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Postby Alistair » Thu May 10, 2018 3:18 pm


Name: Tetzhuatl

Appearance: The Tetzhuatl are a large avian predator species notable for their seemingly small wings, but large bodies and long necks. Despite their weight and size, and the comparably small size of their wings, they are a powerful predator and an apt flyer capable of maintaining speed of that of a typical flying mount, but for several days, the Tetzhuatl displaying considerable endurance. This is largely due to their high stamina and muscular arms, as well as the shape of their wings that permits gliding when flapping their wings is not necessary; they may essentially fly on cruise control and steer with their necks mid-flight. Additionally, their long necks allow them more spatial awareness as they can look around considerably more mid-flight, and do not have their vision blocked by their bodies or wings. They can spot out prey better than almost any other flying creature, and can descend very quickly and accurately upon prey from above.

In terms of their combat prowess, much of their strength relies on their agility and bite. Tetzhuatl are very fast and have quick reactions, and as they enter flight via jumping and spreading out their wings, their ability to quickly jump forward and backward long distances is a considerable boon, combatively. They are considered a huge threat even to soldiers and are not to be taken on without considerable back-up. In terms of size, they appear to be around 40 feet long on average, with some longer and some shorter. Their beaks alone are around 10 feet long and have considerable biting power, capable of snapping men in half with ease.

Description: The Tetzhuatl primarily live in grassy biomes such as plains and savannah. This is largely for survival reasons, as they can view their surroundings better and - whilst flying - can more easily pick out prey. Tetzhuatl do not typically vary much in biology between adults of either sex, and tend to live around the same length of time as well, about 50 arcs. Tetzhuatl tend to be whimsical maters and will choose whichever avian they feel is properly suited to their current needs. They tend to have many offspring and, as a result, many of the fields in the grassy plains of central West Idalos are covered in makeshift nests built by these creatures, occupied or unoccupied. They are not, in truth, very protective of their young - which is one of the reasons they can be bought and sold, as poachers will take Tetzhuatl chicks from their nests.

Typically, undomesticated Tetzhuatl are very violent and voracious, but domesticated ones can have positive relationships with humans and can be trained very well, as they are fairly intelligent creatures. The only downside is, of course, that they require a considerable amount of meat to stay satisfied... and as omnivores, they also typically require grazing room. As a result, as mounts or pets they are reserved for the wealthy, or farmers with lots of yard space and a considerable amount of livestock to fead Tetzhuatl with.

Livestock is also included in their list of prey when among the wild, though they will feed on nearly anything that they can find, including humans and even other predatory animals.

Frequency: Uncommon

Level of Danger: High

Additional Information: They can be purchased within any city of West Idalos for 2,000 GN, 3,500 GN if trained; they can be domesticated.

Credit: Alistair
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