80th Ashan, there are a number of reports of strange phenomena in the skies above Scaltoth Jungles. From swirling lights to green or yellow clouds, there are all sorts of weird things seen. Who will find out what's going on? Open: Impact
Image70th Ashan
Elements Update
The remaining men are investigated and cleared. A total of 18 men continue to be held, still under suspicion Open
Image76th Ashan
Elements Update
Following the investigations, roughly 200 men quit in outrage Open
ImageNaming Trial
80th Ashan
Parents across Scalvoris celebrate the births from the arc before and formalise the name(s) for each child. This is a trial which is personal to each family but often extended families will get together to have a large party, thereby making sure that all children are celebrated and that family members don't need to choose which household to go to. Open
ImageSeasonal Event!
85th -88th
Seasonal Event on Scalvoris this season. What's happening in Sweetwine Woods!?Moderated Event! Sign up here
Image89th Ashan
Elements Update
The men found guilty of treason and conspiracy are sent to Slags Deep in Egilrun. Open
ImageIllaren's Trial
100th Ashan
This is a trial for drinking and celebrations. On this trial it is usual for drinking to begin at dawn and to continue throughout the trial until dawn the next trial. Anyone that manages to drink for the entire period is said to be smiled upon by Ilaren herself. In true respect to the Immortal, there tend to be a lot of fights during this period, also. Open
Pat's Thread! Open to all!
Image111th Ashan
Elements Update
The Elements start trying to reach out for new recruits Open
ImageRalaith's Trial
120th Ashan
This is dedicated to Ralaith and is also called the "Trial of Forgiveness". It is considered very bad luck to go into Ymiden holding a grudge or anger against another, so in Ralaith's name this is the trial where grudges are put to one side and wisdom, hopefully, takes over. Unfortunately, bitterness has been known to overcome forgiveness and so a large number of duels happen on this trial, also. Traditionally, if you wish to spend the arc without arguing or growing bitter with someone, on this trial you give a confection, usually chocolate. Open

To Claim One of These Events!
Players are more than welcome to create threads about any of these events. If you are going to do so, please post in this thread in order for us to update this list. Once updated, your post will be deleted so that it stays neat for the next person! To claim one of these events, use the code below:

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[style3=width: 550px; margin: auto; border: 5px double #e9e9e9; Background: transparent; padding: 10px; padding-top: 20px; padding-bottom: 20px; border-radius: 4px;]
                            [b]Event:[/b] Date and location
                            [b]PC(s) involved[/b]
                            [b]Link to thread[/b]
                            [b]Open to other pcs? If so, how many?[/b]
                            [b]Anything else?[/b]
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Calendar: Ashan 718

Postby Lavana Tharn » Sat Apr 14, 2018 2:36 pm

Event: 70th Of Ashan, Strangeness in Scaltoth.
PC(s) involved Amaris, Maxine, Lavana
Link to thread None Yet
Open to other pcs? If so, how many? No, working on narrative skills would like an easy back and forth go of it
Anything else?
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Calendar: Ashan 718

Postby Aegis » Wed Apr 18, 2018 12:46 pm

Report on the Elements - Ashan 718
The Calendar has been updated with the following dates.

The attack on the docks dealt the Elements a devastating blow. The trust held by the public was heavily damaged for the relatively young military organization. The Elements were viewed as incompetent for not recognizing a traitorous cult in their midst, as well as ineffective for stopping the attack once it started. Rand, the Militant, leader of the Elements instructed that all male Elements be put on house arrest until they are interviewed and cleared of fault. During this time, the female half of the military is stretched thin to make up for the lack of hands on deck. As the interviews progress, the men begin returning to duty. This is a trying time for the Elements, and could very well be the most important time in their recent history.

6700 before incident 50/50 men/women
Roughly 100 Elements, mostly men, died during the event
3300 men being investigated

1-5th - Docks relief efforts begins, including the clearing and recovery of the area. Rebuilding will start later. - See Calendar
2nd - Angry Crowds event - See Calendar
12th - Attack on the elements - See Calendar
15th - Next Council Meeting - Moderated by Aegis, Open
18th - A clue is found! ~Moderated by Aegis, 1-2 People
30th - 1100 of men investigated and cleared, a dozen men held for further interrogation
33rd - Other involved parties brought in as interrogations stall ~Moderated by Aegis, 1-2 people
50th - An additional 1100 men investigated and cleared, no more findings
61st - A clue is found! ~Moderated by Aegis, 1-2 people
70th - Remaining men investigated and cleared, a total of 18 men continue to be held, still under suspicion
76th - Roughly 200 men quit following the investigations in outrage
89th - Those found guilty are sent to Slags Deep in Egilrun
111th - The Elements start trying to reach out for new recruits
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