[Warrick] The Lion's Lamb

[Impact Thread] Pro Cassander in Saun 716 War

The seven Duchies of Central Rynmere and their respective baronies, cities, towns, villages, and landmarks each overseen by a Duke of one of the seven noble families and ultimately controlled by the King of Rynmere.

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[Warrick] The Lion's Lamb

Postby Lazuli » Sat Aug 13, 2016 4:28 am

Image18 Saun 716
"Your father was known to many as the Lion of Warrick," Isabel smiled at Lazuli in the mirror as she ran a brush through the young woman's hair.
"The Lion's Lamb," Lazuli mouthed, eyes fixed on the words printed in black ink upon the rough paper she held in her hand. "Why should my affairs be any of their business?"
"Because you were promised to one of the most powerful men in the country, my dear, and undermined by a woman who's ambition saw her overstep."
"Who else but that little harlot."
Lazuli was silent. She stared at the nickname the whole city would know her as by now, and frowned. "The Lion's Lamb."
"It could be worse, at least now they will underestimate you."
"And what does that gain me, grandmother?"
Isabel held the brush still and caught Lazuli's eye in the mirror. "It gives you an advantage. No one expects a lamb to take the lion's share."
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[Warrick] The Lion's Lamb

Postby Lazuli » Sat Aug 13, 2016 5:33 am

ImageLazuli followed her grandmother into the meeting hall wearing a plain, long-sleeved, black dress. Her hair was left down, lips painted, and face powdered. Her nails had been tidied up and polished, and on display in the v of her dress, a thin gold chain held on to a simple, dark gem.
A large round table took centre stage in the hall, ten chairs spaced evenly about it. Lazuli recognised her grandfather, Alston, her uncles, Victor and Ned, and her aunty, Wren, but the rest of the people gathered were strangers to her, men and women from House Krome, she assumed.
"Lazuli," her grandfather greeted her. "Let me introduce you to our guests, Andre and Emma Krome, and their son Riki, duke, duchess, and baron of House Krome."
Lazuli bowed her head in acknowledgment. "A pleasure to meet you," she spoke softly.
"And this is Cage and Tanya Endor, duke and duchess of House Endor."
The young woman extended the same curtesy to the nobles of House Endor before taking up the seat reserved for her alongside her grandmother, Isabel. Lazuli had always considered her grandparents to be so old, but the dukes and duchesses of their guess houses appeared to have many years on them.
"So glad to see you in good health baroness Warrick," Andre acknowledged. "When your grandfather told us about what you were made to endure this season gone, my wife Emma and I were very concerned for you."
"You're very kind," Lazuli smiled, "I am thankful to be here to share this table with the two of you today."
Andre nodded. "Our house has pulled their support from Qe'Dreki's forces."
"As has ours, Lady Warrick," Cage spoke up. "We will not support the rebels on their campaign to take the throne, not as long as they are in bed with House Venora."
Lazuli listened as the meeting got underway and plans were discussed to lock the rebel forces from each of their regions. The woman did her best to remember to sit up straight, look attentive, and speak only when it was her turn. The only problem with trying to remember all of these things was that they reminded the young woman of her lessons with Zvezdana. It was then Lazuli felt her eyes burn, tears threatening to test her resolve. How could she have been so foolish, thinking she had a friend in someone as self-serving as a member of House Venora?
"Isabel closed her hand over Lazuli's as she spoke. "Then we will just have to find the baroness here a fitting husband."
Lazuli blinked, what had she missed while daydreaming?
"Endor has many sons," Cage interjected.
"But your loyalty to this house is not in question," Andre spoke up. "We should look to build new alliances, with houses forgotten, houses abandoned by House Venora with the binding of Lady Zvezdana to Lord Veljorn."
"Gawyne?" Alston asked.
"Andaris," Andre suggested.
Isabel placed her cup down and cleared her throat. "Gentlemen, our ties have always been tightly knotted with House Burhan. Not everyone is happy with Veljorn making a play for the throne. It is with them that we must secure a marriage to take back what the false king believes to be his."
"Lazuli, my darling, what would you like?" Victor inquired, raising more than just the young baroness's eyebrows.
Lazuli glanced at her grandmother before looking around the many faces sat at the table. "We must win favour with House Andaris and allow them to believe it is them we fight for in this war, the queen is dead and the king will need a new wife if he is to keep his throne."
Victor narrowed his gaze, while Isabel and Alston did their best to hide their proud little grins, and the rest of the table was shocked into silence.
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[Warrick] The Lion's Lamb

Postby Faith » Thu Aug 25, 2016 3:18 pm

Peer Reviewed: Rewards!


Story: 5/5
Collaboration: NA (solo thread)
Structure: 5/ 5

Jared: Known as the "Lion of Warrick"
Your Nickname: The Lion's Lamb
Warrick: Your immediate family.
Isabel and Alston: your grandparents.
Andre & Emma Krome: Duke and Duchess of Krome
RIki: Baron of Krome
Cage and Tanya Endor: Duke and Duchess of Endor
Krome and Endor: Both houses have withdrawn their support from Qe'Dreki's forces
Politics: Sometimes, it's wisest to be underestimated
Politics: Always pay attention, even when it's boring.
Politics: Marriages build alliances

Isabel: Thinks Zvezdana is a harlot
Isabel and Alston: Proud of you
Politics: No one expects a lamb to take a lion's share
Politics: Sitting up and looking like you're paying attention doesn't cut it.

Loot: none. Although alliances built are their own reward.

Fame: +2 (supporting a popular cause)


General comments. Love it. Lazuli is so much more than she appears, and her political brain is sharp as a tack. I didn't give you the minus to fame which goes with slandering a political figure because in this context it just didn't feel appropriate. What I really enjoyed about this thread was that Lazuli seemed to be almost a victim of fate right up until the final paragraph where the lamb showed that she has lion's teeth. A great read, really enjoyed it. Thank you!

Story Lots of detail, lots of NPC, lots of interaction. All to the good.

Structure You kept the NPCs really well separated and clear. No issues.

Please remember to mark this thread as "Reviewed" in the request for review thread.
Please record these in the "Skill Point Ledger" you have in your CS.
PM me if you've got any questions at all!
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