[Soirée] Dear Brother

siblings time. (Xander)

There are a number of satellite villages in Rynmere, each overseen by a Duke of one of the seven noble families, and all ultimately controlled by the King of Rynmere.

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[Soirée] Dear Brother

Postby Velaine Krome » Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:10 pm

Dear Brother
49th of Zi’da, Arc 717

After what felt like forever, Velaine finally succeeded in extracting herself from a group of gossiping young women. For some reason, they had decided that she could provide them with the juiciest stories. It wasn’t entirely bad, however. Conversing with women her age like this gave her plenty of new insights about the happenings of the nobility. It was probably something she should do a lot more – though admittedly troubles at home was more than enough to occupy her.

Still, the young woman played along and tried her best to offer no real information – especially when asked about her newly-made baron brother and her newest betrothal to one of the richest houses – while seemingly telling them a lot. It was one of the useful skills her mother had actually taught her. She even managed to maneuver their jabs about her relatively simple dress with a graceful smile.

While Velaine appreciated a bit of gossip for the sake of information, her betrothed got sick of it fast. At the first chance he got, the Endor excused himself to get more drinks. Now that she was done, Nathaniel was nowhere in sight. They had been separated for a while now, but she figured that he was probably delayed by fellow nobles. If there was one thing these people loved to do… it was talking.

For a brief moment, Velaine took a deep breath and let her mind still as she looked towards the crowd. Tangles surrounded the twirling bodies on the dance floor, shifting and twisting – mesmerizing and painful to watch at the same time. She thought of nothing but her own breathing. In. Out. In. Out. With so many people packed into the ballroom, the young woman had started to find her head assaulted with mild waves of pain. Her spark had greedily took in the various tangles that surrounded her, filling her vision with colors when she least expected it. Elrik had told her that mediating to block out unwanted

As she continued to scan the room, the young Krome suddenly spotted her brother’s lone figure. Surprisingly, he looked like a proper baron - Velaine had always known him as someone who wasn’t exactly comfortable in events like this. She didn’t see Celeste anywhere nearby, but the pregnant woman might just be resting. It must be exhausting to carry around the weight of her swollen stomach.

They haven’t got the chance to talk much earlier, with Oliver and Charlie there. And their respective partners. Velaine had been hearing stories, gossips, and small bits of information offered by her father’s people. Something she really wanted to talk to him about. This was perhaps her best opportunity, considering that they wouldn’t be seeing each other any time soon after this ball – especially if she decided to spend the rest of her Zi’da in Endor.

“Xander!” she called out as she neared. While her voice was just barely enough to get him to notice her, Velaine spotted more than a few curious heads slowly turning their way. Still, the young woman pretended to be oblivious and gave her brother a bright smile. “You seem awfully lonely without your wife by your side.”
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